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I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake

Question: I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake

I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake. Foolish. But that's what happened.I thought I was installing the Ubuntu that is used for storage purposes.When I tried to restart my computer it would not restart.I inserted the "Repair disc Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit" and eventually I got my computer to startup.So I am still able to use my computer normally.But my computer now seems to be totally corrupted because all drives are labeled incorrectly and Data1 and Data2 are completely missing. I know this is true because I saw the above info while using the Repair disc Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.It seems that I am stuck with a corrupt computer.What are my options?Is my only option to reinstall windows 7?Or do a backup from an Acronis image file? What can I do?Moderator Edit: Moved topic from Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs to the more appropriate forumRoger

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Preferred Solution: I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake

try using sfc /f

if that fails then wat i would try next is a repair install.

Run a repair install of windows 7 from a windows 7 cd. just make sure it is the same version.

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I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake.

Foolish. But that's what happened.

I thought I was installing the Ubuntu that is used for storage purposes.

When I tried to restart my computer it would not restart.
I inserted the "Repair disc Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit" and eventually I got my computer to startup.

So I am still able to use my computer normally.

But my computer now seems to be totally corrupted because all drives are labeled incorrectly and Data1 and Data2 are completely missing.
This is what the Windows 7 Repair disc showed when I ran it.

The Repair disc labeled the Operating System that it finally found as "Recovered". But it was a corrupt Operating System.

But I am able see and browse all my drives and files whenever I turn on my computer.
How can that be?
The Windows 7 Repair disc says everything is corrupt.
But my computer looks perfectly normal when I turn it on.
Is my computer corrupt or not?

I tried to create an image backup of my computer using Acronis.
It gave me the below error message:
Backup failed. No reason given as to why.

Anyway I tried to fix the corruption by trying:

I tried using sfc /f
It didn't find any problems.

I ran a repair install of windows 7 from a windows 7 cd.
It didn't find any problems.

I tried to do a system restore to an earlier point in time.
None of the system restore options worked. All failed to restore to an earlier point in time.

It seems that I am st... Read more

Answer:I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake.

Do you have everything backed up? If so, you could do a clean install which should get you back to the day you bought it. Do this as a last resort if no one else comes along to help out.

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I had xp running on my D400 laptop and wanted UBUNTU.

I messed up the install (only installed half the operating system) I cannot remember what program i used i think it was called UNETBI? something like that.

Anyway when i start my laptop i get 'MISSING OPERATING SYSTEM'

I installed slax to my usb drive and accessed/backed up my files within windows.

I am wondering how i can change the boot.ini file from the windows area so that it will boot ok again?

It will not let me edit the file from within slax, only read.

Please help

Thanks alot.

Answer:Had xp, installed ubuntu, now missing operating system

thanks for the quick reply

ONLY problem is i have no cd drive on the dell d400

I could get hold of an external next week but id prefer to leave that as a last resort (so i can maybe learn something)

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Hi-I bought a used Dell Optiplex 780 with no o/s installed to replace my old Dell Dimension 3000.  I have a brand new copy of Windows 7 to install on it.  I've reinstalled xp on my old computer 2 or 3 times so I'm not completely new to this but, I thought I'd try to find out as much as possible before I begin.  Any advice will be appreciated.  I am wondering - when I connect the keyboard, mouse and monitor to the Optiplex with no o/s, will it recognize the components so that I can begin the installation of Windows 7?

Answer:installing operating system on computer with no operating system installed


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will some kind,clever person be able to help me please? I have purchased a new computer and have set it all up....but now....1. the monitor says no signal input...check video cable and then goes into stand by mode.2. there is no operating system installed...I have the windows xp disc but can´t do anything because i need the monitor working to see what is going on....any help will be much appreciated....thanks

Answer:new computer with no operating system installed...

Check that the graphics card did not become dislodged during transit.Do you get any beeps when you power up?

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I deleted operating syste, by mistake on my hp laptop now won't boot all help welcome please

Answer:Deleted operating system by mistake

You cannot delete the op sys that you are using. It won't let you.
Please describe what you actually did.

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Hi all. My pc would not boot up. I used my XP install disc and tried all the repair options. As I was worried I might lose everything I took the pc to a computer shop and he said he would have a look but that I might have to do a full re-install.
I came back and he had wiped the drive and installed Windows 7 32 bit (I had previously been running XP).
I was gutted but he said that was my only option.
I've since seen tools advertised for repairing such issues, i wish i had been able to try these.
I have since tried a couple of free recovery tools to try and rescue some valuable documents, but they don?t find anything.
A) have I been badly advised ?
B) is there any way I can recover some of my old documents ?
I am very sad :(

Answer:PC would not boot - computer shop installed new operating system - have i lost everything ?

What free tools have you so far tried? Someone here 'might' be able to offer further advice.
Though I fear you have probably lost most, if not all, of your stuff. I guess a costly lesson re: Backups, has be learned!

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I've just got a question.I've got windows 7 operating system but I've been advised that I should switch to ubunto for windows any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks

Answer:ubuntu operating system

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Hello Evrybody,

People who have used and are currently using UBUNTU, 9.10 or 10.4, Kindly let me the fetaures and the upgraded versions of the same...

How can we be freindly with UBUNTU, as compared to Windows XP/ 7 / Vista (any Editions).

Pranavesh Shenoy
Sr. Manager

Answer:UBUNTU Operating System

This makes no sense, and if it's about OSes, it's in the wrong spot. Thread closed.

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Sorry if this has been asked before...My regular WinXp Sp2 system is runing on disk C which has just one partition. I have a spare drive (M) that I currently use for backups. Assuming that I can get a copy of Ubuntu, can I install it to this other drive (without impacting my WinXp system of course)and then have the option of booting up from either? Sounds straightforward, but I'd like your opinions first before I risk destroying my perfectly good system just so that I can see what Ubuntu looks like.Thanks.

Answer:How to install second operating system (Ubuntu)

Yes, it is easy but just follow instructions carefully. Ubuntu is good - I've used it a few times and been impressed.

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So, my old hard drive on my M91p Tower was failing, and I was unable to boot into Windows 7 Professional. I replaced the hard drive, reinstalled Windows 7 Professional. It authenticates, all was good, I was happy. Then I left it installing software overnight. I woke up, it was 'asleep'. Wouldn't wake. Had to turn it off, and then when I restarted, I got the intel black screen 'OS Not Found' screen. Finally, I managed to insert the installation disc, shut down without installing by declining to reinstall it, and when I booted back up it started normally. My question is: What's going on? How do I fix this?  I didn't have Lenovo media to reinstall from, and used a Windows 7 ISO disk install. How do I fix this?  My last week have been a gauntlet of trying to fix errors. I really want to put to rest the issue so I can go on with my work regularly. What can I do?

Answer:HDD died. installed a new one, installed OS. Now it give black screen "Operating System Not Found

It is hard to diagnose without seeing it.  You left it reinstalling software..  It is possible that some installation failed and left the machine in a state where it needed to be completely powered off.  It is possible it is a hardware error in the M91p.  As I said, it is hard to diagnose without seeing it.

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THis is Error message::load Driver:: a required CD/DVD drive is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, CD ,DVD or USB flash drive, please insert it now I try everything including changing usb port, changing flash disk ,but those flash disk they can install operating system in other computer i stuck please help me 

Answer:While changing operating system from ubuntu to window 7 i ca...

Hi: Does your notebook have an Intel 6th generation core processor? If so, you need to go into the BIOS, enable legacy mode, and disable secure boot. You will also need to run this utility to load the usb 3 drivers to your windows 7 installation media. The link has a readme file for instructions for use...

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Hi. I'm a semi-savvy tech person, who unfortunately in a moment of weakness, decided to forgo my installed Internet Security Suite for a few days while I was

trying to make the most out of my system. What I didn't know was that my roommate decided to download some software off torrents using my laptop. He reports

that ever since he tried to install something (that didn't open an application, leading me to believe that this was a trojan), my internet has slowed down

tremendously. Also, I've noticed some generally weirdness (sometimes th computer becomes really, really slow. Ping is ok, but websites say page can't be


So I booted my Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 2010 and did a full scan. It was able to detect some trojans, and then delete them... but it didn't seem to

fix the problem entirely.

