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Emachines power supply upgrade

Question: Emachines power supply upgrade

I have an older eMachines Desktop PC model EL1360G which has a 200 watt power supply.
I would like to upgrade it to at least a 400 watt power supply.
Does anyone have a suggestion as to where or what I should buy? I watched a few videos on youtube on how to do the replacement but how do I know all the plugs on the new unit are the same and will fit? Because if they don't, I'll be more confused than I already am.

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Preferred Solution: Emachines power supply upgrade

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Emachines power supply upgrade

Check and make sure all the connectors are the same as the ones you have

I'm not certain if the image above is what you have but I'm thinking it is.

Image above looks to have:

1x 20pin+4pin (ATX Power)

1x 4pin (P4)

2x SATA power
Does your power supply have these and only these?

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I am trying to repair an emachine that I believe has a bad PSU:

emachines T2682
2.60 Ghz Intel Cerelon
CD/RW 48x
DVD Rom 16X
56K Mdm
256 MB
3d Intel Extreme Graphics AGP

Replaced Power supply with an Antec 500 W Basiq model.

PROBLEM: Seeing that the previous power supply was dead so after installing the replacement I noticed that the Power Light just stays yellow. The processorfan does not turn on nor does my harddrive spin. However, if I unplug the IDE connection to the hard drive, the power HDD spins. I noticed when I power off the computer (by off switch on PSU - CPU power button completely unresponsive) the Processor fan slightly moves.

THOUGHTS: I've read several post on this site that point to bad PSU causing MoBo problems with the emachines. I chalked it up as the MoBo being dead, but when I saw the fan attempting to move I thought I could be incorrect. Any ideas?

This is my first post so I apolgize to all if this is not in the right place or forum.


Answer:EMachines Strikes again - Power Supply

The motherboard is bad and it will need to be replaced. If you can find a board that will accept the old CPU and memory you can save some money. You will need to use a separate Windows Operating System disc. Any eMachines discs will be useless with the new motherboard

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Well, my son was on his eMachine W4065 happily playing Half-Life 2 when suddenly the machine went dead. He tried turning it on but nothing happened.
I unplugged everything and then shook the machine (part of my testing regimen) and heard something knocking around in the power supply.
I removed the unit and found a small black capacitor rolling around loose that had popped out of the circuit board. It had some scorching evident on the board.
Well, I ordered a replacement supply and am waiting on it now.
I checked over the main motherboard and nothing seems to be burned or broken. I gave it a close smell test (another part of my testing regimen) and nothing smelled fried.
I'm hoping all other components are ok and that when the capacitor killed itself it didn't take anything else with it.
Anyway, I guess all I have to do is install the new power unit, plug everything in and hope it runs ok.
Is there anything else I should do or try before start it up?

Answer:eMachines power supply smoked!

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My friend's computer (T2825) died. Turns out no power. Swap the power supply out with 2 diff. known good P/S.. the system turns on for about 1-2 sec.. Are these Bestec ATX 250 -12E specicially pinned for an E-machines motherboard. looks like theres an extra wire on each side of the 20 pin connector..
Any help is appreciated..

Answer:Emachines t2825 power supply?

I'd say if there is an extra pin on each side of the 20 Pin ATX, you don't have the right PSU.

Bestec ATX 250 -12E looks to be a HP OEM PSU, while eMachines is owned by Gateway. So again I would question these PSUs as being a proper fit.

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I just purchased an ati x1800 xl for this computer. I used to have an x800 xl in there and it worked fine with this stock powersupply
and this:

ATI RS480 Chipset
2 x 512mb ram
a64 3200+
1 7200 rpm harddrive
1 dvd writer

Is anybody familiar with this machine, and if so can you recommend a powersupply to fit?


Answer:Upgrading power supply in emachines T6410

If you are on a tight budget, then something like this would be good:

450W with 30amps on the (dual) 12v rails.

If you have a bit of cash lying around, this one is a bit more "future proof" (can handle future upgrades).
550W, with TRIPLE 12v rails totalling over 50amps on the 12v rails. This PSU looks amazing (just came on the market).

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I was tinkering with my brother's PC, trying to take out his floppy drive because I needed one as mine doesn't have one. I did absolutely nothing with the power supply or anything, but for some reason the thing won't turn on. There's no indication of what's wrong with it; there's no light on the motherboard to indicate whether it's on or not, and the thing just doesn't turn on at all. So I don't know if the motherboard's fried, which I don't see how that could have happened, or if the power supply's busted, which I also can't see how that would have happened.Is this common for eMachines? Is there something I could have unplugged and plugged in wrong? There are three wires from the button on the case that you push to turn the thing on, and they were connected to a part of the motherboard. However, I don't know where exactly they were positioned (although I do know what they were connected to), but no matter how I seem to connect them, nothing seems to help. Would this be part of the problem? Where can I find a diagram or something of the motherboard? This is the one that he has: help would be appreciated, otherwise I have to buy him another PC.

Answer:eMachines Power Supply or Motherboard problem

You need to get a manual ( did you keep the boxes & paperwork on that puter?) for that board, I was tinkering around and it's like  a little confusing on who actually manufactures this now.....Key FeaturesForm Factor    Micro ATXCompatibility    PCChipset    VIA ProSavageDDR KM266Compatible Processors    AMD Duron, AMD AthlonFront Side Bus Speed    266 MHzProcessorMax supported CPUs qty    1MemoryMax Supported RAM    2 GBAudio / VideoAudio Output    Sound CardVideo Interface    AGP 4xOther FeaturesPackage Qty    1DimensionsDepth    9.61 in.Width    9.61 in.MiscellaneousMPN    AM37Product ID    20270864More InformationAs Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronics (3C) markets have converged, FIC has adapted and developed to become a respected producer of 3C related products. Many new and innovative products have joined the FIC range and the company is no longer simply known for its award winning range of motherboards. Now firmly established at the top of the 3C market, FIC is determined to continue achieving excellence in the field of engineering and manufacturing services.** the NO light on the motherboard  would worry me a bit **see my last comment at bottom.....Have you tried contacting Emachine/ gateway  tech support and see if you can g... Read more

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I can not figure out how to reconnect power supply wires on emachines T1220. I lost my hand drawn wiring diagram.

Answer:reconnect power supply-emachines T1220

Original power supply or a replacement? How did you get to this point?Skip

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Any advice here would be much appreciated. My Emachines T1840 power supply failed. I replaced it with a Bestec 250W power supply (same part as the one that failed). The machine is getting power, but does not boot. The LEDs are on, but are flashing very rapidly. I have checked connections on motherboard, all appear okay. I did not replace the CPU fan. Now I'm wondering whether or not this is the problem...Please help! Thank you!
Here are system specs:
CPU Fan Type: CPU Fan, H/SINK:3713S,845G CHIP,W/PUSH PIN 2093
Power Supply: PS 250 WATT 1670
CPU: CPU , Celeron 1.8 GHz CPEMINCL2100
MB: MB, Imperial 2095
Memory: RAM DDR-RAM (128MBX1) (Max. 2GB) 1923
Video: Video, integrated
Prim CD Model: CDRW, SW-240B/TG9(R400) 2434
Secondary CD: DVD ROM SD-616T/TG9 2510
HDD: HDD 40 GB 1360

Answer:Replaced emachines power supply...system does not boot

Are you certain that your Hard drive is plugged in tightly to the PSU? :approve:

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Hey, I joined this forum because I am interested in doing a fair amount of modification to my current computer and I've got some basic questions to ask. I've got a eMachines T2825 PC and am interested in getting a GeForce 6800GT card to replace the one I currently have put in there, a FX 5700le. Doing so would require putting in a new power supply, but I'm interested in going further and buying a new case w/ power supply because for about the same price as a power supply I can get a better ventilated case that also should have a quieter fan (The current T2825 case heats up my upstairs room way to much and keeps those in the bedrooms around it up at night if I do not turn it off, while the other -older- eMachines here makes almost no noise and runs cooler to the touch...) My question is, how difficult would it be to transfer my system to a new case (I've done basic installation of cards and RAM, and know enough to indentify the hardware in there, but I've yet to tackle anything at this level; ) or would it be a smarter move to go for just a new power supply and card?

