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Windows 7 Pricing and Upgrade Options Announced

Question: Windows 7 Pricing and Upgrade Options Announced

As a follow-up to my packaging post from the other day, here?s the info you?ve all been waiting for (after the Oct. 22 announcement, of course).A recent announcement about pricing and upgrades has been posted here: it out and let me know if you have any questions.Cheers,

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Preferred Solution: Windows 7 Pricing and Upgrade Options Announced

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Windows 7 Pricing and Upgrade Options Announced

You're fast Ron! I was just going to post this.

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Microsoft today announced Windows 7 retail pricing, upgrade information, launch details, and a preorder deal. The software giant has reduced the price on its most popular retail Windows product, the Home Premium upgrade version, by approximately 10 percent (this varies based on the market). In the US, this means a drop from $130 to $120, a savings of $10. For the Home Premium full version, the price drops from $240 to $200. Those are the only differences when comparing Windows Vista prices to Windows 7 prices after Microsoft made cuts in In February 2008 (compared to the ones announced in September 2006).
Read more at Arstechnica and Microsofts Windows Blog.

Answer:Windows 7 Pricing Announced: Cheaper than Vista

The Windows Blog states:
" a way of saying thank you to our loyal Windows customers, we are excited to introduce a special time limited offer! We will offer people in select markets the opportunity to pre-order Windows 7 at a more than 50% discount..."
Why only select markets? Why not all !?

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Answer:I have been in queue for the Windows 10 upgrade since it was first announced

Nothing is self-explanatory, and you didn't ask a question.
If you're trying to upgrade to Windows 10, by far the simplest way is to download the ISO, mount it (or burn to DVD), and run setup.Tech Bench

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I have had Win phone 8.1 and 10 for at least a year now after years of prior iOS use. Is this dearth of apps ever going to get better? I like some features of Win10 phone overall, but the lack of apps is just getting too hard to tolerate.

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Are there both upgrade and non-upgrade versions? It seems all the pricing information for Windows 8 ($40) and Windows 8 Pro ($70) has been for upgrade versions but perhaps I have it wrong and one version works either way.

If there is a more expensive non-upgrade version, what is the price?

Answer:Windows 8 Pricing for non-upgrade

There is a System Builder version which is a Full retail but no price has been announced.


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I'm going to have to re-buy my windows licences because I am going to replace 3 PCs primary components; Motherboard, CPU and RAM. The only active component not being replaced is the HDD.

When I talked to Microsoft they said I have to re-buy Windows. The $1300 I spent on licences When Windows 7 was first released is now a dead investment.

It's no wonder that people pirate windows!

When doing research on pricing I came across these sites...

Microsoft - 3x3pk Win7 Ult64B+10x1PK DVDRW - Catalogue | Alphastore


MICROSOFT GLC-00894 - 3x3pk Win7 Ult64B+10x1PK DVDRW

Both have the same product code. Now I'm assuming 3 x 3pk only means 3 licences, not nine, since retailers are renowned for splitting 3pk OEI OEM DVD packs and selling off individually.

I've emailed both companies twice now and asked for clarification on number of licences and how many unique software keys I actually get with the purchase. But neither have answered.

Anyone have any ideas why one price can be more than 5 times the other, when neither say upgrade, full or OEM??

Anyone have any recommendations on the cheapest place to buy 3 copies of legit licences with individual keys... I am assuming of course that each machine must have a unique key..


Answer:Buying new Windows because of PC UPgrade - Pricing

Hi Tanyam,
It is perfectly legal (and possible) to download and burn an .iso of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and burn it to a disc and use it....... IF you use your current product key.

Burn Disc Image - ISO or IMG file

Refer to the above link on how to burn the image to a disc. If you own a file-sharing program such as BitTorrent or uTorrent, you should be able to use it to download an .iso. If you need help finding a good . iso, I'll be glad to help. I can also find you a non torrent download if you wish.

Hope this helps,

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I know that I have to do a clean install, but microsoft has the upgrade priced at $50 and the full priced at $200. Can a person running the RC use the cheaper upgrade pricing?

Answer:Is the windows 7 upgrade pricing avaliable for RC users

Quote: Originally Posted by Conspiracy3

I know that I have to do a clean install, but microsoft has the upgrade priced at $50 and the full priced at $200. Can a person running the RC use the cheaper upgrade pricing?

Yes, but you need to do some editing of the cversion.ini file and have a RC key. there are several threads here at SF that have explained how. You should do a search for upgrade vs clean.

Hope this helps


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Microsoft Sets Windows 7 Pricing, Upgrade Programs

Want to get Windows 7 on the cheap? Well then, it looks like pre-ordering is the way to go. Then again, the "regular" prices aren?t too bad either, hit the link for all the info.
From Friday through July 11, consumers in the U.S. will be able to buy an upgrade copy of Windows 7 Home premium for $49 or Windows 7 Professional for $99. That offer is good for both XP and Windows Vista PCs, regardless of whether someone has been trying out the pre-release version of the operating system. That matches the details in a memo from Best Buy that leaked earlier this month.

When boxed copies of Windows 7 go on sale on October 22, Microsoft plans to charge $119 for Home Premium, $199 for Professional and $219 for Ultimate. The Home Premium upgrade is down $40 from the product's original price, although the Vista product had already gotten a price cut along the way. The Professional and Ultimate versions are priced similar to where Microsoft was with Vista. The upgrade prices apply to those moving from a previous version of Windows to Windows 7, but only those from Windows Vista will be able to upgrade without doing a clean installation of the product.
The full versions of Windows 7--the editions for those without a copy of Windows--will be priced at $199 for Home Premium, $299 for Professional and $319 for Ultimate. The Ultimate and Professional editions are again on par with their Vista counterparts, while Home Premium i... Read more

Answer:Microsoft Sets Windows 7 Pricing, Upgrade Programs

Hehe, easier to open box. Prices at least didn't rise from Vista. Is it really ok to upgrade to a whole different OS without doing a clean installation?

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Hey guys, i'm looking for backup software for 2 servers and up to 20 workstations. The servers are virtualized with a Hyper-V host. We are considering using Kaseya for managed services, and they have Acronis backup included for an extra 300 a month. Does anyone here have some insight on pricing/performance? I have used Acronis and Symantec System Recovery.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Answer:Backup software options and pricing

Microsoft has DPM that integrates pretty well with Hyper-V......

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Hey guys...Just thought I'd drop in and let you know that the latest announcement to come out of the Windows 7 team has just been shown to the public:

Answer:Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade and Family Pack Pricing Announcement

Thanks for sharing, the family pack sounds good...too bad I have a mix of 32 and 64 bit...any chance the licenses could be for either?

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Microsoft today unveiled pricing for Windows Anytime Upgrade (WAU) and the Windows 7 Family Pack.
Windows Anytime Uprade
WAU allows users who purchase machines with Home Premium or Starter to move up to a higher edition of Windows 7. After Windows 7 is released to market on October 22nd, you will be able to buy a retail package that contains an upgrade key from retail outlets. The pricing structure will be (US, EU, GBP):
* Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Home Premium: $79.99 ? ?74.99 ? ?69.99
* Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Professional: $114.99 ? ?184.99 ? ?119.99
* Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Ultimate: $164.99 ? ?204.99 ? ?139.99
* Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional: $89.99 ? ?179.99 ? ?119.99
* Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate: $139.99 ? ?189.99 ? ?124.99
* Windows 7 Professional to Windows 7 Ultimate: $129.99 ? ?134.99 ? ?84.99
Updated: The upgrade pricing for UK customers appears to be a rip off where Brits and Europeans will be charged almost double for Windows 7 Anytime Upgrades. Microsoft has not yet returned emails on why the pricing is almost double. It's not immediately clear how Microsoft can charge double for what is only a code to upgrade.
Microsoft will also be offering WAU online upgrades in 13 countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK or the US.
Windows 7 Family Pack
Microsoft also announced that the Windows ... Read more

Answer:Win 7 Anytime Upgrade prices announced, EU & UK ripped off

Why EU & UK. The UK is part of the EU - unfortunately, because they really don't want to be in the EU. They don't even have the Euro currency like all other eligible EU countries.

