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Image Resize (in bulk)

Question: Image Resize (in bulk)

I've got a little problem.....i have a folder with a LOT of images (.jpgs).

I need to resize them ALL. The only way I can figure out doing this is opening them one by one in my image editor, resizing, saving, going to the next one.

With several hundred images, I would love to be able to do this in bulk. They all will be the same size when I am done with them.

Can this be done?

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Preferred Solution: Image Resize (in bulk)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Image Resize (in bulk)

Check out the Image Resizer, it has a batch mode that is pretty awesome, yay for freeware.

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how can i take an entire folder of pictures and change their size all at once within Photoshop CS? i know i could take each individual picture and change the size of it in photoshop but that would be impractacle when i have a few hundred pictures. or would i have to get a different program to do this? if so what is the name of it? Thanks

Answer:Resize a bulk of pictures at once

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Somehow I've lost the ability to right click on an image file and resize it. I used to be able to right click on a file, go to "send to", "mail recipient" and have a wizard pop up that would allow me to resize images for the email.. but no longer. I don't think I've installed anything lately that would compromise this feature, but who knows... I've tried downloading and installing the image resizer power toy from MS, but it doesn't seem to register and I don't get any options that allow me to resize images if I right click on them...

In any case, any help someone may have would be very helpful...

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Hey guys, I recently wrote a bulk image downloader that scans pages and lets you save images.
are supported.

Unzip and run Floader.exe!rloUWZqS!hcYevvLwSSlSbWbHNsfs0DmjupNUXZoNnTceNEg qtRA

Answer:Bulk Image Downloader

To all interested in this application -
Be warned that you download and use this application at your own risk.
BC does not support or endorse this software.
Chris Cosgrove

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I'm working on a project right now but I've run into a problem. I have a CSV list of URLs for around 700 images and I need to download, resize, and rename them all. Manually this will take way too long for the project to be practical in any way by downloading each URL one at a time.

Is there a program out there that can take a list of image URLs and auto download them all? Would be a huge help if anyone knows of one. I've tried searching for one but all the one's I've found only work one URL at a time.

I'm new to these forums so if this is in the wrong forum let me know.

Answer:Solved: Bulk Image Downloader?

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I am looking for a FREE bulk image downloader program or chrome extension that will not crash my browser.

I want to use the program/extension to quickly download the pics I've shared on Facebook and Tumblr. Because it would take HOURS to go through and download each one by one.

I've tried a few extensions already, but each of them crashed chrome because they tried to save them by opening a "save as" window for each. So I need a program that allows you to save them into a folder or into compressed file/folder so that it doesn't crash my browser or my computer.

Any ideas??

Answer:Looking for a free Bulk Image Downloader

Most of these sites have protected the images from be downloaded in the manner you wish.

Have tried contacting "Support" of these sites and see what they have to say?

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I've found quite a few programs that will resize images in bulk, but none of them will quite do what I'm looking for.

I need to convert a number of images with various sizes (175x25, 140x100, 110x50, etc.) into 250x250. However, I don't want to stretch the original image, just add white trim around the outside of the image to make it 250x250. Any software I've found will only stretch the image. I can't do each image individually, because I have over 30,000 of them to go through. Does anyone know software that would do that in bulk?

Answer:Bulk Image Resizing Software

How about this Microsoft power toy?

Just select the images you want then right click resize.

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Does anyone know of an app in which you can automatically reduce the file size of, say, 30 images all in one go rather than having to reduce each one separately?I've quite a few images which I want to put into a photo gallery. The first one I looked at was over 1 MB which I'm sure is too big for a web page!

Answer:Bulk reduction of jpg image file size

Ifanview click here

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I have a ton of BMP's I want to change to JPEG's.

I searched and found a few different programs but I thought I would check here for some suggestions. I don't really need anything with a lot of bells and whistles, just something that's good quality, easy to use, and free.

Answer:Mass/Bulk Image Converter Program

Blown Cap said:

I have a ton of BMP's I want to change to JPEG's.

I searched and found a few different programs but I thought I would check here for some suggestions. I don't really need anything with a lot of bells and whistles, just something that's good quality, easy to use, and free.Click to expand...

ImageMagick makes it very easy from command line, and being command line there are no bells and whistles.

When installed and the DLL is registered you have all the commands available from command line, no need to start any programs to do graphics manipulations, tons of options if you read up on it on

What you want would be as simple as opening a command prompt, go to the Dir with your pics, and type...
mogrify -format jpg *.bmp
...and that's all.

But as said, it can do MANY other things, if you read up on it.

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I'm looking for a program that can add a watermark to images in bulk. This isn't the standard watermark where it is overlayed onto the existing image. I want to be able to add, say, 50px to the bottom of the image canvas and write the watermark there on the new white space.Freeware would be nice but anything will do.

Answer:Good program to add a watermark to image in bulk?

I haven't used this or any watermark programs, but this one surely warrants a look:

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Apologies - the Urgent in this is only because I'm unsure whether any action may need to be done before I close down in about 6 hours or so.

Basically my problem began in Picasa 3 where I watched a short vid then decided to change the filename. That done I closed the preview & went back to the main program where I discovered that Picasa had somehow decided I wanted the entire folder of images renamed so it has worked through the 500+ images and renamed each one as Filename001, Filename002, Filename003 and so on which as you can appreciate is now causing somewhat of a major headache for me. It would take me a good few hours I would rarely have to go through and rename each one manually, so my question basically is - is there any method or program that can undo the action as I can't find any means of doing so from within Picasa. All other options I've found in my searches are mainly to achieve pretty much the same i.e. bulk rename as Name1, Name2 etc so are of little help.

Anyone any suggestions what else I could try?

Answer:Urgent help needed - how to revert a bulk image name process?

