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Picking up HAM or CB talk over PC speakers

Question: Picking up HAM or CB talk over PC speakers

I just didn't know where else to post this question.

I'm hearing H.A.M. operators,or people using C.B. radios ( not sure which) over my PC speakers. It's not real loud.I have to put a speaker up to my ear to hear what their saying,and turning the volume up or down has no effect. But. It's like a mosquito
buzzing in my ear.It's very irritating,and I just want it to go away. Please,somebody tell me how to make it go away. Maybe you know of a filter I can buy or something.
Thanks in advance. CB.
EDIT; A few hours later.
I was wrong about the volume control having no effect. I had my remote device ( part of my speaker system) turned way down..
Problems still the same though. In fact their yaking up a storm right now. Wouldn't be so bad if they had something worth saying LOL

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Preferred Solution: Picking up HAM or CB talk over PC speakers

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Picking up HAM or CB talk over PC speakers

I've had this with my TV in the past. It stopped after a few days, so it wasn't major. Anyways, the only stuff i know that can stop radio interference, is a type of wire mesh (sometimes like silk)

Apart from that, i'm not too sure.

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well yea i can here music and all that but my friend had his computer so he could sing threw his mic and u would here him i want it that way on my pc

all the site i looked at show another thing so idk wut to do plz help me

Answer:talk through mic hear out of speakers

If you're using a USB mic, tough luck you won't be able to do it with vista, maybe with a thirth party program.

If you're using a mic that is connected to your sound card,
go to the same as you are in your screen above

playback -> Speaker / Headphone (or which ever device is enabled) -> advanced -> Levels -> and simply flop your sound card entry to the highest possible (if it's to loud you make it less hard, but that's quite easy to understand)

I'm using a dutch version of Vista so i might get some words wrong.

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How would I disable this? When I talk thru my mic I can hear myself speak thru my speakers. I'm using a X-FI Fatality Champion with Front Panel and using the Front Planel's Line-in/Mic2 input. Also I'm using Windows 7 7600. I've tried both inputs for the mic, the one on the actual sound card (Mic 1) and the front input both make my own voice play thru the speakers. I don't want to hear myself talk.

Answer:Hear myself thru my speakers when I talk with mic

You need to mute the Microphone in "Playback devices", but leave it for "Recording Devices". The same goes for Windows XP.

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This is pretty weird. So I''m watching a movie on my dvd rom and when it was over, I closed out of it but I hear faint talking. I don't have any other programs running and I definitely don't have any radio programs installed or browsers running except for this. I get closer to my speakers and I hear what sounds like an am station talking about health. Has anyone ever heard of pc speakers picking up radio frequency? It's so faint that even if I have the volume on max, I'd still have to hold a speaker close to my ear to hear it.

Answer:speakers picking up am station

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HelloWe recently installed some logitech 5.1 speakers on our dell, but the computer is now talking to us! It's a foreign language, and seems to fade in/out when you adjust the volume. We are on broadband, but don't have the internet open all day. Are we picking up a radio station? We didn't notice it happening with the old pc speakers. Can anyone help?Thanks

Answer:speakers picking up talking (radio?)

Something connected or in the Computer is picking up Radio Frequencies. It is some sort of coil that does this, that the coils turns coincide with a Chanel. May be a Mic etc. The Speakers only amplify what the sound card is picking up

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I was just wondering if anyone knew how to hook up a Cell Phone to a PC so you could talk through its mic and speakers. Im running windows XP.

p.s. And I already know how to do Data transfer and that doesnt have anything to do with this post.

Answer:Can you talk to people using PC speakers and mic through using bluetooth from a cell?

they have so called skype cell phones which are used for skype like programs

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Several symptoms that started around the same time; I've dug into them individually without much success.

1. The speakers faintly deliver a radio program (I think it's Fox) whenever they are turned on, even if they are not connected to the computer.
2. The sound on various EA games (Spore, SIMS 3, Bejeweled Twist) doesn't work.
3. Generally very slow performance with IE 8

Other info:

We're running Kaspersky as our security program.
We have a wireless home network through our cable company


Answer:Speakers picking up radio + slow overall performance (Windows Vista; HJT log attached)

Hello , And to the Bleeping Computer Malware Removal Forum. My name is Elise and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems.I will be working on your malware issues, this may or may not solve other issues you may have with your machine.Please note that whatever repairs we make, are for fixing your computer problems only and by no means should be used on another computer.You may want to keep the link to this topic in your favorites. Alternatively, you can click the button at the top bar of this topic and Track this Topic, where you can choose email notifications. The topics you are tracking are shown here.-----------------------------------------------------------If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explanation about the tool. No inp... Read more

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how do I remove anti virus that wont uninstall at all

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having tried so many times to set-up my wireless router to talk talk even calling them in aiding me to get connected they have help for d-link a hauew based version but not tp-link
TD-W8910G all i need is the correct setup procedure and what i have to tick or not tick using the so(called) quick easy setup built in this is what i have done so no evale


vpi0-255) 0
vci(32-65535) 38
PPP over atm(PPPoA)
encapsulating mode (??????????)
authentiification method :CHAP
dial on demand :15


THIS DONT WORK UNABLE TO CONNECT TO ANYTHING NET RELATED AND YES HAVE DONE A CMDING/IPCONFIG AND SETUP XP CORRECTLY....sorry for the shouting but doing my head in need help plus the router has been tested with another network and is working correctly...

Answer:need setting for a tp-link td-w8910g fo connect to talk talk broadband

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Had problems with this laptop but sorted thanks to this forum. Been in spain for 6 months internet fine. Back in UK, trying to connect to Talk Talk, wont connect. Other laptop working fine. Dont know what the problem is???

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Does anyone know what the IP address is for this router please so that I can try to help someone set their router up over the phone.

Answer:Accessing Echo Life Talk talk Router settings if different tell the other person to look for Default Gateway in the Local Area Connection settings.

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I'm trying to help a friend who has a laptop with Vita Home Premium.She has the Talk Talk Connect 'n' Go set up CD ROM. When I try to install this I get the following error message:'You are not currently logged into your computer as an Administrator. Please log out and log back in as an Administrator and then restart the installer'When I originally logged into the laptop, my friend's account is shown as Administrator! The only other account shown is Guest.Any advice as to how to install would be much appreciated. I have already tried installing direct from the CD drive but get the same error message.

Answer:Vista Home Premium - Can't install Talk Talk

The drivers will be unsigned, try pressing F8 when installing the drivers.

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Is there an issue with connecting at present - not been able to for 3 days

Answer:Accessing Talk Talk Broadband in Manchester Area

google search forBroadband Manchester outageBroadband outage flummoxes BTclick here

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....and you bank details etc....

"Police are investigating a "significant and sustained cyber-attack" on the TalkTalk website, the UK company says.

The phone and broadband provider, which has over four million UK customers, said banking details and personal information could have been accessed.

TalkTalk said potentially all customers could be affected but it was too early to know what data had been stolen.

The Metropolitan Police said no-one had been arrested over Wednesday's attack but enquiries were ongoing.

TalkTalk said in a statement that a criminal investigation had been launched on Thursday.

It said there was a chance that some of the following customer data, not all of which was encrypted, had been accessed:
Names and addresses
Dates of birth
Email addresses
Telephone numbers
TalkTalk account information
Credit card and bank details
In the wake of the news, the company's share price dropped by 10% in the first few hours after the London stock exchange opened at 08:00 BST.

