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PC audio isn't centered as it is supposed to be

Question: PC audio isn't centered as it is supposed to be

Hello guys,
So I build myself a new PC and I plugged in the headset that I have and found out that audio is louder on the right side, and I got it centerd after a while but I had to go to Sound manager and manually increase the audio on the left! But then, the sound is more queiter and I don't want that!
I know that this isn't a problem with my headset because they work fine on other PCs and I tride some others headphones and they had the same issue(on this PC)! My audio drivers are up to date and they are Realtek HD audio!
Is there anyone that knows how to fix this?
Thanks in advance!

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Preferred Solution: PC audio isn't centered as it is supposed to be

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: PC audio isn't centered as it is supposed to be

Having the same problem with high quality audio equip

my research:

it is on every pc that gives digital audio via usb, spdif, or the 3,5 jacks from onboard soundcards aswell as hifi soundcards

so far, only music players did give me a correct audio image. VERY wierd, working on this since about 1 year and no audio expert could give me a good way to work around it OR a solution

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So the Yoga 2 Pro's single 1'8" audio interface is billed as a "combo" jack that functions both as a line-out (for headphones, speakers) and a line-in (for plugging in other audio devices to play through the computer's internal speakers).  Well, this doesn't seem to be the case - I've tried ini vain to do this with a Line 6 guitar interface with no luck whatsoever.  The Realtek Audio HD software shows the jack as performing two functions, but you cannot change what it's being used for - a difference from earlier versions of the Realtek software (apparently this was most easy to change in the Windows XP version). Does anyone know how I can properly configure the combo jack to work as a line-in port, as was advertised when I bought the computer? 


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Answer:Help with supposed combo audio jack that only works as line-out on Yoga 2 Pro

I have the same issue, except I have a Yoga 1. I am playing audio into the jack but my computer will only record the ambient sounds, like me cussing. When I look at the system sound settings, there is only one option: "Internal Microphone."  

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When I maximize my browser window, there's a small gap at the top.

It happened after clicking,1128806&_AOLFORM=w656.h395.p7.R10 <-- that link

It JUST hides my status bar... and thats about the size gap on the top.

Any help?


Answer:IE 6.0 off centered

if this sudden change is due to the link that you stated, it could be a spyware issue, pls do the following
Go to
control panel > add /remove programs >
then select IE explorer, click remove, you will get an option to repair. Repair IE explorer.
if this does not solve the problem,

spybot . and get all the updates before you run it. fix the errors it finds.

download hijackthis, get the updates before you run it. make a directory in your C drive for hijack this and unzip to that directory, scan and save the log. cut paste the log in your next post.
Do not fix anything. Just cut / paste the log in your next post.

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Everytime I go on-line, my web page is off to the right and down a little. I cannot see my task bar at the bottom. I have tried to move it; but to no avail. Have any suggestions.

Answer:web page is not centered

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I started my laptop up today and my screen wasn't centered anymore while yesterday it was all fine. I did not update or dowload anything since yesterday.

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Just received my new T460 today and noticed the LCD is not centered in the LCD frame. As a result there is an approx. 1mm gap between the LCD and the frame on the left side. This is clearly visible by moving the cursor all the way to the left side of the LCD where there is clearly a gap between the left edge of the cursor image and the frame. Then movng the cursor all the way to the right hand side has the cursor out of sight. I also notice the vertical scroll bar in this browser is very thin, part of it is hidden under the frame on the right side. I have submitted a service request to get this addressed.


Go to Solution.

Answer:T460 LCD not centered

Without disassembly, it is hard to know whether it is a manufacturing problem (panel) or assembly.

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Hi All
I just upgraded to Windows 10 the other day and I have noticed that all my title bars seem to be left aligned rather then center for the title bar at the top of browsers and explorer and such. I also redid my system before upgrading so unsure if this is a Firefox issue or a Windows 10 issue have asked over on their forum also in case.
But is there a way to get my title bar at the top of the screen to be back to center rather then left aligned as I just prefer the text in the middle rather then on the left where it competes with the text in the menu. Based on what I read regarding centering the Firefox title it looks like by default it should be centered reason I am thinking this is a Windows setting over riding this.

So is there a way to center the title bars of programs and browsers rather then left align the title as I find the text competes with the menu text which is annoying for me at least.

Answer:Title Bar not centered

... Has there ever been a way to do this in Windows? Maybe I'm dumb and missed this option.

edit: Looks like this is left-aligned in Windows 7, center-aligned in Windows 7, and left-aligned again in Windows 10. O_o

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I noticed that my wallpaper is not centered (even if it's set to Center) when my icons are hidden.

If the icons are set to show, it's centered.

Any ideas?

Answer:Desktop not centered.

Try to to auto adjust your monitor screen. Or through the monitor menu you can manually set the position of your desktop.

Hope this helps,


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Question: Centered Titles


In Windows 7, how can I make window titles appear in the center of the title bar, as shown below?

This is possible by using a theme called Aludin for Windows XP.

Rand Marks

Answer:Centered Titles

Hello Rand mate a bit risque for a silly old fudge like me but have you tried Aludin 2 ?

Alduin 2 by ~lassekongo83 on deviantART

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Question: Centered LCDs?

Which LCDs in the T series have a symmetrical or centered screens rather than an asymmetrical or off-centered screens?

Answer:Centered LCDs?

T400s does.

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View my page ( in Firefox and then IE. Any ideas? It's probably really simple, but I suck at HTML and know very little about it outside of an editor.

Thanks much,

Answer:Table centered in Firefox, but not IE

On the link you gave, the frame source is

On that index.html page your table style is this

<table style="width: 45%; text-align: left; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2">
I'm not sure why IE is not honoring the margin-left:auto & margin-right:auto, but if you change it to margin-left:27.5%; IE will center it up.

<table style="width: 45%; text-align: left; [COLOR="Red"]margin-left:27.5%[/COLOR];" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2">


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when in firefox, screen view is off center horizontally (w/out the ability to scroll). the only way to change this is to go to view (dropdown box then full screen). at this point i can't see or access tool-bar.

how can i repair?

Answer:screen view not centered

Hi, welcome to TSF

Please post a screenshot.

Maximize the Firefox window (double-click the title bar, or click the middle of the 3 buttons at the top right), then restore it. Does that fix the problem?

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The image is shifted to the right a bit. How do I center the image? I never had this problem when I was using XP. Can someone please help me? Thanks

Answer:Image on HDTV is not centered

Did you get a solution?

I'm having the same issue with all streaming content- Netflix, internet TV, etc. All video is shifted to the right.

