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Lost pictures on Windows 7 from power outage

Question: Lost pictures on Windows 7 from power outage

Power outage due to storm. Came back on without pictures and documents. It's an HP desktop. Would a file recovery program work? I've tried some of the instructions online, but they don't work.

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Preferred Solution: Lost pictures on Windows 7 from power outage

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Lost pictures on Windows 7 from power outage

Oh mary; I feel your pain. Were the pics within one folder and now they're ALL missing?

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Hey, we had a huge storm two nights ago, and the power went out and everything. Today my friend calls me and says that she has lost all of her data, ever since the power outage

-her emails
-certain text files

is there any way she can get this back, and why would it happen?

Answer:Data lost after power outage!


Originally Posted by Gattomak

Hey, we had a huge storm two nights ago, and the power went out and everything. Today my friend calls me and says that she has lost all of her data, ever since the power outage

-her emails
-certain text files

is there any way she can get this back, and why would it happen?

Did she try to use system restore ?

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I recently suffered a power failure whilst my PC was in the process of shutting down. (it was at the point where it says on screen, 'Windows is saving your settings')
Afterwards, I was unable to reboot the computer. I had to boot from the Win XP CD. I used the recovery console to run a chkdsk /r which found and repaired some files. I also used ?fixboot? ? I don?t know why, I found something on the internet that said it might be a good idea.
(Incidentally, I don?t profess to understand any of these actions!)
Anyway, the PC then booted up OK. Except for the fact that I lost all of my e-mail settings and folders. All my contacts and existing e-mail messages have gone. The computer had me set up Outlook as though it had not been used previously. I have also lost every desktop folder that i had created and had held many important files. Some backed up, some not.
All the software that was previously installed appears to be OK.

I have not undertaken any reformatting procedures or reinstalled Win XP

I would be grateful if anybody could offer any advice that may assist in my retrieving any or all of the lost data.


Mark Adams

Answer:Lost Files after Power Outage - Help please!

Your email data will only be recoverable if you have created backups. Outlook allows you to export all of your folders and contact information, which you can then use to restore.

Anything saved to the desktop, can be found in: C:\Documents and Settings\"username"\Desktop ...although, if your desktop is now empty, this folder is also likely empty. In which case the only files still retrievable will only be those you have saved elsewhere.

After saying all of that, try running System Restore, and go back to a save point before the problem occurred.

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Hello everyone, I've had Windows 7 Evaluation copy (Build 7100, x64 edition) installed for a while now and it has worked great--I really like it! However, this morning I had a quick 5 second power outage, and when I booted my PC the desktop no longer worked! All of the icons I had on desktop are gone, the only thing that is there is my background picture. I cannot left-click/drag on desktop, but I can right-click on desktop like usual (and the normal shortcuts menu appears as normal). If I try to add anything to desktop, nothing shows up though (it's there if I browse to Desktop through Windows Explorer though). It's acting almost acting as if I had closed down explorer.exe (except the bottom task tray bar is still there and it works just fine).

Anybody have any ideas on how to get my desktop working again? I can create another user account and the desktop works great on there, but I had my account customized quite a bit so I'd hate to have to set everything in a new account.

Answer:Desktop Functionality Lost in Power Outage

Hi Nealinky, welcome to the forums.

You may need try a Repair Install and see if that helps restore your desktop.

Hope this helps

Added: Failing that a system restore might help


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After the power went out, Program Files and everything in it, as well as My Documents (though nothing in it) lost their long filenames. I was hoping someone knew of a utility to retrieve the names, as I have heard of some such thing, but hoped I would never need it. :-o I did rename Program Files, My Documents, Program Files\Common Files, and what I needed to get on the Internet.

Answer:lost long filenames after power outage

Also, Recycle Bin was affected.
It's a FAT32 partition, with win98.

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There was a power outage approx 10 minutes ago while I was working on a file at the time (an .RTF file). When the computer rebooted, the data in the file (which had already been saved) was completely gone. Is there any way to get that data back?

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Everything was fine, until the power went out. But now the computer does not 'see' my WAN MINIPort card. I can see it listed in hardware devices only if I tell it to show old / legacy items that are supposedly not there anymore, but *I* sure did not take it out. I am not sure if I should uninstall and try to reinstall entirely or what. No, I do not have another computer to download drivers, although the drivers are / should be still on the hard drive. I suppose it is possible that some power spike fried the card, even though the computer is plugged into a surge protector, but I sure am hoping it is just some setting(s) that got scrambled.
I get some error message 769 (pretty sure that is the number) when I tell Windows to connect this broadband connection in my 'View Network Connections' screen, that is basically telling me it can not see the network card.
The card is still in there, how can I get it to stop hiding from Windows (XP Media Edition - yes I know, bleh)?
The 1394 card shows up fine in the hardward device list still.
Please help! I am a World of Warcraft addict and really need to continue getting my 'fix'!

Answer:Solved: Power outage lost my network card?

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My Mom's Dell desktop computer with Windows 10 installed won't boot after a power outage. When turned on it goes to the Dell logo screen and says "Diagnosing your PC" then it goes to an "Automatic Repair" screen that says "restart" and "advanced options"  choosing "restart" just starts the whole diagnosing your computer process again. and nothing she tried in the "advanced options" menu worked either. No matter what we try we're back to square one. She doesn't have any discs or a USB for repair at this time. I don't think anything was backed up either, but at this point she just wants to be able to use her computer again so saving her files would be nice but it's not necessary if we have to reinstall the OS. I was just hoping I could get step by step instructions on what to do and how to help her?
I hope I gave enough information. Thanks for your time!

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I've seen people post similar issues but no real idea what the actual problem is that's causing it.
This happened about a month ago when the power went out and I couldn't find a way around it so I had to format and start all over again. The Power went out and now Windows won't boot again. When I try to boot it I get the blue screen message "Your PC needs to be repaired. The boot configuration data file is missing some required information: File:\Boot\BCD error code: 0xc0000034"
It then says I need to use my windows media to repair it. So I put in the USB and attempt the repair which it says it can't do. It also won't refresh or reset. Seems to again be leaving me with the only option of formatting. I can't keep doing this each time the power goes out. Is there a reason this will keep happening?
It never used to happen with a power outage before with the same Windows installed, only difference I can think of was that I am using a SSD now to run Windows and before that it didn't happen. Is it possible that now when I install Windows it isn't installing it properly and is instead installing it without whatever this bit of data is that is needed in case of unexpected shut downs? It's a legit copy of Windows that I got with the PC when I bought it so I would assume there shouldn't be any problems when you install it?

Answer:Windows won't boot after power outage

In addition to this.. I tried to format and now it won't even let me do that. I get an error stating "Windows could not update the computer's boot configuration, installation cannot proceed"

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My Windows 7;not activated and not genuine,build 7601,Home Edition got shocked at midnight because of power outage.The cause?My lamp fell down onto the laptop and the power went out,(and so it goes on)in the morning,when I woke up,the laptop did not want
to let me in the System.Tried to reboot and press F8,rebooted,repaired the laptop and replaced the motherboard,didn't wanna work.The screen is right black.  

In the meantime,I went to ''Adverta'',the experts of the Windows 7.They did not know what was it.When I started it up,it only showed my ''home'' username.Now it is a black phone-charger machine with a black screen.My question is:How do I fix it?Windows XP
is my only left one.AND IT'S SLOW.

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Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 0
Cached Online Validation Code: N/A, hr = 0xc004f012
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-2QWT6-HCQXJ-9YQTR
Windows Product Key Hash: PVjSC5x6njvqunmbCY3lOD7rYDo=
Windows Product ID: 00359-OEM-8992687-00007
Windows Product ID Type: 2
Windows License Type: OEM SLP
Windows OS version: 6.1.7601.2.00010300.1.0.003
ID: {382B3D3C-30A6-4251-8F05-19D9D0EA9E0A}(1)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Home Premium
Architecture: 0x00000009
Build lab: 7601.win7sp1_gdr.150113-1808
TTS Error:
Validation Diagnostic:
Resolution Status: N/A

Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

Windows XP Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
File Exists: No
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaTray.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaLogon.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

OGA Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
OGAExec.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
OGAAddin.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

OGA Data-->
Office Status: 103 Blocked VLK
Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 - 103 Blocked VLK
OGA Version: N/A, 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Office Diagnostics: 025D1FF3-364-80041010_025D1FF3-229-800410... Read more

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My power went out last night while on was on my home computer. When the computer came back on, a black screen with white letters saying "WINDOWS did not start successfully. I have a HP computer and use WINDOWS XP. I tried to restart but if just flips between a blue screen with HP logo on it and the black screen. I used F8 during boot-up and got stop messages with different codes: 0x00000024, 0x00190203, 0x812A1490, 0xC0000102, and 0x00000000. Any suggestions??

