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Making a copy of a document to disc drive

Question: Making a copy of a document to disc drive

I know this is simple but it is the first time I have tried this. I have an e book stored in my documents and I want to copy it to a disc. I open the document and put a new disc in the d drive. When I hit save it says the disc is full. It cannot be and I have tried numerous discs from the same container. Please help.

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Preferred Solution: Making a copy of a document to disc drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Making a copy of a document to disc drive

You need to burn it to disc using your writing software (Nero?)

Also check:

Start--> Run--> services.msc
IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service is not disabled, and is started (you can just double click on the service to change its startup)
This will allow you to drag and drop directly to blank media in My Computer

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I have a pc with 2 disc drives. I can play a disc showing photos but if I insert a new CD and try to save a Word document it refuses to save it.

Answer:Can't save document onto disc in CD drive

What do you mean by "refuses to save it"? What error message(s) appear? Can't write to the CD? Can you burn any new data like songs, or new pictures to this CD burner?

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I have 2 120GB disks. I am running Windows 2000 Pro.
I have partitioned the first disk to be 2 60 GB partitions with my operating system on the C:.
The second 120 Gb is what I use for my personal files, DVD backup/authoring and digital pics.
I want to have an image of my C: just in case something goes wrong or I get a real bad failure.
Presently, I made an image of C: on the D: using Maxtor's maxblast. (same physical drive)
Both drives are Maxtor. Should I make an image on the second hard drive, my computer labeled it as G:. There are two CD ROM/DVD drives in the computer.
Can I still use the D: as a good place for the mirror backup? Will I be able to boot from there if the C: dies?
Any help is much appreciated.

Answer:Help Making a copy of my C: drive

You can put the image whichever drive or partition you like (other than C. But since anything can fail, I would also recommend making a backup of that image as well.

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I would like to make a copy of my C drive in a hidden drive, like on a bought PC.
I know it's easy to reinstall but when you take account of the time involved to get all your software loaded and up and running it takes ages.

I would like to hit a key at boot up, access the hidden drive and reinstall thew entire setup.

Answer:making a bootable copy of OS on hidden drive


You are referring to what is known as a "recovery partition" and is usually part of an OEM installation. The easiest way to create something similar is to use Macrium to create a system image, and keep that stored on an external USB device:

Imaging with free Macrium

You can restore a system image of a typical installation in around 15-20mins.


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What software makes a second copy of a data drive an then updates it
later on. I am looking a best methods to back up my data drive which
is my second drive in my computer. I was looking a software package
called "second copy" but I don't know if that is best.
Note, it takes over 24hr to fully copy my data drive so what backup
stragies is best for me.
Thank you,

Answer:Backup Making a second copy of data drive

I highly reccommend Acronis True Image 10. It works with Vista as well as XP. I backup my "C" drive with the OS and programs on it in about 30 minutes. My data drive which contains about 87GB of data takes less than an hour to backup to an internal backup drive. I do this by making "exact images" of the drives. If any of my working drives go bad I simply replace and restore the image from my backup drive and I'm back in business as if nothing happened. Or, in case a file becomes corrupted or accidentially deleted, I can restore individual files very quickly. This program has saved my butt several times and it's well worth the price. NewEgg has it for $39.99 here:
or you can get the downloadable version for only $31.99 at NewEgg.

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I am downgrading a computer (my daughter gave me) from Vista to XP. Once I install the OS (I bought a copy of XP) and the drivers, I'd like to install some programs. How can I make an exact copy of the hard drive to keep for future use (in case I get a virus, etc)?

Answer:Making a clone copy or imaging of hard drive

You need drive-imaging/cloning software. Free ones with tutorials are here: downgrading to XP you must check that the PC manufacturer has got XP drivers for that model, ideally you should have done that already, before buying XP.Why is that important? Because Windows XP does not have a very large driver library and you can only get only get compatible ones from the PC manufacturer if it's a factory-built model.

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i have a laptop and 1 disc drive and no cd copier so if i want to copy cds cant i copy the orignal cd and then put a new dics in and paste it there and burn????

Answer:can i copy cds from one disc drive??

Let me get this straight you have no CD burner??

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When I use "send to drive E" the drive keeps opening saying "insert disc". If I insert a recorded disc it is recognized and Autoplay choices work. Neither cd-r nor cd-rw blanks are recognized as being in the the drive for copying.

Answer:why is disc in drive not recognized when copy

Before you can use "send to drive" when it's a cd/dvd you must first prepare the disk by formating it using Roxio or Nero or similar.I don't recomend this option as it tends to be unreliable. A better option is to make a folder to store files until you are ready to burn them. So make a folder "Burn Files" add it to the send to option. You can now use send to "Burn Files" when ready to burn, start the burner program that are using and drag the files over or use the add files to burn.

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Can someone please tell me whether the application for the above software( *.exe )is on the cover disc of Personal Computing World magazine for April 2009, or does one have to down load it from the Paragon web page, as I can not find the Drive Copy exe on the cover disc? Thanks very much David

Answer:Paragon Drive Copy Cover Disc

It was on the PC Answers cover disc last month!!

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I've been trying to do what I thought would be a very simple task: copy files & folders to a cd, using the Windows XP Wizard. I did everything that it asks you to: chose my files to copy, told the cd drive to copy the files, started the Wizard, and it tells me that there is no disc in the drive.