So I've decided to install Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.42, but it's taking a while... so far, it's pretty much scanned a lot of things (42 mins, and my PC

is fairly good in terms of speed), and zero detections - although it did give a popup about the Lohla or hdn54, and I quarantined it. I'll edit this post

once the scan has been completed.

UPDATE: After a long, long scan, malwarebytes was able to detect 2 malware (and block one instance of scvhost.exe). After disinfection, it requested a

reboot. Here's the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Log:

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.42
Database version: ... Read more

Answer:I believe I might have installed malware on my computer by mistake- please help me.

Welcome to TSG

Sorry for the delay.

Do you still require assistance?

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I have new HP laptop, which had Ubuntu installed already. decided to install Windows 8.1 64, which I had on DVD. While starting installation I choose "Internal CD/DVD ROM Drive (UEFI)" (don't know what is UEFI) and I deleted all partitions and created new ones, after that installation gone well. But when I start my computer, two OS Boot Manager appears - Ubuntu and Windows, also when I opened "This PC" there was only one Local Disk C, on which I installed Windows. So I decided to reinstall windows and hoped for better and when I installed it and after choosing Windows Boot Manager another screen loaded, "Choose Operating System" and there was two Windows 8.1 (on Volume 3) and Windows 8.1 (this restarts laptop), also there was only one partition again. default boot loader is Ubuntu's and GNU GRUB appears every time I start my laptop (if I don't press ESC). What I need is to delete everything ubuntu, windows, another windows and install new windows from fresh.
Here are screenshots:
This GNU GRUB loads when I start laptop and when I choose ubuntu boot.

Windows 8.1 on Volume 3 works.
Thank you for paying attention. I really messed up everything

Answer:how to delete ubuntu boot and choose operating system

Download: Visual BCD . Install and run it, if you get an error popup, just ignore it. Look on the left panel for entry of UBUNTU, right click on it and delete it. see screen shot

2nd Problem: You actually installed another copy of Windows 8, that's why you get a dual boot menu for Windows 8.
Please post a screen shot of disk management then we can show you how to delete the second copy of Windows 8.

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Hi TechGuys,

I have tried to run ubuntu OS on Windows XP machine, I boot it with CD in, but no respond from CD after turing on.

Is it possible that you can run ubuntu in XP? I have already installed it on Vista computer and are working together perfectly.

I don't know why it's not working on XP machine,...any effective help would be rewarded five star.

Thanks guys

Answer:Solved: Can you run ubuntu operating system in Windows XP machine?

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My ThinkPad A21m (2628-F2U, PIII 750 MHz (256KB), 512 MB RAM) works very efficiently with Windows 2000 SP4 and seems to work better on the internet with dial-up, than my higher-powered, 2GB RAM Windows XP computers). Unfortunately, it is now difficult to get anti-virus and firewall software that are compatible with Windows 2000. (I suspect - but haven't had the chance to fully investigate it yet - that my A21m would not meet the hardware specifications for the current versions of anti-virus and firewall software anyway. I was wondering whether switching to Linux, Ubuntu, or some other operating system would help or would only add to my woes. If I switched to Linux, for example, would the Thinkpad drivers and software work with the new operating system? Would most other programs, such as Outlook Express, Microsoft Office, and so on, work with the new operating system? If anyone has had experience with the problem of Windows 2000 no longer being supported by anti-virus and firewall providers, I would appreciate your suggestions and comments. Thank you.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Operating System for A21m (2628-F2U) - Linux? Ubuntu?

I had the same problem with my A21m (2628 - GXU PIII 800 MHz) a few years ago, so I upgraded it to Windows XP Professional (SP3). My machine is also fully loaded with 512 MB of RAM,  I then installed Norton as the anti-virus/firewall software. I have to admit that the machine is rather sluggish though. I tend not to use it in favour of my 3GB R500. 

2 ThinkPad R500's 2714-CTO T9600 2.80 Ghz 4GB RAM Win 7/10. ThinkPad R500 2714-CTO P8600 2.40 Ghz 3GB RAM Win 7. ThinkPad R61 8932-CTO T8300 2.40 Ghz 3GB RAM Win Vista. ThinkPad T500 2241-DB9 T9600 2.80 Ghz 4GB RAM Win 7. ThinkCenter A63 5237-CTO 3GB Ram Win 7

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I can barely download programs because it involves the web browser and always goes to the D drive. Is there any way i can transfer my things from the D drive back to the C drive. My c drive has like 69GM free space.

if i reinstall, is there a possibility that it will install to C drive. if so can you guide me? I have an Sp2 operating system CD, but the problem was when i tried to use same cd and cd key, it rejected it so i got an sp3 cd and it was able to install, but then it installed to the wrong drive, D. I really wanted everything to install to drive C as my primary drive

Answer:When I installed SP3 it installed my operating system to D drive

You need to make backup of all your documents, data etc. before you think of re-installing.

Then put XP Cd in and boot computer off it.
Do not choose to repair existing XP installations but do a clean install.
When the screen comes to choose a partition, choose the first partition. Later choose to format the the selected partition using NTFS.

Now you will have a clean install of XP with C: drive as root drive

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I have loads of data on my hard drive including 2 years of work on my PhD with little backup.

When I switched on today no Windows 7 and it appears I have been hacked and Ubuntu installed.

Is there any way I can be helped. It is a big disaster.

The shell with ubuntu says unable to find a file system
What can I do?

Answer:My System Has Been Hacked and Ubuntu Installed

Solved. PC was trying to boot from USB. Changed back to hard drive in bios et voila.

why did it change to boot from usb though I do not know.

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I plan on dual booting Ubuntu along my Windows 7 system. The only thing I am concerned with is how would I go about making a system image of Windows 7 and restoring it if I have to...with Ubuntu already installed? Would I have to wipe my hard drive of both OS and reinstall Windows 7 with my back up image or is there ways to install the windows 7 image without affecting Ubuntu or both?

Answer:How does system image of Windows installed along ubuntu work?

Ubuntu has the buzz but from personal experience I'd recommend Madriva One 2011 esp. if you have broadband internet connected via a network card.

Easus image backup free:

Best free data backup software. Hard drive backup and recovery freeware. Hard Disk image freeware.

with this program and an external drive you can back up the entire HD or particular partitions.

What I would do:

Burn the Boot CD for Easus ToDo. Make sure your system will boot from it and you can see your HD and external drive before doing anything else. If the restore on the Boot CD can't see the drives try a different program. Another is Macrium Reflect Free:

In case of disaster you have to be able to restore the image using the Boot CD.
The image back up tool is only as good as the Boot CD with the restore. If you can't see it, you can't restore it.

Use the Back up entire disk option before you start altering partitions. Be able to get back to square one if anything happens.

Then once you have Windows and Linux peacefully coexisting and booting correctly, use the back up option to make an image of the individual partitions. If Linux breaks, just restore the Linux partition. If Windows, just the Windows etc..

Both Easus and Macrium are very easy to use. There are others also.
Take a look on Free Programmers' Resources, Free Webmasters' Resources, Free Security Resources

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I installed a Windows XP Home Edition SP2 in my Windows XP Professional Edition. When my computer restarted I saw that I have 2 operating systems. I realized my mistake, so I did a system restore on Windows XP Pro. I had set it before I installed Win XP Home. When I restarted again, it then boot in Windows XP Pro.

While I was using the computer, it gave a warning that I was low of space. So I had my disk clean up. Then I did the Disk Defragmenter, it said I only had 14% of space and it wont be able to defragment because it needs at least 15%.

Is the Win XP Home still there? Or did the system restore delete it? If it's still there how can I delete it? What do I do?