Answer:WINDOWS XP won't restart after power outage

When the power came back on it might have taken out the Motherboard or power supply. Do you have a surge protector?

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Windows XP will not load after a power outage. It just goes to the XP loading screen and keeps on spinning. What do I do?

Answer:Windows XP will not load after power outage

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While Windows was shutting down the computer, the power outage happened....
Precisely, when the screen shows "Shutting down" message....
After power outage was over, I power my computer on again but it didn't detect the improper shutdown....
My questions:
(1) What was Windows doing in that phase?
(2) Will my HDD become corrupt because improper shutdown had happened in that phase? Could NTFS handle this kind of situation?
Thanks before and forgive my English if there are some mistakes....

Answer:Power outage during Windows Shutdown

Does the system boot into Windows correctly?
If so...then run the chkdsk /r command.  Running the chkdsk /r command after any unexpected shutdown helps to overcome any potential problems which may relate to the improper shutdown.
Chkdsk From Command Prompt, Win 7 - .  There is no need to put the C: in that command, when run, the chkdsk /r runs on the Windows partition by default.

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Hi guys!

As the topic says, there was a Power Outage while I was busy installing Windows 10.

I'm from South Africa, we have something called "LoadShedding". Where the goverment randomly switch the power off of a certain area, due to the fact that they own the company, who provides the electricity, million of not billions.

I upgrade was running and was at about 77% when the power went out. So I got the power back on with our generator.
On startup, it displayed the Windows 10 load screen, but without the blue Windows logo, just the loading disc at the bottom middle of the screen.

It was loading for about 10 - 15minutes, then jumped over to the Windows 7 loading, and started up Windows 7 as it is the OS I'm upgrading from.

Came to the desktop and all of the sudden my Windows copy was not genuine, and the "Get Windows 10" app is gone.

I did go to How to Upgrade to Windows 10 and there it says you must have an activated version of Windows 7 or 8.

Any solutions?

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When power outage my PC shutdown and after i can't run app or taskbar loiok like this video

Now i can fix by "Ctrl + I go to settings and Reset PC". But this way will uninstall all apps. I want ask still another way to fix it ?
I'm using windows 10 pro 64bit built 10240

Thank all

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I have a home built system with an ASUS P4b266 Motherboard, 160 Gig Seagate Hard drive as main drive with Western Digital 60 Gig backup drive. Came home after a power outage and could not get computer to boot past the post test.

By changing the boot sequence to boot from the backup drive I was able to boot to windows and ran check disk on main drive as well as all the Seagate diagnostics from the Seagate web site. All tests show nothing wrong with the drive. I am able to view the drive contents in windows explorer and copy files from it to the backup drive.

I have tried using an XP boot disk but get an error message saying system 32 \hal.dll missing or corrupt. I tried copying the hal.dll from my good drive to the bad one but still get the same error. When I try booting from the Windows XP disk to do a repair install I also get error message saying the file system is too corrupt and the disk must be reformatted.

I have reached the conclusion that my answer is to buy a new hard drive do a clean install of Windows and transfer as much data as I need from the problem drive. At that point I can reformat the bad drive. Not looking forward to this as it will take a lot of time to reinstall everything so I'm just wondering if anyone has any other ideas to try. It seems strange that the drive checks out OK and I'm able to view it in Explorer.

Any and all ideas would be most appreciated.

Answer:Windows XP won't boot after power outage

if you use ntfs your file system would be able to find the file's fragments,m try a 3rd party software.

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Some electrical men were working outside the other day when they suddenly turned off our power. The computer was on and fully booted when this happened. Now when I turn it on, it asks if I want to start it in safe mode or revert the settings, etc. Whichever option I choose (I tried them all), windows starts to boot, but then before it's finished, the computer restarts and does the same thing over again. Sometimes it asked me to insert a boot disk...the only disk that came with my harddrive is a floppy (my computer was built by a friend and has a soltek harddrive and no floppy drive). What happened and what can I do to fix it? Please remember that I'm no computer expert (I know a little bit, but not much). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:I Had A Power Outage The Day And Now Windows Won't Boot.

you might try this, as soon as you start your computer ,tap F8 repeatedlyif you get a screen that gives you options , choose "command prompt only"or how ever they worded it for yours . at the prompt type scanreg/fixand hit enter, after it finishes completely you can either do the same withtyping scandisk or turn it off and see if it starts first if not restart F8 and do the scandisk then.

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I had posted all this several days ago, but for some reason, my thread vanished. Below is the compilation of two posts I made to the original thread recording the problem and what I've tried to do to resolve it.

This is what I posted on September 18th:

Having a tough time with my Windows 7 Pro computer. Last night we had a five second power outage while I was watching a DVD on my PC. When the power came back on and I tried to book, I got a message telling me to use my recovery disc to repair my computer.

I tried booting normally, and only got as far as the black "Starting Windows" screen. The Windows moving icon never showed up.

Next, I found and booted from the disc. On the System Recovery Options screen, there was nothing listed under Operating System. I selected "Use System Recovery tools" anyway, and then "Start Up repair." After running this once, I rebooted normally and got a login screen. I logged in and the system hung on the Welcome screen.

As it was quite late and I was tired, I went to bed thinking that it would probably load the OS slowly, but it would load, and I'd deal with it in the morning.

When I woke up the next day and checked, the computer was still hung on the Welcome screen.

I restarted the computer and attempted to login in Safe Mode, but after the login screen, it still hung on the Welcome screen.

At this point, I had to go to work, so I shut down the machine.

When I got home, I restarted the PC and pressed F8 an... Read more

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I'm not sure if this is Windows or a hardware issue. A little while back, there was a power outage in the area and my PC shut off. It was connected to a surge protector, but the surge protector did not trip. Everything else which was plugged into the power strip is working fine. When I booted up the PC, everything started normal, albeit a bit slow. As soon as the PC has booted up, however, it starts moving sluggishly until windows eventually freezes. The computer will freeze after accessing firefox, the start menu, or task manager. I haven't tried many other programs, but I'm confident just about anything that runs through windows is freezing. Again, I'm not sure if windows is the problem, but it seems correlated. I am running Windows 7.

I have tried running a system restore before booting up, but the restore always fails at the very end. When I press CTRL+ALT+DEL in an attempt to access the task manager, the screen goes black and the cursor turns to a wheel. After several minutes, the wheel will stop and a prompt will appear stating "The logon process was unable to display security and logon options when CTRL+ALT+DELETE was pressed. If the operating system does not respond, press ESC or restart the computer by using the power switch."

I opened up my tower to see if any hardware was visibly damaged, but everything looks normal, at least visually.

Any idea what could be causing the issue here?

Answer:Windows consistently freezing after power outage

Hi do you have a install or recovery disc to attempt a repair ? do you have a recovery partition ? what is the make and model of the computer

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So a couple weeks ago there was a power outage in my town and it screwed up my computer in a weird way. I don't have a surge protector or a ups (but I should get one). When the computer rebooted for the first time after the power outage it took about 10-20 minutes to start up fully and once it was fully up and running every program I started was running very slowly and most of the time wouldn't respond. I've already done a full computer reset and I also reinstalled Windows 10 but it is still an issue. I hope it isn't a hardware issue but if it is I'd like to know what piece of hardware it is and the steps I should do to fix/replace it.

Answer:Windows 10 running slow after power outage

Chance is your HD was corrupted or even damaged due to power outage. Open Admin command prompt:
Run: chkdsk /r C:then Run: dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth&sfc /scannow&pause

NOTE: You can copy and paste the above to the command line then run.

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I am having issues with my sons computer. I'm not sure of exact specs, but its a quad core, ATI gigabyte motherboard running win7 home premium. 4GB ram 1TB hard drive. We suffered a power outage the other night, while he was on the internet, and that's when the problems started. On startup,he has a choice of 2 users, lets call them 1 and 2. User1, which won't load past the welcome screen, is the one he usually uses. I have tried startup repair, but it says nothing is wrong. User2 will load, and he can access the files on user1, but everything is super slow (eg, it takes just over 2 mins for the computer to realize I have inserted the wireless internet stick into it) Norton 360 Premier wont complete a scan, it gets stuck around 2000 items scanned, so the computer is not protected. Any ideas if its a windows or hardware problem, and what I might be able to do about it

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I run windows 7 on a laptop (Asus G74SX) w an SSD and i forgot to connect it to the battery when i took a nap.

Lately my battery is not in perfect state and when this happens, reconnecting the plug won't let me resume system, i have to restart windows 7 and get the message that windows improperly shut down etc etc...

So usually everything good but this time, firefox took a huuuge time to open ( 1 min or more), however chrome instantly opens. I was thinking it was cache/memory firefox problem, so i clean them but still no difference. Also i run my computer w user and admin and the UAC dialog when prompted to open an application take huge time ( same time for firefox to open). After those things are open, the computer runs smoothly but it messed up some applications ( Like PostgreSQL 8.4 won't start )

Also i couldn't access 1st Windows Safe Mode pressing F8 after first few restarts. After doing a shutdown and leaving the computer off for a few seconds, now i can access it.