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Alright guys, as some of you may know, I finally got my new computer.It's great and all, but it's not good enough to run GTA: IV. And I want to run GTA IV on my PC without lag.So I need an upgrade.Below I'll post the recommended requirements from the "Can you run it" site.The site analyzes your computer specs and compares to the games minimum and recommended. CPU  Recommended: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz, AMD Phenom X3 2.1GHz  You Have: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz     Upgrade Suggested: Unfortunately, your CPU does not meet this requirement. Click here to see some recommendations.     CPU Speed  Recommended: 2.4 GHz  You Have: 3.05 GHz     PASS     RAM  Recommended: 2 GB (Windows XP) 2.5 GB (Windows Vista)  You Have: 1023.5 MB     Upgrade Suggested: Unfortunately, your RAM does not meet this requirement. Click here to see some recommendations.     OS  Recommended: Windows Vista - Service Pack 1 / XP - Service Pack 3 / Windows 7  You Have: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 (build 2600)     PASS     Video Card  Recommended: 512MB NVIDIA 8600+ / 512MB ATI 3870+  You Have: GeForce 6200     Upgrade Suggested: Unfortunately, your Video Card does not meet this requirement. Click here to see some recommendations.  Features: Recommended attributes of your ... Read more

Answer:Pricing for an upgrade?

 Upgrade Suggested: Unfortunately, your Video Card does not meet this requirementwhich means get a better graphics card....above the one stated for starters

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I originally bought a Dell Dimension 2400. Specs:

Intel P4 at 3.06 GHZ
512 MB Ram
40 Gig Hard Drive
No Speakers/onboard sound
GeForce FX 5200 128MB PCI
Standard Modem
It was ok for a while but I soon wanted some better graphics. I looked on the Dell website and saw the prices had dropped a ton so I decided I'll sell this thing and buy the Dell Dimension 4700 with the GeForce 6800 256MB for PCI-E, and with a better procceser.

I need to know a good price I could sell the old one at to help pay for the new one.

Answer:Computer Upgrade-Pricing for old system

we to start with dont whatever you do buy a dell. they suck really bad. if ur wanting graphics they are gonna stick a intel in and they arent very good at gamin. also they rip u off because generally wat u pay them is about 200-300 (GBP) to wat u would wen buildin urself. im not sure exactly how much u would get but i wouldnt expect more than 200-300(GBP) i think thats about $500-600 (USD)

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Ok MS, Apple has just applied some serious pricing pressure for upgrading. Due in September, current Mac owners can upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard for only $29!! Now, I know I know, the OS's are very different and I don't expect MS to go THAT low for Vista owners...but come on! You just KNOW the MS folks are cussing a bit now.. They must have just dropped another notch lower on their planned pricing scheme as a result. Can you imagine?? Upgrading to 7 from Vista for that price???

Answer:upgrade pricing pressure from Apple

i totally agree. i really think that Microsoft needs to seriously take a moment and rethink things for a bit. especially with the low blows that apple dealt them during their WWDC today.

they need to do something.

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This thought crossed my mind this morning. They're releasing Windows 8 as a tablet and smartphone OS as well, so that means it will be competing with android and apple tablets & phones. Currently both google and apple have a major software update every year, which is free to any of their customers who own sufficient equipment. Microsoft's current Windows release schedule is every few years, and the upgrades cost $120 and up. I have no problem with their longer release schedule, but I'm hoping they'll at least adjust their upgrade pricing a bit to at least compete with the cost of OS upgrade disks for mac. Honestly if there was a substantial drop in upgrade software price I think they'd more than make up for it in a major decrease in people pirating their software. What do youguys think?

Answer:Will Microsoft change their pricing and upgrade scheudle to compete?

I think Microsoft is going to speed up their release schedule as well, windows 9 and windows 10 not that far away. As far as price goes, it will probably stay about the same, just my opinion

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I have a question about the upcoming Windows 10 upgrade. I hope this is the correct section for this matter.

So, I've got a PC running Windows 7. I have activated it with an OEM licence that I salvaged from my old (now broken) laptop. I'm aware of the fact that the OEM licence is tied to a single computer.

Can I upgrade my PC to Windows 10 "the normal" way because of the OEM licence? Or should I just play it safe and sign up for the Insider Preview? I heard that the preview versions get updated to the final version.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Windows 10 upgrade options

I am going to advise you to download 10130 build, create the needed boot cd/dvd or usb install, sign up for a Microsoft account. Backup any need data that you want and then do a clean install of windows 10 10130 build. There is instructions on this forum on how to do a clean install windows 10. This will remove windows 7 totally from your system. Hopefully, your system will support windows 10.

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I've just brought a new SSD to replace my main HDD, I currently have Windows 7 Home 64bit.
I wan't to upgrade to Windows 10 I'm just not too sure on the best option, from what I understand I have a few options, I am just unsure of how the licensing/activation works?

I could create a system image of my current Win 7HDD and restore it onto the SSD then upgrade to Win 10; then perform a clean install
What about upgrading my current Win7 HDD to Win 10; creating a system image of that then restore onto the SSD and perform a clean install (I'm sure Win10 has a clean install feature?)

Now here is what I would prefer to do, download the Windows 10 ISO file and create a disc, usb etc then install on my SSD, I'm not too sure how the licensing/activation would work? Any help?

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My Desktop PC has Windows Vista (64 Bit) on it, while my Laptop has Windows Vista Home Premium (32 Bit) installed. If I wanted to upgrade both to Windows 7, would I have to purchase both 32 and 64 bit versions? I would prefer to have the full install disc/s rather than upgrade discs, just in case I have to do clean installations in the future. I couldn't be bothered to sit and install Vista first and then Windows 7 upgrade discs. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Windows 7 Upgrade Options

Should have said that my Desktop has Vista Ultimate (64 Bit)

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I will be going to do further my BE Engineering courses for 4 yeras from now into the Computer Science field and i have heard that it requires some not too big but not too small programs to install on PC i OWN THE hp STREAM 13 laptop i know that it cant be upgraded to better SSD STORAGE but can i use an external hardisk with USB 3.0 uSB INTERFACE to store and install apps & PROGRAMS

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Answer:Windows 7 SKU's announced

It feels like they're going back to the XP lineup.

I like how they're optimising it(or at least it sounds like it), for hardware that isn't new, unlike Vista which went full out for new systems, and even overboard for some of the computers it came out on.

Seems like they're learning from their mistakes, and going back to tried and true methods.

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I've not been around much lately so apologies if I missed a discussion on this elsewhere.

I noticed this small sentence in the Windows Blog post announcing Windows 8.1 Update 1

If you are still on Windows 8, you can get the Windows 8.1 Update via the Windows Store on April 8th as well.

Windows blog link

I'm guessing this means the following?
The option in the Windows 8 Store to upgrade to 8.1 will be replaced by an option to upgrade to 8.1 update 1.The option in the Windows 8 Store to upgrade to Windows 8.1 (with no update) will disappear
Does that sound right/ likely?

I guess it also means that if you really want to update 8.0 to 8.1 without the update, and only have access to the Store upgrade to do it, you may be best advised to do it now?!

Answer:Windows 8.0 upgrade options to 8.1 after April 8th

That sounds about right. Microsoft have updates all their Windows 8.1 ISO images to now include update 1. It would make sense that the Store 8.1 Update would now include update 1

I've heard that if you don't apply update 1 to 8.1 you won't get any more security updates for 8.1. One of the updates in the update 1 package is a security update. That security update is a prerequisite for any further security updates.

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Can we use a retail windows 7 premium upgrade key or are we restricted to the WAU (windows anytime upgrade) key to unlock the windows 7 Premium features of the 7 Starter edition?

Answer:windows 7 starter upgrade options

You will need the WAU key to do what you are describing......

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I have downloaded the upgrade version of Windows 8 (64) - Saved as an ISO image and created a bootable DVD!

Will I be able to boot from this DVD, rather than perform an install from within Windows 7:-

Can I then perform a clean (Select Customize) installation on a deleted SSD (Disk 1); namely, my second SSD; rather than my first SSD, Disk 0, with the Windows 7 operating system on!