The specs of my computer are as follows:
eMachines T2825
CPU: AMD Athlon? XP 2800+ Processor (2.083 GHz) with QuantiSpeed? architecture
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition (installed SP2)
Chipset: NVIDIA® nForce?2
Memory: 512 MB DDR (PC 2700) (Upgraded with another 512mb stick)
Hard Drive: 120 GB HDD 2
Optical Drives: 48x Max. CD... Read more

Answer:Help needed upgrading Graphics Card and Power Supply on eMachines Computer


I dont see why the Card Wont work. The only problem witht the whole rig might be the PSU connection. You may have trouble upgrding it, you may not, depends on the model (and i really could tel ya) I would just look at the connections to see if it is the standard 20 or 24 pin. If it is...then i dont see a problem.

Good Luck


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Had to up upgrade my power supply on my hp envy 750-116. The new power supply(500b evga) does not have a power cord for the slim laptop like drive. looking for possible fix for the problem

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i've been playing world of warcraft for about a month now and i have it on the lowest possible settings and at800x600 resolution and i'm still getting like 20 fps i want to up the settings on the game to good instead of low and have about atleast 30 fps in raids with 25 other players and when i'm alone questing have like 50 to 60
OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
System Model p6754y
System Type x64-based PC
Processor AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor, 3000 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 6.04, 9/7/2010
SMBIOS Version 2.6
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 3.75 GB
Available Physical Memory 893 MB
Total Virtual Memory 7.50 GB
Available Virtual Memory 3.95 GB
I have a radeon hd 4200
so i want to upgrade it to be able to play with atleast 30 fps but i want to spend as little as i can 170 max for both and the less i spend the better if anyone can help would be great

Answer:Graphics card upgrade and power supply upgrade

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does anyone know where I could get a 400W power supply with a 12v dc output next to the ac input socket to power the speakers.the one on my pc is a sparkle 250w and I need to upgrade, "less noise the better"thanks in advance.

Answer:power supply upgrade

Hi hector 911. I have never heard of a power supply with an external 12V output socket. If you or someone you know is competent with a sldering iron and electronic components, then I would suggest taking an output from the 12V P4 connector that all ATX power supplies have these days, and feeding that via a suitably rated fuse to a connector at the back of the computer case. You should be able to find all the components you need at Maplin click here. But because of the amount of power available from an ATX power supply, this must be done by someone who is familiar with this kind of work.

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I am replacing the existing graphics card in this machine with a gForce 1070. I need at least a 400W power supply though. I purchased a Corsair 750W power supply, but this doesn't seem to work because the cable that connects to the mother board, i think for the CPU, is a 4 wire connector, and the new power supply has a minimum of 6 What is a beefier power supply that i *CAN* install in this machine to adequately power this card? Thankyou

Answer:Need to upgrade my power supply

From what I read elsewhere, you should still be able to use the power supply in question.  I personally did not try it, but others claim that you can use the pins on the 8pin connector that match up and let the others hang outdside the connector.  Some say, depending on the exact model of the Corsair PS, that the 8pin connect might be able to split.  Meant to split, not cut.

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Im thinking of getting an antec earthwatts psu so i can get a better gpu. heres the psu i want to put in: - Antec earthwatts EA500 500W Continuous Power ATX12V v2.2 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC "Compatible with Core i7/Core i5" Power Supply

here is the computer that i want to put psu into: HP Pavilion a6110n PC (GG781AA) specifications - HP Home & Home Office Products

wat are your thoughs on this vista forums?

oh and will i get past post? i think so because this gives way more power than my current 250w one.

Answer:upgrade of power supply

Hello Kelvin,

I suppose it depends on what new graphics card you are wanting to get to use with it. Some of the latest models (ex: GTX 480) can use around 295 watts themselves under full load.

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So I've been thinking about upgrading my GPU from a GTX 760 2gb to a GTX 980 but I'm not sure if I have to buy a new Power Supply aswell. I'm using a 650W power supply.
My specs are: MSI motherboard(forgot the name), 8GB ram DDR3, SSD 200GB, HDD 1TB, DVD-RW, 2 120mm fans + the CPU fan , a core i5 4670k (3.40 ghz) and the gtx 760 itself.


Answer:Should I upgrade my Power Supply?

Try this out;

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I would like to upgrade my 3+ year old 300W PSU.

Some good units on Sale, which ends TODAY at

Enermax Tomahawk 405W

I would prefer to get an 80Plus model:

PC Power and Cooling 370W 80Plus

Corsair 400W 80Plus

The PSU in my machine Does NOT Have A Power Switch.

Do I need a similar type OEM with no switch or will any good PSU work the same way??

I have added a 2nd optical drive, 1 RAM chip and an external Floppy drive since I bought the machine. I want enough power to Safely add a graphics card similar to nVidia GeForce 8400 GS - my machine currently uses onboard video.

Specs for the installed PSU connectors are:

1 - 20 pin ATX
1 - ATX 12V
4 - molex peripheral
1 - floppy drive

PSU specs

Any suggestions appreciated.

emachines T3418, 2x512MB RAM, 2 DVD optical, Windows XP Home SP3

Answer:Do I need OEM Power Supply to Upgrade?

Typically, eMachines never did come out with PSU's that were reliable.
Almost any standard replacement PSU in the 500w range will work just fine and give you some reserve power.

I replace PSU's in eMachines (and Dells) all the time and I've pretty well fallen in love with the Antec Earthwatts PSU's. I can buy them locally, whenever I need one, at the local Staples office supply stores.
Most will have the power switch on the back of the supply, although that's really not necessary, it comes in handy sometimes.

Good Luck,
Shadow :cool

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I've been researching new power supplies for my M57. Everything seems to indicate I have to use the 280 watt Lenovo power supply. But nothing says why. I don't see any unique plugs on it. Is it a non standard physical size? Non standard 24pin allocation? Does anyone know? Thanks,Brian

Answer:M57 Power supply upgrade

Depends, need to know the exact model of your machine, is it a desktop, a tower or Ultra Small Form Factor? Generally, only tower PS units can be upgraded, any of the other form factors will use a proprietary design.

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I bought a M91P desktop about three weeks ago: I7, 4G memory, 500GB HD.   I want to upgrade memory to 16G and add a second hard drive.  Also, I'd like to add a USB 3.0 PCI-e card (I'm surprised that USB 3.0 is not native on this motherboard).  I have a new Seagate Barracuda 2T 5900 RPM that I can install for backup files. The power supply in this unit is rated at 280W.  Can tthe OEM power supply handle added memory and a second HD and a USB 3.0 PCI-e card? Thanks for weighing in.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Do I have to upgrade power supply?

hey Doug_in_NNY,as i do not know how much power those items will take, my advice would be for you to calculate all the parts power consumption and see if there is a need to upgrade the power supply.Though in my opinion, having a higher wattage PSU is always a good idea.

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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I have an IBM Aptiva 2163-570, PII, 400MHz, 12GB, 256MB ram, ATX.

I want to add another 30GB HD (Maxtor on sale at Office Depot) but just noticed my power supply is only 95 watts. Other than the HD,the CDR and printer, I do not run anything else on this PC.

What do you think? Will 95 watts handle 2 HDs? If not, what should I buy?

Answer:Do I need to upgrade power supply?