I also run the chkdsk utility and windows made small corrections.. here is the log

Checking file system on C:
The type of the file system is NTFS.
A disk check has been scheduled.
Windows will now check the disk.

CHKDSK is verifying files (stage 1 of 3)...
Attribute record of type 0x80 and instance tag 0x4 is cross linked
starting at 0x3d700 for possibly 0x1 clusters.
Some clusters occupied by attribute of type 0x80 and instance tag 0x4
in file 0x1fb2d is already in use.
Del... Read more

Answer:Certain Windows 7 applications slow after power outage

re run the chkdsk command with a /R to attempt to scan for bad sectors, if you have bad sectors i suggest you change your harddisk.


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Hey, recently a power outage happened in my neighborhood, and all the power went out while I was using my computer. I have a surge protector, and when the power came back on, windows 2000 starts to load and then half way into the loading bar the blue screen of death comes up with "Inaccessible boot disk" or something like that. It asks me to do chdisk and stuff, which I havent tried yet. Also, safe mode refuses to boot also. However, my linux OS (Ubuntu) works fine. Is this a problem with my Windows 2000? Or could it be something that happened to my hard drive? I'm pretty sure it's just Windows because linux still works. Any advice?

Answer:Windows Wont Boot After Power Outage

silentnswift said:

Hey, recently a power outage happened in my neighborhood, and all the power went out while I was using my computer. I have a surge protector, and when the power came back on, windows 2000 starts to load and then half way into the loading bar the blue screen of death comes up with "Inaccessible boot disk" or something like that. It asks me to do chdisk and stuff, which I havent tried yet. Also, safe mode refuses to boot also. However, my linux OS (Ubuntu) works fine. Is this a problem with my Windows 2000? Or could it be something that happened to my hard drive? I'm pretty sure it's just Windows because linux still works. Any advice?Click to expand...

it almost seems like 2k was corrupted. try and run repair OS from your 2k cd. hopefully that will work

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Sorry to launch into a request for help without even a proper introduction, but after searching for almost a day online unsuccessfully for a solution, I thought asking a direct question would yield more relevant results. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Having a tough time with my Windows 7 Pro computer. Last night we had a five second power outage while I was watching a DVD on my PC. When the power came back on and I tried to boot, I got a message telling me to use my recovery disc to repair my computer.

I took the DVD out and then I tried booting normally, but only got as far as the black "Starting Windows" screen. The Windows moving icon never showed up.

Next, I found and booted from the recovery disc. On the System Recovery Options screen, there was nothing listed under Operating System. I selected "Use System Recovery tools" anyway, and then "Start Up repair." After running this once, I rebooted normally and got a login screen. I logged in and the system hung on the Welcome screen.

As it was quite late and I was tired, I went to bed thinking that it would probably load the OS slowly, but it would load, and I'd deal with it in the morning.

When I woke up this morning and checked, the computer was still hung on the Welcome screen.

I restarted the computer and attempted to login to Safe Mode, but after the login screen, it still hung on the Welcome screen.

At this point, I had to go to work, so I shut down the machine.

When ... Read more

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Hey all

Today I experienced a power outage while windows was installing an update.
Now whenever I try to start up my computer it gets to the Windows logo, a BSOD flashes for a split second, and the system restarts.
Booting in safe mode also gives the same problem.

System restore cannot find my C:/ partition with my operating system, what seems quite weird since I first tried with the system restore on my hdd before using the one on the Windows disk. I tried a startup repair, but without any success. The logs show it performed a chkdsk so that will not work either.

I tried accessing my C partion through a couple live CDs but it doesnt seem readable.

What options do I have left to recover my system?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Windows will not start after power outage during update

Try Option 2 in this tutorial. System Restore

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While surfing last night my system crashed. When it came bak on files were missing.I when to windows update site,after system scan windows uninstalled programing and began rewriting files.After 4 hours it was almost finished when my wife started vaccum and blew power.
Now system will reboot, but windows will not start because it did not generate name for Hal or system path.
I am not a tech,guy so I do not know if I can do any complicated fixes.Should I just throw out computer and quit?

Answer:power outage ruines windows update

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After a power-outage (I believe the power-outage happened during start-up), when I try to start up windows, I come to a black screen that tells me there has been a problem and gives me a number of options (Safe mode, start windows normally, etc.). I've tried all of these options, but it says "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\system." I can not get windows to start up.

I'm computer illiterate, but any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Windows Start-Up Problem (Power-Outage)

System manufacturer and model, please?

You probably need to run the chkdsk /r command on your system partition.

What typically may occur during a power outage, surge, etc...results in key files becoming damaged. The chkdsk /r command may be able to overcome such, if that's the problem.

Do you have a MS XP install CD?


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Hi everyone

I ran into something today I never seen before. I setup and sold a computer that I upgraded from vista to windows 7 by running upgrade option inside vista home premium to 7 home premium. Everything was working fine for 6 months. The customer brought it in my shop today and said the power went out and when they booted it back up it said winload.exe was missing or corrupt. I looked over the hard drive and everything on it is windows vista files and none of the user files are there and nothing that looks as 7 was ever installed. It's like it totally erased the windows 7 upgrade. Am I screwed and are the files lost?

Answer:Windows 7 upgrade missing after power outage

Most probably you did not removed the OEM version in the computer.
So it was re-install to OEM version.

Just use the original Windows 7 to re-install.

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The local PUD is killing me! Or, more accurately, my HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1126 with an AAHD2-HY (Holly) motherboard, AMD A4 3400 processor, 4GB RAM, and 1 TB hard drive. I have a dual-boot system with Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit on one partition and Ubuntu 14.04 on the other.

My wife is the main user of the HP and as she was out of town for a few days the machine was sitting idle running Windows when the power went out for about a second and then came back on. The machine re-booted into Ubuntu by default so I didn't notice anything wrong until I needed to use Windows on it this morning. When I restarted in Windows, I got the Windows 7 splash screen and that's as far as it went. The hard drive light stayed on for about 10 minutes with nothing else happening so I shut the computer down with the power button. When I restarted it again I was presented with the option to run start-up repair. The end result of that was the message that Windows could not automatically repair the problem. I have discovered that I can boot into Windows Safe Mode. I'm not sure if that will help. The only alternative I can see is wiping the entire drive and restoring Windows to the original factory configuration followed by re-partitioning and re-installing Linux, etc. Any less drastic solutions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Answer:[SOLVED] Windows 7 won't start after power outage

Hi, in safe mode select "last known good", let us know how you get on.

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Hello! My apartment building suffered a complete power outage 4 days ago while I was using it. The power resumed 3 hours later, But I haven't been able to log on since.
Normally, I turn on my PC and about 30 seconds later, a window appears asking for my password. After entering it, the PC proceeds to my desktop. Now, when I turn on the PC, it leads me to a blue screen with a mouse cursor at the center (which I can move), but there's nothing at all to click on.
When I tap F8 during the boot process and choose any option from the "Advanced Boot Options" window, I still can't start my computer normally.
Here are the "Advanced Boot Options" I tried, after consulting with my slightly more PC-savvy brother:
1 Repair Your Computer - After I see my usual black screen with the words "Microsoft Corporation" appearing under green bars that scroll from left to right for about 15 seconds, a blue screen appears with the mouse cursor at the center (which I can move), but there's nothing at all to click on.
2 Safe Mode - While the PC displays several boot files from top to bottom, it pauses on "Loaded: \windows\system32\drivers\disk.sys" for about 20 seconds, then proceeds to a black screen with the words "Safe Mode" in all 4 corners and the mouse cursor at the center (which I can move), but there's nothing at all to click on.
3 Safe Mode with Networking - see 'Safe Mode' above.
4 Safe Mode with Command Prompt - see 'Safe Mode' above.
5 Last Known Good Configuration (advanced... Read more

Answer:Cannot boot up Windows Vista after power outage - HELP!

Greetings, Your system is 32 bit if this is your PC. Let's start with what is working: You have power, You have USB (mouse and keyboard function), You have video, and You were able to retrieve files from the HDD. The processor, RAM, and HDD may be okay. I would say you probably have a corrupted MBR and system files caused by the abrupt shutdown due to loss of power. I would start by trying an operating system installation. I would reset the BIOS to defaults before reinstalling the operating system. You would need a Vista install or repair disc in order to attempt a repair. You cannot download Win Vista from Digital River anymore. Restore Disks has a recovery kit for the PC I have linked to. Big disclaimer, there is no guarantee this will work. But you have to start somewhere. Cheers!  

