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Samsung 850 Evo 500GB, want to install on desktop

Question: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB, want to install on desktop

Hi Could anyone please confirm if I buy Samsung 850 Evo 500GB, will I be able to install this on my desktop? Just looks like it only fits for laptops?

Thank you

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Preferred Solution: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB, want to install on desktop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB, want to install on desktop

There are adapters available if the drive doesn't come with them packaged. The adapters adapt from 3.5" drive bay to 2.5" drive bay.

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Hi, I'm trying to replace my HD with Samsung 500 Gb SSD.
Any one know if this is possible?
Sony Vaio VPFC1, Win 7 Ultimate.
I have installed the Samsung software but the drive can't be 'seen' by the system.

Answer:Sony vaio, install Samsung SSD 500Gb

I'm not sure what you mean by installing the Samsung software? Usually its a case of removing the original drive and replacing with the SSD. If there is an option in the BIOS to change to AHCI mode then change it before installing the OS, with either your recovery disks or a Windows disk. Not sure your model number is correct though.
Possibly this link will help out and also see the link for Vaio F Series Windows 7 64-bit Clean Install Guide Using OEM Recovery Discs.

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I have a Samsung SSD EVO 850 500GB and while I had been using it on my laptop with Windows 7 everything had been running ok even the Rapid mode, but when I updated to Windows 10, I am getting this error :
Rapid mode is in inactive state due to system internal errors. Please disable Rapid Mode.
I am using the latest version of Samsung Magician 4.9.5 and Firmware EMT02B6Q.
Do you have any ideas please ?

Answer:Samsung SSD EVO 850 500GB

Which version of Samsung Magician are you using?
v4.9 seems latest..

Suggest you try disabling fast startup.
8) If fast startup is enabled on windows 8 and 8.1 machines, RAPID
mode enable/disable requires system restart. Shutdown followed by turning
-on the power will not activate RAPID mode enable/disable. By default fast startup
is enabled.
9) Flush command of operating system and/or application may cause
variation in performance when RAPID mode is enabled(especially when
Write-Cache Buffer Flushing is On).
Sometimes on AMD PC with AMD and AS Media storage controllers it
was found that the IOs takes a longer time to complete. In such cases if
RAPID was enabled, it may get automatically disabled due to such IO
errors. It may display "RAPID is in inactive state". User has to reboot
the PC to enable RAPID mode.

Are you using IDE or AHCI mode?
AHCI vs IDE - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

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hellow,I have a note book HP Pavilion 15-ak120nb azerty with a original SSD bootdisk: Samsung MZNLF 128 HC HP-000H1 type M.2. and it is al most full. I bought a new one also a samsung type Samsung 850 EVO-SSD M.2 500GB. once it was installed the notebook did not recognise the new boot disk?? it is not vissible in the BIOS. How can i solved that problem Please?? i post a picture of my new ssd disk 500 GB. Has someone a step by step explanation how to do the replacement??

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Hello! I want to order a P70 with a firts SSD PCI e M2 off  1  T  and install a Samsung PRO 850 SATS III that I already have on an old machine, and buy an other SSD PCI e M2 off  1 T.Can you say me if I need ti buy any spare part to install the SATA III and the second SSD PCI e M2 ?And if some one has this configuration can you say me if there is warming problem with the SSD.Thanks for your help. Christophe

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Has anyone had experience of successfully installing the Samsung 850 series particulaly the 500GB variety in a X240?I cloned the original 120GB drive and installed back in no problem but its not booting with a boot manager error. I know originally it only supported up to 250GB drives but from reading others in the forum they've got 500GB and even 1TB drives working?I updated the BIOS which also seemed to flash an onboard controller but still no joy and have set the BIOS to legacy with protected off and CSM disabled?Someone else mentioned the need to install an operating system from scratch on new drives? Is that the case even if you've cloned the existing drive? Thanks in advance for your help


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Answer:X240 and Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB

Hi, Not every cloning tool is able correctly clone drives to allow them boot after cloning. So you have two options: 1. Try repair bootmanager2. Insert old drive make Lenovo recovery medias/USB, and then insert new drive and run recovery process from original Lenovo recovery media/USB David

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I just bought this SSD drive from a website that have shown pictures for the drive and I saw clearly that it is "Made in Korea". After I bought it and arrived, it is now "Made in China"! Did they rip me off? what's the deal and how can I make sure I'm buying a Korean made drive and not a Chinese one? (No offense but I'm trusting Korea more than China regarding build quality and who knows what else).

Answer:Samsung Evo 850 500GB manufacturing country

According to the following the Evo 850 500 GB drives are made in both China & South Korea.

Products in the category SSD Drives made in China |

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Hi to all!
here is my question:
is the SSD SAMSUNG MZ-75E500B/EU 850 EVO SERIES 500GB 2.5'' SATA3 compatible with hp pavilion dv6 2135ev laptop?

Answer:is the SSD SAMSUNG MZ-75E500B/EU 850 EVO SERIES 500GB 2.5'' ...

Hi,Manual: Page 4-14,15 cannot see any reason why it would not work.Specs: you're doing a clone of your current drive to Samsung SSD (Samsung migration tool)?Doing a clean install of Windows 7 (if you can clearly read all 25 characters of activation key printed in the COA sticker) or Windows 10 (if you've successfully upgraded to Windows 10 previously) is also possible.RegardsVisruth

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Hi guys

I want to replace my already present TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100 1TB 2.5" 9.5mm SATA-II (3.0Gbps) Internal HDD with Samsung 840 EVO 250GB/500GB 2.5" 7mm SATA-III 6Gbps (Compatible with SATA 3Gb/s & SATA 1.5Gb/s) Internal SSD (MZ-7TE250BW/MZ-7TE500BW).

Is it possible for me to do that?
When I asked about this with service center they asked to bring the laptop to the shop as they have to check if there is slot for that & whether the connectors are suitable for the new SSD. I don't know what they meant by that.

Here are some links that could help:
My laptop model: HP Pavilion 15-n209tx Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)

Product number: F6C49PA

Toshiba HDD already present in my lap:
MQ01ABD Series

Toshiba Storage - MQ01ABDxxx (MQ01ABD025, MQ01ABD032, MQ01ABD050, MQ01ABD064, MQ01ABD075, MQ01ABD100) - Product Detail
Samsung 840 EVO SSD for upgrade:
500GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD Internal Laptop Sata Solid State Drive 2 5" HDD 500 GB | eBay

250GB Samsung SSD 840 EVO Solid State Drive Sata Internal Drive 2 5'' HDD 250 GB | eBay Buy Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series 500GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Single Unit Version Internal Solid State Drive MZ-7TE500BW Online at Low Prices in India | Samsung Reviews & Ratings

SSD 840 EVO - 500GB 2.5-inch MZ-7TE500BW | Samsung SSD

I could find that the connector is Serial-ATA 7-pin for both of them, not sure - just googled it.

How will I know if SSD can be replaced for the HDD, is it necessary for me t... Read more

Answer:Samsung 840 Evo 500GB SSD for Toshiba MQ01ABD100 1TB HDD?

How will I know if SSD can be replaced for the HDD, is it necessary for me to do to the service center and check it out if there is slot & drive can be upgraded?

Most SSD's will fit just fine in your laptop. Sata Connector is standard but to make sure that it will fit, you can get the physical dimension from the data sheet for your current HD and the Samsung. I don't think you need to bring it in for them to check.

I'm planning for migration from HDD to SSD & boot from SSD, would I be able to do that with the softwares available in the Samsung site?

You can use free Macrium to clone the whole drive then boot from it. You'll need a Sata-USB Adapter to do this.
Macrium Reflect Free

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Hi all,
i have a SatPro R50-B-107 and I bought a Samsung 805evo 500GB SSD, but i've a problem. i inserted the SDD in a caddy instead of the optical device. It works fine, i can see it in the list of disks. the problem arises when i try to use it as a boot device. the bios dosen't recognize the device that you can make a boot.
if i switch the HDD and SSD (HDD in caddy and SSD on MB) i cannot see anymmore the HDD. also in this case i can see the HDD, but can not boot from it.
The caddy works fine, otherwise i cannot see the device installed on it.
a friend of mine have the same PC and the same caddy, buta another SSD (Sandisk) and he had non problem to botto from the caddy.

i'm missin something?

help please


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Hi, I am looking at buying the P50 with the 500GB HDD and Win10 Pro. I want to replace it with a Samsung 850 Pro 2.5? SATA III SSD, Some of the other threads state that the P50 is only compatible with Lenovo PCI SSD?s. Is this true for the 2.5? SATA III SSD?s?Any advice for replacing the drive? I was planning on loading clean copies of Win10 and the Lenovo software.  Does anyone have a link for the Lenovo Software for the P50? Thanks for the help!