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I have and HP 754n pc, windows xp pentium 4 2.5g. I want to upgrade my power supply to keep up with the damands of the extra upgrades I have in stalled over the last 2 years. After purchasing a new power supply and removing the old one I found that they are different sizes. Aparently hp uses a proprietary power supply of a smaller size. So when looking in to getting one that fits my computer... they only go up to around 250 watts. My current one is 200 watts. I would like to somehow use a standard power supply in my machine so I can get a more powerfull one, but the room just isnt there. Question... is it at all possible to perhaps drill a hole in the case and mount the power supply outside the case? Or is that just a bad idea? Anyone ever have this problem with an hp before?

Answer:power supply upgrade

i took the hp guts out of its case, installed in custom case with 600 watt ps.

slick stuff!!

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Im planning to upgrade my power supply to one of 650 watts, what i need to know before to buy it?

i have windows vista 32 bit, processor Intel? Core™ 2 Duo E6320, motherboard INTEL DG965OT. also im planning to buy a video card ati 5770 single slot.

If you need more information tell me.

i dont want to make a mistake and buy something wrong.

Thank you.

Answer:power supply upgrade

What do you have now?
Think of your psu as the heart of your system. If you lose the psu, it can potentially take out everything. So obviously you don't want to skimp on it.

With a quality brand, it doesn't matter if its multi or single rail anymore, and your systems new enough any modern psu will be compatible.

Your current setup, with 5770, could easily run on 450ish W, so a 650W isn't too overkill, and allows for future upgrades.

I'd recommend a 650tx from Corsair... But they are pricey. - CORSAIR CMPSU-650TX 650W ATX12V &#47; EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Compatible with Core i7 Power Supply $89.99<-- Very good price, usually over $100 - Thermaltake TR2 TRX-650M 650W ATX 12V v2.3 &#47; EPS 12V v2.91 Modular Active PFC Power Supply $55 bucks after mail ins.

But basically paying over $75 before sales will give you a good psu.

Also remember, a quality psu can last multiple changes to your system

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 I need to upgrade the Power Supply to 400W. What is a compatible PS?

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Can I upgrade the K210 power supply from 250 Watt to 500 Watt?  If so, how and what brand would be compatible? Thanks. 

Answer:Power Supply Upgrade

I am system builder normally but decided to buy a Lenovo as a base to work from. I installed a PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750 in before I turned the thing on. I think my K230 had a 280 Delta, junk power supply. That is the most important piece in the machine in my opinion. You can always rely on Cosair and PC Power and Cooling supplies and they are readily available. Silverstone is another good option. I would lean toward Corsair or Antec for bang/buck and PC Power and Cooling for the ultimate supply. Its all preference and you can find good sales all day long. Also, you may not need 500 watts, as supplies are more efficient when you run them at a particular load so depending on what you are running on it you may only need 350-450 or another 250 but anything is better than what they put in there. Look for 80%+ efficiency and active PFC and you should be good, the one I have is one of the bigger supplies on the market and it fit fine with no modification so have at it and by all means I would!

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This is probably a VERY basic question but I would like to know. If I put a larger power supply in my computer (say go from 300W to 400W), would it improve the performance of my computer?

Answer:Power Supply Upgrade

Here's a link for a PSU calculator. It will make a difference only if your PSU is too small for your system's requirements (or a low-quality PSU-some output much less power than rated as they get hotter). It won't harm anything if you do upgrade, though. JUst make sure it is compatible with your computer's mobo and will fit in your case.

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does the 508149-001 1100 watt replace the 508148-001 850 Watt? I noticed the 1100 watt PS has one extra pin on the P21 connector which I suspect provides another 12VDC  line  but The system work with the 850 watt PS before I plugged in the new 1100 watt PS.  Is a troublr shooting guide availablr=e for the main system board?  Thank you!!

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My friend is trying to upgrade the power supply on his HP Media Center m7160n, I understand he'd be better off getting a new custom PC in the long run but for now he's just looking for a stop gap solution.

The problem is the specs for that PC lists two motherboards, one ASUS and one an HP motherboard and we have no idea what this means:

The power supply he's looking at only has one ATX motherboard connector: supply&cp=1&lp=5

Does this mean the power supply will not work?

Answer:Trying to upgrade power supply

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I have a relatively new M83 (10AL) Desktop (not the small case) configured from the factory as follows: I7-Haswell16gb ram1 tb hard drive280w psu I would like to upgrade the psu to around 450w to add a more robust video card, but have not been able to obtain from Lenovo the compatibility specs for a replacement upgrade psu.  In searching the web there is an incredible array of choices, different manufacturers, different configurations, etc. Does anyone know the specs, connectors etc, needed in a replacement psu to be compatible with the motherboard and componenets installed in this machine? Thanks.


Go to Solution.

Answer:M83 Power Supply Upgrade

You may need to open the case and look at the connectors yourself. Refer to the links in this thread, and compare the connectors to the ones found when you Google "ATX power supply connectors" let us know what you find with the PSU connectors on a M83.

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was hoping to get a 400w psupply in hopes of running a better graphics card...just wondering what kind i need to get...?any special form factor?

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I have a ThinkCentre M55 8810 low profile desktop and would like to upgrade the power supply to one that can handle some more power.  I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a power supply that would fit nicely in the case.

Answer:M55 Power Supply Upgrade

Measure the size of you current Power Supply Unit . Then go online to the various Power Supply makers and look up the size of their units. Make sure you have enough room at the end of the units so that you have room for the wires to go down into the case. My computer is a Thinkcentre M50 model 8189 and the case is a uATX or microATX. The original PSU (230 watts) has a jog to allow the room for the wiring and the CD player. I replaced the unit with a 600 watt unit, but I had to remove the existing CD player, but I was replacing it with a SATA DVD burner which is 1.5 inches shorter than the old CD player was, and it allowed me just enough room for the wiring. If possible go with a Modular Power Supply Unit then you only have to use the wires that you need. The one I looked at was 160mm long and I would probably have had to put the DVD burner in the lower slot to allow room for the wiring. 

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i purchased a
HIS Hightech H130HMF128E1N Radeon X1300 512MB HyperMemory with 128MB Onboard 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x1 for my dell e310 i was wondering if i sould upgrade the power supply to support this card i currently have 230 watts

Answer:should i upgrade the power supply

Yes, but you will have to get the better supply from Dell... The prower supply may be proprietary

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 I want to put in an upgrade video card, however my power supply is only 250 watts, I would like to replace it with a 500 watt?  I am expecting my Acer M410 in a few days. Can someone suggest a good upgrade? and.. is there any or many conflicts in upgrading?  Thank you..this forum is awesome.Posse 14

Answer:Upgrade Power Supply

hey posse14, im going to need some clarification...the way you wrote your post makes it seem as though you have two computers. which computer has the 250 watt power supply? i highly doubt the acer has a 250W PSU if this is it.if your buying your comp new, wont you void your warranty by upgrading it?

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I have a Dell 5150 (purchased in 2005, so four years old) and the fan of my power supply is dead. My computer is running fine but obviously it is not safe to keep going without a fan. It came with a 305W power supply, very low-end as expected. I am therefore in the market for a new power supply but have heard some conflicting advice.

I did some research online and read from one source that it is perfectly safe to add, say, a 550W power supply even if you only started with 305W. The source stated that a power supply only uses what it needs to use, so putting in a higher wattage will not harm your computer, fry your motherboard, or overwork any devices. When I called Dell, who is not well-known for perfectly sound tech advice, I realize... they told me to order the exact same power supply the computer came with because that is what the computer was created to run with and that it would "fry my motherboard" if I tried to put a higher wattage power supply in there.

I also have a new video card, a NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT. It requires a minimum 350W power supply, which Dell now says I will not have because it's 'dangerous.'

Who is correct? Is it safe to upgrade your power supply in an older computer? Why or why not? I'd like a yes or no but also a bit of an explanation if anyone is willing.

Hopefully someone here can help clear things up for me. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Can I upgrade my power supply?

