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Friends Windows Vista Home Premium won't boot to desktop

Question: Friends Windows Vista Home Premium won't boot to desktop

Vista Home Premium, I power it on & no matter the choice(s), it still will not go to the desk top.
I asked the owner when she last had it on & she told me about a week ago.
First thing I see is the Gateway screen with Boot menu F 10 & BIOS Settings F2.
Next screen shows Windows Boot Manager with 20 seconds to choose options.
One option says Windows Vista Home Premium (recovered)
Windows Error recovery is next screen & so on.

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Preferred Solution: Friends Windows Vista Home Premium won't boot to desktop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Friends Windows Vista Home Premium won't boot to desktop

Maybe a hard drive failure...

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A friend told me she was doing some school work of some sort on it & now she nor I can get it to boot to desktop. She said it has a virus,but....
I however did manage just now to get it to the desktop & was in the process of checking the settings in Google Chrome when the screen went black. Since then, I've tried f8 repeatedly, last known configuration a few times, safe mode with networking & probably others & no joy.
I talked to her & told her I might have to reset it to factory settings & she'd lose everything. She said that would be ok. Its a Windows 7 Home Premium laptop Model SVE14118FXW
I was considering putting Firefox portable on a flashdrive so I could hopefully get a scan or two going,but I don't know.
I will continue to "try" to get it up & going & post back if I have any luck, thanks, any ideas

Answer:Vista Home Premium won't boot to desktop

I think I should of posted this in Virus & Malware. Got Eset online scanner running in safe mode now.

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k my computer has been running really slow.. some web pages will load and others will not. when i click to find the problem there is no problem found. Stinks~~ and I was advised to download hijack this.. I have tired not to use internet explorer and used firefox instead.. same things happen.. I was thinking it was a virus or trojan...i tried to download housecalls' free online scan to see if would find anything that my subscription to webroot wasn't finding.. then i was unable to successfully download the house call... soo... tired of it being so slow... i restarted it to a prior date~~~that did not work.. been thinking of wiping it clean but MAN how i DON"T want to do that... too much of a hassle.. hopes that all the info you need.. here is my log. from hijack this...

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 2:40:24 PM, on 1/12/2009
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18241)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe
C:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\SpySweeperUI.exe
C:\Program Files\DellSupport\DSAgnt.exe
C:\Program Files\Walgreens\Walgreens PhotoShow ... Read more

Answer:Windows Vista Home Premium Desktop 32

okay so what other information do i need to provide....thanks

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I am running Window Vista Home Premium (with SP2) with automatic updates on my Compaq SR5606UK Desktop PC with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processor 5000+ 2.60GHz with 3.00GB RAM & 32-bit operating system.
Recently I'm getting an intermittent problem at start-up. Windows is loading normally to the desktop stage and certain icons are loading into the system tray (eg. clock, network , safely remove etc) but then everything freezes and the only option is to switch off, either at the mains or by holding the on/off switch on the PC case. Sometimes this happens several times before a successful start-up is achieved. Other times, a normal start-up happens straight away.
I've run diagnostic checks and everything reports as OK/passed. I've also run AVG virus checker and nothing is found. I did run a Microsoft System Restore which seemed to resolve the issue for a short time but as the problem is intermittent that may have just been a coincidence.
Any suggestions, please.

Answer:Windows Vista Home Premium freezes at desktop stage

Thanks for the suggestions.
Have checked Device Manager and found no exclamation marked items.
Nothing found on chkdsk - or rather, I set it to run and when I returned sometime later it had completed & my normal desktop was showing so I'm assuming all was OK.
However, I have turned off Windows automatic updates and so far have only had one failure to start-up correctly. May be a coincidence or may be not !!
Thanks again.

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1) Is it true that it's not possible to remote desktop connect to a computer running Windows Vista Home Premium?2) Is it true that it's not possible to remote desktop connect to a computer running Windows Vista Home Premium, no matter what hacks you use (including the .dll replacement to allow the 'regular remote desktop' on it)?Thanks.

Answer:Remote Desktop Connection to Windows Vista Home Premium

What in the name of wild world of sports are you trying to do ? ?

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Hello. My computer was in sleep mode and would not respond to my key pressing or mouse clicking. I turned it off at the button and restarted it only to have it continue in sleep mode with a blinking light. I then unplugged the cord and plugged it back in. The light now is solid on restarts but still nothing to the monitor, keyboard or mouse. No beeps either. I unplugged all USB and all attachments in the back and am still getting the same result. Any suggestions?

Answer:My windows vista home premium desktop will not turn on, just a light and fan

What is the make and model?

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I have had Windows Vista Home Premium on my Toshiba Laptop for over 4 years and just recently the OS won't boot at all. I shut it down normally and restarted it. It started to load normally and then went to a blank screen. I manually shut down my laptop and when to restart it. Now it said that it could not load the OS that some files might be causing the problem and gave me the options to start Windows normally or launch Startup Repair. I chose to Launch Startup Repair. It then went Windows is loading files and then it gave me the Microsoft Corporation progress bar and after that finished, my screen remained at a blank screen before I shut it down 30 minutes later.

Now anytime I try to restart my laptop and put it in, for example Safe Mode, it instantly goes to the Startup Repair and does the same thing again and again with the blank screen.

What gets me is it had just been working fine not even 10 minutes prior to all this occuring? What I am wondering is. Did my OS just fry?

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Help, PLEASE!  A website told me i needed to update java, so i did... apparently this adware DESKTOP TEMPERATURE MONITOR by System Alerts LLC came along for the ride! (sorry, frustrated! as i'm sure everyone else has been also!)  next thing i know browser changed, adds popup, redirected to their webpages in the middle of work and all work lost.  finally figured out where and who this came from, but cannot uninstall in programs and features.  gives me a list of programs and etc(?) that has to be closed first, unable, told to do manually, still unable but then microsoft flashes message that critical error occured and has to shut down.  i've run scans of everything i can think of and nothing.  tried fixes, support, and so lost i dont remember what im trying to do at times. 
my goals:  1) remove this adware  2) turn windows defender on  3) try to reinstall adaptors: microsoft Tun miniport adaptor, and microsoft 6to4 adaptor #2.    without crashing my computer completely!

Answer:adware: Desktop Temperature Monitor in Windows Vista Home Premium

The OP has now solve the problem.

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Hello, I've recently moved and have suddenly found that when I boot up, instead of the standard Windows desktop appearing, I get an Explorer.exe shell display, displaying my documents instead. Usually, this happens when you open up a new process using task manager and run process 'explorer.exe'. However, as there is only one instance of it running, the desktop should be appearing and not a shell as pictures below.In order to view the desktop, I have to close that window and then use the task manager to manually start another instance of explorer.exe.Could someone please suggest how I would go about fixing this without reinstalling Windows?

Answer:Problem with Microsoft Vista Home Premium desktop and Windows Explorer

=Appearance%20Personalize]Try This

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My vista laptop worked fine for two weeks then started having many problems.
Programs stopped working and the windows problems report and solutions kept popping up I think I have over 40 issues unsolved.
Then if I haven???t been on the laptop for a while I start getting the blue screen of death, and won???t boot up for 20 mins because it is running thought a restart every time because of the blue screen. I have formatted the computer a few times and still have the same effect after a while.

I think that this could be a software issue more then a hardware problem but I don???t want to go back to windows XP.
I can??t install the service pack 1, when I try and install it says there is an internal error.
I don't know how to solve my boot up problems any ideas ?

Because it is wasting alot of time, I don't know if i should return my laptop


Answer:Windows Vista Home premium does not boot up properly

Hi mate,

such issues - especially a BSOD - are not very good signs of an healthy system/machine. Did you recently installed some new applications or something else??

If NOT I would suppose some hardware failure (memory, mainboard), because such problems appearing out of the nowhere are most likely hardware based and not really software dependant..

If you really formatted your HDD several times and nothing was solved after re-installation of the system, then contact an [Service Center| 000000871] send the machine to them and let them check your machine on hardware malfunctions. You have a warranty, so please use it.


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Alright, since I've no idea where else to place this I might as well make the thread here and see if I'm lucky.

A few days ago I was having constant blue screens in my new Gateway comp. Its a laptop, M Series, 15.4 inch screen. It brought along the Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit OS with SP1. Dual processors, 4GB of memory. After countless of blue screens, they seemed to come and go, I figured the comp was just being dumb. I unistalled all the things I had placed on it [which really wasn't much] so the laptop was running with all the things it brought from scratch only. Blue screens disappeared for a day or so, and then came again, though with less frequency.

I was using it today, left it for a few minutes, and when I returned it had gone to the usual stand by mode. Moved the cursor so it would restore, but after twenty minutes of a blank black screen I decided to turn it off and on again. And that's when it started to refuse to boot. Whenever it tries the bar appears for a minute or so, and afterwards it's replaced by the BSOD. To my disdain they always disappear quickly, so the most I can read on it is something about a driver malfunction, or whatever, and the error code 0x0000007E.

So yeah, if anyone has a clue as to why it won't boot, and how to fix it, I'd be grateful. Of course, I could just re-format it -- but I want to leave that option as a last case scenario.

Answer:Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit won't Boot

Originally Posted by LMVR

Alright, since I've no idea where else to place this I might as well make the thread here and see if I'm lucky.

A few days ago I was having constant blue screens in my new Gateway comp. Its a laptop, M Series, 15.4 inch screen. It brought along the Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit OS with SP1. Dual processors, 4GB of memory. After countless of blue screens, they seemed to come and go, I figured the comp was just being dumb. I unistalled all the things I had placed on it [which really wasn't much] so the laptop was running with all the things it brought from scratch only. Blue screens disappeared for a day or so, and then came again, though with less frequency.