I tried two different brands of blank cd discs, each a cd-r. The cd player did not recognize either. The cd drive plays cds okay, so I don't know what the beejeebers is going on here.

BTW: the reason I'm doing a simple "copy" with the Windows feature, is that I have been told that is all I have to do = using "fancy" Other Manufacturer-brand cd copying programs will not work as well (for copying non-music files).

If I'm wrong on that count, let me know, cuz I *do* have several different cd copying programs, the I'm considering using for music copying.



Answer:CD drive won't recognize disc when using copy Wizard

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I have just purchased a Video DVD which the author recommends copying to a hard drive as a backup. It is not copy protected. A Google search suggests copying to a disk image and then copying the image to the HD but does not say how to. If I succeed in making the copy will I be able to run the programme (A tutorial) in the same way it runs from the DVD drive which is rather noisy? Ideally I would like a solution that is not too expensive!

Answer:Solved: Copy a DVD video disc to a hard drive?

Simply make a folder on your HD. Put the DVD into your drive and 'Explore' it. Now simply Copy, then Paste the VIDEO_TS folder from your disc to your hard drive. Exploring the VIDEO_TS folder look for the VIDEO_TS.IFO file, double click it. You might to associate it with your media player first. You could create a shortcut to the file on your Desktop for quick play.

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Is there a way to delete the computer hard drive clone on the external hard drive and recover the files that were lost?  I want my full external storage capacity back and, if possible, the files.  Thanks.  I'm running XP Home.

Answer:Disc Copy 2.3 ate up all my external hard drive-- from 320GB to 37GB now!

No idea what you are talking about. How about starting at the beginning and telling us the whole story?

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windows xp
when ever I search the file contents of a dvd, if I try to copy more than one file from the search result on that disk it simply tries to copy everything on the dvd to that location (or maybe it copies every file thats recursively in the path of the files I'm trying to copy)
so now I'm stuck moving one file at a time from my search results to avoid this

is there a way to stop this? thanks

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I am trying to copy MP3 files on to an audio disc using Disc Creator.
I can find the audio file that I want to copy but cannot get it to display in the Source Window.

Answer:Trying to copy MP3 files on to an audio disc using Disc Creator

Do you mean Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator?

This tool was designed to burin only the Recovery disk!

In your case I would recommend using an 3rd party tool like Nero

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Is there a way to make a document type of file in vb?

I need to get info from two different files and make one file that looks like an invoice with all the info in the right places, spaced out so the figures all line up; save it or be able to email it from vb.

If I can't email it I can always send it as an attachment.

How do I do this. I'm a newbie at vb6 and posting.

Thanks for all your help.


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I no longer have the option to right click on a floppy disc drive to copy disc to disc , can anyone help me to retreive the option ?.

Answer:right click to use copy disc to disc ( floppy)

sorry if this is a little blunt us to help you .. whats your operating system ?

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I don't know if I've ever seen a OneNote question here but I thought I'd try to it anyway...just pick y'all's brains some!Has anyone worked with OneNotes? A manager came to me with a question about leaving his notes open so other managers can edit them but their analysts can only read them.I've been researching and have found information about password protection but when I tried that, it actually hid everything. I don't see a read-only option but I thought someone might have an idea. Anyone?

Answer:Making OneNote document Read-Only

"Making OneNote Document Read-Only"Same as any other file:Close the document.Find the actual file in Windows Explorer or Documents.Right-click on it and choose "Properties".Tick "Read only" box.Click 'OK'.

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how do i make a 10.3 mb doc 9.7?

Answer:making a scanned document smaller

Use a smaller font.But seriously, There are two ways to create a scanned document, one is to just scan it and create a picture of the document. This can become rather large. The other way is to scan it using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and turn it into text. This will make the file much smaller.

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You know how there's certain PDF documents online that won't allow you to just type your words on them?

HOW do I make it typeable without paying any kind of fee to Adobe, etc. to make it a typeable document? I already tried copying & pasting onto Microsoft Word, but the spacing's completely different & looks odd.

I'm about to fill out my grad school application & I want it neater than my writing (not that it's bad) & no one has typewriters anymore!

Thanks for any help you can give!

Answer:Making an Online PDF Document Typeable?

I usually use OpenOffice Writer (It's like Word but OpenSource) along with the Sun PDF Import Extension to edit PDF documents.

Both are completely free. :)

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I have an employee expense report I'm trying to fix up.

People are supposed to be able to:
-enter personal info (credited to, etc)
-enter miles driven
-enter costs incurred

I have been able to lock the calculations in the cells that give a grand total for all expenses, as well as calculating mileage (so people don't accidentally put their milage in the wrong box). Those cells are un-editable now.

Now, since everyone in the company access this off the network, I need to prevent people from accidentally saving it. They still need to fill it out, so they can print and submit to their department heads.

I didn't see an option when I was enabling sheet protection to do this. What did I miss?

Answer:Excel '03: Making Document Un-Saveable

Sharing a workbook is not simple in Excel. At least in 2000 we've seen some issues.
But there's nothing to stop you from trying.
I would start by clicking the HELP button and typing "share workbook".
Why? so that you can get the entire picture of what is involved. Please read all the helps.
One of the first ones I'd look at is "About worksheet and workbook protection", the latter being what you're after.
Then I'd read "Edit a shared workbook" section as this shows how to place certain restrictions.
Good luck. It'll work after you get all the requirements figured out.