My aim is to get Windows 8 up and running, before I delete Windows 7 (I will transfer Windows 8 to Disk 0, at this time)

Does the installation of Windows 8 upgrade, need to see my existing Windows 7, installation on the disk it is installing on!

If I proceed in this manner, will the Windows 8 installation procedure, recognise my Belkin Wireless Adapter, type F5D8055!

Or will I need to install a driver - And if so, how!

Presumably, I need to go on line to update and verify registration!

I would appreciate advice on these matters.

Answer:Windows 8 (64) Upgrade - What are the Installation Options!

You can do a clean install, but you need to delete the Windows 7 install.

Originally Posted by Microsoft

What about upgrading the software? The software covered by this agreement is an upgrade to your existing operating system software, so the upgrade replaces the original software that you are upgrading. You do not retain any rights to the original software after you have upgraded and you may not continue to use it or transfer it in any way. This agreement governs your rights to use the upgrade software and replaces the agreement for the software from which you upgraded. After you complete your upgrade, additional software will be required to playback or record certain types of media, including DVDs.

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Answer:Windows 7 SKUs announced

Seems to contradict this site:

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Looks like Microsoft has after all of these years finally gotten the number of Windows versions solved. There's only three and they make perfect sense.

So Windows 8 will be the edition that the vast majority of consumers will get. Windows 8 Pro will be the business edition with domain capability and business security features. The big difference on the x86 side of Windows 8 looks to be the exclusion of Media Center in the core product. Seems to be available only to the Pro version as a at cost add-on, so it looks as though Media Center's days are numbered with isn't surprising considering the rapid shift to internet content, but at least its still an option and hopefully it will still work with CableCard. And of course there are licensing fees that Microsoft will no longer have to pay for in every copy of Windows for Media Center as well, so it's really as much a cost saving move as a right fitting of how content is now delivered which has changed radically in the decade since the release of Media Center.

The most interesting version for many will be Windows RT, which is the ARM version that only comes with ARM devices and isn't a standalone product. The most interesting aspect to Windows RT is the inclusion of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and perhaps the most important app in that suite for tablets, OneNote. However no Outlook and no mention of it at all, not even as a... Read more

Answer:Windows 8 Editions announced

About time.

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Brandon leBlanc on the Windows Team Blog announced the dates we've been waiting for:
Connect, Technet & MSDN subscribers: 6th August
Microsoft Partners: 16t August
Microsoft Action Pack subscribers: 23rd August
Volume Licenses (with Software Assurance): 7th August
Volume Licenses (without Software Assurance): 1st September
General Availability: 22nd October

Answer:Windows 7 RTM Dates Announced!

Yes blogged it and only a Thank you for Beta testers no Win 7 for them ..

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An excerpt from an email I got today, the expected announcement of Windows 7 etc:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Announcing: Release to Manufacturing

It's almost here! We're very happy to tell you that we've hit the last big milestone on the way to Windows 7: Release to Manufacturing. We're packaging copies and manufacturers are putting it on new PCs. On October 22, you'll be able to get the final shipping product. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done; you helped make this an operating system we're all going to enjoy.

Don't miss the good stuff. With the final release rapidly approaching, make sure you learn about special offers and other news including details about launch events in your area. A great way to keep up with what's going on is to sign up for one of our free newsletters. Not only will you get the scoop on the Windows 7 launch, you'll get useful news throughout the year.
-If you're interested in general Windows topics, Exploring Windows is the best choice.
Meanwhile, RC's downloads are still available. You can get the release candidate download until August 20, 2009. After that, you won't be able to get the download, but if you have the software, you can still install the RC and get a key if you need one. (Keys will be available till March 2010. To get a key, just go to the Downloads page and follow the instructions.)

We're listening. Tell us what you think. If you're using Windows 7 R... Read more

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Although additional "sku's" are available, Microsoft is anticipating that two versions of Windows 7 will meet the needs of most people. Those two versions are Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional. Security Garden: Windows 7 Editions Announced

Answer:Windows 7 Editions Announced beat me to it, Corrine!

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Hi every body. I just did a fresh & clean install of Windows 10 th2 Version 1511 and I download and install the latest drivers from the website and supporting Lenovo L440 but  Windows Hello (Fingerprint) is not displayed in the connection options unlike my old installation windows 10 TH1 or working great.Is it a porblem of driver fingerpoint on Win10 TH2?Lenovo L440 Windows 10 TH2 build 10586 x64Version Synaptics FP Sensors Pilot: 4.5.317.0


Go to Solution.

Answer:No Windows Hello Fingerprint options after upgrade to Win10 TH2

I had the same problem: Solution:1. Start gpedit.msc.a. Configuration computer.b. Administrative Templatesc. Windows Componentsd. Biometrics:On:- Allow use of biometrics- Allow users to login using biometrics 

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No audio (output and commands) after last upgrade of Microsoft Windows 10 (in last version everything works properly)A little withe cross on a red circle appears at right of the icon of the speaker on instruments bar. Also it appears a note: No external speakers or earphones are connected (instead everything is OK) The problem solution tool doesnt't solve anything and on the HP site the Realtek audio drivers are available only for Windows 7, but nothing for Windows 10 !!!I tried  an upgrade from Realtek site also, but with no results.What can I do more ?

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The official word on timing for Windows 7 has come to the world...October 22, 2009.For more info, check out the articles below:!

Answer:Windows 7 Release Date Announced

Thanks for the heads up. I have been enjoying the RC.

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click here

Answer:Windows 7 release date announced

click here

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Microsoft recently announced that the Windows 10 OS will be offered as a free upgrade to customers with Windows 7 and newer. Does ACER plan to provide driver support for its customers, with older Operating systems who wish to upgrade?

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Thankfully it seems for most it will boil down to a choice between Home Premium and Professional.Also it appears an upgrade from XP is not supported, XP users can only "upgrade" by performing a clean install of Windows 7.Microsoft will not support an in-place upgrade but there will be utilities to smooth the process and get data transferred over easily. Anyone interested and read the details here

Answer:Windows 7 Product Editions Announced

they will be 5 versions of 7 and 4 of them can be bought by your average Joe Soap.

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Microsoft recently announced that the Windows 10 OS will be offered as a free upgrade to customers with Windows 7 and newer. Does ACER plan to provide driver support for its customers, with older Operating systems who wish to upgrade?

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i just downloaded/installed the new windows10 OS, my computer restarted after first login and lost the wifi driver. the driver I need is (PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002B&SUBSYS_7173144F&REV_01)
what are my options? I looked for the windows 10 driver online with no luck.

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I used to be able to email a photo by clicking the Share icon, then selecting my Gmail account from the list. But ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, Gmail is no longer among the options. It is installed as an email account on my phone and it's been working fine.
How do I add Gmail to the Share list (with Facebook, Messaging, Outlook Mail, etc)?

Answer:Gmail no longer in Share options after upgrade to Windows 10

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I used to be able to email a photo by clicking the Share icon, then selecting my Gmail account from the list. But ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, Gmail is no longer among the options. It is installed as an email account on my phone and it's been working fine.
How do I add Gmail to the Share list (with Facebook, Messaging, Outlook Mail, etc)? You need to share via Outlook and from the list of configured accounts pick up GMail account. Works for me every time...

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Businesses switching to Windows 10 for Enterprise won't be getting the operating system as a free upgrade within the first year of release and it will be updated differently as well.

Back in October, it was reported that Microsoft was working on a lock-down update system for Windows 10 business users and it seems that it will be implemented in the Enterprise version of the operating system.

According to Microsoft's latest blog post, the company's free Windows 10 upgrade offer won't cover the Enterprise version of the OS which is provided to software assurance customers. It has also been revealed that updates would be delivered to Enterprise customers differently as well.

Enterprise customers will have a thoroughly tested version of Windows 10 as compatibility with existing hardware and older software is a critical requirement of businesses. Microsoft will maintain two branches for such customers, one being the Long Term Servicing Branch and the other would be the Current Branch for Business.

The Long Term Servicing branch will continue to get latest and greatest security updates and enterprise grade support, but the feature updates that will be pushed to normal customers will not be provided during the support lifecycle of the OS. This branch is aimed at businesses who cannot compromise on stability and can do without the cutting edge features.