I assume you don't have a Backup to fall back on. I use these two bulk renaming tools. You can see if they help. This is drop dead simple to use -
This one has a more complicated interface but a couple other options -

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how can i resize an image to 5kb to use on my phone, i use adobe photoshop but i cannot do it please help

Answer:how to resize image to 5k

Why not display the image on screen and take a picture of it with your camera.

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Question: Image resize ???

I intend to print this image to make a poster,in two sizes 16"x"20" & 30" x 20" ,but it gets cropped,could someone help me out with this please? so as I can get the whole image intothese sizes or is it impossible:confused
I was at this site to try
I really do not know what to fill in the boxes

Answer:Image resize ???

Do you plan on printing these yourself? If not why not using try something like this?

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hi again
once you've cut out an image in ps cs3
how do you resize it to fit into another image
as i am trying to make a collage of my baby pics
thanks again

Answer:resize a cut out image

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Question: Resize an image

I have a small .BMP graphic image with dimensions of 105 x 131. It's a bit too wide for what I need. The max dimensions I can have are 180 x 120 so I need to slightly resize my image. How?



Answer:Resize an image

PhotoFiltre works well for that.
Open the image in PhotoFiltre, right click the image, choose Fit Image.
Enter your width and height. Click OK and save it.

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Question: resize image

I need this image resized from present size to 300x300.
When I try to do it it gets blurry.......
Can someome help out and resize it or tell me the best way to make it bigger with either PSP or Photo Impact?

puter hater

Answer:resize image

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Is it possible to resize a .jpg photo using GD2 to a specific compression. I would like to be able to have a user upload a photo then let the software compress the image down to my requirements.


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Question: Image resize

I used to be able to right click on an image..then I sent it to e-mail recipient and I was given the option to make the images smaller.I seem to have lost this option despite checking my internet options settings.Can anyone tell me how to get it back.Run xp service pack 2Thanks

Answer:Image resize

Scroll down to image resizer click here

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Anything out there like this for Windows 7?
Used it everyday in XP.
Installing W7 on Tuesday.....wish me luck!


Answer:XP Power Toy Image Resize

Quote: Originally Posted by pdxireland

Anything out there like this for Windows 7?
Used it everyday in XP.
Installing W7 on Tuesday.....wish me luck!


something like this?

Image Resizer Powertoy Clone for Windows

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I installed Gimp and want to change the size of an image to 740 X 198. Can someone let me know what the steps are in Gimp to do this? Much appreciated.

Answer:Help please with GIMP on how to resize an image...

Google is your friend...

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Im looking for a tool similar to the XP power tool ImageResize, but compatible with Vista x64. Does anyone know any program with similar functionality?

Answer:Image Resize for Vista x64

Ive been using Irfanview a few years now, great and simple image editor. But I still miss the XP right-click image resize, I found a similar tool at, but apparently its not compatible with Vista Ultimate x64.

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I want to resize a gif image, Adobe will not accept gif images for upload, and Infanvew's box is greyed out, do I have to swich off the animation to do this?

Answer:GIF image resize problem

you cannot resize a multiframe animated gif unless you extract all the frames and resize them individualy or as a batch. you will need to use a 'Gif Animator' program (of which there are several choices) to extract the frames.

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There is a case, where i have bulk of user names and bulk of flat files(.txt files). I have to search each and every user name in all the flat files and if the user found it should picked up. I have to repeat this for all the user names. Is there any possibility of doing this in an easier way.. Please help..

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I am trying to upload a .bmp image to place as a banner on my website but my website says "The uploaded file exceeds the MAX_FILE_SIZE directive that was specified in the HTML form." Is there any way I can change the size of the file or size of the banner so that it is able to upload on my website? I am using paintbrush program.


Answer:Solved: Resize Bitmap image

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Hi there, i'm in a fix......i have a samsung widescreen TFT with a resolution of 1440x900.
I love the cool wallpapers of this resolution wide on my screen perfect from, but when i go to make a wallpaper with the same dimension the picture is stretched beyond and the picture looks like pressed.
How to make those perfect 1440x900 reolution wallpapers for my monitor. I tried using VSo image resizer it gives the same bad result,a couple of other resizers also, photoshop i did not try. Any other freeware or commercial tools out there who can make that perfect wallpaper of 1440x900 resolution. I do envy those wallpapers at with various resolutions, how do these guys do it and what software they really suprises me.
Ah and i also have a sony cybershot digital camera with some high res pics shot by be but are of no use as i cant use it on my pc due to this problem.
Gimme some solution.....

Answer:Solved: Image Resize jinx


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i need a digital picture to have a resolution of 600 pixels x 600 pixels and total size of 240 kb. it currently exceeds both specifications.
can anyone help?

Answer:image resize-600x600 pixels and 240 kb

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Hi I have a few pictures which I need to resize, they are currently only 120x90 pixels but I need them to be around 640x480 pixels at the most also I need the text on the images to still be clear.Any suggestions Thanks Alan

Answer:Resize image without loss of sharpness

As they tell you in Adobe Photoshop 2 and 3, you can't put what is not there to start with. Even if you've got Adobe Photoshop and try to make it into a Smart Picture even Adobe tells you that you can't put there what isn't to start with, and that's Pixels unless someone knows different but that's what Adobe tells you; and they are the professionals.

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Is there a good image resizing software tool (shareware or commercial) that can be used to resize a batch of JPGs?

I ask because I have full size 10MP images I wanted in a lcd photo album. The lcd photo album displays @ 800x600 so I want to resize all my pics to this resolution.

Answer:Batch Image Resize Tool

If you are on XP there is a free powertoy from Microsot that will do batch resizing for you. I don't think it works on Vista though. This should do it for you though.

