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Returned laptop to factory settings, yet strange problem getting worse

Question: Returned laptop to factory settings, yet strange problem getting worse

Fairly newer Toshiba Satellite L655 s5101 Windows 7
Before i get into the details you should know part of my laptop's problem is even being able to type. Trying to go back and change a word jumbles up everything so apologies for the insults to English grammar and language that may come.
Anyways, at first i thought i had a virus.My anti viruses deleted the effected files. My scanners said everything was clean, but to be on the safe side brought it to Staples where i bought it. The guy said a system restore to factory settings would work. I did that and the problem was STILL there. After countless scans the virus seems to be gone. I've barley even had this laptop a couple months and im really trying to avoid shelling out money for something i JUST bought and wasnt cheap (for me anyways)

Description of Problems: Things like to highlight on their own. For example if i go into a folder with pictures and i click on a thumbnail, the rest one by one light up. If i click on a picture to view its like its a slideshow when it shouldn't be. Issues with tool bars as well. If i click when i try to scroll down to pick something often other tool bars light up. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the mouse. If there are bubble options to pick from like "male, female" the chosen answer may bounce back and forth on its own.
I've checked driver updates, nothing. I just defragmented, toshiba health monitor says everything is fine.

Thanks for reading , any information you need i'll do my best to get.

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Preferred Solution: Returned laptop to factory settings, yet strange problem getting worse

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Returned laptop to factory settings, yet strange problem getting worse

First thought is it sounds as if the 'left-click' is sticking or repeating very fast.
Does the same effect happen if you use the touch pad or a plugged-in USB mouse?
Can you go into Control panel, hardware, devices and printers, mouse, 'Pointer options' tab. Set the 'Set pointer speed' in the centre of the scale.
Then untick the box 'Enhance pointer precision'
In the 'Buttons' tab, click 'Restore defaults'
See if that makes any difference.

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Hi guys

I'd just like to say, after my recent problems, my re-install ran fine.

I'm currently installing all Windows updates and managed to import all of my email/settings, although I'm currently online using an unsecured wireless network and only Windows Firewall running. I was hoping you guys could help me out with some things I'd like to do

1. How do I completely remove (pre-installed) Norton AV 2006 and all of it's components from my laptop?

2. How do I secure my wireless network? (Actiontec DSL Gateway GT701-WG)

At the moment I'm subscribed to Spyware Doctor and Reg Mechanic which I'll be installing soon, but I don't know which virus protection to go for? Is there anything free online that combines ease of use/minimal CPU usage and decent protection?

Be very grateful for any help, guys


Answer:Returned to Factory Settings (starting from scratch)

For norton removal I start at the bottom of add/remove programs and work my wayup (alphabetic) uninstalling 3 different things. This seems to work fine.

Antivirus for free I like AVG. Small footprint, manual updates unless you pay but will be recommended by others here a techguy.

Wireless security I like MAC address authentication although it can be spoofed by a real bad guy it makes somebody work real hard to get in.

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I had a hard drive crash 2 weeks after the warranty on my HP Elite Pavilion Desktop ran out in September last year. I replaced the hard drive with a WD 1 TB (was a Seagate I think 500GB). Now, 9 months later the new hard drive is acting up. I do not have extensive technical computer experience, but I did run the diagnostics on it (the one that came with HP - PC Doctor or similar) and got "Passed" on the hard drive on one occasion and "Failed" on another. I decided to just use the CDs to do a complete restore to factory settings. I am running Windows Home Premiums Vista 64 bit, I believe.

Anyway, I have gotten through the process twice now but the computer seems to get hung up after it says the reset is complete using the discs I ordered from HP. When it reboots, it goes through the normal blue screen, then Windows green bar thingy, and then it gets to and stays on a white screen with two folder icons with a little sheet of paper "flying over" from one to the next. It seems to stay here forever. The first time, I turned off the PC after several hours and when I turned it back on, it said BOOTMGR was missing. I have just done it the second time and am wondering how long I should let it stay on while on this white screen with the two folders before I give up again.

Hope this makes sense and that I am providing enough information to receive some assistance!


Answer:Help - Wiped Hard Drive and Returned to Factory Settings

Hi Kelli, if you could fill out you System Specs so we can get a better look at your system. Have you run CHKDSK from an elevated command prompt on the drives? Are you trying to recover from the recovery disc you made when you 1st purchased the PC are these the same disc you used to installed vista on the new drive? Are you able to check the recovery discs to see if the discs are ok? Do you have any back ups?

Check Disk - chkdsk

You can also run the Disk Management.
At the Start Search type diskmgmt.msc or diskpart

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Hello. On 09-24-11 I purchased a TOSHIBA Satellite L775D laptop. About 5 days ago I began to get a notification that 'Toshiba Health Monitor detects a SSD Drive Failure. Solid State Drive I assume?

It's giving me the SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) HD failure warning..............

I called Toshiba and they are mailing me a box to ship it back for repair since it's under warranty. Of course all of my data will be wiped so I need to do a system image because I have paid programs like Office and BitDefender, etc.

They recommended Acronis Image Creator and said it was free. I don't find a free one. What is recommended?

Last question: If this is a solid state drive, do I need to create the system image on a solid State Drive?

Here is my Belarc report:


624.24 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
367.32 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

MATSHITA BD-CMB UJ141EL ATA Device [Optical drive]

Hitachi HTS547564A9E384 [Hard drive] (640.13 GB) -- drive 0, s/n 110614J2330053GS3WTB, rev JEDOA60B, SMART Failure

c: (NTFS on drive 0) 624.24 GB 367.32 GB free

~ Thanks so much!! I need to run out and get the correct type of external hard drive to create a system image because who knows when this will fail and I really need the laptop.

Answer:Need to do system image for SDD laptop being returned factory

Texan said:

They recommended Acronis Image Creator and said it was free. I don't find a free one. What is recommended?Click to expand...

You can use the Win 7 utilities included in the operating system itself.
If you have Win 7 Home Premium, you have to use a local disc (a drive attached to the computer). If you have Pro or Ultimate versions, you can back up to a network location.

Back up tutorial
Restore procedure

Texan said:

Last question: If this is a solid state drive, do I need to create the system image on a solid State Drive?Click to expand...


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MorningI own an old Compaq Presario CQ62 laptop that I want to get rid of so therefore am trying to restore it to factory settings.However when I open Recovery Manager to restore the laptop to factory settings it doesn't let me. An error message flashes up for a split second and it stays stuck on the same option menu.Please can someone tell me how I can get past this step so that I can erase my personal data off of the laptop.Many thanks

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I have an acer laptop which I purchased brand new just over a year ago and runs on windows 7. The laptopwas not working properly coming up the errors etc all the time so I decided to restore the laptop to its factory settings. Having done the this the laptop now will not startup it keeps on saying it can't install windows and keeps restarting itself over and over. Please help me

Answer:Problem restoring laptop to factory settings

Status of warranty?truenorthP.S. Depending on your answer to the above get prepared to give us a more definitive portrayal of "not working properly coming up the errors etc ".

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hi i was trying to restore my laptop back to factory settings but get a message saying windows cannot find a system image on this computer so don't know what to do next all i know is that i did a back up not long ago i am sure it said something about system image, i used wd passport as my backup

Answer:problem restoring laptop back to factory settings

Restoring an image would take you to the state the laptop was in at the time the image was made.

NOT to the time the laptop left the factory.

