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Saving Partion Data/programs!

Question: Saving Partion Data/programs!

Though I may not have to do this for hopefully a long time how do you save the data/programs on a partition when you reload the OS. Recently I had to reload one of my XP computers, once up and running I was not happy to find that I could not access my partition, when I tried it went the way of a Format. Seems to me there should be a way to access a partition after a reload.


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Preferred Solution: Saving Partion Data/programs!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Saving Partion Data/programs!

When you say "Reload" do you mean a repair install?

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I have a laptop with a fresh install of Win7 Pro 64bit dual booting with Ubuntu (also a fresh install). I have a a shared data partition that I would like to send all of my documents,music,videos,etc. to by default. My shared data partition is formatted NTFS. This is my first dual boot attempt and I have never had a separate shared data partition. Is there a way to set Win7 to use the shared data drive to save my data?
I have no data saved so there are no files to transfer yet. I was hoping to set a place before moving data from my old XP desktop via a portable HDD. I will be moving my old data only, no system or OS settings.
Any help is appreciated! So far both OS's seem to be working well in their OS partitions. Below is a little more information if it helps. Thanks again.

OS: Win7 Pro 64bit / Ubuntu 64bit 14.04.1
Partition Information: Win7 Pro & Shared Data are NTFS format
Ubuntu is formatted EXT4
Partition Sizes: 256GB Win7 Pro & 200GB Ubuntu & 400GB Shared Data Partiition (the rest is Windows
recovery partition and Ubuntu swap partition. 1TB HDD 5400RPM WD
Additional Software: (not installed yet) Microsoft Office 2013 Professional
Browser: Firefox
Antivirus: (installed) Norton Security

Answer:Fresh Win7 Pro Install-Saving All Data In Shared Partion-(Not C Drive)

You can link the data folders to the related Library - Include a Folder - Windows 7 Forums
and then set that folder as the save location if you want: Library - Set Save Folder - Windows 7 Help Forums

Another method you can try is to move User folders (Documents, Music, etc) to the data partition as shown in User Folders - Change Default Location.

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Hi guys,

Having massive problems with the dreaded BSOD making my computer almost unusable.

The system either crashes when I attempt to load any program or if it loads the program it runs very slowly and eventually hangs and crashes.

I've run the SF_Diagnostic tool and have attached the results.

Hope you can help

Answer:BSOD when opening programs or saving data

The computer is running fine in safe mode which has enabled me to do a malware scan and nothing has come up. I've done a memory test through bios and nothing came up there. I'm thinking because I can work fine in safe mode it's more an issue with a corrupt driver?

Not a whole lot sure what to do next and it's stressing me out. Any help is appreciated!

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I have a new 500G hard drive that I just installed. I loaded Vista on a 50G partition with all updates and a few apps (adobe, web browsers, and such). I now have 19G free space on the 50G partition. Is this free space enough for growth?

Also, I would like to store data on the other partition away from system partition. I am doing this because I was told if I did this and ever needed to reload the OS that I would not need to worry with reloading the data. I could point the install to the partition that the OS is installed on. Of course I would still need to reload all apps.

I have researched storing data on the other partition but came across conflicting information so I immediately came here to get the right answer. How do I make all data store on the partition not containing system? Do you have to do it per user? And I may be asking a lot here but can you install apps outside the system partition?

My goal is to have the system separate from everything (data and apps). This way if the OS gets corrupted, all I would need to do is reload OS and updates. I hope this makes sense and I posted in the right place.

Answer:How to keep data on separate partion

Honestly you're possibly pushing it wwith 50Gig.

My drives I just dump everything over onto it after portioning and formatting.

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If I divide a hard drive innto three partions, C, D, & E, which partion has the fastest read write time.  Do I have any control over this?  Should the OS go onto the fastest partion?

Answer:Which partion has fastest data recovery?

Assuming it's a relatively new drive they will all be pretty much the same, though the partition nearest the center of the disk (c:) will be ever so slightly faster. By default the OS will go there, but there is absolutely no way you would ever notice a difference regardless of where you put it.  If you have two hd's, putting the pagefile on the drive that does not contain the OS will provide a slight performance boost. But again, given the speed of today's drives and the amount of installed ram, any such increase will be marginal.

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Is it possible to copy some of my drive C data (NTFS) to my drive D (NTFS) from dos or using my emergency recovery CD. I only wan't to copy about 10GB. thx . I need to do this before reformatting my C drive and reintalling windows coz ive got alot of data and code i don't wanna lose thx.

Also I can't repair reinstall windows. When i try repair install it replaces all the files in the windows folder. Then it restarts my computer and just starts all over again from the beginning. Can anyone help me plz thx.

Answer:Copying Data from one drive partion to another

If your computer isn't booting up and you need data off your main drive (c) then you can install windows into a different folder on your c drive, this way you will be able to boot up and move your data where you choose (off your c drive onto your d). Then your going to want to do another reinstall and this time completely format your c drive NTFS. This won't touch your d drive, the only thing wrong with this method is its time consuming but it will work if you can't find another way.

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I recently built a new computer (P4 XP and 1 TB SATA HD) wanted to access data on some of my old smaller EIDE drives. and copy to to my new drive. I have 1 12GB WD drive with a boot partition that has become inoperable (wouldn't boot) because it ran out of space when trying to install XP SP 3. When I configure the old EIDE HD on the new system the BIOs either does not see the drive or it is recognized with a "?" buy explorer - depending on how I configure the BIOS. How do I get at my data?

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Ok Guys and Gals, heres a good tech question for you all.

Ok first, some background. I have windows XP Pro loaded on a 60Gig Maxtor parallel drive. I recently bought my first SATA drive, since my new MB allows it. I transferred XP over to the new drive, using blastmax 4.0

The new SATA Drive is 200G, and I formatted it into 4 partitions, making the first one a windows bootable Drive, now my drive C. While I was doing this, I ran both Parallel and the SATA drives. THe 60 Gig was also formatted into 4 drives, C D E and F, just as the new one was; but xp assigned G H I and J to them until I removed the parallel drive from the system. Now the SATA drive reads C D E and F. It ran great for over 6 months now, without problems. However, that was before I had to renew my norton anti-virus/.

Recently I tried to upgrade my norton anti virus, from version 2004, (which was installed fresh when I changed my HD over, and thus I got another years worth of free virus def's), to 2006 from the disk I bought. It totaly crashed my system. From one set of errors to another, it totaly screwed up everything.

I loaded windows XP disk, and did a repair that did not work properly.. My system is slower then snot, and the Hard drive never shuts off. Not only that, my screen savings are never saved. And it seems as if I lost all of my System restore points.

So I want to reformat JUST the C section, and reinstall windows from SCRATCH. Now, is there a way to do that without loosing the partition ... Read more

Answer:Help! reformatting primary partion without loosing other partition data

Just boot with your xp cd. Delete the C partition and recreate it. Format with ntfs and you are good to go.