I was using it today, left it for a few minutes, and when I returned it had gone to the usual stand by mode. Moved the cursor so it would restore, but after twenty minutes of a blank black screen I decided to turn it off and on again. And that's when it started to refuse to boot. Whenever it tries the bar appears for a minute or so, and afterwards it's replaced by the BSOD. To my disdain they always disappear quickly, so the most I can read on it is something about a driver malfunction, or whatever, and the error code 0x0000007E.

So yeah, if anyone has a clue as to why it won't boot, and how to fix it, I'd be grateful. Of course, I could just re-format it -- but I want to leave that option as a last case scenario.


Well, if it is bcc 0x7E then read th... Read more

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Good Afternoon,
I have a desktop with Vista Home Premium. It is stuck in an endless boot. I cannot boot to any Safe Mode option or to Last Known Good Configuration. A BSOD flashes during the boot loop, but it is so fast that I cannot read it.
I ran the onboard hard drive test and all tests passed.
I took out the hard drive and plugged it externally to a laptop running Windows 7. The laptop showed a message that the drive needs to be formatted before it can be used. I did not format it, so I get an error message saying that the "drive is corrupted and unreadable".
I used Acronis and created a backup of the C drive, but I do not have an extra hard drive so I have not checked to see if it works. In Acronis I also tried to use the backup "files and folders" option, and then selected the C drive, but it doesn't show any data.
Can anyone recommend programs or walk me through a process to recover the pictures from this drive?
Thank you in advance.

Answer:Windows Vista Home Premium, will not boot, how can I recover pictures?

Create a bootable linux(preferred)/windows USB or CD and boot from it. Then navigate and browse through your mounted files and folders and back them up on an external hard drive. 

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I am working on my sisters compaq computer running vista home premium, they had contracted some viruses(trogans Etc.). was finally able to boot to safe mode and was able to run malware bytes anti malware program that was already installed, but was 180 days old on the definitions. tried to access the internet to update but would not access it it would only show a local connection. rebooted again to make sure i selected safe mode with networking, but still no internet. i used a jump drive on another computer and downloaded avast anti-vrus program, and was able to load it on the computer and ran the program. after running the malware bytes program it found like 10 trogans, i think. and the avast program found a couple of things as well. there were a couple of times that while trying to reboot in the normal mode, the computer would bring the normal desktop up for about 10 seconds and then it would go away and now all i get in normal mode is it gets to the welcome screen and while booting it just halts and the hard drive light stops blinking. I have tried removing the memory sticks one at a time and try to reboot and to no luck. replaced the memeory. all plugs and cables are plugged in and haven't seen any abnormalities on the motherboard. i have tried to use a start up disk from xp but that doesn't work either. I even bought a program from walmart that was called System Mechanic, and i can not get it to load up either. The system recovery is on the d drive partition but w... Read more

Answer:can not boot computer running windows vista home premium

With the information you have provided I believe you will need help from the malware removal team. Please make sure that you read the information about getting started first.Then start a new thread HERE and include or required logs.Including a link to this thread will be helpful. Good luck and be patient. Help is on the way!

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Have a toshiba laptop that a friend brought over to me.Running real slow but he said ran avg and several other scans and it was clean.I didn't even hook to internet yet and now it is stuck in an infinite loop of configuring updates.reaches 100% then reboots over and over.Tried to get in safe mode and same thing.Sure he doesn't have a operating system disk.Think thats what i need.Read it could be caused from a microsoft update.Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Windows vista home premium wont boot

Have you tried the repair option or last known good configuration.

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Greetings Tech Support Guy, The computer I wish to purchase has Windows Vista Home Premium preinstalled, with a ticket to purchase an upgrade To Windows 7 Home Premium.
As I wish to use Windows 7 immediately (without bothering with Vista Home Premium) can you please advise, in detail, how I can delete Vista completely and install Windows 7 with minimum fuss.
All help greatly appreciated,
With Best Regards

Answer:Replacing Vista Home Premium with Windows 7 Home Premium

When you get the Vista DVD, boot from it and choose Custom "advanced" installation. Then highlight the partition you want to put 7 on (preferably the Vista partition) then click "delete" (be careful which partition you choose) once the old Vista partition is deleted, be sure the new unallocated partition is highlighted and hit next to continue installing 7. Here is a screenshot, your partition structure may be slightly different.

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I'm in a similar situation as this guy:

except when I boot up my disk, I only get to the 2nd step:

2) Progress Bar:
The next screen is a more graphical progress bar indicating Windows 7 is still working in the background.

it wont go past this screen.

The same thing happens when I boot it up normally(without the disk for windows 7 home premium), only with the disk in it has the windows 7 rather than the vista look.

Does anyone know what is causing this problem?

Answer:Solved: Replacing windows vista home premium with windows 7 home premium

You've got this thread started too

Is that one now solved too? You've marked this one solved, could you explain how you solved it in case others need to solve the same problem sometime in the future?



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To the best of my knowledge, I've never noticed a folder on the desktop of a Vista Home Premium specifically named "desktop". On mine, it has one & 99% of the time ALL downloads go in it. I have even deleted said folder but it always returns. No biggie, just curious.

Answer:Vista Home Premium desktop folder?

Probably whatever software you use for downloads (or at least one of them, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) has accidently got a default value for the download location of 'desktop'. If you use a specialist downloader that would be the first place to look.

The trick will be to establish a different location to be used as default. You are using Vista I assume, but from Win 7 onwards, the location tends to default to the last one you specifically chose when prompted.

So download something, and take the option to 'let me choose' then select whatever you want, such as Favorites\downloads. The default should normally be Favorites\downloads (see below)

Note on a standard PC there are already several directories called 'desktop', for instance under Favorites, and under c:\users\ every user including \public and \default also has one. It's all hopelessly and unnecessarily complicated. For instance the location I just mentioned, 'Favorites' is not a real location at all, but is really C:\users\<myusername>

Also it is still quite common for older type software to assume the desktop is a reasonable place to put a downloaded file. This is mainly because it shows up under the users nose all the time, under any windows version. But to be honest, once you start trying to understand the whys and wherefores of a Windows OS you are just pointlessly shortening your life.

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Hi guys... I have a series of questions about this topic:

I'm using Vista Home Premium 64-bit SP1 on my desktop PC... and on my laptop I have Home Premium 32-bit SP1... when I'm away from home and on my laptop (school, work, etc) I would like to connect to my desktop at home so I can run stuff, etc etc etc... but the problem is I don't know how to set these things up!! I don't even know if it's possible for a 32-bit to connect to a 64-bit.

As for the connection on the desktop, it is hooked up on a Linksys WRT54GL router running DSL. Laptop would connect mainly wirelessly. I don't have any "aftermarket" firewall programs on my desktop (only Windows Firewall enabled).

I've never done anything with remote desktop before except back in the days when I had dedicated servers (those had info provided with remote desktop connection etc etc). I'm desperate to find a way to do it with my own machines!!

Any help appreciated. Good day!


Answer:Using remote desktop with Vista Home Premium 64-bit

teamviewer is the easyest way to do that
its very very easy to set up jus launch on both ends and enter the ID and the password and it conacts and instantly schows you whats on the pc and it works very smooth
i think you can also set it up to run at startup so you can do stuf like restarting the computer ect...

logmein is a more complex one ut it has more options

windows has a build in tool to but i don't like it that much

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Hi All,

I did the Vista compatibility scan on my desktop last night, and received the recommendation to use Vista Business.

This desktop is a home use machine, and I would prefer to use home premium

the spec for the desktop is:

Gigabyte GA-945GCMX-S2 motherboard (Rev 6.6 1066 FSB)
Intel Pentium Dual-core E2160 Processor (800 FSB)
ATI Radeon X1300 PRO Graphics card (256Mb Ram)
2 X Seagate SATA HDD's running in IDE Mode
Windows XP Professional (My Employer's Corporate version)
Office 2003 (Corporate version)
Gigabyte GD-1703BP V.3 17" LCD Monitor (soon to be replaced with a ASUS MB19TU 19" wide screen LCD)
I also have a HP PSC 1110 All-in-one printer and a CANON PiXma 4000 printer attached to the PC, and have been told to get the Vista drivers from the vendor (no problem with that!), same as for the Radeon

Could you advise - it seems that the business version does not support the multimedia apps. as well as HP does



Answer:Will Vista Home Premium Work On My Desktop?

It probably noted the corporate editions and that's the reason it recommended Business. I'd suggest that you check out the features here for specifics on what you get/don't get:'t forget to check the Canon and HP websites for Vista-compatible drivers for your printers before upgrading - this will surely affect your decision to upgrade. The Radeon drivers are available for Vista. Here's a link to the Vista drivers for your mobo at Gigabyte:

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I can't seem to figure out if this is a 64 bit OS or a 32 bit OS.

It's on a X2 3800+ processor.

I'm guessing 32 bit, but since the processor is 64 bit capable I'm curious.

Is there a quick easy way to check?

System Info doesn't say one way or the other, nor does the properties menu from Computer. The computer didn't come with Disks, OS was pre-loaded.

I'm a Vista newb.

Answer:New HP desktop, Came with Vista Home Premium - How do I tell if it's a 64bit OS?

Google the model number and read some reviews

Most of the time google has the answer

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Hello all,

I'm working on my neighbor's HP desktop computer. Their HDD gave out on them so I got them a replacement HDD and installed it without any problems. The question I have now is, where can I find an Windows Vista Home Premium OEM download? I've looked all over the search results in Google and found some sites that didn't seem trustworthy or had links for other versions of Windows.

I found this version: Windows Vista SP2 Retail & VL mirror link!!!!!! It's labeled as Enterprise, but according to a post in that thread, it contains everything except Enterprise, which seems strange. Can anyone confirm that?