If you want to restore to factory specs, I'd think Dell would have put some type of recovery partition on the laptop that you could access through menus and programs on the machine---without using any backup you made.

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My computer was acting up. I had a lot of files, and it was eating up almost permanently "30+%) of the physical memory, even with everything but required files closed.

I was hoping a system restore to factory defaults would fix it, but now I am getting some strange issues.

The Physical Memory usage is just as high.
There is one svchost.exe (netsvcs) that is eating up a lot of memory (113,000 KB working set).
DWM.exe is also ~113,000 KB commit but only 77,500 Working set.

It is running just as slow as it was before the restore. In fact it seems to be running a little slower.

What is strange is, in that image I showed you, it lists 3gigs of memory and a 32 bit system.

I have 4 gigs of memory (it showed that before the system restore) and 64 bit system. When I did the restore, it said it was installing the 64 bit system....

I am at a loss...

The computer is a little old (at least 2 (maybe 3) years).

Bad memory? Would investing in some new memory sticks be worth while?
I really don't want to buy a new computer...

Quick addendum
I have yet to install any of the microsoft updates.

I am going to uninstall the included programs that I will never use like Napster..., search and install the updates, then shut down the computer and pull out, 'clean' and reinsert the ram chips, to see if there is any effect.

I know for a fact there is a lot! of dust in the system.

Could that be a cause?

B... Read more

Answer:Restore to factory default settings. Strange issues

Hello Hadleyrandell123;

How did you do the system restore? Was it from a disk or a separate partition on your hard drive?

The dust is probably not the culprit, but is not a good thing either .



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I can't remember the admin password and I'm completely locked out and want to reset the whole laptop without a disk possibly?

Answer:How do I reset my laptop to its factory settings?

You don't tell us the model but on most HP laptops you can access a recovery partition and program by tapping F11 as you power up. Not sure this will work if an admin password is set. But it should since that just blocks changing BIOS settings. If you want more help we will need the model number and version of Windows 

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Hi guys, i recently got a lot of viruses on my Toshiba laptop and i pretty much cant get onto the desktop because of it, so i decided to repair my laptop via disks, but when i get so far with it, it gives me this error message
"the file nvrd32.sys could not be found".

I have done a lot of Googling around and not yet found a solution so im posting this thread.

I have a Nvidia Quadro GFX card if that counts for anything.

I have 2 disks labeled "Drivers" and "XP SP2". I enter SP2 into the laptop and i still get the same message, can anyone help me out?

Answer:I can't restore the laptop to factory settings

Not sure what that file is, it could be a virus trying to spread.

When Windows gets viruses and the OS becomes corrupted, it will never be the same again.

So your best option would be to recover your data and run Recovery from your Recovery Discs to restore Windows back to its factory state.

If you need a good Virus Scanner and Spyware tool, install Avira and Spybot. (plus they are free!)

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Hello everyone,

I have a Dell Inspiron which came with Windows 8, a few months after I purchased it I had some issues with BSOD and even though I tried various things on it I couldn't fix it. My only solution was to give to a friend who installed different but original Windows on it.

A year later, my laptop has new problem where when I press the power button it will reach the Windows logo and then shuts down. Only on the second try will it fully start and it takes a long time..

I tried restoring, refreshing and resetting my Windows but none worked..because they could not be completed. After hours and hours of waiting to reach a certain % it would suddenly stop and say that there was an error so the process could not be completed.

At this point I am not sure what to do. I would like to install back my original factory Windows, but I am not sure whether it is possible and how.

Sorry for the long post and thank you very much!

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Hello people.........I have an old Packard Bell igo 4000 and have want to restore it to factory settings so I can just use it for my photography. I have tried by putting in the Recovery CD Disc and also the Master Disc 1, but nothing happensa! Anybody have ideas to help me please.....ty.x

Answer:Restoring Factory Settings on old laptop

You need to boot with the disk in the here

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Hello I have a Toshiba Satellite L355D-S7815. Model No.: PSLE8U-00M00W, Serial No.: 88251379Q. I have got a virus and spyware on this laptop, and now it won't respond to any of my commands! (Won't open internet to right page, random offline pop-ups.) Now the internet is busted and it will not work! So I back upped my data to DVD+R. Now I am ready to restore my laptop to its original state. (Yes I have a recovery portion, it is called Recovery). However, I am having some trouble restoring the laptop, I got to the Restore to original settings or whatever. I'm having trouble at this step because it asks if I have a cd, and if I don't. (If I don't, use a factory image cd or w/e). So I stopped there because I have the CD's, but I still have my back-up cd's. I looked online, but there was no solution. So do I have to use the CD's or can I use the recovery portion on the computer? (And then load my data from the backup cd's)? Help please?

-Thanks, James Choi

Answer:Restoring a laptop to factory settings?

Reboot and enter the recovery partition that way. Should tell you to press a key during the POST screen (where it shows the Toshiba logo).

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i am having trouble deleting old copies of windows so i would like to restore to factory settings.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Answer:how do i restore my laptop to factory settings

You haven't mentioned what make/model of laptop you have so it's impossible to give a definitive answer but as a general rule there will be a partition on the harddrive which holds the recovery data to return your laptop to it's 'factory' settings. How you access the partition depends on the manufacturer. However, as you also say that you have 'old copies of Windows' on your machine this implies that you have upgraded from something other than Windows 7 so that might be a totally different scenario, in which case you will definitely need to supply a bit more info to get an answer. Also your keyboard appears to have a stuck letter 'm' ;-)"I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..." Pink Floyd

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As i have several issues with my laptop that i cannot resolve (my newest one being that my wireless isnt working at home after installing a tiscali dial up account to use at my girlfriend - yes, i have checked the settings - twice!!), im seriously thinking about going back to factory settings and starting over. My main query is this... i have already got my music files saved onto an external hard drive. Once i have returned my laptop back to factory settings i will need to re-install / download Itunes. Is it just a case of dragging my music files from my exernal and dumping them on the itunes window or is it more complicated than that... yes, even in this day and age i still have no clue...... sorry!

Answer:Returning my laptop to factory settings -

It's a bit drastic to go back to factory settings!Have a look in Internet Options, Connections Tab and check that 'Never dial....' is ticked.

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I have an HP laptop (model HP G56 Notebook PC) that I am having a manner of problems with. There's definitely something wrong with it, but virus scanners are not picking it up.

So I've decided to just reformat it and start from scratch (I've been planning on doing it for a while anyway).

The problem is, the "Restore to factory settings" doesn't work properly. I go through the steps, backup etc then it says I need to restart for the process to start (which has worked fine before).

The problem is that when the system restarts, the computer just sits at a black screen. Nothing happens, I've tried leaving it for ages but eventually I'm left with no choice but to switch the powerbutton off and then it starts up as normal.

I've also tried going directly from the boot-up screen and selecting system restore that way, but again it just takes me to a blank screen until I hit the power button. It's like it's impossible for me to reset the computer.

Any idea why this might be happening?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Trying to 'Restore to factory settings' - HP laptop

The HP G56 series laptop has several models.

The complete model number will have a dash and a series of numbers and letters after "G56".

If you don't know the exact model number is, advise us what the product number(P/N) and/or model number(M/N) on the sticker is.


The built-in system recovery partition may be damaged.

Hopefully, there's a system recovery disc kit available for it.

You should've created it right after you bought and set up that laptop, or you should've ordered it from HP.