Note you MAY need to load sata controller drivers during setup.

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2 Software programs not saving properley, saving with no date.  ACER  AX 3400 files are there but they are not complete.  Could this be a RAM problem?

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Hi All
I'm wondering if anyone has had this problem.
The version of Acronis True Image 11 and has been working excellently and I've been storing all my backup images to an external drive.
Now very recently - Acronis has been playing up when I go the "Create Backup Wizard Screen" One of my Partitions which is my storage is not showing up in the program.
I've looked at clean re-installing the software then trying again the problem remains the same any ideas on what is going on?

Answer:Acronis True Image Programs (Partion Not Seen in (Create Back Up Wizard)

You say that Acronis does not see the backup partition. Does Windows Explorer see it?

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Hi,I want to copy some files onto a Re-writable DVD,is there anyway that i can make the disk protected so that the files can not be overwritten.ThanksSteve

Answer:Saving Data On a DVD

No - use a normal dvd for write protection as a RW can always be formatted

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Question: Data Saving

I have a laptop that is a bit flakey and no other machine. I am worried that it is suddenly going to die on me, whilst the majority of stuff on it is of little consequence, I do have a considerable number of JPEG photos that I would hate to lose. I do not have a re-write facility, how can I save these photos without having to upload to a host site?

Answer:Data Saving

If your laptop is all you have and it doesn't have a CD burner, then consider either an external CD-R or RW, or else an external HDD.Neither way is cheap, but both give you a chance to save precious data and even clones of your whole operating system.A bulky alternative is to search for a s/h computer which if you ask around, might well be yours for a few pounds, if you are not looking for high spec.

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Question: Saving data

I have fixed a lot of computers, but I have never tried to save data off a hard drive.

How would you do that with the SATA drives? I know with IDE drives you could make them slaves drives.

Do you have any problems with old OS being on it? Can you just take it out of the other computer and drag and drop?

Most of the ones who don't know how to back up, just want their picture and programs saved.

Do you have to use Ghost to save the data?

Answer:Saving data

As I understand from your post, you have taken a sata drive from one pc and you want to recover the data onto another pc that does not support sata correct?
There are IDE to sata converters or you can purchase a sata external USB enclosure. to sata converters&doy=16m1&source=15
You don't have to use Ghost for data just copy and paste

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Question: Data saving

Is there a good software that I can use to retrieve data from a hard drive that has been corrupted?

Answer:Data saving

Are you able to attach the harddrive to another computer, then retrieve the files?

Or does it not allow you access?

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Question: Saving data to cd

Hi     I am trying to save a file to my CD in my drive and its telling me that there is no CD in the drive. When I check the properties in the drive it says the CD is full. This can't be its a new CD and I tried 2. Is there a setting I am missing. Any help would be very appreciated.ThanksJulia

Answer:Saving data to cd

What program are you using to save (aka burn) the file to the CD?Have you been able to burn CDs in the past?If yes have you changed anything recently? Added or removed hardware or software for example?What version of windows is this?

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Question: Data not saving

I have a problem with a program not saving preset data. Possibly due to harlink extenstion with only one piece of software.

I use symbolic hardlinks on my system but I do not know if the following has any bearing on the issue with the software I am using.

The software is a plugin that works within a host digital audio workstation software (Steinberg Cubase and plugin Soundtoys V5) and uses presets for different settings.

All software is legit and registered. I have contacted the developer regarding the issue with no resolve so trying here as the issue may largely be to do with windows.

The associate plugin has been installed with admin permissions and the host DAW software is run with full administrative rights. I have double checked that there are no hardlink main or subfolders used in the installation path for the plugin software.

All other 3rd party plugins work fine when saving presets and using symbolic links of which there's about 60+ 3rd party plugins installed using the main host system, however this particular software is not saving correctly.

It will save the preset name as a zero byte file and reports unable to save at location.

All other plugins work fine even when using symbolic links when saving preset data.

The issue may have been to do with a previous install of the soundtoys software as a phantom install directory is being created during the installation

E:\Users\Public\Documents\Soundtoys\Soundtoys 5

I did originally install the software usin... Read more

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Hi all. I hope I'm posting this to the right forum!When I want to save a copy of my data (mainly word docs) I simply write them to the cd-rw. However, a few months after doing that I decided to save them again, as some had changed, and more files had been added. So I just copied over the My Docs folder.I would have thought that it would simply update the earlier files, and maybe it did that, but somehow I ended up with 2 copies of everything. Maybe I wrote them twice or something. There were also mp3 and midi files, with the result that the cd-rw is now FULL ! The following questions come to mind:1 Can you delete files from the cd-rw? I tried and couldnt, it said it was "read only".2 Is it possible to re-arrange, drag and drop, etc on the cd-rw i.e. to tidy it up, as it were?Also a strange thing has just happened with my cd-rw. I load it up, right click, go to properties, and it says Used 542 kb Free 254 mbBut when I right click the folder on the cd-rw (My music and Docs) it gives:Size 349 mb, which is more realistic. I just inserted another cd-rw, which is absolutely full, and right clicking gives a size of only 203mb !!?Wonder whats going on?KC

Answer:Saving data to cd-rw

To do what you are trying to do (use a cdrw disc as a big floppy) you need to use a program such as InCD which comes with Nero. This program formats the disc and you can then drag and drop and it will overwrite earlier versions of files. You are probably using winXP which probably writes to the disc in sessions and the disc that says its full has probably been closed and can't be written to again unless you erase everthing from it and start again.

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Question: saving data

I want to save all my data on a seperate ntfs partition. is there a way to default set where all my save data goes IE: i click on save and i by default it saves in d: which is the data partition while c: is the OS partition.

Answer:saving data

Hello & welcome,

Look here for advice on moving the default Documents folder location: -

Change The Location Of The Documents Folder In Vista | Windows Fanatics

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Hello Everyone,

I am not able to save data or music to my disc. What should I do ? i think I do not fully undestand the process. Please help and make simple.


Answer:Saving data to disc

amie4christ said:

Hello Everyone,

I am not able to save data or music to my disc. What should I do ? i think I do not fully undestand the process. Please help and make simple.

ThanksClick to expand...


Disk ??

Hard disk, CD Disk, DVD Disk, Zip Disk,

Post back and explain a bit better as to what you want to achieve, and what happens when you try.


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I have Windows 98SE and Office 97 on my computer. For various reasons that involve other problems w/ my computer I need to be able to save all the data on my Outlook calendar and mailbox. Is there a way to back it up and when I reload Office 97 re-load the data? I am not real bright about computers, but can follow step by step idiot-friendly directions just great. (Please don't assume I know ANYTHING about manipulating these programs.)
(If needed, I have an AMD Athlon processor and 512MB RAM.