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Long story short - I wrote a 300 page story in word and (luckily) printed a draft copy. The PC got a virus and I had to reformat the hard drive, losing the Word document. The only way to get the manuscript back into the PC for further editing etc, is to scan it, page by page, (using Abby fine reader) This saves each page as an individual word document. How can I let Word know that each page sequentially follows the last and they are all part of the same document?cheersMatt.

Answer:making individually scanned pages a whole document

2 options - 1st is there a setting to scan multiple pages before converting?2nd - a bit slower - copy and paste each page into a single document, saving after each paste, just in case.

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I want to make a secure or semi secure PDF document with a free converter. Is there one or can you recommend one? I use doPDF and PD Fill, but I do not think there is any type of security.

Thank you

Answer:making a secure PDF document w/ free converter?

Secure PDF. Protect and encrypt your information with strong password-based PDF security. think it's free, I haven't used it

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Last week I bought a Sony 16X dual layer DVD-R which I installed next to my regular DVD reader. The new DVD writer will write CD's and DVD's straight from the hard drive perfectly but it won't write from disc to disc. I've tried fast copy on and off and both don't work. I've tried wiring the drives up in different ways with the same result every time.
I insert my "already copied" DVD into the reading drive and then a blank DVD into the writer, Nero starts, I click "disc to disc" and then burn. Before the disc even starts to right I get an error message that says "cannot copy this disc to a DVD". I've tried different discs with the same result. The discs I am trying to copy are copys them selves and not retail discs.
Anyone got any idea as to how to fix this?

Answer:Help, can't copy disc to disc with Nero (DVD-R)

You have to be careful, I'm not sure what discs you are copying, but not all times do the programs that are used to copy remove the encryption or protection. It very well could have transferred it to the copy as well.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:

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My cousin in Australia has send me a DVD he made with his video camera showing where lives and his family.I ould like to send my brother in Spain a copy and I alsohave a brother in Manchester who would like to see it but what is the best way to make a couple of copies.Not sure what program to use as have never done this before

Answer:Copy Video from disc to disc

WHat DD burning software do you use?
Nero has a disk copy option nero here

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I have bought HP 2000 Notebook PC 2000-2d62NR. How do I copy disc to disc in Window 8?Thank you for your suggestion.Best regards.

Answer:How to copy disc to disc in WIndow 8

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In trying to copy an Audio disc to a blank disc using Roxio 6 using Disc Copier it gets to 53% of the overall progress and then stops showing one or other of the following errors. ATAPI-Power calibration area is full ATIPI-Invalid field in CDB OR ATAPI-CDRW52XMAX-Seek,Synch.ATIP orMecanical positioning error(03/02/00) ATIPI-CDRW52MAX-Invalid field in CDB.(05/24/00) Any ideas of what my problem is and how to overcome it would be appreciated.

Answer:CD copy Disc to Disc RW problem,

Why are you trying to copy to A CD rewrite?Try copying to a normal CD Rom disc and at a lower speed setting

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I have bought a dvd disc from ebay with 1000 songs on it can some one tell me if its possible to put the songs on to a cd-rw ? and how i do it please,at the moment they seem to be on Q drive .many thanks

Answer:copy songs on to disc cd -rw from dvd disc

I doubt very much that you will be able to do this. And even if you could you wouldn't be able to play them in CD Players from a CD/RW disc. You would need lots of CDR discs to copy all of them.

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Every time my computer starts up it pops up, and while i'm using it now too. Why does it keep asking me to put a disc into the drive?


Answer:Windows-Disc. No disc in drive. Please insert disc. Pops up a lot.

you probably have an application running upon startup to prompt for that.
you did not finish an installation of a program/driver properly, and it thinks you are continuing the installation...

START, Run, enter msconfig, and check startup

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Hello yet again. I know there was a feature in Word 2003 that would enable a user to copy styles from one document to another. I cannot for the life of me find that function in 2007. Anyone know?TFR,Jen

Answer:Trying to copy styles from one document to another

If you type copy styles to another document in the Help box in Word 2003, you'll find a procedure for doing this in Word 2003.  I suggest you try the same search in Word 2007.

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I don't know what app to use to open a document in windows 10 where I can copy and paste off of it. I read it was Microsoft Edge, wrong.

Answer:Which app should I use to open a document so I can copy and

I don't believe Win 10 itself has such an app. Sometimes your computer manufacturer will have included something. Otherwise you need a package such as Word or equivalent. WordPad might open it a\s text but it is likely to be punctuated with some unreadable characters.This freebie will do it (and more besides): pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I have a pdf document that I downloaded from the internet. I just want to copy the text of a paragraph or two to cite as a quotation in another work--fair use and the source is duly noted. However I am unable to highlight any of the text in order to copy it to the clipboard. I have downloaded the trial version of a dozen or more so-called "pdf copy text protection removal" programs, but so far nothing seems to work. What am I missing? Does anyone have a clue?

Thanks for any and all responses!

Answer:Can't Copy Text From pdf Document!

Capture it with the snipping tool and print it, Then scan it into Word. Might work!