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I have the Envy laptop and recently upgraded the operating system to Windows 10. Unfortunately, I had problems running Sketchup 2015 as every time I opened the app it would just shut down. I decided I wanted to restore my computer to the factory setting when it had Windows 8 because I did not experience any issues prior to the update. Everything seemed to be going well, it went through process the finally rebooted itself and now it is stuck on a screen displaying the following information: A configuration change was requested to clear this computer TPM (Trusted Platform Module)WARNING: Clearing erases information stored on the TPM.  You will loose all created keys and access to data encrypted by these keys.Press <VOL_UP> to clear the TPM Press  <VOL_DOWN> to reject this request and continue I do not use TPM so either option doesn't bother me. The problem is the screen  will not accept any of these commands. The whole process is now frozen awaiting a response. I tried shutting down the computer but it simply brings this screen up every time. can someone tell why and what to do about it so I can restore the system to factory settings.

Answer:Restore my laptop to factory settings

First I need to mention I have never seen this message, but have you tried other keys-like arrow up/down or tapping Enter key? USB keyboard if available.

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hello i have a aspire 5000 laptop that runs winsows xp and i want to restore it to factory settings because im selling it and i dont want my information on there. but i dont have any of the cds that came with the laptop so i was wondering is there a way to do this without the cds. i recall myself setting my laptop to factory setting along time ago and i didn't have the cds but i dont remember what i did

Answer:Help need to restore my laptop to factory settings

hello i have a aspire 5000 laptop that runs winsows xp and i want to restore it to factory settings because im selling it and i dont want my information on there. but i dont have any of the cds that came with the laptop so i was wondering is there a way to do this without the cds. i recall myself setting my laptop to factory setting along time ago and i didn't have the cds but i dont remember what i didMaybe.3 ways to recover:1. If in Windows - Start - Programs - Acer empowering technology - Acer E-recovery management - click on Restore at bottom then "Restore to factory default settings"2. Or click on Burn disks instead of Restore3. If unable to boot into Windows then tap Alt/F10 during boot right after Acer splash screen when starting up the computer.4. This will start the Acer E-recovery program - choose Factory Default Settings and follow instructions.For Acer end user technical support, spare parts and service: 1.800.816.2237

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i have recently bought a toshiba satellite pro m40 laptop it is full of virusses and says it has a spyware infection i want to erase every thing on the computer and dont need to keep any data what is the easist way to do this i dont have any discs with the computer and it run with windows xp home edition i do have a product key. can anyone help.

Answer:restoring my laptop to factory settings

There are three ways to handle this particular problem.You can wait for a Malware Specialist to help you remove the infections on the computer.You can inspect your computer to see if the manufacturer provided a recovery partition to restore your computer to its factory settings.  You can use this partition to reformat your drive and put everything if it was just purchased.You can contact the manufacturer and purchase system recovery software at a very reasonable price to restore your computer to its factory settings.Do you know if there's a recovery partition installed...or a program installed by the manufacturer which will allow you to recover the system?

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I just received a windows 7 recovery disk that I ordered because windows won't boot at all. I put cd in I made sure to have it set up in BIOS to boot from cd. System recovery loads up asks me the country then I click next then select operating system u want to repair, but it seems it gets stuck there because there's just a blue circle spinning but hard drive light stop flashing n it's not on at what can I do now. All I want to do is get my computer back to it's original setting. Please anyone help! Thanks

Answer:Need help restoring laptop to factory settings

I will give you exactly what you are asking for, a computer like it was when you took it home.
No stuff, settings, SPs, pics etc. If this is what you want boot and continually hit f11 during boot
If you want to save your stuff first let me know.
If the original settings are not what you want there are other solutions we can try.

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i cant get into my laptop how can i get into it? can i just delete everything?

Answer:cant log into my laptop how can i restart it to factory settings?

A little more information might be helpful. EXACTLY what is going on? What is the problem, what caused it, what is currently happening, what OS, what discs do you have - anything and everything that would be helpful for us to be able to assist you.

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I have a dell inspiron 1000. Older model, runs windows xp. I just simply want to reset to factory settings but am not sure of what key combonation to use. Ive called dell, they wont help because my warranty is up and they asked me to pay 50 dollars for a month warranty. Id much rather donate such an amount to someone more grateful. Also being that it is a laptop it also is having a battery recalibration problem, wondering if it needs a new battery or if thats even possible. Starting to feel completly helpless with these simple problems, if anyone could help id be forever grateful.

Answer:Reset factory laptop settings

Have you still got the disc's that came with it one being a restore disc?

This might help
owners manual

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I just spent 8 hours putting my laptop back to factory settings. I had a problem with the administrator and password and apparently that was my only choice. I downloaded all the Windows updates. I now have one update left and I get an error code 063 which indicates a registry problem. How could I possibly have a registry problem? Why doesn't windows give you a registry fix rather than all the other offers that seem to appear.

Answer:Put my laptop back to factory settings

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data

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I have a HP Pavillion g4.

Long ago, I used Disk Management to split my C Drive into two, but now I've joined them back together.

The recovery info is saved in the D drive, labelled "Recovery".

I think because of my meddling, HP's full system recovery has been disabled.

I tried to use Disk Management to set the D drive as the active partition, but that option does not exist!

When I use F11 (System Recovery) on startup, it says:

(Status: 0xc0000225)

I desperately need to restore my laptop to factory conditions, what should I do?

Answer:Restore HP Laptop to factory settings?

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

You can Order HP Recovery Disks from here:
Country-Language Selector | HP? Support

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i had a problem with my mcafee it would not let my code in. i contacted mcafee and they said there was something stopping it   they wanted 199.99 to fix it when i said no they told me to delete my back up and go for factory settings but it will not let me do this    can u help me    thank you

Answer:i am trying to put my laptop back to factory settings but it...

please help me

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hi all this new to me and im looking to reset my laptop to factory settings. my lpatop is running slow and slugish if anyone can help me to do this plz help

Answer:help resetting laptop to factory settings

If you give us the make and model of your computer, I will be glad to help you.
There may be better solutions, however. What do you want to do?

For Example
Speed Up the Performance of Vista

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HP Pavilion dv7 notebook - 8 gb (ram)
Just wondering if it is wise to restore to factory settings (computer is little over 3 years old). Reason is I installed a lot of programs over the years and just want to clear all unwanted files etc. Also my recovery drive is highlited in red.

thank you

Answer:Should I restore my laptop to factory settings

Sure, but backup all your data 1st. Your recovery drive is red: That`s telling you it`s near full. It should never be in this condition, have you unknowingly added to this drive.

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It is a samsung r530I want to put it back to the factory settings, has I have removed everything I need from it and want to let someone else have the use of it.

Answer:Set my laptop back to factory settings

If you've removed all your confidential files, sell it "as is" and let the buyer do the factory recovery themselves if they so wish. That's the usual practice when selling a PC. As long as it loads Windows and works properly, you've met all your obligations as the seller.

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Not sure if I'm putting this in the right section or not, but I hope so.

I have a Toshiba M45 S2692 Laptop with Windows XP Home Edition installed.

It has a hidden recovery partition that's intended to restore the laptop back to its factory state.

To restore back to its factory state you are required to hold down the 0 (zero) key while powering on the laptop.

This does not work. It worked in the past ( the recovery never completed) but the recovery console did boot.