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I've got an image that I want to get printed through snapfish on 8x10 paper. When I print the image, as is, it get's cropped and doesn't look good. I've been doing some reading on printing digital images to standard photopaper. (aspect ratio's etc). For the image I want to print I'd like to resize the entire image to fit to 8x10. I'd like to do this by having whitespace on one side of the image and physically. trimming the photo. I'd prefer not to crop. The image just doesn't look good cropped.

I have irfanview, no access to photoshop. It seems like this is pretty easy to do in Adobe PS from tutorials on the web. And playing with irfanview it seems like this should be possible as well. However when I try do it. The image quality is too low for even a 4x6 print. So I know I'm doing something wrong. The stats on the original image are in the 1st attached screenshot jpg.

In irfanview I do the following
1) Select Image Resize/Sample
2) Set new size (to inches)
3) Image size is 27 x 28.56 (see Picture)

4) I change it to 8 x 8.46 (Irfanview's calculation with preserved aspect ratio) (see Picture)

5) I click ok (with resample)
6) Snapfish says image resolution is too low. My plan is to have 1.5 inches of whitespace on the long side and to physically trim the print.

see the last attached jpg for the IV stats on the processed picture.

What am I doing wrong? Or is it not possible to resize the photo and retain image quality.... Read more

Answer:Help Resize image to print 8x10

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i need to get a few images to be sized at 4.61cm by 3.58 cmi have tried this in word and paint but they dont work, in word whenever i enter a measurement the other changes to one i dont want.please help, i need a reply soon!thanks

Answer:i need to resize an image to exact size, how?

Try IrfanView click here

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need to resize some images i have from 1024x768 to 128x128 have used paint to shrink it down but it requires percentages and takes ages by trial and error . any programs that will do it by simply typing required size ?

Answer:resize image , quickest easiest way ?

Irfanview, click here quick, easy and free.

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I'll use the explorer preview pane regularly. I have multiple installs of windows 10 on different machines. On one in particular, I cannot get the preview image to resize/scale up when I drag the preview pane to be bigger. The default space it takes is fairly narrow, which is fine if you just want a rough idea. However, sometimes, I need to see the preview image in a bigger size. In most other installs, the default behavior is that dragging the preview pane border to the left makes the pane itself bigger, and the image being displayed inside scales up to fit the space (in almost all cases. Some exceptions). On this particular install, no matter what the size of the preview pane, the source image remains the same size. I can have the preview pane taking up 3/4 of the explorer window, and the preview image will still be the tiny size it was at default. I've seen this on other installs before, but in those cases, it was (oddly) only jpeg images that had this issue. Other formats resized. This has persisted across multiple builds of win 10, so not just a bug in the build (another machine with the same build doesn't have the issue). In fact, I just had the latest build update. Any ideas out there? It's particularly important to me because I have ridiculous amounts of images where there may be what appears to be an identical shot 20+ times at a glance, but with important differences I could tell them apart with if the preview was bigger.

Answer:Explorer Preview pane image will not resize

Here is a screen shot of what I mean. If I drag the preview pane as far right as possible to minimum size, that preview image will be basically exactly the same size

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Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can help me please?
Is it possible to resize a file to 8x10 (300 ppi) without losing some of my image? I have tried setting the ratios to 8x10 but when I use the rectangular marquee tool or the crop tool and drag out the box the shape is cutting off a lot. The image was taken at close range so I don't have any room to move. I am using Elements 9 to edit.
Many thanks for any help.

Answer:Can I resize a file to 8x10 with out losing some of my image?

not unless it was taken with the same aspect ratio - otherwise you will change how the subject looks

in elements you should be able to set 10" x8" height and width and aresolution 300dpi in the crop tool and then use that - and the correct size will be shown

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I've discovered an anomaly regarding Outlook 2007 and the way it handles forms created in Outlook 2003. Let me give you a quick background:Back in the Office 2003 days, we had created several Outlook forms (*.oft files) that facilitated the need of users to include a graphic header in their emails to clients. It was determined that forms were optimal over stationery since many of the clients needed a way to switch back and forth from plain email (internal communications) to email with their header graphic (external). Forms were a better fit because they were passive and didn?t force the user to change stationery on a regular basis. They would just load the form, fill it out and sent it, then back to writing normal emails.While Outlook 2007 handles forms in much the same way, there is one annoying trait it has that 2003 didn?t have. Outlook '07 tries to resize the image in the form when the window is resized (from the receiver's end). The dynamic resizing causes the quality of the graphic to degrade from the original sized graphic when you make the window smaller.My question to the group is this: Is there any way to prevent the header graphic from being resized in the form? That is the behavior I am looking to disable.I'm using the desktop version of Outlook 2007 on my company's PC (Dell Pentium D, 3 Gigs ram, plenty of HD, etc.). I've tried editing the forms and deselecting "resize with layout" for the image but it doesn't work. Anyone have any ideas?Thanks in advance for... Read more

Answer:Outlook 2007 - Disable Image Resize?

I've discovered that the image only resizes if it's been directly imbedded into the Form. If you put the image in a fixed table it doesn't resize. Let me know if anyone has any better ideas, otherwise i'm going this route. I think Microsoft set the email marketing industry back a few years with this maneuver, but if the table keeps the size of the image, that's what I must do.

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I am talking about the image that first appears before you log in. I have Photoshop, yet it seems whatever I do it crops the height. I am not concerned with the width but what the entire height. My resolution is 1920x1280.

Also, my screen saver consists of images, of which some of them are being cropped as well. What is the max width & height in pixels I need so I get no cropping>


Answer:How do I resize opening image to display entire height?

Is 1920x1280 your native resolution for your monitor? Meaning, is that what it's official rating is?
If so, then that should be the resolution, why it is cropping, I would not know, that doesn't make much sense.

However, I have an image that I am using for my lock screen that is 1920x1080, but my native resolution is 1600x900
I do not get any cropping.

On the screen saver, if you are using the Photos screen saver, it should resize them to fit the screen

You may need to reinstall or update your video drivers.