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I've a CD with some files on it and I've run a command from the Command Prompt to get all the files name listed in a word document. However is there a easiest way to do so??? please help

Answer:Copy to word document

You might be able to achieve that goal with this utility:

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So i i try to create a text document in disc C and it says meUnable to create file "New text document" Access denied>>P>P sry for my bad english

Answer:error cannot text document on disc C

How are you trying to create the text document? Using some software? Name of it please.Using command prompt with "copy CON"?NigelMobo: Asus P7P55D LEOS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional OEMCPU: Core i5 750 @ 2.67 GHzRAM: Corsair Dominator DHX+ DDR3 1600MH 4GBGPU: Sapphire 4870 D

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Hi, I think many has this problem as I found it in other forums without clear response. Sometimes my Internet Explorer 9 does not like Adobe Reader 9. So I open a document pdf which has no security issue, and I just click on the save a copy icon. The icon responds with a virtual click. And that's it. Does not appear the radiobox where I can chose where and how to save. Nothing happens. And I can't find the downloaded pdf in any temporary folders either (I can index system folders and do a search there). So I have to go to another computer where I do the same in Firefox and it works, I can save the pdf file. But this is not OK that I have to use someone else's computer. I just wonder why these intelligent guys who create IE and AR can not make something that works? And since years this problem has been existing. Any idea how to patch it? Cheers and happy new year !

Answer:Save a copy of a PDF document open in IE9 does not do anything

In IE9, enable the classic menu-bar which is disabled by default.

Now when you open a PDF in IE9 via the Adobe Reader plugin, just click File >> Save as. It will save it as a PDF file with a default filename.

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Hello how can I copy the text from a photo emailed me and either convert to a document or paste on translation site . I have tried most things but am not an expert ... a real novice . Thank you for your time

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I am trying to minimize and copy the size of a document - cannot work out how to do it.

Answer:copy and minimize size of document

Hi there @karanadowns?Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you are are trying to minimize the size of a document for copy purposes. I am happy to assist you with this. From the Forum you have posted in, I assume that you are using an HP Sprout. What software program are you using that you wish to modify or control the size of? Please let me know so I can look for a relevant answer for you.

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I want to Know how to scan a document and edit it, whenever i scan it comes as image and there is no place for doc. am connected to my HP throug USB cable.

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Hey I am creating a document template in Word and in Excel to send to my employees.

Now I don't want them to make changes to that particular template so what I am trying to do is If they try to edit or make any other changes, it should open a same document for them to edit in or ask them to save it as a different file.

I am not sure if putting "Read-Only" permission would help?

Answer:How to open a copy of the document once clicked

Welcome to SF.

File -> Save As -> Tool -> General -> Read Only

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If I have the excel file A:

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Ref [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Value //[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]1 [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]12 //[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]2 [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]45 //[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]7 [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]23 //[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]9 [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]67 //[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]12 [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]12 //[/SIZE][/FONT]

And The excel file B:

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Ref [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Value //[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]3 //[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]5 //[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]9 // [/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]12 //[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]14[/SIZE][/FONT] //

I whant to create a macro the user can chose to run in the file b, that takes valus from file A if the rows have the same Ref value.

Uppdated file B:

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Ref [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Value //[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]3 //[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]5 //[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]9[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2] 67 //[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]12[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2] 12 //[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]14 //[/SIZE][/FONT]

I gues this is quit simple, but, I'm new to this and need some guidlines. I'... Read more

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We need help printing, we have 13 documents in the que, but the print option does not show

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Question: Making XP disc

The laptop I'm buying has XP installed but no disc. How can I make a back up installation disc from the installed XP?

Answer:Making XP disc

No can do. You can purchase Acronis True Image and build an image of your system that you would be able to restore from.

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Hi all

I'm sure that this is possible. I have a MS Word document minimized. For now let's call it WordDoc1. I also have an Excel workbook opened. This workbook contains many worksheets. Is it possible to create a macro that does the following?:

I preselect (highlight) a cell or range of cells. When I execute the macro, the cells get copied from the Excel worksheet to the minimized WordDoc1 (I assumethat somehow you have to maximize it). When I preselect (highlight) a different set of cells in the workbook, and execute the same macro again, the new range of cells get copied below the first row in the WordDoc1, etc.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Copy a range of cells into a MS Word Document

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My boss asked me to create what is essentially a sign in sheet for employees on various sites which was simple enough in Excel. However, he now would like to include sequential page numbering that will continue on each time the one page document is printed. So if we print 20 copies today, they will be numbered 1-20. Then tomorrow, if we print 50 copies, it will start from 21 and number on from there.

I have been scouring the internet for hours, reading many forums and help sheets for excel that all refer to inserting code using the VBA editor and macros. Coding has always been something I cannot get a grasp of and particularly at this complexity. I have come to realise that there isnt going to be a way of doing this without using code however, I am struggling to determine how exactly to use the codes I can find on the internet regarding this.

I accepted this task because the idea seemed so simple I thought it would be a breeze. Now it seems I have bitten off more than I can chew.

I need the sequential print numbers to be RightAlligned in the Footnote, starting with the number 2000. Is there any chance someone can take me through this coding process step-by-step in a very easy to understand way. I am computer literate, but not with coding.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Operating System: Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Office 2007

Answer:Add Print Copy Number to Excel document

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Not sure I am in the right forum, but here goes. I have a 24 page word document that was saved as a word document. I need to post this on a web site, but the format changes and I don't want retype the whole thing. I am told I need to save it in html format, but it does not work. Can anyone help. Thanks.

Answer:Copy word document to HTML format


What version of MS Word

DO you have all the options installed. Save as HTM may be a selectable option during the installation of MS Word.