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for some reason all of a sudden my bios screen is all off centered. i have windows 7 64 bit it was fine. its a acer x1700. american tech bios. dont knowww what happened. everything works fine. its just annoying that its like that

Answer:my bios screen is way off centered.

Mmm...can you get it centred with the monitor controls?


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Most of my apps are not centered. I tried dragging it to the right but all that does is, create more blank space. Here's the mail app for you can see what I mean.

Asus Essenatio
Pross. AMD A8-5500 with Radeon HD Graphics
Ram. 6 GB
Win 10 TP build 10049

Answer:Apps not centered in Win 10 TP (10049)

Can't upload picture, sorry about that.

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Hi. My desktop wallpaper is too magnified when its centered! Stretched will fit it all in, but its too 'stretched' if that makes sense. Can anybody advise me on how to fix this?

Answer:Centered desktop wallpaper too big!

Resize the pic so that it is in sync with your screen resolution.

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Hi everyone.

I bought an Acer Aspire 4530-6039 one week ago and it came with Vista. I was going to switch over to my previous version of XP, but the techie said I should try the new Windows 7. So I did and for a few days it was fine, but when I started playing around with the desktop wallpaper and trying to change it, I realized that the center of the monitor is not aligned with the physical center of my laptop screen.

Basically, there is a big gap in the right hand side and the bottom of my desktop, where the background image should be. None of the wallpapers that come with Windows 7 or the ones that I downloaded myself work. The only one that seems to 'fit', and barely, is the original fish backdrop that is the standard image when Win7 is first installed.

I have tried everything. I even went through the nVIDIA posts and installed the latest 9M G series for notebooks. Nothing. I'm really frustrated about this issue. Is anyone having the same problem as me?

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Desktop Wallpaper not centered

Hi Goldie and welcome to Se7en Forums

Are you having this problem with everything, or just your wallpapers?
Your screen resolution is 1280 x 800, what are the resolution of the wallpapers that you are using?
Have you tried selecting Fill here?

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I have a 19" widescreen display and I have been noticing lately that my Firefox search pages are off centered to the left. Sometimes on a particular page a box within the page will be off center. I also notice that something will be missing from a page like a tab to click on. The other problem I notice is on certain pages I actually get text over text issues. I have tried to the best of my ability to figure this out, but have had no luck at all. I'm using XP SP3 and have a 5500 nvidia graphics card. I did notice that the positioning adjustment for my monitor (Dell S199WFP) is greyed out, I don't know why. Any help would be appreciated.

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Using HDMI port to watch netflix on my TV. The picture looks fine but almost half of the picture on my TV is off centered.

I'm using a HP laptop. The resolution goes up to 768 p

TV is a Toshiba 32" LCD, 1080 p

How do i fix this? I played with the video settings on the TV , but the picure is still the same.


Answer:HDMI - picture off centered on TV

Your tv is 16:9 format im assuming? Is the laptop set to. A 4:3 Or 5.4 resolution? have a look at this article it should answer most of your questions

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I dropped my notebook and nothing to display afterward. When connected to external monitor, the displayed image was not centered. How to calibrate/solve this issue? Please help.

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I need to replace my HP Pavilion dm4 laptop very soon. I'm looking for a laptop that is similar to it and has at least 1 TB of storage space, 8 GB of memory and a screen that's at least 14", and though I have found some likely candidates, nearly every new PC laptop I've looked at has a track-pad that is aligned to the keyboard and not the laptop's surface. I'd really like a new laptop that has a centered track-pad, but I can't seem to find any that do have them (aside from Macs).

I've asked my local computer store if there are any brands that have centered track-pads, and the brand they recommended to me doesn't have them, I've spoken with the most computer-literate member of my family and he said Lenovo has several models that have this feature, but as I didn't learn until now, the one I ended up narrowing my search down to (the Lenovo Y50-70 Touch 20349) has a track-pad that's off to the left as well.

I'm getting a little discouraged, and I'm wondering if there are any brands or models that anyone here knows of that have centered track-pads. I would greatly appreciate any advice that can be provided.

Thank you!

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well my old monitor crapped out on me today, so i went and bought a new one. i ended up with a CTX PL9. when i first hooked it up it installed it as a generic term "plug&play monitor." So I went to the ctx website and downloaded the drivers for the monitor, and changed them to the monitor that i have. I run 1024x768 in windows. now my problem is when the computer is cutting on it runs 760x400 on the loading screen, and some games i play run 800x600. whenever i cut the computer on, or my computer changes resolution to play one of these games, the monitor is off centered and has black around the edges. My last monitor was also a ctx and it never had this problem, i'm guessing maybe i have the wrong drivers? but i tried both sets of drivers they had for my monitor, with the same results. the monitor was brand new, not refurbished. I'm running windows 98 on a compaq presario.

i emailed ctx with the problem, i just figured i'd post it here too, to see if i could get a faster answer.

thanks, tim

Answer:monitor is off-centered when resolution changes

well being that it was midnight, and i wasn't going to get a reply from anyone here or the company, i decided to do some random stuff on my own to try to figure it out, and it's all good now.

i had to go into each resolution, and center it for each one. now that i centered the screen for each resolution, it remembers it. am i crazy, and you have to do this on all monitors? i don't remember ever having to do this before, but anyhow i'm glad my problem is fixed.


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Answer:How do i get pictures on my screen centered a

stop shouting.might be that your resolution has changed, try right click on the desktop and choose resolution, set it too the recommended.i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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I just bought a dv9000 that works great. except,,, the background [ or display] is off to the right and down. like out of see the toolbar i had to go to lower screen resolution. any help is greatly appreciated. i am not sure if it is software or hardware.

Answer:dv9000 display off centered?

hello, none of these seem to apply to my prob. i really somebody giving me some thoughts on this.:confused

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Also, what caused the screen to move left? Can't see the right hand side of the page. How much more detail can I provide?

Answer:How do I get my google screen centered again?

Are you using fullscreen? What browser do you use? Is it only on the site where this happens?

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pages not centered on screen jow to fix?I touched something on the typewriter portion of this Dell latitude D620 accidentily and now cannot get it centeredI tried signing off and then turning this back on but it did not work ! please help me

Answer:pages not centered help needed

Are you referring to web pages, Word/office documents, or something else?You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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i have a notebook with windows 7 home premium and the screen seems to be off centered. the screen is moved down to the right and there is no task bar. what do i do to make it go back to normal?

Answer:computer screen not centered

Did the notebook come with WIndows 7 on it, or did you install that version?

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When I log on to ebay, my pages do not center correctly on the screen and generally there are 3 ebay signs on the page, when there should only be one. It only does this in ebay, and no where else on the internet. What can I do to fix this?

