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Video Card or Ram? [game lock ups]

Question: Video Card or Ram? [game lock ups]

So recently I got some new ram and a new BFG 8800GT... I noticed when playing games like NFS Most wanted and Call Of Jaurez that my computer will lock up and freeze and I'll have to restart, I'm not sure if this problem is caused by the new video card or the new ram [its kingston valueram, I have it overclocked just a bit, is any overclocking too much for valueram?]

I heard there was a bad batch of 8800GTs, so I thought it could be that? I picked this one up earlier this month.

More info:

My 8800GT is overclocked to 679/979.

Sometimes when it locks up in Most Wanted it will recover, but graphics and textures will be misplaced, lots of graphical glitches, but when I minimize the game and go back into it all the graphics are fine again.

I recently had some ram slot troubles, certain slots not working, but I took the motherboard out of the case and reset it in there and now all the slots will work.

Anyways, thanks in advance, I want to get some advice before I crack my computer open.

Pic of NFS Most Wanted -
Does this appear ram related or Video card related? Happens couple minutes after game starts.

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Preferred Solution: Video Card or Ram? [game lock ups]

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Video Card or Ram? [game lock ups]

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I've tried three different video cards in this computer and none have worked as well as they should.

Computer specs:
.windows xp
.Processor: AMD Athlon xp 3000+ 2.16 ghz
.768 MB of Ram

Video cards i've tried:
.ATI Radeon 9550 AGP
.ATI Radeon PCI
.Nvidia 6200 (current video card)

All came up with the same "system stop error." More specifically I start playing World of Warcraft and after an hour or so it freezes. Sometimes the sound repeats itself and then it freezes or it stops for a few seconds and then fixes itself. Most of the time I have to restart it manually but sometimes it restarts iself and shows the same "stuck thread" error.

Thanks for any help!

Answer:Video card lock ups. I've seen this a lot here!

What ram sticks have you got???
What make and wattage psu have you got???

Also, please list what you have already tried and tested to avoid us suggesting things to you that you have already done!!!!

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I have an Intel i740(yeah I know! but it came with the machine)acting as the prim. disply adapter in my comp. Im not even going to talk about the whole problem with turning on my machine, although annoying its not troublesome, the problem is that any game requiring 3d acceleration locks up! I've tried new drivers, nothing. I've tried turning off 3d acceleration but then the games wont work at all. Hell, I even tried formating, going through all of the known versions of Windows (95-ME), with my efforts fruitless. In a magazine I've read that updating the BIOS for that vid. card might help. I did download the most recent files however to find myself unable to use them. From some strange reason it came in a wicked format requiring "flash device" support (whatever it is). If anyone out there can tell me where I can obtain such a program too try the update I'd be thankful. However Id also like to hear other sugestions about what might the problem be. I also heard it might be an internal heat issue, how can I check if it is?

Answer:Video Card Lock-ups

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Hi, I would like to start out with my problem. I have a HP pavillion a747c computer with an integrated grapics media accelerator. I recently puchased a Evga geforce 6800xt pci-e card. At first things were ok. I was having a little bit of problems with it resuming from hibernation, but not that big. Now the computer wont even boot up. It boots to the windows loading screen but then turns black with a cursor that changes into an hourglass, and thats where it stops. I messed with the whole drivers thing downloading everything I could for the computer, monitor, and graphics card, but that hasn't worked. I disabled the onboard video in the device manager and in the bios, but that didnt help either. I have removed and tried just about everything. I'm a little new to all this stuff, but I am eager to learn. Please could someone help me get my video card to work. my system specs are as follows....pentium 4 htp, 512 mb ddr sdram, and 160 gb hd. This system is stock with the exception of the video card. It is not in my machine right now. please help. My computer is set up for pci express.

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Hi, so I play The Sims. I checked out the device config log and my video card isn't being recognized. Is there anyone who can help me with this? I have a XFX R7 260 (is that a good card?). I bought the card becuz it was specifically listed as a card that'll work with The Sims.

I tried to get help on 2 Sim forums, but I couldn't follow their directions and they lost patience

Can someone please help me?

Thank you.

Answer:Video card not recognized by video game

There's several different ones link to the one you have

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first off id like to hello to everyone. well heres my problem i jus got a compaq sr1950nx about 2 months ago heres the specs amd64 3800+ cpu 1gig of ram 250 gig hard drive mother board Asus A8N-LA(Nagami2) with on and onboard geforce 610 LE and 1 pci express 16x slot.

heres a web link for more info

well anyways i ordered a zogis brand geforce 7300 gt off of newegg last thursday and ive been tryin to get it to work since i got it but it keeps locking my pc up. i even upgraded my psu for it heres my psu info.

HP-E4009F5WR Peak 430w

ac input 50-60HZ 115v/10A 230V/5A
dc out put +3.3v 30A +5v 28A +12V1 14A +12V2 15A -12V 0.8A +5Vsb 2A

i also tried the psu that came with the pc but it was a crappy bestec that has lower specs than the one i got btw i didnt get this psu off of newegg i got a computer shop mine is a tad different but the specs are the same.

heres a web link for more info on the psu

ok so heres my main issue the card works fine until i start installing drivers for it then it constantly locks my pc up sometimes it will lock before the pc boots up into windows. and btw ive tried a few diff drivers for this card as well. i did uninstall all the previous nvidia display drivers and deleted them off hte harddrive with driver cleaner pro and disabled the onboard video and set up the mobo to pci express as main display adapeter.

and sometimes i c... Read more

Answer:new video card giving me serious lock up issues

Either the card is defective or the mobo is. I would try the card in another board if possible and see if it works.

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I want to buy a game called Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle. The system requirements says that you need a graphic card that is GeForce2 or better. I have an Intel (R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller. Is this better than a GeForce2?

Answer:I don't know if I have the right video card for a game. NEED HELP!

here's an Intel(R) 82852/82855 Graphics Controller Family - Game Compatibility List. While that game isn't on the list specifically, judging by what games are on the list it should be able to play Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle as well.

(edit) I don't know if it's "better than a Geforce2 MX"

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Hi! I'm having trouble with The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King EA game. When I try to play it, an error comes up and says:

Could Not Prepare the Display: Could not find the compatible Direct3D devices with the required capabilities. Make sure you hae current drives for your video card.Click to expand...

I've check my video card and everything and I checked the minimum requirements; everything seems to be fine. I'm not sure what's wrong.


Answer:Video Card help for Ea Game

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Intel E6850 Core 2 Duo w/ Intel DQ350J0E board and used mainly for games.
For video I am considering either:
A. 1 EVGA 8800 GTS-SC card
B. 2 EVGA 8600 GTS-SC cards in SLI mode

What is your opinion/pick and why???

hotrodracer thanks ya... :confused

Answer:Which video card for new game PC?

It all depends on what u want and what's cheaper!

first: Energy usage, two 8600's will use up more energy than 1 8800GTS
second: one 8800GTS is faster than two 8600GTS's.

so I'd go for 8800GTS.

Also, look here for some test results:

I'm sure you've seen enough

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I have a Compaq Presario 5320US Desktop PC, the Video card is NVIDIA Vanta TNT-2 16MB AGP Video Card Revision 0. trying to play a game (Nancy Drew Warnings at Waverly Academy) i get error, the video card not match minumem requirememnts to run this game. how can i fix this? I am running Windows 7.

Answer:Video Card not playing game

Well, that is seriously underpowered equipment for Windows 7, but the demands of that game are modest for such a recent release.