Cyber security consultant and former Scotland Yard detective Adrian Culley told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that a Russian Islamist group had posted online to claim responsibility for the attacks.

He said hackers claiming to be a cyber-jihadi group had posted data which appeared to be TalkTalk customers' private information - although he stressed their claim was yet to be verified or investigated.

Dido Harding, chief executive of the TalkTalk group, to... Read more

Answer:Talk Talk customer? Time to change your password. Again.

Well you can not log in at Talk Talk as the site is down.

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Hello, hope someone can help. I have recently signed up for talktalk broadband, and purchased the echolife HG520s wireless router. As I have windows vista, I was also sent a booklet advising how to set up the internet if you have vista. I managed to set up wired broadband, via the ethernet cable. However, I have got to the point of setting up our wireless connection (I have also purchased the belkin 54bps USB network adapter), and have hit a problem that no one seems to be able to sort yet! The book advises to download vista modem drivers from their website and even though when I click on the link it advises me it has downloaded, when I go to open the file it doesnt load (asks me what program I wish to open it with). Therefore, I cannot go any further, and talktalk's tech support put me through to their geek squad which is £25! Anyone know how to get round this problem? I have tried to install the belkin adapter on its own but that didnt work either. Help!

Answer:Problem with downloading talk talk vista drivers

You do not need drivers for a router. You just plug it in then Start Internet Explorer and type the Address in for the Router so you can get to the Setup page Then type your User Name and Password in These are all lower case letters for talktalk. That all you need to do. The manual you got with the router should tell you what the address is, if no manual it will be on the CD they have supplied with modem. Repeat YOU DO NOT NEED DRIVERS

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My housemate has been using her Dell laptop with my wireless router no problems whatsoever. I then changed to TalkTalk. My Windows 7 laptop connects no problem, my housemate's pc which has a wired connection to the talktalk router connects no problem.However, the dell laptop and the talktalk won't work together.I have gone through the diagnostics many a time via Talk & Go Assist which comes with talktalk and it always says its found Dell Wireless Adapter and needs to reset same and this should resolve the problem, however, it never resolves the problem.If we are very lucky we can get online after running talktalk's diagnose fault and it will come on but as soon as we click off the home pages we loose the wireless connection.I know I need to ring talktalk about this but I wondered if anyone had any similar issues perhaps with Talktalk. I want my facts straight before I ring them. I am wondering if the talktalk router has an issue with the dell wireless adapter and if I should be requesting a different router.Like I said, when I was on a different ISP and using a wireless router the dell laptop worked perfectly, its just since I got talktalk that it is having an issue.Its a Dell Inspirion 1545 laptop if this helps.As it is 'sometimes' possible to get online for the odd minute or so, the wireless part of it is all activated, nothing is disabled - and like I said above, when going through Talk & Go Assist procedure (which takes forever), it finds the Dell Wireless Adapter, it jus... Read more

Answer:Dell Wireless Adapter and Talk Talk - PROBLEMS

If anyone can help I think it is connected to the Dell wireless adapter and that it might turn itself off at boot - whatever that means! Have read numerous other Dell users having wireless problems, same as mine.Someone said about going into wireless settings and changing it so its on not off. (Not pressing the F2 button a bit more complicated than that.)This makes sense cos I spent ages doing all sorts on Monday and it worked fine, my friend went to use it yesterday and its lost connection again and so when I went to investigate today I could not got get a connection at all.Anyone with experience of Dell problems which they can share, much appreciated!

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I am a new member and I have a weird problem with Talk Talk. Moved into new flat and while we are waiting for our internet to be connected(?) our neighbour has told us we can use his Tallk Talk wifi which is unlimited and gave us the necessary code to connect. My wife's Xperia phone connected immediately and works fine on this connection. Her laptop (on Vista) however connected immediately but keeps coming up as Local Access only and won't open any web pages at all. My netbook (which is on XP) also connected immediately and show full connection at 54Mbps but also will not connect to any websites.
To further compound my frustration, both laptops will connect using my t MOBILE dongle and they work fine on that 7.2 Mbps connection. Also another neighbour has BT and both laptops will connect to the openzone from that (using my son'e log in as he is with BT) and open websites through that.
Does anyone have any ideas? I am not really confident enough to start deleting things and down loading new unless I know exactly what to do.


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Has anyone had any issues with talk talk, I have setup quite a few wireless networks but not with Talk Talk Broadband. I am using a belkin adsl modem/router which I have configured as per instructions on the talk talk website, also I have called technical support to check the user name and password and Belkin Technical Support but I am still unable to connect. On the Home page of the router setup it shows that there is an ADSL connection but the Green Connected Status is not Higlighted in the top right corner, and I am not receiving a WAN IP address!Anybody have any ideas ?

Answer:Talk Talk Broadband Belkin Router Setup

What is the state of the lights on the front of the belkin?

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Really hoping that someone may be able to help me out with a problem I currently have with my Tiscali internet. Probably since the start of the month my broadband speed has dropped from around 4mbps to spending most of the time at 0.25! Im using a Speed Touch 330 modem direct to my PC in the office and a Thompson Speed Stream direct via my Xbox. Both of which have suddenly started having problems with internet speeds this month, with slow connection and at times I'm just totally unable to connect with either. I have received a couple of call backs from their technical support who have tried to sort the problem but either failed or managed to make it worse! Was told my exchange would be "upgraded" at the start of this month as part of the Talk Talk take over and wondering if this has anything to do with it?Would really appreciate it if anyone might have any help/suggestions/similar problems?Many thanks

Answer:Tiscali/Talk Talk Broadband Speed & Connection

I am with tt and when they updated my local exchange it took a few days for the speed to establish and set up. Keep at them and make sure you get past the initial help people as they are just reporters of your problem and can do nothing. The other thing to try is to change your micro filter just in case one is not working properly. If possible you should connect to the master socket rather than through various extensions. I went to one house with a similar problem and found they were connecting through 3 telephone extension cables. Once connected to the master their speed quadrupled.

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Hi folks, I have just been given a computer and I am deleting unwanted programs using the Add Remove facility. I have one left to get rid of and it is Talk Talk Online Security. I am unable to delete it using this method. Is there another way to get rid of it, short of a format?Thanks

Answer:Unable to delete Talk Talk Online Security

Try removal in safe mode (disconnect from 'net).Hit F8 repeatedly during bootup.Or download it again (click `Try it free for 90 days` click here )then install and uninstall

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Hi Mu neice as just got a new laptop which i have just set up for her to run wirelessly. i have done this before with success four times. She is on Talk Talk and i have only done it on AOL before. I had to ask for help on the netgear help number, they were very good and took me through everything so i know it is all set up right there. The problem is after about half an hour the internet goes off on the laptop, we don't know about the man PC as no-one has been on it for that long. Then my neice goes upstairs, unplugs the router, plugs it in again and it is ok again. The router is a netgear dg834g and she is using a netgear card in the laptop. Is it to do with Talk Talk does anyone think? Or is there a setting which is wrong on the router which we missed? I don't remember seeing anything when setting up the other 4 times on AOL. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

Answer:Losing Internet after half hour on talk talk isp.