Answer:Saving data from Outlook 97?

Go to file> import/export and export all of your stuff to a .pst file that you can save to restore all your mail later. If you are not on an Exchange server you are probably already using a .pst file. do a search on your C: drive for *.pst

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Hi, not sure if this correct place for this question. I wish to download a vehicle workshop manual from a webpage to a CD or DVD so I have a permanent hard copy of the , but not sure how to go about it, it would be a large file.

Answer:Saving Webpage Data to CD/DVD

Hi, normally if its a Manuel from a website they normally give you a pdf download format if not on your browser go file>save as> webpage document or right click and go save as and will direct link you back to the webpage.
you could also just copy the content of the page and paste it into a word processor and then save it.
then check the size of the document and put it on a CD/DVD with enough space!
hope this helps.

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I am going to format my c: and re-install winXPproSP1.

If I move my data to other partitions other than my C:, will that data be accessible once windows is installed?

(Is formatting my HD and re-installing windows going to remove the "index" that my computer uses to access files on partitions other than my c:?)

Answer:re-formatting and saving data

I know this might be a stupid question, but I dont know and would like the answer to it.

please help.

thanx for your input.

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Sorry if this query is basicwhen saving my photos to CD I'm told there is no disc in the E drive - why do I get this message, ( I'm using Packard Bell CD-RW 12x Speed 700 Mb capacity discs )

Answer:Problem saving data

What operating system are you using and what program do you usually use to burn to disk?

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I'm having multiple issues on my Compaq Presario 700z notebook, including an unmountable_boot_volume error, dac2w2k.sys error, and ntkrnlmp.exe error. Compaq has told me I will have to reformat the HD and reinstall windows. The tech I chatted with said I could take it to a service center to retrieve my data before doing this. Can anyone tell me how to do that from home?



Answer:Saving data before reformatting when I can't get in?

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A few days ago, I woke up to a computer lacking internet access. In the process of trying to fix it, my computer got severely owned. Long story short, my computer, for reasons beyond me, sucks now. It is slow, bloated, freeze-happy, and generally a pain in the ***. My computer used to not suck. I long for those days.

I've reformatted before (more than a year ago, so the details are hazy), and since then and now my music folder has grown from a few hundred to slightly over three thousand songs. I like these songs. I do not wish to lose them.

Currently, I'm .RAR'ing my entire music folder, which is--

I just right clicked my "Multimedia" folder to find the exact size and it froze. A bloody right click froze my computer... yeesh.

Ok, so I'm .RAR'ing my music folder, which is 12.3 GB... At 40% archiving, I have 8 .rar files, so thats 8 cds. Around 100%, I'll have at least 18. 18 cds to burn, label, store, and then re-upload after the format = huge pain.

I deleted all my movies so all that is straight up music all of which I plan on keeping. The rest of my data is less than 700mb so I can fit it on one cd.

What I would like to do (and I don't know if this is possible, so it may sound retarded) is to (and I'm delving into unfamiliar territories, so if I sound ignorant, it's because I am) "upload" my music folder onto a separate partition on my hard drive, and then begin the formatting process, and delete the partition contain... Read more

Answer:Saving data before reformatting

Use an external hard drive or burn everything onto 2 DVDs... that's the easiest... You wouldn't even need to compress anything.

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Due to spyware, viruses and who knows what else, i need to repair some key os elements. What will this wipe out as far as data? Do i loose all document and settings information?
Thank you in advance.

Answer:reloading xp - saving data

This gives a step by step guide to 'repair' and keep data

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I am currently going to wipe out all data on my hard disc and start from scratch. what is the best way to save mp3, Microsoft Office data and programs that i don't want to loose? Is there a program that i can use to compress this data small enough to fit it on a disc? I'm going to treat this as a starter question b/c I'm not sure what information you need. thank you for your help. 

Answer:Saving data to disc

Quoteand programs that i don't want to loose?Firstly, you can never backup programs properly. 7-Zip should do the job for the rest of the files. Download 7-Zip.

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Having trouble saving some files I copied from my old cp to my hard drive, appreciate some help.


Answer:Saving from data cd to harddrive

Start,Programs, Accessories, Windows Explorer....find the cd drive on left side of box and open right click to copy what is on the cd, then right click paste to where you want it on the right side of ther box

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i have win 7 loaded on USB drive
when i click on repair win 7.
it says there is some problem and there is a window to send the info to microsoft
thats it
i don wanna do a fresh install of win 7 because i have some data to save..
please help

Answer:saving data while installing from USB

If you have a External HD, you could copy & paste your data.
Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console

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Hey all, I've got a question about upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7.

I've decided it's time to upgrade to a 64 bit operating system, but there is a factor about it that concerns me. I'd really rather not have to perform a clean install, and effectively wipe all my data.

My computer is equipped with 2 hard drives, is it possible to move all my data over to the E drive, and upgrade the C drive, running the E drive as a slave (or any other method with the 2 drives that could work)?

I do have an external hard drive available for use as well, could I transfer all my data, or at least my important data, on to an external drive, clean install Windows 7, and then move it all back in it's respective folders?

I'd really like to receive some enlightenment on this situation.

Thanks in advance!


Answer:Upgrading from XP to Win 7, and saving my data?

to go from xp to 7 means a clean install

you can save to E drive if you have enough room

then move them back after the install

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very often when I try to save whatever is on the screen it won't save.  I believe it started with Linked and now it affects whatever may be on the screen.  Ithought it was a virus or a lock but it doesn't make sense.  Some stuff will save others not.  I'm 73 and relatively new to this technology, so don't laugh!What I've had to do is copy and paste onto word then save that.Thanks

Answer:Saving data, emails, anything

Here you will find others that have the same problem.  Myself, for one. I am now 76 and have been classified as 'legally blind' for several years. So I can not drive a car and I get a slight bark on income tax. I need to use a computer in order to read without a lot of  eye strain and neck pain.I used to copy and paste stuff from the current view and paste into notepad. That way I could enlarge the text for better visibility and not be hindered by pop ups and overlays.Recently I  notice some website do something to make it very hard to copy and paste a part of a web page. To date I have not seen any explanation of this.The only work around  I have is to use the 'select all' option. I use ctl-A to select the whole page, including what is not in the current view.  Then I  have to paste into notepad and look for the part  I wanted to read.  Yes, the browser has a zoom feature that helps. But graphics and scripts do not work well with high zoom settings, Like a 4x zoom. It gets to be a mess.When I paste into notepad, the graphics and scripts and special effects do not transfer. I get  just the text. For some reason some websites do not allow me to select a portion of the ext. So I have to select all.Maybe this would help you.  EDIT: Tthis search may help also:why you cannot select text in a web page

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Some time ago I wrote an Access database for a company, last week they asked me why it had stopped saving data. I said I did not know, but I suspected the user was doing something wrong. That was until yesterday when I was contacted by a second company and asked if I knew why their Microsoft Access had stopped saving data. I have not visited either location but suspect that a recent Microsoft automatic update has caused this problem. Both these databases are on a small network. Has any one suffered anything a similar problem?