I've tried using many, many partitioning programs to show the hidden recovery partition, but so far none of them have been successful. I wanted to unhide the partition and attempt to boot from it (if that's possible)

I used Hirens Boot Cd the other day to boot from the recovery partition, and it worked great. I selected "boot from XP" and I assume because I wiped the previous install of XP from the drive with the factory restore option (which never finished, but apparently did erase XP), that's why I was able to restore using the recovery partition. However,after reverting back to factory settings and while installing Windows updates, the installation failed and corrupted my newly installed XP operating system. I can no longer restore to a previous point and uninstalling the service packs isn't possible. According to the Microsoft website, my only option now is to completely reinstall my XP operating system, which I can't do because it just doesn't work.

What... Read more

Answer:Laptop will not restore to factory settings

Have you seen Restore Toshiba M45 ?Not necessarily enlightening but From Toshiba Forum.If not already done, I suggest contacting Toshiba support for new disks...and running the appropriate diagnostic on the hard drive before attempting to use such.You may also want to try the Toshiba Diagnostic Tool .Free Hard Drive Testing Tools - Hard Drive Diagnostics - FWIW: Microsoft seldom defines guidance on OEM systems like Toshiba systems. The manufacturer is totally responsible for support of such, while just about all MS guidance is written from the perspective of a user who has a Genuine MS install CD and does not have to deal with recovery/restore partitions/disks.Louis

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I'm trying to return my HP Pavilion ZD8000 back to the factory settings. The laptop did not come with recovery disks, and since the OS was XP, recovery disks are not available from HP. I have searched for recovery files on the computer and come up with nothing. I have restarted while pressing f11, but it does not register and proceeds to start up as usual. I do not have any HP Tools in the startup menu that assist in recovery and there is no recovery option within system tools. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Can't Restore HP laptop to factory settings

... click "start" run (type) diskmgmt.msc [press enter]... post back name and size of any found partition(s).................................. also click here.Demonstrative exspelling... there is logic to this madness! element of surprise Grrrrrrrr

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hey, well my Dell Latitude D620 (XP pro) has given up the ghost!
i have backed up all the files i want to keep and want to return the system back to factory settings.
i dont know if i have a partition to help me?? i have tried the Ctrl + F11 option and this did nothing! i can only get into my computer through safe mode btw
i have one disc titled drivers and utilities, dont think thats the disc i need is it?
can i create some sort of reinstallation disc maybe using another computer? or could i try find somebody running xp and use their disc?

please help, i need this computer for college!

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I have tried to restore to factory settings from setting.system restore and it starts restoring.during the restore process it says reverting changes and then it says cannot restore your computer I click ok then it says no changes were made to your system

Answer:Laptop won't reset to factory settings

I have also tried from the recovery manager and it say the options are disable after windows update

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Hi there......Hope you can help me. I have an old Packard Bell igo 4000 and want to restore it to factory settings, as am only going to use it for storing photographs. It currently works on Windows XP. Can someone tell me how to do this please?

Answer:Restore to factory settings in old laptop

Did your laptop come with some sort of a restore cd/dvd by any chance? If it did you can use that. Also if you have an XP cd you can use that to do a repair install or fresh install. Other than that you can use system restore as a last resort if you do not have any restore or xp cd.

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Hi there! I have a HP Pavilion zd8000 notebook and I'm trying to restore it to factory settings. I don't have the discs and I wondering if there was any other way to do it besides the discs. I've searched around, but can't seem to find anything. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!

Answer:Restore HP laptop to factory settings

How does the manual say you can return it to OEM state? If only by disks then contact HP for replacement disks or see if you can produce them from files or a program on your computer.Why did it take me over a year to phone in a problem to ATT?

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Hi sorry if I got this in the wrong forum section but i'm new. I have a Compaq Presario CQ60.
I have windows vista home basic, and I want to restore my laptop to factory settings. I have no discs to do it with, so any other way?
Thanks for help.

Answer:Help Restoring Laptop to factory settings

Hi try here for the info

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I need help restoring my toshiba tablet lo factory settings without a disc. I have pressed f8 and there is no options for this for this. I have also tried holding down 0 and tapping start, wait for the beep. And that does not help either!! Uhhhhhhh! Please help me someone! Lol

Answer:Restoring my laptop to factory settings

I need help restoring my toshiba tablet to factory settings without a disc. I have pressed f8 and there is no options for this. I have also tried holding down 0 and tapping start, wait for the beep. And that does not help either!! Uhhhhhhh! Please help me someone! Lol

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I have a Toshiba laptop here. I have backup-ed all the files I needed. The onky remaining step is now restoring it to factory settings. I have tried pressing "0" key when turning on the laptop and repeatedly hit "0" key until the Toshiba logo disappears. However, it did not do anything and instead, the laptop comes with a "Starting Windows" screen and proceeds to desktop.

Please do help If you need extra information regarding my laptop code(s), please tell me where to find them and I'll look it up!

Additional info: Have I deleted my Disk Partition or something? How can I check this? I know that it is required or something....

Answer:Restore to Factory Settings (Laptop)

Oh, be patient with me, because I seriously have no knowledge regarding Windows AT ALL.

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I am trying to reset my Toshiba laptop to factory settings. Its newer than 2007 so does not have a system disk. I have tried holding down zero while starting up and that does not work. Any help to solve this would be great

Answer:Trying to reset my laptop to factory settings

What Model? And why the need to factory restore/reset? There may be other options less drastic...And have you already safeguarded your personal files etc. off the system as is. Wise to copy all that "stuff" you wouldn't wish to lose to external storage - typically DVD but also an external hard drive if possible... - before you set about doing anything in terms of a factory reset... A factory reset will erase everything on the drive during the process of the reset/restore...

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i can not work my wirelesss radio. i cant install itunes. i cant even activate my fingerprint reader for years. my card reader is gone. so i want this suggestion badly.

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Okay, so i turn off my laptop for the night. I come home from school the next day i turn it on.
My laptop freezes, after a while a blue screen flashes and the computer turns off. Then i turn on my laptop again it does the same thing.

So i decided to i have to restore my laptop.
I press f8 and it brings me to the menu
i click on repair your computer
then it brings me to the artistic blue screen background but nothing pops up. I know there's supposed to be a box that pops out that gives you some sort of option but it doesn't. All that shows is the mouse cursor (i'm able to move it) and the blue background screen.

Any suggestions on what i should do?
Thanks guys.

Dell Inspiron windows 7 64 bit

Answer:Need Help Restoring my laptop to factory settings!!

Work through these steps using the System Recovery Options on Win7 DVD or System Repair Disk: Windows 7 fails to boot

Report back on each step as there may be other tests needed.

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my toshiba satellite pro laptop keeps freezing and running slow and some files are missing so want to restore back to factory do i do this without a discplease help

Answer:how do i restore my laptop to factory settings

There are plenty of hits on Google, including YouTube videos, here

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I have a fairly new HP Windows 7 Pro laptop. The IT company I used to use have gone out of business and I want to restore the laptop back to its factory settings. Every time I log in to my laptop and try to restore, it asks for the admin username and password. I would really appreciate some advice on how I can restore the laptop without the administrator password. Thanks ash

Answer:Windows 7 Pro - Restore laptop to factory settings

We don't provide help here with a password-protected computer because we have no way to confirm its real owner or the real intent for wanting to access it.

If it's your laptop, why do you not know its administrator name and log-in password?


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my compaq is a dinosaur and id like to restore to factory settings so that i can upgrade software. it seems to have trouble doing anything.