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Answer:Replace 500GB HDD with Samsung 850 Pro 2.5" SATAIII

If you want to save a little money off the purchase price, with free shipping and [possibly] no sales tax to Colorado (as there was no sales tax for me in CA when I bought the 512GB 850 Pro from them earlier today), you might consider buying that 1TB 850 Pro SSD from B&H Photo in NY.
As far as replacing the Lenovo HDD spinner with the SATA SSD that's perfectly possible and doable with no concerns.  It is the M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD where questions have been raised about whether the SM951 is the only device supported, or whether the 950 Pro can also be used.  And the answer is that while Lenovo might deliver with the SM951 installed, the machine itself can also accept the 950 Pro (user-installed post-delivery) without a problem. Just remember that if you do install your own M.2 Samsung NVMe device, you should also install the Samsung NVMe Controller Driver downloaded from their site.
As far finding the Win10 Lenovo software for the P50, it is all at the Lenovo driver/software download page for the P50.

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Samsung 500gb Sata not getting detected It shows in the bios but not on windows it doesnt show in disk management also so i cant format it
how to i make it work there?

MB- Intel D945GCLF

Answer:Samsung 500gb Sata not getting detected

Is it showing in Device Manager.

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I want to install a Samsung 960 EVO - 500GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 SSD as the primary boot drive of my P70. Can someone please confirm this newly released SSD from Samsung is compatible with the P70. Seems like Amazon is sold out so I'll need to finnd this drive elsewhere to order.

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I have Upgraded my T430 with a Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD. It has WIn10 64bit with 8GB Memory. All Firmwares are current. LENOVO FW UPDATER has nothing outstanding. Everything seems to run fine now I have also upgraded to SAMSUNG Magician 5.0, BUT I am getting a Driver update recommendation on the current driver. This message only comes from SAMSUNG Magician NOT WINDOWS or system messaging.Intalling the latest INTEL RST does not complete. I contacted SAMSUNG only to be told check with LENOVO.HERE WE GO...Does anyone know the link to the best driver for the T430 & Samsung 850 EVO is?

IntelRST.doc ?200 KB

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I installed a SAMSUNG 500GB EVO M.2 SSD drive in my HP ENVY Notebook - 17t-n100. It fits in the PCIe slot, but when I power on the laptop, there is nothing in the BIOS about it and Windows doesn't see the drive either. I have read some success stories that depend on updating the BIOS firmware, but I already tried that and it's still not showing. The BIOS options are very sparse. As far as the laptop is concerned, it's as if the drive isn't in there at all.

Answer:SAMSUNG EVO M.2 500GB SSD not detected in HP ENVY Notebook -...

Hi @TheAdmin, Welcome to the HP Forums. I see you are having issues with the 850GB EVO M.2 SSD not detected in HP ENVY 17-n100 Notebook. It shows me in your Service Manual page 2. Largest one that is compatible internally is a 512 GB M.2 SATA SSD.   I hope this helps. If you wish to say Thanks for my efforts to help, click the Thumbs up to give me a Kudos.   Thanks.

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Hi there. I am upgrading ram and going to 500gb ssd & will clean install Win 7 Home Premium. Any drivers I need  FOR THE WINDPWS SEVENM HPOMEM[REMIOUM INMSTALL 

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Decided to remove the content..    Sorry....

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In my Y410p, I have the Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5" SATA III SSD +24G SSD & 1TB HDD SATA II HDD via UltrabaySince I have a 500GB SSD would the +24G SSD cause conflict or problems, like in the 3DMark test or other extensive programs? If so is there a way to remove the +24G SSD? Here are my full specs:Lenovo Ideapad Y410p -Intel Core i7 4700MQ, DDR3 16GB Memory -Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5" SATA III SSD +24G SSD - 1TB HDD SATA II HDD via Ultrabay - DVDRW via Ultrabay - Single/SLI Nvidia 750M + Intel 4600 HD - 9 cell 7800mAh battery - Windows 10 Pro x64 BTW, what are the best settings, (ones to turn off etc) for the 3DMark test?

Lenovo Ideapad Y410p - Intel Core i7 4700MQ - DDR3 16GB Memory - Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5" SATA III SSD +24G SSD - 1TB HDD SATA II HDD via Ultrabay - DVDRW via Ultrabay - Single/SLI Nvidia 750M + Intel 4600 HD - 9 cell 7800mAh battery - Windows 10 Pro x64

Answer:Y410p Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5" SATA III SSD + 24G SSD = Conflicts?

Wow! No help at all on my question!

Lenovo Ideapad Y410p - Intel Core i7 4700MQ - DDR3 16GB Memory - Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5" SATA III SSD +24G SSD - 1TB HDD SATA II HDD via Ultrabay - DVDRW via Ultrabay - Single/SLI Nvidia 750M + Intel 4600 HD - 9 cell 7800mAh battery - Windows 10 Pro x64

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After a power loss during the night I suddenly can't find one of my SSD. It's not detected on the BIOS or on the device manager. I have tried a few tricks that I found after googling this problem, as this one;

But nothing has worked so far. Tried switching the SATA ports and cables but this is not working. Anyone know of a solution to this? First time it's happened to me with any type of drive.

Answer:Samsung 850 EVO 500GB disappeared from BIOS after powerloss

Samsung has a pretty good warranty so u should be ok there
Have tried connecting it to another computer.....

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Before ordering my new Inspiron 7559, I read online that another user had been very happy after upgrading to 16 GB RAM and cloning the OS from the 1 TB 5500 RPM HD to a Samsung 500 GB SSD using Samsung's Data Migration Software (and keeping both drives, using the HD for storage). However, now that I have already cloned the upgraded Windows 10 OS, I read that another user started experiencing major issues after cloning with Samsung's Data Migration Software, because Windows updates then did not know where to go on the SSD, and he recommended a clean install of Windows 10 to the SSD? Arrrrgh! So this is where I am at:

1. I upgraded Windows 10 to the latest version and uninstalled all the bloatware and adware that I did not want. I ran sfcscan and optimized the HD to make sure everything was in good shape.
2. I did install a number of free programs onto the HD (CCleaner, Revo Uninstaller, Thumbnails, Firefox, Samsung Data Migration, etc.)
3. I used Samsung's Data Migration Software and was following their online manual but the Data Migration program never gave me the option to select which files to migrate - and I tried looking around, but it just went right to cloning - so it cloned not just the OS, but all the programs I had installed to-date (all of which are free, but those will update often, so I thought they should just be on the HD, not on the SSD).

The data migration completed but now what?

I have not changed the BIOS or attempted to start the system from the OS clo... Read more

Answer:Inspiron 7559 - Cloned OS to Samsung Evo 850 500GB SSD but NOW WHAT?

Personally, I just use a free program like Macrium Reflect Free or MiniTool Partition Wizard to copy over the whole Windows 10 Partition to the SSD. Also copy the EFI System Partition and Recovery partition and good to go.

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I'm looking for advice on the best procedure for cloning the 500GB HDD supplied with the P51 to a Samsung 960 EVO 500 GB M.2 MVMe drive.I can see and work with the m.2 drive in Windows 10 and I can see the drive on NVMe0 in the BIOSUsing Acronis True Image 2015, I can see the drive to select it as a destination for the cloning operation, but when it switches to its own bootable program to execute the cloning procedure, it cannot see the m.2 drive and fails.If I boot directly from the Acronis disk, it states there is only one drive in the system and cannot proceed.  Has anyone succeeded with this particular machine and scenario? I might upgrade my software if I knew it would recognize an NVMe drive or peraps someone else's cloning software would be better.  I'm open to suggestions.  

Answer:P51 problems cloning 500GB HDD to Samsung 960 EVO M.2 NVMe

Hello and welcome,IIRC TIH 2015 didn't support NVMe drives.  This Acronis article seems to indicate that full support didn't show up until a 2016 update: just now did a quick test using TIH 2017 bootable media on my whitebox desktop. It can see both of my m.2 SSDs:  830 EVO (SATA) and 960 EVO (NVMe).