What Dell told you is not correct. You can use a higher wattage power supply, and it will only use the power that it needs. A replacement power supply needs to be of good quality, needs to physically fit into the Dell case, and the power pinout for the 24 pin connector needs to match the motherboard (Dell used to use a non-standard pinout but stopped the practice a few years ago).

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I am trying to find a more powerful psu for my HP Pavilion 7955. THe original psu is only 200w and it loads down . I have added a second HDD , a nVidia 256mb video card and a seconf DVD writer/player. It is obvious that the psu is under powered because I can here it labor under laod and the video card response to adjustments is very slow. The psu is a certain physical spec and I am having a hard time finding anything that will fit into the case. Any suggestions?
I was considering running two 200w psu's but would rather have a 350 or 400 w psu instead.

Answer:Power Supply Upgrade

Can you post a few images of the current PSU and the label on it?

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I have a Dell and there was a 250 W power supply. I bought a 350 W not a DEll It works fine as long as I don't screw it into place. Once I screw it into plade it seems like it shortens out. I took it back and got another one same thing happens. What Dell just takes Dell Power supply's. Dells didn't have a off and on switch on the power supply This one does. Would that make a difference? The switch isn't in the open it behind the sheet metel. there no opening for the switch.


Answer:upgrade power supply

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My brother's graduation present is an uber computer. Here are the specs for it:


* • Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 (64-bit)
* • Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Quad processor Q9550 (2.83GHz)
* • 6GB DDR2-800MHz dual channel SDRAM (2x2048, 2x1024)
* • 1GB NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT, 2 DVI, HDMI adapter
* • Wireless LAN 802.11a/b/g/n & Bluetooth(R )
* • FREE UPGRADE to 750GB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s hard drive from 500GB
* • LightScribe 16X max. DVD+/-R/RW SuperMulti drive
* • 16x max. DVD-ROM
* • 15-in-1 memory card reader, 2 USB, 1394, audio
* • Integrated 7.1 channel sound w/front audio ports
Click to expand...

The computer only comes with a 460w power supply, with no option to upgrade. Is this a problem? For a quad core, 1gb video card, and 6-8gb of ram, I would imagine he would want a bigger one, at least to be safe. What do you guys think?

Answer:Need help on whether to upgrade power supply

If this is a custom build, then there should be no issues with upgrading the power supply.
It may run ok with 460W, but if it were me i'd get something better. probably 650w or better.

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I am trying to upgrade my sons lenovo H50-50 desktop but having problems.  Basically aiming upgrade the existing graphics card which of course requires the power supply to also upgraded. From reading other posts I understand there are 24 to 14 pin adapters to cater for the motherboard power connection. Thats OK I can't find any post regards the 12V 4 pin power connector (understand it is needed for the processor itself).  From looking at alternative power supplies I don't see any 4 pin connectors.  How do I provide whatever is needed for the 12V 4 pin connector. Apologies if this is a simple query but PC hardware is not one my strengths - so please be kind.  Thank You 

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Hi, I want to upgrade my crap 300W ATX PSU to this one:
I don't know if it will fry my motherboard. I have an Amberine M Asustek mobo. Do I need an exact match? How can I find out if I can replace my 300W with this 500W? Is there a limit to the amount of power my motherboard can handle? Thanks in advance.

Oh yeah... It says on my 300W power supply something like ATX-300-12Z Rev: BD

Answer:How do I upgrade my power supply?

Just a word to the wise anything that is "FREE" is usually worth it!!!!!.........All 450 - 600 Watt ATX power supply's should work, the most important thing is the connectors as All PSU's put out the same voltages just the connectors vary in some cases.............Its a simply swap just disconnect the Computer from the Power Main(unplug) then open case and disconnect the connectors coming from the PSU to the HD's, MBO etc then undo a few screws and out pops the PSU, you can/should mark the connectors............I would stick with a Brand Name "Thermaltakes" are good and very reasonable in price, but there are plenty of others................That 500w PSU that goes for "FREE" has been going around the circuit for awhile, and have yet to hear anybody claim it is any good. Hope that Helps Hey were are my manners Welcome to Major Geeks

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I need to upgrade my power supply in order to fit a better graphics card. I am currently using a MSI K8N Neo4 motherboard supporting a AMD 64 3800 processor. Power supply is currently rated at 350W. Graphics card is an ATi X800 GT (PCI Express)Is fitting a new power supply just a case of unplugging the old one and the connections and plugging in the new one?Is there also a way of finding out the best graphics card that could be supported by my existing set up?Thanks

Answer:Upgrade Power Supply?

If renewing a PSU check:1. The physical size of your PSU, some are hard to replace due to being a non standard size.2. The amount of power need from the PSU don't skimp1. Physical DimensionsBesides the specs and form factors, the physical dimensions are also important factors in selecting a compatible power supply. Here is an outline of the physical dimensions of most standard power supplies:# ATX: 6x3.5x5.5", HxWxD. Most common. Uses 4 mounting screws.# Mini-ATX: 5x3.5x5", HxWxD. Rare size. Uses 4 mounting screws. Can be used in a regular ATX case, but often not the other way around.# MicroATX: 5x3x4", HxWxD. Use 3 mounting screws. Not interchangeable with ATX or miniATX.# Flex ATX: Even smaller than Micro ATX. Various sizes according to case specs; often not interchangeable.Use the data above to determine if a particular power supply would fit your case.The quality of a power supply can be estimated by its weight. While this is not a true scientific or thorough measurement of the power supply reliability, it is nevertheless a very simple and easy way for ordinary PC users to estimate and compare the quality of a power supply.2. Power supply calculator click hereGuide to changing PSU click hereclick here

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Hi, I've seen some questions regarding power supply upgrades for the M50 tower model (8189-46U), but no real answers... Question: Can someone recomend some options for power supplies I can use to upgrade my 230w Power Supply to450 W - 500 W The reason I am asking is, I am assuming you just can't take any power supply you want and stick it in a M50. Therefore, some exact makes and models would be very helpful... If you know based on personal experience that wouldbe great. Thanks.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Power Supply Upgrade

Can someone throw me a bone here?

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After just upgrading my motherboard and cpu im now looking into getting a more powerful PSU (power supply) im currently running with 300 watts, and although it does the job ok it doesnt give me much leeway should i want something else inside my machine, plus with the mobo ive just got a MSI K7N2 ILSR there are 2 power points on the mobo 1 of which i have not got (4 pin power to the CPU) with my current PSU, So has anybody got any advice or experiences with what would be the best PSU to buy, Oh yeah theres a budget of £40

Answer:Power supply upgrade?

Q-tec 550W for £21 from click here. Have this for some time now and have been trouble free for almost a year. Very good value, except that there is no on/off switch at the back.

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Power supply is to small for my computer @300 watt rated it is a AGI HP-3507f5w wanted to know if any 750 watt atx power supply will work?

Answer:Power supply upgrade help

What makes you think it is too small?  Are you trying to upgrade something?No, it is crucial that you buy a quality unit from a brand such as Corsair, Seasonic, XFX.etc.  You should expect to pay at least $1 for every 10w that the unit is rated for.  Also, consider how much you actually do need, why 750w?  That is a lot for most systems.

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I've just installed an 80Gig HD and everything went haywire presumably because I need to increase the PSU. I've a cd-rw; dvd rom; two 20gig hds, and an 80gig hd and it was after I put in the second 80gig that the "wheels fell off"! The 20gigs are in a raid array, the original 80gig is on channel 1 and the cd & dvd on channel 2, all IDE . Any advise greatly appreciated.

Answer:Power supply upgrade?

misery,I would suggest a large roomy case, with decent airflow, and a good 450W (or over) true power supply.

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I just bought a new video card, geForce 8600gt dx10 card.. when i got home.. i realized i only have a 250w psu on my acer t180 (ast180-ud360a / amd athlon 3600 2x 64). the card requirements are at least a 350w psu, also says... 22amps on the 12volt rail requred.