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I will never understand this but it has happened more than a few times times. the first time was a little over three years where about every other brown out or surge would cause me to have to go back to a restore point. well one time I had system restore off so I ended up having to freaking re install Windows Vista at that time. I bought a ups at that time because I was sick of dealing with worrying about the power going off everyday.

well my ups died a few months ago and I have not been able to find a good deal on one again so I figured I would risk it. well I will be damned if the power didn't flicker on and off today and Windows 7 refused to properly start. I went into the repair Windows thing and as usual it never accomplishes a damn thing. I finally got it started and the pc was so slow that it was completely unusable. I tried rebooting a few more times but that did not help. luckily there was restore point from this morning so after using that all seems okay for now. I hate using those though because something inevitably gets screwed up going back to a restore point.

anyway, so why in 2011 is Windows that susceptible to screwing up from as simple power outage? every other appliance and device in the house some how magically starts back up with nary an issue. yes I know I should go buy a ups but to be honest I should not have to to for something as simple as few second power outage. plus I don't know a single person that owns a ups so its not like its that ... Read more

Answer:how does a power outage completely screw up Windows?

I don't know, I've not had this problem before, and I frequently have to shut dowm my PCs via the switch on the PSU due to some instability with a game, driver issue, or my own sloppy coding

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Alright, yesterday we had a series of power failures during which my computer was on. This happened three times, and this morning when I got it back Iam now recieving a Windows Error Recovery screen on startup, and the computer keeps restarting over and over. I tried all 5 options, includeing the safe modes, but nothing works. A blue screen flashes before restarting breiefly that says "stop: c0000135 (unable to locate component)". I have attempted to use the Vista CD to reinstall the OS, but when I go to do so it claims that both of my drives are unable to be installed on. I have two drives, and when I checked the BIOs, only one is now appearing (the one with my OS isn't being detected by BIOs?). Also, in Vista CD Reinstall Screen when it asks me to choose my drive, it's claiming that it detects the first drive with OS, but I can't reinstall on it, or reformat. It now also claims that the drive is unallocated, and I can't format it. I'm rather confused to say the least, and I'm not sure as to what I should do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Windows Startup Failure after Power Outage - Help :(

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On my Advent T9204 XP Desktop PC, I have just carried out a full destructive recovery with recovery disc and whilst commencing the installation of Microsoft Windows (XP Home Edition) I had a power cut ... when the power came back the monitor was blank and I am unable to proceed. I don't know what to do.Please help me...Thankyou in advance ...Colin ...

Answer:windows xp destructive recovery interrupted by power outage

Start the recovery process again right from the beginning.Stuart

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I'm looking at different UPS models that will hopefully be able to gracefully power down a Windows 10 machine and a FreeNAS server. So far I am almost sold on the Eaton 5SC 1000. It will be able to shut down the server using NUTS, but since there is only 1 USB port on it, is there a way to have Windows shut down as well? Maybe sending a signal over the network to tell it to shut down?

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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After power outage my windows XP system is unable to boot.My Hard drive is sata.If you want any further questions mail to me.I am waiting for your answer.Thank You.

Answer:After power outage my windows xp system is unable to boot.

You should remove your email address from this post unless you like spammers. No one will respond to you by email. Stick to the forum.

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Dad had a power outage while computer was on. When he powered the new computer back up, the wireless mouse that was plugged into the computer no longer worked.

I asked him to hook up a wired mouse, and the hard wired mouse works partially on Windows 8...but the cursor is stuck in mid screen and only permits horizontal movement.

Really, really strange.

Not sure if a driver got corrupted in Windows 8 or if something on the MB fried.

Can anyone give us some suggestions?



Answer:Power outage, Mouse doesn't work on Windows 8

Try another mouse. See if the PC detects it, and try another port if applicable. If that doesn't work, something in Windows glitched up (pretty unlikely) or physical damage.

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So 3 weeks ago I had a power outage. This made my computer not connect to the Internet, but not the one in the living room.
Since the i have been doing a lot of Google'in to try to find a solution - all of which failed. I have tried most of the command prompt inputs including /ipconfigs, /winsock, and a few others. So after a week or so I had the bright idea to boot up Lunix on my pc. The os, which is on my flash drive, could connect to the Internet. I did remember finding a guy who posted the same problem before, but I couldn't find it again. So I'm sorry that this is a other "can't connect to the internet", but add help is much appreciated.

Thing to know,
-ISP Verizon
-OS Windows Vista
-Modem Westell Modell 6100F (F90 6100 15 06)
-Router Linksys NH1005 v2.2

The files myTcp.txt and myTcp2.txt are the results of ipconfig /all. The first one was when the computer was directly hooked upto the modem. The second is when the computer was hooked up to the router.

Answer:Windows can't connect to internet after power outage, Linux will

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Whenever my windows xp desktop froze up, I would turn it off by turning off my surge protector. When I turned the computer back on it would either load normally or do a check disk. I assumed all computers were set to do that until my xp wouldn't boot anymore and I had to do some research.

So far my Windows 8 has not froze up on me. What is the right thing to do if it does freeze up? Should I turn it off using my surge protector switch or press the power button till it goes off? I have tried to find the settings for unexpected power loss and I can't find them.

Answer:How does Windows 8 desktop handle unexpected power outage?

These settings would most likely be in your bios, it should say something like power on, stay off. If you don't know how to access your bios please let me know the model of your PC and I should be able to help. What to do if your computer freezes up, use the power button, and only if you can not access the task manager or power options via Control-Alt-Delete.

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HiCan anybody help with my problem, its with a Toshiba Satellite C850D-107 laptop. (windows 7)i started recovery to clean hard drive as computer was slow (which stated 27 hours), 1 hour into recovery the power went off and battery too low, computer shut down.When I tried to reboot, it kept shutting down without me getting the menu's up on the screen. Now when i turn it on, no beeps at all, the power light is on and the fan is running also the hard drive light is solid with no flashing. Black screen with nothing on it.The dvd drive works, but when i fit the startup disc, it just spins and will not read it.Information from the internet states BIOS needing reset, so i shorted the jumpers near the CMOS battery several times, but no luck. Someone else states , if you change the Ram Memory, it will sort out the problem 90% of the time. Would this be the answer ?Would the shutdown during recovery damage the ram memory ?I hope someone can help me with my problem, its like banging your head against a brick wall.Many thanksJohn

Answer:Recovery of Windows 7 laptop interrupted by power outage

A long shot but quick to try:Turn off computer, disconnect from power and remove main battery. Hold the Power Off/On button for at least 20 seconds to discharge the motherboard components. At odd times this has been known to unstick things but I'm none too hopeful in this instance.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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My friend has an HP Pavilion P6874 upgraded from W7 to W10 a few years ago. He tells me that everything was great on the computer until the other week. While the tower was in the midst of installing updates the power in their house went out (not computer related). When the power returned and they restarted the PC, their display wasn't the same. I'm told that although the desktop picture of their dog looks normal, the icons seem smaller and they have wide black bars on either side of the desktop display. They've tried playing with the resolution and the monitor menu buttons, but whenever they get the full widescreen display, the icons and the dog picture are stretched wide. I brought the tower home, hooked it up to a smallish non-widescreen monitor and started it. I got the black screen with the while Windows 10 logo and the rotating circle of dots. Then I got a box headed Out Of Range Hf 30 KHz - 60 KHz V... Read more

Answer:Display Problem After Power Outage in Middle of Windows Updates

It would seem you're diagnosing and treating the symptoms (video output) instead of diagnosing and treating the cause (video card and drivers).

The optimal solution should be to back up important files and clean reinstall, so whatever was damaged during the interrupted Update (and not demonstrated thus far) will be replaced.

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My friend has an HP Pavilion P6874 upgraded from W7 to W10 a few years ago. He tells me that everything was great on the computer until the other week. While the tower was in the midst of installing updates the power in their house went out (not computer related). When the power returned and they restarted the PC, their display wasn't the same. I'm told that although the desktop picture of their dog looks normal, the icons seem smaller and they have wide black bars on either side of the desktop display. They've tried playing with the resolution and the monitor menu buttons, but whenever they get the full widescreen display, the icons and the dog picture are stretched wide. I brought the tower home, hooked it up to a smallish non-widescreen monitor and started it. I got the black screen with the while Windows 10 logo and the rotating circle of dots. Then I got a box headed Out Of Range Hf 30 KHz - 60 KHz V... Read more

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Yesterday afternoon there was a power outage. When the power came back on an hour later, I turned my PC (which was on) back on. PC is Dell Dimension 8200.

The screen started up, and then went to a screen that says "We apologize, but Windows did not start successfully...." and says something about hardware or software changes (there were none) or power failure, etc. A blue screen error would flash up quickly then disappear as the system began to restart again and again.