Check the MTU settings on the router , set to 1492 or lower , not below 1400 , about 1450 seems about right , see if it works for you ... Ashley

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received a email enquiry from a advert i have from someone using talk talk to my hotmail email used reply to answer the person and received, (The reason for the problem:5.1.0 - Unknown address error 550-'Unknown user')what is causing this

Answer:problems sending a reply to talk talk email

The error message is generated when the recipient, either does not exist or has changed his/her addressor the address has been mispelt...

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hi guysi have just joined talk talk and have a DLINK router.. however all is wroking fine but my DELL destop isnt sending a signal to my router.. i have resorted to desparte measures and even restored my PC to factory settings still the router cannot pickup my DESK top .. PLEASE ANYONE ... HELP!!!

Answer:d link router with talk talk no reading desktop

By "Desktop", do you mean a desktop computer or the Windows desktop? What are you trying to do? Network a desktop PC and a laptop? More info needed please, including operating systems and the Dlink's model number.

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Hi all

I have just received a Huawei - Echolife HG521 router from TALKTALK and am wanting to set up port forwarding so that i can have my web server working, i have had the web server running on my old router but i can not find the port forwarding page on this router. does anybody know how to find it? i know it exists because i found it yesterday but am not sure how i found it

Any help would be great


Answer:Solved: Port Forwarding on Talk Talk HG521

Scrap that, as soon as i posted that i found the page,

for anybody else that can not find it

Advanced > NAT > Port mapping (at the top)

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I am having difficulty with connection with a new Talk Talk installation. The cd installed fine and the internet is up and running, the only problem is when sending/receiving messages from outlook express. It seems to connect via a dial up, bringing up the dial up screen and asking to confirm the password etc. It then wont authorise the password and fail to send receive. The only time it seems to work is when the computer is first switched on. I looked at the internet connections and the Talk Talk broadband is the default dial up connection not broadband? Will this be the problem and how do I change it? I have looked at the internet setting from within outlook express and I think I have checked everything I should have but am no expert! Any ideas?

Answer:Talk Talk Broadband Installation - Outlook Express

on the dial up page click on never dial a connection

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Hey,I'm pretty new to setting up a networks - even a simple one, but it seems pretty straight forward yet this problems got me stumped... I just purchased a Netgear DG834 ADSL Firewall Router with 4 port 10/100 Switch. I'm using it to connect both my Apple Mac (non-intel G5) and my PC to the internet which I am getting from talk talk (free broadband package). My talk talk internet went live on the weekend, so I plugged in the router, and followed the Net Gear CD's setup instructions. That's where the problems began. I connected the ADSL filter in front of the modem cable going into the Router, and the router wouldnt recognise an internet connection. When I disconnect the filter, the router finds a connection immediately. The ADSL filter is a dual (modem and tel output) one but I am only using the upstairs extension telephone line for broadband. I'm currently having to connect to the internet via the router without an ADSL filter installed.Anyhow, after 3 attempts at installing the CD setup software, it finally installed correctly, but the internet connection I am receiving is painfully slow (5 mins to load up a page) and the router intermitently refuses to find random web pages. I have accessed the Net Gear routers administration info by opening up Internet Explorer and typing in the IP address, but all the descriptions seem to say it's working a-ok. Ive tried connecting new ethernet cables and modem cables but it's still just as slow. I've also gone to Internet Tools within ... Read more

Answer:Talk Talk Internet via NetGear DG834 problems

Original problem looks like a duff filter. You do need a serviceable filter at each point that any telephony equipment is plugged in (they separate data from voice). Overall problem you have could be a simple as that?

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I have a Samsung X15 laptop which is currently connected to Talk Talk Broadband via the usb cable and router.I would like to setup a wireless connection.I have therefore bought:-Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router WRT54GS and a Linksys G notebook adapter. On connection I have an excellent signal strength between the router and the laptop.I cannot however connect to the internet.Can anybody help as I am getting really frustrated. Do I have the right equipment?Thanks

Answer:Trouble connecting to internet via Talk Talk Broad

Forgot to mention, when I connect my ADSL modem cable to the wireless router, it affects my telephone line i.e. no dial tone.

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I am trying to help a neighbour to set up Outlook Express on her Laptop - she already has it set up on her home PC but would like to be able to access and reply to e-mails when on holiday in Spain. She has an internet connection (dialup) in Spain and can get onto the internet. What we can't manage to do is access her TalkTalk (ex OneTel) e-mails. It should be possible to do this, shouldn't it? But we need all the info to put into the laptop to get it to connect to TalkTalk.Also she doesn't want to actually "download" the e-mails on to the Laptop, which would mean she then couldn't get to them on her home PC. Could we do this through Tools - acs Properties - Leave on Server.Really do hope someone can help. Many thanks

Answer:Configure Outlook Express with Talk Talk / OneTel

The Username and Password for TalkTalk e-mails (including collecting through WebMail) are the e-mail address and password chosen by your neighbour.They are separate from the Username ([email protected] and TT designated Password for accessing the broadband service; these will, of course, only be viable on her home phone line.Providing you can access the TalkTalk/AOL home page (when using dial-up), using the e-mail service Username and Password for WebMail should enable messages to be Sent or Received.

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I am unable to connect my new wireless lappy to my local (Talk Talk broadband) connection I use for my desktop.
Is Vista wireless compatible with Talk Talk broadband? Doesn't seem to be aware of that connection...

Also where do I obtain key 'security key or passphrase'

Im sure this is obvious but I need help as Im no good at this


Answer:Wireless Vista laptop connection to Talk Talk

How does your desktop connect, are you using a router or modem or what. We need more information to be able to help you.

What operating system does the desktop use and what security programs do you have installed on both your machines, it could be the firewall blocking things or it could be something else.

Post back with as much information as you can get about your machines and the way you connect to the internet and someone should be able to help you.

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HiOur 3 Dell laptops wont connect to our Talk TAlk wirelessly unless we unplug the Talk Talk box for at least 15 secs, other makes of laptops, a PS3, an iPod and 2 Blackberrys have no problems linking to it as soon as they are turned on. Does anyone know why or how to fix this please? The Dells are Inspiron 1501 and 1545.

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Can Broadband be loaded using the supplied disc?. the letter from Talk talk says we can load by following a few instuctions. We have tried this several times and failed. Talktalk say that our broadband is up and running at their end .No connection lights on modem. Have tried all the usual checks. Not to familure with Vista yet.

Answer:Loading talk talk Broadband using vista

Hi, I am afraid you will find that TalkTalk broadband modems are not Vista compatible.

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For some strange reason I am suddenly opening my emails through talk talk and all im getting is the header but cant open the whole email. Has anyone any advice please?

Answer:talk talk email header proble,

TalkTalk have been posting messages that they had webmail problems, and they are working on it. Whether this is the reason you are having problems, you might need to wait and see.
I use TalkTalk and have had some webmail problems, with some emails not opening correctly.
You could try and alternative route to your TalkTalk email. If you try this, then on the opening page of the link, there is an option regarding security, choose the highest possible for best protection. You will also need to use your TalkTalk webmail password, but that should be secure. This is the link you could try click here

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click hereFor the topic in Consumerwatch Forum.

Answer:PlusNet hit back at Talk Talk Package?