Also, is there a way to get all of the HP-specific programs that came pre-installed on the computer? I know it's all junk, but they will want it back if they can.

As always, I greatly appreciate any advice or help provided! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Answer:Vista Home Premium re-install on HP desktop

downloads'n'fix: Microsoft Windows Vista Official .iso Download Links (Digital River)

Digital River links, so they're legit. Just have to create the ISO yourself.

As for the HP stuff.... you'll need to get that from HP's website (if they have it).

Did they not create the recovery disks when they got their computer? I'd ask them that firstly. If not, then you can either use my suggestion from above, or call HP and ask if they can send replacement recovery disks (will probably cost around $20).

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Does anyone know is there an add on/patch/link/3rd party software that I can download so my Vista home premium laptop has remote desktop capabilities? I know there is one you can download for xp home. I was told when I bought the laptop that it had remote desktop, but unfortunately it doesn't and I really need it! Any help would be so appreciated!!!

Answer:Remote Desktop for Vista home premium?

Did you Google Vista Remote Desktop? If there is one, that's how I'd find it. Ultimate and Business have it, at least it works here.

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Hi everyone,
I have scoured the web for a solution to this. Yes, I know MS built Vista HP not to be able to "receive" Remote Desktop.

Right now my Vista HP 64 can easily "send" Remote Desktop out to my Windows 7 Pro and XP Pro systems.
So! Is there a current tool/hack anywhere which I can use to RD "TO" VHP???

I am not interested in any third party tools such as LogMeIn where my credentials leave my house. I want to stay completely behind my firewall.

Any working solution will be really appreciated.


Answer:Remote Desktop TO Vista Home Premium(HP)

I am familiar with team viewer, and you are probably, too
It probably does not meet your criteria, however.
I do know that team viewer is a great product

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Yesterday my PC crashed, and now when I log on to Windows I have NO DESKTOP. Luckily, the one thing that does come up is the Documents folder in Windows Explorer, and from there I can get to most of my files. This works, but it's a real pain to have no desktop or start bar.

Tried calling Windows support, no help there. Tried using the online chat, and that was even worse. You would think that a multi-billion dollar company could at least have the decency to provide real service for those unfortunate enough to have to use their buggy, proprietary software.

Anyway, I figure there's probably a fairly simple solution to this, and I've just overlooked it. I was trying to play a movie on DivX when it crashed. I tried deleting the .avi and uninstalling the DivX player, no luck. Tried booting in safe mode, and I get the same problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Greetings everybody! I am going to build a new computer when i get home, and one of the things I would like to do is dual boot Windows XP Home Edition and Vista Home Premium. i will be installing the OSs on a new 320 GB SATA. I will install XP first, then Vista. My questions are these: What program should I use to partition my hard drive? (i've heard of some but i want to hear what you guys think) Should I initially make a partition for XP- or make partitions for both? Basically- what's the best and most stable way of going about it? Thanks :)

Answer:Dual boot XP Home & Vista Home Premium

well, you can always just partition the drive using the XP setup, when you're doing the install. That's usually how I do it. But if you want a dedicated partitioning tool, I've always been a fan of partition magic.

I would go ahead and create both partitions at once - that way you only have to do it one time.

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hi i seem to be having problems creating shortcuts for my most used sites with vista home premium. when i right click i dont get an option that says create shortcut or send to desktop any suggestions please, djcgirl

Answer:creating desktop icons on vista home premium

What I usually do when I want to create an icon for a website that I visit, I normally do the following.On your web browser where it shows the web address, example w w w . blah. co. To the left of the w w w or h t t p, you should see a little icon, in the case of Internet Explorer it will be a little white square with a blue e on it. Click on this with the left mouse button, and continue to hold it down while you drag it on to your desktop.

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I have a new Gateway Desktop with Windows Home Premium. The computer freezes up constantly. I could be running a program, or surfing the net, or simply waiting for the system to boot. I restored the OS to factory settings and loaded nothing but Windows updates and I have not connected any hardware to it. It still freezes. The comp is a month old and Gateway is useless, Frys-where I bought it-tells me they arent responsible for non-functional products (go figure) and Microsoft is telling me its Gateway's problem. Anyone got any ideas?

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I have two xp pro systems one desktop and laptop, and a new laptop running Vista Home Premium 32bit the xp pro computers will share no problem, they will even see my vista laptop (I shared my dvd drive and a few folders) xp to vista share is okay
I can not get my Vista laptop to see either xp pro computer desktop or xp laptop, the newtork name is correct on all three I have spent over 3 hrs. trying to get it to work.

I did about 1 1/2 yrs ago desktop power supply died and just now got around to fixing it, did not really need it so I was not in a hurry

I use zone alarm for firewalls and have turned all off and still no luck

Any help would be great

Answer:Need to network XP pro Desktop with Vista Home Premium 32bit

Hi tonyzz, and welcome to the Vista Forums

As you have sharing one way it could be the "new" methods used by vista for network discovery that is causing the problem.

Microsoft have released a patch for XP to allow vista machines to see them in the Sharing Center

Download details: Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) Responder (KB922120)

You can also try to connect using the Start menu Seach bar - enter the address in the form \\severname\sharename and Vista Should find it

Hope this helps

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Does anyone know is there an add on/patch/link/3rd party software that I can download so my Vista home premium laptop has remote desktop capabilities? I know there is one you can download for xp home. I was told when I bought the laptop that it had remote desktop, but unfortunately it doesn't and I really need it! Any help would be so appreciated!!!

Answer:Solved: Remote Desktop for Vista home premium?

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We have a employee trying to connect to her workstation at the office from her home computer, but the desktop connection will not connect.

We have established a successful VPN connection to the SBS 2003 R2 Server, and can even remote desktop into the server, but we cannot connect to the workstation even using the network IP address for that machine.

Home PC = Vista Home Premium
Network Server = SBS 2003 R2
Workstation = Vista Ultimate
VPN = Microsoft Application via the OS
Remote Connection = Microsoft on the OS

Can anyone help us identify why we can connect to the server but not the workstation?

Thank you,


Answer:Remote Desktop Connections - Vista Home Premium

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I am trying to connect to two computers that are connected to a Linksys Router using Remote Assistance on a Vista Home Premium Machine. I get the error message that the person you are trying to help may have closed remote assistance. I get the same message when trying to connect to either machine. I am guessing the problem is with a setting in the router, but I don't know what setting.

Answer:Remote Access from Vista Home Premium to Vista Home Premium and XP Home Edition

You should forward the ports on the router to the IP Addresses of the machines, that you want to connect to. On Symantec PC Anywhere, it is ports 5631 and 32, on Windows remote desktop connection it is port 3389 that needs to be forwarded.

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Hi, I'm new here.

I have just purchased a new Asus M51VR notebook with Vista Home Premium SP1 pre-installed & all Windows updates downloaded. All working well so far (my first experience with Vista) except whenever I restart Windows my desktop icons appear briefly then disappear. This only happens with my desktop icons - my taskbar & gadgets are all visible. I can right-click on my desktop & in the "view" sub-menu I uncheck then check "Show desktop icons" & my icons re-appear - until I restart Windows again & they disappear again. I have tried another method by closing the "explorer.exe" process in task manager, then opening the DOS window & deleting the "iconcache.db" file in "C:\Users\****\AppData\Local" folder, then restarting explorer (re-building the "iconcache.db" file) & my icons re-appear - until I restart Windows . The only other way I can access my "invisible" desktop icons is by enabling the desktop toolbar on the taskbar, but this will not do. I have also installed, updated & run latest versions of Spybot & SUPERAntiSpyware with nil results. I have downloaded HijackThis but have not run it yet, as I am not that confident enough with Windows processes.

I believe another process may be interfering on startup, by the manner in which the icons appear briefly then disappear as all the startup processes load? Or is it a simple Vista glitch ... Read more

Answer:Vista Home Premium Desktop Icons Disappear On Startup

Hi brodes

I also recently got an ASUS M51V Series notebook with Window Vista pre-installed. I have been going round the bend trying to solve this - so thanks for the updated post - your solution worked prefectly . I hadn't changed the power settings (but my 5 yr old was playing on it - so I'm guessing he somehow changed it). I'm also guessing (I don't know much about the technical side of computing) that the other setting must stop all "unnecessary" power usage, and that may be why the icons disappear.

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PC Mesh Intel (R) Core(TM) Quad CPU Q6600 @2.40ghz
4 GB Ram 64 Bit Operating System
Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2

When turning on the computer, it processes through to the desktop, but all I get is a black screen with a thin pink line down the sid eof the screen.

I can get on fine with Safe Mode with Networking and can get onto the Internet that way. Thought it might have been the video card, but can't be as everything looks fine in Safemode.

Can anybody help me to go through the process on how to solve it please.

Please bear in mind, This is my daughters PC who is doing her GCSE's and is Autistic, so is getting stressed (not your problem, but thought I would menetion it, so u understand where I am coming from.


Answer:Solved: Problem logging onto Desktop (Vista Home Premium). Help please

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Hello all.

I have a question i have vista home premium om my laptop and i am buying vista home prem 64bit for my new tower i built.

I know that home prem does not have remote desktop. so what program would i want to use in vista to do remote desktop.

what i want to do is be on my laptop and be able to log on my tower which will be in the basement.

thanks for the help and ideas.


Answer:Looking for good remote desktop tool to run on vista home premium

I use Tight VNC, its Free and fast.