Also, have you done any tweaking to your system? Made any changes at all? Reg Keys, customizations?

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I have this page with an image & two text fields for the user to put in new width and height for the image(it changes dynamically on losing focus from one of the fields using "onBlur"). below this there's a submit button that calculates prices based on the size the user has set and shows it in a table.
Now here's the problem: no matter where i put the image in the page, if i put values that are very far from the existing value (like putting 300 instead of 10 in the width field), the button changes its place before i can click on it because of the image resizing, and so i need to click the button twice. any idea what can i do?


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I want to use Irfanview to resize my images using a windows batch file.

From the GUI one can specify that a picture should not become larger as a result of the resize. However, I can not find such an option between the command line arguments.

1) does anyone know how to do this (when possible)?
2) Is there a good Irfanview site/forum somewhere?


Answer:irfanview: how to resize from command line without enlarging the image

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does anyone know a good open source tool to resize / scale multiple .jpg image files?
that would be usefull to reduce the size of a bunch of images for a website.

Answer:open source tool to resize / scale multiple .jpg image files

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I am getting this stupid bug when windows explorer is not maximized, it would show this tiny window.
I can't resize it.

This will occurred when I try to move the window from a maximized state across my two monitors
from monitor one to 2
it thought I wanted to resize the window and then made this tiny window.

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Windows in browser and file explorer will not resize. The windows open maximized. I lost the ability to put two windows side by side.

Answer:How to resize windows when the resize want work

Have a look at this and see if it helps:
How do I get a Windows program to always open maximized? - Ask Leo!

Otherwise I would suggest you consider doing an in-place upgrade repair install (which retains almost all settings and all programs) unless you have a system restore point or disk image created before experiencing this problem.

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Anyone know where to get bulk Cat 5 cable? I'm looking for about 1000ft.

Answer:Where to get Bulk Cat 5?

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Question: What is bulk SMS?

Bulk Messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminal. It is used by Media Company, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing.

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Question: Bulk Vs OEM

Can anyone tell me the difference between Bulk soundcards (eg Ebuyer 60475) and OEM (eg Ebuyer 55173) ?I notice the Creative website lists drivers for bulk products, has anyone tried these ?Marvin

Answer:Bulk Vs OEM

click hereNormally with OEM I would expect stripped down, no or limited software. See 6th posting down on the aboveR

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Well topic pretty much says it.

I need a program or programs to do the following:
Create Image Files from a CD or DVD
Burning those Image Files(i use to ues ImgBurn)
Mount Image Files

Looking for free programs. I use to use Daemon Tools to mount, does this still work in vista?

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HelloI have a small list of about 80 people I wish to send the same email.Is it a bulk emailer I need? Can anyone recommend a simple software, or better still a freeware version.I have heard that bulk emailers often get accused of sending spam, at least I picked that idea up from somewhere. My has been blacklisted by AOL as someone with a cegetel account sent huge ammounts of spam, so I am very sensitive to this problem at the moment.It would take quite a while to send these mails one by one throught outlook express.Thank you for your help.eden

Answer:Is it a bulk emailer I need?

I think you are right to be concerned about being seen as a spammer. Could you set up a group contact in OE that way the email will only be sent once?

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Like the title says, looking to buy cat6a s/ftp cable for a home remodel. I'd like to transition into 10G one day in my house and looking for some solid, future-proofish networking cable. All the sources that pop up in my google searches are international sites or cabled of dubious quality, like "Cable Matters" brand on amazon.

What say ye HF?


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Question: Bulk e-mail

Dear forum:

I an getting an excessive amout of bulk mail. Is there anyway you can review my hijack this log and determine if there is a spy anywhere? Please help.

Answer:Bulk e-mail

b52sacman said:

Dear forum:

I an getting an excessive amout of bulk mail. Is there anyway you can review my hijack this log and determine if there is a spy anywhere? Please help.Click to expand...

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Question: Bulk Emailers?

I'm not quite sure where to post this.

Does anyone have experience with bulk emailers?

I'm looking for a way to post to a large email distribution list at one time, where each person on the list only sees their name in the "TO" box.

Is that possible in Yahoo? Outlook? Do I need a separate email address with this capability?

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Hello people, just a quickie for the bargain hunters out there.I wish to purchase some CDR's with slimline jewel cases. Having seen the regular prices I was wondering if I could save a few Quid buying in bulk. Anyone with knowledge/ideas?Scouse

Answer:Buying CDR's in Bulk.

click here 40 speed 80 minutes cdr 16.99 buy cases seperately

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Question: Bulk addressing

When emailing a large list of persons, how do you get all the addresses in without having to type each one separately(in Windows Live)

Answer:Bulk addressing

Did you already read what MS had to say about this?How do I send a bulk email on Windows Live Mail It seems that the limit is part of Live Mail. If so, you may wish to use an alternative e-mail service. A number of companies will offer free bulk  e-mail. Is this for a limited number of recipients? Like  your extended family? If so, there are other ways to do it without breaking any rules.The link below may help answer your question.E-mail address limits.Disclaimer. This information is subject to change.Do your people want the e-mail?  Will they subscribe to a service you provide? If so, you can use a different method to keep them up-to-date.

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Question: Bulk Search


I have Vista Ultimate.

I need to find about 60 files on my PC, the file names are listed on a word
document, and the actual files are stored in many different folders on my

I need to consolidate the files into one folder.

Is there some way I can do a bulk search using "search" where I load the
file names and Vista finds them and shows where they are located.

please advise



Answer:Bulk Search

I'm pretty sure that you would have to input each file name manually and then Cut/Paste to the destination folder. The search function doesn't support searching for multiple different files at the same time.