Answer:Help! Does system restore remove an installed operating system?

i assume you installed it on it's own partition so format it

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I have a hp  notebook stream laptop my product number is  T649UA#ABA I was updating my laptop to Windows 10 in the middle of the update my laptop shut down and now when I turn it on there is no operating system installed how to fix this with a USB drive

Answer:Operating system not installed

Aisha_Zahir Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Wish I had good news for you, but I don't ... According to the HP product page for your laptop, it came preinstalled either with Windows 7 or Windows 8 -- which is NOT good news for updating to Win10. The older version of Win10 (10586) that came out last November tended to fair better with the older PCs than the current version (14393) that came out this August. So, if you attempting the Update from the current version, that could explain why it failed. My desktop has been running Win10 without problems since the earliest days of the Insider Preview over a year ago and it's sailed through Update after Update without problems.  So, you can imagine my surprise when the latest Upgrade  trashed my PC -- to the degree that I restored it from an image backup. Had you come here PRIOR to the Upgrade attempt, I could have provided instructions for doing an image backup of your PC and NOW, you would have something to use to restore it.  But, it's now too late for that. Ordinarily, I would recommend using HP Recovery Media to restore your PC to its original condition. That would erase the entire drive, format the drive, and install the OS, the drivers, and the HP utilities.Unfortunately, there is no HP Recovery Media linked to the HP Product Page for your PC. This could be an oversight by HP, or it could also mean that HP no longer stocks the recovery media for your PC. They no long s... Read more

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Whats the best Software for backing up Files and Operating System on HP Pavilion Slimline..OS is pre installed..running Vista 32 bit.

Answer:How do I Backup Pre-Installed Operating System

My preference would be Acronis True Image. You can buy it at Amazon as well.

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in my system 4 operating system installed but how can remove the operating system

Answer:in my stystem 4 operating system installed bu

Please explain what you have exactly and what and how many you want to remove,In general you can use your Windows 7 install disk to delete the partitions that contain the OS's you do not want. If then you cannot boot then you will need to use the disk to do a start up repair. If you have too many OS's listed still at boot up you can use msconfig>boot tab to remove the ones that no longer exist.Post back details for more specifics.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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Dear Fellow Tech Users,

After successful installing Windows XP operating system, I began to attempt to connect to the internet, I have two other computers currently connected too the BT hub. With both internet connections working perfectly on those.

However, on the currently new xp installled machine, I cannot seem to connect at all. I have looked under the drivers "network drivers" and it states, "VIA compatible fast Ethernet driver (v2.66.0)" and "1394 Network adapter". So there are drivers there.

When I went too my network panel, it simply states " Acquiring IP", for which I have left it hanging there for over 2 hours with no luck. Any help would be much appreciated. I have ran driver tools but they require an internet connection to do the scan. So I'm feeling I'm in a creek without a paddle.
I am new at this computerized gizmo talk so please bare with me.

My computer specifications are as follows:

Packard Bell - Windows Xp /Media Center Edition Version 2002 SP2
Imedia/ MC 2469

Any help of this issue would be much appreciated.

Answer:Re-Installed Windows Xp Operating System

Go to Start/Run and type inetcpl.cpl and press enter/Connections/LAN Settings. Make sure all the boxes are unchecked. Now go to Start/Run and type ncpa.cpl and press enter. Right click the Local Area connection/Properties scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP-IP)/Properties. Make sure Obtain an IP Address and DNS Server Address Automatically are both checked. Now go to Start/Run and type CMD and press enter. IN the Command Prompt type ipconfig /release and press enter. the IP Address changes to Now type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter. Now type ipconfig /renew. Now type ipconfig /all. You should have a new IP address try it again. If you still cannot connect please include the text output of your ipconfig /all in your next post

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Hi there,My laptop has xp home edition installed on it, my children have done something - not sure what, but now when it boots up it shows the setup screen for xp professional as though it is part way through installing this version of xpIf I switch off and restart it will load windows home editionIf I start up in safe mode it gives me the choice to load xp home edition or to load xp professional set up - it selects the xp professional setup as default optionhow can I sort this so it just starts with xp home edition and loads windows normally?thanksGordon

Answer:half installed operating system

  Well, You can just hide the 'XP Pro setup' option.Right-click on 'My Computer';select 'Properties';go to 'Advanced' tab;click 'Startup and recovery' settings;select Your XP Home as default operating system in drop-down menu and clear the checkbox prompting for 'Time to display list of operating systems', then confirm changes.

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help please
my lap top went very wrong so i took it to a shop and asked them to re install xp home sp1 as i have the licence for this on the reverse of the comp
BUT they have installed xp pro and a pony copy at that . so my licence is incorrect for the operating system .
they dont have xp home to put on it.
is there a place that i can download xp home sp1 from as i cant get any updates for the comp
many thanks for your time
darren west

Answer:xp wrong operating system installed

Take it back to the shop, and get what you asked for!

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What is the best way to create an image or back-up disc of a pre-installed operating system when no OS media is provided with the PC involved?

I have a PC with the 64 bit Win 7-Pro OS pre-installed but no media was provided. The OS has been updated thru October 2016 but nothing else has been installed on the hard drive. What is the best way to create a back-up DVD of the OS should a complete re-installation of the OS ever be required due to hard drive failure and similar disasters?

Thanks, in advance, for any comments, advice, and/or suggestions.

Answer:Pre-installed Operating System Backup

Most of us use system imaging with Macrium reflect free
It has startup repair in it's winpe cd or flash drive media and is easily created with a simple cd not dvd
Imaging with free Macrium

Create Backup Image with Macrium Reflect by Britec - YouTube

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I tried to install windows xp on a gateway computer. The xp disc I had came with a dell, so it was not compatible. Some of the files copied but not all of them, so when I start the computer it gives me a message that it's unable to find the file. I need to know how to remove the partially installed operating system, so I can install a different one. Please help!!!!

Answer:partially installed operating system

If you get an OEM XP cd, and boot to that CD, and start the installation program, it will ask you where you want to install windows to. The partition will show you the current install.

You press D to delete the installation, then Enter and L if I recall and the partition will be gone. The you press C to create a new one in it's place and chose a size.

You will format the new partition and continue the setup process.

So in doing a new install, you will be blowing away the old install.


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I use drive 'C' as OS' drive and install all the other software on drive 'D'. I use a lot of softwares so if my system crashes I do have to install all the softwares. I want to backup my operating system as well as drive 'D' and when I recover my system it should install OS plus all the softwares.

I wish to keep my backups on the same HDD (but on different partition off-course).
Should I just write my OS drive's image on a CD/DVD to recover windows (plus softwares) or what?

Answer:How can I backup my whole operating system plus installed softwares?

Please check this tutorial: Backup User and System Files - Reset to Default Configuration

You are better to backup to an external drive. If you backup to another partition on your hard drive and it fails, you lose everything - Windows, applications, personal data, backups - the lot.

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Hi, I am planning to buy a lenovo essential laptop(G580) which comes with preinstalled Disk Operating System( DOS). After buying the machine, if I install a copy of an windows OS(win7/win8) or any other operating system, will my one year warranty get void?? Thanksrk18

Answer:Lenovo warranty if new operating system is installed??

Welcome To Lenovo Community
The warranty is for the hardware, which is independent of operating system
So warranty will not be void for any hardware, except any damage is done to the hardware part
Please refer below link for more details
Hope This Helps

WW Social Media Important Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

                        English Community   Deutsche Community   Comunidad en Español

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i am trying to install a windows 10 operating system but when i boot with hard disk but i get a message install operating system on your hard disk

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How do I find out what this key means: H09468SP

When I check Toshiba EMEA for my unit details it shows this as the pre-installed software package.

The reason I ask is that my installed software is different from the license key and I would like to know what is supposedly the official Toshiba software.

Answer:Pre-installed software key -how to verify what operating system it is?


I think you misunderstood something;
The H09468SP number is the Toshiba Recovery CD/DVD number and it?s not a license key or anything else?

It?s a recovery disk number and can be helpful if you want to order an new Recovery disk from Toshiba!