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I have a Dell XPS 730x with 4 internal harddrives (2 are WD Raptor drives). I'm currently running Vista Home Premium x64 that came with the system on 1 Raptor and want to try Vista Ultimate x64 on the other Raptor. My questions are:

1. Can I do this as long as I can select which drive to boot from without problems with the MBR?

2. If it's not as simple as selecting the boot drive, what software do you recommend to edit the BCD? I know of 2, Easybcd and VistaBootPro.

Thanks in advance for any input,

Answer:Dual Boot Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate?

this does work to dual boot vista, just install ultimate on a second hard drive to be safe

The installation options

You can approach the dual-boot installation operation in one of two ways -- by cold booting from the Windows Vista DVD or by inserting the Windows Vista DVD while Windows XP is running. As you can imagine, you'll encounter slightly different introductory screens depending on which approach you use, but once you get stared the operation is essentially the same.
While both methods will produce the same result, I prefer the cold booting from the DVD method. The main reason is that you don't have to worry about any interference from antivirus/antispyware/firewall software on your existing Windows XP installation.
Performing the installation

Once you have your second partition or second hard disk operational, just insert your Windows Vista DVD, restart the system, and boot from the DVD. Once the system boots from the DVD, Windows Vista?s Setup will begin loading and will display the screen shown in Figure A.
Figure A:
Windows Vista?s Setup will take a few moments to load files before the installation actually commences. In a few moments, you?ll see the screen that prompts you to choose the regional and language options, as shown in Figure B. As you can see, the default settings are for U.S. and English and if that?s you, you can just click Next to move on.
Figure B:
The default settings on the regional and language screen are for the U.S. a... Read more

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O.S. Vista Home Premium. My machine has been running fine for months including last nite - but on starting this am message appeared \BOOT\BCD not found - error code 0xc000000f. Loaded Vista disk,selected repair startup problems, which reported ok, on restart still same message - I then left system disk in drive, tried restart - ignored message Boot from CD - system starts and runs ok, but will not start without system disk in drive. When started ok I did system restore to a week ago, which completed ok, but on restart would not start without system disk.Mobo is Asus P5N-E SLI,Disk is 500Gb Maxtor Sata2,4Gb Kingston PC6400 ( checked and ok) and E6750 Processor.No new progs or hardware have been loaded. Virus scans report normal. Help Please !!

Answer:Vista Home Premium will not boot up

I have solved this problem - somehow the Boot Sequence got screwed up - system was trying to booot from Floppy Drive - (don't have one !)Now sorted into correct order and all working fine.Many Thanks and Regards to all. trevorp5

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New pc 2.8.07, vista preloaded - no problem until yesterday then I switched on at 3pm to hear a loud ticking noise which continues whilst the pc is on, then it flashed through the initial start up to 'Boot from CD' then a screen headed 'Phoenix Award BIOS Set up utility screen' appeared with a small red flashing window in the centre saying'Quit without saving (Y/N) N'.It didn't react to any key, the only way out was to switch off with the main (front) button.Various attempts were made to get it going, F1, F8, etc etc. Then I put the recovery disc in which started when I pressed a key when the start up got to' Boot from CD'. BUT nothing happened and it went back to the red window. Pressing some keys on trying to start merely recycles the attemted start up rather than go to the Phoenix etc window.I checked every mortal thing and again this morning but all is in place and functioning. I had installed Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.5 (the latest version in the morning) and did the tuition program without any problem then switched off.I am writing this from my second PC.Any help appreciated

Answer:Vista home premium won't/can't boot

Take it back to the retailer since it is so new.

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Hello, and thanks in advance for your help.

My computer was acting sluggish, so I decided to restart it. Now it keeps trying to boot from the cd drive and failing with the error: disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter.

This problem actually happened for the first time a few weeks ago during a restart immediately following a large number of Windows updates. At that point, I pressed F8 to start in "last known good configuration", ran a virus and spyware scan (found nothing) and did a system restore to an earlier point. Now that this problem has returned, I can't get the safe mode screen to come up again, no matter how delicately or frantically I press F8. Then I used my vista cd to try to repair windows. System restore is unable to locate any Vista installation, although it seems to see my two hard drives just fine, along with all of the files. System recovery found problems with my start up "bootmng" option, but when I select "repair and restart" I get the the error "Failed to save startup options" and it still fails to reboot.

What should I try next? I am not very experienced with Vista.

My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere...I tried to use all of the fixes posted here, but nothing has worked so far!


Answer:Vista Home Premium 64 bit will not boot

The first thing I suggest in these types of situations is a checkdisk. When you press F8, one of the options it should give you is to open a command prompt. You can then type in 'chkdsk c: /r' and press enter. Note if there are any bad sectors.

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My Vista installation didn't startup one day after I installed Quicktax, it would just show the mobo splash screen, the POST info and then would just go black and freeze. It had been slowing down for a week or so then quit after I installed Quicktax. When I tried Safe Mode, it would load half of the files and freeze (on the screen showing the initial files loading). So I put in my full Vista installation disk and repaired a bunch of times to the point where the PC would show the Vista loading screen (the green moving bar), then black, then black with a movable mouse cursor and it would stop there (frozen but the mouse cursor still moved). And Safe Mode would load the files then freeze on a black screen. I loaded my Vista disk and ran the Command Prompt, got to my c:\ and typed in:

bootrec /RebuildBcd

The PC asks if I should add "D:\Old Data\Windows" to the list and I say yes

bootrec /FixMbr
bootrec /FixBoot

and tried repairing again with the Vista disk. Now the PC is saying BOOTMGR is missing and I try typing in the same commands again and the same BOOTMGR is missing. My Vista installation is on C:\Windows so I don't know what this D:\Old Data\Windows is. When I load the Vista disk it now shows that Vista is on (D. Is it actually on D:\ now? Or does that matter?

I really don't want to format cause I have a ton of programs and I haven't exported any of the settings. If I could do that just from plugging in my hard drive to a USB port on my other PC then I would ... Read more

Answer:Vista Home Premium 32 won't boot

Hi welcome to the forum.
You may find these information videos & articles of some interest to your problem,
Hope it helps:-
BOOTMGR Missing - BOOTMGR is Missing Error Message - Couldn't Find BOOTMGR

BOOTMGR is missing - Google Search

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I have a copy of Windows Vista Home Premium x86 and I want to DualBoot!!! Tell me: can I do this?? If I can, tell me how!!!

Answer:Can I DualBoot Windows Vista Home Premium with Windows Vista Home Premium??

Well to do this you would need two product keys. Since you can only use one key on one installed system, to dual boot two vista OS you would need a seperate product key for each one, if you have two keys all you need are two seperate partitions to install them on.

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Desperately seeking help. I have a laptop with Windows Vista on it. Im trying to get to the recovery console to repair an endless boot failure -loop. The blue screen error  i received when i chose do not reboot from windows advanced boot options screen is unmountable_boot_volume. When i try to boot into safe mode it just stops loading files and nothing else  happens. Last know good config does not work either. Ive set the boot order in bios to cd/dvd first to boot from a vista system recovery disk. Upon restart i press a key to boot from cd rom as message indicates. I get a white loader bar which says loading windows files, when that completes i get a greenish/yellow loader bar that says microsoft. After 1 min or so that disappears and im staring at a black screen that goes no further. I thought maybe i needed a different recovery disk, so a friend of mine sent me an iso  of windows vista. I attempted to boot from this dvd i created successfully with windows disc image burner , and the same thing happens as listed above. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Need help!! Vista 32 home premium wont boot

It might be getting hung because the hard drive is sick... do you have a spare hard drive to swap into it? Then boot off of the disc and try to install to this other healthy hard drive? I had a Dell that did exactly what you are explaining for problem with a 40GB IDE HDD. I swapped out the 40GB HDD with a 12GB that I had laying around that was a good drive, but smaller and then i was able to install Windows with no problems, although not much HDD space on a 12GB drive after windows is fully patched.

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Hi all,
Great Forums!
First off, I have been running Vista on this system for about a year now. It's a dual-boot configuration with Windows XP Home as my other option. I'm also having some malware/virus problems with it as well, which I'll post in a seperate post, but this topic is about the Vista side.

Usually, I could boot Vista in about 1 minute flat. After I was infected on the XP side of things, my Vista boot sequence (up to the point where I can open files or websites) now takes alot of time to get to a working desktop, sometimes 5 minutes.

Here's my HJT log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:48:44 PM, on 12/19/2008
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18000)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
V:\Program Files\ASUS WiFi-AP Solo\RtWLan.exe
V:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
V:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG7\avgcc.exe
V:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\avgas.exe
V:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
V:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\PDVDServ.exe
V:\Program Files\Logitech\GamePanel Software\LCD Manager\LCDMon.exe
V:\Program Files\Logitech\GamePanel Software\G-series Software\LGDCore.exe
V:\Program Files\PKWARE\PKZIPM\PKLoadOE.exe
V:\Program File... Read more

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I have a Gateway 6810-01 LX Series desktop and I am unable to get the system to boot. It will not boot into Safe Mode either. If it does for some chance boot, it will not allow you to do anything. The pc freezes. I have not made the recovery disc as of yet. I was in the process of getting ready to do that. I am not able to get to the Recovery Console because the thing is freezing up. I have attempted to run Hiren to do a HD test to see if my hard drive is FUBAR'd. It will not allow me to boot to CD or to USB to run the diagnostics. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Vista Home Premium 64bit will not boot.

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I own a Lenovo 3000 K100. I recently replaced the OEM HDD with a Western Digital 1TB SATA II drive that I removed from a WD Essentials casing. I was using the WD drive as an external USB backup drive. It is so much quieter than the original 500GB drive that I removed the 500GB drive in favor of the 1TB drive.

Once I had the system fully configured using the 1TB drive, I decided to add the 500GB drive back in as drive 'D:' so that I could perform backups to the 500GB drive without using an external enclosure. I had purchased a SATA II external enclosure but it doesn't have a fan; the drive was getting VERY hot whenever I would run a backup.