I took a digital photo of the blue screen, which said:
UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME .... Tech info: ***Stop: 0x000000ED (0X837CE900, 0XC0000006, 0x0000000, 0X0000000)

I tried to use the DELL Troubleshooting for Windows and search the error codes, and from what I have come up with my hard drive is dead??

I also restarted, hit Ctrl + alt + D to run an IDE Diagnostic test, which resulted in:

Primary IDE
Drive 0: (name of drive) : Fail, return code 7
Drive 1: No IDE Device

Secondary IDE
Drive 0: Samsung DVD Rom SD: Diagnostics not supported
Drive 1: CD R/RW Drive - Diagnostics not supported

Test Complete, Press Enter to Reboot.

So, now I don't know what to do. The computer was bought from Dell in 2002. My computer saavy ex I believe upgraded the drives and CD roms shortly after we got it. I don't have the Windows CDs because Windows was installed on the system, so I can't run the CD to see about doing whatever that could do.....

My issue is that I have a TON of per... Read more

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No surge protector, can I fix... fuse? wire? re-install XP? (not computer savvy) I have an old pent3 can I scavenge?. Called Best Buy, they said min $200+ so better to buy new but short on cash.Note: Computer will not come on or indicator light on when on button is pressed but when power plug is inserted, cooling fans activate for 5sec then all goes dead.message edited by 7CT7

Answer:Left Pent4 on during power outage, power came on won't boot

It's difficult to troubleshoot when minimal info is provided, please post the make/model/model number of the computer. Pentium 4 is the type of processor & isn't very helpful other than to tell us your computer is old. If I had to guess, I'd say the power supply has failed. Are there any beeps before it shuts down?

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Hello!I have a K320 model that is completely dead after a power outage at home. The unit will not show any inidcation of power now. I went and bought a new power supply and installed, but still I get absolutly nothing. I had 3 wires that wwere connected to the front panel to the old power supply, but the replacement supplyI purchased doesnt have this connector. I believe it was for the LED's on the front panel, which at this point do not matter.I am not sure if there is an issue with the power siwtch/board, or an issue with my motherboard....or if those 3 wires are critical?Any suggestions??Thank you!!

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Hello, my friend had her picture folder open doing something when the computer seemingly started the windows 10 upgrade, she said she had been closing the popups every time it came up to get the windows 10, but this time it just started installing it while she was in middle of working, when it was done, she got back on and all her pictures shes had for years had gone, she panicked and reverted back to windows 8.1 immediately , she should i think have maybe restarted the pc, and done a search because i think the pictures would have been there somewhere, but now they are nowhere to be seen, i have searched various folders , after googling and finding other people with the same problem but they had recovered the pictures, dont know if it was her reverting right away that has lost them or the fact she was working on them when it upgraded, but what is confusing me is she had her photos on a slideshow as her desktop background, all the missing pictures are still repeating on the desktop, how can that be if they are gone from computer, anyone know or suggest what i could do to or where else to look, ive done searches , nothing, thanks for any help.

Answer:lost pictures after windows 10 upgrade

There should be a windows old on her computer have a look in there.
Open file explorer.On the left expand C drive, and windows old should be at the bottom of that.
I don't like W8 or W19 but I do know that W10 is far better than W8.

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I wonder if somebody familiar with 'Windows Pictures' can help me find my lost photos.

From a recent trip to India I had two memory cards of photos, which because they had the same number series( i e DSC 1 - n), I loaded into separate folders in Windows Picture. Wanting to merge them into one folder and therefore trying to eliminate the clashing number series, and not knowing what I was doing, I found properties when I right clicked one of the folders and then clicked hide. The folder immediately emptied and I haven't been able to recover them!

I am hoping the photo files are there somewhere. When I right click and select properties on this folder it shows a file size of 1.13gb in a location which is the folder from where they have disappeared.
Can anybody help?

Dave M

Answer:Windows Pictures - lost my photos!

Try Tools,Folder Option,View, Show hidden files in your Picture Folder

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Was having problems with virtual memory and computer coming to a complete stop due to downloading a Norton upgrade. My computer tech suggested backing up everything on my computer and reloading Windows XP Home Edition. He backed up what he thought was everything on my computer that was under my user name and reloaded my computer but my pictures in my Kodak pictures file were not under my user name; therefore, all of my pictures are gone. The tech has now transferred everything on my computer over to his computer and is now trying to find the pictures. Anyone have any suggestions on how to retrieve the pictures? Has anyone ever had to send the computer to a lab to get info retrieved and how much does it cost? Thanks for your help!

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Question: power outage

I'm new to the forum. last night we had a power outage, when the power came back on the computer would not boot. the power is on, but nothing happens. any idea what might be wrong

Answer:power outage

Hard to day. Some systems are set to stay off after a power failure.Check to seen if there was obvious damage. Smoke, or signs of burning at the wall outlet. Did anybody change the wiring in you office? ( Not a joke. Some places have both 120 and 240 volts outlets in the same room.)If the power outage did not alter anything, and it is back to normal, recycle your PSU by turning off the switch at the rear and unplug the cord from the wall outlet. It should only take a short time to reset the thing.Plug it it, ,turn it on and it should work again.

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Question: Power outage!!

How does a power surge affect a computer? I have my computer plugged in to the surge protecter along with the printer, speakers and monitor. The surge protecter was working properly as always but my computer will not turn on. Everything else plugged in is working. Any advice to a novice? My son built the computer a couple of years ago and is going to go over it to see what damage there is. Is there any hope the motherboard is okay and the hard drive?

Answer:Power outage!!

Try resetting the power strip (there should be a button on it somewhere). And, moving the computer plug into another outlet.

If your computer will not turn on, it could be a number of things: power supply, motherboard, processor, etc.

You could open up the case and see if there's a funny smell to find out if something really did burn out. If no smell, then look at the motherboard, there should be a battery there. You could reset the CMOS by taking out the battery (and on some motherboards, moving a pin on the board).

To find out how to reset the CMOS, take a look somewhere on the motherboard as to ID the make and model of it.

Make sure you're grounded to prevent static damage to your computer parts.

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Question: Power Outage?

Woke up today and realized that the power had went out. Went to start up the computer and it took me to the screen where I can choose to A) Start in "Safe Mode"
B) Start Normally
C) Start with last known working config

I tired all of the choices and everytime the "Windows XP loading" page came up right before it usually goes to where I can log in. Right before it would hit the "Log In" page it shows the blue screen of death for a second and then kicks me right back to the screen with the start up options. Its a cirlce I can't get out of, PLEASE HELP.

Answer:Power Outage?

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Question: Power outage

I had a storm blow over overnight and the power went out at least once. I awoke to my computer powered on with a black screen. Unresponsive. I shut it off(waited the obligatory 15 seconds) and started it up again. Windows 8.1 began loading but when it would normally take me to the login screen, a brief blue screen of sorts came up with a ;( face and the system rebooted itself. This time it said something like "Preparing Automatic Repairs" on the windows loading screen. It did that for a while, rebooted, and took me back to that error screen. I allowed it to do this multiple times and was never able to boot into windows.
I fear there has been some hardware damage(yes I know, get a UPS... ).
I put my windows 8 DVD in and managed to get it to load from the disc. I tried a couple of the repair options(couldn't tell you which) but they just sat at the screen for a long time, seemingly doing nothing. I knew I wouldn't be able to retrieve my files most likely(but my last backup was beginning of October so not a huge loss) so I just went ahead and tried a fresh install of windows. Again it sat there seemingly doing nothing but I let it be and eventually, after many of those long waits after selecting the options I wanted, it managed to install win 8.
Win 8 loaded up fine and I began the long and excrutiating task of installing the windows updates. This too has given me problems(downloads failing, installations failing) and where I'm at now, it is in some kind of loop where it tries ... Read more

Answer:Power outage

I encountered a similar failure but was not induced by a power fault.  The interface chip/buffer for the SATA drive has failed and is intermittently  writing garbage.  This is a MOBO failure.  A new drive won't solve the fault but is the only way to proceed to a resolution.

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Question: power outage

My trouble is that I gave my older computer to one of my granddaughters yesterday and had it all up and running for her had a wireless card put in and she was off and running. Today she called and told me that a fuse blew and now it will not boot up only showed a blue screen saying(Do to power outage your computer is not starting up). She is so upset and I,m at a lost as to how to solve this. Any help would be welcomed

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Hello. I have a computer I picked up from Fry's that has a K7 FSB266 motherboard, 1GB of memory, and an AMD Athlon 1800+ processor. This is the second motherboard I have put in this thing, as the first one suffered the same malady that I need help with. The motherboard is a Model M811 ATX style.

The other night we had a power outage for about 2 hours. All my computers were powered down, except one. I powered all of them back up and they worked as per normal except the one I reference above. This one was off during the outage.

