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SanDisk's new wireless flash drive kills two birds with one stone

Question: SanDisk's new wireless flash drive kills two birds with one stone

SanDisk has come up with a clever take on a common PC accessory that kills two birds with one stone. Its new wireless mobile flash drive is designed to make it easier to transfer files between devices while simultaneously extending...

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Preferred Solution: SanDisk's new wireless flash drive kills two birds with one stone

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: SanDisk's new wireless flash drive kills two birds with one stone

"...when you consider micro SD card slots on smartphones are on the way out."

Just because a prominent phone maker decides to experiment by not including the microSD slot, does not mean this tech is on the way out. There is REAL need for this, and if the big S doesn't want to include this in their phones, people will find other phones that do have this capability.
Lets not forget just how bad sales were/are for the S6.

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Since she got her smartphone my wife rarely uses her laptop but had previously asked me to upgrade it from Win 7 Pro to Win 10 so that she would have at least one computer with Win 10. So I had done that and just left it untested until today, when I discovered that although the upgrade appeared to have completed satisfactorily there were actually some very obvious problems with it which soon led to it becoming unbootable. First off I restored the image I had taken immediately after upgrade which got it booting again, but when I tried a Reset, which should reinstall Win 10, it failed part way through. With the free offer closed I couldn't just restore Win 7 from an image and upgrade it again so what to do?

It turned out that you can use the Media Creation Tool to reinstall Win 10 to a system on which it has already been installed and activated, either retaining your files and apps or retaining nothing. I elected to retain everything and it appears to have worked perfectly, although the whole process did take about six hours. In the process it also gave me the anniversary update which none of the other Win 10 systems here have yet been offered!

So if your upgrade has problems or you can't wait for the anniversary update, and providing it is still booting, this is how you can fix it but - as always - image the system first.

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My specs:

Dell dimension 3100. Windows XP home edition, service pack 3.
504 MB ram. 145GB hard-drive.
6 years computer ownership.
Firefox browser. (also IE installed, but solely to keep other program properties functioning)
Click to expand...

Hello, TechSupport Forum.

I have two issues. One I've come across just recently, I'd say 2 weeks or so(AND in the past, but it ceased on its own). The other is pretty minor, but still an annoyance and I've had it for as long as I can remember.

I'll start with the recent issue. Whenever my computer starts up Window Installer begins running(trying to install) MSOffice 12 repeatedly! Whenever I cancel it pops up again, and again tries to install. I have to click cancel at least 3 times for it to cease, in 2 sequences.

I tried the msconfig thing, but I don't know what exactly i'd be looking for and Google searches have proved fruitless for me as it never really gives a clear answer, at least one that doesn't seem applicable to my issue.

Two. It's not as bad as the first issue, but every now and then buttons on my task bar will hide itself automatically. So I'll have a window open, switch to another window by clicking on the specific task-bar item and the former window I was in (this doesn't happen EVERY time, btw) disappears. It gets irritating because I either have to minimize each window just to get back to it (or bring up task manager to click on it) and when I *do... Read more

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it all works just fine but when i open u3 (the program that manages the files (came already on flash drive)) and click eject the light on the flash drive stays on and the program freezes

when i go into my computer (after i put the flash drive back into the computer) it says it is in the computer but when i click on it, it brings up a window that says

G:\ refers to a location that is unavailable. It could be on a hard drive on this computer , or on a network. Check to make sur.... (and the useless information goes on and on)

the only way i can get access to the flash drive is forceing a reboot by pressing the button on the case if i try to log off or restart the computer it freezes on the saving settings screen

got any ideas on how to fix this

Answer:just got a new sandisk 2gb flash drive

First, you can't "eject" a usb flash drive ....when you insert it you will see a found hardware icon in the system tray remove the drive, close all files on it, right click the icon "safely remove ....." then click stop window the usb flash and hit stop will tell you when to remove it.

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I have used my SanDisk for a couple of months. It always works fine till yesterday. It just asked me to format it before I could use it. But, my boy friend said I could not format it like that, since the formatting process would also erase all my stored videos and office documents. So, what should I do to rescue my files there without formatting? How can I access my videos and documents there? Help me, please!

Answer:Help me with my SanDisk USB flash drive

Just click cancel and access it via My Computer.

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Does anyone know if my SanDisk USB Flash Drive will work with Vista Ultimate?

Answer:SanDisk Flash Drive

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I have just bought a SanDisk Cruzer Micro 4GB Flash Drive. Blurb on front of package says "access on any PC" - small print on back (not seen initially) gives system requirements as "Windows 2000, XP, Linux.
I have 3 computers, 2 on XP, 1 on 98SE(not linked). I need to transfer data from the XP machines to the 98SE machine but that machine does not recognise the USB drive and I have had no luck trying to download apparently suitable drivers. The 98SE machine is used to drive an engraving machine and it would cost many hundreds of dollars to convert this setup to XP - far more than the Flash Drive!
Vendor will not take it back as packaging was opened (impossible to try it without doing so!).
Help would be appreciated.

Answer:Sandisk USB Flash Drive

Have you looked on the web site to see if Windows 98 drivers are available?

Next, Windows 98 will run a CD burner just fine. Have you thought of that idea?

Next, Have you thought of removing the hard disk from the Windows 98 system and installing it temporarily into the XP system to transfer your files?. The XP system will need to have built-in connections for PATA drives, the type that uses the 40-pin ribbon cable connector. Some newer systems support SATA and PATA and some support only SATA.

Depending on your particular XP systems, yours may support only PATA, which would be a good thing in your case.

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I have several Sandisk Microcruzers, 1, 2, 4 and 8 GB. Job #1 once they are out of the package is to uninstall the U3 software to make them "just a regular flash drive", which is exactly what I wanted when I made the purchase.

Anyway, the first 4 I bought operate just fine. The most recent ones work, but the problem is this - when I first plug them into the USB port, I get a new explorer window showing the contents of the drive.

I have done nothing different with any of the drives as far as uninstalling the U3 software, and have not selected, or unselected any checkboxes or other options. I have looked everyplace I know, and cannot find where to turn this off. It seems like if it was a global type setting it would occur with all of the drives, but again, it does not occur with the first several I bought, but only with the new ones.

I would be most grateful for any help.


Answer:Sandisk Flash Drive

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Hi i was directed to your forum from usbman.i have never used a flash drive before.i havewin98 operating system.the computer is an hp16 gig hd,256mb ram.the flash drive only showsone part of a file on shows all files on two different computers.i thought it was a usb problem,that is why i asked question to usbman.they told me it is a windows problem,they saidto post on your this an operating systemproblem,if so what does it need.Thanks for any help,Edward

Answer:flash drive/sandisk

Since you are new, i'll explain a bit. Windows 98 is an 'old' version of Microsoft Windows. Memory sticks/flash drives can work on Windows 98 with a driver that you have to install, and the driver makes the flash drive run on your computer. Try reinstalling the drivers for the flash drive, that might work.It will also be helpful if you tell us information about the flash drive. What brand it is, what model, what company, how old it is, ect...

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I bought, last year sometime, a SanDisk Flash Drive that is 4GB and U3Smart.

This afternoon I finally was ready to use it to do a quick transfer of a couple of programs to my new laptop. I plugged it into a USB port, which are USB 2, and it shows up when I run Computer Manager to look at Disk Drives. The problem is that when I run Windows Explorer to find the drive so that I can copy some programs onto it I am not able to see it. What am I doing wrong please or what is it that I need to do so that I can see it and actually use it?


Answer:Problem with SanDisk Flash Drive

how long was it plugged into you machine, did it have time to install fully? does it come with an install cd(Probably not) does it work on other computers? do u see it as a drive in my computer?


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Hi - I know there are some people using these memory sticks with U3 (click here(1904)-SDCZ7-2048-A10-Cruzer_Titanium_2GB.aspx) as I checked the Seach facility, but can't find the answer to my question, so can someone help, please?They are advertised as letting you take your applications to another PC and you can open something on that PC even though the software which created it may not be present. At the same time, it says that you can only load U3-created programmes on to the drive. Furthermore, it says you can sync your Outlook files and take them with you. I did the sync bit and it copied all my emails, calendar etc, but can't see how to open the file on another machine.Am I being totally thick here? Outlook isn't compatible with U3. I know that I can use it just as a normal memory stick to drag and drop stuff onto it, but wouldn't opening them be dependent on for example, Excel being on the 'other'PC?I can't find the answers on the SanDisk site anywhere.