Your system specifications are here:

and the game minimum requirements:

The key factor seems to be:

"32 MB DirectX 9.0 compatible video card"

You'd need to upgrade to an AGP 4x video card with at least 32MB of RAM, DX9 and Windows 7 compatibility and modest power consumption as your system only has a 235W PSU. The standard Vanta supplied is a low profile card, but has a full height backing plate, so I don't think a low profile card is essential. I'm out of touch with the market for older AGP cards, but maybe if you could find something like a 128MB nVidia 6600 at a market or on eBay, it might suit.

Other posters may have further suggestions too.

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When I start up Medal of Honor Airbourne on my Windows XP Home Edition computer, a window pops up and says My video card cannot support it and I cannot afford a different card for gaming, please help me

Answer:Video Card Won't Support Game

Hi sn0wb0arding, welcome to TSF..

if you hardware does not meet the requirements, there's very little you can do except upgrade the hardware.

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I'm having some problems with my video card. I got a radeon 9600 pro, and whenever i play cs my comp freezes after playing for less then a minute and then comes back because of the vpu recovery thing. It keeps freezing like 10 seconds after it comes back. I have the latest drivers.

How can i fix it?

Answer:Video card freezes game

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If my video card is not enough to run Civ IV, is there a way that I can still play it by fooling my system?

Answer:have 32 mb video card but need to run min. 64mg

The Minimum System Requirements for the game are:

1 GHz CPU, 256MB RAM, and a 32MB video card with hardware transform and lighting capabilities.

The recommended Specifications are:

512MB of ram, Pentium4 processor (or equivalent), and a recent graphics card.

What happens if you try to play it, and what are your system specs?

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My friend and I love playing the game Diablo 2 Lod, But almost every time we start the game the screen will go blank and restart. Also when we minimize the game it does the same thing. My video Card is the ATI 9700 All-In-Wonder. I have already updated the driver. Can someone help?

Answer:Game probs with video card

This needs to be moved to Games forum.

read this thread (it might just solve all your problems):

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I just recently installed a GeForce FX5700 on my motherboard, it appeared to be running fine, I installed the drivers directly from the nvidia website and updated it via windows update. But since i installed it, while playing World of Warcraft i would hear an occasional beep coming from my computer case and a while after my computer and the game would completely freeze, either that or my moniter would switch off and display a message saying "Out of scan range". Its been doing this after about 1/2 hour in game. My Award bios is set to default except one option to enable my cd rom.

Im using..
Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4 (build 2195)
Board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P4S8X-X REV 1.xx
Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
2.40 gigahertz Intel Celeron
BIOS: Award Software, Inc. ASUS P4S8X-X ACPI BIOS Revision 1004
512 Megabytes Installed Memory

if you need more info just ask.

please help me i dont know what else i can do. Im not very good at troubleshooting.

thanks in advance,

Answer:Video card and game problems. please help.

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Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Spore.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 00000000
Fault Module Name: Spore.exe
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00048682
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: adac
Additional Information 2: adac9d2c7592b687577f3c0634484d65
Additional Information 3: a39d
Additional Information 4: a39ddced2005de42ac6bd53c6d67f765

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I've been having issues lately with my 4 year old laptop crashing on me with "Blue Screens of Death". These "Blue Screens of Death" have said two things so far: DPC Watchdog Violation and Video Scheduler Internal Error. I play a lot of Lord of the Rings Online (a popular MMO) through the Steam video game program, and the BSoDs only occur when playing this video game. I do not play any other video games lately.

It should probably be noted that my Dell laptop was built with two video cards in it:

Intel HD Graphics 3000
NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M

What I've tried so far:

Removing the Lord of the Rings Online game from my Steam program, reinstalling it separate from Steam, and playing it without Steam instead
Uninstalling both video card's drivers completely with Display Driver Uninstaller and reinstalling with the latest drivers for each
Playing the game with DirectX 9, 10, or 11
In the nVidia Control Panel:
Running the Lord of the Rings Online game with the default Auto-select options
In Manage 3D Settings: Setting the Global Setting for using the nVidia card (instead of Auto-selecting the 'best' card)
Set PhysX Configuration: Setting my nVidia Geforce card to the PhysX processor (as opposed to leaving it at the default Auto-select)

Playing the Lord of the Rings Online game through Windows 7 Compatilibility mode
Eliminating malware as a possibility (my system is cleen): Read more

Answer:Bsods Caused By Video Game? Windows Driver? Nvidia Video Card (or Driver)?

Also, I am using Windows 10 Pro. I have not had problems with Lord of the Rings Online in the past (I've been playing it since 2011). I've been playing it for years on this laptop and have never had problems with it crashing my computer before.

When playing Lord of the Rings Online lately, the game often seems to pause/lag when I am moving around in the main especially seems to do this when the game is having to load other players nearby. This seems to occur a lot less when I am inside a building or other structures in the game.

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MY video card sucks. its a SiS 650 32MB integrated video card.

lately i my computer has been freezing up, as in the entire screen just freezes and i cant do anything. When i try to reset my computer via the reset button, only a black screen displays. So i turn off the computer entirely using the power switch at the back then i turn it back on 5 minutes later to find the computer boot DOS but doesnt show the windows XP Start up screen, instead, just a black screen and stays there until i turn off or reset my computer again.

So what i do is i turn off my computer completely. wait 5-10 minutes. then turn it back on and everything is back to normal again, but soon the problem will occur again and i will need to go through that entire process once again. This problem is becoming more and more frequent.

I was wondering if my video card is getting strained too much becuase of the games that i play, such as counter strike. or is it because i leave my computer on 24/7 and its overheating. I have done this for 2 years now and now the problem is striking. Ive been turning off my computer overnight but the problem still occurs after 1-2 hours.

could this be a problem with my video card or any other hardware? or maybe a software problem? a virus perhaps?

MY drivers seem to be updated.

I really need help to fix this problem. thanks if anyone can help.

Answer:Video Card relating to game problems

to add on to that, i checked my fan temperatures with SpeedFan and heres what it detected:

Fan1: 2766 RPM
Fan2: 0 RPM

Temp1: 36C
Temp2: 93C
DH0: 32C

My Temp2 will slowly go up as i start my computer. It first starts off as around 50-60C then eventually as time goes, itgoes up to the high 90s

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I can't play a racing game called grid because..the game installed succesfully but whenever I start it it new windows pups up saing that it can't run because the video card doesn't support shape3.0

Answer:Solved: Can't play a game because of Video card, what to do?

You either need a new card or a new computer.

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short and sweet:
I have an old Gateway 700X with an Intel D875PBZ mobo. my old Display card is Radeon 9600 pro, dont laugh!
so stupit here went out and bought Call of Duty 4. surprise surprise it didnt work.

simple question:

Is there a graphics card out there that will fit my AGP slot that is sufficient to play the game. Activision quote NVDIA Geforce 6600 as being the mimimum requirement but its a PCI Express card? Am I doomed to play pong forever.

Educate the afflicted plse. thanks for your time.

Answer:old mobo new game: Video card issues

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Hello all!

I hope I can get 2 for 2 in help here. Last time the help was great!

I have an odd problem with my video game or else video card.

This is in correlation to my first problem for which I posted on here. My video card presumably died and I had to get another for my computer to work properly, heck even connect the monitor. What I got was a EGVA GeForce 9500GT, one that a member here suggested for my computer.

Anyway, since then I had not tried playing my Sims 3 game, but just recently I tried and got an odd 2 second stutter every ten seconds or so. It stutters BOTH the video and sound through the whole opening sequence and loading screen, then also through the game.

I find this odd as before my previous card died, it ran Sims 3 and all the expansion packs perfectly.

All my drivers are updated, video card, DirectX(9 because I run XP)

I have run both MalwareBytes and Spybot for viruses/whatnot, no such luck.