Answer:how to reset a compaq laptop to factory settings without the

You are going to have to clarify your question. It's not clear.How do you know when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

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Ineed to reset to factory settings,i have saved my work to disc,i have tried the 0 and power up but get no beeping,only asks me to start up normally,my laptop is a toshiba L450D

Answer:how to restore toshiba laptop to factory settings

The 'press 0 while turning it on' only applies to models made after about mid 2007. Apparently that laptop originally came with vista so it may date from before then. If that's the case you'll need a regular installation disk or restore disks for that particular model, if they're available.

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I have a satellite pro c650-18D system unit windows 7 and im trying to reset back to factory settings, Have tried switching off and pressing 0 button n turning back on but it wont work just wondering if there is another way to do this please help its driving me crazy just want to wipe my comptuer clean thanks message edited by sammieIrvine

Answer:reset toshiba laptop to factory settings

I'm not too sure what the proper key combination Toshiba used when they originally built this system but if you are fairly confident you are doing it right then there is a possibility that the HD was either re-partitioned or replaced. If either of these scenarios turns out to be true then you will have to go into the bios (system setup) screen and set it to boot from the cd-rom and use an original system disk to format and reload the system. The way manufacturers design systems to be able to return to as new condition is they originally partition the HD with a hidden partition that you can only access with this key combination at boot. In this otherwise unaccessible partition are all the system files, applications, drivers etc that came with the system. This is why once the HD is re-partitioned or replaced this option will not work.

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I was having issues wih an external monitor, as it kept flickering on and off, so I went to update my AMD drivers. However, when I was installing it, the  screens went black and my laptop crashed.  After waiting for around half an hour I ended up just turning the laptop off and then back on. The laptop then wouldn't boot. It went throgh the screen saying HP and then just a circular loaing screen. I tried many different solutons to this but none of them worked. I ended up having to reset my laptop through HP recovery manager by pressing F11 while the laptop was turning on. The reset worked and my laptop is now working, although it is now on Windows 8, even though it was previously on Windows 10. I am unsure why this is, and want to get my Windows 10 back. I hope that you can help.

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hopeing someone can help me.........
i got a laptop from bright house not that long ago an i'm wanting to reset it too factory setting but not sure how to do that. the main problem is that it is a "Quality Refubished" product so it never came with a manual or boot disks..... i've tried to create one but it wont let me

plz plz plz help

thanks alot


Answer:Solved: Need help reseting my laptop to factory settings...

Would need the make and model of the laptop to even
try to find out.

Sorry,looks like you have it in computer specs.
I'll see what I can find.

See this manual......
See the acer erecovery management section.
If it is on your computer,you should be able to access
and restore the default factory image.
Basically it's press alt and F10 together and click the restore button for options.

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I'm trying to restore my PC because nothing is working correctly and everytime i try to use my internet a certicate error pops up and it wont allow me to get on the internet

Answer:restore asus laptop to factory settings

You will lose everything so I hope you have backups. See "Method One":

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Hello please help me, my toshiba equium a300d 13x laptop has too many problems for me to list so i am wanting to restore it to its factory settings, i tried to make the the two recovery discs needed for this but an error appears when trying to make the second disc so i am unable to restore my laptop its driving me crazy! Ive heard that i can somehow restore it without the need for recovery disc how can i do this? ive looked on the toshiba website for help but its useless will someone please help me its getting to the point of me throwing the laptop out the window



Answer:Need help restoring toshiba laptop to 'factory settings' !

Hi and welcome to TSG try tapping F8 on boot the recovery option should be there

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hey guys, i've got a dell latitude e4300 running windows 7. i want to re-image it so it's like how it was when it was first built. does anyone know how i can do this? i've tried 10 times but, i could never get it to work. it's a latitude e4300 i booted it up and hit f8 to enter the BIOS. i go into 'repair' and i tried out some different things like restore, but i could never get it to work. i just want it to go back to baseline with all the drivers and windows etc installed.


Answer:DELL LAPTOP: How do I take it back to factory settings?

I've Moved one post out of this thread to the original thread you have going about this same issue....

This one is a second thread for the same issue that you are already getting good help with so I am Closing this one. Please do NOT start multiple threads about the same problem, this is not allowed here at TechGuy! This will be your only Warning, next time it will be an Infraction- see our Rules:

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My friend found an older Dell laptop in the trash and gave it to me. It took all my limited knowledge just to get to the desktop. I first had to start in safe mode and then restart. Otherwise starting normally the desktop doesn't appear. I got to the Dell recovery disk to return it to its factory settings but was denied continuing. It was a business woman's computer named "sue." No other info was on it.

I would like to return it to a normal computer as if it came from the factory. I don't have any cd's except an XP upgrade cd and tried to install but couldn't.

I'm assuming it would be possible to override the administrator thing on boot up but I have no idea how to do that. Would appreciate your input. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: How to restore laptop to its factory settings

Hi cutter44, and welcome to TSG.

cutter44 said:

I got to the Dell recovery disk to return it to its factory settings but was denied continuing.Click to expand...

Do you mean you got to the Dell recovery partition on the hard disk drive?
If so, did you get to it in Windows or through some key combination on power up?

If you got the access denied error while Windows was running, try turning the computer on from a complete power off state and wait for the Dell logo to appear, hold down the Control (Ctl) key and tap the F11 key. That may call up the Dell factory restore screen.

It might help us to help you if you told us the model name/number of the computer and version of Windows that is installed on it. No guarantee that I may have a solution to the problem.

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(Im writing this question through my brother's laptop)I need to Reset my Sony Vaio to factory settings: model: PCG-7154LI have no recovery discs and its inffected with a virus that won't allow me to surf the net or open some of my cpu programs.Can anybody help me to reset it to factory settings? I already backed-up everything I want to save.

Answer:reset laptop to factory settings with no disc

Hi there,Normally most laptops come with hidden recovery partition which can be used to restore to factory defualt and to invoke this you need to press F10 key when you turn on the system ( in your case). Keep pressing F10 till you get the recovery screen.Best of luck

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My Vista laptop is full of junk, and tons of files. I have had this laptop for three years, and it seems to run slower everytime i start it up. When i bought the laptop it was Windows XP with Vista ready, and i got a CD a couple months later to install Vista. I want to restore it back to windows XP, and delete all the files and restore it to factory settings. Help please!

Answer:How to restore my Vista laptop to factory settings.

whats the make and model

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I need to restore my laptop to factory condition, I am not concerned about losing files. I tried copying the media onto dvd's and there was an error on disk 2 so do not have a way to access a windows 8 program as I keep reading on website that is needed. I have a Sattelite C855D-S5900

Answer:restore tosiba laptop to factory settings

It likely has a recovery image, try this. Turn off the laptop, now put your finger on and hold down the "0" that is zero key, while you keep held down, turn on the laptop, keeping the button depressed for a few seconds, it should pull up the recovery option menu if it has the recovery image on the hard drive.

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How do I reset my toshiba laptop to factory settings. It keeps going to the screen where I have to enter a password.

Answer:Setting my laptop back to factory settings

as you have already had a post closed by a moderator on this subject, now you have earned an infraction. Please re-read the rules page as a next attempt may result in a ban.