Answer:Access database not saving new data

Haven't seen this before. Which version of Access? Have you done much coding behind it or is it fairly straightforward?The fact that two independent companies have come forward suggests it might be update related to me otherwise I would have suggested volumes but for both of them to hit a particular volume where the database had a problem or became corrupt in the same time period seems unlikely or a big coincidence.Can't they send you a copy to take a look at and try on your machine?Have you searched MS knowledgebase ? If a Microsoft update had this effect I think it would be in there fairly quick.

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I have an old Seagate model ST310211A 10GB hard drive, that was in a PC with a bad mother board. Can I recover the data from it by making it a slave drive and putting it in another working PC. My concern is that the drive with the pictures has Wins 98 and the working PC has Win XP. I also have one with Win 7, but I figured the closer the better?
Am I on the right track? Or is there a better way to get the pictures off it. Don't have money for a pro to do it!


Answer:Saving data on old hard drive?

I'd use one of These USB adapters ... Then just read the Data like it was a USB flash drive
Assuming the HDD is still functional ... A pro is not needed

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my windows xp is freezing up so i need to reinstall and i need to know if there is a way i can save my data and files in the safe mode?

Answer:saving data from safe mode

USB Drivers/External Hard Drives will work in Safe Mode.Oh, and you should be able to burn CD's, I'm not sure.We might be able to cure your Freezing problem. Do you want to?

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I have a column of numbers which I'm summing together everyday. The data in those columns changes everyday. In another column I have various dates and in the column next to that I have the per day totals.

So, in the column with the per date totals I have the formula

The problem is that when today becomes tomorrow, I lose the total. Is there a way to keep that total without loosing the today() command in those cells?

Hopefully that's not too confusing. I would post an attachment but my work thinks the popup is a gaming site... Thanks for the help!

Answer:Excel - saving today() data

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I have earlier successfully used a SATA\IDE adapter with a 12v=2A/5 V=2A power source (don't know what the two values actually mean here) for saving some data from a harddrive in a broken PC. Can I use the same adapter for saving data from a laptop harddrive? The adapters seem to fit with the extensions I have, but the specs on the harddrive says 5V 700mA. Or will the output of the power source be "too strong" here?

Answer:Saving data from laptop harddrive

that should be OK -
you have an adapter - 5V 2A - so the max current is 2amps
and you only need to provide 700mA or 0.7amps

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Hi, i have a question in creating a file in which i can fill out the worksheet "form" and by clicking a save button, the data will be saved into worksheet "database" in the next row. basically i do not need to amend data from the "form", but i will rather update in "database" manually.

thx for your help in advance

Answer:excel - saving data to another worksheet

Hi there, welcome to the forum.

I think you should take a look at the link blow, this is something similar

If you get stuck, let us know.

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Hello forum: I frequently download IRS and other sites'  fill-in forms into my documents and then fill in the forms and then print them. In the past when I went back into the form at a later date the previously entered info was still in the form.  Always.  Now, when I go back to the form it is always blank. Even if I ' save ' a copy of a filled in form with all the fields populated, it is always blank. I can see the info just blink off and the form goes blank when I go back into the form and look at it. Right now all of the pdf. forms in my Documents have no info in any fields even though I have filled them out in the past. I am using WIN XP SP2, IE 6, Adobe Reader 6.0 with the last Reader update 6.06. I have asked around  looking for others having the same experience and everyone says that they never could save info in the filled in forms . But in the past I always could . Did something change or is there a setting that I can reset to correct this? This is the first time in 5 years with this computer (Dell Dimension 2400) that this has occurred.  Thanks.

Answer:Adobe 6.0 not saving data in forms

Typically, you need the full version of Acrobat (or an alternative PDF editing program) in order to edit a PDF in some way.  Reader's not enough.If you were able to do it in the past, then it's because you also have a version of Acrobat AND Reader 6 on your computer at the same time.  When Reader was updated, it took over as the default program for opening PDF files.  Open up Acrobat or whatever program you have for editing PDFs, open the IRS form, and try that way.Alternatively, you could uninstall Adobe Reader 6 and try opening your PDF.  Best case scenaro, if you do have Acrobat, then it will automatically open your PDF.  Worst case scenario, the PDF won't open at all and you'll have to reinstall Adobe Reader (download from Adobe's site...latest version is 9.0), Adobe Acrobat (install from any discs you may have if you purchased it in the past), or whatever PDF editor you may have.

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I am almost in tears now. All my pictures, videos and other important irreplaceable files are in my Western Digital passport hard disk - about 450 GB worth of it.

The Problem (what happened :

I plug on my Hard Disk as usual, but this time when I click on certain folders, it gets jammed, and though I can still cruise through the folders, all the files had disappeared!
I try safely removing the hard drive, but it says that the hard drive 'is still in use', so I just pull it off.
When I plug it back on, I was relieved! Everything was there but after about 5 mins and/or going to certain folders - BAM - it happens again - freezes and everything disappears. And again the hard drive cant even be safely ejected and I have to pull it off.

So, I plugged it back & I tried saving some of my pictures the pictures were copying fine until it got to a certain picture - BAM - it freezes (said something like 'Access denied or no specified file to copy'.
Now I'm so scared to even plug it back on! What happened to those files? corrupted due to virus attack? irretrievable? But I can still see it there! it even previewed...
OMG. Please help me. I'm going out of my mind. Its enough that my laptop is dieing and now my hard disk too?

How am I going to save my data?...

Answer:My WD Passport is failing - need help saving data

Take the Passport to a computer repair shop or back where you bought it and have them recover your data to a new external drive before it's too late. You will need a new external drive anyway

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i have 2 groupbox's in form1, and in both i have like 5 checkbox's.i also have a button called btnSave and another called btnLoad. my question is, how can i make it so when i click btnSave, the staus of all the checkbox's (whether they are checked or not) is saved to a file. and when i press btnLoad, they are loaded.
hope i made myself clear.
i really need an answer for this urgently.
thanks in advance.

Answer:noob - Saving all data in delphi

Do you know how to process files in Delphi? If the answer is yes, please follow:
*/Read the state of the check boxes and their names
*/Write these values in a file (eg, state.txt), with a consistent format (eg, name1:checked, name2:nochecked ...) name1, name2 is the name of the check boxes, and checked, nochecked is their values. Of course, you could format it with your own.
*/Close the file
*/When you need to load the states, just open the file (state.txt) and read the string in it and check the values of the approriate check boxes.

Hope this help

PS: If you don't know how to process files in Delphi, google it

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this should be simple: i just want to save the data structure without including the data.