I even did this sequence:
Defrag computer
Run Sims 3, still stutter
Uninstall ALL Sims 3 games
Defrag computer again.
Install Sims 3 Base Game
Play Game, find NO stutter.
Install 1st Expansion World Adventures
Play game, Find stutter once again.

I have scanned with "Can You Run It?" and it believes that my computer is just fine to run the program, with space, memory, CPU...etc.

I have even downloaded the program "Game Booster" which shuts down background processes to speed up performance. Not one change to the stutter.

I don't ha... Read more

Answer:Video Card causing Stutter in Game????

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I'm really at a loss here, guys. FFXI has a constant blip for about 0.1 seconds every second. I've done numerous things, gone through tons of support and I'm pretty sure I've narrowed down the problem. First, I've tried almost everything and nothing has worked. Drivers are fully updated, de-fragged, ran anti-virus, reinstalled, multiple network connections with the same problem and I've done more. I found someone else who has the same problem, but I can't decipher his solution from an archived post, but I do believe it is the solution. Here's what he said:

"If people don't understand what I mean by skip basically every like 30 frames or so a frame or two doesn't get rendered so at like 1.2 second intervals the screen holds for a blip then jumps ahead to where it should be. Its most noticable when I'm changing camera view but any movement will show the skip.

I isolated the problem a little bit more. Basically the video card renders too many frames. FFXI has that hard cap of no more than 30 frames per second. The Video cards renders 30 frames before the second mark is up and has to wait to be allowed to render a frame again. It goes like clockwork every second. It probably holds for about .1 seconds each time.

Is there any setting in the game config that would allow me to let the video card render beyond the 30 frames cap? Is there any new drivers that have been released that fix this since I last posted? Anyone els... Read more

Answer:How do I get a video card to render beyond a game's 30 frame cap?

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Okay so recently I can't play Call of Duty, Call of Duty United Offensive, or Call of Duty 2 for more than 10 mins without it completely freezing up. No Ctrl+Alt+Del, I have to do a hard reboot. The thing is a couple weeks ago it was working fine. I also play another game, mohaa, which still plays but has been getting more lag. I have wireless internet on this computer, and I even checked the last time I froze to see if anyone else was even online. No one was.

OS: Windows XP
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6200
Processor: Intel Celeron D CPU 3.33 GHz
Hard Drive:
-C:127 GB Total; 63 GB Free
-E:104 GB Total; 73.3 GB Free

As far as knowing my way around a computer I'm pretty lost, so if anyone has and an answer for this, layman's terms would be appreciated so I can understand.

(And if the router is the issue, my wireless receiver for my computer is a Linksys Wireless-G USB Network Adapter with Speedbooster v2)

Answer:Solved: Game keeps freezing..., Is it my video card or something else?

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I just bought this new game.

Here are the system requirements.

Supported OS: Widows Vista/XP

Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4C or AMD Athlon MP 2400+

Ram 1GB
Video Card: 128 MB Direct X 9.0c- Compliant, Shader 3.0 enabled video card (256 MB recommended)


I have everythign but the video requirements apparently... and i looked it up and i hve an ATi radeon x1250 and on the box it says x1300 is what i need so ... do i have to buy something... or... what.

Answer:Video Card for computer game not good enough...

It's very possible the game will still play, however the video card does not meet minimum system requirements. It may still play or it may not, if it even loads and you can configure video options.. turn everything down to Low.

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Hey guys, I'll try to explain my problem the best way I can...

I've having trouble running games for quite sometime now. Games like BFBC2, Mafia II, Dead Space - mostly modern games that take up more CPU, GPU usage. When I run these games, they either crash (windows says they stopped working);the AMD driver stops working, or in some rare cases the system freezes.

I've pretty much tried everything, reinstalled drivers, reformatted etc.. The only time I can really get any stable game play is if I don't OC my CPU, which is strange because I'm not OCing my CPU like hardcore - the max I OCed is 3.4GHz @ 1.235v, I de-clocked to 3.2GHz @ 1.235v since I had the same problem months ago, but this week I've been getting the same problems I had before, and I didn't change ANYTHING at all, so now I'm running standard clocks on my CPU (2.8GHz). Raising the voltage on the CPU didn't help at all when OCing, I went all the way up to 1.5v-1.6v and nothing, still crashes etc.

The reason I'm asking if either something is wrong with my GPU is because when games crash on my system, my entire computer starts acting up, the graphics/pictures in games become distorted (kinda like artifacts on defected GPU), and the sound becomes all static (like feedback), I can't explain it - it's weird. I have to reboot my PC in order to fix it. Also I get the "Display driver has stopped working" in some occasions, usually when I play dead space. My CPU, nor my video card are overheati... Read more

Answer:Is my video card faulty, or it something else? (game crashes)

the graphics/pictures in games become distorted (kinda like artifacts on defected GPU)

This is a clear sign of a defective GPU
RMA it

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error message says I need a shaper model 2. Here is my computer details:

Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller [Display adapter]
Samsung 570V TFT [Monitor] (14.9"vis, s/n H1CR305247, March 2001)
SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
Main Circuit Board b
Board: Dell Computer Corporation Dimension 4500S
Bus Clock: 400 megahertz
BIOS: Dell Computer Corporation A03 07/25/2002

Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3

Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC

Not sure what else you would need to see. Please let me know if this is enough to know what type of video card I need to buy.

Answer:Video card doesn't support sim 3 game

You will need to install a good video card. The Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller is on-board video, and it is not strong enough to allow you to play most games

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I have a HP s5-1020 computer, small and neat but not much power. Graphics are adequate. BUT I just got Mass Effect Trilogy for Xmas. Looks like video will not run. The chipset on standard box is Intel G4 (?) and case is too small to add in something better (GE Force or ATI card).
Is there any way I can plug to better graphics card or should I give up and return Mass Effect? I am not going to buy new computer.
I have an idle box (old full size computer, DELL, with XP on it, but plenty of RAM and good HD). Should I be looking at getting it set up as a game machine?
Any adivce welcome.

Answer:New great game - how can I upgrade video card for SFF box?

Quote: Originally Posted by retired464

I have a HP s5-1020 computer, small and neat but not much power. Graphics are adequate. BUT I just got Mass Effect Trilogy for Xmas. Looks like video will not run. The chipset on standard box is Intel G4 (?) and case is too small to add in something better (GE Force or ATI card).
Is there any way I can plug to better graphics card or should I give up and return Mass Effect? I am not going to buy new computer.
I have an idle box (old full size computer, DELL, with XP on it, but plenty of RAM and good HD). Should I be looking at getting it set up as a game machine?
Any adivce welcome.

Get a low profile card.
Couple of cards today are powerful enough and offer the open to use it's low profile brackets so they fit on smaller form factor cases.

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Hi guys

I bought my laptop 4 months ago. It works with AMD Turion 64
Recently, I bought Fifa 2006, but it did not work with my system.
In the" technical support" it says that the minimum requirement of the display memory is 32, but I have 16.

My video card details is:

Name: SiS M760/760GX
Manufacturer: SiS
Chip Type : SiS 760 Rev 00
DAC Type: Internal
Approx. Total Memory: 32 MB
Current Display Mode: 1280 x 800 (32 bit) (60Hz)
What can I do to play that game? Can I develop or change my video card?