Well, that is when the trouble started (when I installed the 500GB drive as a second drive in the chassis)

After having procured the frame rails from Lenovo and purchasing a new 2-way power cable to power both SATA II drives and a new SATA II signal cable, I am trying to solve an issue where I am getting the following "Warning!!!" on startup:

"Warning!!! There are more than one disk, protect system isn't in boot disk, this will cause protect system failure!"

I've searched the internet and have no clues on how to resolve this other than to disconnect the 500GB drive cables (and use it externally as I had before).

As a 'worst case' option, I recovered the entire system using the Lenovo recovery CDs. Both drives are in the chassis. I got this message before the recovery, throughout the recovery and I am still ... Read more

Answer:Vista Home Premium - 2nd HDD Boot Error

This is the 32-bit version of Vista.

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Am using Vista Home Premium on a new and reasonably high spec PC. Suffering from annoying hang on boot - total boot takes around 3 min when all start progs disabled - otherwise Vista appears to be running OK. Have cleaned out all temp files but still slow. Boots fast and without problem in Safe Mode so suspect a software driver loading problem (all hardware drivers checked and OK). Boot event log shows mainpathboottime of 157 secs - other main time components are bootexplorerinittime (74 secs), bootuserprofileprocessingtime (32 secs), bootprefetchinittime (28 secs) and bootpostboottime (23 secs). Bootlog (ntbtlog.txt) shows two pages of drivers but does not show how long each one took to load and so do not know which one(s) causing the delay. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing problem and can anyone recommend a bootlog analyser (THAT WORKS WITH VISTA) that would give me the individual driver loading time and sequence?

Answer:Slow Boot With Vista Home Premium

I'd start with "perfmon /report" at the Start dialog.
After that, go to Control Panel (Classic View)...Performance Information and Tools...Advanced Tools...View performance details in Event log
That'll give exact times for boot issues that exceed the norm.

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I bought another computer, HP Pavillion d5200t. It has Windows Home Premium 64 bit in it. I went to put in my First Defense-ISR Rescue in it and I got back a -11 code and it would not install. I sent a support ticket off to Horizon Data Systems and they got back with the following response, This means the boot sector is not a standard Windows boot sector. It is been modified by the manufacturer or another applications. We have seen this with HP systems. This protection is so that we do not disturb the users system or make it unbootable. We are very specific on what we install into. I sent a support ticket to HP and all I got back was about how I had restore disks and system restore, an image is alot faster and it puts it right back to where I want it. I got the standard answer out of there book. My question is, has anyone heard of HP using a non standard boot sector and does anyone have a HP with the imaging program in it? Do you think I can get any imaging program to work with this situation? Sorry this is so long.

Answer:Vista Home Premium 64 bit Boot Sector

No, never heard of that before. We use the "bootrec /fixmbr" and "bootrec /fixboot" commands frequently at work. This writes the standard Windows boot sector and MBR to the systems.

I'd suggest running Startup Repair and executing those commands from the Command Prompt.

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My HTPC blue screened at start-up a couple of times last week, but then all was ok. Last night, it booted fine, but was running awfully slow. So I scheduled a checkdisk and rebooted. When check disk started, it got through the 1st stage and froze.

Rebooted the the PC again, but it would get a BSOD after the Windows logo appeared and reboot. It happens to quick to see the error on the BSOD. If I start in Safe Mode, it gets to crcdisk.sys and then BSOD's.

This morning, I booted from my DVD. It did not find my OS, but I was able to do a start-up repair. Once it repaired some issues, the PC booted. All was good, but once the MS logo disappears, the screen remains black, it never makes it to the user login screen. I tried to boot in Safe Mode, but same problem.

So, I made a little progress, but its still stuck. Any ideas.

Answer:Boot Problems - Vista Home Premium 32 bit

I guess I'm in the dreaded "black screen of death" with mouse cursor. Unfortunately, I cannot bring-up the task manager.

Any suggestions other than reinstall.

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Hello, I am very new to this forum and I don't know if I'm placing this topic in the right place. Please help me find the right place if this isn't it.

Where can I go to get a good and easy tutorial on how to create a duel boot PC? I have genuine Vista Home Premium x64 and XP x64 licenses, multiple drives that I could use or partition, and a computer that can handle it, but I have never created a duel boot computer before. Currently the computer runs only on Vista Home Premium x64, and there are some programs and hardware that I would like to occasionally like to access that are only compatible with XP including a Lexmark x83 multifunction printer and Microsoft Picture It! Publishing 2001 (in addition to a couple other programs that just seem to work more smoothly on XP). I still want Vista available too for other programs too though.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you are willing to help.

Answer:How to XP x64 and Vista Home Premium x64 duel boot?

Hi swing,

Plenty of people install XP after Vista - there are numerous tutorials:

Installing XP After Vista - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

How to dual boot Vista and XP (with Vista installed first) -- the step-by-step guide with screenshots

Windows Vista no longer starts after you install an earlier version of the Windows operating system in a dual-boot configuration

Dual Boot Vista and XP with Vista already installed - SysChat

Hope it helps

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Hi, Several people have asked the question of how to solve the error message:

'Failed on loading skin name "minibcont" The file "shell.css" is required in your "sscommon/skins/minibcont/css/" directory'

I am using Vista Home Premium and developed the problem after getting FIOS.

I did not see any solutions submitted. Does anyone know the answer?


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I have an acer aspire 5720G using windows Vista Home Premium OEM./ It has failed to boot. I tried to restore ; tried to repair but to no effect. I borrowed a friends disk but could not get any satisfaction. I have my activation ID but no recovery disc. I have tried a variety of boot up discs from online sources again to no effect. I have now installed UBUNTU to access vital files on the hard drive which I have rescued. I would now like to reinstall cleanly my windows can i do this most efficiently.
Can anybody please guide me?

By reading other threads I feel I am learning lots but am now at a point of great frustration.

Answer:laptop on vista home premium won't boot.

With an OEM, DVD, this would be the best method to reinsatall
Clean Install with a Full Version of Vista

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I currently have Windows Vista Home premium installed on my computer and need to upgrade to windows 7.
I understand I will  have to purchase it, that is fine, it has been suggested to look on amazon, etc. I just want to make sure of a product code or ID number specifically before i make any purchase.

As I said i currently have windows vista sp2, build 6002, and am wanting to upgrade to windows 7 sp1.

please advise.

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Hey guys,

I want to upgrade my OS from Vista Home Premium to 7 Home Premium and I have the Anytime upgrade DVD (provided at the time when I bought my laptop which came pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium). Since this is the first time I will ever try to upgrade my OS and I will be paying for it (lol) I wanted to clear a few doubts before I went about it. My current OS is a Deutsch (German) version. I want my new OS to be in English. So my question is -

Will the upgrade process provide me with the option to choose an installation language?

I researched a bit about language packs and if I'm not very wrong, Multiple language packs work only for Business and Ultimate versions but not for Basic and Home premium. Third party language packs like Vistalizator has been reported to work fine but Microsoft doesn't recommend it and some users have reported to have problems where it pops the message " your windows is not genuine".

So should I do an upgrade or just do a clean install with an original Windows 7 Home Premium DVD?

Answer:Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade

I am not sure about the answer regarding the language pack, but I am sure about the upgrade or the clean install. Do the clean install. A clean install is always preferred over an upgrade. With an upgrade all the old problems that may exist with the OS are just carried to the new installation.
Upgrades often fail, either because of third party software that is not compatible, or malicious software that breaks in the new install.
There are some members that back up their stuff and do a clean install on a regular basis to have the OS run smoothly as the first day. Trust me go with the clean install and enjoy your new OS

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I recently bought a HP DV9548US Notebook running Windows Vista Home Premium. Lately, when I turn the computer on it takes about 30 seconds to get to the page where I choose my account and logon with a password. The strange part that is bothering me is that it takes about 1 minute to reach the actual desktop. I've seen similar posts, but not for my Vista version. So, I know there is probably something wrong, but not sure how to approach a solution.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Vista Home Premium - Black Screen After Logon Delay In Desktop Appearence

See if Vista Startup Repair can locate any issues:

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I am about to do this build for a customer and just wanted to check and see if there were any things I should watch out for, any certain process I should follow when doing the installs, anything out of the ordinary.

I have heard that you should install XP first, then Vista. Also, it will be on one hard drive, so i'll obviously need to partition the drive first. Does XP install disc have a built in partition utility that I can use to make 2 partitions and install XP to one, then once that is installed, I can install Vista to the other?

Thanks guys,

Answer:Dual boot XP x64 and Vista Home Premium 64bit?

XP does have a partitioning utility. Just make the partitions as large as you want then install XP on one. Then install Vista on the other. Generally I wouldn't make the partitions identical in size, because i've made the mistake of installing the new OS over the old one (b/c the partitioning screen doesn't say what is on the partition).

It should be done on one hard drive, and the older OS should be installed first.

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I have a 4 month old HP desktop running 64 bit Vista Home Premium. Historically its been running great. This could be unrelated, I loaded Norton 360 on it a week ago and its been nagging me to set up the backup. I set it up the other night and it failed. Being tired I decided to look at it the next day. The next day it would not boot. It goes through the bios and as soon as it gets to windows it loops back and starts over. I have run the F9 diagnostics and all the hardware checks out. I can't F11 into the recovery partition so I have ordered the recovery cd's from HP. I have checked all the connections to the mother board, memory, HD's, cabling etc, with no luck. I can't imagine what would have happened other than Norton overwriting something on C drive when it tried to backup. (who knows with Norton). If anyone knows anything for me to try please let me know.