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Following some excellent help in this forum for a PowerPoint presentation, I now need to have a initial run of some 200 CD's. This may well increase in a few months depending on the success.I wondered if anyone has any ideas as to companies (or individuals) who offer duplication facilities - even though I have a 52 speed burner, 200 CD's is too much for me!!Many thanks,

Answer:CD Duplication (Bulk)

You may have a problem on such a small run.Time to call up your Friends :)click hereclick here500 0r here

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Question: Bulk e-mails

Hi,It`s me again.For the last few days I have been bombarded with e-mails coming through between 30/40 at a time, up to 200 a day.They are all supposedly return mail, "failure notice" "returned mail" "could not deliver" etc.They seem to be using "Mailer-Daemon" and all have a attachments which I have not opened.I did put a spam blocker on some months ago but had to uninstall it because it caused problems with the PC.I am on XP Pro and work in Outlook.Why do they do it and how? I suppose I will need to put a spam filter on again, as I said the last one I put on did cause a problem and unfortunately I still had to check all that it filtered out because an odd legitimate one got through.Thanks Rodz

Answer:Bulk e-mails

Someone is spoofing your e-mail address. The returns are parts of their "carpet bombing" that are aimed at address that do not exist.I would suggest looking after your addresses more carefully; I get no spam even to my business addresses.

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Question: Bulk Emails

I am using Windows IE, it won't let me send more than about 25 emails at a time. One distribution list is 155 emails, can't send them all at once. Need help.

Answer:Bulk Emails

Hi SparkleP, and welcome to TSG.

When you say, "I am using Windows IE", do you mean you are using Internet Explorer to access a web based interface to some on-line e-mail service? If so, the limit may be set by the e-mail service and not under your control. Your only options may be to request the e-mail service increase your limit or find a service with a higher limit.

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Question: Bulk Mail

Hello ,i recently checked my personal e-mail while in the office and noticed that i had a lot more than usual in my bulk mail. when i opened  my bulk mail box i was supprised to see all my business contacts from the office in my personal e-mail account , with a foreign language ,(looks like French) in the subject field,..  Does anyone know what mught of happen    

Answer:Bulk Mail

Sure its not German? I've been getting a few of the German ones myself... So have many others...[glb]Flame[/glb]

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Question: Bulk Emaillers?

Does anybody know a good bulk emailer that allows you to change the "from" text box. An online one would be great!

I don't know if this is in the right forum...

Answer:Bulk Emaillers?

You can usually put whatever you want into the from field. At least with regular email clients. I don't have any experience with bulk mailers.
btw, your website in your profile doesn't exist.

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Anyone know where I can buy this and wallplates online?

Also, I'm gonna have two runs of the wire leave the house drop two stories, then re-enter, is there any type of cable that would be able to withstand weathering, i.e. snow, rain, heat, cold, etc?

Answer:Where to buy bulk Cat 5e/Cat 6 online
Pretty good prices.

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Question: Bulk cat 5 cable

where do you guys shop for bulk network cable and ends. I wanna puchase 1000ft, and was looking for a decent price.

Answer:Bulk cat 5 cable


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Question: Outlook Bulk Fax

I am trying to use outlook as a database for customers so that I can e-mail snail mail and fax using the same program. My difficulty with outlook has been with faxing. I have categorized my customers and would like to send these bulk faxes by category. Does anyone have any experience with this or any other program that would do this.


Answer:Outlook Bulk Fax

No one?

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Question: Bulk converter

Sparing details, I need to convert a bunch of my Windows Media Audio file (.wma)formatted songs to MP3 Format Sound (.mp3)

is there an easy way to do this?

Answer:Bulk converter



Also if you search for an older r10 version of dbpoweramp that will also do this free, I tend to these days have the paid Audials 10 for ripping and converting music.

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Question: bulk cat5

Anyone recommend a place to purchase bulk cat5? 'preferably on east coast'


Answer:bulk cat5

Here's this Octobers version of this once a month question..

Thought I'm on east coast, I purchase from PI Manufacture

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Question: Whats BULK mean?

I see two identiacal video cards, but the BULK is 10 dollars less than RETAIL. What does that mean?

Answer:Whats BULK mean?

Whats the difference between RETAIL and OEM?

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Question: Samsung 830 bulk


What does the "basic" kit of the Samsung 830 include? nothing but the drive itself?
I got a Corsair Force GT 90 but I guess the mounting is different?

Would you recommend the Samsung 830 256GB over the Corsair Force GT 240GB?


Answer:Samsung 830 bulk

If you've already got the mounting kit, SATA cables etc. from your current SSD then the basic version of the 830 will be fine.

Yeah the 830 is better than the Force GT. Not as good as the Corsair Performance Pro but that costs quite a bit more.

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Hi, I have a large amount of photos with unique individual names however they have .jpg.jpg as the file extension and I want to remove just one of the .jpg's ! So instead of having joebloggs.jpg.jpg I want to have joebloggs.jpg
Does anyone know of a way to remove one of the .jpg's from the end of the files on over 1000 photos with unique names?
Any recommendations much appreciated !

Answer:Bulk Renaming Files

Try the free little program suggested in this Thread to remove the last 4 - that will remove one of the .jpg ClickHere or you could try a batch or script file (if you are brave - google for them)

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I'm looking for a program or add-on that will allow me to download my (2400+) photos from Imageshack en mass...

Any suggestions?

Answer:Bulk DLer for Imageshack

Don't know if there is something free.
I found this paid program

FF addons

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Need to bring over a library size of favorites from ie. into FF.

I have / can import favorites from i.e. but FF dumps them into a 'from i.e. folder'.

How do I get them to appear as folders & individual links in the 'drop-down bookmarks' menu instead of that extra step where they are all gathered 'first' into a newly created folder called "from internet explorer"??