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Recently purchased a Samsung 960 EVO - 500GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD and a Ableconn PEXM2-SSD M.2 NGFF PCIe SSD to PCI Express 3.0 x4 Host Adapter Card thinking I could use this combo to boot to a SSD.  The computer is a HP Envy 810-150se.   The motherboard is a Pegatron IPIWN-PB (Bios PI2_818.ROM v8.18).  The current harddrives are 2 WD 10EZEX 1.0TB drives in the RAID config.   The SSD drive was recognized and I was able to clone the C: drive using the Samsung Clone software but when I reboot I don't see it at all.  I've looked through the bios settings not finding anything that I think would help. Can this be done?  Is there a newer bios to update?  Does the RAID config need to be turned off?  Do I need to disable the non-used SATA channels? My fall back plan is to get a SATA SSD and use that but I think the PCIe NVMe is much faster. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,  Mike

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Answer:Thinkpad X220 I want to upgrade my SSD to the new Samsung 500GB EVOS. Has anyone tried this?

I have an older 512GB Samsung 840 (non-Pro) in my X220.  No problems noted.
Aryeh Goretsky

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I just read that aparantly, as bit density goes up, RPM is no longer the whole story with regards to drive performance so this begs the question:what are there specs comparing:1 WD Scorpio 320GB 7,200RPM2 Hitachi 7K320 320GB 7,200RPM3 Samsung M6 500GB 5,400RPM(9.5mm is my maximum drive height hence these three choices)I'm particularly interested in how performance (I/O and power) differs between the 5,400rpm 500GB samsung and the Hitachi 7K320 (as the hitachi is supposedly faster than the scorpio although I've not had that confirmed)Thanks!

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I have a Thinkpad Yoga 11E that came with Windows 10 on 128GB SSD. I want to install a larger 500GB Samsung SSD. How do I easily and properly clone the original 128GB SSD to the new 500GB SSD? Thanks!

Answer:Yoga 11E, how to clone original 128GB to a larger 500GB Samsung SSD?

very easy to do. you can use for example .. if you got problem with this let me know i can tell you more if you need about some 3rd party sw... not sure if it is allowed here so try this first.

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I recently purchased an X1 Carbon 5th gen and have been trying to get my Samsung EVO 500GB NVME drive (model MZ-V6E500) to work but I continue to get ERROR 2100 (M.2) upon booting. Anyone have any luck with this? It seems that other EVO M.2 drives work fine.

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Some ideas and information and I wish I knew about this HDD SAMSUNG 500GB/7200rpm/16M SERIES: HD501LJ
I will explain the problem step by step.
Turn on your PC and is stuck to the HDD when the HDD is recognized. Finally after about 40 sec. and rattle 10-20 acknowledges it, he displays the name after which everything returns to normal. Mention that for as long as we keep on doing me no such problems, can copy him and no matter how crazy, everything is normal including when I give restart. This problem only when it does start. For those who have experienced such problems you realize it's quite annoying to wait to start and all the rattle.
I tried various programs from Hiren's boot cd, to check not give me any bad. I think perhaps the problem is otherwise just as long as recognition is so otherwise behave normally. I tried the special program and many other programs formatting, partitioning and repair. Thank you for your understanding and if anyone can help me with some useful advice not throw it out the window and in this, assume that promotes good ideas here.


There does seem to be a design problem with this model of drive Read this Link and others have experienced the noise you describe which only happens if the drive is allowed to spin down to a stop before re-starting. Hence it is OK after a re-boot or when running but does not like starting from standstill. Personally I would clone everything onto a new hard drive and replace it as soon as possible. You could always put the old one in a caddy and use it for back-up (although I am not sure I would trust if for very long).

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Hello everyone. I'm having random problems with my new disk Evo 500 Samsung 840 Gb The error I get is, "2100: Error detection on hdd0".I searched the forum responses to this error and can not find a solution to the problem. Apparently this error is due to the compatibility dell disk controller which uses "Samsung 3-core MEX Controller" with the team (W520 82844DG). I do not know if this is true and if you have easy solutions.Some of you can provide me a solution or a hint to solve this problem Thanks.

Answer:W520 samsung ssd 840 evo 500Gb: 2100 Detection error hdd0

Have you been able to figure this out.  I'm looking to upgrade either to the Samsung SSD 840 Evo or the Crucial M500.  Please let me know if the Evo ended up working well for you.

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I have a Tecra Z50-A-169.

Do I need a different cable to replace the existing Toshiba 128Gb SSD with a Samsung 850 EVO 500Gb sata 600 SSD?



Answer:Cable needed for replacing 128Gb SSD with a 500Gb Samsung 850 Evo Sata 600 SSD?

Never mind, I found it already.
The current SSD is a mSATA drive and I can replace it directly with a Samsung 850 EVO 500 mSATA


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I recently purchased a Samsung 2.5" 500GB USB external hard disk on eBay, and received it just this morning. After a bit of testing I decided I wanted to separate it into two partitions (one for data and one for my Wii games). When I tried to do that using Windows XP's disk manager, it went formatted 99% then returned a plain "Format did not complete successfully", with no additional info. Then the hard drive just disappeared. Windows explorer will not detect it (it will make the "USB device connected/disconnected" noises upon plugging it in or unplugging it from the computer however), and neither will the disk manager, which means I can't simply delete the partition and format again. The blue LED indicating connection between the drive and the computer does blink when I plug the drive in, and then it remains static until I unplug it.

Any help is really really appreciated. I'll gladly provide additional information to the best of my knowledge.

Answer:External hard drive (Samsung 500GB) format failed; not recognised

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I don't know if this is in the right section, but here goes:

My client has got two laptops: for this, I will call them Laptop 1 and Laptop 2, and a Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 500GB USB drive.

Both daughters want their uni and college work backed up.

I have created two folders on the drive, one for the backup of Laptop 1 and one for the backup of Laptop 2.

The backup works fine, but I cannot find, even on the Seagate forums and in the documentation, how to choose a specific folder. Some people say the only solution is to set the laptops up as shared, but then I think that's a bit complicated for a my client, who wants to backup on his own.

The drive uses Seagate's Drive Backup software (called FreeAgentCN.exe)

Would it be easier to use an external piece of backup software (for example Roxio Backup?)

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I don't know if this is in the right section, but here goes:

My client has got two laptops: for this, I will call them Laptop 1 and Laptop 2, and a Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 500GB USB drive.

Both daughters want their uni and college work backed up.

I have created two folders on the drive, one for the backup of Laptop 1 and one for the backup of Laptop 2.

The backup works fine, but I cannot find, even on the Seagate forums and in the documentation, how to choose a specific folder. Some people say the only solution is to set the laptops up as shared, but then I think that's a bit complicated for a my client, who wants to backup on his own.

The drive uses Seagate's Drive Backup software (called FreeAgentCN.exe)

Would it be easier to use an external piece of backup software (for example Roxio Backup?)

Answer:FreeAgent Desktop 500GB

If you plug the hard drive in on one laptop and then the other I dont see why you would need to share anything. Does the problem lie within Seagate's backup software or on the computer itself. Can you go to drive/folders from My Computer.. I would recommend Acronis software or Windows Backup or just a simple copy and paste.. What are you wanting to backup?

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Hello,I have a HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Mini Desktop running Windows 10 Pro on it. I just bought the HP Desktop MIni 500GB Hard Drice I/O Expansion Module and connected to the desktop. The instruction stated to down SoftPaq SP68634; however the latest version is no where close. I can see the hard drive show up on my HP Support Assistant portal, but it listes as "unsupported". Anyone have suggestions?Thanks, Stopper

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I bought an IOMEGA 500gb Hard Drive to used with an Advent T9100 Desktop and a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Laptop. According to the box it is easy to install.Although I get the familiar ping when it is pluged into a USB port it is otherwise more or less invisible with the result that it is unusable. The IOMEGA web-site is of a similar standard as no telephone number is visible. Having failed to locate a driver (as the model number on the box could nto be found on the web-site!) I made one attempt to submit a query and received a response that referred me to a form to complete that was not a form but an endless spiral of alleged contact methods.Entering the serial number indicated that it was a 60gb portable drive!I am returning it to store for a refund as ast best it can be described as totally and utterly useless and not fit for purpose.

Answer:IOMEGA 500gB Desktop Hard Drive

With XP (which I guess you have) or Vista you should not have to install drivers as it should be plug and play.Does it have it own power supply or does it draw from the USB port?Have you tried different USB ports and what shows up in Device Manager?

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Help please, will the system board recognise a new 500 GB hard drive. Do I need to make any changes to the Bios?

Answer:Install new 500GB HDD on X60

yes it will work. 