Businesses opting for the Current Branch on the other hand will be able to get the feature updates from the ... Read more

Answer:Windows 10 for Enterprise is not free in the first year and other changes announced

no one will upgrade anyway so its not a big....

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Through our sources close to Microsoft, we can now confirm that the Windows 7 RTM build that will be chosen over the next few days will be officially announced on July 13th, 2009, the same day as the WPC09 (Worldwide Partner Conference) will take place in New Orleans.
As I just mentioned, Microsoft is still in the process of testing and choosing from the RTM candidate builds as they need to ensure that all show-stopper bugs present in the OS have been eradicated to ensure as much of a smooth, bug-free release as possible. TechNet, MSDN, and other partner connections will be getting their hands on the RTM build shortly after, if not on the same day.
Ever since many got to experience Windows 7 with many of it?s new features and performance improvements particularly with 6801 and Rafael?s Blue Badge tool, most fell in love with the OS. Stay tuned for our in-depth Inside Windows 7 series, which will highlight and discuss many of 7?s improvements over Vista, along with our RTM build review complete with benchmarks once the build surfaces on TechNet.

Answer:CONFIRMED: Windows 7 RTM To Be Announced July 13th

old news...

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I currently have Vista Ultimate x64 and Windows 7 RC1 x64 running in a dual boot setup. Each OS is installed on a separate disk drive. If I preorder Windows 7 Professional upgrade ($99) will I be able to do a clean install on a partition of my choice or will it force me to clean install over my existing Vista Ultimate partition ?? I understand that I cant do an upgrade in place from Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Professional. My question is will the preorder Windows 7 upgrade force to me "kill" my Vista Ultimate partition ?

Answer:Windows 7 preorder upgrade dual boot install options

you can clean install using the upgrade disc. If you're careful you shouldn't kill your Vista installation.

Same method as:
Clean Install From Upgrade Vista - Vista Forums

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Windows 7, the next major release of the world's most popular operating system, will be officially available to the public on 22 October.Microsoft is hoping it can avoid the negative press that surrounded the launch of Vista, the last major Windows release, almost three years ago.Windows 7 has been designed to be compatible with Vista so users do not have to invest in new hardware.Customers who buy a new PC with Vista will be offered upgrades to Windows 7.Quoted Story - like Microsoft rushed it through a bit quicker than was anticipated, if I remember right originally it was forecast for the 1st Quarter of 2010, then a few weeks ago it was forecast to come out around the Holiday Season (USA) which is after or around Thanksgiving I think? (last week in November) and now it is out a month earlier than estimated a few weeks ago.I haven't tried it myself so don't know what it is like other than what I have heard, I might buy it around or after Christmas and upgrade the Vista system on my Laptop, would help the Start-Up/Shutdown sequence on it takes quite a while for my tastes, about 45 seconds start-up (before logging in) and about 1 min to shutdown although I've cut the shutdown to about 30 seconds with a small tweak to force programs to close down quicker.EDIT: Should have checked before I posted, seems someone posted it last night -, Seems to... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 Release Date Announced - 22nd October

Thanx for info!

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If you're a Windows Home Server user, this news should be of interest to you:

With enhancements and new schtuffz for Windows 7 users too. Looks promising, even if it's in beta at this stage, so go sign up and check it out.

Answer:Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 announced...

Hmm, I was already a member of their beta for WHS and PP1 when it was i beta, yet when I check I can't see the download for PP3 beta. Interesting.

Thanks for the info!

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I'm new to Windows Phone. Have come from a long line of Nokia symbian phones, where the caller's name could be set to be announced thru my bluetooth handsfree headset. Is this not possible in Windows Phone?

Answer:Is there any way to have caller name announced thru bluetooth headset on Windows Phone?

You could assign a separate ringtone to the person

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Answer:Announced - Build 10559 Windows Mobil - Today

This is fake news by an imposter.

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Answer:Announced - Build 10559 Windows Mobil - Today

This is fake news by an imposter.

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Newegg has the OEM pricing up, and small discounts (~10) for pre-orders.

OEM Home Premium: $110
OEM Pro: $140
OEM Ult: $190
ArsTechnica Windows 7 OEM Price Comparison Chart

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Question: Windows 10 Pricing

This is right in line w/ the amounts expected & suggested since quite a while ago.

If not eligible for the free Upgrade or doing clean installs...Pricing for non-in-place Upgrades of Windows 10



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Question: Windows 7 Pricing

Is there going to be an upgrade edition, particularly one that takes you from XP to 7?

And how much is it going to cost if so?

Answer:Windows 7 Pricing

There is already one...its 119.99$, its has all been covered, search newegg, amazon, etc etc

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Question: windows 7 pricing.

not sure how accurate this is......but some pricing anways.

Answer:windows 7 pricing.

Good news if its true. Hopefully those prices aren't just promo prices. A $50 upgrade from Vista is extremely cool. It would be pretty hard to accuse Microsoft of gouging at that price.

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The following was copied/pasted from
According to Trend Micro, Apple will no longer be providing security updates for QuickTime for Windows, leaving this software vulnerable to exploitation.
[In particular] The Zero Day Initiative has issued advisories for two vulnerabilities found in QuickTime for Windows.
Computers running QuickTime for Windows will continue to work after support ends. However, using unsupported software may increase the risks from viruses and other security threats. Potential negative consequences include loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data, as well as damage to system resources or business assets. The only mitigation available is to uninstall QuickTime for Windows.
The following was copied/pasted from
(E)veryone should follow Apple’s guidance and uninstall QuickTime for Windows as soon as possible.
This is for two reasons.
First, Apple is deprecating QuickTime for Microsoft Windows. They will no longer be issuing security updates for the product on the Windows Platform and recommend users uninstall it. Note that this does not apply to QuickTime on Mac OSX.
Second, our Zero Day Initiative has just released two advisories ZDI-16-241 and ZDI-16-242 detailing two new, critical vulnerabilities affecting QuickTime for Windows. These advisories are being released... Read more

Answer:Apple Ends Support for QuickTime for Windows; New Vulnerabilities Announced

So what player is recommended, aside from Windows Media Player?

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i just upgraded to 8.1 and microsoft wants me to buy a license--thats ok--but then it shows the price as 289$

my question--what do i get for this? can I use this later on another pc? my current pc is old and i don't want to have to buy another license when i change pc's within 1 yea or less.

i can go buy an oem 8.1 software for about 140$ that i understand is only good for 1 pc.
any insight on how this works??

Answer:windows 8.1 pricing models

What did you upgrade from?

How did you manage to upgrade without buying a license beforehand?

If you were already running win 8.0 , there should be no charge, it is an update/service pack.

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"Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade for $49.99 (a $70 savings) and Windows 7 Professional Upgrade for $99.99 (a $100 savings) during this time."

Cheap as chips

Answer:Windows announce 7 pricing !!

What's that in ten bob notes mate?

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In an effort to reduce piracy, and convince users to not only upgrade their computers but also their OS, Microsoft is expected to dramatically reduce the price of its OS

Answer:Windows Vista Pricing - $99?

when vista releases in december (hopefully) it'll only be in its second beta not the full version that could be the reason for the small price... windows home is only 87 bucks on newegg. but i could be wrong it could be the full version. that'd be pretty awsome if vista is really cheap

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From what I can gather there are 4 versions of windows 8:

* Regular - not for sale, only manufacturer pre-installed.

* Pro - For sale in computer supply stores, An upgrade from previous such as W7, Vista, XP.

* Pro - that will only enhance "regular" to Pro.

* RT - only for tablets, notebooks and such devices, manufacturer installed. A reduced version without some Pro features.

* W8 - Enterprise, Commercial, not for sale to the general public, only for corporations and government.


* W8 Pro upgrade. Windows has it on the Internet as a download for $39.99. The offer expires at the end of December 2012.

* W8 Pro upgrade from W7, Vista, XP, for sale in computer stores, Costco, Best Buy, Staples, CompUSA. Costco's price is $66.99. The others are $69.99.

* Windows Pro only for existing Win 8 regular already installed. Thus the regular manufacturer version is upgraded to Pro for $69.99. *( That would be actually a value of $69.99 plus &69.99 - $139.98 ).