Whichever way you look at it, it's still not as good as the TalkTalk offer with its free AnyTime UK and international calls (to 28 countries).Furthermore some of PlusNet's "comparisons" with TalkTalk features are either incorrect or misleading.For instance it states TalkTalk's Technical Support is "£2 per call plus 10p/min".In fact your initial call is 10p a minute (still way below most ISPS) and, if a query can't be answered immediately or requires additional support staff assistance, then a fixed charge of £2 is made.That's still cheaper than a great number of other ISPs..:-)

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Have just moved to TT from PlusNet. Cannot send pictures as they arrive as numbers and letters (even a small 9Kb one). It seems intermittent as one day it was OK. Does anyone have any knowledge of this and how to get round it?I'm using Thunderbird 2 and had no problem when with PN. thank you

Answer:Talk Talk Email - cannot send pics

it is probably a setting on your pc as I am with tt and have no problem with pics. Try picasa2 it is very good at sending pics. You can also use another e-mail prog - I use googlemail and hotmail.

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Having just purchased a new computer and set up my Talk Talk router, I am having serious issues setting up Outlook Express. I have spoken to Talk Talk for assistance having eventually got through to their 2nd line support but as I have a google mail E Mail address they were less than helpful. I have everything set up as per google mail help centre instructions other than incoming mail server (POP3) which is set as I can receive E Mails but not send. Everytime I attempt to send I receive the following error:

The connection to the server has failed. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): Yes, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

I had AVG free edition installed by the manufacturer of the computer prior to receiving it. As a computing novice I am unsure if this a possible problem; could it be?


Answer:Solved: Outlook Express and Talk Talk

AVG could be a potenial problem if it is scanning emails.
Some have problems right from the start others don't have
any for months and then suddenly do. Email scanning is
not necessary.

At the very least turn the scanning off. The best
solution is to uninstall AVG and see if you can install
using the custom installation. At that point choose to
leave out the email scanning.

For the gmail account information.
Try these settings first and see if they work - no Talk Talk settings.
These are US settings, if you are in the UK or elsewhere,
check the gmail for your area to make sure these are the ports used.
It appears you used Port 25 and that is the cause of that error.

Sever Tab
POP3 incoming mail:
SMTP outgoing mail:
Also put a check mark in My server requires authentication

Connection Tab
Check Always connect to this account using
Local Area Network

Advanced Tab
SMTP Port 465
Put a check mark at This server requires a secure connection (SSL)

POP3 Port 995
Put a check mark at This server requires a secure connection (SSL)

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I recently availed of the new Talk Talk internet offer. When I made the switch from BT I kept my wire 1250 as it has worked well for me over the past couple of years. This worked well until recently when for some unbeknown reason my wireless connection stopped accessing security enabled sites. I tried many things to try and fix this - resetting the router, changing mtu settings, ringing Talk Talk to check my connection is ok (which it is), changed wireless settings (which are not the issue), changing ip address settings. Then I changed the webkey and reset the router last night. Now I cannot connect to the router itself at all, let alone connect to the internet through the router.

Answer:Frustrating problems with a BT2wire on Talk Talk

By security code, I mean activation key see hereI would really appreciate help on this as my knowledge is extremely limited and I was out of my depth a long time ago on this one.

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right well it is a wireless router (duh!) ne ways it is bein strange i wont work then when you get on the fone 2 and ring it connects ????

then also wen u disconnect the call it goes off

i am using windows vista

also i did everything the manual sed i set it up using the ethernet cable then removed it later

help plz im well confused i think it's the micro fileters but i been thru 5 and it has the ame problem

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Asks If PC or Mac. Does it make a difference I have a labtop

Answer:Loading Talk Talk Broadband From Disc

Yes, it does make a difference, but unless you have an Apple laptop then use PC.

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I bought a wireless router click here from eBuyer for my parents - great price and appeared to be a good bit of kit but for the life of me I cannot get online. The signal strength is 100%, the adapter appears to be talking to the router but neither are talking to tiscali. Can anyone help? I have tried for 3 days re configuring the network settings and so has my sister, neither of us can sort it. I have tried disabling Norton and the windows firewall, individually and at the same time.

Answer:Talk Talk Wireless Router with Tiscali

Have you been able to get into the router settings?Internet explorer address bar, typehttp:// the space, it will be turned into a `click here` without it

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I recently hit upon a bug that has been plaguing me for quite some time and I am sure that I am not the only one that has run into this. I tried to post the bug and its fix to the google help forum but couldn't the topic/thread section was no longer accepting new additions or replies (???).

Moving on. I found that if you have another program running like a movie player (VLC, MPC Star, media player etc... or iTunes, etc...) and try to make a call with google talk you won't hear anything (the other party gets the call though, as I learned, "WHY THE **** DO YOU RING 6 TIMES GRRR....") and have to try the call again and again an it's touch and go as to whether it ever works. Well close any other programs that are running that also output sound and the problem should go away.

Hope this helps someone searching for a possible answer, when I was I couldn't find anything that resembled this one. That is why I am posting it.

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I booted up today and, after a few minutes my Internet connection failed and I had the redial box on screen, informing me that another attempt would be made to connect in 56 seconds...55 etc. I reconnected myself and it's stayed on so far. Exactly the same thing has happened several times recently. I can't see anything on their status page. Any other users experiencing similar?

Answer:Talk Talk Internet connection dropping

If on BB make sure "never dial a connection" radio button is dotted.

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My BT Voyager 2110 adsl router instructions say uninstall existing modem before connecting to voyager modem. Does this mean uninstall talk talk software as well? Talk talk's modem is a simple wired, usb modem. Any clarification would be greatly appreciate - thanks.

Answer:ADSL Router connection to Talk Talk

There shouldn't be any software necessary, but I can tell you that once you are using a router, there CAN BE NO software involved, because routers don't install; they only connect, and the client PCs do not see the router directly.

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A friend seems to have messed up his POP3 settings for Email. He uses Outlook Express and is on talk talk. Can anybody tell me so I can pass on what should be in the box in Connections / Server Incoming Mail POP3 and Outgoing mail PleaseTIA

Answer:Server Setting for Talk Talk Email

click here

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A family member has just purchased a laptop and has took out broadband with talk talk which is to be ready later this week. They want to use a router with the laptop so they asked me if I could sort one out. Can anyone recommend one?

Answer:Talk Talk Broadband - Router required

click hereclick here

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Mu Outlook Express is playing up today. Anyone else on Talk Talk ditto?

Answer:Slow Outlook Express with Talk Talk

Define "playing up".Why do you think it's Talk Talk's fault?

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I have had such poor connection speed with my talk talk service . i reset my router about a year and a half ago using the little reset button on the back of my white box router ehcolife 520s. at this time the line was down an i though this would fix it seems very strange that after i done this my connection name changed from talktalk 9k2b to talk talk 520 , i have no idea why but i thought this might have downgraded the speedso.... recently iv been told my upload speed is to slow to use quality webcam so i tried talk talk's DIRE help service and got no where !so stupidly after trying to mess about with it and reset the factory settings via the router method - i have now completly LOST MY INTERNET connection i have no internet light and have seemingly made this worse im currently on a neighbours very weak connection from my house i just dont know what to domy upload speed is .0.08 and very inconsistant even with the ethernet plugged in but the biggest problem is now iv cut myself off from the internet for phoning talk talk for help - it really isnt a option iv had more sense and understanding from a brick wall - those of you with talk talk will understand this please can someone help sorry for the wafflling x

Answer:talk talk's router,damsal in distress,please help!

click here

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I have no internet this morning. I have a local wireless network and the phone line is working. I have replaced the lead to the phone line and also the filter. I went into the router set up but it says there is no internet connection. Can anyone offer any advice pls? Thanks! Btw sending this on phone & this is my 5th attempt to post so replies from me will be slow!