Am i going to run into any problems by just heading out to the nearest electronics store and buying any ol' 400 to 500 watt psu?

Still wondering if i can run the card or is.. or what would happen if i tried it.

Answer:Is it always ok to upgrade your power supply?

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I would like to go with a 4 or 6 core cpu. Any idea what power supply will fit my machine?  I only have 240 w power supply...Thanks 

Answer:Upgrade power supply

@wanaseemike? 3. Power supply, 320W  508153-001 Your manual here. REO 

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My current power supply is 180W and i want to buy a new one with 500W+. Which one could i choose?

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My current 300w psu has been working fine now for 4 years, but the fan is a little noisy on startup.I am planning to replace it with something the same or a bit more powerful.This may seem a daft question but will a 400w psu constantly use more power than a 300w, even on standby for example?There seems to be a lot of dirt cheap items on the market, how much should I pay for a quiet 350w and what should I look for?

Answer:Power supply upgrade

Get a quality one - it will be more stable as well as running quieter.I generally use the midrange hiper PSUs from Novatech.They will only use as much electricity as they need at any time as I understand it,For about £40 you should get a perfectly good one; just ensure that it has the currect connections for your machne.

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I need a power supply upgrade but I'm not sure which one to get. I want to upgrade to 500Watts so I can run a good graphics card but I also need advice on what graphics card to get.:confused

I was drooling at the :droolATI Radeon HD5770 1GB DDR5 PCIe 4 port graphics card not necessarily the 4 port model but I'm not sure if it's the right one for me.I am shooting for around $150-$200 for a graphics card

I like to run high-end games :majorand I am going to get into video editing and SLR photo editing so I can't just grab an "off the shelf" modelrolleyes

my current power supply is










let me know if you need to know any more information

Answer:I need a Power supply upgrade

Greetings, Shadow1like, and welcome to MajorGeeks...

I'm sure others will weigh in with their opinions about video cards: IMO, just grab the best available that fits your budget...

As far as PSUs, stick with reputable, dedicated manufacturers - don't buy a supply from a manufacturer that does power as a sideline. has great reviews and filterable specs, and eXtreme OuterVision has a handy online calculator with which you can determine your best PSU wattage...

Good luck. :major

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I'm finally going to kill my stock Media Center click heremachine and resurrect it as an entry-level workstation. I have purchased an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro and an ASUS EN6200 LE vid card plus I'm adding another dvd drive/burner, a Memorex Multi-format DVD Recorder. My machine, in this current condition has only a 300W PS. What do you recommend upping to? Or need I muck with it at all? After I outgrow this I'll try building my own custom job, but for now, this'll do well enough.Thanks to all.Cheers,Eric, St. Pete FLA, USA

Answer:Upgrade and power supply

I would not "muck " with it at all, if you have problems then buy the biggest and best that you can afford, as it will do for your next build

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I have an HP Envy 750-129c and need to upgrade the power supply.  It currently has a 300watt and i need to got o a 600 or so to install a new video card. Current supply: # 759045-001 Is this a standard supply and if so what type of PSU will fit?

Answer:Power supply upgrade

JMC_1988, welcome to the forum. Yes, the power supply unit (PSU) is a standard ATX.  I like Corsair products.  They make PSU's that will give you clean, stable power for the system.  Modular PSU's are good for mid-size cases.  They allow you to only use the cables that are necessary to run the computer. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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I installed a graphics card and had to upgrade my power supply. Unfortunately the power supply did not come with a power connector for the CD drive. Apparently the CD drive is a laptop drive. Anyone know where to get an adapter?

Answer:Upgrade Power Supply

Darymini, welcome to the forum. When requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them.

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hello all i have a emachines w3619 with a ecs 945gct-m3 mobo and was wanting a power supply mobo is weird though because as you can see in the picture i have two spots for the extra 4-pin connector or so i think....anyways i was wanting to upgrade the psu for a new powerful graphics card so any advice to upgrade will be appriciated

Answer:[Q] power supply upgrade

I would get a download copy of the manual for this MB from the ECS website to verify what all the connections are used for. Plus some MFG computer cases do not always fit the standard replacement PSU's.

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Before i start i should probably mention that i did see the other power supply thread but thought it was gettin a bit full lol...... anyway, just a quick question....

I am hoping to order some new parts for my computer soon:

Abit KN8 Ultra
AMD Athlon 64 3200
128Mb Asus PCI-E 6600GT-TD

Do you think my current Generic 400+ Watt power supply will be able to handle these, i tried working it out but failed miserably.

Any help appriciated.

Answer:Upgrade Power Supply?

400W should be enough assuming you don't have a lot of other things plugged in, however if your PSU is a low quality one then it may be a problem.

What make/model is it? How many amps on the 12v rail?

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I just purchased an M58 tower machine type 7484.  I also bought a MSI N9800GT-MD1G video card before I realized that the minimum power supply for the card needs to be 400 watts. Can I upgrade my computer to a 550 watt power supply which meets the ATX12V standard and is 80 plus bronze certified?

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i have a 180W power and want to up it so i can get better graphic card. IS it hard to upgrade or should i take it to someone to do

Answer:need help upgrade power supply PC

If renewing a PSU check:

The physical size of your PSU, some are hard to replace due to being a non standard size.
The amount of power need from the PSU don't skimp.
The correct connections for your equipment

1. Physical Dimensions
Besides the specs and form factors, the physical dimensions are also important factors in selecting a compatible power supply. Here is an outline of the physical dimensions of most standard power supplies:
ATX: 6x3.5x5.5", HxWxD. Most common. Uses 4 mounting screws.
Mini-ATX: 5x3.5x5", HxWxD. Rare size. Uses 4 mounting screws. Can be used in a regular ATX case, but often not the other way around.
MicroATX: 5x3x4", HxWxD. Use 3 mounting screws. Not interchangeable with ATX or miniATX.
Flex ATX: Even smaller than Micro ATX. Various sizes according to case specs; often not interchangeable.
Use the data above to determine if a particular power supply would fit your case.
The quality of a power supply can be estimated by its weight. While this is not a true scientific or thorough measurement of the power supply reliability, it is nevertheless a very simple and easy way for ordinary PC users to estimate and compare the quality of a power supply. Why weight matters click here Power supply calculator click here Correct connections
Some boards have 20 pin connectors others 24 pin
There is often a 4 pin plug required to power Intel CPUs
Molex D plugs for IDE HDD and CD/DVD drives
SATA power connections for latest HDDs and DVD drives.
Guide to changing PSU ... Read more

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I need to upgrade my power supply to cope with my new graphics card. Thought I'd get away with my 300w but alas no.The current model is Bestec ATX-300 12Z.Will any ATX power supply unit do to replace this one?ThanksT

Answer:Upgrade power supply

No reason why not. That's the purpose of the ATX specification.

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Hey my name is jim, I recently purchased a video card and I need to upgrade my PSU. I am looking to get a 600-700W supply. I need to know what my pc can accept. here are my specs.

Operating System System Model
Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 (build 6001)
Install Language: English (United States)
System Locale: English (United States) Gateway W3653a C00
System Serial Number: GCJ87C0004423
Enclosure Type: Desktop
Processor a Main Circuit Board b
1.60 gigahertz Intel Celeron
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
512 kilobyte secondary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (2 total)
Not hyper-threaded Board: ELITEGROUP 945GCT-M3 3.1
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: 945GCT-M3 V1.12E 05/09/2008
Drives Memory Modules c,d
320.07 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
65.16 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-H653B ATA Device [CD-ROM drive]

Generic USB CF Reader USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 2
Generic USB MS Reader USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 4
Generic USB SD Reader USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 1
Generic USB SM Reader USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 3
WDC WD3200AAJS-22B4A0 [Hard drive] (320.07 GB) -- drive 0, s/n WD-WMAT13661549, rev 01.03A01, SMART Status: Healthy 1016 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory

Slot 'A0' has 512 MB
Slot 'A1' is Empty
Slot 'A2' has 512 MB
Slot 'A3' is Empty
Local Drive Volumes

c: (NTFS on drive 0) 308.47 GB 59.59 GB free
d:... Read more

Answer:Power supply upgrade

What new video card did you get? Considering the rest of your system specs, my guess is that you do not actually need a 600-700 watt PSU.