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The boot up screen on my PC is not centered. When I turn the computer on the WIndows logo and the the rest of the information is off to the riight. Can I get the screen centered again?

Answer:Opening Screen not centered

Have you tried the settings on your monitor yet?
Or is it just off center at boot and after that all is well?

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I recently installed a new video card (NVidia GeForce 9400, 1024 MB)(my old one overheated or something) and after that, all I did was play a little sauerbraten, re-install Battlefield 2142, and the I try to play Red Alert 2. Well, I run the game and the the screen is about 100 pixels to the left of where it should be, leaving a black gap at the right and cutting off part of the left side of the screen. I tried running in 640x480, tried running in compatibility modes, and even reinstalled my Command and Conquer: The First Decade. Red Alert 2 is one of my favorite games, so I really want to play it. Can anyone help me out, or had the same problem?


I apologize for only coming here for help, and not being able to answer anyone else's problems. If I knew enough about programming to find solutions, I would. But as for now Im kind of a noob when it comes to viruses,game issues, etc.

Answer:Red Alert 2 Screen Not Centered

does your monitor have a screen resizer? you can try that...

but if it's just on RA2... i'm not too sure on that.

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The problem started a few days ago when the recipient of an email with pictures attached informed me that a bug was also attached. I ran malware and virus software last evening and they found nothing. I restarted for the first time since then this morning (I usually hibernate) and the computer froze. On the second restart I realized that I lost control of the mouse buttons after a notice that MalwareBytes' Anti Malware program had crashed. I am able to keep the computer running by exiting MalwareBytes' from the toolbar as soon as it appears. Otherwise, the computer always freezes under the same condition on start-up.

No other symptoms are present. The computer seems to be running fine as long as I get it past that first stumbling block. I am running avast! for virus protection. I have done a number of the "clean up" tasks I found on your website.

The pictures were taken from a disk burned from our desktop, which we rarely use anymore. But that could be a coincidence.

I totally appreciate your help, and as my computer still seems to be working, I am not frantic for a fix.


Answer:Strange activity centered around MalwareBytes'

Anybody out there?

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i have an old monitor. when you open it the desktop area is not actually center instead it somewhat lacks space on the right side. the dialers of the monitor dont work. actually when you set them on the default position the desktop ares looks more imbalanced. after about 3 hours it automatically centers itself. this is weird. i dunno if is static or somethin'. Pls help.

Answer:Monitor desktop area not centered

take it out to tv repair place or something that daels with computer monitors. See fi they can fix it for you.

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I just picked up the $1200 model of the Yoga 2 Pro at Best Buy, and noticed a cosmetic defect on some of the keys. The most noticable suspect is the "Home" key. It's shifted over to the right and tilted a little bit. See image: Has anyone else encountered this? I know it seems nitpicky but I feel this might bother me to no end and might just end up returning this otherwise beautiful laptop.  

Answer:YOGA 2 PRO: Off-centered text on keys

I don't see the "tilt" in your image. But mine looks identical and I'll guess that all of them do. I would neer have thought about it if you haddn't mentioned it (and probably won't think about it again  It's either sloppy design or a deliberate attempt to make the text positioning relative to the text on other keys look better somehow, without caring as much about the positioning of the text on the key itself. Doesn't bother me. Z.

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Computer runs slow from time to time and annoying.

-Constant pop-up ads "AD served by netbits"
-Constant "congratulations you've won" ads
-Error message once a browsing session "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close"
-Malwarebytes and Spybot scans constantly show "security center disabled"
When I go to services.msc to enable this, it shows status as stopped, and when I try to start it, it gives me error 1068 the dependency service or group failed to start, under the dependencies tab there is nothing at all listed
-When I try to go to any windows update site it always says can not find server or the connection was reset while loading the page
-When I try to check the firewall it is also off and it says it can not be started because the associated service is not running
-Spybot also constantly brings up "doubleclick" and "win32auto"
-When I try to start in safe mode, many times it locks up at a black screen and will not proceed
-Malwarebytes also brings up
"trojan.fake.alert registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\qnpn7rjv93lf"
"trojan.fake.alert registry value HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Window..."
-Browsing with firefox and multiple pages open will frequently lock up and close saying "firefox has encountered a problem and needs to close" when it restarts it will not restore the pr... Read more

Answer:Multiple problems, centered around Virtumonde?

Hello, I think we need a deeper look. Please go here....Preparation Guide ,do steps 6 - 9.Create a DDS log and post it in the new topic explained in step 9,which is here Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs and not in this topic,thanks.If Gmer won't run,skip it and move on.Let me know if that went well.

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I've had two Blue Screens in the past two days. Once last light while webbing with a friend and then early this morning.
Last night was the first time it happened. I was re-adjusting my webcam when the Blue Screen came. I was puzzled, but I belive it was caused when my Webcam cord tugged a little on the VGA cord since I have no cord management whatsoever.
The second came this morning, I printed out my sister's Book Report, I unplugged the printer to plug my Webcam back in, there was nothing going on wrong on the screen. I come back a few minutes later and the screen is black and there is no Hard Drive activity.
I restart the system and there is no VGA signal being picked up by the monitor. After about seven tries I got the monitor to pick up the VGA signal, after logging in I get the "Windows has recovered from an unexpected problem" screen.

- x86 (32-bit) or x64 ?
- the original installed OS on the system?
- an OEM or full retail version?
- What is the age of system (hardware)?
Same as the installation.
- What is the age of OS installation?
4-5 months.

Answer:BSoD, may be centered around my video card


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As noted by Rafael Rivera on his site, it looks like we may see centered titlebar text in Aero Basic (picture below). While CEO Steve Ballmer made it a point to note that we weren't looking at a new UI, it is definately a change from Windows 7.

Answer:Centered Titlebar Text For Windows 8?

It must be a modified version of the windows 7 GUI.
If you also notice the minimize and maximize are missing.
I think its a limited functionality GUI

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Hi, I've just ordered a T440 from the local Amazon. The problem is that some keys in the right portion of the keyboard are not centered and are hitting the metallic keyboard bezel when pressed.  I have a video of the problem on youtube : I return it to amazon? Or should I call Lenovo to replace the keyboard? (I have 3 yr on site warranty)I'm worried that the replacement might have the same problem or worse.. Thank you in advance  

Answer:T440 Keyboard keys not centered

Hi Wolfdale,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are facing the issue with Keyboard on your ThinkPad T440.
We verified the video clip which you have provided and it look like it is any hardware issue, you can log the case with Lenovo for further support on the issue, I am sure they will assist you with the solution.
Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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For some reason when I open a browser it is displaced to the lower right hand corner of the screen.