Answer:SanDisk Cruzer flash drive

I bought a memory stick which had U3. I had nothing but trouble with it. I suggest you forget about U3 and consider trying click here instead. I find this arrangement provides just about everything I might want to use when away from my main pc. You can have an office suite (open office), Firefox browser, mail, messenger etc.

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I own a Macbook Pro and my flash drive, a 2GB Sandisk Cruzer, won't read anymore. It's worked for a couple of years then, today, it just stopped showing up. The light won't come on and it doesn't show up in disk utility. I have no idea as to what could be the problem and am desperately looking for a solution. Please help.

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my friend has a 16 GB flash drive by sandisk fit cruzer and he was deleting some files off of it and while it was in the process of deleting and or moving files off or on to it whatever it was he was doing his mother accidentally pulled it out, or something and well it's now corrupt and He can't get it to format on any computer. I have tried quick formatting it and get nothing and then I just do regular format and I let it run overnight and it only gets half way and just sits there and does nothing which was the best he could get it to do as well. I have also tried formatting it using command prompt but just get Error in IOCTL call and so was wondering what else I could do to get it to format. There is or was nothing important on there so nothing needs to be saved or anything so what are some other options to get this to format.


Answer:16 GB Sandisk flash drive won't format

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Is there anyway to load applications to Flash Drive
that are NOT listed as "compatible"...Do I have to reformat the drive to do this?? Has anyone had success??

Answer:Applications for SanDisk U3 Flash Drive

You can install any portable application to a U3 drive. They just won't appear in the U3 application menu. You'd have to launch the app's EXE directly from the flash drive file system.

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I have Sandisk flash drives and I am having problem's deleting or Formating as it is says This Disk is protected how do I delete or Format please?

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I am currently trying to use my flash drive with my computer and it isn't working. It is a plug and play hardware that when plugged in, loads a progam (launchpad) to install the U3 program which is used by the flash drive to manage the programs and files within it. I am currently running Windows 2000 operating system and wasn't sure if the two just might not be compatable.

Answer:sandisk cruzer flash drive

It would appear that it should work with 2K. I just took mine in and plugged it into a 2K system, and I couldn't run LaunchPad, so maybe it's hit or miss.

I just tried another 2K system, and it loaded up fine. Don't know what was wrong with the first one, but it appears to work on 2K and XP here.

What minimum system requirements do I need to use a U3 smart drive?

Pentium III processor
Low-end graphics accelerator card.

The U3 smart drive Launchpad only runs on computers running Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 and later, Windows XP (all editions and service packs), and Windows Server 2003.Click to expand...

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I inserted a SanDisk Cruzer 16 GB flash drive in my Win 8 laptop, and a window opened that had the Sandisk logo and it said installing Sandisk files or something like that, with a progress bar that took about 20 seconds to move across. It was not the pop up bubble you generally see by the tray when a driver is being installed, it was larger and in the middle of the screen. It seemed like some sort of autorunning application, which I thought Windows 8 does not allow. I don't see any Sandisk application in Programs and Features. Any thoughts? Thanks

Answer:Autorun on Sandisk flash drive

Could be autorun INDEXING the files on your pen prior to opening the option dialog pop up .
I have the same exact pen, it has no propietary soft , its plug and play.
However if you need to change the autorun feature on your system just read here:
How To Disable AutoPlay & AutoRun In Windows 8

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I recently went to install a program onto my flash drive. As it started to install, the first process is to format, which i didnt know would happen. Immediately i stopped the formatting, however the files were already screwed up. Anyone know how to recover files from something like this?

The picture i posted is the after math of the semi-format

any and all help is greatly appreciated. thanks.

Answer:Sandisk USB flash drive corrupted

i) scan the USB drive for nasties

ii) try recovery programs such as:
PCInspector's Smart Recovery

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I’m not sure if this is in the right section so tell me if I need to move it.

About a year ago I bought a 1.0 GB Micro Cruzer from SanDisk at first it worked perfectly and I was able to transfer files easily from my XP Professional Desktop to my XP Professional Laptop (both with SP2). A few days ago I started having problems with the flash drive on my laptop. I would plug it in the light would come on for a second and then immediately go off. I wiggled it a little thinking that the connection was loose or something and managed to get the light to come on but got a “USB Device Not Recognized” message.

Since then I’ve tried plugging it into both my laptop and desktop. At times I get the “USB Device Not Recognized” message, sometimes it says “Found New Hardware” and then claims that the hardware was installed incorrectly and the device may malfunction. I did some research on my own and found mentions that XP itself might be the problem so I upgraded my desktop to Vista Business. Now I don’t get any kind of error message, the light on the flash drive is on, but it’s only showing up as “Unknown Device” in the device manager under the USB section which is the same way it was showing up in Windows XP.

Is there some way that this can be fixed? If necessary the files currently on the drive aren’t anything that can’t be replaced.

Answer:Problem With SanDisk Flash Drive

Flash drives have a fairly short life--nowhere near that of hard drives, for example. If it's a year old and you have used it very much, it may well be shot. They have usage expectations of only 1/10th that of a hard disk.

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Can anyone help with figuring out how to get a SanDisk U3 USB Flash Drive to work again?

It belongs to some friends, and every time they try to use it, they get the following:

U3 Launchpad error

“An error has occurred while initializing U3 Launchpad: Drive is unavailable or unformatted. U3 Launchpad will close now. Please format the drive, disconnect the U3 device and try again.”

The drive was working fine a couple of days ago, and after some MS Automatic updates, it went belly-up!

Anyone know of a way to read or recover the contents of the drive, or any free software to do so?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Answer:SanDisk U3 USB Flash Drive Problem

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I've got some data stored on a 4GB Sandisk Flash drive I've had for a couple of years. Nothing critical, but I'd like to get it back. One day it was working and then it wasn't. I didn't drop it or damage it in any way I'm aware of. When I plug it into the USB port, no light on the device nor any indication of the usual systray icon that an external device has been connected. Just to be complete, I checked in Windows Explorer and sure enough, it's not there.

Any ideas/thoughts?


Sorry, I thought I was in the Hardware forum... Moderator, please move it if you so desire.

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drive

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Hi, I'm looking to buy a 16gb flash drive.
Which one is most durable among Sandisk?
I gather the Cruzer is recommended.
But is it really better than, say, Fit or other Sandisk models?

Yes, i'm aware of Kingston and Corsair brands, so if by a miracle there's a good buy these days on Kingston or Corsair 16gb flash drives, all the better.

Answer:Which Sandisk flash drive is most durable?

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HiI have a problem with a SanDisk Cruzer Titanium 16GB USB Flash-Drive. I have been using it to download music, video and photo files from the internet. I received a pop-up message to tell me that the drive was almost full but I tried to download a large video file which may have exceeded the storage capacity of the drive. Since then my PC does not recognise the flash-drive at all, I have tried inserting it into different USB ports on my PC, front and rear, and on my laptop but it doesn't appear to be working at all. Is there any possibility of retrieving these files by purchasing additional 'rescue' software, or by using some other method you may know of?Many thanks to anyone who could help me.


In disk management try changing the drive letter.Worked for me once.

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Bought one of these from Amazon and worked fine initially,was able to backup stuff to it OK. Tried it today and shows as drive G on desktop PC but when I try to access it it says 'insert disk in drive G'. Same thing on laptop (drive E)I had deleted some SanDisk software that was on the drive when I got it to make more room but sure it has been working since then. Does not need drivers for Win XP. SanDisk tech support say it is faulty but any ideas before I return it?

Answer:SanDisk Cruzer Mico 1Gb usb flash drive

In my experience USB flash drives either work or they don't as under XP no drivers are needed.

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I recently purchased a SanDisk USB drive with Secure Access. According to the package, it is SUPPOSED to be compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (Mac 10.5 too). Here's the problem: I opened the User Guide only to find out that it does NOT support Windows *, which is what I am using. Rather than going through the same old Customer Support Dance, is it possible to reformat the USB drive so it will work with Windows 8? If so, how do I do that? And if not, what other options do I have? Every time I try to remove the drive from the USB port, I get an error message, telling me to reinsert the drive to "protect my data." Had I known this was going to an issue, I would never have bought the thing!