Answer:How can I play this game? (a problem with my video card)

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Whenever I've played a game on my computer recently, there has been a pretty frequent stuttering issue. Usually, I notice the choppiness in similar areas of levels. In Mirror's Edge, for example, the game stutters every time I enter a specific hallway. Other games, like Bioshock, won't even start. When I tried playing the Bulletstorm demo, my computer crashed with a BSOD. One of the BSOD errrors was 0x0000005 (memory access violation) and another was 0x0000008. Quite a few other errors are listed in Event Viewer, including a Kernel-EventTracing error (0xc000000D). Many of the error messages say that the system "could not find the file path specified".
I've taken as many measures as I could to resolve this issue. My computer has passed all RAM and HDD tests I've tried. I've reinstalled Windows, and tried using a different PSU (both PSUs have more than enough watts/amperes for my PC), motherboard, CPU, and RAM, but in any case, every game I play still either crashes or stutters severely. I don't have a spare video card, so I can't replace the currently installed card without going through the RMA process, which will likely take at least 2-3 weeks. Do you think I should RMA my graphics card? I've had terrible luck with video cards so far. I've already had my graphics card replaced twice for artifacting. However, I'm reluctant to send out the card because in this situation, the problems don't seem to be as obv... Read more

Answer:Game stuttering and errors; should I replace my video card or HDD?

What card and driver version are you running and what are your other system specs? your symptoms sound more like RAM issues. How have you tested your memory?

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Big Game Hunter 6 Open Season used to run perfectly on my machine. I don't want to blame my current problem on installing xp sp2, but if I were to guess, the problem started around the same time, not sure though because it's been a couple months. Game loads fine, but within the game video options I can't change the resolution from a bizarre -1x480, and can't change the color depth from 32bit. Game plays but is very jerky, and doesn't show all the on screen menu items.

I'm having a hard time believing it's my video card, because TES Morrowind plays beautifully on my machine. I've tried all different settings for direct3d, my video card, game settings, everything I can think of. I believe all of my drivers are up to date also. I've reinstalled the game several times, reinstalled my video card...I don't know what else to do.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2000+, MMX, 3DNow, ~1.7GHz
Memory: 512MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2
Chip type: RADEON 8500 AGP (0x514C)
DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
Display Memory: 128.0 MB
Current Mode: 800 x 600 (32 bit) (85Hz)
Monitor: Mitsubishi Diamond Scan 17HX (FFF8705)
Monitor Max Res: 1280,1024
Display Driver Version: 6.14.0010.6467 (English)
DDI Version: 9 (or higher)

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I have only one video game that refuses to let me select the Nvidia Graphics Card. Some background: I recently got a new laptop (Lenovo Y50), and I have downloaded a ton of games off of my Steam account. I had to set some settings initially, but after a restart all of my games got their default settings to be the dedicated card. All of them except one. That one is Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst. The game absolutely refuses to select the dedicated card, no matter what I've tried. I've tried setting the "global" setting to the dedicated card-- no dice. I can't change the game's settings from within the Nvidia Control Panel: whenever I go to run it from the folder it's housed in, it says the dedicated card is selected but it still runs off of the integrated card!'ve tried everything I could think of, save messing with the BIOS (which I don't want to do, because this game did run on the dedicated card before!). Any tips? How can I get this game to recognize the dedicated card? I can't choose the graphics card from in game, there is no setting/option for it.Thanks!

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Ok. I have two PC's one is a high-end gaming PC that I built myself and the other is a DELL Dimension 8300 that my wife bought last april.

I'm having problems with the 8300. Here let me give you the specs.
425watt PSU (which I upgraded)
P4 3.2GHz 800MHz FSB
2 gig (PC3200)
2 (SATA) 250 gig hard drives
SB Audigy 2 ZS
Radeon 9800 pro 128MB (NEVER OC'ed)

Here's the problem. With-in the first 6 months everything worked fantasic. Games, multimedia, everything... But lately you can't play games on this PC. Every game that I start playing crashes in the same way.

"The game freezes and the audio makes a horrible high pitches static noise." Sometimes it happens right away, and sometimes it happens somewhere into the games. I've check all the IRQ's and there aren't any sharing conflicts.

I've also noticed that this is also happening once in awhile when watching DVD's or high quailty video files. All other applications run as smooth as silk and I never have any problems.

I've also upgraded to the latest Catalyst drivers and it still happens. Then I even reinstalled the Catalyst Drivers that came with the PC. I'd also like to mention that I have a Dual Monitor Setup on this Video Card. Well, actually I have a 17" monitor and a 27" TV connected by an S-CABLE. I've tried to disconnect the s-cable to the TV and reset the display properties to single display. These crashes still happen.

Do you think that there is a problem with ... Read more

Answer:All games crash during game play: VIDEO CARD?

Before you throw that card out...mail it to me Just kidding If you can, try it on your wife's computer, or any other computer. This will rule out the rest of your computer or it will rule out your video card as being the problem.

Also, make sure to do the regular stuff: Virus scan, spyware scan, defrag....

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Answer:Video/game Card??? Or Video Card Or

If you have onboard graphics and a graphics card - then go into BIOS and select to disable onboard graphics. You might find some useful information here :
However looking on Google it seems that this card is rather old - a lot of the sites I referred to have not been updated since 97 / 98 therefore the age of the card should be taken into consideration when running the latest games.

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Thought I would try to get the solved. Windows vista had a pci express video card in it can't remember if it was ati or nvidia anyway it went out so I help this person put in a Nvidia 6200 graphics card it was for a pci slot. everything is working fine except for her snood game which constantly freezes up on her randomly but usually after like 15 to 20 min and you can';t do anything have to reboot it at the tower. this just started happening after changeing the graphics card. It doesn't make any difference if you use a pci card when it was using a pci express does it? it has the right driver I even went to the Nivida site and downloaded the newest driver but it didn't work as well so I used the driver on the disk that came with the Nvidia 6200 card, When it starts up it does say it has disabled a display card cause it wasn't compatible with analog but close that and everything works well except that darn game and she has to have the game. Can someone help me out here? I read on the net that checking in msconfig and disableing a couple of things did it for a couple of people could there be something in there from the other card yet? I didnt delete the driver for the othert card before I installed the new one but I ususally just uninstall the old card and then turn off the computer and then install the new one and that is what I did. The old card for the pci ecpress had a digiatal plug in only but they had and adapter plugged in it and then the analog i... Read more

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I've just installed an ATI Radeon 9800 pro, which seems to work perfectly in standard Windows operation, but falters in other areas. On the Windows startup screen (computer logo then windows logo), it leaves blank lines in the image about two pixels wide and six high. Of course, I don't really care about that, but maybe it's symptomatic of whatever the problem is, because when I play games some strangeness also pops up. In Grand Theft Auto Vice City, the same sort of missing lines plague the screen, floating around in sets of four. Metal Gear Solid 2 really takes the cake, though, with every FMV character's face (that is, those that have animated controls) stretched out like a face waterfall, but there are significantly fewer missing lines. I also tried Sonic Heroes, but...nothing was wrong. It played perfectly, as did Myst 4. Any ideas?

Answer:Video Card misses lines on startup image, some in-game corruption.

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my screen goes blank when i start playing rigs of rods (not when its loading) and i cant figure out what the problem is, overheating, hardware malfunction. it dos'nt have a fan the video card is a nVidia gforce fx 5200 the computer works fine unless i'm trying to play games. I did install a chassis fan to prevent overheating
-Intel Celeron CPU 2.60GHz
- 265 MB of ram
Windows Xp Home edition S.P 3 version 2002
Quote"Killing someone is murder after that it's just stastics" joseph stalin

Answer:Video card "quits" when playing a game (Rigs of rods)

Get more ram and upgrade your graphics card.

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Hello there!!

I have a question about a video and sound card. I bought the game "cars" for my daughter but it doesn't work, I have the feeling her video card is not up to the challenge but I am not 100% sure.
The game says the video card should be: GeForce2/ATI 7500, 32MB VRAM minimun. Sound: DirectX 9.0 c compatible 16 bit sound card.
I have attached the hardware specifications, Could you tell me whether or not she needs a better video card?
Thanks a lot!!