BTW, I can't boot into any safe mode, nor restore last good settings, etc.

Answer:Vista Home Premium 64bit Boot Loops

Is saving your personal files a concern or not really necessary?

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Firstly, please see my previous post click hereAs suggested by Fruit Bat I opened Vista with F8 Advanced Boot Option and selected "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement". However, the Talk Talk CD still will not install and the same error message occurs.With regard to the other helpful suggestions, I have looked at the Talk Talk FAQ but I cannot find that it deals with this particular problem. If anyone has found it, please give me the link to the particular page.baldydave suggests right clicking and choosing run as administrator. I have tried right clicking but there is no option to run as administrator.Btw, SP1 has NOT been installed on this laptop!Any other suggestions of what I can try would be welcome!

Answer:Vista Home Premium - F8 Advanced Boot Option

Self explanatory!

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what on earth were they thinking?

plain black screen with © 2006 Microsoft and the load bar and that's it, doesn't even have Windows Vista Home Premium and/or the window logo really realy crap. At least XP has Windows XP on the bot screen.

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You know, when an update tells you not to shutdown the computer... Don't shutdown the computer. Just yesterday (November 23 2009) the update manager was getting on my nerves to update my SP1 to SP2, so I allowed it.. Well, I was impatient and decided to let it all configure tomorrow but when I turned on my computer I was hit with an error message on Boot plus it won't continue to my Desktop nor will it boot in Safe Mode.

I don't quite remember what the error said but the first number-code was !! 0xc0000034 !!.
I had tried looking for help but everything I found, hadn't helped one bit. Currently I'm trying to get a System Restore from the CD-DVD to restore before I installed SP2, but it's just hanging at "Finalizing File Restore."
At this stage, I'm a little desperate, but I'm trying not to Reformat my Vista seeing how I have no way of getting my files off the HDD. Otherwise any help is appreciated.


Answer:Vista Home Premium x32bit; SP2 & boot failed

Diagnose your hdd any good tool Bootable Hard Drive Diagnostics - Vox

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Have a new VAIO laptop w/Vista home premium. Fired it up, got rid of the junk I didn't want (e.g., AOL, Norton), created a recovery point and created recovery disks. Also, put on AdAware, Spyblaster and Spybot. Now, when I boot, it seems to be in an infinite loop. I get the initial screen, says loading, get the revolving circle, then it goes back to the initial screen. When I boot in safe mode and select 'Last good known conffiguration', it pops up and I can use it with no problem.
Is this a virus, did something get whacked during what I did or is there some config/setting that's keeping it from booting normally?

Answer:Vista Home Premium Won't Boot In Normal Mode

Have you tried to Repair the installation yet?

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Hi all, I'm having an issue with booting up my desktop that is frustrating me to no end.


After a Blue Screen of Death upon waking my computer from sleep mode this morning, whenever I boot up my machine the manufacturer logo comes up, it starts spewing out some boot text as normal, it gets to the point where it check to see if it can boot from CD, and after it finishes checking that it does nothing. (if I have a disk it can boot from in the drive, it prompts me to press any key and I can boot from the disk, but if I wait long enough it fails the same way once it tries to boot 'normally') It just sits there. The screen isn't blank, it just doesn't try to do anything else as far as I can tell.

Things I've tried that had no effect:

1. Boot again. This includes with unplugging all external hardware sans the mouse, keyboard, and monitor, or even with unplugging the mouse and keyboard and leaving just the monitor.
2. Press f8 repeatedly on boot to get the advanced boot menu to come up. It will not come up. (it will if I press f8 when it's booting from the recovery disk though, but that only makes it use my chosen method on the recovery disk screen)
3. Startup Recovery using recovery disk. The first time I did this it reported an an issue and said it fixed it, but on the reboot it did nothing different.
4. Use a System Restore Point using recovery disk. I tried multiple times, even going back to my oldest restore point, to no avail.
5. Set the active partition using DISK... Read more

Answer:Boot issue with Vista Home Premium 32bit

I would start with doing or attempting a repair install. That won't damage your files will will re-install Windows.

If that fails or if you'd rather access your files first, burn a boot disc like a Linux "Live" disc and copy your files to the external drive. I use Symantec Ghost boot disc as a method for doing this same type of file recovery.

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Dell XPS 410 Desktop

Someone went through my computer today, making some changes, and now I can't do a lot of things as far as booting.

1. My computer sits on the first "DELL" screen for over 2 minutes, then it goes to the black screen with the white writing on (screenshot 1).
2. It also sits on that screen for a long time, but worse is what has started popping up on the bottom regarding SATA drive. If I press F1 it will go ahead and boot. I pressed F2 and took some pictures with my digital camera. See screenshots 2-4.

I ran Belarc advisor to see what it showed for Drives and that info is:
SAMSUNG HD321KJ [Hard drive] (320.07 GB) -- drive 0, s/n 0SEZ1JPN055368, SMART Status: Healthy
TEAC USB HS-CF Card USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 1
TEAC USB HS-MS Card USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 3
TEAC USB HS-SD Card USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 4
TEAC USB HS-xD/SM USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 2

I'm praying someone can look at these and tell me what was changed or disabled on my computer to make this happen during the boot.

I was thinking very strongly about using the Dell Factory Restore option, but I can't get to the screen. I think I reach it through "Startup Repair" on that F8 Safe Mode screen, but I can't get there.

I'm also considering a System Restore.

The computer is working fine except for these things.

PLEASE, please help!

Answer:[SOLVED] Boot Problem on Vista Home Premium

Looks like BluePainter kind of took over my post and I didn't get any help.

Actually, I'm sorry. I don't know how I ended up here because I thought I clicked on my own post and then "poof" I ended up here. So it looks like I'm the butter-inner! :D

As it happens, I got my problem solved anyway.

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My wife has a dell /vista home premium and for a year didnt update, well I guess I should have left it alone but I updated about 85 kbs, now I find it take about one and a half minutes for it to fully boot and also to shut down, I notice the task bar flashes erratically and also the screen will blank out several times, also the circle(loading or processing) stays up about one minute after the desktop,and about the same when shutting down,this probably is something I inadverntly have committed. my understanding of computers is maybe midlevel. thanks

Answer:long boot time on and off vista home premium

Please, post some computer info:- processor type, amount of RAM (hold Windows logo key, hit Pause/Break key)- hard drive size/free space (open "My Computer", right click on hard drive letter, click "Properties")- security programs in use (antivirus, firewall)Download Autoruns for Windows: installation required.Simply unzip file, and double click on autoruns.exe file to run the program.Go File>Save, and save it as AutoRuns.txt file to know location.You must select Text from drop-down menu as a file type: Attach the file to your next reply.

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I'm planning on installing Linux Mint 4.0 on my Vista rig. I currently have a 750GB harddrive with 3 partitions, one for Vista OS(60GB), one for programs(60GB), and one for data(movies/music/games/etc.). My question is....should I create another partition for Linux or would it be better to purchase another harddrive, maybe a 160GB, and install Linux and Vista OS on it with 80GB each?

Answer:Dual-boot Mint4.0 and Vista Home Premium x86

If your just using Linux to experiment with Linux,then you could just give it

30 GBs on your main drive,as you won`t need much data space.

On the other hand,a second physical drive is great for backups of crucial data,

so you could go that route,and just give Linux 30Gb of an 80/160 Gb drive

(vary sizes to preference)

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We did a number of updates on our Dell 530 Inspiron desktop. The computer runs very well, although it will not stay asleep. After the updates, we noticed the Device Manager indicated that the Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface had a Code(10). I followed all of the recommended reinstall driver recommendations, used Microsoft "Fix It," tried Device Manager/Action/Add Legacy Hardware to no avail. Now, under network adapters I now have the following: (1) Intel(R)82562V-2 10/100 (2) Microsoft Tun Miniport Adapter #2 and #3. The machine runs perfectly except for sleeping as mentioned previously. It easily connects to the internet.

I would appreciate direction on (1) approach to solving this problem and/or (2) solution already listed that seems to fit this situation. Quite honestly, I don't feel like my skill level allows me to do much if any with the computer's registry unless it is very simple.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this question.


Answer:Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface (Code10) Dell Desktop w Vista Home Premium

For the Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface either ignore it or right-click on it and see if you can disable or delete it.

For the waking up problem the first thing to check is possible devices waking it. For example, if the mouse is allowed to wake the machine it will sometimes do so as the result of the tiniest vibration.

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Hello all.I have a fairly new (3 months' old), well-spec'ed home PC, running Vista Home Premium. (I tinkered a bit too much after first receiving it and had to do a full Vista re-install, but it has been running perfectly since then.)A day or two ago, I found the PC with a black screen and the dreaded "Boot disk failure" message. I managed to get it restarted OK by going into the boot menu and prompting it to boot from the main HDD. The only change to the system in the previous day or two had been to install a (100% genuine) copy of MS Office (Home and Student version), so I did a system restore to a point just before the install. (I think there were a few MS windows updates installed around the same time but, again, I assumed that they cannot be the culprit. Or can they...?) I had the same "Boot disk failure" message on restarting, but I booted from the boot menu again and all seemed OK.Thinking that the problem surely (?) can't have been caused by genuine MS software, I tried reinstalling it. All seemed OK, until the next re-start - same problem.I booted from the Vista disc, tried the "Start-up problems diagnostic", which reported no problems, ran the memory diagnostic (just to be sure), and re-started. Same problem.I used System Restore to go back a bit further in time. Same problem. HOWEVER...I forget the exact sequence of subsequent events, but I have now ended up being UNABLE TO BOOT UP AT ALL, whether I choose to boot from the HDD or the system disc. After selecting ei... Read more

Answer:Vista Home premium - "boot disk failure" nightmare

What PC have you got.