Answer:R u having probs with Pipex/talk talk today?

talktalk running very well today here in sunny staines. I always go into the local carphonewarehouse shop and get them to phone up and sort it out.
I get too frustrated with their dreadful indian call centre

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My Talk Talk Homepage is taking an age to load....occasionally times out...anyone similar?

Answer:Talk Talk Homepage Slow Loading

Same for me, Wirral area, using Chrome, won't even load although e-mails are coming through ok on OE. ...alB

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For the second time in a couple of weeks, I can't send or receive emails in Outlook Express via Talk Talk.I keep getting a small box up containing my password and email address. I've retyped them but no joy. Anyone else experiencing problems?

Answer:Talk Talk Outlook Express problem

thumbscrewTell me about it!I had it about the same time as you. The box keeps re-appearing if you click OK or even if you re-enter p/word.I let it do its own thing and it was back to normal when I went back an hour later.Talk Talk here as well.

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I'm going to help a friend in the morning. She has just changed ISP to Talk Talk, but when she loads their CD it says she is not an Administrator. She is the sole user from new.Anything known on this problem? I will check the Users in XP first.

Answer:Talk Talk Installation - Administrator required?

Can't help you on the administrator but I suggest ditching the CD and setup the modem manually. Connect router. Assuming it is the Huawei router then simply type into your browser or (for usb). Under "Basic" click WAN settings then click the pencil icon under actions. Simply enter your talktalk username and password. Click submit and click "save all" (important). Done

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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help with this I'm at my wits end........I recently bought an HP Laptop and signed up with Talk Talk Broadband.I have an Echolife HG520s router and I operate on Vista. I set up the router itself after a long phone call to Tech Support and its working fine but I'm trying to make the connection secure and its just not happening!!I've been on to Windows Help and Support and clicked on 'set up a wireless router or access point' the wizard I'm told will guide me through setting up a security key. But when I try to move through the wizard I'm instantly told that 'windows did not detect any wireless network hardware' I've tried plugging the router into the machine with the ethernet cable but still get the same response? The only other advice given is to 'check the information that came with the router for more detailed instructions' but being Talk Talk, the router didn't come with any instructions...I managed to find a post on this site dated 4/8/07 which gave detailed instructions for my problem involving typing into the address bar which should then open a new window and allow me to do it that way but all i get is an error message that windows could not open the web page?!Any advice would be MASSIVELY appreciated.G

Answer:Secure connection Talk Talk Wireless

You have to enter a username and password before being able to enter the browser page on - it's more often than not Admin (or admin) and the same for the password.Details of the confgiuration at:click here

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Hi there, I have just received an EchoLife HG520s wireless router from Talk Talk and got as far in the installation as where they ask about a USB connector. I have a Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop which I believe has built-in wireless. My problem is do I need a USB connector or is there something I can set-up in my laptop to run the wireless this way?ThanksCaz

Answer:Problems with Talk Talk Wireless Router

Looking at the specs for your laptop it doesn't appear to be wireless enabled but does appear to have an ethernet connection.see here click hereI suggest that you set it up using the guide that came with your modem (connecting your TalkTalk router using an ethernet connection on page 3 & 4 of the guide). If you want to go wireless, you will need a USB adaptor and then configure according to page 5 in the guide (setting up your wireless connection)

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Ok my ISP is the wonderfull Talk Talk!!! Actually had nothing but problems with them.My network:3 P.C's, 1 with faulty LAN slot so USB is required. However the 2 are Ok for LAN and a PS3 wirelessIm currently using T/T's smartax mt882 router, with a BT Home hub and i had everything fine and after some playing about i even had NAT2 on my PS3. (some sort of miracle!!)However after trying a new router (BT Business hub with the american firmware) and it not being compatible with talk talk (needs a certain product keyfor the router) my PS3 can no longer obtain an I.P, personally i just want 1 router/modem to do the lot hassle free, i know with T/T's cheap ass way of doing things il be very lucky, does anyone have any evidence of a router that can support my kind of network?? (2LAN,1USB + wireless)I have read endless amount of forums on ppl having problems T/T, but my parents wont move cos its free!So in a nutshell:Talk Talk compatible Modem/Router, 2 LAN, 1USB (can have extra's) and wirelessHELP!!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!! X-{

Answer:Talk Talk, I need a wireless router, any ideas?

click here

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I have an intermittent problem with a wireless connection between a talktalk wireless router and dell inspiron laptop. The laptop words reliably with all other networks. The router works reliably with all other laptops. Today, sunday and yesterday id dosent work. It was ok on Friday. This problem has been ongoing for a year.
I have repeatedly gone through all the connection and setup and problem finding routines with zero success.
Can anyone help ?

Answer:Talk talk - dell wireless problems

Have you tried changing the Channel Number in the router?
Most routers use either 6 or 11 as their default so try these or, if already using one of them, try the other. Avoid 1 and 2, as these use frequencies shared by other domestic wireless devices. Also avoid 12 and 13 as, in some other countries, these are not legal and consequently many WiFi adapters are designed not to connect on these channels.

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I have just changed from talktalk to virgin media.. My sony laptop switched wirelessly with no problems. i have another laptop Asus but i can't get the Asus connected to the internet.

Answer:Solved: Virgin Media from Talk Talk please help..

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For years I have used Pipex (now Talk talk) e mail. I have MS Outlook as my e mail platform with several POP pixel accounts along with a couple of outlook. Com imap ones. All working ok, but today I received an e mail on my [email protected] Com account. When I tried to reply it failed and repeatedly asked me to log in, but this failed. I have a feeling that there is something wrong with their outgoing server. I phoned but had little joy. I replied via outlook . Com ok. Will try again tomorrow- have checked my settings seem OK - outgoing [email protected]

Answer:Problems with Pipex - talk talk e mail

Ps. My intention is to change to outlook. Com but have many contacts to inform and check they know.

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Ive had a new laptop, is it an essential requirement that I install the talk-talk setup disk again or can I just plug the RJ45 into the back from the modem and access the internet via appropriate settings....I'm also thinking about going wireless using a Netgear router, with very little experience how difficult is this to set up?Kind RegardsAdam

Answer:Talk Talk Broadband basic help needed

Just plug the ethernet cable in , it'll work fine . As for the wireless router , they are easy to set up , you obviously have an ethernet modem as it has an RJ45 connection so it will connect to the WAN port on the router and the Netgear should find the internet connection , then all you should have to do is set up some wireless encryption ( WPA preferably ) and away you go . Ashley

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I am going to be setting up a boadband router for my sister, who has just switched to talk talk, and not had broadband before. She mentioned that there was a problem getting the talk talk cd to run on her Windows 2000 laptop. I havent seen the setup yet and don't know what router she has, but from what she described it sounds like maybe the disc is designed for a machine running XP.Can anyone tell me if I can expect any problems setting up her connection using her Windows 2000 laptop? I have an XP laptop. Could I set it up using my laptop, then unplug mine, and plug hers in in its place?

Answer:Setting up Talk talk broadband for first time

should not need the cd but according to this windows 2000 is fineclick here

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From tomorrow I change over to Talk Talk Broad, I have not ordered their wireless modem as i hope to use my BT 2100 voyager, I have Vista, does anyone know of any problems I may experience or any tips for connection please, I am asking now in the event I have problems that may be avoided.