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So I have this ASUS X-53U laptop that is showing some signs of wear and tear. I bought it as an ex-display model in 2011 and now the cracks are starting to show.
E.g. my USB ports are failing to work (one of them) and the other 2 will not recognise either data sticks nor my Iomega back up drive anymore.
I contacted ASUS and they recommended to take everything back to factory settings.
I can't really do that just yet as I cannot back up my data, but I have ordered an external hard drive (a WD which a friend had used on my laptop to back up files - and it worked!). So fingers crossed this new drive when it arrives will work, too!
Anyway - I have questions about taking things back to factory settings:
1. Apart from my personal files (docs, photos, music etc) what else do I need to back up?
2. I never got round to doing a Windows 7 recovery disc. I have a valid licence number - where and how can I download a full version of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit so I can re-install it all? I would need to be able to burn it to DVD so I have some kind of boot-disc??
Lord help me!
Thanking all of you loads in advance!!!

Answer:Help needed with restoring laptop to factory settings

Have you looked into using the factory recovery partition?  There are quite few links on Google.

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hi i am looking for help on how to reset my acer laptop to the factory settings but i am having trouble because it seems my start up program has been either deleted or hit by a virus and wont load past 96% of the system update

Answer:i need help resetting my acer laptop to factory settings


Originally Posted by mad aussie 89

hi i am looking for help on how to reset my acer laptop to the factory settings but i am having trouble because it seems my start up program has been either deleted or hit by a virus and wont load past 96% of the system update

By that do you mean that activating the Acer Restore Partition fails at 96% ?

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Hi all - looking for some help please. The HDD in my G575 laptop has failed - think the laptop ran out of battery during a Microsoft update, so that might be the issue. I want to take the laptop back to factory settings. I don't have restore disks created - but I do have a loan of my friends laptop which is identical, so I can burn disks from that. However - I am not sure how to do it. What steps do I need to take? Can anyone guide me please? Thanks. 


Go to Solution.

Answer:Need to restore my laptop back to factory settings

Hi mickyd67 and welcome to the community,
Here's a guide with a link to a video.

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I lost my administrator password, and I found pressing "thinkvantage" button cannot bring me to the restore page when restarting as I want to reinstall my system vista(probably because I have my disk c partitioned, I don't know why exactly ), what should I do?

Answer:I can't restore factory settings for my laptop(T400)?

you may need to get the recovery media from Lenovo, provided that you are under warranty. 

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Good evening,I was trying to restore my HP laptop (Windows 10) to factory settings because I had a bad ad virus. I was doing it through PC Settings menu following the instructions from HP web-page.Now, the problem is that the laptop screen shows that the Windows Installation goes to 97% and then the laptop restarts. It has been going on for more than 24 hours now (it restarts and shows the same 97% again) and I don't know what to do.Could you please help?  

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I have a Gateway Z06 laptop with Windows 7. It got some sort of virus that I couldn't remove no matter what I did. I had no other option but to reset the laptop, but when I started the Windows Boot Manager I got messages saying the following programs were corrupted:

winload.exe 0xc0000428
memtest.exe 0xc000000f

I've seen comments saying that I need to insert the Windows 7 CD, but my laptop came with the OS already installed. What can I do?

Answer:Solved: Can't reset laptop to factory settings

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I posted this along with a HijackThis log in the appropriate forums awhile ago and never got a response:

I have a dell vostro 1500 laptop running vista basic and I have had some issues with it recently. My Norton security caught two trojan viruses (vundo and soem other one), but I got an alert about the vundo trying to attack something, with the report looking like it was attacking from my computer. I have also had an issue with a DLL error popping up everytime I start up saying missing entry: run. And then I have had issues with my taskbar showing up when I start up, but then dissapearing. I can get it back by running the explorer.exe task, but then everytime I open a new program or try to view my files the exploere will restart. Nothing more tahn a usance when I'm using the interent, but it makes it a serious paing to have to open a program, then find the files I need.

At this point I've decided that I don't have the time to wait for someone to help me nor the time to try and figure it out on my own. This laptop has been used 90% for the purpose of running the CAD program Inventor for the FIRST robotics team that I am on and leads me to my single dilemma. While I had the files I need backed up before I started having problems, I need to be able to run the CAD program on this computer again. That and my Norton Security. Inventor I downloaded and so I'm not sure if I will be able to again without jumping through some hurdles in customer support, and the ... Read more

Answer:Need to reset Vista laptop to factory settings

Recovery From CD:

Insert your installation disc into the driver and reboot your PC,Upon reboot the pc will ask if you want to load from the disc,hit enter and the system should start to load from the disk

You can then select to Repair or Install the Operating system,follow the instructions on screen

From Recovery Partition:

Switch your PC off and reboot

Tap F8 until your boot screen is infront of you and select "Repair Your Computer" You should now have your "System Recovery Console" on screen

Select "Windows Complete PC Restore" and follow the instructions,

This will now restore your PC back to the Manufacturers settings


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Hi FolksI think my laptop (Acer 7720G) has got a virus because it freezes everytime I click the internet explorer icon to enable me to connect to the web. I have been advised by some of my friends to restore my laptop back to the factory settings, and in this way I could get rid of the virus.I shall be grateful if some one can kindly answer the following questions - 1. Would restoring the laptop back to factory settings get rid of the virus and enable me to connect to the internet as normal?2. If so, how do I restore the company settings?2. I have also been advised that there is no disc/cd available by which I can restore the laptop to the factory settings and that windows vista has an in built feature for doing this? Is that true? If so, how do I go about using it?3. Finally, once I get my laptop up and running, I am thinking of putting on Norton 360 anti virus. In your opinion, is this good anti virus software?Thanks in advance for your response.

Answer:Restoring Laptop back to factory settings

1 yes it will get rid of virus but also anything else that you have saved on it.2 while booting up press F8 and it should be the last one on the list3 Yes Norton 360v4 is very good go to the Beta testing forum and read up on the remarks of everybody that tested it.

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I want to restore my laptop to the factory settings windows 7 using grub4dos recovery menu.

can anyone help me plz?

Answer:Restore my laptop to factory settings windows 7

Hello 7nach and welcome to Seven Forums.

Is there any particular reason why you want to use grub4dos instead of the hidden factory provided recovery partition? Unless the recovery partition has been damaged or corrupted in some way it's usually a safer method to restore a machine to factory settings.

Acer Aspire System Recovery Partition

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Hi! I barely need your help!  I have a HP Pavilion Laptop. Recently, my Laptop's Monitor won't lit. It has a touch screen specification. I tried connecting it with an external monitor, it works with it. I planned to restore my laptop to its factory setting hoping it would help my monitor to function again. But, as of now I can't determine whether my laptop is resetting because it won't display anything with an external monitor. I need your help! Thanks!

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I recently had great advice on how to wipe drives on an Acer laptop and now I want to wipe the drives on my ASUS X58L laptop and restore it to factory settings, I have three Disks, one called Recovery DVD, one called Driver & utility X58L for CPW and one for Asus DVD, Power2go, label print, power producer, power director and media show. So what should I do after I have backed up all the docs and photos? is there a special procedure with this laptop? I want to set it back to factory settings as it is running very very slow and I cant seem to get Internet Explorer to work properly at all, even with the latest Vista version loaded, it only working on internet with a Google chrome browser. After doing the complete restore and recovery on the Acer laptop it works like new and I think this is the only solution for this Asus X58L laptop. thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

Answer:I want to restore an ASUS laptop to factory settings.

Asus Laptop Recovery
Tap on F9 when Asus logo appears.. for details, follow link below:

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Hello everyone

I am selling my Portege R830-10Q so I want to restore it to factory settings (out-of-box state) AND THEN TURN IT OFF.