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Hi all,

I have been using my Vista Premium machine, which I bought 1 month ago without any problems until today. I tried to boot the machine this morning, and it booted to the "loading windows vista" screen and then the screen turns black, and it freezes with no hard drive acrivity. I left it for 10 minutes before turning it off and restarting.

It happened again on a second boot, and I noted that the mouse and keyboard had no power when it froze. I tried to boot to the premium disc and use startup repair, which found nothing, but offered to do a restore to a previous point.. I agreed, it restored, and restarted.

Same problem again. So I restarted it and booted into safe mode without a problem. I tried to boot again, and it failed. Any ideas of what to do? It just seems like a really wierd problem.

I also noted that my router didn't have a light for the cable connected to my NIC when it froze

I haven't changed any hardware since I bought the machine (Q6600 Quad Core, 2ghz 800mhz ram, 500gig hdd, 8800GTS). I am running the newest beta nvidia drivers, and will try to uninstall that when I boot into safe mode (fingers crossed), but the loss of power to the keyboard and mouse are disconcerting. They are both USB devices, so I can also try to boot with just the kb and mouse plugged in.

The two updates my system had before this problem were MS updates of Outlook Junk Filter and a driver update for my network card that looked wierd, but I installed it.

Any ... Read more

Answer:Vista Home Premium freezes to a black screen on boot

I've taken the PC back to the store under warranty as i'm pretty certain it's a hardware fault.. probably the motherboard.

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I have just bought Satellite U400-15b and am finding it takes a very long time for Vista to boot up, I have gone into msconfig and disabled the things that I am not using and stuff I think that is not necessary, but still having to wait ages before I can use the laptop. I have enough RAM and processor speed so I dont think the specs of the laptop are a problem

Is there anything that can be done about this slow boot, any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Slow boot on Vista Home Premium - Satellite U400-15b

What Virus scanner do you have installed? Some Internet Security packages drastically slow down the system.
You should have at least 2GB RAM for Vista to run smoothly.

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Hello Everyone,

I just recently started having problems with my Sony Laptop not booting. It would stop loading on the MS windows green loading bars then hang up. I would have to turn the power off as alt ctrl delete would not reset. Upon restarting I would be given option to go into safe mode or boot normally. If I chose safe mode it would boot andbe fine if I performed a full shutdown. It would then work for a while but at times it would freeze if the computer would be left idle. I turned off power saver to prevent power down but on the last few forced shut downs I would not even get the option to go to safe mode.

When it would not boot in safe mode I had to do a complele system restore. I do not have the option to repair windows as vista came installed on my laptop (Sony Vaio VGN-FW170J). I would restore the whole system reinstall programs, then back up. It would be fine for a while but eventually freeze during a reboot. I tried disconnecting from the network, tried different browsers to see if anything specific was causing a problem . I reinstalled the OS up to SP2 and did not allow updates to see if a update caused the problem but the last crash happened anyway.

I've also run check disk but it doesn't find any problems or bad sectors. Could a hardware problem with the optical drive cause this type of issue? How can I tell?

Given I've restored the OS to the original factory settings 4 times in the last month I'm open to any suggestions.

As you probably can tel... Read more

Answer:Vista Home premium x64 won't boot - Sony Vaio core 2 duo


This could be a problem with your RAM, or with your Motherboard (blown caps) but the Optical Drive cant cause any errors without a disc.

Did you install any new devices or programs right before this?


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I have C Drive 250gb - Vista HP SP2 and, PARTIONED, also a W Drive 250gb - WIN7 RC7100

Boot Manager list WIN7 first, which is what I wanted and set via msconfig.

I think I am going to trash my Vista and install a clean WIN7 on C drive.

I am thinking to do this:

1. From within WIN7, go to msconfig and reset boot sequence to C Drive
2. Reboot. From within Vista, go to Disk Management and delete the W partition (and therefore WIN7) and then to resize my C drive to full amount of C/W size (500GB)
3. From within Vista, load in Win7 DVD, go to My computer and set off setup.exe & do a clean install...or do I have to change boot sequence thru bios first and reboot to the DVD drive to do this?

I have all discs/drivers for my other applications and they are all working fine on my present WIN7 drive

Or would I simply do an in-place upgrade?

I know I have to either purchase a new copy or an upgrade copy of WIN7.

Is my thought process above corret?


Answer:WIN7 / Vista Home Premium dual boot - TRASHING ONE

Installing over Vista would be easier, and you could use my tutorial (Windows.old folder - Restore into a new installation) to do an restore from your Vista install.


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Friend has the following system:

Abit AB9 QuadGT
1000w PSU
2x 500GB SATA (raid 0)
8800 Ultra

We've tried using system restore to go back in time, but it still has the problem. Every time we reboot, it asks to install drivers for his keyboard, mouse, etc, despite the fact that they were installed initially when we installed Vista months ago. Keyboard and Mouse work initially, but if you click "cancel" when it prompts you to install the mouse driver, the mouse stops working. Any ideas other than a reformat?

Answer:Vista Home Premium asks to resinstall drivers every boot

don't you think that since it affects keyboard and mouse, it would be a good idea to post the keyboard and mouse and how they are connected to the rig? Just thinking out loud....

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
HP s3240uk Pavilion Slimline
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+, AMD64 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4094 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 2400 , 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 469293 MB, Free - 374406 MB; J: Total - 381549 MB, Free - 202607 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer INC., Acacia, 1.00, MS1C79R82004688
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

I have found many well meaning suggestions aimed at helping others like me to resolve this annoying aspect of networking between Windows 7, Vista and XP but it seems like we are all banging our heads against a brick wall. I have tried every suggestion I can find on other forums but still my Windows 7 computer cannot access my XP Home or Vista machines. The message I see each time I try is as follows:- "\\WINXP (or \\VISTA) is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have permissions. The account is not authorised to log in from this station." You will of course appreciate that the 'administrator' is myself. I can access files and a printer on Windows 7 from the other two computers providing I place shared files in the public folder ... no problem with this.

Before you ask ... Yes, I have checked that all three computers have the same Work... Read more

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 can see but not access files on XP Home SP3 and Vista Home Premium

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I'm considering upgrading an old 530s from VISTA Home Premium 32 Bit to Win 7 Home Premium 32 Bit. Will an OEM version work and where can I get a fair deal on Win 7?

Answer:Dell 530s upgrade from VISTA Home Premium 32 Bit to Win 7 Home Premium 32 Bit

You are best to take the unofficial upgrade path to Windows 10 via the expired 10130 Insider Preview:→-windows-10-free-upgrade/

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ive got a DV5-1000US that came with 64bit home premium on it. 64bit doesn't work with one or more of my programs. I would like to put 32bit instead on it. Can i use the 64bit license or do i have to purchase a new one?

Answer:use vista 64bit home premium OEM (hp) license W/ 32bit home premium?

OEM licenses don't transfer from 64 to 32 or vice versa. Can you run your programs in an xp virtual machine? I have the same laptop and that is what I do.

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hi im thinking of changing from vista home basic to win 7 home premium-ultimate(windows adviser)i know i cant upgrade, but would it be the same as reboot with vista installation it straight forward as to what win adviser is advising,?any help welcome,thanks

Answer:vista home basic to windows home premium upgrade

I would move all my personal stuff into its own partition if not already done, not forgetting any email client folders you may have.
I'd then reformat and install Windows 7 on a nice clean C: partition.
(I haven't got a "manufacturers" PC though, your situation may be different).
You'll find that once the Windows 7 install disk starts up it is a very quick, in comparison to XP or Vista, installation. Make sure your removable media drive is set to boot first in your BIOS. If you've never changed this boot order then it should be set to first anyways.

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I have recently purchased a new Acer Aspire 5535 laptop. It has Windows Vista Home Premium (WVHP) installed.

The computer came with a number of programs that I am not interested in having on my system. In addition, I was not provided a restore disc. I do own a copy of Windows Vista Home Basic (WVHB).

I would like to keep WVHP as I appear to be eligible for an upgrade to Windows 7 . . . but I would like to reinstall to get rid of all these worthless programs. Can I use a WVHB disc with my new WVHP product key?

Could I install WVHB with the WVHB product key, then use the WVHP key supplied by Acer to upgrade?

Thanks for your time in answering my question. I hope it isn't unclear.



Answer:Windows Vista Home Premium Key Home Basic Discs

I believe that if you install with the Basic disc the process will offer you a choice
of versions. Choose Home Premium and complete the install. Activate with your
Acer's Vista Product Key.


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Is this possible if I buy a W7 Home Premium upgrade? Will I be able to upgrade from Vista Home Basic?

Answer:Upgrading from Vista Home Basic to Windows 7 Home Premium?

You should be able with Windows Anytime Upgrade. Not sure of the cost, though.

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Hi, I'm working on my brothers laptop, its a Gateway ML6720. Anyway, this computer is like 3 months old and worked fine until now. When I turn it on it shows the loading bar, but when that's done it just goes to a black screen and stays. It will not boot completely. I've tried starting it in safe mode and repair mode but it still just freezes at a certain point. I don't know what he did to it prior to this happening, probably nothing but there's no good reason why it shouldn't boot. If someone could please help it would be great. Thanks.
Please help!!!

OS: Widows Vista Home Premium
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core T2310 1.46 GHz

Answer:Gateway Laptop Running Vista Home Premium Wont Boot


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I have an Aspire 5920 with Vista Home Premium, it worked fine until one of the kids played with it now it wont boot. It goes through firmware boot and the initial Vista load then black screen with just the cursor. Tried all sorts of things including booting from CD and running repair. Everything says it's working normally but still the same problem. It's not the screen as an external screen does the same thing. Can you please help?