How would I get it to open centered on the screen?


Dean Taylor

Answer:open browser, but centered on screen: how?

Welcome Dean
You want to open the Window maximized; a problem as old as Windows
Here are some ideas
Always open IE 8 in a size of your choice. - Windows 7 Forums

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I am using my Sony Bravia LCD PC jack for the my pc's display(for the moment until I get a longer HDMI cable). The screen is severly shifted and I cannot adjust it by just uing the hortizal control, it is still out of range. Is there another way to adjust it via windows drivers to minize the shift(like in linux)? Any help would be great.
Oh BTW, I also am using the latest ati driver 9.10. I had the same problem with the windows driver.

thanks for the help.

Answer:Display/Screen not centered to HDTV

What resolution is the computer outputting to the HDTV? That might be the cause for the screen distortion

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Hey all,

It's been a while since i've last posted here. So i'll make up for it with a web programming tip.

Recently I've been updating many of my pages, switching over to XHTML and CSS2. For those not quite in the know, XHTML is essentially HTML version 5, and a stepping stone to using XML as the new web standard. CSS2 is the second version of CSS - Cascading Style Sheets - basically a nice little formatting code that's a bit more intricate and dynamic than html.

Well i came across a major problem when i was switching over, mainly that i had a number of my pages set up to be vertically centered in the browser window - although i did it through illegal coding probably None the less, xhtml is much more strict in forcing proper coding structure, and not only that, the some attributes such as height were nixed out of xhtml, which i used for my centering trick. So i searched long and hard for a solution, since some of my pages are more artsy, and their content is less than a browser window's length, and i wanted them properly centered no matter how you resized the window. No one posted any tips on any sites i searched, so after lots of tweaking and testing, here's the trick i came up with using some small css and tables.

I broke down the centering to the most basic code needed to perform the trick, here it is:


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
" Read more

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Hi everyone, I have a html file which I will like to autorun from a cd. Actually the autorun file from the cd runs perfectly (the html file) but what I want is a situation whereby it would not be a full-screen size but a defined windows popup. Centered one. Please help. Thanks

Answer:Html centered popup windows

Have alook at this link from click here

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the left side of my screen is missing. i left everything on overnight and it was fixed. i put it to sleep to go outside and now its off centered again

Answer:Why isn't my monitor image centered on the screen?

We will need a bit more to go on that just that I'm afraid...

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This is a problem I have encountered occasionally when going to some websites. In this particular case, there is a forum website for support groups (human problems, not technical) that has bulletin boards and chatrooms among other things. When I try to call up the chat room, the page overtakes my screen. By that I mean that the top left corner of the web page is in the left topmost corner of my screen. But the right side of the page is off the screen so that I cannot access the scroll bars (I'm not sure if that is the correct term) on the right side of the page (to move up and down) and on the bottom (to move left and right). The page covers up everything that is normally on the bottom of my screen so that I can't change to different windows and I am unable to navigate around that particular web page.

The only thing that I can do is to right click the mouse with the pointer on the icon in the very top left of the screen, which pulls down a small menu usually containing two options: "close" or "make available offline". Other times it also includes: "maximize", "minimize", "size", and so on. On other web pages that do this, I have tried to select "size". The cursor icon, or as I call it, the pointer, becomes a four pointed cross/arrow? I have tried to use this according to a using windows 95 manual instructions to no avail. And the webpage I am most concerned with, the support group chat room, does not even ... Read more

Answer:Oversized or off-centered website windows

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When I'm zoomed in, the screen doesn't move until the courser hits a screen corner.
I find this to be super annoying.
Is there a way to center the mouse so that the screen will move with the mouse?
And is there a way to zoom in and out using the mouse wheel rather than + and - ?
Or alternatively, is there a 3rd party app that will work better for zooming that will allow me to do these 2 things?

I guess Linux has spoiled me. Because on Linux, this works out of the box.

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Gidday all, been awhile. My new job doesnt use a computer.

I have a few screens that show up that has the compl page alignment centered, not left justified as most pages (like this one).

Question. Is there a set of key strokes (F7+Ctrl..for example) that I can use to change the appearance/alignment of any page. I have a couple of pages that show up with the compl page center justified, and it is driving me crazy trying to navigate.

Answer:Solved: Key strokes, page alignment centered??

Your post isn't very clear at all.
You say your job doesn't have a computer and then ask
computer questions?

Exactly what programs are you referring to? Name of
programs and versions. Since it seems you are using
a computer, what operating system? The more details,
the better.

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My Acer Aspire One will at random times on boot show a partial screen that is not centered. It is all the way to the left with the right side of the screen black.  There is no way to get it centered. I have to restart or cold start sometimes several times to correct this.  This seems to be a not rare problem I have seen on the net, but no one has a solution.  The computer is several years old with only one repair a new keyboard.  I have updated the video driver from the Acer website, but it did not fix the problem.Thanks

Answer:Acer Aspire One Screen Not Centered On Boot

The same thing happened shown on this youtube video and some viewers offered some solutions in the remarks.

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When I select a pic for my desktop background from Personalize>Desktop Background, if I select Center the top and bottom of the pic are off the screen. I know there have been previous threads on this, but the answers there didn't solve my problem. It has been suggested that it is related to resolution, but I am running 1650x1080 and the pic is 1488x1984 jpg. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Answer:Centered desktop background doesn't fit (Vista)

Hello Annebmartin, and welcome to Vista Forums.

The image vertical resolution (1984) is higher than your screen's vertical resolution (1080). For the best results you should find a image that is the same as your full 1650x1080 resolution, or one that is only a bit below both these horizontal and vertical resolution.

Since you have Vista Ultimate, you might install DreamScene so that you can also try the Fit to screen keeping aspect ratio or Fit To Screen with cropping options to see if they look better for you with this.

Desktop Background Wallpaper

Hope this helps,

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my computer screen has gone all weird.

my desktop has decreased in overall size but not in text size.

there is a thick black boarder around the desktop screen. i m the only one on my computer therefore i ve pressed nothing to do with properties or menu buttons under the screen itself.

any help please.



This was posted way back in july 07 and I have the same problem as this but on a laptop running vista. Changing the resolution on properties, which was the solution to this persons problem, still doesn't make it the full laptop screen size. I have a Sony Vaio PCG-7Z2M and I've just installed vista ultimate and it was fine before then. Any ideas please?