Now it will not power back on. The same thing happened with its predecessor board which is why I replaced it. Am I missing something? Is there some sort of magical reset that I can't find? Why would this computer be the only one with a dead motherboard after the power was back on? Is there a flaw in its design? What brand should I go with if this thing is junk?

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:K7 motherboard will not power up after power outage

Steve1 said:

Any help would be appreciated.

Steve1Click to expand...

Hi I have a PC that does the same thing, I think its the PSU, if I remove the mains cable for about 2 minutes, then replace it, the thing powers on OK, I really must get round to sorting it out soon...

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Hoping someone can help. My printer/scanner/copier Brother DCP J-315W was on when the power went off during the recent Sydney storms. The printer is about 3 years old and connects wirelessly to the PC. The power went out at 12.30 am so I just went to bed and when I woke up everything was back on except the printer which has no power. I have tried pulling the plug out of the machine and waiting 15 seconds, and trying to reboot the pc, modem and printer together but had no success.
It seems dead. Do I need another printer or is there a solution?

Answer:Printer won't power on after power outage

No surge protection? Power outages from storms can cause no damage or high damage to electrical/electronic circuits. There may be a blown fuse inside, but it sounds like it is time to buy a new printer

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recently i had some pictures and stored on a E drive usb memory stick. I was viewing them on my laptop recently. However i have unfortuantly lost the memory stick! and it will be hard to get thoses photos back ( long story). my question is if i have been viewing a picture on the windows picture fax viewer from e drive not saved it to the c drive it in any way remembered on the the c drive so i can reteve it. In a temp folder, indexing service dat or anywhere elese?, are they retrevable at all without the e drive?

Answer:windows picture fax viewer lost pictures

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have these been lost or can you help me retrieve them.

Answer:I have lost all my pictures when Windows 10 was downloaded, how can I get them back?

You would need to create a Windows Central account in order to Reply in this thread, since attempting to retrieve your files would take more than one step and we also need more information:
- what do you mean by "downloaded"? Did you upgrade via Windows Update or did you download the ISO and then perform a clean install?
- Have you tried using a photo-recovery software (such as Piriform's Recuva) and scanning your hard drive?

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For starters I know next to nothing about computers, so please be really, really, really remedial with any responses and patient with me. Thanks in advance to any helpers out there!

About six weeks ago we lost out electricity for about 20 minutes. It went off suddenly, came back on suddenly... Our old desktop, running on Windows XP, was on when power went out. I turned it back on after the power returned. I tried to get online to check my email and couldn't get online. I checked the connections, things seemed fine. I check on our laptops (an old iBook G4 and a newish MacBook) and both were (and still are) able to connect (wireless connection though a Netgear router). The desktop is plugged into the router then into the modem, I believe (whatever the arrangement, it was working fine until the power outage).

Anyway after hours of frustrating internet searches trying to get things back in order, I'm at a complete loss. The IP address and subnet mask say and the address type reads "Invalid IP Address." I tried to repair the connection. No dice. The connection itself reads "Acquiring network address."

What I've done:

* I've disabled the firewall
* I did some command prompts such as netsh winsock reset catalog and perhaps others (today is the first day i've messed with it in weeks) and rebooted the computer after them
* I did this command prompt ipconfig/all

After the ipconfig/all prompt it read:
Windows I... Read more

Answer:IP Address after power outage

It could be the modem went out when the power came back on. Have you called your ISP?

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It should be possible to move a UPS during a power outage shouldn't it? I'm just wondering if i could have it plugged into my comp and then move it to the cable modem/voip adapter after the power goes out (after shutting down the comp of course). That shouldnt be a problem should it?

Answer:moving a UPS during a power outage?

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With the hurricane rolling through we experienced a few outtages last night and i forgot to shut my computer down before that happened. And now due to that i am experiencing issues with getting to my desktop screen. Let me explain into detail. When the computer starts up it goes into windows recovery giving me two option " Start windows recovory" and start windows normally. I have tried starting windows normally but all that seems to happen is that the computer turns off and puts me back to the two options. So i tried the first one and that brings me into a menu saying select a driver which non appear so i just skip it and than brings me to 6 options i believe. before i go any farther this is all coming from the top of my head as i am not starting at my computer writing this. Anyways the first option gives me the chance to do a automatic repair but they do not seem to find any issue or unable to fix the problem. tell me to restart but nothing changes and i am just repeating steps over and over. the other options are faint in memory command prompt is there and a few others but they are to no help. I am hoping someone can address this issue as i have work on the computer. thank you.

Answer:Power Outage Can't start up

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After a power outage my usb keyboard stopped working but my other devices are i don't know what to do.

Answer:Usb keyboard power outage

try the keyboard on a computer that didnt get struck like a laptop. if it still doesnt work I would just replace it. you can get a nice Logitech keyboard from Walmart for around 12 bucks.

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I just switched to a T42 as a home-automation web-application server at a vacation home that is unoccupied for weeks and months.  I went with a retired Thinkpad because the processor runs at 40 degrees Centrigrade with its fan-Off in our cool basement unless there is some computing activity . . . hoping the Thinkpad would run unnattended for years in this quiet status with the hard drive as the only moving part.    When the power goes out,  I have a UPS for 2 hours plus the Thinkpad battery for 4-5 hours (display off), but then it will shut down with a prolonged power failure.  We may not get back to this place for months to turn the computer back on. The bios settings on T42 for "Timed Startup" do not work for me or anyone else that I have seen on Thinkpad forums. Or, using the task scheduler with the "wake up the computer" option when running an application (like calculator or notepad) does not wake the T42 up from standby. (The notebook could go into standby when the battery reaches 50%) . . . . then have the scheduler run notepad every morning in case the computer is asleep because of a power failure sometime in prior 24 hours . . . but it doesn't work. Is there any other way to start or wake-up a T42 on a schedule or by a network command ?   I dont' want to solder electrical conn... Read more

Answer:How to wake up a T42 - after power outage.

Hello swbca,Welcome to Lenovo forums. Have you tried to Wake on LAN feature?You may check it out here.

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This has been going of for a while. Apart from being close to the most expensive electricity in the world, our area also has extremely unreliable power.

2 out of 3 times when the power goes out for 1 - 2 seconds the computers will reboot. When they come back up I get the black screen and the "victim of counterfeiting" and "This copy of windows is not genuine" messages.

Occasionaly 4 - 5 reboots will fix it, but most of the time it doesn't.

Sometimes, Windows will also complain that the update server cannot be contacted.

It happens on my Windows 7 and WIndows 2008 R2 systems.

The keys are legit - they are from my technet subscription and purchased full retail copies.

I have to re-activate the software repeatedly. Whilst that always works (so far at least, until Micro$oft decide I have activated too many times), but it's a pain in the butt.

Short of buying 6 UPSs, anyone have any ideas how to stop it?


Answer:power outage = not genuine

Please follow this tutorial and post an MGADiag report - then we can see what the problem is.

Please also state the Version and Edition of Windows quoted on your COA sticker (if you have one) on the case of your machine (or inside the battery compartment), but do NOT quote the Key on the sticker!

(since you're using MSDN keys, you can ignore the last <g>)

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My computer is plugged into surge protectors and while it was on my foot hit the swith on the protectors and my computer and monitor both went along with all else. vista started slower and said it didnt shut down correctly. It seems fine now but could damage have been done?

Answer:power outage mistake

Hi GreatNate,

Sure it could. I would recommend downloading and running TuneUp Utilities 2009 to find any errors in the registry and critical files... and the HDD too.

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I think the solution to my problem ended up being a short, but I do not know. This situation occurred on a Monday afternoon. Tuesday evening, the computer died. I removed the power cable and inserted it the next morning, attempted to turn it on and it did boot up. Wednesday night, installed an eSATA cable onto the SATA 2 #2 port onto my motherboard and tried the new eSATA drive today (Thursday). I noticed that when I booted up today, that I had Internet on my computer.

The idea that the power outage might have shorted something out does not make sense, as I'd seen on another thread, one user (different forum) had a multi-boot system on their computer. Windows had the same problem as I had, while their Linux box did not.

There's an old saying from a skit my brother did in Boy Scouts, "I guess all it took was the right jerk!". Maybe I (the jerk), jerked something and made a connection while installing the eSATA cable.

Thank you all for your assistance. For now, I can comfortably breath and wait for Ivy Bridge to be released.

I had a power outage today which lasted for a minute. My computer shut off as a result. Then, I left for work, and when I came back, my computer had been turned on, which I thought was very odd.

I'm noticing the following behavior:
LAN Connection is Limited
Computer is running slow
My IP address went from to something like (last two numbers were different, indicating being on a different network)

I do have Vi... Read more

Answer:No LAN Connection after power outage


Can you do an ipconfig and show the results please.

Have you tried assigning a static IP address?