Answer:SanDisk USB Flash Drive with Secure Access

I don't know about the user guide. And if the usb drive is not defective, it will work with windows8. Could you copy files, on and off the usb drive?

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My SanDisk 1.0 GB Cruzer no longer works on my Dell Dimension 2400 (Intel Pentium 4 Processor, Windows XP SP3 Home Edition) but does work on the Dell Inspiron Notebook (Same OS but Professional Edition). I have tried all three USB ports to no avail.

Windows Explorer shows a drive G: Removable Disk (I changed the drive letter from F based on someone's suggestion). When the flash was working, I would see E: and F: both.

I had previously copied data from the Dimension to the flash drive on several occasions.

Coincidentally, HP Solution Center cannot detect my HP :7680 Officejet PRo All-in-One, which is plugged into a USB port. Solution Center says it cannot find any HP devices. So I am unable to scan photos onto the computer.

Are these problems related? Or do I have two problems?

Answer:SanDisk Flash Drive No Longer Works

Can you trying going to device manager and see if your universal serial bus controllers are on line (no yellow marks) and working.

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I just got a sandisk cruzer micro usb flash drive. When I try transferring files to it, i get the same error message: cannot copy_____ Cannot find the specified file. Make sure you specify the correct path and file name.
I tried it on another computer and it works fine. This is on xp. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:sandisk cruzer usb flash drive problems

There are lots of problems with the Cruzer drives. The 4th READ at the top of this forum deals with how to address the problems. If you try each of those and it still doesn't work, but the drive still works on other computers, then I'd look for reinstalling the USB drivers for your USB controller.

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Hi Everyone!
This may get lengthy. I'll try to give all the info I can...
I rec'd an 8GB Cruzer Micro flash drive for my birthday.
I plugged it into my laptop yesterday to transfer some stuff. At first I rec'd the messages that my laptop couldn't install or wasn't recognized or something- sorry I don't remember exactly what it said. So silly me I pull it out and put it into a different USB port when it promptly shut down my computer.
Well, after some searching, I find that you can't have a CD or a DVD in your drive or it causes a conflict. So, after I remove the DVD from the drive & shutdown & restart the computer, I plug the flash drive in and it works flawlessly.
But, I go to run a game from the start, all programs, games, spider solitare, and it opens, but doesn't deal. When you click on the window, it turns to white screen and displays "(not responding)" in the title bar.
None of the games work. They all do this same thing. What happened? What do I do to fix this? I've only had this laptop for 2 weeks! Help! I should mention that I am running Vista basic SP1.

Answer:Problems after using Sandisk Micro flash drive

Try doing a system restore... This should be easy to do if the laptop is only 2 weeks old

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I have a Sandisk 32GB flash drive with some important documents on it. Upon plugging it into my laptop just now it I have the horror of finding it completely empty Has it somehow been formatted? And what are my chances of recovering any information off it? And how would I go about this? The documents have been deleted off the other computer.

Answer:Sandisk 32GB Flash drive wiped

Before you unplugged that USB thumb drive from the other computer, did you open its window and confirm the documents had been copied to it?

Did you use the "safely remove hardware" function before unplugging that USB thumb drive?

If you copied those documents to that USB thumb drive and then deleted them from the computer, that was a bad decision because you had no second backup copy to fall back on.

A USB thumb drive also isn't a reliable backup media source like an external USB hard drive and CD-R's/DVD-R's are.


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Whenever i try to eject my Sandisk flash drive, by right-clicking on it's icon and clicking on "Eject Cruzer",
I get an error window with the title, "Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device".
The message says, "Windows is unable to stop the device 'USB Mass Storage Device'.
Don't remove this device while it is still in use. Close any programs using this device and then remove it."

This only happens the first time I attempt to eject my flash drive since connecting it.
The second time I try to eject it, it always works.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?
I know it's not a problem with my flash drive, because it works just fine on other computers.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver for the flash drive in the Device Manager, but that didn't work.

Answer:Problem Ejecting Sandisk Flash Drive

Hi retroboy87,

I don't why that's occurring, but just so you know, you should be able to configure the flash drives so they are safe to just pull out, rather than "safely removing them." I know this is not an answer, but more of a 'work-around' if needed. It should already be defaulted that way as well. More HERE.


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Whenever i try to eject my Sandisk flash drive, by right-clicking on it's icon and clicking on "Eject Cruzer",
I get an error window with the title, "Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device".
The message says, "Windows is unable to stop the device 'USB Mass Storage Device'.
Don't remove this device while it is still in use. Close any programs using this device and then remove it."

This only happens the first time I attempt to eject my flash drive since connecting it.
The second time I try to eject it, it always works.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?
I know it's not a problem with my flash drive, because it works just fine on other computers.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver for the flash drive in the Device Manager, but that didn't work.

Answer:Problem Ejecting Sandisk Flash Drive

Hi retroboy87,

I don't why that's occurring, but just so you know, you should be able to configure the flash drives so they are safe to just pull out, rather than "safely removing them." I know this is not an answer, but more of a 'work-around' if needed. It should already be defaulted that way as well. More HERE.


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My SanDisk 4Gb Cruzer Flash Drive works in my home HP desktop, but does not show up in my office Fujitsu XP laptop. So, I can't transfer my work from home to office. Strangely, it works in my colleagues' laptops - we are issued the same model.

Please advise as to how I could get it to work on my laptop. Thanks a lot!


Answer:Problem with SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drive

Welcome to TSG shansg!! Hope this helps...

At work you probably have a network drive mapped to the Letter the FlashDr wants to use. On the work PC disconnect the network drives (or remove the laptop from the network connection then login) for the letter that shows up at home (probably F:\). Insert the FlashDr and the pc should now see it. Go to Computer Management (my computer, right click, select management, go to storage, disk management right click and select 'change drive letter'. Pick a letter that doesn't map.

You'll have to reconnect network drive, easist to logoff and back on or reboot. But that computer should now recognize your FlashDr as the new letter.

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This is my first post.I have a dual boot system with xp and windows 7,Today I bought two flash drives and tried to to format on XP.The hardware wizard was not able to install whereas they are working perfectly on windows 7.Will you please suggest a remedy for working the drives in XP.thanks

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How do you password protect a Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB 2.0 Flash Drive & how do you use the U3 & what is U3?

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Password protect.
U3 flash drives have an extra piece of hardware on the drive to enable U3.
U3 is a portable application platform where you can install and run
programs from the flash drive.
U3 description.
U3 software.

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Unlike various threads I looked at, I want to reformat my SanDisk 4GB Cruzer Titanium Plus flash drive. It came with USB3 stuff that I don't want, and which hassles me every time. I just want 4GB that looks and acts like a single unrestricted USB drive when plugged into a WINXP or Vista PC. I would prefer NTFS, but I could easily live with FAT32. There's no data of significance on the Cruzer to worry about saving first.

I have a WINXP Pro SP3 machine, and a Vista SP1 machine. I could use either to do the reformatting once I learn how.

So far everything I've tried to accomplish this reformating has been thwarted, including using the DOS Format command. Can anyone point me to the procedure or other secret that will let me do this? Would appreciate any words of wisdom.

Answer:How do I reformat a SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drive?

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Ok, so I've got a new 4 GB flash drive to move all my pics/MP3's, doc's and what not over to, so I can do some formatting. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron B130. I plugged it into my USB port (and I tried both E: and F:, and had the same problem on both) and was able to move my MP3's and pics to it with Windows Media Player. However, I can't see it under "My Computer" so I can move my doc's and games to it. I was able to see it under "Safely Remove Hardware", and it showed up as already installed under "Add Hardware" (which it should! It's Plug and Play, no disc came with it). However, I can't find it anywhere that I can drag and drop files. I've tried right-clicking a file and checking "Send to..." and also "Move Selected Files" but it never gives me the F: or E: option. In trying to see if I could back the rest up on CD, I started up Sonic DLA. It couldn't read that I had a disc drive at all (which I obviously, do). I've spent 7 hours straight on this, and I'm at the point of wiping the whole 'puter and giving up all my addresses/programs/files. Can anybody give me any advice? Please?