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i want to upgrade my graphics card - currently running a 300w (rofl) that came with the premade tower but want to throw in a 600w to push a strong card - is there any kind of risk to hurt the mb? thanx for any help oh and its a standard 20+4 pin

Answer:power supply upgrade

No it won't hurt the motherboard. The only thing you need to watch for is that a standard ATX power supply will fit in that HP case.

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Will it help.My computer seems sluggish sometimes, and I was wondering if it was due to too many peripherals internally and externally installed or just a slow processor?1.8GhZ Intel Celeron ProcessorA - 1.4MB DiskC - 40GB Hardrive MasterE - CD WriterF - DVD WriterG - Seagate 200GB Harddrive (slave)2 x 512MB DRR SDRAMPCI - 1 - Micro ModemPCI - 2 - Radeon 9250 128MB Graphics200w ATX PSUWindows XP HomePrinter all in one HP Photosmart 2610Monitor HPw22 22" webcamrouter x 2 computers (desk and laptop)Any help is greatly appreciated

Answer:Power Supply Upgrade

First off, I'd check what is running that is not necessary; lots of startup programs can slow down the here for a look at some info about services that can be disabled.

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I recently bought a HP 7760n, model # RK570AA and I want to upgrade the power supply in the system to atleast a 550w ATX form factor unit with a power connection for PCI express graphics. I have seached the net and can't seem to find anything. I called the manufacturer and of course they will not give me any recomendations except using one of there units which a 450w is the highest they all offer and the price is through the roof as well.
Any suggestions on what would work with my system?

Answer:Power Supply Upgrade

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Hi, i bought a new graphics card Gainward gt730 and it needs 300W and 20A on +12V line. My power supply is 365W but have 17A on +12V line. Can i upgrade power supply to this one Antec VP 500 500W? This power supply have 24A on +12V line. Sorry for my bad english but i am from Poland. Greetings

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i have a Compaq Presario SR1630NX Desktop PC and i want to put in graphic card but i requires me to upgrade my power supply i currently have this model running my power an ATX-300-12Z Rev:.BD 300W would a 550W 3X SATA PS for BESTEC ATX-300-12Z PSU Rev.: BC fit in good and be safe on my system?

Answer:power supply upgrade question

Let me guess. Did you get those "requirements" from the graphics card manufacturer?

The requirements are nearly always overestimated. The card manufacturers want to protect themselves in case a user buys a mediocre 500 watt power supply that can only supply 300 clean and reliable watts. Power supplies differ widely in quality. The claimed wattage tells you very little. They figure a lousy 500 watt unit might supply enough when a high quality 350 would be fine. Since the manufacturers can't know you are going to buy a good unit, they overestimate.

What graphics card are you thinking of?

Bestec is not a known brand. I would guess it is made by someone else and used by HP.

But it may be adequate, depending on what graphics card you want to use.

ATX power supplies should have all of the same external dimensions and will "fit". They vary in quality, power output, and the type and number of connectors. Which you will need depends on the equipment to be connected--hard drives, DVD drives, graphics cards, etc.

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Hello everyone! new to boards,just wondering if anyone has any advice on a good
power supply in the 400-500 watt range for the add-on of a video card. 400w is min. in system requirements for Ati-Radeon X1600 Pro PCIe x 16, also would like feed on v-card.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Answer:Power supply upgrade ? hp a1310n

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I have a Pavilion p6505f.  It came with a 250 watt power supply.  The power supply has a 20 pin male plug. The mother board has a 24 pin female plug. I installed a 400 watt power supply that has 24 pins. Can I use all 24 pins from the new power supply or should I just use the 20 pin portion of the 24 pin male plug?Thanks

Answer:p6505f Power supply upgrade

@Endmill,Just use the 20 pin and let pins 21-24 dangle. Here is an article on the plug.You do not need that added power.

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I have recently made some system upgrades in term of processor, extra RAM and an additional hard drive.Spec post-upgrade:Athlon XP 2800+ (Barton)1 GB PC2700 DDR RAM (3 DIMMS in total)Gigabyte GA7VAXP m/bATI Radeon 9700 Pro video card2 x 7200rpm hard drives2 case fans.(I'm not into overclocking, and run the system at its normal specs.)I currently have a Q technology 300W power supply (bought from This can supply 175W from the 3.3V and 5V rails, and 280W from 3.3, 5 and 12V.The system runs very well, and is not unstable in any way, but I can't help thinking 300W is inadeqate?Should I upgrade to a new power supply, even though system works ok?Any suggestions of power rating and good models?

Answer:Do I need a power supply upgrade? Any suggestions?

I`m using a 400w PSU because I have in my system :Athlon 2.4Ghz CPU1Gb DDR memoryGigabyte K400 moboGeforce FX5600 256Mb Graphic Card1 Pioneer A105 4x DVDROM/RW1 Samsung 48x24x48 CDROM/RW4 x 80gb HDDAnd running Windows XP ProI have never had a problem !!Can`t recommend any PSU 2 buy, as I get my stuff thro` a mates PC shop.

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I have decided that my poor 350W power supply needs to be replaced.

I get confused at the whole +3.3V, +5V and +12V and all the other numbers and support stuff that is written in the descriptions. I know which cables get connected to what but I have no idea what their actual names would be.

Does it matter what I get? Are the connectors on all power supplies pretty much the same?

~ Izabela

Answer:Question about power supply upgrade

You will find that power supplys are pretty standard in the way they come, i just upgraded mine and apart from it have SATA suppiles already on it (old one i had to attatch them) and a couple of new main connectors, im presuming for new types of Mobo's it has the basic, 2 floppy, and 6 normal for ure hd, dvd, etc. so doesnt really matter they should all come with the ones you need. long as it says it supports ATX and its a ATX mobo u got then ure fine.

hope that clears ure mind a bit

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I at present have a Pentium 11. 400mhz and i am upgrading it to a AMD Athlon XP 2000+ ( In the form of a kit which includes the Motherboard, DDR ram etc from here, click hereMy present power supply is only rated at 250w max. Will i have to change it to something with a higher rated output (IE, 300w) to be able to run this new CPU,Mainboard setup?.Thank you.Mick.

Answer:pc upgrade power supply question.

would suggest ya get a new psu. heres a good one which i have in my pc click here

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Hi everyone.

My original problem, i am sure is my power supply. However i would love a second opinion.

I have just upgraded to the cross hair V main board. My computer has been restarting randomly during intensive game play. it didn't do this before my upgrade. my PSU is 500w but ridiculously cheap.

Would you say it's the problem?

Secondly as i have said above i currently have a 500w PSU. I am thinking of upgrading to the antec High Current Gamer 750 watt.

I have filled in the system specs. do you think it will run my computer perfectly. also i will be getting 16GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM and an ATI 6970 will the antec PSU be enough?

I have done researchantec PSU seem's good but - recommended PSU for gpu is 750 and i think my mainboard is 600 so i arn't sure if i'm meant to add them up or just go for the 750.

Thank you all
I have tried multiple PSU calculators and found them to be shockingly awful

Answer:Power Supply Upgrade/Problem

It seems to me that without alot of peripherals a 500 watt should be fine. I never 'cheap out' on hardware so I wouild recommend Antec or Rosewill.

As to the random restarts it could be a PSU but I wouldn't rule out other issues such as heat.

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I have a lenovo k450 with i5 processor. I want to upgrade my psu but, I've heard there is special connections for the light and performance switch to work. How do I go about changing my psu?? Help asap! !