The Windows Pro at Staples has on the price tag: "Retail price $199, $130 off. Offer expires February 2013.

So anyone who is contemplation purchasing a Windows Pro should be aware of/about the coming price increases. Looks as though in March 2013 it will cost everyone $199 so far as I can ascertain now.

Apparently installing Win 8 to upgrade Vista and XP will require re-installing all current software presently on the computer whereas a Win 7 will not.

Answer:Just a heads up about Windows 8 pricing.

What a list of misinformation

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Vista made me want to puke. So I took my old 32-bit XP home cd and reinstalled old reliable.

After reading various little snippets of information about W7 I'm getting kind of excited. I'm really tired of not being able to take full advantage of my Q6600, I know I can get a 64-bit version of XP but there really isn't a point.

Anyone know when this W7 will be released and what kind of pricing we'll be looking at?

Answer:[Windows 7] - Release date and pricing?

About a year after the first public beta. So if that comes out next month, your looking at Q4 2009/Q1 2010. I'm sure that Microsoft would like to have it out in time for the holidays if at all possible, unlike Vista.

I must admit that I find it interesting to hear comments like "Vista made me puke." Windows 7 is not going to as big of a jump over Vista as Vista was over XP. Microsoft will no doubt fix the biggies that were unpopular in Vista like UAC, but its not going to be a big shift. Same driver model and the like.

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Windows 8 Pricing Goes Back to Normal - Yahoo! News

Answer:Windows 8 Pricing Goes back to normal

Gosh - that's a big increase.

I'm glad I grabbed the licences at the bargain price and did my upgrading over the holiday.

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According to Neowin, Microsoft plans to reveal the prices of Windows 7 in mid June.As you might now Windows 7 is rumoured to be out by October 23rd as per reports from Acer or to be specific in the holiday season.Paul Thurrot says that the date is October 15th.
According to the NDA schedule on Tech ARP, OEMs are already aware of how much it will cost them to install on new systems and retailers have also been informed of how much the boxed editions will cost them to sell.Dell say that they already have the news about the pricing and also add that the pricing is costlier than Vista.
The schedule details give the announcement date as just a few weeks from now in mid-June.Ars technica had previously said about the leaked pricing list but that news was from a unconfirmed source so that turned false.But if you are a student you should be able to get Windows 7 at a discount or even completely for free.
Source - Tech Mania

Answer:Windows 7 pricing to be revealed by Mid June

I hope It won't go over Windows Vista.

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Answer:Windows 7 family pack pricing leak?

$136 for 3 installs is a mega-deal! How can the sell it that low if a retail upgrade is $99 normally?

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Hi guys,

New to the forum and have searched for some answers on this topic.

I have a small business with 16 computers I need to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. The computers currently have Windows 10 Home. (Side note: Will I have any issues with drivers, etc etc upgrading these computers from Home to Pro???)

Is it worth it to purchase volume licensing vs just buying OEM copies? Also when I go on CDW's site, are the "Open license" the ones I need to purchase? And are these licenses only good for 1 computer or all? (some say one license, others say one user, one is labeled 500+).

Any help is greatly appreciated. I need to get this figured out ASAP.

-Mark B.

Answer:Windows 10 Pro Volume licensing (very confusing pricing)

A volume license is restricted to a certain number of instances, but you can move them around as you see fit. Thus, as long as you deactivate the license for Computer A and then activate the license for Computer B, you've effected a license transfer from one machine to the other. Don't buy OEM Licenses: while cheap, they're (a) supposed to be provided by people who sell them with a computer and installing them on some other machine technically violates the license and (b) once installed, the license stays with that machine and cannot be transferred from one PC to another. As for reputable vendors to contact for volume licenses, I've done business with Software Wholesale International (now part of Crayon) for years, and they continue to offer the best prices on MSDN subscriptions and volume licenses I've found anywhere for small-timers like me. You may want to check them out as a point of comparison with CDW (whom I've also done business with).

PS: volume licenses can also come as part of a subscription deal through Open Value offerings (Microsoft Open Programs | Microsoft Volume Licensing). These may be a better deal for your business, as long as you don't mind paying them every year for your Windows seats (and other software).

PPS: working with the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center is a major PITA. Look for a vendor who will help you navigate their systems and get your account set up so you can access and use your licenses properly. SWI has videos to get people... Read more

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The general availability of Windows Server 2008 R2 has brought to the table a variety of complex offerings in terms of pricing and licensing which customers might find difficult to navigate. In this regard, Microsoft has taken the necessary steps in order to ensure that companies looking to leverage the latest iteration of Windows Server for their infrastructures will be able to benefit from an insight into purchase costs as well as the license options available. ?Windows Server 2008 R2 Licensing Overview? is a guide put together by the company and offered via the Microsoft Download Center.

Full read here: Windows Server 2008 R2 Pricing and Licensing - Guide available for download from Microsoft - Softpedia

Answer:Windows Server 2008 R2 Pricing and Licensing

Hi there
available if you want to test it you can get a download via TECHNET SUBSCRIPTION.

Of course you can't use the technet download in a commercial organisation - but for developers etc who want experience in using etc etc then a technet subscription ~250 - 300 USD is a NO BRAINER IMO.

Also good for HOME users who want to learn about installing and using Servers.

If you look for promo codes you can probably get a discount too on your technet subscription.

Incidentally Students *might* be able to get a free or cheap version of W2008 Server too - same conditions not for commercial use of course.

Note the download from Technet doesn't have an expiry unlike the Free Trial download and you can use several copies.


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Hi guys,

New to the forum and have searched for some answers on this topic.

I have a small business with 16 computers I need to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. The computers currently have Windows 10 Home. (Side note: Will I have any issues with drivers, etc etc upgrading these computers from Home to Pro???)

Is it worth it to purchase volume licensing vs just buying OEM copies? Also when I go on CDW's site, are the "Open license" the ones I need to purchase? And are these licenses only good for 1 computer or all? (some say one license, others say one user, one is labeled 500+).

Any help is greatly appreciated. I need to get this figured out ASAP.

-Mark B.

Answer:Windows 10 Pro Volume licensing (very confusing pricing)

A volume license is restricted to a certain number of instances, but you can move them around as you see fit. Thus, as long as you deactivate the license for Computer A and then activate the license for Computer B, you've effected a license transfer from one machine to the other. Don't buy OEM Licenses: while cheap, they're (a) supposed to be provided by people who sell them with a computer and installing them on some other machine technically violates the license and (b) once installed, the license stays with that machine and cannot be transferred from one PC to another. As for reputable vendors to contact for volume licenses, I've done business with Software Wholesale International (now part of Crayon) for years, and they continue to offer the best prices on MSDN subscriptions and volume licenses I've found anywhere for small-timers like me. You may want to check them out as a point of comparison with CDW (whom I've also done business with).

PS: volume licenses can also come as part of a subscription deal through Open Value offerings (Microsoft Open Programs | Microsoft Volume Licensing). These may be a better deal for your business, as long as you don't mind paying them every year for your Windows seats (and other software).

PPS: working with the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center is a major PITA. Look for a vendor who will help you navigate their systems and get your account set up so you can access and use your licenses properly. SWI has videos to get people... Read more

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Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. today announced the availability of Windows 7 for its customers in India. In line with Microsoft?s commitment to releasing a new OS at periodic schedules, keeping in mind evolving technologies, lifestyles and business needs, Windows 7 is designed to be more reliable and responsive, delivering a simplified PC experience for consumers.
Announcing the Windows 7 launch, Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman ? Microsoft India said, ?Proactive engagement and feedback thereof with partners and consumers was fundamental to the development of Windows 7. It has helped deliver what is the highest quality OS in the history of Windows. It enhances the user experience by its sheer simplicity and caters to their connected lives across work and play. We are delighted by the initial reviews from partners and the technology community. Over 90% of testers from around the world have rated it as ?good? or ?extremely good? and consider Windows 7 to be responsive, simple to use and stable.?
Windows 7 is available in six editions, targeted at specific user groups and addressing all segments of the market. The two primary editions are: Windows 7 Home Premium for home consumers and Windows 7 Professional for small and medium sized businesses. Also available in the line-up are Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic (in Emerging Markets only), Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate. The FPP pricing for Windows 7 has reduced in the range of 25-35 percent over Windows ... Read more

Answer:Microsoft Windows 7 launch & pricing in India

I can't see the price details there. Any idea on price?