Answer:Importing bulk favorites from I.E. to F.F.

im not sure how to do the imports as i dont use IE, however there is a good workaround that will back up all your favs and import also.

install xmarks and set up an account free, and when you install xmarks in firefox and ie they will sync. so
first install xmarks for ie, then when the favs have synced then install xmarks for firefox ,when you sign into xmarks in ff the favs will sync to ff.

and you have the added security of knowing that they are backed up on the cloud. also you can log into the xmarks site from a different computer anywhere and still access your favs.

Download Xmarks for Internet Explorer

Download Xmarks for Firefox

fiefox addon...

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I have 860 .pdf files. The file names are "Map1234", "Map1235", etc. There are gaps in the number sequence that might complicate things.
I need to remove the word "Map" from each file name. Can it be done?
(Of course, I can do it one by one, but I probably won't live that long.)

Answer:Bulk File Name Change

Have a looky over here pal Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility (freeware) ... hope this helps

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Hello everyone, Can you recomend a cheap supplier of bulk ink for an epson colour stylus 600 printer?Pamy

Answer:cheapest supplier of bulk ink

There are undreds of 'em absolutly 'undredssee small ads in your favourite maggiebetter be PCA or elseTry these two for startersclick here [or could be com] orE-mail address this [email protected]

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Dear Tech Guys:

I think I'm loosing my mind. I have worked on this all weekend. I even called in sick from today. I've got to get this solved. I've dowloaded a bulk email software. That part was easy. I just can't get it to send out the bulk email. Actually all I'm trying to do is get it to send a test message. I've gone over and over the settings until I can't stand to look at them any more.

The owners of the software tell me the the test message is going out and that my spam filters are not letting it through. But I've disabled my spam filters, and the message still does not come through.

I've done all the normal things, like disabled my firewall and antivirus, etc, etc. I doubled checked my security internet settings. I wish someone could call me and walk me through this. I really need to solve this and go to bed and get some sleep. I haven't sleep in about 3 days.

Could someone please help me.

Here's the message I get after I send the test message. Apparently, the test message is going through. Or is it?

AMS4 mail to "[email protected]" at 2/12/07 3:43:32 PM
// dns.Addr:
[ExtSMTP only]
// After DNS part started...
< 220 bizsmtp ESMTP server ready
< 250 hello [], pleased to meet you
> MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>
< 250 <[email prote... Read more

Answer:Bulk Email Question

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Hi everyone,

A friend of mine was asking how he can purchase over 30 copies of Windows 7. I'd love to point him to my local retailer but they don't offer discounts for bulk purchases.

I checked eBay out but those stories of sellers selling fake copies is not comforting at all.

Does anyone know where my friend can safely purchase legitimate copies?


Answer:Windows 7 Bulk Purchase

Hi there
A legal way to do this is with a VOLUME LICENSE (or VL) system. Contact Ms as they will STILL supply W7 via this route.

Large corporations do this and so they image a Windows system and deploy it on to their company computers without every one of them needing a separate key etc.

If you were buying 30 copies of Windows this would also be far cheaper than 30 RETAIL copies too.

(A trip to some outlets in the seedier parts of Shanghai might get you what you want - but I'd be a bit dubious as to the Source of the copies though).

Buying in volume by "non standard" outlets will only lead to grief in the end. You CAN use legitimate "Used copies" provided the originals are RETAIL (not OEM) and they have been wiped from the previous users machines - but I wouldn't go down that route for Bulk copies. For a single copy - nothing wrong with that if you can find a person who has upgraded to W8 and no longer needs their copy of W7.


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I'm building 40-60 computers and was wondering where to purchase windows 7 licenses in bulk? Do they cut discounts for that many licenses? If so, how much? Thanks.

Answer:Where to buy bulk Windows 7 licenses?

oem7 said:

I know where to buy Original Win 7 Ultimate oem-nonslp license at about 100$. Contact me.Click to expand...

This guy sounds legit.

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My ISP has notified me twice that bulk emails are being sent via my modem. They said if it happens again my internet will be shut off until I have proof of my computer being cleaned by a professional. I'd rather avoid that and take care of it myself. I ran Spybot and found various malware/spyware. Then I ran PC Tools Antivirus. It found over 100 infections, most of which were worm.P2P.BThree.B.Gen. I ran PC Tools Antivirus again today and it found about 10 infections by the same name. I have included my HJT log file below. Thanks for any help you can offer!!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)
Scan saved at 9:00:42 AM, on 8/7/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_08\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\3ware\3DM\3dmd.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\eFax Messenger 4.2\J2GDllCmd.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\pcAnywhere\awhost32.exe
C:\Program Files\Prevx2\PXConsole.exe
C:\Program Files\PC Tools AntiVirus\PCTA... Read more

Answer:Bulk emails being sent via my modem

This would be better posted in the Malware Removal & HijackThis Logs Forum

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Attached is the HJT log. I appreciate, in advance, any help.



Answer:Bulk Email Sent That I Did Not Send

Welcome to the BleepingComputer Forums. Since it has been a few days since you scanned your computer with HijackThis, we will need a new HijackThis log. If you have not already downloaded Random's System Information Tool (RSIT), please download Random's System Information Tool (RSIT) by random/random which includes a HijackThis log and save it to your desktop. If you have RSIT already on your computer, please run it again. Double click on RSIT.exe to run RSIT. Click Continue at the disclaimer screen. Please post the contents of log.txt. Thank you for your patience.Please see Preparation Guide for use before posting about your potential Malware problem. If you have already posted this log at another forum or if you decide to seek help at another forum, please let us know. There is a shortage of helpers and taking the time of two volunteer helpers means that someone else may not be helped. Please post your HijackThis log as a reply to this thread and not as an attachment. I am always leery of opening attachments so I always request that HijackThis logs are to be posted as a reply to the thread. I do not think that you are attaching anything scary but others may do so. While we are working on your HijackThis log, please: Reply to this thread; do not start another! Do not make any changes on your computer during the cleaning process or download/add programs on your computer unless instructed to do so. Do not run any other tool until instruc... Read more