Answer:talk talk & Bt 2100 wireless modem

Shouldn't really have any problems, bobatnorthway, TT's setup is fairly simple, I'm using a linksys at the moment. Just remember that your username will be: your telephone number and your password will be the one they sent you in your "Welcome Bob" booklet.Encapsulation is PPPoAVPI = 0VCI = 38

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Are the Talk Talk Routers locked? Im with Plusnet, looking for a good router.
Any reccommendations??

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Ok my ISP is the wonderfull Talk Talk!!! Actually had nothing but problems with them.My network:3 P.C's, 1 with faulty LAN slot so USB is required. However the 2 are Ok for LAN and a PS3 wirelessIm currently using T/T's smartax mt882 router, with a BT Home hub and i had everything fine and after some playing about i even had NAT2 on my PS3. (some sort of miracle!!)However after trying a new router (BT Business hub with the american firmware) and it not being compatible with talk talk (needs a certain product keyfor the router) my PS3 can no longer obtain an I.P, personally i just want 1 router/modem to do the lot hassle free, i know with T/T's cheap ass way of doing things il be very lucky, does anyone have any evidence of a router that can support my kind of network?? (2LAN,1USB + wireless)I have read endless amount of forums on ppl having problems T/T, but my parents wont move cos its free!So in a nutshell:Talk Talk compatible Modem/Router, 2 LAN, 1USB (can have extra's) and wirelessHELP!!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!! X-{

Answer:Talk Talk, I need a wireless router. Any ideas??

Sorry i posted this in the wrong place, i have moved the post to the networking sectionCan a mod please remove this post. thanks

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Has anyone suffered prolonged loss of connection using a talktalk wifi bband router? (ISP- aol) If so, what explanations were offered by aol?

I've got an aol engineer visiting examine connection loss (since last Weds). But I'm convinced the problem is with the router. But from the tone of the aol help man's questions I suspect he's already briefed his engineer to do his best to represent the problem as being either with my computer or positioning of router/filters/condition of wall-sockets - usual getouts.

The talktalk router is neww, issued Feb 12, after my original router, speedtouch, started suffering idle timeouts every day.

Can anyone advise on the most often-used excuses given my wifi engineers so I can counter them and convince the engineer to do an unbaised examination? Or could I be wrong and there really is a technical problem with my line or connections. Before the engr comes I want to be prepared to fend off ******** and recognize genuine cause-suggestions.

Any replies appreciated : but I have to use comp at local library so I shan't be able to respond promptly.

Answer:Talk Talk router, lost connection

Without further detail, it is really impossible to give an opinion.
If you have another computer - with wireless, or by using a wireless usb try that and if that does not lose the signal, it is a fair bet it something with the setup on this computer - is it not.

Sometimes changing the wireless channel may improve the result.
If some other local equipment is using the same channel that could cause the loss of signal.

I am sure it is best to wait until the engineer has been seen as it only 2 days or so
I've got an aol engineer visiting ThursClick to expand...

and then if you still have problems, and he has checked the broadband service to your property, please post back

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I have a Talk Talk branded modem/ wireless router . I think it is actually a Phillips router. I moved from talk talk over a year ago to Eclipse and the wireless router worked fine with thesettings provided by Eclipse. I had to re-install some hardware drivers a few days ago and my wireless connection went down. The router still connects and if I use etehrenet cable I can get on line through it. I have tried to make wireless link by going to START menu then Connect to where I can see my network . I am promted for username and password which I put in and are accepted. My computer then shows status as Acuiring Network Address and never connects to Web . Can you help ?Tony

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Right mates pc, has had the recovery disk put in and everything recovered back to how it was on day one. Everything working fine. Installed all relevant windows updates, everything working fine.Install Talk Talk broadband and both CD / DVD drives stop working?? Anyone shed any light on this... It's running XP home, cant remember what pentium processer it is but it's running at 1.5ghz. Also with a gig of RAM. Thanks for any advice!

Answer:Optical Drive Problems - Talk Talk??

Are the drives still seen in Device Manager (normally or in Safe Mode)?If so, then check the connections and leads for firmness, Uninstall both from either Device Manager or via Safe Mode and then reboot.Windows should Find New Hardware and reinstall the basic CDROM driver for both drives (all that is required).If the drives can be seen in Safe Mode only then it's usually loose fitting connections or leads.

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I currently get my broadband from Orange and phone from BT but am thinking of changing to Talk Talk for a bundled service. The local exchange is LLU enabled - so it's only £16.39. My existing wireless modem/router is a Linksys WAG54G which I'm very happy with. However I note on the Talk Talk website click here that they suggest it should be a ADSL2+. Does anyone know if my existing modem is ADSL2+ or would I have to buy Talk Talk's wireless modem/router? I've tried looking at the specs on the Linksys website but it doesn't mention ADSL2+. Any assistance would be greatfully received.

Answer:linksys WAG54G - is it ADSL 2+ for Talk Talk


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A friend is abroad on holiday and currently has Talk Talk broadband with a wired router ( non wireless) supplied by them. I want to buy her a new laptop with wireless connectivity for when she gets back plus a new wireless router. Can any Talk Talk user let me know if there are any settings that I should be aware of for the new router apart from the usual ones of user ID, password etc. I will probably get a Netgear DG834G ( which I use ) but I am aware that Talk Talk will only work with this model if it is version3. Any help will be appreciated so that I can set it up for her return.

Answer:Talk Talk & Wireless router

I use a Belkin router as opposed to Netgear and the installation CD set up all the appropriate settings for me but having said that TalkTalk advised me to make the following changes:Connection: change MTU from the default setting of 1490 to 1432DNS: Change from and62.24.218.222 to62.24.199.13 and62.24.199.23 respectively...and Belkin advised:Channel and SSID: change wireless channel to 11.It may be worth checking these settings and asking TT if they would apply to your new router.Their helpline has improved no end and if first line support cannot answer your queries you are given a phone no.(still free) for their second line tech support (who are I assume based in Ireland as everyone whom I have spoken to has been Irish)and who are very helpful.Another approach is to use their members forum which is also monitored by their tech support guys and is equally good.

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will not recieve mail.. usually use outlook, went to server and still cannot download mail?...not changed anything?,,,,

Answer:talk talk mail not working

did it ever work on that PC?Have you done a system restore back to before the problem? confused, try the link above, it will help you.Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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I'm at a friends house and they were explaining how she had got rid of her antivirus software because of this thing called Talk Talk HomeGuard. Antivirus software is a very importent thing on a computer and I knew that this was a BAD idea. I also read on the TalkTalk faq that:

_________________________________________________________________Will Virus Alerts replace the need for Anti-Virus software?

No, they complement each other. Virus Alerts extends protection to devices unable to use traditional Anti-Virus software as they access websites. i.e. smartphones or games consoles.

Could anybody recomend a good free antivirus untill she gets a paid one?

Answer:[SOLVED] Talk Talk HomeSafe?

Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows

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My friend has talk talk broadband but does not know if he has an email address with them. consequently he is still subscribing to wannadoo for his emails.If he cancels wannadoo will he still be able to receive his emails or will he have to contact talk talk for a new email address

Answer:Talk Talk email query

Yes he will have an email addy with talk talk, it?s best they call his isp and find out what that is. Wanadoo / Orange will keep the emails going for up 6 months before they cancel it all altogether.