Answer:MS Access (saving structure w/out data)

I'm assuming you want to copy a database without the data (just the structure).

Create a new database. In the new database click on File|Get External Data|Import. Select the original DB. In the Options section there should be a choice to import structure without data. Select all tables from the original DB. That should do the trick.

Good Luck!

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Hello. Still trying to get used to Vista after have xp for some time. I am stumped on saving a data file that I copied to a cd from my old cp. How do I save it to my hard drive.


Answer:? on saving cd data to harddrive thru vista

View the file on the CD in the documents viewer (explorer) and right click it and select Copy.

Then navigate to the folder where you want to put it and right click and paste ...

Its no different to any other Windows version in that respect?

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my SSD failed and I need a new one. Is there a possibility to save or extract the recovery data which content the Windows Version so that I can install my already existing Windows starter Version on my new SSD?

The recover option doesn't work.

I have a Toshiba NB510-109

Answer:NB510-109 - Saving the Recovery data

This small netbook was originally delivered with HDD so I?m asking myself how have you installed original recovery image on SSD.

Anyway, if SSD is completely death I don't see any possibility to do anything about that. What you can do is to order original recovery disc for your machine but my recommendation for you is to install own Windows 7 32bit version using Microsoft installation disc.

I have done this on my NB520 and, believe me; it runs much better as original starter version. Graphic performance is much better when I watch movies.

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I do this quite often and I am very annoyed. Everytime I connect a hard drive [xp, vista, or windows 7] and try to access it I get the message that I don't have the right to view it.

I have to use the "take ownership" feature. I am an administrator so what gives.

running windows 7 professional with microsoft security essentials and windows firewall

Answer:saving data from another hard drive

Are the files on these hard drives you are connecting yours? Did you originally create these files?
Are you installing/connecting these hard drives to your motherboard, SATA connector, or by USB?

If you did not create these files on the PC that you are trying to open/view them on this is as it is supposed to be. All the data on those drives has permissions set be another username and PC. Until you change the permissions and or add your username to grant you permission to view/open/whatever you will get this message.

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With my new computer and Windows 7, I'm finding that information that I enter into the different sites that I visit is saved at that site. Is there an adjustment I can make so that the information I enter into the site like on Ancestry is not saved, and dissapears immediately after I leave the site?
I have subscriptions to several sites, and each one has a long list of names that I've entered that I will never use again.

Answer:How to eliminate forms from saving data

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Okay, so this is weird. I've tried numerous google searches about this and nothing has come up.

Google chome is not saving only particular form data, for instance my username: therealdrag0. Also my main gmail account name isn't saved. It's so annoying. Other stuff I put in, other emails in the same form, are saved, so that when I come back they drop down, but my main one isn't.

Any thoughts?


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My PC as of late has been running awful. When I have a game running it'll run fine, however it's navigating the PC when say in a browser, or just copying files, or anything really outside running a game that is running horrible. I ran malwarebytes and did a scan and corrected, same with Housecall, was gonna do a CCleaner but I'm at the point where I'm fed up and just want it running smoothly. When I'm in firefox if I do something as simple as ctrl D to bookmark a page everything freezes. So I'm ready for a fresh start.

I'm going to find my Windows 7 disc after work and reformat. However I would like to backup important info. If I clone hdd to hdd it'll save everything and make the reformat pointless as far as I know. So that's not an option. I know how to copy/paste my picture files. That's easy.

How would I go about saving my steam game files so that my in game progress is erased? I have a 160gb internal hdd installed, I'm using a 1tb internal for os and everything. So I can use the 160. I also have an external 160gb hdd I can use.

I started to clone the hdd and quickly realized that's not my course of action. So after backing up my browser bookmarks, and pictures, how do I save all my steam game files? Don't think i"m worried about losing any other data besides that.

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  Hi! I inherited a computer from my Dad after he passed away and gave my old one to Goodwill. It's been updated and I have no problems with software, etc. thanks to some guru friends. My Dad always did things first class and so it has a D and E drive. One is Read/Write I think and the other is Read only, although I really do not know which one I should use for music CDs. When I put a music CD in either drive it says: "A required .DLL file, MMVCP70.DLL was not found." When I try to save data to a CD (D or E drive) it says: "The selected drive disk is not in use. Check to make sure the disk is inserted." The disk is inserted. What am I doing wrong? I am fairly computer savvy but this is out of my league.

Answer:CD: Playing music & Saving data on

So what I think I've got so far is that the Hard disk is C:, D: & E: could be either cdrom or a cd writer.  What OS are you using and what burning software are you using to "save" (burn) to a cd.How old is the system, what kind of disks are you trying to burn to/read from, cdr or cdrw?

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Help! My Gateway Windows XP desktop computer shut down because the electricity went off. When I tried turning it back on a day later, it came up to the screen telling me my computer unexpectedly shut down, giving me options to restart including Normal, Last Restore Point, and then 3 Safe Modes, one just Safe Mode, one Safe with Networking and one Safe with something else (can't remember). Well, none of these options worked. I tried each option and all would try to boot, but just start over.

So, I then MISTAKENLY used the F11 "Recovery" option (which I have since learned was a no-no) which started a process I thought would just "recover" my computer. It went through some things that I didn't follow along very well with, but I didn't have to click on anything until it now says
"System Restore - Format and Recover
All files, including data files, on the user partition will be lost and the original factory-shipped files will be recovered to the user partition.
Do you want to continue?"
And the only option to click is "OK".

I have since learned that if I would have booted with my Gateway system disk, I may have had the option to click on "backup files".

My question now is, can I get out of this? If so, how? (I actually already tried just shutting down my computer, booting with system disk, hitting "R", but it brought me back to this same screen) I REALLY want to backup my data. I don't care if I hav... Read more

Answer:saving data on unbootable computer!

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How do my two hard drives work, vista:C data :E, All my stuff only goes on the C drive, Not on E.
How do you set them up to have some on one & some on the other?

Thanks Nigel

Answer:Satellite A210-1c0 - data saving on HDD

If you want to save some data the system ask you where all this should be saved. Choose the right place under E (some specific folder) and be happy.

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Hi All,

My SSD C: drive is 124GB. Unfortunately one of my programs saves huge of data in C;\application data.
over 40GB!!. Is there any way I can do to avoid it? I have to note that the location is not the choice of the user. I use Windows 7 Ultimate.

Thanks for your help


Answer:How to avoid saving data in C drive?

What program?

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Basically I have forgotten how to do something really basic....

I have forgotten how to save a table or query into a comma delimited format (from an Access 2000 table or query to a comma delimited txt file). I know this is a really basic thing to achieve in Access (because I could do this with my eyes shut) but my memory is not what it was.

Many Thanks In Advance

The Thick One !!!

PS. Merry Xmas Everyone!!!!

Answer:Saving Access Data Into Different Format!