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For over two weeks the HD of my PC has used 40gb of space. Considering that I have not done any downloads other than updates for Windows O.S. and Adobe Apps. I don't know what is using it. Can anyone help ?

Answer:Windows 7 Desktop PC 500GB Hard drive space being used.

It may be backups taking up the space. Run WinDirStat to see what's taking up the space.

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I received the above hard drive today from and immediately started formatting the drive but rather than doing a "quick format" i proceeded with the standard format but i started at 15.00 today and it was still formatting at 20.00 tonight, i also noticed a burning smell coming from the power cable or USB cable from the rear of the external drive.I cancelled the formatting as it was taking too long and proceeded with a "quick format" due to the burning smell and the drive formatted straight away.Is it normal for a ext hard drive to take so long to do a standard format? Is the burning smell normal as it was running for several hrs?Should i return the ext hard drive to for a replacement? as the returns policy states that i need to pay for P&P and if they dont find any faults they will return item to me and i will be liable for the costs of P&P again.

Answer:Seagate Expansion 500GB External USB Desktop Hard

Very often a new external hard drive comes already formatted, but if not, then only a quick format should be used.

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I picked up a 500GB USB drive today (Simpletech) to try and replace my old 320GB internal. And I get the blue screen every time it restarts for the XP Pro install on the usb drive. This is the error info I get too each time:

0x0000007B 0xF79F6528 0xC0000034 0x00000000 0x00000000

My specs as well if needed:

3.06ghz/533mhz fsb/1MB L2 Cache P4 (No HT)
1GB DDR2 533mhz memory
20x DVD Burner (Samsung)
320GB WD Hard drive
256MB GDDR3 ATI Raideon X700 Pro PCI Express x16
Windows XP Pro SP2
ASUS P5ND2 SLI Motherboard AI Proactive

I've googled around all day too and not really found anything at all about this too. And if I can't do XP can I use my Vista DVD?

Answer:Can I Install XP Pro to a 500GB USB Drive?

Normally, no you can't, but it's apparently possible in theory.
In reality, it would be much more simple to get an replacement internal HD.

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Hi, I just bought a new Caviar Blue 500gb AAKS-SY (from Tiger Direct). I also bought a Masscool CV-100 SATA to IDE board as I have an older IDE motherboard. They said it should just hook up with no problems.....:smileyhappy:

My BIOS is recognizing the Caviar as being there as Primary Drive. I have the computer booting from CD so I can install XP Pro onto this drive. But the XP Install says there is no hard drive detected.

Also I have the Lifeguard Tools download and it says there is no hard drive detected.

I know I am probably missing a most elemental detail, but can you please give me the proper steps to get this running? I have a smaller Maxtor 4.3 gb drive (using it as emergency due to a larger drive crashing.) But on the mboard I have the IDE slot for system board (connected to DVD/CD drive) and the slot with the Masscool adapter (connected to the new drive) So I don't think I can boot into the 4.3 and still have the 500 hooked up.

I can provide pics of the BIOS pages as I have them set up, as well as pics of how it all is connected to mboard.

No one at the WD forum has replied and I'm getting frustrated (just a little anyway)

Computer: Gateway 700 SL Series

Motherboard: Intel Garibaldi D850GB

OS: XP Pro SP2


Answer:New WD 500gb/ Install Issue

Greetings, kc7brown.

XP does not carry native support for SATA, so it's possible that even though the drive is recognized by BIOS, the XP install won't see it.

Does the machine have a floppy drive? If so, there should be a way to load the SATA drivers during the XP install (it's been a while, but I think it was <F6>).

If not, what you're probably going to have to do is slipstream a copy of your XP disk with the SATA drivers that should be supplied with the drive, using a program called nLite. The program is provided for download here at MG, but I pointed you to the nLite site because there are various guides for slipstreaming there.

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Hi all!

Doing my homework and making a list of all parts for my new rig,

so far...

Intel C2D E6600
Asus P5B-E
Still deciding on memory
ATI 1950Pro 256MB

I already have one Seagate 500GB,
my question is
would it be better to have one WD 74GB Raptor and one Seagate 500GB
Two 500GB Seagates ?
in any case I wanna setup my new system in Raid-0
Mostly it will be used for data transfer and occasional gaming, the faster the better,

any help is appreciated!

Answer:One 74GB Raptor & Seagate 500GB or Two 500GB in Raid-0 ?

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Hi Techies....

I have only 20 GB Internal HDD in my CPU. So I thought of incresing the storage by adding a new HDD(external) -500GB/1TB

Although I can use it normally as a plug & play USB ,
but as the external HDD would contain important data (which should never get virus infected), I plan to install all antivirus s/w in the portable HDD after installing the OS.

Therefore, I plan to use it as a Bootable HDD as well.

Advantage would be that even if I connect it to someone else's computer, it would boot from my OS (after making changes in BIOS) in the external HDD and before copying the data from any computer , I'll be able to scan it (remove any virus infections if any...)


How to install WinXp SP3 OS in the external HDD & also create partitions in it...allowing me to to use it on any computer , with my antivirus running on it.

My computers' current specifications are:
OS : Winx Xp SP3
internal HDD : 20GB
Ram : 1GB
Processor: 2.6 Ghz ----P4 ---

Answer:how to install Win Xp Professional onto 500GB/1TB External HDD

XP will not install on an external drive . . and even if it would, when you tried to boot from another pc, it would blue screen because the right drivers are not installed.

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I've just put a new clean install of XP Home on my computer (160GB IDE) to replace an unlicensed XP Pro that I had (and was working fine). XP has fully updated itself during the day.

Most of my media is on a 500Gb sata disk on the same machine.

The BIOS sees the disk
Device manager sees the SATA interface and identifies the disk
Disk administrator lists something like Disk 2 / Dynamic / Foreign

I've got my original driver disk and been to Gigabyte to download drivers. (Note Nvidia asks me to accept its Terms of use then says Javascript error when I click OK grrrr)

Next thing I think is to boot with a linux rescue disk and make sure the sata drive is working OK

Any known issues?

Gigabyte k8ns (NVidia nforce 3 chipset)
Maxtor Sata drive

Answer:New XP Home install - wont see 500Gb sata

XP doesn't have SATA drivers as standard; you need to install the drivers for your SATA drive. Get these from Maxtor, or use a generic SATA driver from



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I plugged my new FreeAgent Drive into a USB port (on a set of extra USB ports). I got the installation wizard and proceeded. In the middle of installing, a box came up to say (can't go back to quote exactly) "incompatability with Windows 7 drivers". It said that if I continued blah blah blah bad stuff.
I canceled the installation and searched the net to download the driver(s) needed. I can find NOTHING that will give me the right info to get this working. I did run across advice to use a high speed port, so I disconnected the drive from the extra USB port set and plugged it directly into my computer port. Still no go.
Also, when I first plugged the new drive in (to the extra port set), it made the normal little 2-tone "ding ding", like when installing cameras and such. When I unplugged it, same 2-tone "ding, ding" thing. However, no matter what I do to try and fix the problem since, when I plug it in I get: "ding, ding, ding", in same tone (with slight buzz), and in a staccato-like rhythm?
I'm not computer literate beyond word processing and searching/browzing! I've been pretty successful with searching out help and solving problems online, so I know a FEW things. But not enough to go beyond updating, upgrading, downloading . . .


Answer:can't install Seagate FreeAgent 500gb Ext Drive

PS: yes I have gone to the site to ask for help. All I've found on there that's helpful at all is just a thing saying well over half the returns they get on this drive have nothing wrong with them . . . I assume this simply means, "stop returning them!"

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Hi. I'm about to install Win7 Ult 64bit to my WD 500gb when suddenly during the installation process, specifically after copying windows files (which took around 3-4 minutes to finish) and during expanding windows files, the installation seems to be on a halt. I'm pretty sure my DVD drive was still reading the installer as i could see the light on it blinks but the hdd light was just steady. Please help.

Answer:Can't install OS Win7 Ult 64bit on WD 500gb, hdd seems not responsive

Try cleaning the Hard Drive first:
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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I've downloaded the ISO for service pack 3 but XP will not install correctly on my PC because the hard drive is too big.  How can I install it on my PC with 500GB hard drive?
Please respond only with step by step instructions.

Answer:how to install Windows XP on a PC with 500GB hard drive?

What error did you get?

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I've downloaded the ISO for service pack 3 but XP will not install correctly on my PC because the hard drive is too big.  How can I install it on my PC with 500GB hard drive?
Please respond only with step by step instructions.