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After returning a Dell laptop that was covered in some form of vomit (Link here) upon arrival, I decided to buy a Lenovo.  Unfortunately the Lenovo (a Z370) arrived without an operating system, a PCIe controller that failed after POST, some missing and stripped out screws holding th chassis together, and a wireless card who's wires would not connect fully. In Lenovo's defense, I did buy a refurbished Z370.  However, normally refurbished computers work on arrival, instead of being dead on arrival. Naturally, I called up Post Sales and told them my problem.  They were helpful, but decided that I needed to contact Technical Support to determine the cause of the problem.  I called Tech Support, and after a 20 minute wait was told it is a hardware fault and it would need to be sent in to be fixed.  They told me to contact Post Sales again, and begin the repair process.  They also gave me a Case # WN447216 (for any Lenovo Reps here).  I called Post Sales again and was told that they cannot handle repairs and that I would have to contact Tech Support again!  I argued that I had been tossed around a few times, but the support agent would not help any further.  Now, I'm waiting on hold for Tech Support (15 minutes and still on hold) to answer so I can get a repair initiated. Someone PLEASE tell me that this is abnormal!  Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:IdeaPad Z370- No Operating System Installed

Hi rdfloyd,
Welcome to the community, sorry it has to be under these circumstances.
Yes, a refurb computer should be refurbished,
Also, your experience was not normal.  I think it was the interaction between post sales and tech support that got messed up.  Dealing with just tech support usually isn't too bad.
Tech support will send you an email asking you to print out an Inventory Control Sheet.  Make sure you list all the problems on that sheet.  Completely.  It sounds like you won't be able to list all the problems in the three lines provided, so use a separate sheet for additional problems.  Make sure you fill out the hardware that is in your system, everything.
Don't send in the battery and ac adapter.  They don't need it, unless there's a problem with either, only then send it in.
Make a copy of the filled out sheet that you're sending in.  
I sent a U160 because of an intermittent stuck key and a bios update took out the serial number in the bios.  I had it back in 7 days with a new keyboard, it was cleaned and all the numbers were back in the bios.  
Having the parts in stock or having to order parts for the repair is going to determine how fast you get it back.
My experience with service was excellent.  You won't find many customers here in the forum extolling the virtues of service. You'll see the problems here.  Customers usually don't post thei... Read more

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I want to resize my c: drive. It is on a 120gb harddrive. It is partioned with c: and d:. I have tried several partioning programs but it won't let me increase the size of c:. I have reduced the size of d:, but it wont let me increase c: which has the os on it. I have win 7 ultimated 32bit installed on it. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Can I resize C: drive with the operating system installed on it

You may try this ... Option two should work.

Partition or Volume - Extend

But after that, you may need to run Startup Repair , for three separate times .

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i want to intall two operating system in one partition (c: partition) on one computer-----windows 98 and windows xp or adding windows 2000. i am afraid that they will influence each other.WHich friend could give some advice and suggestion,or tell the explain why not to do or do that . thanks on advance.

allow me to say again the question that i am afaid.i am afraid that the system files ,for example,.dll or device files will overwrite each other in one partition. Please give me some help.

i am looking forward to receiving the right answer and reply.
i am waiting for .........

Answer:that tow operating system are installed in one partition is influence each other???

IF u do install the 2 Os's on 2 different partitions ..then nothing of the sort will happen ..Don't worry 'bout it ..

The only thing that u should keep in mind is that u use NTFS on the XP partition ..then u will not be able to access that partition from Win98.If the second OS is 2k ..then u have nothin' to worry 'bout

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I've got a problem with my daughters pc, when booting up I get the error message \SystemRoot\ System32\ Config\ SOFTWARE is corrupt on a blue screen. I've found the Microsoft page with instructions on how to fix this problem, but it states not to attempt it on a pc with an OEM-installed operating system. My daughter's pc has xp pre-installed, and we don't have an installation disc. Even if we borrowed one from somebody else, would we be able to follow these instructions or would this screw things up further as it wouldn't be the right copy of xp for that particular pc?

Can anyone help?

Answer:Corrupted Registry Files in an OEM-installed operating system

>> My daughter's pc has xp pre-installed, and we don't have an installation disc. Even if we borrowed one from somebody else, would we be able to follow these instructions or would this screw things up further as it wouldn't be the right copy of xp for that particular pc? <<

Two questions:

Is your daughter's computer covered by any manufacturer warrantee?
Have you tried calling, emailing or IMing the PC manufacturer (i.e. Dell, Gateway, etc) regarding this problem?

Note: Even if they cannot help you with this specific registry problem; you should still ask them if they can send you a copy of an XP installation disk.

My sister recently purchased an older "refurbished" model of a Dell Dimension 8400 (that she got from e-bay). When it was delivered, she noticed that it had Win XP Pro installed; but came without the Win XP Pro installation disk. She called Dell and explained the situation. Once she was able to prove ownership of the computer - by providing the Dell Service Tag number - they not only sent her the Win XP Pro installation disk w/ SP2 included, but they also sent her the Dell Dimension Resource Disk (w/drivers and utilities).

Good Luck!

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So i would like to buy a whole new computer. but i want to keep the operating system which is windows 7 professional. It's installed on the hard drives as raid 5. now i know that the raid key or whatever it's called is stored int he bios so just plugging the hard drives into a motherboard that supports raid 5 won't work. So what can i do to install everything that i have on these hard drives into a new system? Also the operating system is registered online would i be able to re register it or something? i don't have the new computer yet i'm just looking around for something good and for a good deal.

Answer:Solved: Moving a Raid installed operating system

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I have currently a Windows 7 Prof running on XP mode for my older software. Will all that be erased?

Answer:Will Wind 10 once installed erase the previous operating system?

1. Your previous Windows install'll probably be stashed into another folder.
Even then, make a complete backup or an image of the computer. (I recommend Macrium Reflect since the built-in thing gave me issues in the past.)
You'll lose XP Mode, but then again you can easily get a VM running. (see VMWare Player and it's Unity mode, which I believe to be the same.

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Hi all,

Apologies if my terminology isnt the best fisrt of all.

I have an XP PC which no longer boots (I get a BSOD with 'Unmountable_Boot_Volume')

As I was planning on installing Windows 7 on a fresh drive anyway, I figured I would just take the hard drive out, put it in my hard drive docking station, and pull my pictures and music from it.

When I try to do this, the drive doesnt show in the 'my computer' list. I then go into Disk Manager to try and rectify the problem. The disc is there, showing as a dynamic disc (?), but it has a little 'no entry' sign on the icon. When trying to click tohe option to 'reactivate' - it times out each and every time.

So i'm stuck now and have no further knowledge on this to be able to try anything else. Thought I would ask here before taking it to a shop, to save some coinage!

Can anyone help? Some stats below:

XP PRO SP3 (Loaded on Hard drive that I pulled from my PC)
160Gb Seagate SATA HD

Thanks a lot


Answer:Cannot access files from drive with Operating system installed

If the Disk is a Dynamic disk, you'll have to connect it internally to a Desktop PC, you can't use an external enclosure/docking station (though I've seen some reports that it does work, sometimes).
From XP Help and Support (emphasis mine):


Dynamic disks are not supported on portable computers, removable disks, detachable disks that use Universal Serial Bus (USB) or IEEE 1394 (also called FireWire) interfaces, or on disks connected to shared SCSI buses. If you are using a portable computer and right-click a disk in the graphical or list view in Disk Management, you will not see the option to convert the disk to dynamic.

Once connected internally, it should appear as a Foreign Disk. you can then right click on Foreign and Import the disk. It will then appear in Windows Explorer.

To access the files, you will likely have to take ownership of them;
How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

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I receive this message whenever the computer attempts to boot now. First time was during the first reboot of XP setup. I googled around and found it is a common problem apparently, and that the only fix (to restore 7) is to use some sort of "Windows 7 Recovery Console" which apparently doesn't exist.

Anybody have any clue how I can restore my computer? I'm no longer interested in dual booting at all, I just need access to my W7 back. >.<

Answer:Installed XP after installing 7 --> Error loading operating system

the recovery console is on the 7 DVD, looks like XP screwed up the boot.ini file for 7

boot into the 7 disc and run the recovery console

EDIT: Looks like you can do it without the DVD

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Is there any good software that will backup a computer operating system. Back up windows 7 or Vista?
Some software that would make a bootable CD rom disk that could be placed in a CD rom
to reinstall programs and operating system that was installed at the time of backup?

Thank you,

Answer:Sorfware that Backup Operating System & installed programs

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A long title indeed, but it pretty much sums it all up. I have installed Ubuntu first and then dual booted windows XP. I soon found out that the fact Ubuntu wasn't compatible with many programs (even through wine) I wanted only Windows XP on my pc.
I've searched many topics, but all described how to uninstall Ubuntu when Windows was the primary OS. In my case Ubuntu is the main OS and it dual boots with Windows and I want to rid myself of Ubuntu leaving only Windows.

What do I need to do to get the desired computer setup? Or is it irrelevant which OS was installed first and will a guide describing how to remove Ubuntu from windows work as well for my case.