What happens when you use the "save as HTM" option Any messages on screen, any prompt for a location to save the file.

What error message(s) do you get.

I've just tried this with a Word XP document. The "save as htm" option allowed me to save a copy of the document as filename.html in the same folder by default. The file opened in IE and Opera quite normally.



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I just sent an e-mail to a doctor but it came back undelivered--apparently the address was out of date. Rather than type it all over again, I assume I can simply copy my e-mail text to a new Word document using the Edit feature. What are the steps to doing that?

Answer:How To Copy E-mail Text To A New Word Document

That should be quite straightforward. Open your email client and find the original email - there will probably be a copy in the "Sent" or similar named folder. Double click the email to open it in a full window.Press Ctrl+A (i.e. hold down the 'Ctrl' key and press the 'A' key at the same time.) Then press Ctrl+C You can close the email window and minimise the email client at this point.Open word with a new blank document and press Ctrl+V the text from your email should appear in the Word document, the font will be changed to the default Word font but otherwise the text will be the same.Hope that's what you were after.

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Hello, my printer is only printing 1 copy of a document, webpage, excel file, etc.

It doesn't matter what I print, when I select to print, I get the box to change the quantity, but no matter what I put in there, it always just prints one copy.

It will print all the pages of a document, but just 1 copy.

Any idea what I can do here?

Answer:Printer only prints 1 copy of document, even when I put 2 copies

Hi xmrkite. what brand/model printer is it?

If it is an HP laserJet type then this link may help:

Laserjet won't print multiple copies on Windows 7 - HP Support Forum

Otherwise post the details and we'll see what we can find.

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I have Compaq vista laptop with HP deskjet3050A connected. As far as I can see the printer is not able to do copy enlarging, as my last printer did. I want to make a copy of a hard document with enlarged font size. Is there any "work-around" I could try to achieve this? Allan.

Answer:Solved: Copy and enlarge a printed document

It seems there are enlargement options. Have you see this link?

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I am trying to put together a package, made up of several different word documents. Some of the information is the same from one document to another. Is there anyway I can put in a formula or something to have the information transfer to all the different documents, in the appropriate place within the documents, without copying and pasting it each time? Ideally I would like to be able to put the information on the first document, which happens to be a label, and then have certain fields automatically copy to other fields in multiple documents. Not sure if this is possible, or if it is just wishful thinking.
Thank you to anybody who can help me.

Answer:formula to copy text from one word document to another?

Hi Alanda,

I suspect that what you are trying to do could be accomplished by setting up a macro. GO HERE and see if that will help you out.

Good day!


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Can I do that? Adobe Acrobat Reader has no copy & paste function (or is there?). I am using MS Word 97 & Word 2000.




Answer:Protect Word Document From Copy,Cut,Paste

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Question: Making a DVD Copy

I have a family DVD that was made from older videos few years back. Have no problem viewing it on my laptop or DVD player.

I now wanted to make a few copies to distribute to family members. Have tried everything I know. I can make a copy & it does show that the DVD has made the copy with the files copied but when I do a playback, both my laptop & DVD player says unknown disk or no disk in drive.

I have a newer HP laptop with vista.


Answer:Making a DVD Copy

Hi Mike and welcome to Vista Forums

Are you closing and/or finalising the copies? By doing so, you write information to the lead-in and lead-out sections on the disk. Without this data, a disk may be classed as unknown/unrecognised when you try to access it.

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when a DVD disc hired from shop to display on TV by DVD player, I found that there are 4-5 complete movie stored in DVD Disc but i can not making a DVD disc with 3-4 movie (downloaded from Net) by "Nero 9" installed in my PC. When I add one movie in DVD maker of 'Nero 9', the movie covering more than 3.5 GB of the Blank DVD Disc in place of its actual size of 832 mb. So another movie can not adding with DVD maker and my project remained unsuccessful. please intimate manner to solve my problems. My computer consisting windows XP

Answer:Can not making dvd disc with 3-4 movie

Movies are converted to DVD format before being burned to disk. There is not enough room on a DVD for more than one normal length movie.

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I recently made a XP installation disc following instructions to copy my I386 folder, previously I only had a 'Restore' Cd. As I had trouble understanding how to slipstream SP1 onto the disc I never bothered thinking if I had to I'd download it. My question is my PC came with SP1 already installed so will it already be in the I386 folder or is it kept separate? TIA TR

Answer:Query after making XP disc

If your PC came pre-installed with SP1, the files in the i386 folder should already contain the SP1 files.

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Question: making boot disc

The good news

I got a nice asus laptop from best buy auction. asus x54c
the price was right.
win7 home prem. o/s key on case.
It looks cherry

The bad news

I downloaded win7 image.
I converted it to iso (magicISO)
I burnt that to DVDr (CDBurnerXP)
I tried to boot that disc in laptop = No result

What do I need to do to make it work?

Answer:making boot disc

You don`t have to convert it, it`s downloaded as an iso file, and use Imgburn to burn the iso to dvd, at 4x speed.

Since you have the key.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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So I decided my computer, being the general crap-storm that it is, needed a good reformatting. So I partitioned the drive (thank you, Paragon, for your dandy free-trial) and put the files I want to keep on there. Then I went to start making a recovery disc set. I didn't have any DVD-R's at the time so I said just use CD-R's. It was going to take twelve. After the first one, I decided I would just go buy some DVD-R's. So I did. The only problem is that now, it won't let me restart the process. Anytime I try to make a recovery disc set, it starts me at 3/12 and won't let me change. Is there anyway to start over and use DVD-R's instead (it only takes 2 discs as opposed to 12).