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Question: Saving programs


I would like to reinstall windows 7 but have some programs e.g Microsoft Office 2007, but do not have the original insallation discs, question is how can I save these and reinstall without losing them. The main reason I wish to install Windows 7 is I think some things with in 7 are not working as they should. Any advice would be most welcome, I am an aging beginner so please be gentle.......LOL

Answer:Saving programs

What in Windows 7 is not working? Can you tell us specifically what's wrong?

Try running the SFC/SCANNOW command. It will fix any corrupted or deleted files. Run the command followed by a reboot, three times.
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

If that doesn't work, try restoring your computer to a point before the problems started using System Restore.
System Restore

You could also try doing a repair install using the original Windows 7 disk.
Repair Install
If you do not have a Windows 7 disk, you can create one.
System Repair Disc - Create

Hope this helps,

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Question: saving programs?

hey all,

i just wanted to see what everyone one thought was the best way to save specific programs. is it just to burn it to a cdr? for instance i have this study software program w/ a huge library and would just like to save it to something besides my computer. thx in advance, have a wonderful sunday!

Answer:saving programs?

Saving to a cdr is a great way of storing prog..etc that are not frequently used or are to large--Try some of the software that came with the burner/usually includes a drag and drop feature so you can use the cdr as a portable hd

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Question: Saving Programs

I have recently had to completely re-start computer from scratch due to problems which could not be rectified.Obviously i backed up every thing but could not save data stored in my Family tree which was on a 'Family tree maker' program that i had installed. The program was installed directly on the 'C' DRIVE. Is this why?

Answer:Saving Programs

When you reinstall your OS you loose all your C drive programs/documents/ MS updates/etc This is why you need to backup all the information you don't want to loose, as for yor family tree would have thought your detailed could have been saved even if you copied and pasted the info. Best to have separate partition for data/music/pic's etc

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Question: Saving Programs

Is there a way of saving programs downloaded from the internet to a cdrw
disc without backing them up?

Answer:Saving Programs

kruse10 said:

Is there a way of saving programs downloaded from the internet to a cdrw
disc without backing them up?Click to expand...

there should be. it will depend on the program as well but there shoudln't be anything keeping you from doing that at all. are you haveing problems or were you just asking?

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I have a number of programs that are used rearly but I do not want to remove them from the computer but I want to reduce the long list of programs. Is it possible to put these items into one folder of little used programs?

Answer:saving little used programs

You can create a New Folder in Programs and then Drag and Drop whatever you want into it.

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In preparation of replacing my hard drive,I have started putting my important stuff onto CD-R before the drive goes for good.When copying,I sometimes get a warning saying that the file contains extra info,and that if I continue,this info will be lost,but the contents will not be affected,and do I wish to continue?After copying a few programs onto a disc,I checked to see if the programs would reinstall,and all seems ok,so what does this message actually refer to?SB23

Answer:Saving programs to CD-R

Not sure what you mean exactly when you said copying 'Programs'If you are doing what I suspect - that you have gone to 'C'/Programs and copied off contents- Then it is highly likely that these files whilst appearing to be OK on test on the host machine - will not in fact transfer to a CD in a form to 'install on a virgin' drive so as to run.This is because as I understand it elememts of the program are lodged in the registery of the existing machine.- The best way to do a transfer is to remove the drive from the retiring machine, set it to slave- connect to new machine temporarily- and copy the whole shebang over- operating system and all.

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This pc has celeron 2.15 ghz and Ram 192 and the problem is that when a program is installed after the pc is restarted again no signs of the program is shown so it also happens when I write in word and then I save it . Turn off/on the pc an nothing is saved. I checked with antivirus/antispy and nothing was found. According to my friend it happened when he installed Ares, pacmania so I removed the programs but as I mentioned after reestarted the pc the programs are there again.
What could be the problem? This pc has no connection to internet. The Xp is ver2002 SP2.

Answer:Pc Not Saving Programs

Can you save to an external hard disk, a USB flash drive, or a floppy disk?

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how do i get all my data to go directly into a second hard drive, which has no operating system on it, instead of the one with the operating system on it

Answer:saving data on secondary hard drive

Assuming this is a master/slave setup:Simply drag and drop or cut and paste?

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So, subsequent to my previous thread...

(Basically, I have an Access database which is to be used by many users to make changes).

...once the record has been amended, I need to allow the user to either "save changes" or "exit without saving". At the moment, the data is updated as soon as I leave the form - how do I get round this?



Answer:Solved: Saving (or not) changes to data in a form in Access 97

If the user does not want to save the changes (or additions) they can press the Esc twice to "Undo" the Actions.
However if you want to have a second Button that says Close without saving then before the button's VBA code Docmd.close enter

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I've got an internal Seagate hard drive which is not in such great health. It first showed some symptoms when in my Sony laptop (see ). I was able to retrieve some files using Unstoppable Copier, but this program kept stopping when encountering a bad file or sector. I removed the HD and installed it via the internal SATA to my home computer and began copying files. But whenever it encounters a bad file I'm trying to transfer, it slows down and I have to reboot. And about 50% of the time after I reboot, the suspect HD isn't detected in My Computer.

I'd like to save all the good data - and have a list of the files which are bad or won't copy. But with the computer constantly needing rebooting, this is becoming a very frustrating/tedious process.

Does anyone have any ideas of how I could easily save all the data without having all these interruptions?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Saving data from failing hard drive

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I have bought an external hard drive and I would like my various programs to automatically save data to the external hard drive. How would I do this? Would I need to install the programs onto that hard drive?

Answer:Saving data to external hard drive

tcroc26 said:

Would I need to install the programs onto that hard drive?Click to expand...

Quite possibly, what applications are we talking about here?

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I'm trying to get some clarifications on using DVD's to back up data files and retrieving those backed up files.

If you save files to a DVD-R, must all the files you wish to save be saved in the same session?

Are the data files "burned" to the DVD or copies and pasted to it?

Will retrieving those saved files from the DVD in the future be a simple copy and paste from the DVD to the hard drive?

Thanks for your help

Answer:Questions re saving and retrieving data files from DVD

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The event looks as if it is entered but then reverts back to 'no event'

Answer:Why isn't data entered on my calendar event not saving?

Is it not syncing between accounts? Or just the one account it is entered to?
What account is the Calendar linked to? Make sure that account can sync.
Settings > email + accounts > tap the account name and make sure calendar is set up to sync there
Settings > email + accounts > hold down on the account name and tap "sync" from the pop up menu
Whenever I add a Calendar event, I always manually sync the affected accounts afterward, just to do a sanity test.

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Hello, hoping you can help me out with a friend's PC.

Here is the situation:

1) "Computer A" is the main computer. It starting having issues, HD making noises, and blue screen of death occurring.

2) THERE IS LOTS OF DATA on Computer A that needs to be saved

3) So I said to do this--- Will this work? What type of problems <might> occurr? Also, is this process correct?