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Last day to get it for $43 and change after taxes (that's what I paid anyways).

If you want Windows Media Center on your Windows 8 upgrade (Windows 8 Pro) you have until the end of the day to get it for free. You can get the license for free even if you don't yet have Windows 8 installed. You just need a valid email address. I believe it's going to be around $35 after today, Jan. 31, 2013.

So if you're on the fence make up your mind already!!!! :major:major:seeya:zzz

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Microsoft?s free Windows 10 upgrade deal is looking better and better all the time. For if you already own a genuine Windows PC, you could be saving yourself upwards of a huundred to almost two hundred dollars.

Microsoft confirmed Monday that the company will sell Windows 10 at retail for the same price as Windows 8.1: $119 for Windows 10 Home, $199 for Windows 10 Professional, and $99 for a Windows 10 Pro Pack to jump from a licensed copy of Windows 10 Home to the Professional version.

That means, unfortunately, that the price leaked by Newegg's retail site over the weekend for Windows 10 Home was incorrect. NewEgg pegged the price of the Windows 10 Home Edition at $109, and the Professional version at $149. It also claimed that the software would be released on August 31.

On July 29, according to Microsoft, you?ll be able either to download Windows 10 or buy a new Windows 10 PC from retailers. And if you click the ?reservation link? that Microsoft is pushing via its most recent updates to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, you can apparently sign up to preload the software just as soon as it?s ready. Microsoft promises that upgrades will be free for the ?supported lifespan? of the device, although it hasn?t explained what that phrase actually means.

As of press time, NewEgg changed the release date of the software to reflect the July 29 launch date that Microsoft officially announced early Monday morning; the company has not yet announced a revision to its pu... Read more

Answer:Microsoft releases official retail pricing for Windows 10

Thanks for the info Chuck.

and $99 for a Windows 10 Pro Pack to jump from a licensed copy of Windows 10 Home to the Professional version.

So even if I wanted or needed Pro, I can still get it half price after the upgrade on my OEM's.

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Nothing official from Microsoft

When it comes down to Windows 7 special offerings, Microsoft still has one or two aces up its sleeve. While it revealed the official pricing details for the upgrade and full retail boxes of Windows 7, and went live with a program designed to allow consumers in select markets to buy the Home Premium and Professionals SKUs of the OS at considerable discounts, the Redmond company has yet to unveil discount initiatives and price tags for additional offerings and flavors of the next iteration of the Windows client. This is the case with the Windows 7 Family Pack and the Windows Anytime Upgrade options. But even with Microsoft keeping a tight lid on the Windows 7 Family Pack and WAU pricing, company partners from the retail channel have made sure to leak the prices to the public.

Leaked Windows 7 Family Pack and WAU Pricing Details - Nothing official from Microsoft - Softpedia

Answer:Leaked Windows 7 Family Pack/WAU Pricing Details

Not trying to be rude or anything I'm just trying to help keep the forums free from cluter. This has already beeen posted in the news section Windows 7 Family Pack, Anytime Upgrade prices leak

Please do a search first and look in the news section before posting.

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I recently purchased a T430U and noticed a pricing error when changing the default Win8 os to Win7.  The price should stay the same however it is increasing.  The screen shots below are from January 8.  "Coincidently" the website is now behaving fine and the price stays the same. After several phone calls and emails they are saying that something else in the configuration must have changed which is NOT the case.  So they are refusing to issue the credit. Suggestions? Win 8 Pricing  Moderator note: images larger than 50k converted to links per forum rules:  Lenovo Community Participation Rules


Go to Solution.

Answer:T430U pricing error when selecting Windows 7 home edition

I've converted your oversized imaged to links.  As a bonus, they're easier to read
They seem to be indentical, even though they point to two separate uploaded images.  Am I missing something, or was one supposed to be the "before" and one the "after"?

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So this is what is up with all of the pre-order pricing perhaps?

Windows Vista was a huge advantage for Apple -- since it launched and up until last quarter, Apple was aggressively taking market share from Microsoft. Last quarter, Microsoft responded with a strong marketing campaign and stopped the erosion. Apple got a bit more aggressive in the second quarter and it is not yet clear whether it has started to take share again. However, in looking ahead to the second half of the year, Apple had itself positioned to take a massive amount of market share from Microsoft in the third quarter, due to a combination of aggressive upgrade pricing and actually having its new OS and hardware available in that quarter. In what continues to look like a tennis match, Microsoft has struck back with an aggressive, though short-lived, massively discounted preorder program which, based on recent surveys, may result in the company mitigating Apple's attack and announced initial pricing. I wrote earlier on Apple's move into the enterprise. Let's now go over the pricing program, discounts, upgrade recommendations and a few closing thoughts on Windows 7.

Microsoft Pricing

In every geography, pricing for Windows 7 will generally mirror or be under pricing for Windows Vista. In addition, there will probably be sales specials during the fourth quarter that will be announced close to launch... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 Pricing: Microsoft Responds to Snow Leopard Threat with Hot Deal

It ain't over till the fat lady... errr... ok, bad turn of phrase.

Apple hasn't announced any solid Snow Leopard release date, so do not be surprised if we suddenly see it released pre-Oct 22nd just to stick another thing in Microsoft's back... I sure as hell won't be, I'm expecting it around the time they have the next shindig announcing new iPods, etc... potentially a new Mac mini also among other things... with Snow Leopard released either the same day or right on the heels of those announcements.

Apple is fairly predictable these days. So much for their "Thinking Different" concepts...

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Windows 10.
If I use the Windows Key-X, or click on the windows icon and do a right click, the menu items are displayed but only a few of the menu items actually then do anything if they are selected.
For example clicking on the Control Panel - nothing happens.
If the type Control Panel in the taskbar search box - control Panel is displayed and clicking on that displays the Control Panel.
It was working fine, then suddenly stopped.
I have also tried logging in to another account but the same problem exists.
Any idea how I can get the Windows Key-X menu options to be reset - I have tried a restart, but no change.

Best regards


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Windows 10 windows voice recorder doesn't give options of what format to save the recording

Answer:What format options are available win 10 windows voice recorder and where are the options

You are right. No options. 256kbps AAC Stereo 44kHz m4a file.

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After playing with Windows 10 since launch night. I've been trying to figure out all of the backup/recovery options built in but only with a little success. I know what most of them do. But I don't know and can't figure out when to use what option and why or the hows.
In System Restore - System Security - Advanced System Settings - System Protection - You have two available options which System Restore can use C-Drive or PBR image that you can turn on or off with each and configure how much space to use with each.
This has me confused on whats the difference between system restore on the c-drive and system restore pbr image. I know pbr is push button reset I'm assuming goes together with reset this pc or restore this pc. But how do you know how much to use or what. And why is there 2 options and when should you use them.
Than we have the other options.
Create a recovery drive which I am currently doing that says it needs up 16 GB of space on my usb drive which I'm assuming by the size is the closest thing to a complete System image without the library files correct. Since that size is huge.
Now we have 2 other options.
Create System Image (I know is a complete duplicate of your pc basically and its gigantic, what one would use which switching to a new ssd or new harddrive to save time)
Create System Repair Disk - I understand this is what the title says but whats the difference in this and the Recovery drive I mentioned above and why would one make this if they h... Read more

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Question: Upgrade options

I am a gaming guy with not a lot of money to spend. Here is what I already have

1. Motherboard - ASUS P4P800
2. Graphic interface - AGP 8x ATi Radeon 9000 series 128 MB
3. Memory - 1024 MB
4. CPU - Intel P4 2.0
5. CPU Speed - 2.0 GHz
6. Power Supply Make/Model - No idea
7. Watt output/Amperage 300 Watts (I guess)

Here are a few screenshots from CPUz

I am currently playing Medieval 2 Total War. I want to play Oblivion. I love RTS and maybe RPGs. I can spend maybe $350 ~ $400.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Upgrade options

Your best bet: get yourself a new graphics card. Getting an X1950Pro AGP version might seem like a good idea, but your CPU would hold everything back if you did so.