Answer:how to install Windows XP on a PC with 500GB hard drive?

What error did you get?

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the objective:
boot win7 home premium, 32bit from a ssd 64gb hdd.
the present situation:
os and data on one partition [system primary] on c: [500gb].
e: and f: more than one tb each with data.
in other words i have to in some way make the ssd active and primary [i have good partition software] and get the os on it - the ssd is too small to clone all of c:
the os must preferably come from c: in order avoiding the very lenghty process of reinstalling all programs
i posses legit win system software on usb.
i know i was stupid to buy such a small ssd but was brought under the impression that cloning the os from c: was as easy as pie [glib sales talk]
the ssd is a transcend 2.5" 64gb mod ts64gssd370s
any help will be appreciated
yours in Christ

Answer:install 64gb ssd as boot, present OS on 500gb

You really need to clear everything you can from C: down to just the Windows installation, you could then image the C: drive with Macriuam Reflect and restore the image to the new SSD. As it stands there's no way of doing what you want.

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Hi, I just bought a new Qosmio X505-Q880, it is real great, but it has one problem.

It comes with "64GB SSD & 500GB HDD" but after first use, Windows was directly installed on the "64GB SSD" which is realy a low space as a primary disk "C" where all programs should be installed.

I tried to recover it, 1st time using "go-out-of state", it was installed the same, plus my second drive is not recognized.
I tried to confirure it in the disk manager.
2nd time, just trying to change partition space, but same, couldnt make it more than 58GB (minimum 40GB and maximum 58GB) however the space shown for drive "C" was 465 GB

Any idea, how to install Windows, drivers, onn the "500GB HDD" and not on the "64GB SSD", it is realy low space disk for installing all programs.

Because after installing 3 of my programs I used to use, the "64GB SSD" run to low space disk, (note that i tried to installed my program to the other drive "volume E" so it wouldnt take space on "local drive C"

So the question is:
How I can increase the partition of drive "C" and set the "500GB HDD" the primary disk not the "64GB SSD"?

any one can help with this?

Answer:Qosmio X505 - How to install Windows on 500GB HDD?

What you could try is disconnecting the SSD so Windows is forced to load on the 500GB drive. Then once windows is installed, put the SSD back in.

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I was curious if some one might be able to help me please...I have a vaio vpcf121gx. A 500Gb hdd Western Digital hard drive and I picked up a Crucial MX200 ssd 500gb. I took the hdd out and put the ssd in. Tried to do a clean install with win7 pro 64 bit recovery disks. After loading all the disks right after it loads the registry it kept telling me that win 7 can not finish the installation due to new hardware being un compatible. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

Answer:I want to swap 500Gb hdd with a 500Gb sdd. Hardware not compatible???

How about just "cloning" you existing spinner hard drive to the SSD? Using "recovery media" isn't really a from-scratch install of Windows, even if it worked. It's a way to restore the exact factory image as your machine was initially delivered, with whatever came pre-installed from Sony. I don't know why it couldn't be used although it's obvious your new SSD is not the factory spinner.

But it's very easy to "clone" from HD to SSD, using a number of free products to do that... e.g. Macrium Reflect Free ("clone"), Partition Wizard 9 ("migrate OS to SSD/HD"), etc.

You would need to be able to see BOTH drives at the same time, so you should remove the SSD and reinstall the spinner back into the machine so that you can boot to it again and install the cloning product you wish to use.

Then you can connect the SSD temporarily as an external drive through an inexpensive USB 3.0 adapter like this one from Kingwin.

Then use the desired software product to "clone/migrate" from spinner to SSD. The advantage of this is that you'd immediately have your existing fully customized environment already living on the new SSD, and you wouldn't have to reinstall 3rd-party products or re-customize Windows. The SSD environment would immediately be ready-to-go.

Once the cloning if finished, now you can remove the spinner and install the SSD. I'd say you're almost done. Once you're up and running on the SSD, don't forget to adj... Read more

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Log Name: Application
Source: ESENT
Date: 1/12/2013 5:09:36 AM
Event ID: 508
Task Category: Performance
Level: Warning
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Windows (3140) Windows: A request to write to the file "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\MSS.chk" at offset 0 (0x0000000000000000) for 4096 (0x00001000) bytes succeeded, but took an abnormally long time (61 seconds) to be serviced by the OS. This problem is likely due to faulty hardware. Please contact your hardware vendor for further assistance diagnosing the problem.
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
<Provider Name="ESENT" />
<EventID Qualifiers="0">508</EventID>
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2013-01-12T04:09:36.000000000Z" />
<Security />
<Data>Windows: </Data>
<Data>0 (0x0000000000000000)</Data>
<Data>4096 (0x00001000)</Data>
</Even... Read more

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I just built a new PC and I am unable to install windows on the computer. I have tried installing Windows XP and Windows 7 but none of them work. When I tried to install Windows XP, I got the error unable to read hard drive. When I tried to install Windows 7, it gets to the point where it loads all the files and brings up the screen Starting windows but after that the screen just goes blank and the monitor cannot find a video source even though the computer is still on.

I tried plugging in another hard drive which already had windows xp installed on it. The computer booted fine but it could not find the 500GB WD hard drive.

I looked in the BIOS and it seems that the MB recognizes that there is a hard drive but it is having a hard drive reading it. If i go into the onboard device config it doesnt show the SATA controller.

I am wondering if there is a solution to this, any way I can install the drivers or is it just a faulty hard drive. My system specs are given below.

MB: Asus P7H55-M PRO
Chip: Intel i5 650 3.2 GHz
RAM: 4GB DDR3 (2x2GB) Kingston
HD: WD Caviar Blue SATA, 500 GB

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Cannot install Windows on WD 500GB SATA hard drive!

You can try to change the SATA controller mode (in the BIOS) to IDE mode. Windows XP setup should continue without a problem. You could keep the mode set to SATA or AHCI but you then need to install the appropriate SATA/RAID drivers at the F6 prompt at the beginning of Windows Setup. However, you will need a floppy drive for that. If you don't have a floppy drive, you can try making a slipstream CD which is a Windows CD with the SATA/RAID drivers included. Google, Bing or whatever to find several guides on how to create a slipstream CD.

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I have a new unformatted 500GB SATA Drive. How do I format it for Windows 7? Which format do I use and where do I find it? On Microsoft website maybe? I also have a new Windows 7 Ultimate install disk.It cannot find the SATA disk ince it is not formatted. I cannot find fdisk or format on the WIN 7 disk.

Answer:How do I format new 500GB SATA drive for a new Win7 Install?

You use the W7 CD, the bios must be set to boot from the CD first.

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   I'm trying to install a Seagate Momemtus 500GB hard drive into an Alienware Clevo D9k D900K Aurora Laptop m7700Pheonix bios 1.00.05adKB bios 1.00.3VIA RAID controller VT8237 ver 4.93have an alienware bios update: up on the tree, there's a raid controller update as wellI've heard that the raid update is in the bios update, and getting either one to update should work?I'm trying to get a thumb drive to boot the bios file unsuccessfully

Answer:I'm trying to install a Seagate Momemtus 500GB hard drive into an Alienware Cle

The seagate drive is faulty?What drive was in there b4 u tried adding the seagate ?

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A friend of mine asked me to help him fix his HP laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium on it

I was told before i received it that the hard drive was replaced and they could not get the reinstall of vista to complete

I was able to install vista via the HP recovery cd that came with the computer, I did it twice actually

However, when I go into my computer, the hard drive only reads as a total of 24gb - I downloaded a program by paragon which helps back up systems, just for the benefit that it would show me how the hard drive is partitioned, not to use the actual software

It showed me there was a 24gb section of the disk, and there was another partition at 441gb +/-

I cant save anything to the computer because its showing the HD as full, since it only thinks there is 24gb

Does any of this make sense and how do i fix this? I do not need the hard drive partitioned, but how do i make it so its the total size of the HD?

Answer:500gb hard drive only shows 24gb total after vista Recovery install

hellosee if this helps. luck

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ive never had this issue before and installed a few SSD drives before including an 840 and 2x 840 EVO's (RAID) - when i get to setup it says it "was unable to create a new system partition"

anyone know why this is>?

its replacing an OCZ 60Gb which never had this issue?
its going in core=i5 p67 system

there is a HDD on SATA3_0 and EVO SSD on SATA3_1 and DVD on SATA2_0 and USB mouse, keyboard & printer



Answer:Solved: Win7 install on Samsung EVO 250Gb will not install on the drive?