Important addition: I could very well be the biggest computer-noob you've encountered thus far. So talk to me as though I am 4 year old

Answer:Uninstalling Ubuntu dual-booting Windows XP with Ubuntu installed first

shouldn't matter the install sequence if you want to only have Windows. Boot into Windows and then delete (from disk management) the linux partitions. This may leave your computer in a state where you can not boot into Windows. To fix this you'll have to boot off the XP install disk and boot to the recovery console, once there type 'fixmbr' without the '

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I have an HP Compaq d530 CMT tower computer that was given to me with all components intact except a hard drive. I put a spare hard drive in it and installed Ubuntu 9.04.

This computer is a Pentium IV; i believe the processor speed is 2.8GHz. It has 512MB of RAM in it. I'm thinking about adding some RAM; I might want to try Windows 7 on this computer, probably in a dual-boot configuration with Ubuntu.

I know the computer uses 184-pin DDR memory. says it can use either PC2700 or PC3200 and that it can use dual-channel memory. It currently has 2x256MB in it. I'd like to determine whether the existing RAM is PC2700 or PC3200. How can I do that?

Answer:How to determine type of memory installed in computer running Ubuntu

Get a working OS on the hard drive, take it to crucial and let the site scan your computer. It will tell you what memory is currently installed.
Looking at the specs here:
it appears that it came with 4 sticks of 128 DDR333 (PC-2700).
Not sure why someone might replace 4 sticks with two and still have 512MB total.
Pull a stick out and post what is printed on it.

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I have intel atom processor desk top system

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Could anybody advise me?
My brother recently bought a Hewlett Packard computer with the operating system pre-installed. He has now asked me if I can format & partition his h/d. The problem is that we only have a recovery disk and not the full setup disk.
I contacted HP (UK) to get one and they have told me that as far as Microsoft are concerned they (HP) would be acting illegally. I informed them that a few years ago Tiny sent me one for my own PC so they then told me that Tiny had acted illegally. This morning I contacted Microsoft UK for confirmation of this but was told it is perfecly ok for them to send a disk.
I then rang HP back and informed them of this but they are still refusing to issue one and tell me it is illegal.
This is not meant to be a gripe or a moan about any individual company but an attempt to gain knowledge regarding my problem.
If I can't get hold of a full setup disk how can I do a full system format, partition and re-install an operating system that he has paid to use.
Our only other option would be to buy the operating system (again) or to buy an OEM disk and hardware but surely lots of others must have had the same problem.
Thanks in advance for any advise/info/views in advance.


Answer:obtaining operating system (XP) setup disk-pre installed sofware

I think HP are behaving badly here and you might approach your local Trading Standards office about them, providing they're operating from a UK address.

That said, however, the only feasible alternative is to buy an XP CD, format, install and activate with the new Product Key to give your brother a fully legal and supported OS. The other way round this is to post details of his problems - why does he want to format? Someone here will help.

If he only wants to partition, there is software that can do this without losing data. Have a look in Control Panel>Administrative Tools>COmputer Management>Disk Management and see what the present partition arrangements are. HP may have left a small partition to store data which responds to their recovery disks.

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Hi everyone,

okay so I have a Huge problem here. First here are the computer specs:

Hp pavillion dv9000 enterainment edition,
Vista home premium service pack #1,
Intel duo core T5200 1.60 GHz,
2gb of ram,
32-bit operating system,
dvd-rw + light scribe,
Hitachi 160gb hard drive 5400rpm
nividia Geforce Go 7600
heres my problem: I bought this computer from a private party about a month ago, the thing worked great for about a week. Then all of a sudden when I went to boot it up it took a while during the intial HP screen then said "No Operating System Found". So I turned it off and back on again a few times, and finally it booted into vista. It didnt do it again for a few days, and now here I am everytime I go to turn on my computer I have to either tap it a couple of times, Unplug the power supply from it, or open the dvd drive bay and try it again. I dont know if any of what I am doing is helping it start up or not, but I do it anyway just in hopes to get it up and going. I have do a clean install on it in hopes that it was just the Master boot record, but with no changes. I have checked the driver software and all of it is up to date. PLEASE HELP ME, summer school is about to start and I need a computer for the class....



Answer:Vista Installed. But At Start Up 75% Of The Time It Says No Operating System Found!

That is indicative of an imminent hard drive failure, or a loose cable. Please don't slap your computer anymore though. Electronics, especially heated electronics, are not made to withstand being slapped around, and you are likely to break something else.

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I recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my HP Mini 110-1116NR, then deleted the partitions that had Ubuntu on them, not knowing that Ubuntu comes with GRUB2, and sets itself as the default boot for that system. Now that GRUB2 is not installed, since it was on my only HDD, it looks for the GRUB2 partition, which does not exist, so I get an error on a command script that shows as follows:

"GRUB -error:no such partition
"grub rescue>

I still have Ubuntu on a flash drive. And I have my sister's computer to use until I get mine fixed, so I need help. I downloaded the Win7 Recovery Disc, but I don't have a program that can write the ISO image file to a USB flash drive, so I need to know how to get the ISO on the USB Drive, or how to fix the boot for Win7. I'm willing to do anything. lol. I've already done a couple hours worth of 'Google-ing' for how to fix this error and have come empty-handed. Please help.

And if this information helps, I have a Volume (D:\) with the recovery files on my hard drive.

Answer:Help! Installed Ubuntu, deleted the Ubuntu Partitions. No boot!

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
YouTube - How to install Windows 7 from USB (WinToFlash)

First mark the WIn7 partition Active from the Repair CD command line: Partition - Mark as Active

Then click through to Recovery Tools list to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times with reboots until WIn7 starts.

You may have to wipe the partition with GRUB first: Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command

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I have a dell studio 15 laptop Windows Vista Home Premium installed on it. I got this laptop in November 2008, since then it was working fine just when I returned from Germany o india its not working. initially i thought disk got damaged due to x-ray scanning on airports but I read several threads on internet which says it does not erases/damages hard disks same I have also experienced during my several visits in which same laptop has gone through with this scanning process.

I tried to recover my OS by using OS DVD provided with the laptop. I booted my laptop by setting up the bootable device as DVD in BIOS but it does not help me to recover. I tried to install Windows XP also in C derive so that I can see the data(i.e. my all useful and important) present in D derive but its is not allowing me to install windows XP too on it.

While searching information, I came to know that it seems like its a issue of Windows Vista Home Premium and several people have faced the same . In one solution, it is mentioned that OS DVD provided with laptop may not have files to boot and recover so i downloaded a bootable files and tried with that too but that also does not work for me but it has worked for others as per reviews mentioned.

When I reboot my laptop from OS DVD priovided from the dell, I used to get an following errors:

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-MOF: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM
Operating System Not found"
FYI- I run a diagnostic test also and all tests got ... Read more

Answer:Windows Vista Home Premium installed machine shows operating system not found

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I recently bought XP professional full version, full install to upgrade from ME.

I have two hard disks, master 20 gb "C" and a Piggy backed 80 gb slave "D" (this one holds my movies).

Mistakenly installed xp pro on "D", then installed on "C", and formatted "D" to get rid of the second operating system.

Now every time i start up, it offers me the choice of the two operating systems to start up with , defaults tothe installation on the "C" drive after 30 seconds. If i choose the other installation , it (understandably) cant find it, and continues to load into the version on drive c.

Not a huge problem, but annoying.

Any idea how to fix it so I can just boot normally?


Answer:two operating systems loaded by mistake

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My foundation project failed with an error of Node Modules not installed. Try running npm install manually

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Please can anyone help?
In task manager I accidently closed an explorer process, the laptop then crashed. So I closed it down, then it now is unable to find the operating system. Can anyone offer any advice on how to help it find the files it needs to boot?

Can this be done by using the command prompt? Start up repair ran for over 24 hours with no success.


Answer:Operating system can't be found computer loading with system recovery options

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Can you boot into Safe Mode?

Do you have your Windows Vista CD?

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Well, last year I installed the Upgrade version of Windows 7 and lollygagging along without thinking I put the 32-bit in. Now, after several attempts to update my IE10 to IE11 it occurred to me that either something got mangled up with the install or it wants the 64-bit version, so I want to install the 64-bit disk. After reading the bad news for this herein hopefully it is not all that much of a problem and I can recover the stuff already on the drive using the "custom" install. Am I right?