Answer:Small Desktop, Decreased in size and centered

hi try updating the graphics drivers

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When I'm zoomed in, the screen doesn't move until the courser hits a screen corner.
I find this to be super annoying.
Is there a way to center the mouse so that the screen will move with the mouse?
And is there a way to zoom in and out using the mouse wheel rather than + and - ?
Or alternatively, is there a 3rd party app that will work better for zooming that will allow me to do these 2 things?

I guess Linux has spoiled me. Because on Linux, this works out of the box.

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Hello, I have a problem that is bothering me.

I'm having a problem with websites not displaying the way they used to. Suddenly today all websites became.. centered. Websites used to take up almost the whole screen, but now there's unused space all over. On some websites it's not as noticeable, but on some websites it is. I'm having the same problem with my new computer too, which is running Vista. And it's especially noticeable on my larger monitor on my other computer.

Also my Vista computer is dual booting Windows and Linux. One day when I booted back into Windows I noticed that problem immediately. It wasn't like that all time, it just suddenly changed.

And on my laptop I've been playing around with Linux live CDs, and again, when I booted back to windows the website display had changed.

As I said, websites are kind of smaller, and centered on the browser screen. And lots of unused space, it used to be wide and take up pretty much the whole screen. And some elements on websites are not the way they're supposed to be, it makes it look weird.

Below are a couple screenshots to show you.

It might not show up very well on the second screenshot but it's very noticeable on the first one.

I'm hoping I can solve this.

Answer:Website display error - websites became centered

Some more information. I'm using Pale Moon as my web browser, and this issue happens on all of my browsers. Including Internet Explorer.

Has anyone else experienced something similar?

All websites look weird.

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OK, first let me say I'm not quite sure if this is a software issue and not hardware.
I have a Philips 220VW 22" 16x10 monitor and till a year ago I had a similar 22" 16x10 Philips monitor(had to replace it since I had some problems with it). After using Windows XP for quite some time I decided to give Windows Vista a try (that was back in 2007). However, every time I boot up or restart Windows, when reaching Windows Vista boot screen (the one with the green blocks, not the log in screen), I had to wait about 10 seconds while the monitor was trying to center the Windows logo without luck since the logo ended up somewhere in the low right corner of the screen. The new monitor I have right now was offered as a replacement by Philips since the old one had some technical problems and somehow seamed to solve the problems with Vista boot screen. Unfortunately, this happens on Windows 7.I contacted Philips and they claimed that this is not a hardware issue but a software issue since everything else was fine. I was told that Windows 7 does not have a proper scaled loading screen for this monitor???. This also happens when, by any chance, I end up with the Windows fail options screen (the one with last goon known configuration, normal boot etc - don't know how it is called ).
I know I don't spend too much time staring at the loading screen but is there any way to fix this? It's quite annoying to see it, even for 10 seconds.

Answer:Windows 7 boot screen not properly centered

When the computer is about to start (before the windows logo) hit F8 and wait for the boot menu to show, then hit the auto-config for your monitor and this should solve the issue, if so, select to start windows normally.

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After playing a game last night, which I have played on many other computers with no problem, all graphics on my screen are centered and icons and font are large. There is about an inch of black space on the right and left sides of the screen with no graphics. I am running Windows XP on a Dell inspiron B130. I have restarted and checked the settings, but can't find anything. Any help would be much appreciated!

Answer:Solved: Graphics centered with large icons

Try a system restore to before you played the game.
I would believe that the resolution changed, but you said you checked that.

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Is this possible? Haven't found anything about it. I don't even know if it will look good, I just want to try. When you pin non metro apps (don't know what else to call it) you get the icon and text beneath to the left in a square tile. If the name of the app is short (e.g. VLC) it looks a bit weird and I'm thinking that it might look better with this text centered.

Answer:centered text on start tiles/icons?

Hi Mertzi,

as far as I know it is not (yet) possible to center the text on the tiles. There are however some ways to accomplish what you want. Both ways need the program Oblytile: [APP] OblyTile - Tile Creator for all programs. - xda-developers

First way ==> Create new shortcuts and put some blanks (spaces) before the Tile name.
Second way ==> Use a picture edditor (e.a. Photoshop or Gimp) and hardcode the Tile name in the picture. Then use Oblytile to change the Tile picture and select the option 'don't show tilename'.

Good luck!

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Hi, Do you know if it is possible to replace in W540 (or maybe in T540p) models the standart keyboard with a one that does not have numpad and also to have the touchpad centered? There are some T440p models that cover my other requirements with such keyboard but I would prefer to buy a 15" laptop. greetings Georgi

Answer:Keyboard for W540 without numpad and centered touchpad?

don't think so for me it was a dealbreaker, so I ordered w530 ,(3840QM CPU) through ebay...

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The cursor centers at the top of the monitor, blinking at about 2hz. When doing so it's difficult, but not impossible, to click anywhere else on the screen as the cursor always returns to the top position. It's possible occasionally to make it revert to normal behavior by running some (almost any) program, but usually I have to reboot the computer. After a reboot the computer runs normally for anywhere from an hour to several days.

The machine is my wife's NUC. It has experienced the intermittent problem described above for the past several weeks. Since she mostly uses it for web browsing it occurs when browsing using either Chrome (preferred) or Firefox. She is not adventurous in her browsing or in clicking on unrecognized email links. I've run a malware check and found no problems.

I've searched the net for similar problems with no luck. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit - fully up to date
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5930K CPU @ 3.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 63 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 12
RAM: 16284 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD FirePro 2460, 512 Mb - Driver up to date - I thought for a while that was the problem.
Hard Drives: C: 476 GB (330 GB Free); D: 953 GB (621 GB Free); Z: 2794 GB (654 GB Free);
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., X99-A/USB 3.1
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

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Firstly, kudos to Lenovo for bringing back the trackpad buttons on the latest W550s and W541! The physical function row at the top is much appreciated too. Great job on their part listening to all our feedbacks! Now, form and layout wise, there is left really only 1 outstanding  issue that many of us have voiced out - the off-centered keyboard. While we may have asked for the option to be offered a keyboard with a numpad or without a numpad, logistically it might not be viable for business. May I suggest 1 solution here - reintroduce the 17 inch form factor and have the keyboard and trackpad centered. The numpad can be nudged to the right while the left space may be used for fingerprint or other functional keys. I believe there's some of us who miss the old 17 inch form, and most if not all of us people who have a problem with the off-centered keyboard on the W550/W541 would have no qualms choosing the 17 inch for the centered keyboard. Anyone agree with me?

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We used to have 15 inch ThinkPads with centered keyboards and trackpads.  Who would again like this type of model?  It seems that it would take a minimal development to use the same keyboard as the 14 inch ThinkPads and a larger top cover with a centered trackpad.   Maybe if enough customers comment it will happen again.