Also, I am doing this right, right? I've backed up my files on a seperate partition (G and, once I've got the recovery disc set, I'm going to format my C: drive, use the discs to reinstall Windows and then copy the files from the new partition back onto my C: drive. Is this the way I want to go about doing it?

My computer is an HP Pavillion a1010n with Windows XP Home Edition version 2002 with Service Pack 2 installed.

Thank you,


Answer:Making a Recovery Disc Set

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CD/DVD making noises when i put disc into and it event cant read disc

Answer:CD/DVD making noises when i put disc into PLS HELP

Hello eddieris99, and welcome to TSG.

If the noises are louder or different than the usual sounds of the disc spinning and the read/write heads moving, the most likely cause is a mechanical failure of the CD/DVD drive.

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Before I try I need advice. I receive PCAdvisor monthly. I travel a lot and take my laptop with me. I take all my programme and installation CD's with me (just in case). Each month there is at least one programme on the cover disc that I use. Up to now I have taken those discs with me (again, just in case).Now, my question is; can I transfer the relative programme, that I am using off the cover disc, and burn it onto a CD-RW with other programmes from other cover disc's and just take that disc with me and re-install from the CD-RW disc, should the need arise.I am running XP homeAdvice would be appreciated

Answer:Making a CD-RW from a cover disc

Yes a CDRW will do it - or better still a USB stick - you can get a 1GB disk for about 40 or so.

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I've been trying everything I can read and think of to get my recovery disc to boot to no avail. It just occurred to me that maybe it wasn't burnt right in the first place to make it bootable. Could that be? If so, is there a way to change it to bootable now?

It was originally burnt with Nero. I'm using an Acer Aspire 5670 with XP OS.

Answer:Making bootable disc

If you have Adobe Reader installed, you can access and read the on-line user's manual for that laptop.

Page 88 of 107 is where you need to start reading - "Acer eRecovery Management".


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ok i know most of this is possible if not all but i need some help. i have the first version of xp pro that i bought when it first came out with no sp or anything. i also have the official ms sp2 disc that i got for free from them. i know you can slipstream your own disc but how do i put all the stuff i want on to be done when i first boot up? what i mean is i want my disc so that when i install windows from my new disc it will alredy have sp2 on it, any drivers i decide to put on the disc installed, and programs such as windows messanger and outlook uninstalled or just not installed at all.

Answer:Making A Custom XP Disc?

While your at it why don't you intergrate you CD key in an answer file as well. You said you tried slipstreaming doesn't that work?

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I have recieved a file from a colleague that is copy protected. I need to change a few bits round but cannot 'select all, copy & paste'.
How is this done and is there any way round it?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Solved: Microsoft word copy protected document

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I frequently have hard copies of Word type documents that I need to edit to change the address for example and send on to other addresses.

Could someone please tell me how I can make a Word Document editable on a PC from a hard copy of a document?

HP told me it would be easy if I bought an HP Officejet 7612 all in one printer scanner with OCR software installed but now that I have got it there are no instructions for this issue.

Thanks for help

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Hello Everyone.

I need a help with the VBA macro.

I have one excel file & a word file. I need the data in the excel sheet to copy in to the word document.

This is what i need,

1. When you open the excel file, it has two columns Units & Comments.
2. The data in the Unit column need to replace this "XXXXXXXXXXXXX" in the word document,
3. The data in the Comments column need to replace this "cccccccc" in the word document,
4. once the unit column & comments column data is copied in to the word document. I need the word document to be saved with the file name of "XXXXXXXXXXXXX".

As a end result, i would have each file for each row in the excel file.

Is this possible? Could someone help me with this thing?

Thank you so much for looking in to this,

Answer:Solved: Copy data from Excel to Word Document

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hey, i was wondering how i would go about making a copy of my windows xp pro cd to have as a back up incase for some reason my other one gets lost or gets damaged


Answer:making a copy of a copywrited cd

Create a slipstream install cd with sp2 included.

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hello. sorry for bringing up a rudimentary question but i am not very computer literate.i have a game that i want to add mods to (il2 sturmovik) but i want to keep a 'clean' copy so can switch between the 2 as some servers I use dont allow do i make a copy of this?cheers,BHD

Answer:making copy of files

Do you have the original disk from before you installed the game, or the original downloaded .exe file? Either one of those will be a "clean" copy. You can then burn it to a disc or copy it to a new location on your PC. Make your modifications and then Save it under a different name.

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How do I make a copy of Favorites in IE on a CD-R?

Answer:Making a CD copy of Favorites in IE

Go to File-> Import and Export-> Export Favorites. Note where it puts it, it's a small file that you can then burn as data. It can then be 'Imported' if you like, to any machine.

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I am making data disk, or "write file folders to disk" source from folder from hard drive.

I wish to make more then one copy of it.

Where do I put the number of copies if I wish to burn more then one copy using
IMG Burn ?