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Help! An unknown family member used my PC for several days while I was away and I returned home to do work online and got a browser redirect to a message from my ISP stating that bulk mailing/virus activity has been noticed coming from my machine. My internet access is suspended until the problem is resolved. I called the ISP to confirm just in case it was another trojan redirect/browser hi-jacker, etc. I was given a list of utilities to scan my PC with and I followed through with all and then some! I have scanned and cleaned the PC with F-stop, Panda, HouseCall, BitDefender, ZoneAlarm, Spybot, AdAware, Windows Defender, The Stinger, Various McAfee utilities and about a dozen other utilities. They all found various malware/spyware/viruses/bad files etc. and removed them. I monitored all connections in and out and noticed a bunch of sends on port 25. I killed nearly all my running processes and I then enabled ZoneAlarm firewall and right away, it gave alerts and began blocking something from sending out email messages every few seconds with no end in sight. It's also blocking all sorts of incoming connections every couple of seconds. I'm sure this is preventing the emails from being sent out and blocking out intruders but whatever is causing this emailing problem is still on the machine. Every few seconds ZoneAlarm pops up with something along these lines:

"The firewall has blocked Internet access to your computer (TCP Port 2967) from (TCP Port ... Read more

Answer:Bulk/Mass E-Mails being sent

I forgot to mention that my ISP unblocked my internet access to allow me to run utilities they suggested I try. I'm still getting non-stop alerts and sent e-mail alerts. Even got an alert stating that a couple programs were trying to be servers.

Arrrgghh... over 1100 intrusions (10+ high-rated) have been blocked by ZoneAlarm just since I got my internet connection back. This must have something to do with the e-mail virus. Anybody out there? I'm ready to tackle this nasty little bug.... :)

Thanks again!

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On another forum, I saw someone complaining about the "Add Fonts" dialog being the same from Windows 3.11 to Vista. It seems to be gone in Win 7, and it took me a while to figure out how to install fonts. But I have a batch of fonts that I always install, and I'm wondering if we have a batch install capability?Lane

Answer:Bulk Install of Fonts?

I was able to just copy and paste a big batch of Fonts right to the C:\Windows\Fonts directory with no issue. They installed and are working properly. ~Alex T.~Windows Desktop Experience MVP~

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Can anyone suggest a bulk email provider to send 360 PDF magazines out each month please?

Answer:Bulk email providers

You've already got a thread running here about this issue and haven't responded to any of the replies posted.

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BTW, I did search your site for info. before posting. What caught my attention was a similar query from someone in Canada. Last Wednesday I sent 7 emails, each to individual recipients in various countries. One, to Canada, was received with [Bulk] prefixed to the header -- which I only discovered when she responded.

I've checked with the other 6 correspondents: their emails did not have [Bulk] in the header.

Since then, paranoia has set in. I've repeatedly updated/run my current security programs (AVG, with Spybot as double-check). The firewall is ZoneAlarm. I've now installed rootkit checkers. I've also used on-line virus/malware checkers (Kaspersky, Panda and McAfee). Apparently, my system is clean. However, until I get to the root of this, I'm afraid to buy or bank on-line.

My Canadian correspondent has emailed to say that she sometimes receives emails with [Bulk] in the header, even though she knows that they were individual missives. Co-incidentally, there were 6 emails in the Spam box, albeit none from Canada, all dated yesterday, when I logged onto my AOL email today. (I rarely find anything in the Spam box.)

Something must be wrong somewhere! Is it at my end? Or is it at the Canadian end (their ISP/email account is rogers)? Help!!!

System: WinXP SP3

Answer:[Bulk] in header of email

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how do i forward multiple e-mails at a time from outlook web access to an external e-mail account? the os is xp pro.

Answer:Bulk E-mail Forwarding

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer.Open the mesage you wish to foward. Go to Tools> Message Rules. When the window opens set the values. You will have to set a rule for each address you wish to forward to. The destination email will be set in the bottom field. There is no limit as to how many rules you can create.

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I am currently looking for a bulk email solution. We send about 400,000 emails out every month. I have found some online software that could do the job, but I also want to present a few options where we could to it all in house. Does anyone have any recommendations of bulk email software? Also what hardware would be required to handle our mass mail. We currently are using anaconia's rocket mail but it takes extremely long to send mail. Any input would be great. Thanks.

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Oneof my yahoo addresses..... One of them.. when mail comes in.. it ALL goes into the bulk folder. How can I stop it from going into the bulk folder ... I would prefer to go into the message folderModerator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

Answer:Messages Into The Bulk Folder

You can try this:
Turn off Yahoo's Spamguard.
(Mail/options/spam protection).
Make sure there are no user FILTERS

Wait one day, then turn Spamguard back on.


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I created a mailing list, have the email addressed stored on my computer in a notepad...
but how do i send an email to them all at once?

its to technical for me, pease help

Answer:how to send bulk emails?

Save the account and after that try editing it.
See if you can set it so that AND ingoing AND outgoing connections require autentification and provide your emailaddress and password when asked.

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Question: Bulk email sending

Hi i intend to send bulk promotion emails (approx 5K)/day. I tried paid account from Gmail but it is allowing only 2k emails/day. Is there any other option to send 5k emails/day?
I would appreciate if someone helps me with good service provider for the same.

Answer:Bulk email sending

mshaan said:

Hi i intend to send bulk promotion emails (approx 5K)/day. I tried paid account from Gmail but it is allowing only 2k emails/day. Is there any other option to send 5k emails/day?
I would appreciate if someone helps me with good service provider for the same.
TIAClick to expand...

So you can spam me?
No thanks.