P.S., it is my Dell 1545 that had that weird 32-bit Vista on it before making it WIn 7

Answer:Win 7 32-bit installed before 64-bit, mistake

I always use 32-bit on 4gb of less RAM for better performance. What IE issue concerns you?

However compare the install you did to the one compiled in Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
to see how close you came to getting it perfect. You may want to do it over if it can stand a better install. But unless you want to upgrade RAM from 4gb I would still use 32 bit.

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Hey. I have a processor that says it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit, however I don't know which one I'm actually running on. I have a hunch I'm running the 32-bit, considering I get an error code saying that my setup.exe is not supported by Win32.

So I have a couple of questions:

1) Very Important: I put in the my email that I used and the last 5 digits of the credit card that I used to purchase Windows 7 so I can go back to the download page ( - and it says it can't "verify" me.

2) I have a back up disc coming to my house - but I don't know whether it is the 64-bit or 32-bit version, how would I be able to tell?

3) Is 64-bit that much different than 32-bit? The reason I wanted to get Windows 7 now was because I had to wipe my computer clean just a few days ago, so I thought "why not." It seemed to be running fine on 32-bit before (assuming it was on 32bit), so what's the difference?


Answer:Installed the 64-bit version (by mistake)

Hi yoman3, and Welcome To The Seven Forums.
Could you please give your system specs, it would help us determine the system speed (32 or 64 bit).

If your system is 64 bit it is the best way to go. If it isn't you wouldn't be able to install the 64 bit onto a 32 bit machine.

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Visited a web site and an active x box came up, thought I click close, but it seemed to install it .... I've read these can be bad , but I couldn't see anything in c:\windows\downloaded programs ... how do I identify, locate and remove it? Does MS antispyware help me locate it as I have it installed.

Answer:Active x installed by mistake

If you run system Restore you could run that before switching computer of. As it will be too late if you switch of first

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I've searched the forums and realize now that it was a huge mistake installing the OS while both new drives were plugged in. Windows did an update to service pack 1 and now it will not load past the windows screen. I've unplugged the HDD where the OS is not installed and then it will boot and load windows. I'm assuming in order to have use of both drives that I will need to do a clean install on the SSD while the HDD is NOT plugged in. Once that is done I'm assuming I would then plug the HDD back in and make sure boot is set to SSD in the bios. IF that works correctly, then I assume that I would need to try to use diskpart in order to clean since the MBD was installed on the HDD and that diskpart is the only way to clear that? EDIT: maybe not the only way, but the easiest means I have available to me.

SSD is on sata 0
HDD is on sata 1

I have no information data on the drives that I need wish to keep, so wiping them is not a problem. I just need to know the proper way of completing this.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Installed Win7 with 1 SSD and 1 HDD plugged in, BIG mistake, need help

If it will boot when you unplug the HDD then have you tried setting the SSD to boot first in BIOS setup? This should cut the HDD out from booting and interfering.

Please try that now and post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image.

If the system will not boot at all with the hard drive plugged in then move the data off of it and wipe it with Diskpart Clean Command, repartition it in Disk mgmt as a data drive, make sure it isn't set to boot first.

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Hello folks, my father-in-law has bought himself a laptop which has Windows Home Premium on it (pre installed so he doesn't have a disc). When he started to set it up he selected German by mistake rather than English and now can't figure out how to get it back to English.

I suggested that only the way he might be able to do this is, is to complete the setting up process and then try and change it back through the regional settings in control panel?

Is there any other way of resetting this back to English?

Answer:Wrong Language Installed By Mistake

Click on START | type language | select "Region and Language"

That will change language for the user account you are logged on to.

I would suggest using the HDD recovery partition and start over - reinstall Windows 7. Total time will be about 45 minutes.

Regards. . .



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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II N660 Dual-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2810 Mb
Graphics Card: LogMeIn Mirror Driver, 4 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 291830 MB, Free - 235824 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway, SJV51_DN
Antivirus: McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, Updated and Enabled

I can't remove the Babylon search engine from my PC. I apparently downloaded it when I downloaded a Java update yesterday even though I unchecked dowload the Babylon toolbar. Can anyone help me get rid of this program which doesn't show in the list of programs when I try to use the Control Panel to uninstall it. Thanks in advance for any help. // haredwa

Answer:Can't uninstall Babylon, installed by mistake

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I am using Windows 7 in my laptop. But some programs like C are not running in it. So i need to install win xp also in my system. How can i do this? Will it cause any hazard to my computer?If it so suggest me any other way to run the program. Thanks

Answer:Can i use two operating system in my computer

Yes you can set up a dual boot machine, but it does need some expertise, especially with win7 already on (easier if xp on and adding win 7), and does have risks (which you can guard against, but again easier with expertise).Easier approach might be installing something like virtual PC, vmware, virtual box or similar, in which you can set up and xp virtual machine to run older programs. In fact if you have professional or ultimate versions of windows 7, virtual PC 2007 will integrate into the operating system allowing you to run apps in the xp vm directly from win7. Other versions of win7 can still run virtual PC, but you'll need to run the apps inside the xp vm. Try googling to find out more details. Also a lot less risky than dual booting, and you don't have to reboot machine to use the other operating system.

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Boy, I sure hope you can help. My friend is having a problem with their computer, when they start it up there is no operating system any longer. They were running windows XP and all of a sudden there is nothing there. They have tried restarting in safe mode but there is still nothing. They can not do a system restore or restart in safe mode and prompt a system restore.

Has this computers windows system crashed?????? Is there someone out there who can help me, help them fix it??????? ... I have some computer knowledge, not alot by any means but I have looked up all I could find in my help books and they have tried all my suggestions to no avial.


Answer:Computer says no operating system

The hard drive may have failed . . you can download and run diagnostics from the manufacturer to rule that out:

Western Digital

If the drive has data he/she cherishes, I'd first take the drive out and attach to a working pc to salvage data . .

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can i boot to more than 4 OS on my computer? i already multiboot my computer with XP, VISTA, 7 and theres is another partition on the pc which is the HP Recovery Disk. i would like to add ubuntu as another OS on my pc, how can i do that?how can i boot from an extended partition.

Answer:how many Operating System can i have on one computer?

It should be possible.  Ubuntu is good at detecting the oter OSs and adding them to it's boot menu.  Just make sure to have a backup.   

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My hp2000 laptop is saying I don't have an operating system. I tested the hard drive and that's good. What do I need to do and cause this to happen?

Answer:Re: computer saying I do not have a operating system i have ...



Welcome to the HP Forums
I would like to take a moment and thank you for using this forum, it is a great place to find answers.

As I understand the "Operating System Not Found" Error Message Appears On Black Screen,

Here are a few steps to resolve this concern:


Operating System Not Found

This error message may appear for one or more of the following reasons:

The notebook BIOS does not detect the hard drive.

The hard drive is physically damaged.

The Windows Master Boot Record (MBR) located on the hard drive is corrupted.

The partition or section of the hard drive containing the Windows MBR is no longer active.

Solution: The Master Boot Record (MBR) is a section of the hard drive that is used by the PC to start the Windows operating system. If the MBR is corrupt, the PC will not start. The Windows Operating System Disc (OSD) provided with your HP notebook PC can be used to repair the Master Boot Record (MBR). Follow the steps below carefully to repair the MBR.

Insert the Windows Operating System Disc into the optical (CD or DVD) drive.

Press and hold the Power button for 5 Seconds to turn off the PC. Then press the Power button again to turn on the PC.

Press the Enter key when prompted to Boot from CD.

From the Windows Setup Menu, press the R key to start the Recovery Console.

At the C:\> prompt type FIXMBR then press the&... Read more

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Ok I currently have an OEM MOBO with a Pentium D 925 3ghz CPU.

it's a pretty old DDR2 board.

Someone owes me ?200 and at the least I should be getting ?100, so I've found a nice AMD x4 black edition 3ghz AM3 socket CPU for only ?60, and a MOBO to go with it for ?40, so I should be all set.

But, from what i've seen myself and heard, is that a new MOBO/Processor means a re-installation of Windows 7. But I don't have my w7 disk, I haven't had it for about a year now, I can't afford to buy another copy of ultimate =[

How do I keep Windows 7 if I get this new stuff (I have 2 drives, a 200GB SATA and a 80GB IDE/PATA, my operating system is on the 80GB PATA drive.)