Answer:Img burn making more then 1 copy

Open Img Burn > choose write file/folders to disc > go to Device tab > choose copies at the bottom

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I purchased a program for a Genisys automotive diagnostic system. The program is self bootable and installed on a 512 compact flash card. When I try to read the card or copy the card a menu pops up asking if I want to format this disk. The program works fine but it won't let me look at the files or copy it. Is this some form of copy protection? Any suggestions on how a Backup can be made? I'm working on my desktop with windows XP.
Thanks, Gary

Answer:making a backup copy

You might check with the vendor who sold you the program. Perhaps it is not in your license to be able to make a backup. Some licensing with allow it, others will not.

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Can I be advised on making a ghost copy of the Pretec 1 GB Industrial 2.5" IDE SSD.I would like to do it to make a back up of my existing SSD.

Thanks in advance for your time and advise.

Answer:Making a Ghost Copy

for guides to the various versions:

If you have questions:

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With my kids now wanting to borrow DVD's from my collection (first it was my vinyl records ....) I would like to be able to make a backup copy of certain DVD's that I own.The problem is though that even after using a Ripper such as Magic DVD Ripper, I cannot fit all of the files onto a blank DVD.Am I doing something wrong ?Any help would be appreciated.RegardsBig Big C

Answer:Making a DVD Backup copy

You need dvd shrink click here

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Is there any way to make a disk with the XP OS on it AND the 3 service paks
that could be used to do a complete recovery of the hard drive in case I have any problems in the future? I would like to make a dvd of it rather than a cd because I only have dvds right now. And, if this is near possible, will "add or remove programs" still pickup the OLD updates via Windows update? In general, I want to know the best possible ways of preserving my Win XP system now that Microsoft has stopped support for it. If it is a losing battle, I have a smaller but newer computer that uses win 7, but there is no mailprogram & no extra slots in the board. (I really liked Outlook EXpress!).

Answer:Making a copy of my current XP OS ...

Here is a list of many software packages that you can use to make a backup copy of your system in case of disaster.

Norton Ghost Alternatives for Windows -

Not the norton ghost but scroll down to the alternatives.
I've used a few of them and the top two are your best bet, Clonezilla and Acronis

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I got a computer with Vista on it, but didn't get any cds... just got a sticker with the CD key on it. I'm wondering how to make an actual cd copy of my Vista for reformatting which I like to do about once a year

Answer:Making a copy of Vista?

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I noticed that many game CDs have copy protection.How can i copy protect my own Cds which i create?

Answer:Making copy-protected CDs

To get the professional copy protection, you probably have to buy the software from the people who make the protection methods. Like if you wanted to use SecuROM, you would have to buy it from their site. I doubt it's cheap though...

I think Nero has a copy protection feature in it, I'm not sure how effective it is though. Probably not very, but it's better than nothing.

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I have a windows xp disk but would like to make a copy in case I misplace one can that be done?

Answer:Making a copy of windows XP

Hi standup2cancer Of course you can do that. You can easily make a copy of the CD/DVD if you need. You can do a full copy, or simply create an .iso from the disc, and then burn it to another CD/DVD, or even make a USB bootable with it. For the CD/DVD option, you can use ImgBurn, it works really well.

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I guess that'll be called "exporting" the Bookmarks file ? Under Windows 10.
Anyway, I need to have a copy of my favorite websites, o bookmarks, on a pendrive, to use on other computers.
Thanks for any help.

Answer:Making a copy of my Bookmarks

Is this for the new Edge browsers?

If so, have a look here, it gives the location

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Does anyone know if it is possible to convert the list of files in a folder or on a data disk (as would appear on Windows Explorer or My Computer) into a Word or at least an ASCII document. I know how to copy and paste the screen image, but I'm looking for a way to actually convert the file list into a word processing document.

Answer:converting folder or disc content list to Word document

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Ever since the transition to windows 10 the dvd drive will not recognize,read or view any disc i put in, it says please insert a disc into drive E:. However my brothers laptop can view,recognize and read the disc. How can i fix this

Answer:Dvd drive wont recognise disc, says please insert a disc into Drive E:

Hi What do you see in devise manager. Are there any yellow marks??

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I would like to upgrade to Rev F12i on my board, but for some reason I can not upgrade via USB like I did the other bios.

How would I go about making a bios upgrade disc?

GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1366 - GA-EX58-UD3R (rev. 1.0)

Answer:Need to update bios via CD, need help making DISC.


The best and safest bios flash\update especially for gigabyte motherboard is the qflash usb method.
Did you followed these steps?

Plug in usb,format usb,extract bios in usb,restart,run qflash.

Be very careful with GA motherboard bios flash\update,gigabyte motherboard are the most "faddy" with bios update,a simple wrong step causes problems.

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ive bought a new S10-3. I wanted to make the recovery discs from start, so i used my usb burner to make them but the PC frozen at the 2. discs and i restartet it, but now i cant make the recovery disc, it say "the image not found in the default path" ive called lenovo help-desk and the want 80 euros to repair it !!!!!!!, they told me because ive used and external device it was my problem and there is none waranty  

Answer:problems making recovery disc

You need to hide the partition and set a special number. I've seen this before. Use the search feature in the forums to find the answer.

IPnaSh First Spanish Community Guru - Colaborador ad honorem

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I thought it would be a good idea to have a back-up of my files, vital programs etc in the event of my PC crashing and losing everything as my PC is coming up to 6yrs old. I have downloaded and printed off a copy of a step by step Windows reformat and have my original XP Home Edition SP1 disc as well as a streamlined
disc my son in law made with SP2 added.
My question is, what programs etc do I need to make a back up disc of my Firewall, AV, Spyware and other security programs as well as any necessary files etc. I have several DVD+R recordable discs with 4.7GB capacity which I plan to use. I am used to burning music CD's using Windows Media Player 11 but having never done this before am not sure if I can use WMP11 to make a data disc or do I need any special program instead and would appreciate any advice / help offered.