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Hi,The HP warranty site seams to have changed, removing the serial number from the query URL, rendering my previous lookup script useless and making a new one a bit difficult.I have had a bit of a search and the closest I can find is this page, but I don't fancy adding eight thousand entries by hand.Is there a better way to do a bulk warranty lookup?  Cheers, Rob

Answer:Bulk Warranty Lookup

Has anyone been successful in performing a bulk lookup of warranty information for their HP desktop/laptop/server fleet? Either by automating lookup to the HP website or by submitting a list to HP and having them match against their database? I have drawn a blank so far, including contacting our account manager. 

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Anyone know a program that registers emails (with any site, I don't care which) in bulk?

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Hi, I had what I thought was a simple problem, and that is send a message to my address book, but it's not so simple.

The office where I work has moved and changed our name, so all I have to do is send a canned message to my whole address book, there is only about 260 addresses.

I use Windows Live Mail because I access MSN accounts and such, but they can't do it, it says I have to many names in the TO or BCC fields. I suppose this may be a limitation of header size, and not WLM, I don't know.

I did a quick Google, and didn't come up with much, anything that is free or has a free trial still won't let me handle more than maybe 100 addresses at a time. And secondly, these programs seem to specialize more in repeat mailing lists and subscriptions and automation, etc... I just need to send a message to a bunch of people one time and be done. I also need the message to have the right reply address because I am requesting responses to update my own address book.

So there you have it, where can I send a bulk mail to 260 people with the right return address, no weird spams or ads placed in my mail, and hopefully can do for free cause it's a one time deal. Of course, I'd consider buying it if it's very cheap.
Can Outlook do it? I don't have it installed, but I do have Office if I have to.


Answer:Any free bulk mailers?

Here's a list of them here:

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My question is simple - but I haven't found, so far, any answer I can understand on the web.

How do I download all my emails off yahoo (that's inbox drafts and folders) onto my own computer - is this possible?

The background to this is that I'm a heavy email user. I have 10 years of emails on my account. This is personal and business. There's an awful lot of emails, though it doesn't amount to much in space terms because it's virtually all text.

I keep everything on email. I'm worried primarily about my stuff being removed accidentally or maliciously, so I want to back up locally. After all yahoo could suddenly announce that they're going to remove all emails older than a certain date - this would be an utter disaster for me. In adition, because I have so many individual emails (I receive at least 30 a day, keep most of them, and send off about 10 - keep all of them) yahoo email search no longer works on my account.

Answer:Downloading emails in bulk

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I'm going to send a bulk email to customers.Is there a recommended limit to the number of people you should send an email to avoid the server putting it into spam at the recipient's end?Thanks.

Answer:Limit on bulk emails?

It's not an issue with the server per se.It's more to do with how the recipients mail servers handle your incoming mail.Make sure that your mail mail servers MX address's correctly set-up. If you can then registering with goodmail (click here) can help.Other than that, using a dedicated IP address that couldn't have previously used for spamming helps.And finally, at least from me, your recipients not clicking junk' or 'spam' when they receive your emails will ensure continued success.

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I have a friend who is using Desktop2000 to reach about 5000 email addresses. They run a small business and use the program to send out their monthly/quarterly newsletter to established relationships. They are not out mining for new contacts. In recent months, they have noticed a higher percentage of bounced and/or simply not rec'd emails. I am one of those who has not been receiving the newsletter at neither my home or work address. I know ISPs have incorporated a lot of controls to limit spam over the past year. Is there something my friend needs to do differently now? Also, I am guessing they run the risk of being blacklisted due to the volume they submit. (They do run it in batches anywhere between 200 to 1000 at a time) Is there a way to find out if they are on any blacklists themselves?
The problem does not seem to be isolated to any one ISP, email batch, alphabet range, region of the country, etc..
Any input would be appreciated.

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Not sure if the problems are related but there is an item called VX2.f.MSView that spybot cannot get rid of and i also have the more pressing problem that everytime that i connect my computer to the internet hundreds of e-mails try to send themselves out of "symantec email proxy" and i cannot stop them. Thanks in advance for help here is my log.Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 6:29:34 PM, on 7/28/2006Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\AOL\ACS\acsd.exeC:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\CTsvcCDA.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\nvsvc32.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\wanmpsvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\MsPMSPSv.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Security Center\SymWSC.exeC:\WINDOWS\system... Read more

Answer:Vx2 And Bulk E-mail Problems

Welcome aboard Please download VundoFix.exe to your desktop.Double-click VundoFix.exe to run it.Check the Run VundoFix as a task box.Click the Scan for Vundo button.Once it's done scanning, click the Remove Vundo button.You will receive a prompt asking if you want to remove the files, click YESOnce you click yes, your desktop will go blank as it starts removing Vundo.When completed, it will prompt that it will shutdown your computer, click OK.Turn your computer back on.Please post the contents of C:\vundofix.txt and a fresh HiJackThis log.

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I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere, even in
Outlook Express>Help>Contents and Index
lists no help for a Bulk Mail question.

I've noticed lately in two of my OE accounts that the Bulk Mail folders are always empty.

In looking for a reason, I notice that each of the two Bulk Mail folders has this symbol:

So it obviously means that Bulk Mail is disabled or prohibited from being stored.

How can I fix this.

Thank you,

Answer:Bulk Mail in OE disabled?

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I use BT Yahoo Broadband and have recently noticed that in their Webmail Bulk Folder the button to select "Not Spam" is no longer shown. Occasionally, genuine mail goes into the bulk folder and I could click "Not Spam" and it would go into my Inbox. I can use the button "Move" and select Inbox, but being able to select "Not Spam" is preferable.Has this happened to anyone else?

Answer:BT Yahho Bulk Folder

yes mines the same Colin,I'd prefer a "not spam" button too.I wonder if moving an email to inbox has the same effect as marking as not spam? If I remember rightly,when marked as not spam the email was transferred to inbox automatically? I'll have to try it and see what happens.

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