EDIT to add: I forgot to mention that in my device manager, it says the device is working properly

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive... Where is my F: ????

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I've been using this USB flash drive for longer than I can remember now. It's only 2 gigabytes but it still has 585 MB of space on it. But now when I try save anything on it I receive this message, "Word cannot save or create this file. Make sure that the disk you want to save this file on is not full, write-protected or damaged."

What can I do to restore it? I don't want to format it since I'll lose all the info in it. When I check out the formatting option on it though, I noticed it's using a FAT file system.

How can I ever get this flash drive to save anything again?

Answer:Can't save info on 2 gb SanDisk USB flash drive

Move the info off the stick onto the computer, then format it and move the info back on.

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Hi, i have some problems with my 8gb flash drive.
i get a few error when i try to fix it the way i can only think off, maybe someone else knows how i can fix it.

firstly: When i plug it in i get this error:

I click format as i think it will fix it and i get this:
As you can see it says "unknown capacity" and i dont know why or how to fix it.

i then click format and i get this error:
i then click close on the format window as i dont know what else to do and i get this error:

I have it plugged in correctly as its only 1 and a half inches long and it plugs smoothly into my usb port. The only thing i can think of that has made it crash like this is that the school computers have the "safely remove hardware" feature removed so i have to just remove it. Nothing has been done to this to damage the actuall hardware physically.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this i would appreciate it, if you could point me in the right direction.


Answer:Solved: Sandisk usb flash drive wont work

Try formatting it FAT32, instead of FAT. If that doesn't work try using this utility:

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I have just bought one of these of amazon. I can't seem to copy anything to it to play on my new sony usb reading car stereo. I've just noticed it's a flash drive, can this still be used? HELP!

Answer:SanDisk Cruzer Micro 8GB U3 Readyboost Flash Drive

This one? click hereSeems to me it should do the job. What's the problem copying to it? I don't think that it has any write protection built in.

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So I bought a Sandisk Cruzer 4gig flash drive and it claims it is readyboost compatible. But when I plug it into my pc (HP Pavilion Media Center running Vista Ultimate 32bit), the flash drive is recognized but I do not get an option for readyboost! What's the deal?

Before buying this thing.. I read all the reviews.. and people said it was great.

Steps I took to remedy the problem:

Attempt 1: Formatted the drive - NOTHING
Attempt 2: Downloaded U3 uninstaller and uninstalled it - NOTHING
Attempt 3: Went back to staples to get a different unit (thought it was deffective - NOTHING
Attempt 4: Posting questions on message boards.

After getting another unit and plugging it in.. i still get the same issue - NO READYBOOST.

OH called techsupport.. they were not very helpfull and said that currently their are no new drivers available.

Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Sandisk 4Gig Micro Flash Drive with ReadyBoost

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I have a sandisk cruzer micro usb flash drive (256mb) that is becoming truly problematic, strike that, nonfunctional. Ive tried this on mutliple machines and operating systems, so i know its a problem witht he flash drive.

The drive is old, about 3 years, and my impression was that these things hardly ever malfuntioned, until mine did, today. When i plug it in, i will usually get, ahrdware need to be installed, then, "there was a problem installing your necesssary hardware..blah bl;ah blah". It basically wont mount as a drive on the system so that i can access the files/drive. It wont function or turn on, anything. I had a feeling it was a problem with the actuall connection to the female USB port. The actual connection part of the drive has had some wear and tear over the years and isnt the most perfectly fitting usb socket anymore, kinda deformed. So when i plug the thing in, (ive done this in the past and it works fine), a little jiggle of the drive, adjustment and careful insertion into the usb port will ensure that the four little copper connectors make contact and the drive is able to turn on/mount so that i can access it on the desktop.

But now its harder and harder to get the thing to work, and when i can get it to mount, the drrive shows that its completely clean, nothing on it, and that there is no room for storage, a filled yet blank drive

ALL i want to do is get the files that were saved on the drive, off of it so i can go buy a new one and transfer t... Read more

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Micro Flash drive dying?????

Its is unlikely in the extreme that surgery will be useful.

What whould you do once inside the unit? There is a surface mounted memory chip or chips, a clock interface and pratically nothing else.

The chips have a MTBF (mean time before failure) just as any electronic device does, they are not eternal and some will have premature failures.

While opening it up and using a maginifying glass to look for circuit board fractures would be the only possibility, the chances of seeing them and then the chances of being able to repair the hair-like tracks would be a challenge, if that indeed was the fault.

In short, you have nothing to lose if it will not mount (unless it mounts no data recovery software can find it) but you may be disappointed in the possibilities that result from disassembly. From your description a mechanical issue may indeed be the problem, but the warnings were there and you should have recovered all at the first sign of a problem.

FWIW I have one here that still works after a trip through the washing machine...

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I am not certain into which category I should post this because it crosses Windows and Mac borders, but:

I just recently purchased a SanDisk cruzer mini 2.0 GB flash drive.

I run 2 Mac minis and a Compaq with Windows/XP. I attempted to copy the Compaq Documents folder to the SanDisk as the Compaq is being replaced with another Windows machine and I want to preserve the data. I also dumped the email and Contact info for later import.

I did the copy on the Compaq (using one of the USB connections):

When looking at the data on my mini:
-I discover that embedded folders/directories did not consistently copy- (the embedded FOLDERS, even several layers deep did copy), the DOCUMENTS did not. But documents in the first level (inside no folder except DOCUMENTS) DID copy.
-Then when I attempted to delete the (empty) folders the SanDisk hung. Then I restarted (nothing else would work) and attempted to replace the empty folders with real ones. Again the SanDisk hung.

Right now I feel like a I have a 2.0 GB necklace, but useless as a backup device.

Does anyone have a clue on what I can do to clear, then re-copy, the data?
Pete F

Answer:SanDisk cruzer mini 2.0 GB flash drive-locked up

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I have this flash drive
USB Flash Memory - Smart Design Flash USB Drive by SanDisk
U3 is built within it. As i put it in win7 i dont have the AUTOPLAY menu , but I can through the browser locate the two components of the drive under My Computer:



I think I read somewhere win 7 Such is restricted to built-DOK with U3 security because ...?

-I've No problem at all with AUTOPLAY in win 7 with all others DOK or disk insertion.

-I've No problem with the "problematic" DOK on VISTA / XP -AUTOPLAY menus opened immediately.

The problem is known?

How can we overcome it in WIN7?

Answer:SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drive-AUTOPLAY problem

I'm a little confused.

Not your fault, just my slow grasping of problems.

Could you do me a favor and

post a snip of the output of:
WIN E key combo
WIN is the key with the wavy flag.

Make a snapshot:
Click the New button.
Drag the cursor around the area you want to snip.
File | Save as | select save location and name | Save button

Post the snapshot:

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Just bought this drive primarily for storing files and transferring some onto another computer. Software includes SecureAccess and a vault for which passwords have to be generated. Does the 'other' computer have to have this software installed before it will be able to open the file(s) and is there an easier way by bypassing the more secure vault as none of the files are sensitive. Thank you for your help.

Answer:SanDisk Cruzer flash drive transferring files to other computer

Do you not have to put the documents into the vault before using Secure Access? If you are just copying day to day files etc. Then using the vault would not necessary I would have thought.
Just had a look here and it does not have to be installed on the PC.Click here.

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I have a couple of SanDisk 8GB Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drives that don't display consistently in Win 7 Disk Management. They are labeled SANDISK 1 and SANDISK 2. They appear properly as a drive icon with SANDISK 2 drive letter M or SANDISK 1 drive letter K in Win 7 Computer - Devices with Removable Storage, but intermittently appear properly in Win 7 Disk Management. For example, in the Volume list in the top window, I see only an disk icon under volume, nothing under File System, but Layout, Type, Status, Capacity, Free Space and the remainder of the columns appear normal.

Also, in the graphical display in the lower portion of the center section below the Volume list section, the left column appears normal, but the graphical portion to the right only displays 7.50GB, Healthy (Primary Partition), the label and drive letter are not displayed. Also, when I right click the displayed device in the left column, I get a pop-up entitled SanDisk Cruzer USB Device Properties, but when I click the Volumes Tab, I can't select the Volume and click Properties, because only a drive icon and capacity are displayed, the Propertied button is greyed out.