- take Computer A's hard drive out
- place ( install ) it in Computer B, as the slave drive
- Computer B should just recognize it and place it as the next drive letter (via windows explorer)... nothing else needs to be done???

- If this works, just take the data off of Computer A's hard drive and save it to Computer B.


I'm not sure which or what OS either computer is?
Should it matter?

No other settings should need to be done, right? Or should something be editted or changed in CMOS?

Thanks for your help.... I've done this on my PC (long time ago) but can't remember any little details--- I thought you can just pretty much attach the second HD to the existing cable (as the slave drive)


Answer:Hard Drive Problems - saving data - help!

oh... I forgot...
you need to set the jumper on the second hard drive to "slave" setting.
hopefuly, the second drive has easy to read diagram of the jumpers

any thoughts on the 1st post?

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"Saving to a lossy file may cause changes to image data"

What does it mean? what do i have to do to save the changes?!?!

PLEASEEEEEEEE asnwer! someone!

Answer:Saving to a lossy file may cause changes to image data???

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I'm on a team that manages a network with about a 100 computers. Some of the people using MS Office experience extremely slow saving and closing of the program. Occasionally while one of the programs of MS Office is hung up trying to save, the program will crash resulting in the loss of all their work. Everyone is running windows 7 Professional 32 bit. MS Office 2010. The servers are all running Server 2003 Standard Edition 32 bit. Everyone has roaming profiles.

Answer:MS Office Slow Saving and/or Losing Data

Hope you don't have the Outlook Connectors feature installed. Or at least have backed out KB2412171 which was a pain.

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My husband has just bought an Acer laptop running XP with an NTI CD & DVD-Maker (Gold) in it. Since I'm the supposed techy in this area, it's my job to understand how to operate it & then teach him. I've read through the 'Help' section and think I get most of it but am really stumped when it comes to which file system to use. I've never run into this before and the choices are:ISO 9600 standard level1; MS-DOS file names;Joliet; Romeo and UDF. We use the drive mainly to back up our word documents so does anyone know which is the best one to use?

Answer:Which file system to use when saving data to disc

ISO 9600 - Joliet or Romeo... Joliet stores file names up to characters, with trucated names for Dos.. Romeo stores up to 128 characters. People stick with Joliet for compatability.

UDF is for packet writing, which may be convienient, but is a dangerous way to store things on disks. If something goes wrong during writing, generally all the data gets lost. Also, you'll find some systems won't be able to read the disks. Besides, CDR's are cheap enough..

By the way, you're probably better off using a flash drive and forgetting about burning disks if it's just word documents.

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My Equium A100-27 has an 80GB hard drive, this is slit in half C drive and E drive.

I understand that the E drive is used for system recovery purposes but can I also use it to store data on?

If I do use it for data how much room should be left clear for system recovery?

Answer:Equium A100 - can I use E drive for data saving?

This is old notebook model and it has no ?recovery data? saved on second HDD partition.
So you can do with this partition whatever you want and also use it for data saving or data back-up.

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I have several large files I would like to save to disc to free up storage. Also I would like to make emergency back-ups of games in case the original discs are damaged, lost, etc. I only have a CD-RW drive so, my question is: Can I only use CD-Rs/CD-RWs to save? I'd prefer to save them on DVDs because of the large amount of storage space and I've heard they will not deteriorate as fast as a CD.

Answer:Saving large amounts of data, etc. to disc

If you have only a CD drive then you may only use cd media.
I suggest that you get a copy of Norton Ghost.
Norton Ghost will allow you to backup your files or the whole disk drive.

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I am looking to save some data from 95 Windows operating System and bring the information to XP operating System.

I was thing of using Thumb Drive by the one recommend is Cypress Generic USB. I cannot locate one.

I am lost in how to get the data from one operating system to another. Any ideas. Will be greatful.

Answer:Solved: Data Saving & Transfer 95 Windows to XP

It's unlikely you will find a thumb drive that will work with a computer old enough to be running Win95 without a search for drivers or installing an upgrade of the USB to v2.0.

If both machines are desktops and have compatible interface (the old machine will likely be IDE), you may be able to remove the hard drive from the old machine and install it as a Secondary Master drive in the new machine. Assuming it's recognized and you can open it, all you would need to do then is drag and drop the files you want into the C:\ drive where you want them.

Another alternative would be to purchase an external USB enclosure, install the Win95 drive into the enclosure and see if you can access it that way. Drag and drop would still apply.

The drive format for a Win95 drive will probably be FAT or maybe FAT32. either way, XP should be able to read it.


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Hi everybody
The more I tinker around with W8 the more I like it.

As well as the built in Mount Command (Bye Bye Daemon Tools) for mounting ISO images in W8 this one is a REAL: beauty for saving and restoring your OS.
It will create a file called install.wim (this type of file might already be known to people who deploy a lot of Windows instances).

For Restoring :

After the image has been re-created (includes all your apps etc) start the REFRESH PC from the control panel

Choose the INSTALL.WIM file you created and you'll find your system restored with all the applications etc.

In the severe event that you need to re-boot from an external medium -- I'm working out how to do a recovery from a boot disk - do the following:

Currently It's a two step option -- REFRESH from the install disk
then Control panel and refresh again using your own install WIM file.

I'm sure I can make a bootable USB as per "Win2GO" type of method so I can avoid the need to run it twice if I have to recover totally via a boot.

Guys who are more experienced with WIM files might like to add to the thread to avoid the method of having to run the refresh TWICE if I use the Windows install disk to refresh the system --there must be a way to point it to a user created WIM file or create a USER recovery disk / usb.


Answer:Built in Refresh saving your own data etc. - No need for Acronis Etc

Hi Jimbo … I think the syntax should be "recimg"

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I have an external enclosure with a 160GB SATA2 HDD installed in it. THe enclosure is connected to my Linksysea3500 via USB and I can log into it with a defined user and password. I have it as mapped drive (Z) under windows yet the last several times I have transferred DATA to it IT IS NOT THERE the next day when I go to retrieve it. Its not a HUGE deal but I just reinstalled windows cause I wanted to (had no issues just wanted a fresh start) and had saved several things on that darn drive and when I went to reconnect after install it was all there I transferred over some data and left rest on there till I wanted to put it back on local pc. and I just logged in a second ago and the only thing there is data I transferred to it about 3 weeks ago, WTH??!! why is it doing this?? is the drive bad?? can I test it somehow without actually plugging it into the pc??

Answer:Solved: External drive NOT saving ALL data??