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The main hard drive on my Twist died after only a little more than a year, just a few months after the warranty expired (of course).  i have installed a new drive, but is there any way to recover/re-install windows 8.1 without buying the recovery disks from Lenovo for $45?   is it possible there is a back up on the 24GB SSD?  

Answer:Thinkpad Twist S230U Hard Drive (500GB) completely Dead - How do i recover/Re-install windows 8?

Download [legally] an ISO of Windows 8.1. It should automatically detect the product key embedded in your BIOS to activate itself.Use ThinkVantage System Update to download and install all the drivers you need.

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Hi im using win vista ultimate 32b, maxtor sata ii 500GB, but it only shows 465GB, where is other 35GB? what do i need to do to get the max out of it?

Answer:How to get 500GB on a Maxtor 500GB HDD?

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how do I sync this tablet, my android and desktop through wifi?

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Hello everyone. So recently during the holidays, I decided I would buy myself a computer to help me with the business I'm starting. Because I'm pretty occupied during the day, it is best that I do my work at night. This evening I decided to start on a project when I realized that the screen was waaaaay too bright. When I typed in the search box. brightness, the adjust screen brightness tab read Unavailable. I soon came across statements that claim a version of Windows 8 does not allow for desktops to adjust screen brightness, only tablets and notebooks. Not letting that stop me, I looked about to see if there was anything I could do to fix this issue. I use the " Go to Device manger and change the Display Adapters, which is now Microsoft Basic Display Adapter", that didn't fix anything. I even downloaded three different screen brightness programs; Flux, Adjust Laptop Brightness 2.0 and Dark Adapted. All three did NOTHING!Is there anyone out there that can provide a solution for me please? Because the screen is so bright, I can't get any work done at night because I start experiencing migraines within minutes and have to get off. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Answer:Adjust Brightness on my Samsung ATIV One AIO Desktop

I wonder if this from Chapter 3 might have possibilities:========================================You can switch the picture mode to your preferred viewingpleasure, such as optimizing the display for movies or electronicbooks.On the desktop, right-click an empty area and click All apps >Settings > Display > Picture Tones.?? Standard: Standard picture mode.?? Movie: Switch to this mode when the ambient lighting is darkor when watching movies.?? Low-contrast scene: This will make a darker scene brighter fordistinction.?? Sharp: This will make the picture clear and sharp.?? Read: Suitable for reading electronic books.?? No effect: This is the default picture mode.========================================I know it sounds odd but maybe "Movie mode" might help.I also notice that early on in the manual it shows the operator at a fair angle above the screen. This is also likely to have a dimming effect.All seems a tad odd when all it needs is a simple brightness control but perhaps "that's progress". Humans are not digital LOL. Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek

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Hi,   I have a 2012 M72 Tower with an i5 CPU and recently bought this Samsung SSD ( and this adapter  ( I plugged the board into the video slot as this is a x16 slot and this should work.  The issue is the device does not appear in Bios. I flashed the Bios to the latest version and still the issue persists.   Does anyone know how can this be fixed? Thanks!

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Got a Samsung sata dvd burner for friend to install in his fairly new Dell desktop.He said there was a sata port on motherboard and he hooked it up but it is not being recognized by his xp computer.Wonder if other sata port needs enabled in bios or if need drivers.Was an oem burner.Any idea's?

Answer:Samsung sata drive and Dell desktop

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Windows 8.1 was on the desktop when I first bought this used computer I  did not know how to use then they put an UNVALIDATED VERSION OF MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7 ON IT IS CAUSING PROBLEMING WITH MY SOFTWARE. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

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Hi Guys,

My system : Core i3, Asus P8H77 motherboard, Win 7 64 Bit, 16 Gb Ram, OS on Samsung EVO SSD via 6Gbps port.

Fresh OS install. Just a few essential software installed. Hardly using 20% of the SSD. Still my desktop blinks for 1-2 full seconds when i hit refresh by right clicking or by F5. Seems sluggish and leads me to believe thats a sign maybe my entire system is running slow or maybe only the desktop icons are acting up.

Either way is there something i could do for this ?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Core i3, Win 7 64 Bit, 16 Gb Ram, Samsung EVO SSD, Yet desktop refresh is slow

Are you sure you have the correct display drivers installed? If yes, uninstall your antivirus package completely and reboot. Is the computer still slow?

One of the safest ways to bog down your computer is installing an antivirus. Kaspersky, Panda etc. can have really horrible effects on performance especially if you have had Microsoft security essentials also running or some software package has slipped in McAfee antivirus. Norton is down right malware and you need a special uninstallation tool from Norton website to completely remove it. If you installed the Avira package and didn't disable the 'performance boost' tool in it, it may completely bog down your computer also by eating up a full core or two.

When two antiviruses start battling for resources you can kiss your desktop performance goodbye.

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My new Lenovo H30 windows 8.1 desktop no longer detects my Samsung TV as a display option via. It did display on the tv until about a week ago but no longer does and I'm confused. I have re-installed the display drivers (AMD R5)but it still doesn't appear. My PC recognises that the tv is connected as it lists it as a Play/multimedia device but I can't get it to display on the tv.
Any suggestions?
I also know the issues is not with the TV as I have plugged my old desktop into it and it shows as a display on my tv.

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Hi All ! Can anyone help please?? My Samsung All in One desktop model DP900A7A 's display has stopped working. I am based in India and I cannot find an engineer who can repair it. The samsung engineer visited and what he said was shocking that he had never seen such a model in life before...imagine he was from Samsung service centre!! If Samsung itself cannot repair it in India, how can I expect anyone else to repair it. I checked from many IT technicians but none of them was sure if they could repair it successfully. I had brouhgt it in Australia but later moved to India and brought this desktop with me. I do not know what to do now, I cannot take it back to Australia for repair !! Any suggestions how could I resolve this issue??? Please help / advise anyone ...

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I have a Dell desktop with modem and a samsung galaxy tablet that I use my calendar and email and would like to sync it with my Dell desktop.

I was dealing with Dells technical support and used a cable to connect my Samsung tablet to the Dell desktop and kept getting the message that Dell desktop identifying Samsung tablet. Unfortunately getting tech support from Samsung is not easy. don't think I will upgrade to a Samsung again but my tablet is new and I would love to solve this issue. I'm hoping I can get some help.

Answer:Sync samsung galaxy tablet with dell desktop

Tablets don't sync with computers. You have to use cloud services to sync data with them.

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Anyone know how the heck my power plan changed from High Performance to Samsung High Performance? I am running a 840 Pro Samsung SSD and Win 8.1. I had it to high performance since building it and now it's changed.

Any difference in performance between the two plans?

Answer:Samsung high perf power plan in Win 8.1 desktop???

Samsung Magician does that. The fix is simple: stop it from running on system startup. Samsung Magician does not need to be running all the time.

What it's doing is keeping the SSD from sleeping because Samsung feels that users have problems with waking up sleeping SSDs:

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Hello Friends: I have a HP ENVY Phoenix Desktop - 850-070st CTO which has been running a Samsung 850 Pro from boot just fine.  I read my computer has the Viking motherboard which has a M.2 slot for installing a Samsung 960 Pro M.2 drive.  I installed the drive just fine and installed Windows 10 x64 on the M.2 just fine.  When the computer boots I get no boot drive detected.  I also unplugged all drives on this computer when I installed Windows.  I have the lastest BIOS installed and the legacy boot sources disabled as well.  I have read other success stories in booting from M.2.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks for any help. 

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I have a dead R540 laptop with windows 7 factory installed.
My desktop pc has XP and I would like to upgrade the OS to the win7 from the laptop.
Since the laptop is completely dead (bad HDD and broken screen), I see no issue moving the OS to my desktop.

Only thing is I have heard some samsung laptops use a win7 version that cannot be transferred.
I paid good money for the laptop and still have the receipt, not like I found it in the trash and trying to re-use somebody else's OS.
Any idea where I could get more info on this?

Answer:transfer OS to desktop pc from dead samsung R540 laptop

If Windows 7 was factory installed on the laptop it cannot be legally moved to any other computer, even if the original is no longer in service. It is valid only on the original computer. Only an OS installed with a full retail version of Windows can be transferred.