Answer:Video card question, "cars" game.

Yes it looks like a new graphics card would be in order for her to play that game as your report states you are using the onboard video card (integrated w/ motherboard ) It's ok for the basics of display it is by no means a powerful enough card to play graphically intense games of today. You should be able to pickup a pci or agp card for your pc for a fairly decent price at a local staples or pc repair shop. BEWARE- Some top of the line graphics cards can run into the big bucks but if all she is doing is playing a few games she does not need these I would think you could find one for 30-50 bucks


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Question: Game Lock Up

Ok i will try to explain all this in one go. i have microsoft flight sim 2004 just installed, The problem been is that after so long say 1, 2 mins it just locks up and i have to restart my computer from the restart button. In this game, it gives you a diagnostic tool wich allows you to boot the game in safe mode and play it, to see if there is a hardware fault, I did this and it didnt freeze or hang. But as soon i i start it the proper way its back to it hanging and freezing. So this is suggesting that i have a hardware fault. What does anyone think can be the problem, I run other games and dont have this problem, my card is a Geforce Fx 5900 and i have all the latest driver and direct x installed. My OS Is XP Home with service pack 2 and i have 512 ddr Amd 2500 processer.

Answer:Game Lock Up

Have you simply tried reinstalling the game?

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Question: 2nd Game Lock Ups

Hey, really not sure where to put this but this has been bugging me for a while now and I should really see if I can get some help to fix it. Quite awkward to explain the problem but ill give it a try;

If I start up my computer, I can then load up any game that I have with no worries and play for as long as I want, however when I then close the game, and try to open up another game (could be the same game again) then my computer will attempt to start it, and lockup on a black screen with the loading cursor not spinning requiring a system restart.

At first I thought it was to do with steam as it appeared to be only steam games which did it, but it does seem to do this with non-steam games too (However for some reason it does not with starcraft 2). So this has really been getting annoying having to restart if I want to change game.

Any help on this problem, or things that you could need me to post up?

Oh and I have done various memory, CPU and GPU hardware tests and nothing seems to be wrong, and this is with the latest drivers and a clean windows install so I really dont understand what could be causing it.


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We all have them whether we love them or despise them, video game villains. What video game villain deserves their own game?

Answer:Video game Villians who deserve thier own game.

 Captain LeChuck from the Monkey Island Series and koopa king!

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We all have them whether we love them or despise them, video game villains. What video game villain deserves their own game?

Answer:Video game Villians who deserve thier own game.

 Captain LeChuck from the Monkey Island Series and koopa king!

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Hello, after purchasing a new PC, I can no longer play a game. The game in question is Medal of Honor Allied Assault, a very old game now.

I am running:

Windows XP
Western Digital Caviar SE16 250GB SATA-II 16MB Cache
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 "LGA775 Conroe" 2.66GHz (1333FSB)
Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 & DDR3 Motherboard
GeIL 2GB (2x1GB) PC2-6400C4 800MHz Ultra Low Latency DDR2 Dual Channel Kit
BFG GeForce 8800 GT OC 512MB GDDR3 HDTV/Dual DVI (PCI-Express)

The problem is that I cannot run the game for more than 30 minutes without it locking up and giving me a system memory error:
As soon as I start the game I get frequent lock-ups, where the game basically ceases for around 0.2/0.5 seconds. These lock-ups increase in frequency and length until finally the game crashes, with a repeating audio of whatever was playing as it crashed - like a skipping record.
If you know about the "lagometer" in games, I have taken pictures of the lagometer, showing the green line disturbance that occurs at each lock-up. You can see that the first picture shows the minimal disturbance at the beginning of the session, and the last shows the frequent lock-ups close to crashing.

I enjoy playing this game competitively... Read more

Answer:Lock-ups and crashes in a game

Try to reset your virtual memory setting.
The file should be a fixed size so that it does not get fragmented, with minimum and maximum set the same
The file should be 2.5 times the size of RAM (or some other multiple)
Go To Start,Control Panel,System,Advanced,under the settings tab select advanced,and on the bottom under Virtual memory settings you can change it to what it needs to be. You can also let your system try to run it but that is only if nothing else works.

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i just got a 900mhz t-bird w/ an asus a7v mainboard, but i can't play any games that require a 3d accelorator. When i sart a game, the menu comes up, but then everything freezes. i have a 3dfx voodoo 3. almost exactly the same thing happens when i try to play a file in Windows Media Player or Music Match Jukebox. what's up w/ my system?

[This message has been edited by prince henry (edited 01-19-2001).]

[This message has been edited by prince henry (edited 01-19-2001).]

Answer:Thunderbird Game Lock-ups

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I have the Turtle Beach Advantage PCI capture card. When I install it, my system will boot up, but my monitor just stays in sleep mode. Unintalling it results in my monitor working. I figure the capture card is disabling my video card (ATI Radeon X800XL). What to do?

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im having a problem playing my old dirt track sprint cars game. now when i play it, eventually it will freeze on me and i have to restart my pc. it isnt the rom im assuming because it does it in different spots each time im playing. anyone know what the deal is.

Answer:pc will lock up during game & forced to restart

System Specs please
btw thats a older game it may not run well on Xp

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im having a problem playing my old dirt track sprint cars game. now when i play it, eventually it will freeze on me and i have to restart my pc. it isnt the rom im assuming because it does it in different spots each time im playing. anyone know what the deal is.

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When playing a game in Windows 98 (Half-Life), my mouse and keyboard lock up. The game continues running normally but i can't move, type or exit. I have to turn off my PC.

I have tried unplugging and replugging mouse and keyboard, which did not work.

Any ideas? Drivers/software? Or is it hardware? Can i fix it?

Answer:Mouse and Keyboard lock-up in game

by the way:

Windows 98
PII 350MHz
64meg RAM
Moster 3D II + Matrox Millenium II (2d card)
6gig and 2gig HD

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Can you show me your site of patches and cheats of Lo-mac ?
thanks anyhow

Answer:Lock-on ( Lo-mac) game-patches or cheats

Check the manufacturer for an official patch. That's the safest bet.

As for cheats, since there is a few of them go here to choose:

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My Radeon 8500 128M DDR has a real aversion to playing any games. It starts off well enough but anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes later the whole system just freezes.I'm running Win XP Pro and have updated all relevant drivers as best possible.Can Anyone help out?

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Hope this is allowed here...Soldier of Forune Special Edition...haven't played it for a while, tried today and it says the violence lock has been activated so I can't play the full game with gore. I am the only adult in the house and have never "locked" the violence button. Tried uninstall via add/remove, searched for any files left, cleaned the registry with regseeker but on reinstallation it says "game was previously installed with violence lock, you need a password". I am very adult (44!) if not mature and have tried all my usual passwords, despite being sure I have never applied the violence lock. Any ideas??

Answer:technical help needed with violence lock on a game

Im not sure but have you tried the gold patch for it,you may even have the patch with the game but it may help,its about 100 odd meg if i remember right.