I know half of you love intel, but I'm not dishing out ?150 for an entry level i5 thank you.

Answer:Keep my operating system with new computer?


But, from what i've seen myself and heard, is that a new MOBO/Processor means a re-installation of Windows 7

That is correct.

You can't normally transfer an OS from one computer to another unless the hardware is very similar. At the very least you would need to do a repair install and for that you would need the install disk. Also, an OEM OS installation is tied to the computer it was installed on. You cannot legally transfer it to a different computer, even if the original is no longer operational. That is only possible if the OS was installed with full retail (not OEM and not upgrade) install disk.

Your only legal alternative is to buy a Windows 7 disk or install a free OS such as Linux.

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I'm not interested in flames or engaging in religious-type discussions about operating systems. However, after nearly 11 years with the same computer, I am finally going to upgrade to a new machine. Amazingly, I've been functioning with a 450 MHz Pentium II running Windows 98 SE. Yes, it's slow and I need to restart it daily, but it still even manages to play YouTube videos and other multimedia if I'm patient enough about it. But enough is enough, and of course there is the issue of Windows 98 no longer being supported by both Microsoft and newer software.

The point is that I'm a believer in buying relatively high on the price/performance curve and leaving alone what is not broken. I'm going to build a new system with a quad core Pentium and 8 GB of RAM. Since I'm assembling it myself, I have a choice of operating systems. I'm not against Unix/Linux, but I'm not geeky enough to embrace that side of me. Grudgingly I accept that for the least inconvenience I will be using one or another flavor of Windows.

The big question is what version of Windows to install. Basically, my choices are Windows XP Professional, the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista Ultimate, or the new beta release candidate of Windows 7. Since it's a brand new machine, I might as well install the best choice when I set up my system.

Opinions from the collective are welcomed. However, as I said, I'm not interested in a quasi-religious debate abo... Read more

Answer:Operating system for new computer

I might as well install the best choice when I set up my systemWhen you ask a question like that, it invariably turns into a pissing match since nobody knows what is best for you, and can only answer to what they think is best. Since the Windows 7 release candidate is out, my recommendation would be to install that since you will be able to use it for a year. You can decide then what you want to do, and spend the money then instead of now.I am not a Vista hater. I have gotten along quite well with it since it came out. I also get along quite well with Windows 7 also. The only issue I have had with it is that HP has not updated my printer drivers for it yet, so it took me a bit to figure out that I needed to install it in Vista compatibility mode.

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:)Hi all,Can there be a Computer running a dedicated program (which accesses only Network information and processess it along with information entered by the User) without an Operating System itself ?  :-?Thanks in advance for your suggestions._Vinod

Answer:Can there be no Operating System Computer

You must have an operating system for a computer to work.

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My friend's computer crashed and when she took it in to get it looked at she found out that the last person that "fixed" it used a bootleg copy of XP and that is what messed up her computer. She was told she needed to get a new copy of XP to get the computer working again. She doesn't exaxtly have the $230 that it costs at Staples, especially since she just paid the other guy $400 3 months to fix it, but he's nowhere to be found now to help her out.

Can she use the XP Operating System that came with my laptop? Or is she sol and has to go get a new one?


Answer:Operating System CD that came with my computer

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I need to know how to do aa recoovery disc on another computer i think my hp has crashed can someone help me

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I am new to and i need some help removing this malware.I ran the X-force Generator from my desktop by mistake while trying to delete, but instead i double-clicked by mistake; after it ran the icon dissapeared from my desktop and now it doesnt let me run none of my browsers. I now have to use my laptop for everything and i do not want to do a clean install on my PC. PLEASEEE HELP!!!! I tried using smitfraud fix and all access was denied and my computer shut down on me. Any type of help would be appreciated here are the dds and rootrepeal logs of my computer. I also have the combofix log; if needed will post upon request.
DDS (Ver_09-10-12.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Basilio at 16:03:47.22 on Mon 10/12/2009
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18813 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_15
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Ultimate 6.0.6002.2.1252.1.1033.18.2047.1245 [GMT -4:00]

SP: Windows Defender *enabled* (Updated) {D68DDC3A-831F-4FAE-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k rpcss
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k secsvcs
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRe... Read more

Answer:X-Force Generator VIRUS installed by mistake

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explanation about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Follo... Read more

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I downloaded and installed the 64 bit version of MS Office 2016 by mistake. It appears to be working, but if I run into problems, what would I need to do to install the 32 bit version instead?

Answer:Installed 64 bit Office 2016 by Mistake - How to Change?

Are you on a 64 Bit system? I suppose you are or it would not have installed. I use Office 2010 64 Bit and it works just fine. What problems are you having?

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I wanted to improve my Acer MMx 200mz, 80 megs ram laptop. I purchased Acer before I became disabled. Upgraded to 98SE and visited Mirosoft. Like a kid in a candy store, I downloaded everything I could click on. Unfortunately, I downloaded and installed Dx9c and the sound problems just keep coming. If I cannot uninstall, what would happen if I try installing the version of Dx that is correct for my op. system? Thx Mirth

Answer:Running Win 98SE Installed Dx9c by Mistake HELP!

download this un-install for direct X link here

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In another thread Google Canary was mentioned as an alternative to chrome so I decided to try it.
I didn't care for it so I used revo to uninstall it. In the process of revo uninstalling it, I decided to minimize the progress bar, I clicked the - to minimize it but it totally disappeared . I ended up using Task Manager to stop revo & then I went to my C Drive>Program Files & saw nothing there so I went to C Drive >Program files (86) but still nothing. Its not in Programs & features & so I downloading it again but installation failed. I tried a system restore but that failed too. It is time to ignore it & move on or ???

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I have a Dell i7 desktop PC. When I go to where the startup screen should be, I am greeted with a screen that says "An operating system wasn't found . Try disconnecting any drives that don't contain an operating system. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart " When I press Ctrl Alt Del, it restarts the computer and brings me back to the same screen. Please let me know what I need to do.

Answer:My computer says no operating system was found.?

Welcome to Windows Central.
Please see the following website and see if that helps. How do I fix a computer that says ?operating system not found? when booting?

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I have 3 computers. I would like to take xp Professional along with everything else from one (A)computer and put everything plus the operating XP Professional onto a laptop (B) which is running on XP Home

Now I have another computer (C) that I would like to move everything to the (A) computer because it (A) has more memory.
Now everthing that was on the Laptop (B) I would like to put onto the (C) computer.The (C) computer will take the place of the laptop (B) computer.

(A) is running on XP Professional
(B) is running on XP Home
(C) is aslo running on XP Home
I know I'll have to start with buying a separate external drive to begin the process. But what about how Xp knows what computer is already using the registered version?
Thanks for any help available!

Answer:How do I move operating system to a different computer?

Won;t really work that way since the hardware is different and you may have major problems if you do move it. The XP activation is another roadblock that will prevent this from happening. I would strongly suggest against it.

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The computer does not boot past POST says that there is no valid operating system. I ran the HP PC Hardware Diagnostic UEFI tool and the memory passed when i tested the Hard Disk the SMART passed but the Long DST failedFailure ID: 9LW2WW-7JA88V-MFPV7F-61CB03Product ID: J2X63UA#ABL running Windows 10 x64 

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While trying to fix a problem with xp, I started installing xp on my second harddrive. I cancelled the installaton but my computer always sees this second O.S and asks me which operating system to use upon startup. I have already re-formated the harddrive, but my computer still sees the second operating system....Any ideas on how to solve this thanks.....

Answer:My computer always asks which operating system to use......

follow the instructions1. go to control panel2. go to system3. go to startup tab4. there should be an os list. select the windows xp that is installed properly and click apply, then oki cannot verrify this as i am at school and dont have access to control panel

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Can Any one help, i,am trying to buy a desktop computer that as no operating system or one preloaded with Linux this seems more difficult than expected, my budget is£400 to £500, where is the best place ??

Answer:Buying a computer without a operating system

click here

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My computer will not boot up on the first try I just get a black screen I shut off power and on the second try the operating system comes up can anyone solve the problem.

Answer:Reformatted computer operating system will not put up on first try

Welcome to TSF....