Might be a good idea to bump the mem to 2 gigs, but the performance increase would be quite minimal I think.

I'd say the Geforce 6600gt AGP might be the slowest you'd want. The X800 might be ideal. Something more powerful than that wouldn't show much of an improvement IMO. With the X800 you might be able to play Oblivion, but don't expect awesome graphics.

You might also want to overclock your CPU, but its a risk. If you blow something up you'd need to get a new comp.

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Hello, I am not a PC-person, but am not totally useless. I'm into my online gaming and have upgraded my graphics card without problem.I'm now looking at whether it's feasible to upgrade my CPU. Currently I have an AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2162 MHz.I have no idea how to find out what possible CPUs might be compatible, and how easy or practical an operation it is, given I'm not exactly great once the back of the PC has been removed and I'm confronted with a load of PCBs and wires and stuffI look forward to your advice!

Answer:CPU Upgrade options

It sounds as if you have an AMD XP motherboard and the 3000+ is about top of the tree for them.To be sure can you post the make and model of the motherboard, if you don't know post back.Or the make and model of the computer if it is a shop bought machine.

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Question: upgrade options...

Hi,I've read here that my sl500 will only accept certain wirless cards, but I've been unable to locate a list of my options.Would someone please point me in the right direction?Thanks,Brian 

Answer:upgrade options...

Hi Brian, We have two type of cards for the SL series... WWAN and WLAN. You didn't specify the type of wireless service you would want to use the card for. Are you talking about upgrading to use a wireless broadband service (ie ATT, Verizon)? Many of the SL series machines are  "WWAN upgradable", meaning you can add a WWAN card that supports wireless broadband service . What is the machine type and model for your unit? An example would be "2746-JMG". If you can provide that information, it would help us to better answer your question. Cheers,Mark

 Do NOT PM me with technical issues. Post in the forum for assistance. Thanks

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I'm considering upgrading the CPU in my R61i (8918), fully knowing that this will void my already aged warranty. However, I'm not sure if the BIOS on the 8918 mainboard can handle the CPU I'm considering... Can the R61i bios handle a Core2quad processor, or should I stick with Core2duo? As a sidenote: Can the 8918 mainboard handle the newer 4gb DDR2 so-dimms (giving me a total of 8GB) or will that crash spectacularly? //Svein

W500 (4062) with 8GB ram, Seagate 500GB 7200rpm disk


Go to Solution.

Answer:CPU Upgrade options

If your R61i use the Santa Rosa chipset then 8 gigs of DDR2 is possible.  I wouldn't recommend you go with the Core 2 Quad processor due to the higher TDP, it will probably rise the temperature, due to the insufficient heat sink design... premature motherboard failure would probably result after a short operational time. Also i am not sure whether the motherboard in the laptop can support the power draw of the Core 2 Quad processor. Also, some of the Santa Rosa chipset motherboard use analgoue temperature probe, rather than newer digital temperature probe required for the T8xxx, T9xxx chipset, so they may not work properly in your motherboard. It really depends on the CPU that shipped with your motherboard, and the production time of your motherboard...  

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I tried to answer on the ssd thread but so no way to do so...What are my options for replacing the internal 500G HD with an SSD?  What specs am I needing to watch for?what are the limits?I saw in one place you need the recovery disks which I do not have anymore nor are they on the HD partitions as they were all removed.How much of a speed improvement will I see?Any other information you can give?Speed and reliability are major factors in this upgrade.

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Question: Upgrade options

Hey guys.

I'm considering an upgrade to my PC and was just wondering what you think I should go for.

My current system specs:

CPU: Phenom 9600 @ 2.3 GHz
Mobo: GA-MA790FX-DQ6
GFX Card: Radeon HD3870 X2
Memory: GEIL 2x1GB @ 800MHz
Sound Card: Creative X-FI Xtreme Audio
Monitor: LG 19" @ 1280x1024
Cooling: 2 front 80mm fans, 2 rear 80mm fans, stock cooling on GFX Card and CPU.
O/S: Dual booting XP Pro (32-bit) for general applications and Vista Ultimate (64-bit) for DX10 games.

I use my PC for gaming mainly (demanding games, like Crysis and Age of Conan), but also general applications (Office, watching movies, web-browsing etc.)

The four options I'm considering are:

-Upgrade my CPU to a Phenom 9950, for the extra speed, the more reliable B3 stepping, overclocking headroom and so on.

-Upgrade my RAM to 4GB of 1066 speed, to run games on Vista better.

-Get a water cooled case, for reduced noise and better overclocking.

-Get a larger monitor, possibly a 28" with 1920x1200 resolution.

In terms of price it goes 60 < Memory < CPU < Water-Cooling < Monitor < 300.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Upgrade options

You won't get a very good set of 4gb RAM for 60, especially as you're running those high demanding games, look on the website for their kits, and get an idea from there.
I'd also consider changing the stock cooler on the cpu and possibly the gpu.

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Question: Upgrade options

i was wondering if anyone could advise me on what to upgrade on my pc.
i want to play fs2004 a century of flight on high settings

my current setup
mobo: biostar k8m800
cpu: amd sempron 3600+
mem: 2gig ddr2
psu: winpower 600w
gpu: sapphirre hd3850 512mb agp

thanks guys

Answer:Upgrade options

nothing to upgrade. Your system is OLD and your components are near the maximum for such an old system.

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Question: Upgrade Options

Hi all

Please be patient;
I have an older computer a Gateway Performance 500MHz, P3, Graphics Card Voodoo 3000 - new HD 40GB.
Its fully RAM'd 768MB
What I was hoping to do was to Upgrade my machine, make it faster and better use with graphics packages - with hopefully not fortunes of money.
How would I go about a good UPGRADE.

Look forward to hearing sudjestions

regards Cracking


Answer:Upgrade Options

What graphics are you going to be doing? upgrading your PC won't be a cheap excercise.

You going to have to replace most of your hardware, If you want a faster chip, you need a newer mobo, which would need minimum of a 300W PSU and the board won't support SD RAM which I'm sure you have ATM you would need to get DDR Ram.

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I want to upgrade my graphics card and power supply, but am unsure of what products to buy. After some searching online, I found two decent PSUs in my price range (<$100):
SeaSonic M12II 620 Bronze 620W

Rosewill HIVE Series HIVE-750 750W

And two very similar graphics cards, but with different prices and dimensions, also in my price range (<$200):
EVGA SSC 02G-P4-3653-KR GeForce GTX 650 Ti

EVGA 02G-P4-3658-KR GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST

I am uncertain as to which models to buy, and concerned about the dimensions of the units, since I have a stock case that is fairly small (my current PSU has a depth of 5.5in, compared to 6.3 of the other ones, and there is not much room for a large GPU). If anyone could provide some insight on whether the items I've selected will fit in my case, or if they're of any reasonable quality, I would greatly appreciate the advice. Alternatively, I am also open to suggestions for other options.

*If possible, please make any suggestions on the Rosewill PSU ASAP, since the promotional offer for the product ends on Nov.12th.

Answer:PSU and GPU Upgrade Options

I have built two boxes using Rosewill psu's, they have been fine. Newegg has a 30 return as long as you have all the original packaging. As far as the gpu's I would go with the Ti Boost model.

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Question: Upgrade options?

Hi, i am looking into upgrading my self built desktop and i was wondering what you lot thought would be best for it.
My work load is mainly 3D modeling, rendering and texturing so CPU speed and RAM are paramount to the software i use :-

3DsMAX 2012
Cinema 4D
Poser Pro 2012

All high end 3D application programs demanding a high end PC to which i built at the time with the budget i had.
I am in a position to better the set up now so some advice on what i could add or change to the MB would be most appreciated.
Here are the stats of the pc at the moment.

Gigabyte GA-X58 USB3 MB
12gig OCZ Tripple channel gold RAM
Intel Core i7 950 LGA1366 (Standard CPU Fan)
XFX Radeon 6870 (Dont need to change this as programs arent reliant on GPU)
CoolMaster Silent Pro 500w (May replace this if needed)
3x1TB Samsung F3 HDD
W7 64bit

I dont want to get into a rebuild so replacing things to suite the MB is what i am looking at doing, any other info as requested.