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My 9 year old has a dell optiplex 755 SFF, he is asking me to upgrade his video card so he can play games like minecraft and some games on steam.
We are on a budget and found this Sapphire radeon 6450 on newegg for $39.99
Will this work in his computer and allow him to play minecraft? steam?;cm_re=6450-_-14-102-933-_-Product&RandomID=1698470702508220150427173530

Thanks in advance

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This is my first time. I have searched the postings to find a similar problem/solution to no avail so here goes.
I recently upgraded my RAM from 32Mb EDO to 128Mb SDRAM, which was done successfully and picked up on the reboot.
Since then my son has been unable to play Need For Speed 111 Hot Pursuit. Similar cd rom games still work and there are no other system problems. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times. It always gets to the menu from either auto run or the desk top shortcut. The other menu items are ok but when you hit the play button it immediately goes to a blank screen and locks the pc up without error messages. CTRL ALT DELETE doesn't work and I have to reboot. I have tried the game's tech help and at their suggestion upgraded DirectX from version 5 to 8a and checked some settings with no result obviously. I have also exchanged the 128Mb module with the retailer for another one in case there was a fault. I can't think of anything else. Any ideas would be appreciated.
System details.
Windows 95 v4
Cyrix 6x86MX P200 (166Mhz)
5Gb HDD (1.8Gb used)
128Mb RAM
S3 Trio 64v2 video card
Yamaha OPL3-SA sound card

Answer:Blank screen lock-up when running cdrom game

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recently, my monitor has been flickering and then the whole computer freezes and/or the monitor just shuts off [with a soundloop of the last sound in game]

before i could play HL2, but now i cant even play Counter-Strike without this problem occuring. i used to run CS at 85 fps before but now i'm forced to run it at 60 fps because of the flickering/freezing. It still freezes at 60 fps sometimes. I tried to play Lineage II. . .same result.

i suspect that this may be overheating or my outdated hardware, but i'm not sure what to upgrade

according to EVEREST Home Edition:
OS: Win2000 Pro
CPU: Intel Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz
VGA: GeForce FX 5200 [128 MB, AGP 8x]
Memory: 512 MB [two 256MB DDR SDRAM]

Motherboard: 38 C (100 F)
CPU: 48 C (118 F) it goes as high as 122F in games
Aux: 31 C (88 F)

is there any other info i need to provide ? what about the PSU ? [and how would i find this info?]

i only have 1 fan and it's used to cool the CPU, the video card does not have a fan, it only has a heat sink that gets really really hot. . .i touched it and could not keep my finger there for more than 2 seconds literally. I tried opening the case with a fan blowing into it. this seems to help a bit but my computer ends up freezing anyways.

i have already updated the drivers for my video card. i haven't tried to overclock anything.

Any suggestions to what i should buy ? i got alot of christmas money =) Thanks so much

Answer:Flickering monitor, Freezing Computer, and Lock ups in game

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normal CPU temperature ?

My CPU seems to heat up ALOT. . .according to the sensor, my CPU normally runs at 48 C (118 F) and it gets up to 122+ F when playing games. . .

so i was wondering what should my CPU temperature be at ?

Answer:Flickering monitor, Freezing Computer, and Lock ups in game

double poster.. better edit this and delete everything before an admin bans u

heheh jk jk jk .. jus dont double post in the same forum with the exact same questions and stuuff in it.. :haha:

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recently, my monitor has been flickering and then the whole computer freezes and/or the monitor just shuts off [with a soundloop of the last sound in game]

before i could play HL2, but now i cant even play Counter-Strike without this problem occuring. i used to run CS at 85 fps before but now i'm forced to run it at 60 fps because of the flickering/freezing. It still freezes at 60 fps sometimes. I tried to play Lineage II. . .same result.

i suspect that this may be overheating or my outdated hardware, but i'm not sure what to upgrade

according to EVEREST Home Edition:
OS: Win2000 Pro
CPU: Intel Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz
VGA: GeForce FX 5200 [128 MB, AGP 8x]
Memory: 512 MB [two 256MB DDR SDRAM]

Motherboard: 38 C (100 F)
CPU: 48 C (118 F) it goes as high as 122F in games
Aux: 31 C (88 F)

is there any other info i need to provide ? what about the PSU ? [and how would i find this info?]

i only have 1 fan and it's used to cool the CPU, the video card does not have a fan, it only has a heat sink that gets really really hot. . .i touched it and could not keep my finger there for more than 2 seconds literally. I tried opening the case with a fan blowing into it. this seems to help a bit but my computer ends up freezing anyways.

i have already updated the drivers for my video card. i haven't tried to overclock anything.

Any suggestions to what i should buy ? i got alot of christmas money =) Thanks so much

Answer:Flickering monitor, Freezing Computer, and Lock ups in game

First off you should probably place another fan in the case, or another one on the graphics card. Your other temperatures appear to be normal. I was having issues like this awhile back. Try updating your graphics card driver, but use forceware. Here is the link for your card- . Hope this helps!

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Fan IssueI've cleaned my laptop sometime this month after about two years of use. Popped it open, blew everything, popped it back. I saw a post before posting this about removing the battery before cleaning so i'm considering going back and doing that. I usually keep it running in high performance because I use it for gaming. Core/CPU usage is almost never above 10%, currently sitting at 2%-4%. Memory is usually high because I only have a 500GB SSD, currently at 58%. The other stats (disk, network, and GPU), sit at 0 (although GPU will boost to about 60% when gaming). Currently, I have it in balanced mode and set the maximum core usage to 40% and it's still going strong. Any suggestions?  Gaming IssueAlso on a side note, if anyone can assist me with a gaming issue I'm having. My computer has a 960 GTX, i74720GQ @ 2.6GHz, and 500 GB SSD (samsung evo--upgraded from 1TB HD) and I'm having issues with my FPS in-game. It locks at 30 or FPS across all games. I do have two GPU's (integrated and 960 GTX) and have always used the GTX as the primary source, uncapped in-game graphics, limited background interference (services, programs, etc.) and possibly other things I can't think of but cannot release the in-game FPS cap. Even when settings are at the lowest settings. In previous times, if I were to uncap, it'd reach above 60 easily consistently but now when it's uncapped, it never goes above 60. One might ask what changed? After upgrading from HDD to SSD, I had to reset my ... Read more

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hello, ho can u switch form an installed videocard to an on-motherboard video card? help plz

Answer:question on switching installed video card and thse form an on-motherboard video card

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I just got a clean bill of health on my computer a week ago, but the issues going on with my computer have worsened to the point where I thought another thread might be worthwhile.

As of this past week, I'm experiencing choppy streaming on videos, and a noticeable lag rate on frames on video games. It's gotten to the point where youtube videos have difficulty streaming and are of extremely poor quality. Since it's choppy on videogames - and not ones I connect to the internet to play or play online - I know it can't possibly be my ISP or wireless connection. I'm still experiencing a slow shutdown and an even slower boot-up as well, and the space just below my keyboard feels hot to the touch. Are my video drivers going, or is it something else? Still a Compaq laptop running Windows 7.

Answer:Worsening video-lag/video game picture rate stutter

Hello,I will be helping you with your problemsSome points for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier and faster for both of us Please do not run any tools unless instructed to do so.
We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability. Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.
Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post. Please read every post completely before doing anything.
Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process. Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.
A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", this requires the extra step of looking back at your previous post.NOTE: At the top of your post, click on the Watch Topic Button, select Immediate Notification, and click on Proceed. This will send ... Read more

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Hey guys, I've been having a problem with my uncle's computer. I've low level formatted his HD because his kid messed up the comp pretty bad. I did a fresh install of XP PRO, but for some reason his PCI cards aren't being recognized.

I've installed the drivers of his mobo, an ECS k7s5a (which I got from the MB's site here) From that list of drivers I've installed the ethernet and agp drivers. I was wondering if I should even install the AGP drivers since his video card is PCI, but I went ahead and did it anyway.

Ok so here's my problem. When I tried to install the sound blaster audigy drivers for his sound card the installer package says "A SB device is not detected." I then go to device manager and both his vid card and sound card are under the "Other Devices" section (the one with the yellow question mark).

As for the video card when I tried to install the drivers from my own comp they basically do nothing, but they don't mess up the display. However when I go to Nvidia and download the supposed "proper" drivers for the card all **** breaks loose. His display is reduced to the lowest settings and barely anything is legible. However the videocard is now being recognized by the device manage as a display driver. But at the same time I can't restore the display back to normal.