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I Had a Samsung Galaxy S5 - no problems at all seeing, rearranging, removing pics or copying them to my desktop,  I have a Alienware by Dell, its pretty fast because its a gaming computer. I use Windows 7 Ultimate, 16 gb.
I now own a Samsung Note 5 - I have only had it for 1 months.  When I plug into a USB port, change to File transfer OR picture transfer.  I then go to computer and see the Samsung, I double click and it shows folders, I double click or DCIM OR Pictures and it opens up then I see lots of squares with a red thing but I can not view the pictures.
I called verizon and after 1 1/2 hours with a level tech they told me to contact Samsung.  I did that and another hour later The Samsung tech told me to call or write to Microsoft.
I have checked for Windows updated, none offered
I have checked Samsung update, I even tried to download the newest USB driver for samsung.
See the Samsung icon and double click it then see a phone folder and click on that and get a blank page with a green line up top letting me know it is thinking and a hour glass by my mouse.
I believe it was opening  up with Microsoft Office 2010 when it did get that far.
I have rebooted my computer - probably 5 times.  I went into settings and put my phone back to reset and forced stop on some programs (per Samsung).
I also ran CCleaner on my computer.
Nothing works.
Anyone know how I can view and save pics on my PC?
Th... Read more

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Hi Guys,

Just bought a new Samsung 840 evo 250gb SSD. Burned off a new copy of 8.1 from the MS VLSC site and thought I would install it. No such luck.

My current equipment:
Z77X-UD3H gigabyte board
i5 2400
120gb mushkin SSD
12gb ram
Plus other HDDs etc

Now I installed win 8 a while back on this mushkin SSD without issue and upgraded to 8.1

The error I get is that when I boot from the DVD with 8.1 on and go to install.

I have:
Checked SATA settings in BIOS
Formatted the new SSD every which way
Put all motherboard drivers, (extracted and zipped) onto a few externals to pickup during install
Tried to find samsung ssd drivers.
re-burned the 8.1 disk and even tried a win8

All with no luck. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:8.1 won't install Samsung SSD

Oh my specs in the proper format:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 12248 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 113943 MB, Free - 18786 MB; E: Total - 953859 MB, Free - 158790 MB; T: Total - 237944 MB, Free - 237523 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., Z77X-UD3H
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

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how to install a Samsung evo 950 pro m.2 ssd on a gigabyte gaming g5 motherboard?
I have installed it into the m.2 slot, but the computer is not recognising that it is there and I have no idea how to fix it as there are no options in the bios to help configure it.

Answer:how to install a samsung evo 950 pro m.2 ssd?

I've never used an m.2 slot board, but for normal SATA ports, the BIOS has (should) be set to AHCI mode for SSD's to work properly.

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Can anyone advise me as to how to install Win 7 Pro 64 Bit onto a Samsung 950 Pro M2 NVMe PCIe SSD.
The Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Z170XP-SLI Ver 1.0 with an Intel 6700K CPU, 16GB DDR4. I Have updated the BIOS to V. F5.
The SSD is seen in the bootorder, but not in Windows installer.
Any ideas?

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Hello,HP Pavilion p6210f Desktop PC & Samsung 2253bw.. screen went blank, can't see anything on bootup, so tried the monitor on another PC, and can see it, but it's analog. Reconnected, can't see screen still, and source for digital goes black all blank. Not sure how to fix this one.. any help, e-mail us at [email protected] .. thanks!Best,DrWeb 

Answer:HP Pavilion p6210f Desktop PC & Samsung 2253bw - screen blan...

Dr. Web, Did you try doing a monitor self test?  If your PC doesn't have a discrete video card then the problem might be the on board (motherboard) video chip is faulty. If you don't have a discrete video card then the EVGA NVIDIA 240 GT 1 GB DDR5 should work with the 300 watt power supply in your PC.

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Hello,HP Pavilion p6210f Desktop PC & Samsung 2253bw - screen blank, digital..We can't see screen on the monitor now, so can't login or fix drivers or whatever.. don't know how to fix.Put monitor on another (analog cable only) PC, and can see analog there. Returned to the HP PC, and same, shows a blue analog screen, but digital source is black and blank.How to fix help please.. e-mail at [email protected],DrWeb

Answer:HP Pavilion p6210f Desktop PC & Samsung 2253bw - screen blan...

@mech-eng, Thanks for your response and time.


I appreciate your efforts for trying out the steps


Thanks for sharing the snapshot, It looks upper and lower filter is not listed.


So you can skip this step. And perform the rest of the steps.


If the issue still persists after trying the rest of the steps it is a hardware issue with the DVD drive.


Please contact HP support for service options.


Link to contact HP.



Have a beautiful day ahead!






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Hi. I tried all the different ways to install samsung usb driver but I couldn't.
i installed samsung kies but didn't recognize the phone as well. i removed it and tried to download the update from windows and I got this message

Now my Galaxy SII won't be recognized in windows 8

What should i do?

Answer:Samsung USB driver won't install!


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I am trying to isntall the New Samsung PC Studio for my Samsing phone to connect to my PCI keep getting this error messageso....the message is blank! How can i find out what this error says, or perhaps as to why i cannot isntall Samsung PC Studio?I am running Windows 7 Home Premium, my system is a Dell Insprion 530s

Answer:Cannot Install Samsung PC Studio

Have you seen this comment at ?

"SeptimusFry said: Unfortunately, someone has been a bit sloppy here, as this is NOT compatible with W7/64. Source of this info: Samsung, after much hacking about."

Best data that I can come up with, .


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when I try to install an app on my Samsung laptop my device field carrier Samsung sch-1545 and Verizon wireless sch-1545...the wireless is my cell and the app has installed on my cell. I can install on no carrier sch 1545 and it tells me it is installed but it is not on my laptop. where did it install? I don't know how to find my laptop device name and how to get it to show on the screen when I am installing apps. thank you

Answer:cannot install app on my samsung laptop

Don't understand what you're saying, The sch-1545 is a Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone using Verizon as the carrier. It runs the Android OS and Android apps can NOT be installed on a laptop running MS Windows 8.

To find apps installed in Win8, you look through the list of Apps by name and then click the tile for the app that you just installed.

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I was using my old Samsung printer with a computer that had Windows XP. The original disk was designed for Windows 2000 but I managed to download a driver file from the internet. It is called the Smartjet SF-4300C/4500(C) It is both a printer and fax but I only want to use the printer.
When I switched to a replacement computer I assumed it would work as the new operating system is also Windows XP and it is a 32-bit computer.
I copied the printer-driver files onto a USB stick and tried to install but it wouldn't work. Computer Printer Wizard didn't like or recognize it. Wizard also could not find compatible driver on the internet.
With help, I found the compatible driver still on the internet and downloaded it, But every time you tell the computer to iustall it , it reports "driver was not installed".
Funnily enough, when I look in the computer's logbook under System Restore, it says the software has been installed about six times now. But it won't bloody work.
I have tried looking on the Samsung website and they have withdrawn support for all but their laser printers now.
Was I wrong to connect the printer before installing the software? or trying to anyway?
I like the printer as it is sturdy and does not fall apart when subjected to heavy work-loads or stupid users.

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This is just what is says. A fresh win 10 install on a new SSD. Do not explain to me about cloning.

To date I've upgraded the BIOS (UEFI) on a ASUS P67 Performance Gen3 motherboard. I've changed the SATA Mode to AHCI. I can see the drive in the BIOS.

The Windows installer the page where it lists the drive partitions. I only see one drive partio

Drive 0 Partition 1 239.9GB 232.8 GB Primary

I get the error
Windows can't be installed on drive 0 particion 1. (Show Detailes)

The New button is greyed out and when I select next I get

We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files.


Answer:New WIN 10 Install on new SAMSUNG EVO 250GB SSD

Hello hiltonr92 and welcome to the forums. See if this will help Windows 10 - Clean Install

Are you installed in UEFI Mode? If so, when you boot from the USB drive use the entry that says UEFI and the name of your USB. If not in UEFI, boot from the name of your USB without UEFI in front of it. Delete all partitions on the drive until it says unallocated and then click the 'NEW" button. The installer will create all the necessary partitions. I hope that helps.

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sir i have samsung sghl-700 mobile but software not instoll on my window 7 please tell me solution. or send me software on my mail id that is [email protected]

Answer:Cant install Samsung PC Studio 3.1 for Win 7

An error message would seriously help. Hope you have downloaded the right version.Give the Samsung website a peek.http://cs4u.110mb.comD E S T R U C T OKeep The Passion Alive!