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I have been looking around for the acceptable resolutions or sizes of a background for the Windows 8.1 Lock screen. I am working with a jpg file that is 65KB in size. Paint reports it as 320 x 240 px. However, when I select it for the
Lock Screen, the picture is "stretched". The top of it is cut off. The image is fuzzy and pixelated. Is there any settings to set it to Center and not Stretched?
Thanks for any help!

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Windows 10 Anniversary update icon text not centered. Before update it was centered.
Is this new default behavior? Can I change it.
After update

Answer:Windows 10 Anniversary update icon text not centered.

Hi, noted in another thread. Seems to be a bug for medium and large icons.

A workaround:
I found this was not the case for me- why? I have Quizo's version of Qttabbar installed (free), configured to colour explorer panes.
QTTabBar - QuizoApps
(Adds tabs to explorer).

If you're lucky, simply installing this may help (you may not even need to change the appearance of the explorer window at all. I've not experimented.

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Recently a white box about 2 inches square, centered on the desktop has shown up.  It is only in the wallpaper and does not get over written if the wallpaper is changed.Also System Restore now has a bug.  The old restore points are gone and it will not backup to the previous month.

Answer:Centered white bow on desktop of XP -- and System Restore failure,33586.html

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Hi everybody,

I've been having issues getting games to run full screen. I do not mean that they are running windowed, so alt-enter does not do anything. The game screens are centered and surrounded by black borders. It is the SIZE of the screens that isn't where I want it to be, not the resolution.

Each game seems to have its own screen size. Everything using DOSBox is 7.5", Diablo 2 is 9.5", and Galactic Civilization 2 is 12". My screen size is 14". The only games that stay full screen are anything ran on an emulator. The desktop is untouched and full screen with my resolution set to 1024 x 768. Changing the resolution in control settings>display>settings does nothing at all to the games I'm trying to play as far as I can tell.

And I literally JUST solved my problem, but I will continue to post this thread b/c I have read a lot of these with the same error occurring with answers that did not solve my problem.

On my computer (using Windows XP) all I had to do was go into Control Panel>Display>Settings>Advanced then click on the tab that should have the title of your graphics card (mine was Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver), then choose Graphics Properties, and finally choose Full Screen (No Border) as opposed to Center Desktop.

I never changed this, so something I downloaded or ran must have altered this setting.

Hope this helps!

Answer:Games won't run full screen. They are smaller, centered, and have black borders.

Excellent! Thanks for the tip. I remember not being able to fix this on my brother's pc.

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A while back I had followed instructions to center my program icons on the toolbar. Normally of course they'd end up over next to the START button.

They were fine until today on boot up when they ended up over at the left side again. I had to make another dummy folder and make the changes so my line of icons is centered again.

The question is "what happened to the previous setting that allowed them to reside in the center?"

Nothing else of any consequence happening to the machine that I know of.

Just wonderin' !


Answer:Icons that 'were" centered on toolbar flew over to the left side...

IT could be due to a recent Windows Update or if you ran sfc/scannow. Not real sure, it's odd.

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I got a Mag Innovision LT2219WDB 22in LCD display today and hooked it up to my xbox 360 Im running both the 360 and the monitor in 1680x1050 resolution (which is the monitor's native resolution) The issue I'm having is not with the Xbox it is the monitor, The picture is being stretched past the horizontal borders of my screen. Im sure it is the monitor because when i go through the settings and reduce the Hsize and position i get different results, one time i could see more of the picture and now i cant even get that to happen. Also when trying different resolutions via the Xbox things would look to be alot better but when messing with the settings on the monitor i accidentally hit "Auto" and then the screen gets shifted up and to the right. Afterwards whenever i try those resolutions the screen reverts back to the messed up settings.
Is there a way to completely reset the monitor's settings (Using Reset in the menu still seems to leave the messed up settings)
I'm wondering if there is a battery or something i can remove to clear any saved settings.

Thank you for your time,


Answer:Solved: Mag Innovision LT2219WDB 22" LCD Monitor Picture not centered/Stretched

Ive been reading about overscan but this seems to be limited to actual TV's, is this something that could affect a PC monitor?

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I accidentaly uninstalled something like media accelerator from Intel and it prompted me to restart. Then, it was centered and looked like Home Basic. How do I make it look normal? Please help I don't know what to do

Answer:My Vista Home Premium looked like a centered Home Basic in my Laptop

Check this on setting a theme.
Set a theme and it should reinitialize aero destop
if there aren't any problems.

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what is hyper threading technology supposed to mean? whats the difference btwn a 2.4 ghz with ht and 2.4 ghz without one?
apart from the cost of course, one of the questions that have bitten my head off since i got me an upgrade!

Answer:What is HT supposed to be

Hyper threading is kinda technology that allows the CPU to process 2 threads simultaneously, making it work like you have 2 single thread ("regular") CPUs.

I don't know in which aspects it will improve the performance, scinse I don't have one, but anyway.

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So I was looking at my storage on my laptop and I thought that I should optimize it, then i noticed this

It's the one at the very bottom, is that supposed to be there?

Answer:Is this supposed to be here?

Ed 3000 said:

So I was looking at my storage on my laptop and I thought that I should optimize it, then i noticed this

It's the one at the very bottom, is that supposed to be there?

Yes, it's your recovery partition.

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what sucks is that i have NO way to prove it. ..(i know some will stop reading there, but im not bs' on)

I was using CAD software. A bit of the rendering software that is built into that is supposed to use CPU rendering. IE slow. i had a bfg 8800gt oc installed for gaming. the MB has a nforce chipset (i think that is what caused this)

Anyways. the computer ALWAYS rendered with 16 threads after i put that card in and it did it stupid fast. i mean like 5-6 times as fast as without the card. before the card it would render with 4 cores and slow. (i have a quad core processor) i thought it was normal operation. ...key word THOUGHT...

the reason i cant prove it: ..... i got to happy and tried to convert the card to a quadro with the flashing method and ended up bricking the card. (dumass) no biggy, ill get a new one later.. right? ok so fast forward like a year. i finally have to start rendering again and go get a new (used) 8800gt..identical card put it in and the thing will not render with 16 threads only 4. i also should note that during this year i had to completely wipe the pc and start over fresh.

ok, so i call the company and ask why i cant get it to render on 16 threads anymore and they give me the whole its a cpu tasked program etc etc. i tried to explain to them that i KNOW The gpu was rendering. i could do massive images in less that 3 minutes on full 1920x1080 resolution. of course they say its impossible.

aight screw the company. i KNOW what my pc... Read more

Answer:My PC did something thats not supposed 2 b possible

My first thought is that the program can take advantage of the CUDA architecture but that for whatever reason when you wiped your computer you erased the CUDA hook up for your program. If you can tell me exactly what the program is I can confirm/deny my guess.