Should I just do another low level reformat? I've done it twice now and have gotten no luck. I'm pretty sure the PCI cards aren't being recognized because the ... Read more

Answer:PCI cards (Video card + Video Card) not being recognized after fresh install of XP

NVIDIA latest driver has a tendency to do that. go to device manager properties and roll back to the last driver and go to windows update and get their certified driver.

as far the sound card, disable the onboard one in the bios then install the creative one

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I had been a Dell person for 15 years prior to my purchase of a Lenovo H530 about a year ago.Could someone recommend a Lenovo H530 compatible Video Capture Card, as well as a Video Graphics Card?Is it my imagination that these things are almost inpossible to find?I never seemed to have had any issues with this sort of thing with my Dell machines. 

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Hi: I had been using hte SD for alomost 1 year and not I am unable to use my SD card. The SD card slot seems to not hold the SD Card in place. There used to be a click sound when i insert the SD Card, but not I don;t hear any sound. The SD card comes out as soon as I leave the card in the slot. I assume that the hold mechanism or the spring mechanism inside the card is not working properly.My Laptop is out of warranty now. Is there a part that I can purchace and replace to make it work or fix the existing hardware itself? Regards,Pete

Answer:SD Card - Unable to lock SD Card in place

Need exact model number and we can find the Manual and the part or at least figure out if the card reader is soldered to the motherboard or is a separate part and if it is find you one to replace yours with. 

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I'm looking to be able to take screenshots and/or video of video games off my television and save them on my PC. I am pretty uninformed about technical aspects of computing so go easy on me please. My questions are:

1. What will I need to hook everything up properly? My current HDTV has PC input but I have no clue how I would run a game console through one TV input when the PC input is different - do I need to hook the console up directly to my computer somehow?
2. What software do I use? Is there any FREE software that allows me to do this?

Maybe I'm missing something and there's an easier way altogether?

Once again, please excuse my ignorance.


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Good Day everyone. I just need to know if i can upgrade the video card of my satM70 laptop?
i have upgraded the hard disk to 320GB, the memory to 2GB, the bios and operating system
to Windows Vista. everything is working except the DVD maker and other software regarding
DVD authoring tools. the reason is that my video card is not capable of running the software.

So please can anybody help me. Can i Upgrade my video card?


Answer:Satellite M70 - Video Card (Intel Video Card) upgrade

Unfortunately, laptop video cards don't use a standard design due to the complexity, so you cannot upgrade it.

More info:

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I have a W3105 eMachines PC and I am trying to add a NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS graphics card so that I can watch videos on my TV.I have the card installed as well as the drivers.I have tried disabling the integrated card in device manager.I cannot locate anything that refers to the integrated card in BIOS to shut it down that way.I've tried starting in safe mode.I've pretty much tried everything except a fresh install of Windows.Does anyone have any suggestions? Or can you tell me if you think that the fresh install would do the trick?Thanks!

Answer:Integrated video card intefering with stand alone video card?

Disable on board video in the bios

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I have an OptiPlex 9010 with onboard Display Port & VGA
I am trying to hookup a new 58 inch Samsung TV which only has 2 hdmi ports and composite & component.
I need both hdmi for laptop hookups so I can't use them for the Dell 9010.
I want to run VGA to either the composite or the component.
Will the onboard VGA do this?
I have a cable like this:

Answer:Does my OptiPlex 9010 video card support S-Video or Composite Video out through its VGA port

Quilty-MUN,The adapter in the image should work for your purpose connecting to the TV.

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what to do when a dell latitude d630 laptop is not on but cap lock, num lock and scroll lock is on and i'e tried to check the VGA and the processor

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Hello! Since the most recent build of W-10 (9879), my caps lock, num lock, and scroll lock lights do not function on either computer on which I have W-10 installed (a desktop with a USB keyboard and a laptop with an integrated keyboard). The keys still work to correctly toggle the functionality, but the keyboard lights don't work. In case it matters, my keyboard's actual backlights and my mouse's internal light (not the laser, the internal LED) are working correctly, it's just the CL, NL, and SL indicators that don't function.

Anyone have any ideas for fixing this?

Answer:Caps lock, num lock, scroll lock lights no longer function

Welcome to Windows TenForums, Vaindil.

It doesn’t seem to work on anyone’s system and there doesn’t seem to be a fix yet. You can read here into the beginning of the next page if you like.

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Question: Lock up on Video

My PC was recently wiped due to a hard drive going out, loaded Windows 7 64 bit back on and now it has fits and locks up when playing video and at times video games. When it locks up the screen freezes and the audio continues to play in an EXTREMELY slowed down fashion, making it sound more like a dubstep song than what it should be. It will not recover and I have to hard reset it but shutting off the power. I am unable to get to the Task Manager when this happens.

I have the newest video drivers for my card. I have the newest audio drivers. After that didn't fix it I downloaded and made sure I had the newest out of ALL of my drivers for my system. Has not changed anything. I thought perhaps I was getting one of those weird problems with my antivirus software, so I uninstalled AVG Free, no change. The only thing that seems to help, not stop, but help, is making sure iTunes is closed. If it is open I can basically guarantee I can start a youtube video and in 10 seconds it will freeze if that helps at all. Frankly I'm at a complete loss of what to do next. Any ideas?
Here is the basic info about my pc...

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 8190 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 538497 MB;
Motherboard: D... Read more

Answer:Lock up on Video

Bump...please help if you have any ideas.

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Question: Video lock app

Please suggest me a perfect video lock app, the app can directly import videos from sdcard without renaming it

Answer:Video lock app


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Hey guys! So I've had the Blackberry phone and I take videos on it. They always come out good and when I'm done, I plug my phone into my laptop and I transfer it to my computer. This time my phone died during a recording and when I charged my phone and turned it on, the video wasn't there. But when I plugged the phone into my laptop, the video was there with an extension "3gp.lock" rather than simply "3gp". I can not view the video on my Blackberry or the computer. I tried downloading VLC media player but it didn't work. I tried to rename the extension to just 3GP but it didn't work. I downloaded a codec pack but none of my players are able to play it.
I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section but I need urgent help!

Answer:Video 3gp.lock issue.

The file (video) is corrupted. Sorry to say but the video is useless. It is the equivalent of working on a word doc or editing a video on your computer and the power goes out and your computer shuts off which will corrupt the file.

Downloading a codec pack wouldn't make a difference plus they are useless because you have VLC player which play about anything.

In the end your video file is corrupted which there is no software in the world that will play a corrupted video file. The video is lost.

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Hello, ive been having a few problems lately with my operating system and i was hoping someone here could help out.

I have recently suffered a few problems with an older HDD of mine so i recently reinstalled Windows on a second hard drive i had. I have also replaced my Motherboard, Processor, Ram, and Video card. I installed all the drivers for each of the new hardware and have run Windows automatic updates to get myself caught up security wise. Now even with all this for some reason every time I try and load up a full screen progam, usually a Video game, after about a minute it proceedes to lock up and not respond, but not restart. This doesnt happen any other time, only during full screen programs.

i have included a hijack this log to help facilitate the whole tech support process.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)
Scan saved at 9:28:37 PM, on 5/10/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\MsnMsgr.Exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\CLI.EXE
C:\PROGRA~1\Yahoo... Read more

Answer:Video lock up problem

We can't provide you with any help about your HJT log as only security analysts have the right to answer them, but in this case I don't think we'll need to move your post to the HijackThis section (actually the log looks clean, except maybe for the yahoo toolbar which you could uninstall). If you have a fresh installation this problem is more likely to be hardware related. Could you post your complete system specs ?