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Been quite happy with mu HP 18 all in one pc.... until tonight after power outage the computer still turns on but the screen is all black.Something inside must've burned out, any suggestions what I should do from here will be most welcome.Kind regards

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After a power outage my speakers weren't working. I tested my speakers on another device and they were working. I then used system restore and my speakers are working again. Does anyone have an idea what happened? I should add that while my computer is protected with a power surge outlet my speakers are not.


Answer:Power Outage/Speakers Out

It would be my guess a driver problem, which was corrected by System Restore. I can tell you this, System Restore only helps with software problems; the problem was not with the speaker.
A surge protector protects if the power comes on unexpectedly, or surges, it does nothing when power goes off (your need an Uninterrupted Power Supply (a surge protector, with battery back up) like I have. Your driver became corrupted and the Restore made it good again.
To check to see if other problems happened in the OS, read this tutorial
System Files - SFC Command

We had power out, too, in CT., from the Storm. New storm due about 9/11

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I have a friend that has a PC with xp Pro. He wants to have the computer automatically startup after a power outage. This PC will be located at a remote location where no humans will be around to start it up. I read somewhere there is something in the BIOS to do this???

Answer:xp Pro startup after power outage

Hi Grant_N7AS, and welcome to TSG.

Yes, the BIOS on some computers has a power management setting that determines what happens if external power is removed while running and then re-applied. One of the options would be to automatically power up.

FYI, there is no guarantee that Windows will boot up normally if the the power is randomly removed from the computer.You could have hard disk corruption if the power is removed while the computer was writing data to the drive. You may want to consider using a suitably sized uninterpretable power supply (UPS) with communications capability to the computer. The UPS would allow the computer to operate through momentary outages. During a longer outage, the UPS would signal the computer to go into hibernation mode and then resume operation where it left off when power is restored. FWiW, Windows XP may have hibernation problems on some computer and require some troubleshooting.

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Question: Power outage pain

The power went out on My Windows XP system. No big deal, right? Well, then I restart the computer and while it is booting the power goes out again. When I turn on the computer I get a blue screen with the Following:


and some hex numbers. I look up the error and I follow the directions, boot from a CD, run CHKDSK /R. that ran and I tried rebooting, no dice. No problem, the directions I found said to run FIXBOOT, so I did. Reboot . . . Now there is a new message.

NTLDR is missing
press any key to restart

I look for this error and I found more directions: copy NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM from the boot CD to c:\. I did that, and it still won't boot from the hard drive. What should I do now? Have I totally ruined my system? Is there a way to recover my data? I have lots and lots of data on that computer, and the computer is my livelihood. Help me, please!

Answer:Power outage pain

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I see many people have had this problem. I have tried removing the battery, booting in all modes available, restoring factory defaults. Nothing worked!
I did run the self test. It shows drive failure.

Unfortunately, I did not receive the XP disc when I purchased the computer.

Any suggestions?

Answer:XP will not boot after power outage

OPP'S I posted this same problem on 11/11/11 and could not find it. Well, I did not realize I posted it in the hard drive forum. I intended to post in this forum.
Which forum should I proceed with? Sorry..

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Is it normal for a W500 docked to lockup during a momentary power outage? I would think if the dock lost AC power that the battery in the computer would prevent anything from happening. The power went off for just a second today at work while I was using the computer (battery fully charged). When the power came back on the computer was totally frozen. Even opening the lid did nothing. After rebooting I pulled the power out of the dock to see if it was just a fluke. Again the computer totally froze. Why doesn't the battery keep everything happy?

Answer:Power outage while in dock

Answering my own post....solution can be found at the bottom of this thread: 

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Win7,HP Pavilion6000,64-bit. After 10-second power outage, monitor came back on showing a window indicating Malwarebytes and Norton360 were turned off; no Internet access. I turned the computer off and restarted, the Internet came back but Malwarebytes and Norton still showed as turned off. I did a system restore back to yesterday, May 10. After rebooting, Malwarebytes was back on but not Norton. Then, Control Panel/System and Security/Virus Protection/Turn on Now/(click)Yes I trust the publisher and want to run this program(click)..........nothing happened. Clicked Norton360 desktop icon....spinning, then nothing. I don't trust the Net without Norton, so can you help me get it turned back ON? Thank you, Elaine

Answer:Norton 360 off after power outage

Try re-installing it.

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The problem is the Ethernet port on my motherboard doesn't appear to be working. Windows doesn't seem to recognise any connection when the cable is plugged into the computer and router; the router's corresponding switch port light doesn't light up either.

The adapter is still listed in Windows and ipconfig seems to still see it.

The circuit breaker for my room did seem to get tripped, so I have a feeling the port might have gotten fried, but the router is perfectly fine (and all of its switch ports still work with my laptop) and the computer, aside from the Ethernet port, is still fine.

Connecting to the router via wireless, but I really liked having a Gigabit co nnection to the router, so I'd like to get some responses before I consider buying a NIC.

Answer:Ethernet Out After Power Outage

certainly possible the NIC port died. I had that happen on my old machine. The other NIC port on the mobo still worked, though.

'bout the only thing left really would be to replace the patch cable, although doubtful that would make a difference (I don't see where you said you tried a different patch cable for shits and gigles)

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I had left my computer on after leaving for school in the morning and there was a power outage for about an hour. When i returned home my computer was turned off. ( the screen was still on but black screen)And now my computer will not turn on at all? Someone told me that my hard drive fried, but I am not exactly sure. Any help will be appreciated

Answer:Power outage problem

If you don't have your pc connected to the mains via a surge protector that may be the case, but don't quote me on that. You can check by installing the Hard Drive in another computer possibly.

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My son and a computer-savvy pal switched a Compaq Presario 8000 to a Scorpio case. But in powering up, the only thing that happens is the fans running for a few seconds, then shutting down. A test with the old power supply yields the same thing, so it doesn't appear to be the supply itself. Any thoughts?

Answer:Power outage: fan runs, nothing else

Have your son check all cable connections and make certain hardware is properly seated.Do you hear any beeps?

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Hi All,

I've been noticing an annoying occurrence everytime the power flickers here with my router. It seems once the power comes back on and I boot up my computer I cannot connect to anything through the internet. I can still connect to the administration console through my browser, but nothing else works.

I constantly have to reset to factory default and reinput all my settings. Granted power outages aren't a common occurrence, this is still a nuisance.

Is this just my router? Can it be fixed?


Answer:WRT54GL After a Power Outage

If you just power cycle the router and your modem, does it come back up? Or do you NEED to reset to factory settings?

If you need to reset factory settings, might be a good idea to check if there are any firmware upgrades and make a backup of your settings. Or get a UPS

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I have been doing a lot of research on SSD. I already found a few places to ensure I make my transition proper turning off hibernation, know to change my temp drive, disable indexing, etc. However, the one thing I am not sure of involves the fact my computer has been known to... freeze... from time to time. I wanted to know if I install, and end up having my computer freeze on me, what possible issues this would have on my SSD. I have researched a lot, however, really did not get any answer to this question.

Answer:SSD and power outage issues

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I have a linksys E1000 router. I recently had a power outage and now the router wont do anything. The lights 1-4 and the internet light blink, but the power and connection lights stay off. Ive tried doing hard resets etc. I called the cisco support and they told me that that combination of lights indicates the router is dead. This has happened about 5x now, and each time the same lights blinked, but eventually for some reason or other the router eventually started working.

Is the router dead? Is there a reason that the router is the only thing that has issues when there is a power outage? The modem and everything else plugged into the surge protector work fine. Is there any kind of router that is less sensitive to power outages?

Answer:Power Outage and Router

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My laptop computer was on during a power outage. After I reboot, the computer works but at an unbelievable slow speed. Everything it does will take more than 100 times longer. I reformat the hard drive (curiously, that happened in normal speed) and tried to re-install Win2000. I observed that during the first phase of installation, it progressed in normal speed. However, right after the window started, it began to crawl. I assumed that it has something to do with the way the win2000 preforms certain I/O function that is different than let's say DOS. Any idea what happened to me and how to fix it?

Answer:Slow PC after power outage

I'd start by resetting the BIOS to factory defaults, it sounds like something is scrambled there.

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Today we had a brief (3-second) power outage. The computer is plugged into a pretty decent surge protector, but it is not booting Windows now. I have XP SP3.

The computer will boot through the BIOS screens, and then I get the "your computer shut down unexpectedly, would you like to start in Safe Mode, Last Known Good Configuration, etc" menu. If I choose "Start Normally" or "Last Known Good Configuration" the computer will show me the XP splash screen with the little blue status bar moving along. Once that finishes and it goes to where you would usually see the welcome screen, you just see black.

If I choose to boot in safe mode, it boots up and will go into the welcome screen where I can login to XP. Once inside, I see all of my desktop icons and programs, etc. If I try to use my external HD (to copy some not-yet-backed-up files, I get an error saying "H:\ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error."