I have successfully brought the laptop to factory settings by using the _TOSHIBA Recovery Wizard_ and choosing *Recovery of Factory Default Software (Recover to out-of-box state)*. However, at the end of the recovery process and after everything is re-installed I was not able to TURN OFF the laptop. I was only given the option of restarting it. After restating it, the Windows set-up process starts.

I don't want to set-up Windows, i.e. language, keyboard, user account, etc. I want to leave the Windows set-up for the person who buys the laptop from me. How can I switch off the laptop after the system recovery without having to set up Windows?

I'd really appreciate your help.



Answer:How can I turn off the laptop after restoring it to factory settings?

When recovery procedure is finished and you are asked for restart just press power button and switch it off. I think it only thing you can do.

Anyway, why not to start Windows and go through setup option. New owner can change this basic settings anyway. As username put ?Admin? and language and keyboard can be set as default.

For instance, if you have German recovery image set everything to German. New owner can change it anyway.

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I Have a Toshiba Satellite L30-105

I *don't* have any recovery CD'es.

How can i *restore* the laptop back to its *factory settings*?

pls. help...

Answer:How do I restore my laptop back to its factory settings?

Order new recovery CD/DVD (if possible) and you will have ?factory settings? again.
Try to order under

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My Dell Inspiron laptop is two years old. I have been having huge amounts of problems with it culminating in it sticking in the Startup Repair screen a few days ago, i tried all the advice on the web and had to restore it to Factory Settings in the hope of ever getting it working again. I have lost all my music and photos but thought at least the laptop would work again. WRONG. Since I restored it, it will not connect to the Internet, if I go to connect to wifi- i hover over the Internet icon and it says Connection Status Unknown, Access is denied, then if I click on it, it detects all wireless networks but if I click on mine, it immediately says Windows cannot connect to ..... Other problems include that I am unable to get complete Administration control and therefore cannot delete my out of date McAfee programme which I suspect is behind a few problems. McAfee is randomly flashing across the screen at various times. This laptop is driving me insane, I have tried to follow the advice on the web for accessing the hidden Administrator in Vista but though I tried all options- command promt, trying to get at it from safe mode and trying to get at it through Administration Tools, nothing has worked.I'm at the end of my tether here, please please help!!!

Answer:Laptop Insane Since Restored to Factory Settings

When you tried Command Prompt did you right click it and Run As Administrator?

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Hi guys,I have a hp laptop (not sure of model as it's at home)I have retired it back to factory settings before but I now have a virus that stops me for accessing my other hard drive, it also stops me from allowing certain programs to run.I have a password to turn on the laptop, then another to start windows vista.When I press F10 (I think) on start up it comes up with another password protection an my password doesn't work anymore.I'll be able to give more info when I'm at home but and advice would be great. Cheers

Answer:Restoring factory settings hp laptop virus

Pressing F10 on an HP laptop takes you into the BIOS. A Windows virus would not have changed the BIOS password. You shouldn't really need to get into the BIOS anyway, nothing in there is going to remove a virus. You could try reloading from a restore point although many viruses are smart enough these days to infect the restore files. Your best bet would be to insert the restore CD, press F9 during bootup and have it boot to the CD. Then have it do a fresh install.

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Hi! I barely need your help!  I have a HP Pavilion Laptop. Recently, my Laptop's Monitor won't lit. It has a touch screen specification. I tried connecting it with an external monitor, it works with it. I planned to restore my laptop to its factory setting hoping it would help my monitor to function again. But, as of now I can't determine whether my laptop is resetting because it won't display anything with an external monitor. I need your help! Thanks!

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My mom purchased a Windows 8 Dell laptop that was a store display. I want to reset it to factory default settings but I don't have a CD or there any way to accomplish this without the CD?

Answer:How do I reset my Windows 8 laptop to factory settings?

Do you have this option:

Reset Windows 8

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I am struggling too reset a toshiba laptop back to factory settings, have googled and you-tubed but to no avail :( ..
if anyone can help at all it would be much appreciated, thank you :)

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My hard drive crashed recently. I'm using an HP notebook, I'm not entirely sure what the model is and all that, I'm not too computer savvy. Anyway, my hard drive crashed today, I'm not sure why. My computer fails every start-up test and will not load any diagnostics or restore menus. Is there a way I can make my computer get to the Windows restore menu to completely reset my laptop? I'm on Windows 7, if that makes any difference. Sorry for the lack of information.

Answer:How do I restore my laptop to factory settings after a HD crash?

If you have had an outright hard drive failure, there is no point in even attempting to restore----you would need a new hard drive.

But maybe the drive has not failed.

What do you mean by "crash"---specifically?

What start-up tests, diagnostics, and restore menus have you tried?

Can you currently boot to your hard drive?

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Hi.You see that I still have the recovery partition but dell datasafe can't recognise this.Is there a way for me to restore my n5110 laptop to it's factory settings with all apps and utilities that was pre-installed?Please help me... Few days back I mistakely changed the active partition to OS (C and then the computer won't boot!I then inserted the OS disc and used command prompt and set the recovery partition as active,which fixed the problem of not booting.But when I take the dell datasafe local backup it is not recognisig it.I also haven't created a system recovery media.
I have attached two screenshots (1.Disk management , 2.Dell datasafe local backup) with this post.Please help me.

Answer:restore my n5110 laptop to it's factory settings?

To have successfully moved the System boot files to C then after moving the Active flag there you needed to run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times. Since you didn't do this then the boot files were still on Recovery which is why it started up just by moving the Active flag back there. However for some reason Recovery doesn't want to run now.

Have you tried running Recovery from boot? Dell Restoring Your Computer?s Software to the Factory Settings

If this PC had Dell Recovery on the F8 Advanced Boot tools menu than you can try Dell Recovery Partition - restoring F8 link.

If it still won't run you can try adding Recovery to a Dual Boot menu using this method: Boot Recovery Partition using EasyBCD then run Recovery to see if it restores it's links.

It might however require ordering Recovery disks from Dell.

Or you can get the superior Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 without the factory bloatware, replace Recovery with your own external backup image of your customized clean reinstall. Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

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I have a Dell Inspiron laptop, I'm going to give it to my brother but I wanted to put everything in his name. I wanted to restore the original factory settings for him as well. I read on one of the posts that I could just hit F10 and it should restore it back to the original settings, I don't have the recovery disk for it and I really don't want to buy one if its not necessary. Can I just use the F10 step without the recovery disk? If so can someone please guide me down the right path to work it correctly. My other problem is the CD/DVD drive only runs when I turn the laptop on its side, I've tried to clean the drive, but it still doesn't work unless I put it on its side. Do I need to buy another drive for it? Thanks for the help.

Answer:Restoring laptop to original factory settings

Remember, Factory Reset will erase the entire drive and put Windows back on in first-start conditions.What model is the computer?Laptop or Desktop?

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I wish to reset my Toschiba Satellite Pro to factory settings it is running windows 7 how can I do this

Answer:how do I reset my laptop to factory settings windows 7

How do I reset my computer back to factory default state (System Recovery)?

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have tried everything to reset factory settings on Asus laptop and using boot disk too nothing will allow it if we use the option on win it says a drive needs to be partitionedor it just keeps on saying it cant reset factory settingsits Windows 8 sorrymessage edited by Apachis

Answer:Reset to factory settings asus laptop

Tap the F9 key immediately at bootup

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iv bought secondhand la[top but cant do updates on it as it wants administrators password which i dont know and cant find out as the previous owner is now sadly deceased help?