I attached a cpuz just incase.

Thanks for any info offered,


Answer:Upgrade options?

You've only really a couple of options, both of which are to change the CPU for something more powerful, or overclock your existing unit.

Might be worth seeing what sort of money you could get a hex-core i7 980x for now the newer LGA 2011 is out, but ultimately your best bet will probably just be to get a bloody good aftermarket cooler and overclock your CPU.

As for coolers, dependant on your case, the Corsair H70/H100 radiator coolers, a Noctua NH-D14 or something like a Thermaltake Silver arrow.

Another option would be some faster RAM. DDR3-1600 would be recommended, maybe go for 24GB if you're finding you're using all of it up at the moment.

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Question: Upgrade Options

I have two machines, one running XP pro and the other running Vista Home premium, My question is: if I bought Vista Ultimate (Upgrade version) will it upgrade both of these operating systems?


Answer:Upgrade Options

Hi Dobbies,

It can upgrade either one, but you will only be able to choose one of them to upgrade since it can only be installed on one computer at a time to be able to activate it.

Hope this helps,

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Question: Upgrade Options


I have got an Intel Pentium(R) III Coppermine (700mhz). I want to improve performance on my PC which is a Packard Bell iConnect 1200 and I have already upgraded my hard drive to a Maxtor 80GB and upgraded my RAM to 128MB and my OS to XP. I plan to upgrade the RAM to 256MB and later 512MB but I'm not sure about my processor.

Do I need to get a new motherboard if I wanted to get a new processor with more power e.g. more than 1ghz?

Could I replace it with a P4 or would I need a new MB?

Is it possible to take my old one out and put a new one in just like my RAM and HDD?


Answer:Upgrade Options

If it is a Packard Hell then the motherboard and most of the components will be proprietary. This means that standard ATX power supplys, and motherboards will not fit into the case. You will have to upgrade since a PIV will not fit in that motherboard. If you are planning on going that far just get new everything. You can still use the hard drives and video card (if it is in a slot and not integrated) in the new PC.

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Question: upgrade options?

My grandfather is still using Xp on his Dell Latitude d620. Now, me being the tech savvy person of the house, i told him it was time to upgrade, but, i'm not sure if i want to install vista (shudder) or go with 7 or maybe even 8 (i'd like him to have 8 only because of the fact that his PC setting would be synced with his email, making it easier to re-install). So my question is, would 7 or 8 even work on his pc?

Answer:upgrade options?

Why not dual-boot XP with 7 instead? That way, he can choose either XP or 7 to boot.

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I have a HP 500B Microtower with a Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, and i want to upgrade to a Intel Core i7 CPU and i don't know if I can replace the procceser chip without needing to upgrade the motherboard.  Does anyone know the process for upgrading to the Intel Core i7 procsesser. Thanks

Answer:CPU Upgrade Options

@calebb What CPU do you have installed now??? REO

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Looking online all I see from Lenovo and Crucial are DDR3L 1600mhz CAS 11 or DDR3L 1866 CAS 13 memory.  Will this laptop accept and use CAS 9 ram?  I haven't found a maximum ram speed spec. sheet anywhere.  I already understand the limitation of 1.35v modules as well.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Ram upgrade options - G50-45

It will work with any timing. If you want to buy memory with low timings, you should look for gaming RAM like Corsair Vengeance, G.Skill Ripjaws, Kingston HyperX Impact or Crucial Ballistix. Most of them have CAS 9. Check some:G.Skill 1600 CAS 9Crucial 1600 CAS 9 G.Skill 1866 CAS 10Crucial 1866 CAS 10

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Question: Upgrade Options

Here is my spec
P4 2.26
256 PC800 RD RAM
GeForce 4 Ti200 64MB
Dual 80GB 7200 HD
SB Live Vale Sound Card
Logitech Cordless Desktop
17" Monitor
WinXp PRo SP1
DT2200 5.1 Speakers.

What I want is some general advice.
My system gets 12000 ish on 3dmark2000 is that good?
Im gonna need to get a sound card that supports my 5.1 speakers cause at the moment only 2 work!! I audigy the best option! What is the best card? Im may be looking for an external box with loads of inputs cause I eventually want to plug my guitar into it and use it as a recording studio.

I recently tried to upgrade my ram by putting 2 more 128 sticks in but they were uncompatible! doh, so im gonna try putting 2 64 in, so that will substantially increase my memory so I dont think that needs upgrading.

I use the Pc for games like UT2003, Q3, Tiger Woods 2003, and fifa2003, they look great at 1024*768 at 16 colors but do lag at 32bit at a higher res. So I am eventually gonna upgrade my video card to the new Fx series or a faster GF4 if they go a lot cheaper due to fx, and advice?

And any general advice on speeding up the PC atall??
Cheers guys

Answer:Upgrade Options

Overclock your Ti4200. You should be able to get Ti4600 speeds without problems. That should boost your 3dmark score a bit. Other than that your PC should pretty much run anything out there. If you are looking to upgrade your video card in the near future then don't get an older Directx8 compatible card. Get FX or Radeon 9700 Pro or one of the lower Radeons like the 9500. Other than that a faster processor would improve matters but for the moment you shouldn't really need it.

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Question: Upgrade options

I am currently running an emachines 370 with a 1.6 processor and 512 (PC2100) RAM Since puchasing it I have added Nvidia 5200 GFXcard and an extra hard drive which are suitable for my needsHowever, I am now wondering where to go next as my only problem is that it still seems slow and would like to be able to speed it up eg, I downloaded the FSX demo and although it ran it did seems to struggle!!Questions being - (1) If I look at upgrading mobo & processor - does that involve purhasing a new version of XP as well as I heard that once the mobo is changed it is classed as a "new machine" and therefore windows has to be replaced.(2) Because of the integrated DRAM Controller I think I can only push the RAM up to 1GB (PC2100) 333MHz - despite what emachines website says!!What would be the best way to upgrade & make my system faster whilst still giving me some form of "future-proofing" as I can't see any reason to get rid of the HDD's & DVD RW that I have added to the original system.Also, as with a lot of people, budget is a concern!!Ideas / Suggestions please

Answer:Upgrade options

How much do you want to spend and how much faster do you want your computer to be?

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i want a cpu that usually runs around 4.0GHz
i have an intel pentium n3700
which according to dell is in a socket type FCBGA1170
when i looked that up i got nothing and one person saying it was soldered and i figured id ask here before i completely give up

Answer:cpu upgrade options for my pc?

FCBGA1170 means it is a Ball Grid Array which means soldered on.
The answer is None.
notebook with an Intel Pentium CPU N3700

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I know there's got to be a better deal on this set of ram but I don't know enough about it to find the correct set
Getting it from the Crucial site is going to be higher but can't seem to find it anywhere so far
Attachment 340826

Answer:Other options for ram upgrade

here is a set it's not the same set but a little cheaper but same specs. Hope it helps

Crucial 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model CT2KIT25664BA160B -

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Question: upgrade options...

hello guys!
i was wondering if someone might be able to help me out here...i've got a copy of office professional xp (full version) and was wondering what my upgrade options might be? or if there's a certain website that may be able to help?

thanks guys!


Answer:upgrade options...

If you are looking to upgrade from Office Pro XP, your current upgrade options are Office Pro 2003 and Office Pro 2007. You're looking at about $400 if you find a good deal on it. I would recommend taking a look at the features of 2007. It would have a much greater learning curve compared to 2003, as it has been completely redesigned. The new features and new layout do a number on increasing productivity once you learn where all the features are located. I wouldn't recommend making the upgrade from XP to 2003, as there is not a whole lot of difference between them (it would be hard to justify the $400+).


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Hi,Can you please confirm if the following is correct please.You cant upgrade XP to W7,only a fresh installYou can upgrade VISTA to Windows 7 from within the Vista OS,not booting from the OS disc?Cheers

Answer:W7 upgrade options and OS

You can use an upgrade disk with XP, but it will do a fresh install, but will leave your files etc on the disk but not within windows. windows 7.will incorporate Vista.

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