Interestingly, the above description is for when I have only one of the USB devices plugged into the system. When I plug the second USB device into the system, it displays properly without any issues. I don't think it's a device issue, because I can get either to display properly if it's the second USB device attached as indicated in ... Read more

Answer:SanDisk USB Flash Drive Dosen't Disply Properly in Disk Management

Do you have daemon tools installed? If yes, uninstall it, there are known issues.

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E420, E520 - Sandisk Extreme USB3.0 Flash drive (32GB) not recognized with BIOS. I am using latest version (1.25). Any ideas ?

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  hey bro help me solve this problem. I m unable to remove usb write protection from my flash drive in win7 using given solution. what should i do please suggest as fast as u can

Answer:unable to remove usb write protection frrom my sandisk flash drive in windows 7

Using given solution? Is url reference missing that you meant to include?As far as this flash drive goes... I would backup the contents of it to a hard drive or another flash drive before making any attempts to make it read/write enabled again.Then once you have backed up the data on it, delete the partition on this drive if allowed. Then create a new partition and format that partition. But with write protection enabled you might not be able to do this. However if the flash drive is simply corrupt you may be able to delete the partition and create new and format fresh.Given the price of flash drives these days I wouldnt spend too much trouble with trying to fix it. Some flash drives when they fail internally no longer accept write requests, and your lucky that they will even read.I am assuming that this USB flash drive doesnt have a slide switch like some USB flash drives have to make them write protected.

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Hi, I am an oap with little pc knowledge. My friend has kindly downloaded some small video clips from my phone onto a SanDisk Cruzer Edge 32GB memory stick. He put a note with it to open with quicktime player. When I load the stick it goes straight to windows options for opening which of course gets me nowhere. I do have quicktime installed but can't seem to get the connection in order to open these files. Now the pc is saying it is not recognising the Sandisc.
I there a kind hearted soul out there who can give me very easy instructions re how to just open these videos onto my pc. Many thanks

Answer:sandisk cruzer edge flash drive 32GB will not recognise to read files

Quote: Originally Posted by victorsj

Hi, I am an oap with little pc knowledge. My friend has kindly downloaded some small video clips from my phone onto a SanDisk Cruzer Edge 32GB memory stick. He put a note with it to open with quicktime player. When I load the stick it goes straight to windows options for opening which of course gets me nowhere. I do have quicktime installed but can't seem to get the connection in order to open these files. Now the pc is saying it is not recognising the Sandisc.
I there a kind hearted soul out there who can give me very easy instructions re how to just open these videos onto my pc. Many thanks

Hi victorsj,

Welcome to Seven forums.

Please let us know what happens when you connect this USB drive to this system or any other system. Kindly post a screenshot of my computer and device manager so we can check the same:

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

Kindly update your system specs here by following this.
Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.

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Question: Flash kills my pc.

I don't know what it is but flash just kills my pc (x4 955, 4gb ram, 6850). I have even tried a fresh install of my OS and flash still just kills it. Sometimes firefox will become painfully slow on flash sites. If I bring up a flash site while I am playing a game the game gets real choppy. The thing is I don't notice this at all on my two laptops (both older c2d laptops), and I don't know why the problem would persist through a reformat of the os?

Answer:Flash kills my pc.

Are flash and your 6850 drivers updated?

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Well idiot me always plugged the jumpdrive through my front usb port and never had a problem.

Last night at work, showed a buddy and thought id try it on the comp there, as i was taking it out he said no, click on the task manager to remove it properly i said naaa it's fine. It was.
Last night at home, thought id try it and again, plugged it in and removed it no problem.
This morning plugged it in, but for some reason took it out while it was being loaded and read by the computer.

So it got corrupted, called Sandisk they tried to troubleshoot it and it was fried, they said send it in with proof of purchase and theyll send me a new one.

Asked them they won't try to fix it or anything, just in case, because i do have some personal files and pictures of friends and family on there.
He said not to worry. I trust Sandisk and it's a very reputable company, but the other part of me says what if someone actually tests it out, gets it working and checks the files, not good.

So is there any way to wipe the memory off of it, outside the computer?
ie - taking a magnet to it? friends said, it won't work because it's a chip, inside.

Anyone? Anyone?....
...thanks in advance...

Answer:Sandisk flash memory

Have you tried to reformat the device? If you can, that should wipe out the data on it, though it still might be recoverable with sophisticated software (just as deleted data can be recovered from a floppy or hard drive, even from a hard drive that's been repartitioned and reformatted). Even if you can reformat the flash drive I'd recommend doing a security wipe -- Norton has such a security wipe utility that can overwrite a hard drive or floppy multiple times with random data to insure that previously written data can't be recovered from it and perhaps it would work with a flash drive. I'm not certain that zapped data on flash drives can be recovered the way data on a hard drive often can but if you want to be certain that your personal stuff is really zapped I'd look for some security wipe utilities -- assuming you can do anything with the device, like reformatting it.

I know I recently saw an article about recovering data from flash drives or from compact flash media -- corrupted files resulting from the sort of thing you did -- removing the flash device without first clicking on the "Remove Hardware Safely" icon in the system tray, but not certain exactly where I saw it. Have been reading recent issues of PC Mag, PC World and Maximum PC so it could have been in any one of those. I'll take a peek at my recent issues of those and if I can find the article will post again tomorrow with any info that may be of help to you.

I&... Read more

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Hi there,I am running Window XP and trying to used SandDisk 1gb flash memory in USB ports. they are not reconised in the PC at all. When I go into my computer the flash drive is not reconised. I have tried formatting the USB drives but they are still not shown. I have been on Sandisk website to see if there is an updated driver but there is not for the flash drive I have or XP.I have been told to update the bios which is something I will do at a last resort.Any help would be gratefully received.Wrighty

Answer:Sandisk USB flash memory not working in USB

Have you got Windows SP3 loaded? if not you should try it

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I have a SanDisk compact flash card reader. The reader was working. Now when I try to access the pictures it says the DCIM directory is either corrupt or unreadable. Can anyone tell me how to reinstall the necessary file.

Answer:need help SanDisk compact flash card reader

I've moved you to hardware and changed the title of your post to something more suitable than needing help with XP professional

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I have fake 16GB flash memory that store little data and any thing you store after become corrupted. I have windows 7 and I used to have fake 8GB flash memory and I used a program to correct the flash memory, and after the program run, the flash memory become 128MB with no sectors that corrupt data.

I forget the name of the program and I don't know if it work with all flash memory. I have 16GB Sandisk flash memory and I want to correct it so it shows its true capacity

Answer:how to corret fake 26GB Sandisk USB flash memory?

Just trash it and buy a genuine one with reputable brand name.
I wouldn't trust my data on such rubbish. Not worth the hassle.

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While flashing the BIOS to latest on my R61e with Windows 7 (32 bit) the flash hung and never recovered. After about 30 minutes I bit the bullet and restarted the system and, of course, it won't come up. Battery and HDD LED's light up, fan runs but that is it. Is there a BIOS reset pin on the mobo or a key combo that can get me well again? Can the CMOS chip be replaced? Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I have taken this laptop apart before (upgraded the CPU) so am not averse to popping the top and working inside it.

Answer:R61e BIOS Flash with Windows 7 Kills system

Lenovo is no help and says it is a user problem.  I have found many on other forums having similar problems so lenovo should isue a warning for this particular combination.