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Relevance 37.31%


What is the BAM supposed to mean and what does it stand for ?

Answer:What is the BAM supposed to mean ..

What Is a BAM Definition? - BizTalk Server | Microsoft Docs

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I was looking in my C: Drive Area And I See These Two Locked Folders.. If you ask me I think they are some sort of viruses. Windows will not let me delete them.

Answer:Is this supposed to be there?

I have the same folders with different numbers.
Part of Windows that need Administrtor privilege to open.
One of mine is unlocked but not unusual for both to be locked.

To keep you from messing something up by accident.

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I just got a new mother board and when ever I put a USB device (512 memory stick) it does nothing. XP reconized it but does nothing about it. It dosen't pop up as a drive and I can't access anything. Here come's the scary part. I start to smell it burning! Basically I just lost $200 worth of memory sticks and a expensive USB card reader. They don't work anymore and all my valuable information is destoryed. They no longer work on my other computer. It said that the device is destoryed.

What the hell am I doing wrong?

How do I fix this problem besides buying a new mother board?

can someone please help me. Thanks!! :blackeye:

Answer:Is my USB supposed to fry everything I put in it? :(

Sounds like 1 or 3 things:

1) There is something inside the USB contact that is causing a short
2) The USB controller on the motherboard is defective (unlikely)
3) The USB front panel header was connected incorrectly (likely)

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Hello all,

Would like to get some opinions on something I heard the other day. I understand that we can have conflicts if we run more than one Antivirus at a time, but I heard that "ClamWin" Antivirus CAN be run alongside another A/V because it does not scan 'real time', but on demand only. This is a free, open source piece of software, I believe. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

Answer:I Know You're Only Supposed To Run One A/v, But..

You can indeed have more than one AV on your hard drive, as long as only one is active at a time giving you real time protection (consequently, be sure you understand how each operates and how to completely turn them off). However, it can happen that one AV will report the other's virus database or quarantine file, so you have to be very careful about the path shown for the malware reported.
If you want a "second opinion" AV, then there are many of these available on-line that will scan your computer, and without your having these on your hard drive. Quite frankly, though, I don't think you get much "bang for the buck" having multiple resident AVs.

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My computer has been running louder than usual. I don't think it's the heat because it's still in the 50's in the morning and it still hums louder than our microwave. Is it because it's in a cabnent and has little air?

Answer:Is it supposed to be this loud?

Probably not. I'd check that no wires were on fans or any of your drives have come loose. This might cause a rattle or humming noise.

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my system requirements meets the required speed and compatibility
windows 7 ultimate 32-bit
i have updated my video card drivers, updated directx

Answer:what supposed to be the problem here??

Can you please provide all specs for your computer hardware ?
Are you over clocking?
When do you get this message
Can you go to event viewer and see under Windows Log > Application what is causing the crash

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I am on NTL 2mb Broadband. Just downloaded two update files for my Nero 6 Reloaded. Both files around 35mb each. The first download came in at 14.1KB/Sec and the second at 47.8KB/Sec. Do either of these times relate to 2mb Broadband and why the difference?

Answer:I'm supposed to have 2mb Broadband

Nero has always had the slowest downloads I have ever come across. i get the same speeds on my 10MB -

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Hey guys got a weird question. I got a friend whos got a dual core 3600+?? and his temps are always like 5-7 degress different on the separate cores, I then installed a 5600+ in my computer and noticed the SAME thing. WTH? is this normal for AMD's to have a 5-7 degree difference per core?? If someone could point me in the right direction my mind will be set at ease.


Answer:Temps supposed to be this way?

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I've posted a couple things in the last week or so and have recieved ABSOLUTELY no interest. This is SUPPOSED to be one of the top tech sites. I write a column for a tech mag.... Not gonna endorse this site. I won't be back.

Answer:This is supposed to be a help forum?!

As you might have noticed, there are hundreds of new posts every day. Try to bump your post, and eventually someone will see it.

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Hi all
I've recently downloaded adaware and spy bot S&D to help this comp

my virus scanner is detecting virus' with application names that use both adaware and spy bot in the names..

I'm wondering if this means that the programs are helping it to find them and then deleting them,or if these programs actually have malware attached?!

Answer:aren't these supposed to help?

What are the paths to the viruses detected? That would determine if they were in the quarantine files of either Ad-Aware or Spybot. If you could provide an example, it would clarify the question. I have never read anything to indicate that either Ad-AwareSE or Spybot have ANY malware in their application downloads.

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when i start/run/msconfig.. it is 'not found'

when I search it turns up in:


Is it supposed to be here and not being pointed to properly?

Or is it supposed to be somewhere else?

I am having some other wierd probs w/XP and am getting suspicious I have some undetectable virus/worm/whatever

Answer:msconfig not where it is supposed to be

Nope. Something is wrong. I don't know what, but just typing "msconfig" at the run/command line should start it.

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Hiya, whenever I'm browsing the net I see Red X's where the graphics are supposed to be. I have Win XP and Norton Internet Security 2004.When I disable the firewall, the pictures appear upon refresh. How can I configure the firewall to allow them when active?

Answer:Red X's where pictures supposed to be...

Hi GibsonSt19.You could try doing an Internet Explorer update. I had the same problem and the update sorted it.

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Security experts discovered a hole in the software that controls our nations water treatment plants, natural gas pipelines and other utilities. The flaw could allow attackers to gain control of these critical systems but, not to worry, the people that discovered the problem handled it responsibly and reported it months ago so it could be fixed before they went public.

Experts with Boston-based Core Security Technologies, who discovered the deficiency and described it exclusively to The Associated Press before they issued a security advisory, said there's no evidence anyone else found or exploited the flaw. Citect Pty. Ltd., which makes the program called CitectSCADA, patched the hole last week, five months after Core Security first notified Citect of the problem.

[H]ard|OCP -

Answer:Now this is how it's supposed to be handled....

I agree. I have never understood why announcements of a security hole are made public, THEN they try to fix the hole.

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Hey! I found a exe. file under C:\WINDOWS\TEMP. It's just labeled "setup". When I looked under "properties" it says that the file was created June 1st, so it has'nt been there long.

Is this file supposed to be there? Could it be a virus?