Answer:K450 power supply upgrade!!

i think its a change it and loose it, from what i have read the pc still runs fine just the light at the front dont work and the turbo feature stops

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I'm upgrading my PC & wondering if my current Corsair VX550 PSU is good enough. I've had it for approx. 4-5 years.
My new specs are:
Windows 10 Home 64Bit
Intel Core i6 6600k
8GB DDR4 Ram
ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Mobo
3 x SSD (500gb, 120gb & 60gb)
500gb HD
ASUS Xonar DX Sound Card
I'm planning to OC the CPU a little.

Answer:Power Supply question for upgrade

No such processor as the i6. It can be i3, i5 or i7

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Hello. I've tried looking for this info but couldn't find it anywhere.

I am about to upgrade to this:

Athlon XP 1800
Asus Mobo
256MB 2100 DDR

I already have this, which I'm keeping in the system:

40GB 7200rpm WD HD
GeForce 3 AGP Ti200 card
CL SoundBlaster Live XG
Some network card
ALOT of fans

My question is this:

I have a pretty good 300w PS which seems to have been trouble free for the year or so I have used it. Do I need a larger power supply and if so, what are some recommendations? I am trying to spend as little as possible since I am on a tight budget, but I do want brand name stuff.

THANKS for any info anybody can provide!!

Answer:About to upgrade and have Power Supply question

hey Max77Rave,

Unless you want to have to replace it down the road, I'd get at least a 400. They do not cost that much and you have got a bunch of power hogs in there.

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Hi,I recently got my hands on a M91p SFF with:i5-2400 CPU8gb Ram250gb hdd @7200rpm2 tb hdd @5400rpmand 240w PSU What I want to do is to convert this machine into a [email protected] / 1080p gaming machine. My plan is to buy the MSI 1050ti lp and even though it seems to run on the 240w PSU I feel that I want to upgrade it to at least 300w to be safe and so that I can upgrade the ram to 16gb and maybe add an extra fan and a usb hub in the front, where the optical drive used to be, so that I can connect more than just two USB gamepads in the front.After some goggling I found this power supply: According to my measurements, is should fit. But I want to be sure, will this work in the case?Also, I think I read somewhere that Lenovo does not a use standard ATX connection, but from what I can see, this system uses a standard 24 pin ATX connection to the motherboard. I might be wrong though. I am no expert on computers and I have never upgraded or built a system before so I ask here to be 100% before I buy anything.  I hope someone where can shed some light on my situation. Thanks  

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This question has been asked and not answered multiple times, but I'll try again. Are there any recommended replacement PSUs for the Huntkey HK380-12GP S2 ATX 280W that is installed in some of the K320 models? If not, are any specs available to provide some guidance in purchasing a new power supply? Thanks.

Answer:Upgrade power supply for K320?

As I understand you need the detail on Power Supply unit.
I need to share with you this desktop comes with two kind to Power Supply
Some: 280 watts, universal, manual switchSome: 450 watts, universal, auto-sensing
Best Regards,

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I find myself needing to install an Nvidia GTX 970 into my T5500. The problem is the power supply - it only has two 6-pin PCIe power connectors, whereas the 970 needs one 8-pin and one 6-pin connector. I do have a Corsair TX750 v3 with four power connectors that can be configured as 6-pin or 8-pin. Can I just drop that in the T5500? Could I install a T7500 PSU, which I believe has the necessary connectors?
I seem to recall from reading other posts that this is possible, but I may lose the ability to add a 2nd CPU. Can anyone confirm this?

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After finding out this pc has a low end graphics card i wanted to upgrade it, but as soon as i found out it had a 250 watt power supply, i started asking around on the internet to see if i could use a standard power supply, but i turns out i can't do that since this desktop requires a proprietary power supply. Could i just order a 500w proprietary power supply from lenovo? 

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My H520s with Intel i3 and integrated graphics - I understand it has a 180W power unit which is insufficient to upgrade to an AMD Radeon HD7570. I wonder if anyone is aware of a source for an upgrade power unit in the UK? Perhaps Lenovo themselves can supply as I believe they fitted some H520s with the mentioned card. Any help is highly appreciated.


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Answer:UK sourced power supply upgrade

hi Johnc2,
As per checking page 48 of the hardware maintenance manual, the Ideacentre H520s supports the following PSU:
Link to picture
 Huntkey HK340-71FP 240W
If you want to give the machine more power, you can get a better TFX CPU (this item should work but I recommend you contact the seller for compatibility)
As per this article, the ATI Radeon HD 7570 only consumes 60W on full load so a 240W PSU should be sufficient.

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I've got an older Gateway E4100 with an Intel D865GLC mobo and I've just upgraded my video card from a GeForce 5200FX to a 7800GS. The new card requires a power supply of at least 400W and my current PSU is only 250W. I plan on upgrading it but I cant find any information on what type it is. I'm assuming it's an ATX, but it doesn't say anywhere on the unit or on any of the system spec programs I've ran. If anyone with more experience can guide me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it very much. Also, it's 6x5.5in, so is that just a standard PSU size? Thanks!

Answer:Solved: Power supply upgrade.

Your motherboard is a mini ATX board. An ATX power supply will run it. However, it uses the older 20 pin power connector instead of the more recent 24 pin power connector. Just make sure the power supply you purchase is able to fit both 20 and 24 pin boards. You can also buy an adapter cable to adapt 20 to 24 pin, and 24 pin to 20 pin. I have seen some of the reliable experts on here recommending that you don't use the 20 to 24 pin adapters. I believe you might be safe adapting it from 24 to 20 pins though, but I will let someone with more expertise than me comment on that. I would buy a 24 pin power supply and adapt it for your board. That way, you have the newer technology. The power supply you buy should be the highest quality component in your machine. That is one thing you do not want to buy cheap. Good luck.


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Hello, I have a friend who needs a PSU upgrade because he has a 220w and he doesn't have enough watts to upgrade his computer to a powerful LGA1155 gaming computer. He wants to upgrade his CPU because his CPU is less powerful than the G2020 and install a new GPU which I found him a GTX 750 TI by GIGABYTE so he can improve graphics in gaming. I found him the Intel Core i5-3330 which is good for gaming because that is a cheaper i5 CPU in the Ivy Bridge family and a GTX 750 Ti since I couldn't find any low profile GPUs that are newer than the 750 Ti. He needs like a 400w PSU that will fit in his computer and I tried finding one that will fit, but people are complaning about compatibility issues with the size of the PSU based off of reviews and comments in reviews. Is there any better CPU that can play games for his computer when he has 220Ws in his computer than the i5-3300 or is there any power supply with greater watts than the ones that I found on Amazon. Please let me know if you found a compatible power supply that will actually fit in his computer. Thanks-Brian

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I have a FSP 250 watt (+3.3V 14A, +5V 25A, +12V 8A) PSU, AGP, and a single IDE hard drive. PSU measures 150 x 140 x 85mm (is this the standard ATX PSU size?).All the PSUs I've looked at have PCIe and S-ATA connectors. Can I use one of these (ie Is the PCIe thingy just an extra that I won't use?), or do I need to find a specialised AGP/IDE PSU?Confused! Advice needed.......

Answer:Power supply upgrade questions

most existing mobos have a 20 pin socket for the main power supply - the newer ones also have a separate 4 pin socket. The latest have a 24 pin socket. Check what your mobo has and then make sure that what you buy will fit. The atx is pretty standard these days. The higher wattage the better most are nowadays 400 to 500 Watts.

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ANTEC SLK2650-BQE tower
350 WATT
Pentium 4 HT CPU
P4 Titan 865PE mobo
40G Dell harddrive from old tower Dimension 4600C
1GB Kingston RAM upgrade from 512 dell standard

I will start out by saying that I have not done any of the following.. I am only trying to help my hubby fix the computer before my credit card is maxed out from all the replacing!