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Hi Guys,
My wife's PC has a strange error.  The PC is Win 7 64bit and runs Firefox and the AV is Microsoft Security Essentials.  But she is a big FB fan.  She must have clicked on a link that infected her PC.  When opening FF and trying to open FB or Google, it asks for a Flash update - just that and click "OK", no "Cancel" and trying to X it out is ignored.  (A strange thing is that while the PC is infected, her iPad has the same FB and Google problems, when the PC infection is gone, the iPad is OK??? And no - I have no inkling why this is happening).  I have tried all the recommended malware killers - TDS, RKill, Rogue Killer, ADW, JRT to no avail.  I then ran Combofix and the problem went away - until the next reboot.  I have run Combofix again and this time saved the log file - see below.  She left the PC on and everything is still OK, but I know it will return on the next reboot.
Here is the Combofix log file - If you can decipher it and assist I will be most grateful.
ComboFix 14-03-24.01 - Beatrix 2014/03/25  21:56:24.2.2 - x64
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional   6.1.7601.1.1252.27.1033.18.6143.4750 [GMT 2:00]
Running from: c:\tools not for dummies\CFix.exe
AV: Microsoft Security Essentials *Disabled/Updated* {3F839487-C7A2-C958-E30C-E2825BA31FB5}
SP: Microsoft Security Essentials *Disabled/Updated* {84E27563-E198-C6D6-D9BC-D9F020245508}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831... Read more

Answer:Flash player update kills Facebook, Google

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***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of t... Read more

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'll give it a try.

So here's a little backstory.

I have a hp laptop and my wife used to have a dell laptop. Both were able to connect with our wireless with no issues and xbox live had no issues also. Wife needs a new laptop so we go out and get her macbook pro since shes into photoshop and all that. Everything still works fine until she opens her mac and connects to the wireless. As soon as she does that everything hits the fan. Xbox live goes to 1 bar. Any online game goes to super high latency with 1 bar. and my internet starts going super slow. Basically everything gets affected except her mac. So I have no idea what to do, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Mac kills the wireless

already moved the other one, closing duplicate.

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New here so this may be answered elswhere.
Whenever I unplug a usb device it causes my wireless connection to disconnect.
Any suggestions?
Windows xp Pro 5.1.2600

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Hello there.
I have a Sandisk Cruzer usb and I accidentally erased the file that came on the usb itself and now the device is unreadable to some of my other devices (DVD Player, media players, ect.). I tried looking at the sandisk website for help, I tried google for about an hour and still can't find any thing thats even relevant to this matter. So if anyone knows how to fix this please help, I really need the usb to work again.


Answer:Solved: Sandisk Cruzer 8GB missing sandisk files.

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On my desktop at home I have a VPN connection to my work so I can use Outlook. When I RDP into my desktop from my laptop and connect to the VPN, it kills the wireless connection on my desktop everytime right at the point where the VPN is "registering your computer on the network." If I walk my lazy buy upstairs and connect to the VPN on the desktop it's fine. Any idea what is causing this?

Answer:Connecting to VPN while in RDP kills wireless connection

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Hello all, I have an interesting problem here. When I connect my new W540 to my wireless network, it kills all the connections to all wireless devices. (wired connection stays up)To be able to connect again, the router must be restarted. I tried with a TP-Link router and a Linksys router, both give me the same problem. I am using windows 8.1 and updated all the drivers, but so far the network keeps failing.  Wireless card is Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260  Any ideas are welcome!

Answer:W540 kills wireless network

Which router models?

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Hey everyone! This is a head scratcher on me... I have Halo for PC on my laptop, but the wireless connection drops after 10 seconds of logging into an online server.

I've tried TCP optimizers, and I lowered the MTU size from 1500 to 1300 on my wireless router... anything else I should try?

Oh, and I'm managing the connection using windows... the utility with the adapter isn't any good.

Personally, I just think the connection can't handle the bandwidth. What do you guys think?


Answer:Halo PC kills wireless connection??!!??

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Hi, First-timer (be gentle with me ) I lost my wireless access and tried everything I could think to correct it (even swapping the wireless card with a known good one). Performed a full XP (home) restore (and we all know how long THAT takes when data has to be backed up, programs reinstalled etc). Wireless works fine until I install the VGA drivers from Lenovo Support. As long as I disable the VGA drivers, I can use the wireless but as soon as I enable them, I lose the wireless again. Have updated the chipset and BIOS from Lenovo Support and all other devices are working fine. Just the wireless that can't get along with the VGA. Can anyon help, please?

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Hey, I have a HP DV2419US laptop with the brcm1022 wireless chip. My router is a D-link DIR-655. The router is running the most recent firmware, and the laptop has the most recent drivers, under Windows 7.

My problem is this. When I turn on the wireless radio on the laptop and connect to the router, it kills the signal to all the other machines in my house. As soon as I flip the switch on the laptop to turn off the radio, or turn off the laptop, the problem goes away.

What could possibly be causing this?

Answer:Wireless laptop kills network

Strange...can you meter the signal from the other devices to see if maybe the router is defective? Where is the HP laptop in relation to the router? Maybe the router is in a bad spot?

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I'm using a Linksys Wireless-B Router, and it will randomly cut the internet connection from my laptop(integrated wireless) and sometimes from the desktop(hardline straight from the router)but not always. The connection will stay visible but will say "limited or no connectivity" I can usually access the router address, but no internet or anything. Now if I just disconnect and reconnect from the wireless network on my laptop sometimes it will work again, but other times I have to go and unplug the router and plug it back it to get it to work. I live in a town house, and I can see at least 2 other linksys router signals from my laptop wireless menu, could other signals be part/all of the problem? Sometimes its almost as if the router FREEZES up and won't do anything until you unplug it. Another question as well: At some point we had two laptops running off the wireless network, and one was using a USB adapter, and when the router would "freeze" if you unplugged the USB wireless adapter or disabled it, it would let the other computers back on. Is this just a screwy router? Could a usb device jam a router per say? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Linksys Wireless-B kills internet

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I was wondering if i can get wireless internet to my psp from my computer through a flash drive, and i dont want to buy a flash drive unless i know its going to work.

Answer:can i get wireless internet from my home computer to my psp through a flash drive

Well, a FLASH disk isn't a wireless device, so I have no idea what you're talking about here. Given that fact, I'd say it won't work.

Maybe you could specify make/model of the equipment you're considering?

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I have an Compaq Presario F730US. All the specs are the factory original, except I upgraded it to 2 gb of ram and to Win 7.

The situation is a little bit complicated, but I will try to explain it.

I was running Vista on the computer. One day I ran Windows update, and the computer stopped recognizing the wireless card. I uninstalled the updates and disabled new updates, and it seemed to work again. I did not like this setup, since I didn't want to have to avoid getting Windows Updates, but I accepted the situation because I was about to update the computer to Windows 7.

After I did a clean install of Windows 7, the wireless card was working fine immediately after the install. The device manager recognized it (I checked because that was the problem I had been having with Vista). I used the computer for about an hour. I hoped that the problem would not come back with Windows 7, so I allowed it to run Windows Update. But immediately after I updated and restarted, the wireless card stopped working again. Once again it does not seem to be recognized by the computer.

This time, however, once I uninstalled the updates the problem remained. I have re-installed the wireless card drivers. I am out of ideas. I have been on the phone with Microsoft Support for several hours now, and they are shifting the blame to a faulty wireless card. But I know that the card worked perfectly up until the Windows Update ran. There's a very very low chance that my wireless card broke right as... Read more

Answer:Windows Update Kills Wireless Card

Hi - connect the wifi and run this WMI script. It will ge me info on wifi setup -

Download the zip file, extract the EXE to Desktop. RIGHT-click on EXE file. select "Run as Administrator"

2 notepads will open - 1 behind the other. Zip up both and attach to next post.

Regards. . .



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Hello kind souls,

Pertinent Info: Windows XP, Dell PC, SBC Yahoo DSL, D-Link DI-524 router, speedstream modem

After a brief power-outage yesterday, the wireless here at my house went down. The home PC (hooked up to modem and router) can only get online when I bypass the router and plug the ethernet chord directly into the back of the PC. This occasionally happens (wireless goes out) but can typically be reset by rebooting the three (PC, modem, router).

Maybe a year ago, I fixed the most complex networking problem of my fledgling experience. It had similar symptoms and ended up being some confusion between IP addresses. I remember manually assigning IP addresses in boxes, turning on and off my firewall, and rebooting things. I suspect this time its a similar problem but this time I can't seem to get past it. I have reset both the modem and the router.