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Hi, Can anyone help me set up my wireless? SHould be straightforward but the instructions are useless!I have the basic Talk Talk package and have their modem. I bought a Sitecom 300N Router. I plugged an ethernet cable from the router into the modem but my wireless wouldn't pick up the connection? The instructions say to do this and then point my browser to their site to configure but I cannot even get the PC to recognise the router. I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop with an Intel Pro(R) 2200BG Wireless (or is it Broadcom 440X??). If anyone can talk me through it would be greatly appreciated (NB - the Sitecom helpdesk were useless!)Thanks

Answer:Help Setting up Wirleless with Talk Talk - please!

I'm not sure that you've bought the correct type of router. The "Sitecom 300N" appears to be a "Cable/DSL" router suitable for use with Virgin's Cable service. With ADSL, a *combined* Router & ADSL Modem is used and this replaces a USB ADSL modem. If your ADSL modem does actually support an ethernet connection, it may be possible to use a Cable/DSL Router with it, but there are generally problems trying to do this because the routers don't normally support the PPPoA protocol used by ADSL in the UK. Also, when configuring a wireless router, you should initially connect the PC to it by ethernet cable, *NOT* wirelessly. The reason for this is the "chicken & egg" situation - you cannot connect to it wirelessly because it hasn't been configured and you cannot configure it because you cannot connect wirelessly, hence the initial use of a "wired" connection.

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Anyone else on Talk Talk experiencing slow emails? Mine are taking upwards of two hours to get through and this is often a prelude to a wipeout!

Answer:Talk Talk emails slow again

Try another email client then notify your contacts, over time, that you are changing over. If you use emails for small business or regular contact with family then dump TT email. End of problems.

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I have recently installed Talk Talk on my laptop. I went through the instillation CD and it seemed to go OK. The laptop will connect if hard wired through the router but wont connect wirelessly. It doesnít even detect a wireless connection. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it twice to make sure.

I have detailed the error message I received from talk talk below.

The laptop is a Toshiba personal computer Intel Celeron , 1.40GHZ, 1.40GHZ 480 M of RAM

The router is a Huawei Wireless HG520

These are the settings I received from talk talk when i rang.

1. VCI - 38
2. PTI - 0
3. Connection type - PPPoA
4. Encapsulation mode - VCMUX
5. ADSL Modulation - Auto/G.DMT/ANSI/ T 1.413
6.Modulation type - Auto/G.DMT
7. Authentication - CHAP
8. IP Address - automatic or dynamic
9. Primary DNS -
10. Secondary DNS

I donít know if these are the settings on my laptop coz I donít know how to check them.
The info below the line is what i got from Talk Talk help.
This information was saved from TalkTalk Broadband on 14 November 2007 08:19:30.

Gathering system information...

Please wait...
4 My network
4.1 Computer name LAPTOP1
4.2 DNS name LAPTOP1
4.3 Domain LAPTOP1
4.4 Workgroup -
4.5 User name User
4.6 DNS servers
4.7 TCPIP addresses
4.8 Proxy configuration
4.8.1 Proxy enabled false
4.8.2 Proxy address -
4.8.3 Proxy automatic configurat... Read more

Answer:Cant get Talk talk wireless connected

Please do an IPconfig /all when you are trying to connect wirelessly and post here

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Anyone out there having trouble sending or receiving emails with TalkTalk? (Tiscali members)

Answer:Talk Talk Email problem again

Used to have, then changed to gmail. Never a problem since!

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Hi, I am about to go and help a mate set up his newly arrived talk talk modem!!They have sent a Huawei model which I presume is the standard one now.It has got both ethernet and usb connections on it,but what surprises me is that it also has a dc adaptor.Do I take it that if using the usb connection the dc supply is not required? Is it only used for ethernet.Thanks

Answer:talk talk huawei modem

I'll keep tuned to this one - its going to happen to me soon -a mate needing TalkTalk help that is

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I want fibre from Talk Talk. However, although fibre is available in my area, I cannot access it due to "high demand". Is there any option on the Talk Talk website or elsewhere, that will tell me when it is available?

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My up to 8 Mbps (usually get 8!) from Pipex / Talk Talk has suddenly dropped tonight to 0.18Mbps - I have sent an e Mail as this happened in Sept. Ayone else having problems with them tonight?

Answer:Slow Pipex / Talk talk

Service Status enter link description here

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Hi all,I'm pretty new to this, so please bear with me!I've recently change ISP's from Sky to TalkTalk. I'm wanting to us the sky netgear wireless router with TalkTalk, but not sure where to start.Is it as simple as plugging it in and using the same WEP key as before? Or do i need to reset the router and apply the talktalk settings?Any helpful advice would be much appreciated!Ciaran

Answer:Using a sky wireless router with talk talk

hi pc_noidea....afraid it cant be done, sky have locked the details of their connection into the firmware so using it for another isp is not possible...while it is possible to flash the firmware ,this more often than not renders the router idea is to get in touch with talktalk and tell them you want a wireless router (tho if they already gave you a modem they will want to charge for it ).Dave

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Ive been spending all day trying to get a good connection to the net-the router "connected" light has always been on, never off, but its been on and off with browsing and net radio, I get a white screen in any browser with the standard not connected to the net message (or error c00d1197 if the radio gadget cant connect or starts to repeat itself). Im wondering if the weather is the most likely cause, as it hasnt done this before (snowing outside up north today)!? I have two laptops here, both systems could often connect to the net at the same time, but at other times when it wasnt connecting on one system it could still sometimes connect to the net on the other. The router is firmly connected to the phoneline, and its never played up before

Answer:Is the talk talk router playing up?

Google gets lots of hits on "error c00d1197" most indicate it is related to a windows media player issue ?Cheers HC

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OK so awhile ago my Pipex account swapped to talk talk since then I was getting disconnect anywhere from every 5 minutes to an hour. I solved this problem buy swapping from a Speedtouch 330 to a netgear N300 DNG2200.

now my connection is perfectly stable I haven't had a disconnect since I swapped which has been a very long time. However since the change my down speed has gone from somewhere around 250kb/s to 120kb/s (so says steam). I think this has something to do with the 330 using G DMT rather then ADSL, but tbh I don't really know. so is there anyway I can reclaim my lost speed I know the line is capable off? with going back to the frustration of repeated disconnects (i had to restart computer on every disconnect because it wouldnt redial otherwise )

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 1202 kbps 693 kbps
Line Attenuation 62.0 db 38.0 db
Noise Margin 5.4 db 8.0 db

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I am told my Tiscali account will transfer to Talk Talk on the 24/01/2011 but I must add [email protected] to my email address book to get paper billing otherwise it will cost me. Can anyone please tell me where this email address book is & if its OK to do now, despite the change over date will not be until 24/01/2011.I run Vista Home Premium. Thank you Kind regards Keith

Answer:Switch from Tiscali to Talk Talk

I have been with TT for years and have not come across that email address before so I would assume that it must be something to do with the transfer of Tiscali customers.TT do give a discount for online billing and the only reason that I can think of adding to your address book (which is accessible within your email client program eg: Windows Mail click here) is to stop their incoming emails being treated as spam and going straight to the trash bin.No harm in adding it at present

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my friend has just bought a laptop which is wireless and she has now received her wireless modem from talk talk. i am going to set it up for her tomorrow but wanted peoples opinions. is it easier to use the connect and go cd that comes with it or set it up manually. has anyone got got link to show the set up step by step please?