Some info on the computer would be good like system specs and does the service pack 2 come on the install disk or is it downloaded thru windows update?

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Recently my friend got a old computer and its hard drive was formatted, now that its up and running with all the cords I told him I would put an operating system in it. One problem it won't recognize the flash drive of my only copy of windows 7. And there is also no operating system in it too. What do I do?

Answer:Built computer operating system

Head on over to DistroWatch and hook him up with a nice user-friendly Linux distro! Like LinuxMint.
Alternatively give a look at CloneZilla and see if you can clone a copy of Windows onto his computer. The issue with this is you will need to reactivate Windows on the new hardware - make sure you have all the Windows Keys and support numbers on hand if needed.

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My Compaq trys to boot up, but I get the message across the top saying it can't find an operating system. I hear a clicking sound-sort've like going back and forth while it's trying to rear the different drives, then the message appears. Thanks.

Answer:computer can't find operating system-help!


The message you are recieving and the clicking sound are usually associated with hardrive failure, you could slave the hardrive in another machine to see if you can access it as a test and to try and rescue some data but this usually don't work.

i would put a new hardrive in and reinstall the operating system.


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I just built my computer and I haventered installed any operating system. I have a windows XP disk and I can't seem to get it to work.

Answer:How to install XP on a computer with no operating system ins

Cahockey14 said:

I just built my computer and I haventered installed any operating system. I have a windows XP disk and I can't seem to get it to work.Click to expand...

was the intention to build the pc for an XP install. as there are more options. besides xp being unsupported, i imagine a new build machine would have enough grunt for win7, which would, (if wanted) be offered an upgrade to win10. theres also various, linux cd ISO's for free to download.

as for the installation it could be to do with boot order. check the settings either in bios or see post for boot order Fkey to bring up the menu when booting up:

Start your computer from the Windows XP CD (or boot disks). ...
When the "Press any key to boot from CD" message appears on the screen, press any key to start the computer from the Windows XP CD.
this link has five methods on how to install XP:

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my computer says operating system not found. the computer sees the hdd and even when i turn computer on my f8 does not kick in

Answer:my computer says operating system not found.

you may have to do a repair installation: HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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Hi guys and gals. I'm in the process of building a new system and need to transfer my operating system and all files from the old hard drive to the new hard drive.

The donor hard drive is an IDE and the new computer will have SATA.

Operating system is XP. I have the install disc, but prefer not to lose everything else on the original hard drive if at all possible.

What is the best/safest way to transfer all of the contents of the old hard drive to the new hard drive?

Answer:Transferring XP operating system to new computer.

You can use any drive cloning program to copy from one drive to another, but keep in mind you'll need to perform a repair XP install on the hardware, at a minimum. When XP is installed with one set of hardware, and you change all the hardware, XP simply does not boot. A repair install is the minimum requirement, sometimes a clean install is required.
Here's some free drive cloning tools: (I've never used this so I have no idea if it will work for you)
There's others in the Back Up downloads section.

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I accidentally deleted everything on my computer hard drive including the operating sytem how can i fix this ???/

Answer:Deleting operating system from your computer

reinstall the operating system A thank you would be nice, if I have helped.

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I have an e-machines computer. After it is turned on it goes thru the normal boot up sequence, but when it gets to the windows xp logo. The display goes out and says it doesn't have a signal. I have tried a different monitor, cable and video card. Still doesn't work. Tried unplugging DVD/CD drive and booty whithout it. Nothing seems to work. Also does the same thing in safe mode.

Answer:Computer won't boot operating system

Does the computer seem to shut down at that point?Is the video on board (built into the motherboard) or is it from an installed video card?

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Windows update did not finish and screen turned multicolored. Turned off computer but now it will not reboot Black screen comes up saying PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable.   PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM. Reboot and Select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key

Answer:Computer not booting to operating system

Hi @Nolan711, For this issue, MS mentions that you need to check the HDD under BIOS. Microsoft Document If that does not fix the issue please follow the  HP Document.

I am an HP employee.Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking my answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem.***Click on ?Thumbs Up? STAR to say thanks!***

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I am working on a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop computer. For some reason, it keeps losing the operating system. I cannot do a restore or refresh because I get the message that the hard drive is locked and I need to unlock the hard drive to proceed. When it reaches that point, I go into Diskpart, select the disk and do a Clean command on it, and reinstall windows.
I have read that it has a CMOS battery in it, and I am wondering if a dead CMOS battery could be causing this? Has anyone had any experience like this before?
This is the third time I have installed Windows 8.1 on it, and once I can get it connected to the Internet, I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look at it to see if something else is causing this ongoing catastrophe.
Thanks in advance to the wonderful folks on bleeping computer who have never let me down!

Answer:Computer loses operating system

Most likely a dead CMOS battery won't cause this.  Can you get at the CMOS battery to replace it?  Does the system keep time accurately?
What do you mean by it loses the operating system?  What error messages do you get?  What symptoms does it display?
Did the system come with Windows 8 originally?

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I connected a 60GB Hard Drive as a slave to my old Pentium 1 Windows 98 computer with a 3GB Hard Drive. I intended copying all my files on the primary drive onto the slave drive.
However, when I started the computer, at the point where it said “Verifying DMI Pool”, a cursor started flashing and this message appeared : “Missing Operating System”. I immediately switched the machine off and removed the slave drive that I had connected. But now, all the information on the 3GB Drive appears to have been lost. I keep getting this message : INVALID DRIVE. Even, when I connect the drive to another Pentium 1 computer as a primary drive or as a slave or to my new computer running Windows 8.1, the drive is no longer recognised or accessed.
Where did I go wrong? I have even tried several free data recovery software but to no avail. Only one such software managed to recover a few files but these were files that I recall I had long deleted. Is there any way now to recover all the active files in My Documents and my e-mail messages or is the situation now hopeless?
If I start the computer with the Windows 98 Boot Disk inserted in the floppy drive and the Windows 98 Installation Disk in the CD Rom, will it reload Windows without erasing all my files. All advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Missing Operating system on old computer

Put it back in the Pentium machine
Boot from a bootable floppy diskette
Once at the A:\> Type C: and press enter.
If you do not receive this error message type the below commands.
fdisk /mbr
Sys c:
Once you have received the message System Transferred,remive the floppy and reboot the PC.

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ok when i start up my computer i have two options to start the computer with windows 2000 or windows xp. i dont want to have to do that every time so i want to delete windows 2000 and keep windows xp but i dont know how. can someone please help me...thank you.

Answer:Deleting an operating system off my computer

The easiest way is to format the drive and only install XP. There are a lot of ways to screw it up by tinkering with things. Is there only one hard drive? Only one partition?

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I recently purchased a new computer for my daughter and wanted to put Window ME on to it. However the CD just would not run. I therefore used my own XP Pro disc which the system recognised. The problem being that I cannot register her machine with my own COA so it lock out after 30 days. I reloaded XP but this is time consuming and not an effective way to go about things - I do not want to buy another XP COA hence I wanted to use my old Windows ME on it. Can anyone offer any advice please?

Answer:Installing operating system on to a new computer

"However the CD just would not run."Can you post a bit more detail of what's happening when you try please.

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The HP Logo does appear after when the laptop is turned on then I get this message "searching for operating system" What is going on and how it can be resolved?

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The hard disk on my Dell Optiplex 240 died. I got a replacement disk from another computer in the office, but it was wiped clean and has no operating system on it. The orig drive had windows 2000 on it, but I thought I'd put XP on the new drive using a CD.

When I started up the computer with the new drive in it, I pressed F12 and the setup menu came up. I thought I'd be able to change the settings so that I could have the machine boot from the CD drive, but the screen indicated that the CD drive was not installed. The CD drive had worked previously, so I don't know how to proceed. Any suggestions?

Answer:trying to start up computer with no operating system

please do not duplicate posts
continue here
closing thread

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I have an older Win2000 computer(PII) with many partitions and softwares setup. I have put together a newer P4 computer and want to find out how I can switch my hard drive from the older computer to the newer one, and get everything to work without going through a complete re-installation.

Can someone help with this?


Answer:Transfering operating system to new computer

I think thats against Microsoft's EULA to transferr operating system to a different computer.
Not saying it isnt possible or easy to do. Maybe not kosher though.

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