For a baseline, I shut down all three machines (set up as they always are, not to bypass modem) and rebooted them (Order: PC, modem, router). Neither PC or wifi has connection. Only the POWER and DSL lights are lit on the modem. The Local Area connection says 'network cable unplugged'. ipconfig/all yields:
host name: dim4500
Primary Dns Suffix:
Node Type: Broadcast
Ip routing enabled: no
WINS proxy enabled: no
Media State: Media disconnected

When I bypass the router and put the ethernet chord directly into the PC, the Ethernet light comes on the modem. The Local area connection says 'connected'. ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Wireless router kills internet

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Hi all,
When I visit my mum and boot up my windows 7 laptop. It connects to the wireless network and the after a short time being on the network the network dies for the whole house.
It takes a router reboot to get the network back online. However the network is perfectly fine running with iPhones, iPads, and other laptops on Windows 10.
I need help as this is confusing me.
The wireless hub is connected to router in modem mode.
If you need more info please ask and I'll supply...
Thanks in advance

Answer:Laptop kills wireless home network

Do you have a Lenova laptop? Excessive network traffic and wifi drops linked to LenovoEMC Storage connector click here

Some previous versions of LenovoEMC Storage connector / discover.exe
could lead to excessive network traffic and network disconnects or
denial of service in some environments.
...The network traffic may be interpreted as a network flood or
denial-of-service attack. As a result, the system may become
restricted on the network or the network may stop functioning
“LenovoEMC Storage Connector” is preloaded on some ThinkPad models to
help customers discover and connect to LenovoEMC storage devices on
their network. The process causing the network flood is
discovery.exe, which is a component of “LenovoEMC Storage Connector”.
Lenovo has released and updated version that resolves these symptoms.
If you wish to use LenovoEMC storage connector please install the
version listed below (or later).

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Hi All,Any advice is greatly appreciated. I have Virgin broadband running on a desktop PC via a Speedtouch Modem dial up connection. Works fine. I have also got a Netgear Wireless router so am trying to get the wiresless wiorking on my laptop through this connection. My understanding is that to get this up and running I should plug in the wireless router to the adsl filter and this should get it started. However, anytime I plug in the internet cable from the router to the wall socket via the filter it kills my phone line. I get the lights on the modem saying wireless and power on but no internet. I have contacted BT and they say there is no fault on the line. Am I a) setting up the right way and b) any suggestions why the router kills the phone line? It is only a year old.Many thanks for any help!reccer

Answer:Plugging in Wireless Router kills Phone

The Speed touch is a USB modem for a Single Computer to be connected to your ISP to allow access to the InternetYou cannot use a USB modem with a router; you need to get a modem with an Ethernet ports to connect the router like the Linksys by Cisco ADSL2+ Modem, which have a USB and Ethernet portclick here?I have also got a Netgear Wireless router?What is the model # and is it a ASDL 2+ Wireless Modem / Router like this one click hereOr is it a NETGEAR Wireless 54Mbps Cable/ DSL Firewall Router with 4 ports Switch which require a separate ASDL modem like this one click herePlugging in this type of router to a phone line will kill the phone line as it is not meant to connect to the phone line but a Ethernet port on a ASDL modem

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I was notified that there was a new firmware ( for my Netgear R7000 router and it adds quite a few new features.

So I let it download and install - everything EXCEPT wireless works fine. Anything wireless on my network is disconnected and no network keys work to log on. I'm using PSK/AES as suggested but no luck.

I tried resetting to factory defaults and still not able to connect.

I reverted back to the older firmware. I did a google search and didn't see anything about wireless loss or difficulties.

Anyone have suggestions? I will resort to tech support if I have to LOL but that's painful these days, so I wanted to ask here first.

Answer:Netgear R7000 Firmware kills my wireless. WTH?

Do yourself a favor and install

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I recently purchased an i7 920 , GA-X58-UDR3 & 6 gigs DDR3. Installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and everything works great! Only problem I am having is when I am using Utorrent (Recent Version) or downloading something I loose Full function of my keyboard. It misses key strokes and sometimes hold keys down as well.
It affects my mouse as well It seems the faster i download the worse it gets. I know very strange. Any ideas?? Anything would help! Thanks again.

Answer:Windows 7 & Utorrent Kills Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Use the regular Bit Torrent client and see if problem persist? Actually I dont think its an utorrent related problem.

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So I can't use the SanDisk flash drive I already have cause it's default is drive (F
But I have virtual drives that are already drive (F.

What can I do solve it?

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My laptop is not recognising the Sandisk memory stick duo adapter. My Computer says please insert disk, even when the adaptor is in place (and there are images on the memory card)

Answer:Sandisk F:/ drive not working

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Sandisk pendrive is not woking its showing the data which is stored but i couldn't store the data any more now even thgough it has huge space

Answer:sandisk pen drive not working

Some USB sticks have a write protect switch which if switched on will prevent further writes to the USB stick and turn it into a read only device.Check that you have such a switch and has not been accidentally turned on to write protect?___________________________________________? When everything else fails, read the instructions.

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I was given an external hard drive from a friend a while back. He said it had stopped working for him and thought it had something to do with the power. I figured I'd rip it out of its enclosure and try it in my machines; 250 gb is to large to let waste. The problem I run into, is when trying to turn on a machine whilst the drive is plugged in. The computer will do nothing. The lights don't come on, there are no beeps, and the fans don't. I will have to reset the powersupply and unplug the drive for the computer to boot like normal. However, even though I can boot now, for some reason it corrupts my NTLDR, meaning I cant actually get into XP until I boot from my CD and recover the darned thing. It has performed the same way on two different computers, and my question is, is it completely hosed, or is there still a way I can utilize the storage. I'm also quite interested in what exactly is happening when it wont allow power to my machine, even if I wont be able to fix it. Thanks in advance for any helpful replies


Answer:A Hard Drive That Kills?

''I was given an external hard drive from a friend a while back. He said it had stopped working for him'' could this be why it wont work for you ???? Check settings in bios that you are not booting from this HD and have you set Jumper settings to Slave and connected on intermediary connection on ribbon (assuming of course that this is a slaved HD) & check power lead to HD is sitting tight to all 4 prongs as if one is loose these symptons will occur.

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In my PC (Windows 7 Professional - 32 Bit Operatins System - Service Pack 1 installed) whenever I plug in Flash Drive, the system creates short cut for all the folders in the Flash Drive. The folders and its contents are safe.

But I am unable to Safely Dismount the Flash Drive and the system on choosing Eject the Drive will display "This device is currently in use. Close any programs or windows that might be using the device, and then try again." message.

If I go through My Computer - Right Click on Flash Drive and then Eject the system shows the following message

"F: is Currently in Use. Save any Open Files on this disc, and then close the files or programs
using the files before trying again. If you choose to continue, the files will be closed, which might cause data to be lost.

Cancel Try Again Continue"

If we choose Continue, system displays "Safe to Remove Hardware".


I am having a laptop with same OS and there when I plug in the flash drive it does not create any short cut and no such problems.

Both the systems are having Symantec Endpoint Protection version 12.1.671.4971 and are upto date on Virus Siglature update.

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SO I got a 2GB drive. I removed the u3 software that came with it and formatted it to FAT32 for both mac and windows support. That was like 6+ months ago when I got the drive. I deleted everything on the folder and 1gb of it is used. Anyone know what the problem is?

Answer:Sandisk Micro Cruzer USB drive

ahh...never mind. I finally found the Format button. I formatted and it appears to be back to normal. Still pretty weird for a gb to disappear though.

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I'm locked out of my sandisk 4gb cruzer, by failing 3 password permanently inaccessible.. (HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT!!!)anybody out there that can recover my data...please its really valuable....10 yrs worth of memoriesss......!!!

Answer:Locked out of Sandisk 4GB cruzer drive

Unfortunately they were designed that so once the tries are up, the data is gone forever. Very bad design flaw in my opinion.

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I was just wondering if between the regular Kingston 1GB Flash USB drive and the Sandisk Mini 1GB Flash USB drive which is better? The only difference is that the Kingston has a 5yr warrenty but only 2 for the Sandisk.

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I was using windows easy transfer on my toshiba satellite a-205 and somehow my dvd/cd drive was placed on the flash drive launch pad. rolleyes
The flash drive launch will not let me do ANYTHING with it. Anyone who has a clue let me know.
I am running Windows 7 ultimate for my os.

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer stole my dvd drive!

This is the cruzer websit and may give you more info.
I have 2 16gb sandisk but have not had any problems.