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Hello. Currently running Windows XP on an athlon 800, 768 mB RAM. When trying to save new programs from the net, ie spywareblaster, etc etc, I get this error window pop and state
" C:\Docume~1\ScottC~1\Locals~1\TEMP\d2g6kiw1
Each time I try to save it, that message pops up, but the last 8 digits and number change each time. Any suggestions what is the cause of this and how to rectify it? I run Trend anti virus, have Ad-aware SE and Spybot has my spam removers. Thanks for the help


Answer:Saving programs difficulty

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Could someone walk me through,how to save installed programs in my Computer,I want to reinstall Windows XP and I know I will loose all of them by doing so/I have several that I dont have CDs for they were downloaded off the Net?

Answer:Saving Installed Programs

You can try do a repair install so you dont lose your programs.... check at this link;
Read it carefully, [the Repair Install section]..... note where you press the 'r' during the install process-not the first time! or you lose those programs... make backups however where possible; let us know if you need more advice if that site isn't too clear.

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Hi all,
I've a problem; I need to format my hard-drive but at the same time want to save some programs. So what I need is a program that will totally uninstall a program and at the same time save it so it can be re-installed later. Any suggestions?? Please!

Answer:Removing and saving programs

You could try this ..... works well for me, moving from one partition to another and should be able to move to a cd (though I haven't tried that yet.)
Move it, then see if it will move back to another 'puter and run properly before you assume its ok.

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I want to refresh my PC, but if I do, I will lose my Office 2013 pro programs. What should I have to do to keep these programs?

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I'm starting to download and pay for programs. I change computers often. Whats the best way to save these programs on a disc.
I heard one guy say that he puts them in one folder with the id code.
Is it true that after you install the program from the download folder, that you cannot copy it to disc?

Answer:Saving downloaded programs

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Was just wondering what the best method is for saving various programs and such.  For example,  if you download some program such as CCleaner & Autoruns etc.,  is it best to leave the install in a folder on your computer or are you better off saving them all to a disk then delete them from the hard drive? Most of mine are free but some are paid for.  Am I wasting computer resources & memory by leaving them on the hard drive?Would also like to thank everyone (especially Broni) for all their help so far & wish you all an early Merry Christmas...    It's minus 27 C here now....brrrr.Thanks.

Answer:Saving Utilities & Programs

This is really a personal opinion and Im sure other people will have their own, but I would back them up on another drive. They are installation files. Once the programs are installed, you dont need them so back them away. If something happens to your machine, you have the backup to return to.That said, I wouldnt backup the free programs, I would instead download the latest version if I needed it. The paid ones I would keep.

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Hi, I am having a problem with many of my programs. For example, my minesweeper does not save my game anymore, my curse client does not open saying it is a logging system error, my google chrome does not save my history and the extensions i have on it do not save any of my history as well, my windows desktop gadgets do not update anymore (my weather is not updating and says it cannot connect to the internet), and my taskbar does not recognize my cursor leaving it so it keeps whatever icon i had my cursor on last highlighted. The last thing I remember installing before all the errors occurred is minecraft and a minecraft server.

Thanks so much for your help!

Answer:None of the programs are saving correctly

Try a System Restore to before the minecraft installation.

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I have a laptop drive that was running Windows XP. with a password protected user account. I have hooked the HDD up to another pc running Windows XP, to copy my files over. The problem lies with the the user account i am trying to access, it says folder is empty, and when i try to open the folder of my old user account it just says access is denied. How do i remove the security from this folder so i can access my data files??

I know that if i had not put a password on my user account , i would not have any problem accessing my files inside. Please, can someone help with a solution??


Answer:Solved: Saving data from a failed windows drive???

Take ownership of the folders and files


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Running ACT! 6.0 on windows 7, working perfectly until today when notes and history entries are no longer being saved and disappear after entry. 7005 contacts in the database, 4800 in other database with same problem.

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I have an excel file with the current scenario:

A12 - this cell uses a CONCATENATE formula (from other cells) to create a directory structure and file name (example- C:\project\vendor\41576_info.txt). The directory structure already exists. The the *.txt file does not exist.

I would like to use a VB macro that will create the new text file in the specific directory and add any content in cells A13:A17 to the text file. Any suggestions on how to do this? Thanks in advance

PS - I did try to look through previous posts but the search function was retuning errors.

Answer:Solved: Saving Excel Data to a text file

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I sometimes (today/tomorrow) need to fill some internet forms (html/css - not pdf), and to either save them for submitting later, or to send them to someone else to submit. One option would be print them as pdf, but it would be easier if I could save the forms in such a way that I, or another person, could later import the data directly back into blank versions of these forms in an open browser.

Anyone know how?

(I use Firefox, but also have IE).

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I have setup excel pie charts whereby I only want the data label option “percentage” to be shown. If I save the workbook with these settings, close and then re-open the settings are retained.
When I then upload this workbook to my SharePoint 2007 site and select open, open snapshot in excel the workbook opens, but all other data label options are set such as series name, category name, value, as well as percentage (percentagewhich is all I want, and the only one i set).
If I choose the option “open the workbook in excel” the data label options are set correctly. I need to be able to open the workbook as a snapshot, with the correct data label options because the other option to simply open in excel through SharePoint strips out all the formulas which reference particular data.
The odd thing with this is that if I open the snapshot in Excel 2007 the correct data label options are retained (series name, category name, value) are unticked, which is how I set it.
I tried re-building the excel workbook again in excel 2010, but I’m having the same issue.
I tried with a simple pie chart and the same happens.
We are using Excel 2010 X86 SP1 and SharePoint enterprise server 2007
Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm using Win'7, with MS Outlook 2007 on a C2D PC.
I would like to save the data of Outlook '07 in my personal folder instead of the default location. Kindly help.
Thanks in advance

Answer:Saving Outlook 2007 data in personal folder

Are you asking that you would like tha move your PST file from it current location to adifferent folder that you have?
Tell use where you would like to move the PST file to?

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I am thinking about upgrading from Windows 7 home Premium 32bit to Windows 7 Ulimate 64 bit so I can free up the unuseable ram on my pc.

As far as I know this would have to be a clean install please correct me if I'm wrong. The problem I have is saving all my data, programs and settings. Could someone please let me know what would be the best way of doing this. Can I just make a full backup on to an external hard drive with windows back up and then restore from the external hard drive after the upgade to windows 7 64 bit is complete or is there a better way that this can be done?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Saving data to upgrade to Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

Quote: Originally Posted by fwells


I am thinking about upgrading from Windows 7 home Premium 32bit to Windows 7 Ulimate 64 bit so I can free up the unuseable ram on my pc.

As far as I know this would have to be a clean install please correct me if I'm wrong. The problem I have is saving all my data, programs and settings. Could someone please let me know what would be the best way of doing this. Can I just make a full backup on to an external hard drive with windows back up and then restore from the external hard drive after the upgade to windows 7 64 bit is complete or is there a better way that this can be done?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Got some bad news. I am fairly sure, you must due a clean install only when going from 32 b it to 64. You cant restore the backup for you would end up back on 32bit.

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