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Hi, I have a ssd samsung 830 128gb bought from Amazon, just the drive without any kit along with it. I believe this ssd is 7mm thick, which is perhaps thinner than traditional hard drive for T400. What should I do to install this ssd fit perfectly in the slot, I'm totally new to this kind of thing. If anything I need to buy in order to install this ssd in, please give me a link, truthly appreciated

Answer:install samsung 830 in T400, what should I do

Is it safe to say that you're not replacing your HDD only adding a second one? If so, you'd need to use this: ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter III
It will take up the slot your optical drive currently occupies.
I hope that helps!

__________________________________________________Was this or another post on the forum helpful? Click the star on the left side of the screen to give kudos! Did someone solve a problem you encountered? Mark it as "solution provided" to help others with the same problem.

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This is just what is says. A fresh win 10 install on a new SSD. Do not explain to me about cloning.

To date I've upgraded the BIOS (UEFI) on a ASUS P67 Performance Gen3 motherboard. I've changed the SATA Mode to AHCI. I can see the drive in the BIOS.

The Windows installer the page where it lists the drive partitions. I only see one drive partio

Drive 0 Partition 1 239.9GB 232.8 GB Primary

I get the error
Windows can't be installed on drive 0 particion 1. (Show Detailes)

The New button is greyed out and when I select next I get

We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files.


Answer:New WIN 10 Install on new SAMSUNG EVO 250GB SSD

Hello hiltonr92 and welcome to the forums. See if this will help

Are you installed in UEFI Mode? If so, when you boot from the USB drive use the entry that says UEFI and the name of your USB. If not in UEFI, boot from the name of your USB without UEFI in front of it. Delete all partitions on the drive until it says unallocated and then click the 'NEW" button. The installer will create all the necessary partitions. I hope that helps.

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Hi Everyone. I purchased a Thinkpad P-50 with a i7-6700HQ, 16G RAM, 4K screen, NVIDIA QUADRO M1000M, WIN 10 Home, and a 500GB HDD. I want to install a Samsung 950 PRO SSD M.2 NVME with 512 GB to be the system/windows boot and keep the HDD for data. I allready purchased the 950 PRO and the M.2 tray to do this. This is what I know so far: 1) I have to install the 950 PRO with the tray inside the P-50, 2) I have to install the Samsung controller driver, 3) I have (or can) to clone the HDD content onto the 950 PRO using the Macrium Reflect Free software, 4) Set the BIOS to boot from 950 PRO, and that's it....I know that can always make a clean install of the Windows 10 if something gets wrong. I would like to know if you guys think that this is a right procedure?  Can I just clone the entire HDD to the 950 PRO?  Am I forgetting something? Thank you very much! 

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My Samsung Ativ S cant install Wp8.1 GDR ! Anyone have solution ?

Answer:Why can't my Samsung ATIVS S install WP8.1 GDR 1?

Originally Posted by Thomas Ozawa My Samsung Ativ S cant install Wp8.1 GDR ! Anyone have solution ? I have Samsung Ativ S and I got GDR1. I had a tiny problema when the phone reseted to begin the update because it got stuck on the Samsung logo. But I pressed the power button to reset the phone again and it started the update. And for now it's working fine with the new features and the same bugs as before (since we don't have the firmware yet)

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I have just tried to install the Samsung software that came with my new phone but I get an error code and it will not continue.The code I get is; 6001Does anyone know how to solve this?

Answer:Can't install samsung software

This InstallShield error indicates a corrupt verison of InstallShield is installed on your computer. From click hereSame error but related to different software.

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Hi everyone,
I am brand new on the forum and I have signed up specifically because I am having some problems with the Samsung SSD drive in my Dell Inspiron 3847 desktop,
At the moment I have it connected to sata port 0, exactly where the original HDD was plugged in. Although I am able to boot straight to Windows on the SSD with this configuration, I am unable to choose it as my primary boot drive because it is not showing in the boot menu, in a nutshell it is not listed in the bootable devices when I enter BIOS,
I spent around half an hour talking to a Dell technician on the telephone who walked me through some steps in the bios, but it still didn't show,
I contacted Dell support again today and spoke to a rather rude Guy in technical support who told me he could not help me with this, because the Inspiron 3847 has not been tested by Dell for SSD compatibility, he was most adamant that he could not help,
I am very frustrated by this whole affair because I have read articles, on this particular Forum in fact that suggests it is possible to install an SSD in this model,
Is there anybody within the community you can offer some support and tell me where I might be going wrong with this?, in its current configuration the SSD is working really great and fast, I'm just so confused as to why I can't use it as my primary drive?. I have formatted my original HDD and was planning to use this as extra storage,
If someone could help me with this I would be really grateful,
Man... Read more

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I have just purchased the new samsung 950 Pro 256gb NVMe SSD M2.
I can't install windows 7 onto it.
My System is Asrock Z97Extreme6, 32gb Ram i7 CPU.
The Firmware on the m/b has been upgraded to the latest version.
I have a Copy of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 which has all the latest Updates Slipstreamed into it.
I've Tried 2 methods of install, one from usb flash drive and one from DVD.
That copy until now has worked Flawlessly with my previous hardware setup, that was with the 850 ssd.
That version still works on any other PC.
During the Install of windows it sees the 950 Pro and the Installation continues until the first reboot.
At this point it Freezes ( where the four colored windows swirl around ).
It appears that nothing I do can fix that problem, not even system repair.
However I have One Version of Windows that will work, that is Windows 7 Pro OEM x64 on DVD, Original Microsoft .
Can anyone help.

Answer:Samsung 950PRO Can't install Windows 7

So if you have a dvd that will work, what`s the problem ?

If you want a dvd with Service Pack 1 then download it from here.

Microsoft DigitalRiver Mirror

Your dvd of Ultimate is more then likely counterfeit, there is no reason to slipstream updates into the installer.

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I'm having a hard time trying to install Win 7 Ent on a Samsung NP900X3A with an SSD. I tried the flash drive method, DVD's and also the factory recovery disc without any luck.

I can get it to boot and pass the Install window, but once it's there, I'm stuck at the part where it ask what disk and partition to install. I've used GregRocker's suggestions to prep the SSD but, still no luck. Any other help will be highly appreciated. TIA

Answer:Can't install Win7 Ent on Samsung NP900X3A with 128 SSD

Check to see if you have a UEFI BIOS as you'll need to take special steps to Install Win7 64 bit if so: UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with - Windows 7 Forums

If this doesn't apply then reset your BIOS to defaults. While in BIOS setup set the SATA controller to AHCI first to try install, then IDE if that fails.

Remove all but 2gb of RAM to try install.

Where did you get Win7? DId you burn the DVD yourself?

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How do I install the latest Samsung SSD firmware update (DXM04B0Q)? The Magician software is supposed to do it, but when I open up the download folder where the firmware update download is located, the Magician software doesn't see it. I've downloaded the firmware in many different locations, but still, the Magician software doesn't see it. Any Ideas? See snips to see firmare update download location and what Magician software sees. The firmware update (DXM04B0Q) is right below the Symantic folder.

Magician download and firmware update download: Support - Solid State Drives MZ-7PD512 | Samsung Memory & Storage

Answer:How do I install the latest Samsung SSD firmware?

Couple of things you can try.
- Move the DXM04B0Q folder to your desktop. Does the Samsung Magician see it?
- If still no joy, try letting the Magician download the firmware. Verify it downloaded the correct version.

I also found this tutorial.

Samsung SSD Firmware Upgrade Guide | - Storage Reviews

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When I mount the drive in a Kingston drive adapter , the Samsung Magician software does not recognize the drive although Disc check identifies fine? Tried several different USB connectors & a second computer . Is there a workaround to migrate my win 10 system to the SSD - without buying a new 2.0 USB cable Sata ?

Maybe a clean install would be better - Can I do this & somehow still identify WIn10 as good?

Help for an old bugger appreciated

Answer:Clean windows 10 install onto a new SSD (samsung 850 EVO 250 gb) or

Hi Davee3, welcome to tenforums I had a similar issue with a Samsung EVO 128G SSD. No matter what I tried the migration software/function would not work. I ended up taking the existing SSD (Crucial 64G) with W10 on it out of the computer, installed the new SSD, booted from install media (W10 iso on a USB or cd) chose repair, and then restored with a backup/image I had (from my internal backup HDD) to the new SSD.

This was a workaround for me to have all things remain, and not start over with a clean install. I've actually done this a couple times, once with Win7, and once with W10. Both times went without issues, except on Win7 I had to boot from install media and repair start to get it to boot from the new SSD.

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