NOTE: If you don't have U3 installed, only a removable drive will appear. flash drive/r_id/101834

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Just an enquiry it true that Incredimail can kill your hard drive? Recently my boyfriend has had problems with his hard drive and had to install spare hard drive that he had, he seems to think that it could have been incredimail that had killed his last one . It's not that i don't believe him as i have it on my own pc at home (my pc doesn't run slow though), it's just that i'm looking for a second opinion so to speak...if that makes sense?

Answer:Incredimaill kills hard drive?

If i'm not wrong,no software can physically kill a hard disk(or any other piece of hardware) entirely(as in not working at all,not like windows hangs at boot screen or something like that)

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I've got some problems with Windows 7 when transfering data from and to my Suse 11.0 linux-server. When I transfer large amounds ( few gigs) of data from and to the Windows 7 machine it seems to kill the drivemappings. At first I thought it had something to do with Windows 7 killing Samba on the server so I exchanged the Linux server for a 2008 TS. I shared a folder and made a new drivemapping and rebooted the windows 7 pc.Again I get the same problem when transfering large data amounts. The server seems to be fine cause when I deconnect the lan cable and connect it to another network I can make the drivemapping on another pc in that network this also go's for the linux-server. I also exchanged the windows 7 pc for another Windows 7 pc, still the same problem. Any Idea why this is happening

Answer:Windows 7 kills Drive mappings

If I understand this correctly you say you drop the mapped drives on the windows 7 system. See event logs for reason.Playing to the angelsLes Paul (1915-2009)

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I've got some problems with Windows 7 when transfering data from and to my Suse 11.0 linux-server. When I transfer large amounds ( few gigs) of data from and to the Windows 7 machine it seems to kill the drivemappings. At first I thought it had something to do with Windows 7 killing Samba on the server so I exchanged the Linux server for a 2008 TS. I shared a folder and made a new drivemapping and rebooted the windows 7 pc.
Again I get the same problem when transfering large data amounts. The server seems to be fine cause when I deconnect the lan cable and connect it to another network I can make the drivemapping on another pc in that network this also go's for the linux-server. I also exchanged the windows 7 pc for another Windows 7 pc, still the same problem.
Has anyone got any Idea why this is happening and what to do about it ?

Regards Emar

Answer:Windows 7 kills Drive mappings

MS Info on mapping drives -->

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Which flash drive is the fastest to use with Vista's page file on flash drive capability?

Answer:What flash drive is the fastest to use w/ vista's flash drive page file caching?

No no no, wrong wrong wrong. Whoa there, sonny, let's back up a bit.

Before you go preaching it's like having your pagefile on a USB drive, you need to learn more about ReadyBoost, which is the correct name for the specific technology. It's not putting your pagefile on the USB Flash device, it's just using the Flash RAM device to augment (read: add to the performance) some aspects of Vista's SuperFetch and virtual memory subsystems.

There are several threads about this feature here already; search for "readyboost" and you can learn more about it, which I STRONGLY recommend since you're getting off on the wrong foot already.

No problem with you being enthusiastic since ReadyBoost is a great feature and a nice way to improve system performance, but you need to present your posts in an accurate and meaningful way with facts and not just a bunch of statements that sound like "OMG it's the greatest thing evarrrrr..."

You're close, but do some more research here and other places to get the real scoop about ReadyBoost.

Most any USB 2.0 Flash-RAM based device should work just fine, but the cheap ones - those $10 specials at stores - might not be up to snuff for transfer speeds. If you stick one in and Vista offers to let it be used for ReadyBoost, that means Vista tested it and concluded it's up to the task.

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I have a Sandisk Cruzer memory stick plugged into my laptop as usual and no problems. I removed it and plugged in my Freecom Tough Drive and all is OK. Then, I plug my Cruzer back in and laptop can't see the Cruzer. So, I remove Freecom but laptop still can't see Cruzer. I remove both and reboot and laptop sees the Freecom but not the Cruzer. I try another USB stick in my laptop and it sees it OK. So, I try my Cruzer in another PC and it sees the Cruzer with no problems. I plug the Freecom into another PC, no problems there either. I'm baffled - any ideas?

Answer:Conflict with a Ext Hard drive and Sandisk Cruzer

Could be a conflict with two devices trying to use the same drive letters.Open Explorer, right click on "My Computer" and select Manage then Storage then Disc management. This will show the discs available on the computer. If you right click on a drive you will see an option to change drive letter.Make sure you use a different drive letter for each device.Note than some discs may have more than one partition, each of which needs a drive letter.

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I recently erased an important document on my Sandisk drive. I've tried several free trials to recover my files but they don't allow me to actually get it. They're also very expensive (like, for example, RescuePro). Does anyone know how I can recover a file that I deleted two weeks ago??? Thanks, I'd greatly appreciate the help.

Answer:Recovering a deleted file from a Sandisk USB drive

the chances of recovering it on a flash drive are slim. The longer you wait to recover a file the less of a chance there is. Try using a file recovery program. There are many free ones on the net. If you haven't written or used the drive, you might be successful.

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I saw what was available in search on the Sandisk Cruzer.

My question is: What is the latest if anything on formating these thumb drives?

My install of Hirens to the Cruzer boots but issues a file not found error.

The format routine used was a tool from Hirens which invokes Grub4dos-- the Linux loader program.

How can I start over with this?

Erase Hirens which doesn't load

Reformat and put on the Raw Copy tool from HDD Guru to use as my
clone program. (I may have others to add.)

The cruzer boots but has a script to take it to Hirens and the Hirens issues
that file not found which-- Lon cannot find.

Answer:Format a Sandisk Cruzer thumb drive

Erf. Forgot....

Am running Win XP on the computer.

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When I plug in brand new sandisk cruzer blade it takes ages to show in my computer, then when I try to open it, it hangs until I get the message - computer(not responding), it works perfectly well in my old computer running windows xp.

Answer:New Sandisk cruzer blade USB drive opens in XP but not win 8

Derek, Sandisk have solved the problem!!!!!Its because I have the Samsung Kies program on the computer!Now that I`ve disabled it both sandisks work!I am sure lots of people will be puzzled by this because it certainly isn`t something I`d have thought of. Many thanks for your help. Frank

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Odd situation that I have come across.

One of my clients has a western digitial 500gb external usb hard drive. It has it's own power supply and was working fine for what I was told. Anyway, once it is plugged in all of the usb drives on the PC die. The usb mouse, laptop cooler, and usb speakers lose connection. After a quick reboot they all start working again.

Now I know that when this happens its usually lack of power supply or a bad usb port. But any of them that I try it has the same effect. Also, it happens on my laptop as well when I tried to test it.

Now before I tell them to consider it a loss and buy another external. Anyone with ideas?

Answer:USB External Hard drive kills all usb ports

There is one thing you fail to mention...
Have you tried a different power supply for the drive?
USB ports supply some of the power, but if it's own power supply is defective, it's not going to work.

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Side note: Thanks for any help first off =)I have a laptop that was running windows XP and acting just fine until a friend of mine's brother decided to download some sort of game, which has totally ruined the PC. When I hit the power button, the computer acts as if its going to load normally until it gets to the part where it should load the actual windows. It shows a black screen with a loading bar in the bottom center area and never goes past this screen (not even when it asks me if I want it to load in safe mode in a previous screen and I say yes). I simply thought, 'oh screw it, I'll insert the windows XP CD in the CD drive and wipe the whole darn thing and start from scratch.' Well the "virus" or whatever it has caught thought of this eventuality. I shut the computer off, insert said CD. and restart it. As its restarting, the processing light flashes on the CD drive for a while as if its thinking its going to load from the CD but then shows the screen where it asks me to boot the computer normally or in safe mode. I have tried editing the boot drives so it automatically goes to the CD drive first but that hasn't helped. So as much as I want to fix this laptop, I'm not entirely sure how to proceed from here. Any help is totally appreciated and awesome. I'm sure there is a easy as pie answer that I'm not getting right now since I'm so tired but I knew someone here would be kind enough to help.

Answer:Computer virus that kills windows and CD drive?

Enter BIOS and make sure, the "boot order" lists CD drive as the 1st bootable device.
What brand of laptop is it?

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