This all started out as a "simple" graphics card upgrade to be able to play BF2 (to the ATI Radeon..umm the red one with the fan) sorry no specs. didn't check the size before leaving store and tower would not close after installation. However it worked fine. Then needed/wanted a RAM upgrade. bought a 1gb Kingston card for tower, got home and realized that power supply was not sufficient, went back out and purchased Antec tower. worked for one day. and then went out and bought the mobo listed above. It ran a little after that but then just shut down. (this was while heatsink was just sitting on CPU w/o fan) DUH! Now system will not power on. Have replaced CPU the with intel listed above. Now all that happens is the continuous beeping on start up. Obviously this is a power issue but where should I begin? Taking tower back to store tonight hopefully will do something. Thankfully we have 2 comps but mine will not be a party to this madness! Any advice would be much appreciated!!!

Answer:Power supply upgrade DRAMA!!!

if the hard drive is from the Dell it sint going to boot up and run on a different motherboard and CPU. you are going to have to do a format and reinstall windows. and your DELL XP disk isnt going to install on a non dell machine.

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I have seen another post about this but it had no resolution - it also dealth with someone trying to make an incompatible power supply work with the desktop. Rather than do that, I am looking for a COMPATIBLE upgrade to the power supply in this unit (ideacenter 700-25ish). It uses a proprietary 10+4 pin motherboard connection, meaning it is not standard. If someone can direct me where to purchase a higher wattage powersupply that is compatible, I'd appreciate it.

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Can the HP Elite Desk 800 G2 power supply be upgraded to accomodate higher end video cards? If so what PS can it be upgraded too? If not what is an equivelant business model PC that costs about the same price that can handle  

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Im replacing my Motherboard and CPU and i dont know how i can find out if the old power supply is right for the new motherboard.

Answer:Mobo upgrade (Power supply)

welcome to T.S.G samcat.

go to the mobo manufacturers site or do a search for reviews of that board and see if you can get any info on recomended psu`s

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I have a HP 8000 elite cmt I know the elite series is a special setup I'm wondering if I can use the case to build a custom mid range gaming pc by replacing the Mobo to a ATX style and changing power supply I can modify the case to fit any power supply if needed I just need to know if I can put a ATX style Mobo in it

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Hi I have a HP PRO 3010 SFF for some reason literally over the last few day started to lag in certain games and online video streaming sites, the audio runs 100% perfect but the video just drags along not running at it's normal frames. Now as far as I know I have not done anything apart from install fallout 3 but even after that for 24hrs after it worked fine then all a sudden the games ran slow but audio was perfect, then I noticed youtube was doing it also, I also get a very glitchy and matrixy looking screen all in different colours. I as wondering if this was down to my power supply and whether I needed to upgrade it at all, if I do or should upgrade it which power supplies could I and should I use are there any recomendations?? I've updated all of the computer to windows 10 at the latest level, graphics card is updated at a loss on this???

Answer:HP PRO 3010 SFF power supply upgrade

SFF PSU's are not upgradeable due to the fact they are custom manufactured to fit into a small customized space, in other words they are non standard sized PSU's. I would look at other possibilities as to the cause like updating the video driver or increasing installed RAM.

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I remember reading somewhere that the acer tc-605 didn't allow a power supply replacement because it lacked a certain cable or something like that. Would I be able to replace the existing power supply with this one? Thanks for the help!

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Well, I've tried about 3 different power supply rating calculators, and I have had everywhere from 500W to 900W and I'm trying to figure out if anyone would have a better "guess".

I just bought a Dell Vostro 410 (Intel 33 MB/Intel Quad Core Q6600) 2GB DDR2 RAM and I am slamming 10 total hard drives (7200) (9 add) into it using 6 onboard SATA and an internal IDE RAID card. I also have a Firewire card (PCI), studio card (PCI), and a PCI x16 video card (ATI).

Anyone have a good guess what power supply I should actually have in this system to support everything? Any good brands that i don't have to worry about?

Also is there any rating for cooling fans besides the dimensions (cooling ability, noise)?

Answer:Power Supply Rating Upgrade

Welcome to MGs!! Man, that is some 'monster' you're building!! As for cooling and power, well, I'd take to your local ice plant for cooling and hook it up directly to your cities power source!!:-D Sorry, that was an ill-fated attempt at humor!! Anyhow, as for the PSU, there are alot of brand names out there that will give honest power, dependability and efficiency , Like Antec, OCZ, Thermaltake and others. Don't risk that machine with an off-brand PSU with questionable specs. You'd probably live to regret that. As for wattage, in my opinion, I wouldn't go less than 750w, but even more if you could afford it. Even 1000w wouldn't be out of the question, though that one may be a bit of 'overkill.' My problem is that I'd much rather have too much, than not enough.
As for fan 'ratings,' I don't know of any particular rating system, other than the lower the db, the quieter and the higher the CFM the faster it will move air in your system and more likely the noiser it will be. Trying to find a happy medium with what you're building may be a bit of a problem! However, I haven't built a machine in about a year, so there may be fans out there that can give you the best of both CFM, noise, and great cooling. Have you ever considered 'liquid cooling?' Good luck and if you need some links to some GOOD PSUs, I'd be glad to post some for you!!!

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So I attempted to upgrade my power supply, from a Coolermaster atx12v 650 to a Thermaltake tr2-600nl2nc atx12v and found the new power supply defective after hooking it up and finding it unable to power my computer properly, lacking 6 of the requisite 24 pins necessary to connect to the motherboard properly upon close inspection, though not the wires, which is why I hooked it up in the first place.

However, now that the devil has been disposed of, the ghost still seems to remain in the machine. My restored power supply is very clearly powering all of the components of the computer, from hard drive, to fans to dvd, blue ray, hd, and all my other sundry drives. It is even providing power to my externals, though not all of them, as my mouse lights up, but not my keyboard. But something is not happening. The monitor is detecting the graphics card when power is in the computer, it makes a distinction between no connection and a connection when there is no power present. But no matter how I arrange the wiring, no matter how I test it, the computer acts as though it is booting, then behaves as though it has, but the speakers, monitor, and keyboard are quite insistent that it has not. Anyone know what I did to my computer?

Answer:Power Supply Upgrade Fallout

What i would probably do in this situation is disconnect every thing even the coms battery on the mother board let it sit for about 5 to 10 mins and reset it self.

Then plug in every thing one at a time.It might be a pain in the but it is all ways good to eliminate each items that could be causing the issue.

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Hello, my computer model is the Acer VX2631 UR12. I recently purchased a low profile msi gtx 750 ti and ive been told that i need to upgrade my power supply or my computer might have a chance of dying because of the psu. If you guys could recommend me a psu that will be around 350-400 watts and that will fit and work perfectly with my computer, it would be greatly appreciated. thank you 

Answer:power supply replacement/upgrade

you posted this in the wrong forum. however I will say that the 750ti is not particularly power hungry, it draws around 40w peak from your power supply. If your PC hasn't already "died" then it'll probably be fine.

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Hi All

In order to prepare for future video card upgrade, decided for upcoming birthday to purchase newer power supply for my Asus M52BC_M32BC01 System, Found out Motherboard is M5A97 EVO 2, is there anything I should be aware of before doing the NEW Power supply install, plan on getting an EVGA at least 550watt G3 Modular Power supply, Current one is a Generic 350 watt from Asus

Answer:NEW Power Supply Upgrade Question

For future proofing I would personally go for the highest wattage PS I could afford.
For the past 5 years I've used an Enermax 650 Watt PS and while it has been adequate for my next one I'd go for 1000 Watts minimum.

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I want to upgrade the power supply for my HP 510 p136.  What power supply can I buy?  Two issues arose when I tried to buy one. First, the screw configuration on the front is not standard and second, the connector for the optical drive is non-standard.  This connecter seems to be HP only and there is no adapter for it.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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