Answer:Acer Aspire 5920 Vista Home Premium boot prob

... take a look at this post ... may help you!.... Posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties

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First of all, sorry for my english! Then ...

I'm not able to expand a disk partition joining it to a new disk under Vista HOME PREMIUM.


disk 0 : sata, ~400 gb, volume C, volume D

disk 1 : pata, ~300 gb EMPTY

disk 2 : pata, ~120 gb, volume E

- disk 0, 1, 2 are all basic disks
- C is a primary, boot/system partition and holds pagefile, hibernate, etc.etc.
- both D and E are primary partition
- C, D, E are ntfs created by vista

My problem is that :

I'm able to extend volume E using empty space on disk 1 BUT

I'm NOT able to extend volume D using empty space on disk 1 (the option "extend" is grayed out)

So it seems to be possible to join a partition to unallocated space belonging to another physical disk.

I wonder why I can join E: to disk 1 but I can't join D: to disk 1.

Many thanks to everybody.


Answer:Vista Home Premium - Unable To Extend A Non System/boot Partition

I presume that disk C: is your boot volume - as such you cannot extend it. Here's a link that describes this:

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my friends bought a notebook acer extensa and the OS installed was windows vista home basic.unfortunately he encountered viruses that kills the windows...he reformat he replace the windows vista home premium..since he dont have the windows recovery...the notebook works but he encountered some problems like the desktop display is too dark..well ofcourse from 64 bit turns to 32 bit colors...and the ethernet doesnt work anymore..he did try to download the drivers but when he run the driver its error...he also updated the hard ware but still didnt work...does it need to upgrade also the bios or any suggestion pls...thanks

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i recently got windows vista home premium and decided to upgrade my windows xp home edition SP3. It was going great until it needed to complete the upgrade. Up ntil 64% all was well. But once it hit 64% for awhile the computer shut down. After it shut down on its own i rebooted it and it said "upgrade unsuccessful. restoring your previous windows and settings. Do not turn off or restart your computer." I really want to know how to install it without any problems and i need help. Anything will be good and appreciated!
I have a Compaq Presario C301NR whit 2gigs of ram and 320gig HD. I still have the disc and everything and the computer was not harmed. After it shut down on its own

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I ran the windows 7 advisor and it says everything is a go, but how do I proceed from here? Do I need a cd or is there a free download available from Microsoft?

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I currently have an AUSUS G60VX Notebook with Microsoft Window Vista Home Premium 64bit and would like to upgrade my windows.  With all the available sources on the internet to download from, I'm unsure of which would be legitimate and whether I will
get what I'm looking for without compromising and damaging my system.

I am looking for a reliable legitimate source to upgrade from Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit to Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.
Thank you

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I have a windows 7 home premium laptop that I am trying to connect to my office PC via VPN. I can make the vpn connection and login to my office PC. I launch into my Outlook but when I exit and try to go to another desktop program I get disconnected everytime from my session. what can I do?

Answer:remote desktop and Windows 7 Home premium

Are there any related error messages in your application event log? After you get disconnected, are you able to RDP back into the office PC?

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Dear fellows,

i have learned via internet that Windows 7 Home Premium computer cant b accessed remotly but it can access computer remotly ( with professional or ultimate versions). Isnt it????

Unfortunattly i have Home Premium, i have found a Patch " rdp concurrent" which they say can allow Home Premium Versions to be accessed remotly. Is this safe to use this patch? or is there anyother way to overcome this issuse?

i want remote connection over the internet, how to make a remote connection so that i can login remotly whenever i want???

please guide me as i dont want to use any other softerware.

Answer:Remote Desktop in Windows 7 Home Premium

Enable Remote Desktop Connection on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 - Hoff Says
That's safe. It only has the files termsrv.dll, termsrv.exe, rdpclip.dll, rdpclip.exe
And a firewall rule.

Those 4 files are just put in %SystemRoot%\System32\
They are taken from a win7 ultimate machine. At least that's what they normally do

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Interesting trick I found to enable remote desktop on your Win 7 Home Premium machine.

I am testing currently. Will post information as it comes available.

Answer:Remote Desktop in Windows 7 Home Premium

The theory has been proven. Works beautifully.

The administrator account is disabled by default. If you need to enable the admin account from W7HP,

Remote logon of another user profile will cause the system to require settings changes to auto login to the previous user. With Remote Access enabled in this fashion, I recommend passwording all accounts that have remote access.

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After an endless reboot cycle, I was able to disable the auto restart and was presented with a blue screen with the error: failed to start because consrv was not found.

I did some digging and found some related problems and went ahead and did the first step. Here is the results of the FRST64 scan.

Scan result of Farbars's Recovery Tool (FRST written by farbar) Version 2.3.0
Ran by SYSTEM at 2011-12-23 00:11:27
Running from E:\
Windows Vista ™ Home Premium (X64) OS Language: English(US)
The current controlset is ControlSet001

========================== Registry (Whitelisted) =============

HKLM-x32\...\Run: [ZPdtWzdVitaKey AC5031] "C:\Program Files (x86)\VitaKey\AC5031\PdtWzd.exe" show [2894848 2010-02-26] (Arachnoid Biometrics Identification Group Corp.)
HKLM-x32\...\Run: [StartCCC] "C:\Program Files (x86)\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\CLIStart.exe" MSRun [61440 2008-08-29] (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.)
HKLM-x32\...\Run: [BDRegion] "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cyberlink\Shared Files\brs.exe" [75048 2009-09-04] (cyberlink)
HKLM-x32\...\Run: [RemoteControl] "C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\PowerDVD\PDVDServ.exe" [87336 2009-04-16] (Cyberlink Corp.)
HKLM-x32\...\Run: [LanguageShortcut] "C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\PowerDVD\Language\Language.exe&... Read more

Answer:failure to boot (Vista Home Premium 64bit) failed to start because consrv was not found

Please sit tight and be patient.

I have requested that an experienced helper who specialises in malware-related un-bootable computers respond to your topic.

Thank you.

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I have the student download of windows 7 home premium and after downloading and starting installation, it isnt compatible to upgrade from vista home premium. So do I have to burn some sort of dvd for installation, or can i just install from the download i was told to save on my desktop and let it do it's thing?

Answer:student download vista home premium to 7 home premium


Try making a DVD out of it, and doing a clean install.

Make bootable iso from student d/l

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Hope this helps,

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Hi, I've been having BSOD problems(I don't actually see a BSOD the power just goes off) ever since I upgraded from Vista Home Premium to 7 Home Premium.

It occasionally happens during start-up or randomly(no specific program or website) at other times. It will also occasionally freeze and then I need to reboot.

I'm new at this and not tech savvy so hopefully I've included all relevant information. If not please be kind.

My System:

32 bit
Original O/S: Vista(came pre-installed)
Windows 7: Upgrade Version
System hardware is about 4 to 5 years old
Age Of Windows 7: I upgraded to 7 about 3 months ago

Answer:BSOD after upgrading from Vista Home Premium to 7 Home Premium

No DMP included...

We do need the DMP file as it contains the only record of the sequence of events leading up to the crash, what drivers were loaded, and what was responsible.
Please attach the DMP files to your next post not to post one.

If you are overclocking STOP

You may be able to get the DMP files without crashing by booting into safe mode (F8) with networking.

To enable us to assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder.

The procedure:

* Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to another (temporary) location somewhere on your machine.
* Zip up the copy.
* Attach the ZIP archive to your post using the "paperclip" (file attachments) button.
*If the files are too large please upload them to a file sharing service like "Rapidshare" and put a link to them in your reply.

To ensure minidumps are enabled:

* Go to Start, in the Search Box type: sysdm.cpl, press Enter.
* Under the Advanced tab, click on the Startup and Recovery Settings... button.
* Ensure that Automatically restart is unchecked.
* Under the Write Debugging Information header select Small memory dump (256 kB) in the dropdown box (the 256kb varies).
* Ensure that the Small Dump Directory is listed as %systemroot%\Minidump.
* OK your way out.
* Reboot if changes have been made.

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hi im using desktop pc windows xp sp3 home edition on c/drive and i have windows 7 home premium on d/partition dual boot i like windows 7 how do i remove xp from my pc when screen boots up i get choice whether i want to start windows 7 or earlier version

Answer:windows xp sp3 home edition and windows 7 home premium dual boot

Are you using two HD's or two Partitions

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management from Win XP & Windows 7?

Screenshot tools.
A Preferred Method of Uploading/Posting Screen Shots
How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums
Snipping Tool - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows
Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots
Screenshot with Paint
Screenshot and Upload using MWSnap
fscapture free download

Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots

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As Windows Fax and Scan facility only applies to Vista Business, Enterprise and Ultimate, is there a recomended alternative (free) software program for Home Premium ??Vista "Boot Safe Mode" When I used XP, I had a program that enabled an automatic "boot" that gave the option of booting into Safe Mode, without having to restart the system with your finger hovering over the F5 or F8 key to kick it into Safe Mode. Is there such a software for Vista? A few "mixed" questions that I could really do with some answersfor ...please...I know that the folowing questions do not neccesarilly fall into this Vista related forum, but having searched for answers and come up empty handed, I thought I might try my luck here.. Is there a specific forum / site where you can post multiple questions varying from Google to Vista to Firefox - basically a general forum??I know that there are some, but having posted in these forums I noticed that many of the subject "latest post" is often well over a month or so ago which signifies a severe lack of members.Re: Google - I have been trying to make google search results open in a new tab using the change to "true". Although it is now set to "true" is hasn't made the results open in new tab. Is there another method for doing this??Re: Windows - How do you make new windows open fully instead of the annoying small window that does not have the minimize... Read more

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