Answer:Making a Backup Disc Help Needed.

You will want software that will let you span discs so that you can fill up each disc completely and then insert another one to continue copying without having to find files that do not exceed the capacity of each individual disc. I finally bit the bullet and bought a 500 Gb external USB drive and Acronis True Image both for a little over $100. I can mirror image my entire internal 80 Gb hard drive or recover the entire internal image in about 2.5 hours on my old machine. I mirror the internal at night so it takes no time. When you back up to CD's it's a slow process each time that has to be repeated over and over. Then you have to really know where all your user files are located and it is easy to miss backing up an important data file that may not be in your user directory. The other part is that for me it would literally take days to restore all the application software I currently am using and get all the application settings back. I am cheap but that $100 investment has been worth every penny.

Good Luck

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I thought I was choosing my flash drive to create my recovery drive but it was my USB external drive.  Can I now copy my recovery on my external drive to a flash drive.  Will the flash drive then function as a recovery drive or am I stuck with one less external drive to assure I have a workable recovery?

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AUDIO_TS (folder)
"nothing is inside this folder"

VIDEO_TS (folder)

I've played if fine in a VLC player or something like that I downloaded from the internet. But when playing the file I had to play each section one at a time 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 until the movie was finished.

I'd like to be able to burn these to a DVD disc and have the program combine them so that it will play on a DVD player.

Thanks for any help on this matter!

Answer:New to making DVD's. How do I take these files and burn them to a disc?

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Im struggling guys trying to help a fellow pc advisor pal. im trying to make a boot disc from two floppies, magor geeks seatools 3. Have down loaded the info onto floppies and everything works ok, but only seem to get the read only files on the cd. (does this need a special programme.can i have some help please

Answer:Making a cd boot disc from floppies.

have a look here for instrclick here

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I'm trying to get a 2nd system for older software running Windows 98SE. I
only have a backup copy of my old install CD (the original no doubt walked years ago) and it isn't a bootable one.

I have no means of making a bootable floppy, I have looked at downloadable
ones and I'm not sure which one to get. I've tried a couple and either they
are the wrong ones or there is a hardware fault with the floppy drive (old hardware). My
options to download seem to be:

Automatic Boot Disk:

Diskette Images:

No idea if I have a Ramdrive.

So failing that I need to burn a copy of the CD with a boot sector
containing the relevant files. As far as I know. But I have no idea how to
do that and what files I'd need (or where they would be.) My copy of Nero
has no options to make a boot disc and I can't figure out how to do it in XP, assuming you even can.

So any tips would be gratefully accepted.

Answer:Making a Win98 Boot disc

you can go to, but i preferred to make one off the win98 op system the original one i preferred.

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We just brought a laptop with windows 8 on it, does anyone know exactly how to go about making the recovery disc for it. I can't even find the control panel or system recovery on it. HELP!!! Thanks bunches.. Marilyn

Answer:Making Recovery Disc For Windows 8

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I am currently running dual boot Vista SP2 (which I shall replace with WIN7 in October) and XP SP3.I have the original XP installation disc but I do not have copies of SP2 and SP3 or any of the security downloads. How can I make a copy from my computer of the full installation of XP in order to reload it should it become necessary?

Answer:Making full XP program disc

How to create a bootable XP SP3 CDclick here

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I know there is most likely a very simple solution to this,but i can't for the life of me work it out.Whenever i try to make a mp3 disc using Nero Express,i have a problem burning the tracks in the order i want them.As i add tracks one by one before burning them,Nero seems to put them into some sort of alphabetical order,and i can't drag or move them to play in the order i want them.This is really annoying if you are burning an album that has to follow in sequence.There's never any problem burning a normal audio disc,as the tracks can be arranged in any order before burning them,just an mp3 disc seems to be a problem.Sometimes if i add an entire folder,the songs will be re-arranged,i can't understand this at all.Any ideas how to overcome this problem,thanks.

Answer:Problem making mp3 disc with Nero.

You should be able to drag them into the order that you want, in the left pane.

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Ok I have re-installed the vista 64 os
I`ve updated to sp1
I use nero 8
winavi 8
Dvd Shrink 3.2
All of them work ok, so I converted an avi file to a dvd-r disc and everything works as in xp pro 32bit os.
So when i put the disc in a dvd player, it doesn`t want to play
So i try again, but then i make the 3 programes compatible with xp pro sp2..and still the same

Any help would be great....Thanks

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Well my college offers winxp and VISTA for free through a software website. Thing is you download it an an iso. image file. I can burn this to a disc no problem but i know you need to also place a bootable image file of some sort on the disc as well correct?

I'm using roxio easy CD creator 6
and i will probably be doing winxp on laptop and vista on desktop.

Answer:A question about making bootable disc?

No, just burn the ISO - the CD image for XP or the DVD image for Vista contained in the ISO file is already a properly set up bootable DVD, there's no need to modify it in any way, shape, or form.

You do not open the ISO to peek inside, you do not extract the files to a folder someplace - you simply burn the ISO to the proper media (CD to CDR/W, DVD to DVD+/-R/RW) and go.

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