Answer:talk talk wireless broadband

Be of help:click here

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Having networked my own cable broadband, a friend has asked me to do this for him. He has Talk Talk with an ASDL modem which has an Ethernet output to his computer. I am proposing to feed this output from the ADSL to a Lynksky wireless/wired router by Ethernet back to his comp and also via the wireless section to his laptop. does anyone see why this shouldn't work once I've configured the router? Is the Ethernet signal from his ADSL modem just another Ethernet signal or is it different?Kind regardsJaimie

Answer:Networking Talk Talk broadband

You should need to get a modem/router combined and remove his modem here

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Please bear with me as this is rather long winded!!Basically, we changed from Freeserve to Talk Talk and connected to Broadband via their supplied modem with no probs. We then changed from their modem to our wireless router (Belkin) that we had been using prior to changing to Talk Talk. Again no problems until 2 weeks later. We lost our connection for 24 hours and then all of a sudden it was back! It happened again 2 days later, but this time for 4 days.To cut a long story short, we sometimes had a connection and sometimes we didnt! Everytime we talked on the phone (to Talk Talk and Belkin) we retrieved the connection and think everyting is hunky dory. Then we would lose it again! Finally we decided to disconnect the router and reinstall the modem that Talktalk sent.That resulted in getting a connection and keeping it! We then managed to get Belkin to send us a brand new router to establish if there was something wrong with the original one (even though was working up to day of new ISP). We deinstalled the modem again, and installed the new router. No problems until 4 days later when all the old problems are creeping back. At the mo, we can get connection back by restarting router etc, but dont know how long this will last and whether it will go off totally like last time.As we want the router connected so that we can use a laptop as well, we need to resolve what is wrong. How can we establish wthat the problem is? We have a filter on everything in the house including the pho... Read more

Answer:Talk talk and Belkin router

You say that you think it can be one of only three things, but your description sugests that the router is not being set up correctly. If you are using the wizard, don't, because you don't want the ISP list. You should not be entering any DNS data - where an automatic DNS option is available, it needs to be used.You didn't do yourself any favours by joining Talk Talk, but I suppose you know that already.

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what modem are you useing is it usb or a router

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my friend is having a problem sending emails with talk talk broadband. she can send an email if it is someone who has sent her a meassage but if its an email address she hasnt sent to before for some reason the email wont send. any ideas please?

Answer:talk talk email problems

Can she send using TalkTalk webmailwebmail.talktalk.netIf so, then probably a problem with Outlook or Outlook Express settings.

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I may decide to switch, at last, from Talk Talk in view of latest events. I have been with Pipex for 18 years from when it was a major ISP for Multi nationals. I have a rolling monthly contract, so no penalties are involved. My main issue is with the large number of e mail contacts I have, some of which are quite sensitive in terms of security etc.
I do not want a package with line rental - I will stay with BT for the phone line. All I want is a rolling monthly, broadband only, service. I live down a lane , too far from the main road for fibre, and am happy with my current 8 mbps, although more would be welcome.
The front runner is Zen, that "Which" rates highly. Price is less important than reliability - their £15 per month is a bit high and only a 20 Gig download
Are there any other good broadband only ISP's with rolling monthly contracts? (PlusNet wants a long term contract). What is the best way of keeping my e mail address and address book?

Answer:Alternatives to Talk Talk broadband

have a look at tentel
40 -1 or unlimited

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talk talk wireless connectionhi there could some one please help me i cant get my EchoLife HG520s router to pick up a connection without my cables.i have my wireless usb on but it dosent pick it up what should i do.i have also tryd my ps3 but 0 there.hope some one can help.euan

Answer:talk talk wireless router

Does your PS3 pick up the wireless connection? If not, then something's up with your router. Have you actually got the wireless enabled on it? Also, have you installed the drivers for your wireless USB dongle? It won't work unless you do.

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I am about to set up my brothers computers, 1 laptop 1 pc with a netgear adsl modem router. i have set 3 networks up before with the same hardware but all on AOL. Is there anything special i should do because its Talk Talk. Thanks in advance because I know there will be someone out there who will always help.

Answer:networking with talk talk broadband

Providing the router gets connected to the internet Ok then you should have no problems doing this one just the same as others , I think AOL do connect slightly differently but there will be connection details from the Talk Talk website I would assume . Ironically Talk Talk have just bought AOL UK but will be running them separately for the moment . Ashley.

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I have been with AOL for 7 years paying £21.99 per month for AOL Gold. (More about this later).I was recently contacted by my telephone provider Talk Talk to say they could give me free tel calls and Broadband for £20-49 per month as they now own AOL.Upon trying to contact to cancel my contract AOL said we can give you 3 months free internet connection and thereafter £9.99 per month.I provisionally accepted this and heard nothing until I phoned them and was told it's actually £9.99 per month for 6 months and thereafter £14.99 per month with a guaranteed speed of 2GB.Today, my AOL connections have failed completely and a speed test reveals .83GB, phoning AOL has answered "trust us for 10 days we are sorting this problem out".I live in rural Suffolk and 90 miles away my mates get 8GB - don't crack the joke about moving - what should I do?

Answer:Broadband AOL v Talk Talk who wins?

I suspect that you have committed yourself to a new contract with AOL after accepting their "generous" offer, if that is the case there may be nothing you can do except wait and see if things improve.

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I am on Virgin Cable, with a dedicated line - since changing over from NTL I now appear to suffer more periods of inaccesabilty - I am tempted to change to Talk Talk Option 3 package.I use a BT line and Talk Talk for my telephone at present - I have a Linksys BEFW 1154 Router to a NTL BB Modem. Can anyone advise the best way to go? any advice or comment on known compatibilty issues of the talk talk modem connected to a Linksys Router Might it be best to scrap the Linksys router and go with the talk talk combined router/modem. Any advice appreciated

Answer:Talk Talk & Router compatibility

If you change from Virgin's Cable service to ADSL via the phone line, then you *MUST* replace the Cable/DSL Router with a combined "Router & ADSL Modem".

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I have setup a Speedtouch Wireless Router 585 for my sister...
The Talk Talk connection works fine on her modem, but when we try the router
it says its connected and has IP address and DNS Server address's but no internet
comes through, the lights are green indicating all is fine and conectivity test says all is OK
BUT it supposed to have...


but Ethernet is completely missing from the line up... the manual shows what a perfect running conection should be and its all ok except for the Ethernet entry missing completley?

The laptop connects @ 100Mbps no probs via Ethernet and we can access the router settings via ethernet so that indicates that there isnt any problem with the LAN connection

when she trys to access the internet the internet light flashes to indicate activity but nothing happens..

Pings all fail...

what could be the problem?

we have the right username and password in and if any of the config were incorrect it wouldnt connect at all would it?

I have it set as so...
VPI: 0
VCI: 38
Authentication: CHAP

are these correct?

it displays this below which im unsure about as it didnt say that on my IPstream connection (she on Talk Talk LLu maybe thats why i dunno)
g.992.3 annex l us wide

Any help greatley appreciated... thanks

Answer:Solved: Talk Talk ..vs.. Speedtouch 585 ...HELP! :(

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