I tried to manually delete it but got an message saying the file was in use by windows and could'nt be deleted. I came across this file when using a program called EasyCleaner, which just gets rid of temporary and invalid files (cookies, ect.) When trying to delete this file the program freezes and does'nt delete it.

I should mention I've already run CWShredder, Ad-ware, Spy-bot, and SpySweeper and they all came up clean. I also have Hijack-This and I can post a log if needed.

Hopefully somone can help me, thanks in advance!


Hopefully someone can help me.

Answer:Is this file supposed to be there?

Please don't start a new thread for the same problem. You have replies here:

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I've been using Firefox for a few weeks now and reckon it is great.Except every now and again I notice the font gets bigger or smaller for no apparent reason. I've now realsied what is happening. I've got a 2-button mouse with a wheel in the middle. When I press CRTl to open a new tab I soetimes knock the wheeel. So, here is the trick. If you are on a page, hold CTRL and move the wheel on your mouse (well mine anyaway) you can make text bigger or smaller.

Answer:Useful, but is it supposed to happen

Yes that is one of the features of firefox.If you click on help / help contents, you will see all the mouse & keyboard shortcuts.

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I've got a brand new HP Pavilion m8120n (Q6600 Quad, 3gb memory, 650gb hdd, etc.). The computer is plenty fast and very new. Well in the front of the computer I've got the memory card reader slots like most newer computers do now.

However when I insert a memory card and then I want to remove it I right-click, select "safely remove" and then my computer tells me that it's safe to remove. Is that the correct way to remove a memory card?

OK, well when I select "safely remove" and my comuters tells me its safe to remove all of my icons for "all" of the memory cards disappear from the screen. And if I go into the device manager I have big 'ol yellow exclamation point (!) beside of USB Mass Storage Device under Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

Now in order for me to re-insert another memory card I have to restart my computer (power down and back up) in order for me to be able to use another memory card.

The is the information that I get when I right-click the exclamation point in device manager:

Windows cannot use this hardware device because it has been prepared for "safe removal", but it has not been removed from the computer. (Code 47)

To fix this problem, unplug this device from your computer and then plug it in again.

Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available.
Now let me ask you this. This only happens when I use the "s... Read more

Answer:Is this how this is supposed to work?

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what's still wrong: i have these obnoxious costminn ads popping up EVERYWHERE i try to click, opening new windows every five seconds and driving me insane in the process.

i did the read & run me first and it said to "post below" but there was no option to post so... i decided to create this thread and hope for the best. ugh. at one point in time i would have considered myself computer savvy, but after 5+ years without internet i've lost my skills somewhere along the line. i would have just done a system restore but i got this new computer which has been nothing but problems for me, and windows has changed so much that its super frustrating to even navigate it so i dont even know HOW to do a system restore. anyway, now that i've told you a bunch of useless information... i'm about to throw this computer out the window. please help me get rid of this CRAP that's on my computer and whatever it spawned from!

Answer:Not sure where i'm supposed to be posting...


my photoshop stopped working. ive had it forever with no problems until i ran the run & read me... it says:

the program cant start because amtlib.dll is missing from your computer. try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

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Windows 7
Hi Guys
I've installed a Wacom Tablet for use with either fingers or pen. Each time I turn on the PC I get the following message popping up on the desktop. If I click the 'X' top right corner it will go and I don't see it again until next time I start the PC. It's 'gobble de gook' to me, am I supposed to do something or what?
The Tablet works fine.

Answer:Can anyone decypher the following, then tell me what I'm supposed to do?

What message?

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I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 15z Ultrabook which had Windows 8 (I upgraded it to Windows 8.1) preloaded into it, but on the HDD, not the SSD. It has a 30 GB SSD partition, out of which 29.6 GB is empty. Are laptops supposed to be shipped like that? I mean, isn't the operating system supposed to be on the SDD partition? Are the laptops being shipped incorrectly by the manufacturers? If yes, then is there a way to 'Migrate' my OS to the SSD portion? If not, then what is the purpose of this small 30 GB SSD partition? I know they are supposed to be fast, but also have limited write-cycles, so am I supposed to store programs on it, or what? I know it's a lot of questions, but please help...

Answer:Is my laptop supposed to have the OS on the SSD?

It's a "Hybrid" disk, the SSD part is there just to Cache data until it's written to hard disk and so speed up the HDD. That's why it's so small. Nothing else to do here.

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This is a clip from in IE9 on a new 64-bit install. ClearType is on.

I'm looking at a 1680x1050 display. I feel like I can see individual pixels. Large black headline fonts in browsers are especially bad, with artifacts coming off the edges of characters that should be straight, off the ends of characters like the letter "S", and inside the bowls of letters like "a" and "e".

Looking at the clip here, I see a smear of color between the "L"'s in "killer". The first "t" in "attention" has a smear of color behind it. I see many artifacts in the top line beginning with "Unexpected...."

Why do the fonts look so bad? How can I fix this?

Answer:Are My Fonts Supposed To Look Like This?

Hate to say it, but your attached screenshot looks perfect on my own screen... created and posted by you however you did it.

In other words, it almost sounds like a hardware or video driver issue on your end.

Internally, apparently the "bitmap" on the windows desktop itself which was captured by the screenshot and then posted here looks perfect to me. No "smearing" where you describe it.

So it must be when going out from the Windows desktop to the screen that whatever visual artifact you're seeing is occurring.

Video graphics card problem? Current driver for your video card installed or not? Monitor?

If you move that image to another part of the screen, does it look the same (i.e. the "smearing" follows the image) or is it "left behind" to negatively impact something else which shows up at that position on the screen?

Is it text only that seems "harmed"? Or graphics images and pictures as well?

Could you please elaborate on your hardware setup? Your "System Specs" are empty.

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I downloaded a documentary and the file came in .iso format, i mounted the image and this is what was inside:

What am i supposed to do with this?

Thanks in advance

Answer:What am i supposed to do with these files?

It's a DVD. Just open it with VLC or something. Just direct VLC or something to the drive you have it mounted on.

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I have spent the last week watching the computer crash as soon as I turned it on. I can't even start the damn thing from the CD drive to reformat! I am starting to think my friends are right andit is time for a MAC

Answer:Windows 7 was supposed to be better!

Quote: Originally Posted by DUMBARRANGER56

I have spent the last week watching the computer crash as soon as I turned it on. I can't even start the damn thing from the CD drive to reformat! I am starting to think my friends are right andit is time for a MAC

Maybe we can help. I have had very few problems with 7. I have used almost ALL builds and even with the betas I had little trouble. Maybe it's a hardware problem or your Windows has become corrupted. Check out the event viewer if you can boot into it. Do a system repair or recovery from the system repair disc and let us know.

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