Answer:restore secondhand laptop to factory settings

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how do I restore my Toshiba laptop to its factory settings. I understand that if you hold down a certain key during start-up it will allow you to do this.

Answer:How to restore Toshiba laptop to factory settings?

We need to know the model number of your Toshiba. In the meantime quite often on Toshibas you hold down the zero key on the keyboard while powering up the computer.I assume you realise that you will lose all your personal data, updates and programs you've added since new. If you let us know what problems you are having there might be another way forward.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Tried to restore my Toshiba Satillite Pro L500 to Factory settings using the method of Holding down the 0 key and switching on. all went well till setting up for first use, then this played over and over again now the laptop will start up.The computer appears dead

Answer:Restoring Toshiba laptop to factory settings

How do I reset my computer back to factory default state (System Recovery)?

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I have a HP Pavilion DV1000 laptop which I haven't used for a while. I wanted to take it on holiday as it's not a problem if it gets stolen. It's incredibly slow so wanted to reset it to factory settings. Could someone help please?I have the folowing cd's if that helps:HP Quickplay (application restore CDHP Image zone plusApplication and driver recovery DVDOperating system CD (XP home SP2)Thanks

Answer:HP DV1000 laptop back to factory settings - help

I think you just keep tapping F10 or f11 as the computer starts.

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Hi I'm my problem is that,I was just using my laptop as usual, and due to the fact that recently, it slows down, (at some point) some programs didn't open, and it cannot boot normally.  I ran virus and malware scan,but it didn't detect anything.Then last Wednesday, (if I recall correctly) while I'm using it,trying to do some windows update, I have encountered a message on the lower right screen showing a message, something like " windows not genuine" but my comp uses a genuine one which I'ved used for 3 years and updated on a regular basis. I decided to do a virus and malware scan using avira, norton360 and MBAM. It didn't find anything, and I reset it, and the message was gone. Then yesterday, I did another avira,mbam and norton 360 scan, and results were the same,then I did an adwrcleaner scan and since I am not familiar with some of the results, I unclicked the registry detections and decided to shut it down. Today, I opened and logged in to my admin (and only)  account, it happen to restore to factory settings. My files in  D:/ were there, also the programs installed, but ALL of my files in disk C are gone, my desktop wallpaper, gone, all files, icons and folders in desktop,also gone. I checked the disk space using my computer folder, it appears like it has the same free disk space since yesterday. I opened my google chrome,and all of bookmarks, history an visited places are gone, I even tried to run my Itunes and it's like I have to re install it. I  ... Read more

Answer:why did my laptop suddenly restored into its factory settings?

It sounds like your computer logged you in with a temporary profile since all your programs are still installed. Please go to the following folder:
See if there is a TEMP folder in there. If so your computer cannot access your old profile (for possibly multiple reasons).
You should also see a folder that has your username listed. If you go into that folder, you will see all the folders that make up your profile. Check the one listed as DESKTOP and see if your files are still in there. 

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how do I use my recovery disc which is built in to the laptop.Windows 7 is on my laptop and I want to go back to vista until I can afford to go to windows 7

Answer:Reboot Compaq laptop to factory settings

... click >> <F11> (key).... Posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties

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I reset my pc to factory conditions using the Samsung recover tool, the pc seems slower fps wise in games for example. Was faster before i reset the pc. Model Samsung 3505VC.
I believe it might be to do with my graphics card as it is rated only 4.9 now on windows rating and was 5.7 before.

Answer:Restored laptop to factory settings and seems slow.

Was your graphics score 5.7 (2D or 3D?) right out of the box or did you check it sometime later? After the factory restore did you start to bring your Windows Updates back to current status? Any BIOS changes the first time around?

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Just need a bit of help. I bought a HP Laptop and am unsatisfied with the battery Life. Under the terms of the retailer, I will not be able to return the laptop if it has been 'used'. The only thing I have done is turn the machine on and set up the user account for first use e.g "Mary" and browse a few websites. Is it possible to restore the laptop to the factory settings as I received it, meaning that if the retailer turns on the laptop he/she will be asked to set up a Windows 7 user account for the laptop and also things such as HP user/laptop registration will be prompted again etc? (So that they get the impression that the laptop has not even been used? The retailers are a major PC and Laptop selling company, would they be able to know if the laptop had been set up and used?

There exists a partition in the hard drive solely for recovery purposes. I am guessing this is what I need. Providing that the retailer will think that the laptop has never been used, and will be asked to set up a new windows account and asked welcome to your new windows laptop (or whatever that comes up) and the bloatware that comes with the HP laptop is all there, how would I go about restoring it to that 'new laptop' setting?

I hope you understood what I have meant. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Restoring Laptop to Factory Settings Question

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what is the key combination to reset a gatewaylaptop to factory setting,,i don't have a gateway folder

Answer:how to reset gateway laptop to factory settings

The method to boot to the restore partition might vary with the gateway model but it looks to be either using the F11 key by itself or ALT and F11 together. You'd press those keys while the posting or logo screen is showing and before windows starts loading.What model do you have?

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Hey, i was thinking about restoring my laptop to factory settings to take care of some fps issues ive been having for the last 10 months, since my laptop came without an OS disc does that mean that the OS is integrated into the laptop and that when i restore it i wont have to buy a new one?


Answer:Question about restoring factory settings on my laptop

xxJags said:

Hey, i was thinking about restoring my laptop to factory settings to take care of some fps issues ive been having for the last 10 months, since my laptop came without an OS disc does that mean that the OS is integrated into the laptop and that when i restore it i wont have to buy a new one?

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Is it new? Does it still have a warranty? If it still has a warranty, take it back so you don't void the warranty.

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I know the similar question might have  been asked before, but mine is a bit different I had replaced the HDD with a SSD drive on my x220, but I got the wrong SSD, so I cannot keep both the SSD and the HDD(SSD too big). A friend helped me to set up a new system win7 64 bit on the newly installed SSD, and it runs ok. However, I'd like my old settings and Lenovo related softwares(fingerprint reader, etc). I don't have the original HDD with me, but I copied the hidden recovery folder(SYSTEM_DRV) as well as the lenovo Q drive(SYSTEM_DRV) to my current SSD. The SSD has 2 partition, C for system, and D for data. The copied folders are on my D drive. My question is if it is possible to restore my os to the original setting using the folders on my current SSD, and how. Thanks, Bluex220

Answer:Need to restore my laptop back to factory settings

Hello and welcome,
I don't know how to do what you're asking - although it may be possible - so I'd just install ThinkVantage System Update and let it install the appropriate Lenovo drivers and apps.  That would get you pretty close to factory.
Some users actually prefer that to a stock factory setup.  Clean install + TVSU  and choose which apps and utilities get installed.
SUPPORT (above) -> QuickPath "X220" -> Drivers and Software-> ThinkVantage System Update for Win 7.

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Looking for a recovery disk for an hp pavilion9810us laptop want to restore it to factory settings, However tried f11 doesn't work need to find a recovery disk for it.

Answer:want to restore my laptop to factory settings. F11 doesn't w...

Hello @Flashover1990   As per the specs this PC was shipped with Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 Specs :  Unfortunately HP no longer provides Recovery Media for your model, a couple of other sites you can check are: and  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again !!  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee 

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