There's nothing too terribly important on the computer, but a lot of stuff that would be a pain to lose (I'd have to re-rip a bunch of CDs and download a bunch of apps, etc).

I tried a system restore to an earlier restore point, but it didn't fix the problem (although it did say "restore successful" once I got back into Safe Mode again).

Does anyone know of any ideas? It's odd that it will boot into safe mode with no problems, but not into regular mode. Thanks for any ass... Read more

Answer:Power outage - XP won't boot now

Unit Twentyfive hello and welcome to TSF. See if this will help

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BSODs after a power outage. A pretty common problem with most people. I can't seem to find the problem. Most of the finds I find on google aren't the same as mine. I've tried many things, Last Known Config, VGA Mode, Safe Mode. But I can't really get into Safe Mode since it always shows "Cannot display this video mode". Can't seem to find out how to fix that either. But back to the main problem. After this power outage that happened around my area, my startups have been consisting of a BSOD. I have Windows XP, with 3 GB of RAM, and 2.13 ghz Intel Dual Core. The BSOD happens usually after it says "Loading your personal settings". It says:

STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x8062DFB1, 0xAB877988, 0x00000000)

Beginning dump of physical memory
Physical memory dump complete.
Contact your system administrator or technical support group for further assistance.

Sometimes it gets onto the desktop, but that lasts only for about 10 seconds until the BSOD the same as before comes up. I've also wanted to try the Recovery Console on the Windows XP disc, but whenever it gets to "Setup is Starting Windows" after I boot the CD, it shows a BSOD.

STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78D2524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Any suggestions on what I should do?

Answer:BSODs After Power Outage

Since it was due to a power outage, try clearing the CMOS and see if that helps. Some times with a power outage, the bios becomes corrupt from not being able to save things before the shutdown and that takes you back to the basic factory specifications.

If that doesn't fix you up, then one of the Microsoft guys/gals might want to analyze your stop error for you.

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So just recently my power went out about 30 minutes, i was using my computer before that.

When the power came back on everything loaded up normally, win 7 started and started loading up my programs and skype etc... I opened speedfan and chrome and then it just restarted... Okay so I thought maybe it was a power surge so I did the same thing again then it rebooted again. It seems to last 2 minutes in win 7 before rebooting. In safe mode it doesnt reboot which makes me thing its some system files.

I am going to try a system restore, but if that doesnt work is there something I should look at or do?

Also I took a look at event viewer and couldnt find any errors listed during that time.

Answer:Win 7 Keeps rebooting pc after power outage

Edit: I think I figured out the issue, the system restore failed and rebooted into normal windows... I used windows for about 10 minutes scanning for spyware etc.. The second I opened google chrome the PC rebooted so im guessing this relates to Chrome. Are there any steps I can take to safely restore chrome without removing my cache, history etc? A lot of that I would like to keep intact for work.

Okay well maybe it isnt Chrome, after that last reboot I didnt even open chrome, it then showed the all blue background image then rebooted right after that it almost looked like it intentionally was shutting down im starting to this its a virus of some sort.

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I had a 2 second power outage today and since have not been able to boot my pc. I am given the "windows did not start successfully" screen and then I am prompted to choose safe mode, safe with networking,...ect. I have tried all options for restarting and get the same result with each. Once selecting I see the windows xp screen for about 1 second then it flashes blue and starts over. I am able to enter bios menus on the motherboard however. My system is home built MSI motherboard, 4 gb ram, and running xp. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Kirk

Answer:Power outage, PC won't boot now

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Long story short:

- My computer is ridiculously laggy and I only have partial mouse control after a power outage. It was in as good condition as it's ever been before the power outage.
- I have had power outages in the past and had absolutely no problems getting my computer back on.
- My computer currently takes 3-4 times longer than it usually did to logon to normal mode.
- I believe that this is a problem with the software, not the hardware, since safe mode works. If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it.

What I can tell you about my system:
- Under "Device Manager" ==> Mice and other pointing devices all it says is HID-compliant mouse. Same with keyboard, but there are two HID keyboard devices. It says this even with hidden devices shown.
- I cleared everything under Human Interface Devices as well, letting my computer reinstall anything that was actually important.
- My bandwidth monitor still works.

Longer story if anyone has the time:

Backstory: I was playing a game on my desktop computer and all of the sudden the power fluctuated on the entire street. As you all know, even a small fluctuation will make a computer shut down entirely. Then I try to start up my computer, it doesn't work. There are some problems such as it being pretty laggy and my mouse is -kind of- working:

- It's laggy, to the point of being unusable.
- My keyboard works pretty well.
- I'm unable to see the cursor, but it still works. I can make the dr... Read more

Answer:Problems After Power Outage

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Quick and simple description. BTW, I'm not very computer savvy.
Power outage dumps my desktop (ASUS running Windows 8.1)
Power on, goes through initial boot up, cannot make it to login/desktop.
Power to monitor and video card fine.
Can get to BIOS and Windows 8 Troubleshooting screen. Troubleshooting says I need to free up disk space on C before it can repair.
Monitor goes blank but responds(wakes up) to mouse wiggle and key stroke.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. Ignore my screen name. Apparently "Eric" is already taken.

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Anyone every hear of thisI have several T61's that when the power drops the pcs hang up and need to be powered down and restarted to get everything back up and runningThey are in docking stations when this happens and vary between xp sp3 and vista machines. 

Answer:T61 hangs after power outage

Check that the power supplies are all 90W and not 65W.

Regards,James_______________________________Full disclosure, I don't work for Lenovo.James at Thinkpads dot com

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Hey guys. I have a problem that I don't think will be very hard to fix, but I need a little help.
There was a thunderstorm in my area today. My computer's plugged into a surge protector, but the outlets in this house aren't grounded. I safely removed the flash drive and card reader I had plugged in, and figured it would be safe for me to extract the archive I'd just transfered to the hard drive before shutting down. Bad call.
While 7-zip's doing its thing, the lights in the room briefly flickered off and on, and the CRT monitor went dark. I looked at the PC and saw its power light was still on, so I turned the monitor off and then back on, but the screen remained black. I then forced a shutdown by holding the PC's power button.
Restarting, I saw it wasn't the monitor that was the problem. This message came up:We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this.

If your computer stopped responding, restarted unexpectedly, or was automatically shut down to protect your files and folders, choose Last Known Good Configuration to revert to the most recent settings that worked.

If a previous startup attempt was interrupted due to a power failure or because the Power or Reset button was pressed, or if you aren't sure what caused the problem, choose Start Windows Normally.

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings tha... Read more

Answer:Following a power outage, XP won't start

You are probably blue screening. Right after the BIOS press the F8 key. It should take you to the advanced menu. Choose disable restart on system failure or something like that. Write down what the blue screen says and post it in your next reply.
And BTW, you should be doing daily backups of your data to a second physical disk or the cloud.

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I've been hesitant about asking this but since it "almost" just happened to me, what should one do if there is a power outage while defragging?
I had literally just got done defragging my W7 & had started surfing the web when the monitor went black & off as did my TV. Now if that would of happened during a defrag, would it mess up anything?
I've since restarted the W7 & turned my tv on, but still curious, thank you.

Answer:Power outage during defragging

D I S A S T E R !!!

A laptop will survive due to the battery (assuming you can run with it - - sometimes it's dead and SOL),
but a desktop will likely get corrupted.

I you live where there are frequent brown-outs (aka power outages), by all means get a UPS.

a) always run CHKDSK C: /F /R first
b) never run defrag and then go shopping (ie leave it unattended)

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I have an older pc, Dell dimension L33r, 40G, upgraded to 521mb RAM, 733mhz processor.  Two days ago power lines were hit and our power was knocked out, both pc's were on when the outage occured.  This one was not affected, but the dell will not load windows.  We had been out of town for several hours before we knew there was a problem, and when we came back rebooted both pc's. When we turn on the dell it goes to the error screen that says windows did not start successfully, and offers choice of mode to start windows.  I have started in safe mode and scanned the hard drive, but no bad sectors were found.  I have chosen last know good, and start normally, but it will not load past the black windows xp screen.  What else is there I can do, besides the old "beat it with a hammer? LOL

Answer:Power outage, now XP will not load

You can try a repair install IF you have a real XP CD. Your data should be safe with this method. the machine was running some files may have been damaged. You will need to update Windows after this.This is, of course, assuming that there was no hardware damage, but you describe it booting up to the point of it trying to load Windows.

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i dont know where to post this but.. my power went out and my computer still turns on but i cant see anything out of my monitor... i tryed diff monitors i dont know if something burnt out or what can someone help me!!!!!!!!(Moderator edit: revised Topic Title and Description to better describe the problem. jgweed)

Answer:Problem After Power Outage!

If you have a power strip check the breaker button to see if it has been tripped.

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