Open your case and check that all your heatsinks and fans are well seated. The cpu and video card fans should be blowing air toward the chipsets, while the rear fans should be blowing outside of the case.

Also, download and install everest and report with your temps, fan speeds and voltages (under the sensor title in the report).

If you installed your video drivers from the CD you got with the video card, you may want to check if there is a newer version available on the manufacturer's website. Same goes for your motherboard drivers.

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i purchased a gforce 6600 video card a little over a year ago and everything ran fine untill about 3 months ago when i reformated my hard drive, ever since then i am unable to play any movies or DVDs without my computer locking up. I am able to play video games though. I have updated it with the latest drivers. I have no idea what is wrong.

Answer:Video cause computer lock up

You might need to use an older Nvidia version driver

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I have a Shuttle-PC with an i5 processor and 16gb of memory. The system has two Planar 27 in. Monitors. I periodically (maybe three times a week) have the video go crazy (see photo) and the system locks up. The only way to get out of this is to reboot. Does anyone recognize the problem and have suggestions on what to do?



Answer:Video Displays Lock up

Take a look at inside your computer, is it dusty. Sounds like your video card is getting to hot. this can be caused by dust or even the thermal grease could dried out.

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For some time now, i have been experiencing that my Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock all lights up (not blinking) all at the same time, I tried to google it but i can not find any solutions or explanations for it.

Does anyone know if it is bad? and what is causing this?

I am having a wired keyboard with nothing fancy just a standard issue Logitech keyboard.

Answer:Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock all lights up (not blinking)

Can you toggle those functions off, one at a time? Sometimes restarting the computer will use the last state it was in, I'd fully shut down and pull the power cord from the computer and the keyboard cable then put them back and try again.

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I'm using an HP Pavilion dv6000 Notebook series. I noticed that my Caps Lock LED is not working but its FUNCTION is working fine.. same goes with Scroll Lock. Here's the weird part.. when I press Num Lock ( function key + scroll lock ) the LED turns on! I already tried a system recovery, it didn't solve the issue. Is there something wrong with my BIOS? Any help from you guys will be highly appreciated.. thanks!

Answer:Caps lock & Scroll Lock LEDs not working but Num Lock is wor...

Sometimes electrical components needs to have all power sources removed and reintroduced to work properly.  Try performing a hard reset first, if it doesn't work then try updating your BIOS.  If neither works...It's pretty much dead and not worth fixing.  To Perform A Hard Reset Shut down the computer by going to the Start menu and selecting shut down. (If you have no display, hold the power button down for  5 seconds)Disconnect the AC Adapter from the notebook.Remove the battery from the bottom of the notebook.  There will be a switch/button to eject the battery.Wait at least 1 minute with all power sources disconnected.Re-insert the battery and reconnect the AC Adapter and then attempt to power on the notebook.

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how to disable Caps lock, num lock, scroll lock screen messages?

I have desktop pc with two keyboards usb and bluetooth. Also TOSHIBA Bluetooth Stack software, but in device manager: keyboard > hid keyboard device both using microsoft drivers. And I dont have any software installed for keyboards. Also bluetooth has separate system tray indications (it is also disabled) so its not that. I made some googling and found other fix it with Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Widcomm\BTConfig\General KeyIndication set to 0, but I dont have it in registry. Acualy I dont have anywhere in registry KeyIndication. So any ideas how to disable it? Thanks

Answer:Caps lock, num lock, scroll lock screen messages


You'll find that the messages are controlled by a piece of software that came pre-installed on your machine when you bought it. Try looking for a Hotkey managing app to see if the notifications can be disabled.


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After viewing certain video streams, Vista Home Premium will go to the logout or switch user screen after about 2 mins. This persists until reboot and basically is more annoying than anything else. How can I change this?For instance, watching C-SPAN live and then not moving my cursor for exactly 60 sec. will cause the screen to go to green showing the 'Switch User' screen.

Answer:Account goes to lock after viewing some video

check your screen saver settings

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Anyone know if its possible to have the Lock screen play a video....?

Many thanks

Answer:Video playing on Lock screen - possible?

Never seen the ability. I think it's pictures only.

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Anyone know if its possible to have the Lock screen play a video....?

Many thanks

Answer:Video playing on Lock screen - possible?

Never seen the ability. I think it's pictures only.

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Does anyone know what the problem is. I have a windows vista laptop and start a video call and audio remains ok while the video freezes? Is there a fix to that ??

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I have run adaware and a few virus scanners but it has not solved the problem. Some videos work, while some mostly .avis lag and freeze the computer up badly.
Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 1:52:18 AM, on 4/18/2004
Platform: Windows 2000 SP4 (WinNT 5.00.2195)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\msnmsgr.exe
C:\Program Files\AIM\aim.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
C:\Documents and Settings\Tauna LaMere\Desktop\Computer Fixing Stuff\HijackThis.exe

R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =*
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar =*
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = Read more

Answer:.avi and video files that lock the computer up

The worst thing showing in your log is the fact you have no A/V program or firewall running????????

That should be your priority....get protected and then post your video problem in the software sounds like a driver or codec issue.

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Hi all, I was wondering if it's possible to put a looping video as the lock screen? If possible, instructions would be much appreciated!


Answer:Change lock screen to a video

But had an issue here
Never heard of a way doing that ,even from Windows 8.1, again look here

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Question: sd card lock

My hc sd card (micro SD)is locked when I reset my phone
How can I unlock it?? I have an important things on it?

Answer:sd card lock

Does your hc sd card look like the screenshot above ?
If yes, there is a "switch" on the left as indicated by the red arrow.
Switch at the top = unlocked.
Switch at the bottom = locked.
If yours is at the bottom, toggle it back to the top.
Does the above applicable to you ?

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Okay so i wang to know why if im not the ond locking my sjm card why all the sudden out ov nowhere a screen will pop ul that sayx that mhbsim card gas been locked. If im not do I n b ig who is

Answer:Why does my sim card lock without me doing it?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Okay so i wang to know why if im not the ond locking my sjm card why all the sudden out ov nowhere a screen will pop ul that sayx that mhbsim card gas been locked. If im not do I n b ig who is Oh dear, looks like the phone has a mind of it's own... look at how it's typed this comment.. oh gee... .
Joking aside, maybe your sim card is faulty or you have a faulty sim slot.
1) Put the sim into a different phone and check.
2) Put a different sim and check if the same persists.
3) If the sim does the same in different phone then it is faulty otherwise your phone has faulty sim slot.
4) Join and post results in this thread :).

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I have an intel d845hv board. I took an older pci card out and put a new AGP card in and I get no video, well it flashes on for a second and then right back off. If I put the old video card back in, I can startup fine. I went into the bios and the video was already set to AGP. Ive tried removing the CMOS battery for awhile and then rebooting and I still get nothing. Any insite would be helpful. Thanks!

Answer:No video after changing old PCIvideo card to new AGP video card

Did you remove the old card and drivers in device manager first? You may need to update your motherboard drivers too.

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Hi guys thanks for taking the time to look at my post.Basically i recently have done a reinstall of windows xp but the system cannot seem to be able to find the systems video card drivers and i have checked on the properties under adapters and the whole list says n/a so i have no way of find out what drivers i need to download. I have an emachines 5250 if that is any use.
thanks in advanced


Answer:Generic video card video card problems!! need help =)

I did some searching for you for a driver, but I did not find one. I think your best option is to purchase a new video card and install it. Remember to disable the built-in video in BIOS.

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I have an AGP 2x slot. Can i put an AGP 8x video card into that slot. If so, will i see any performance gain. Or are there video cards that are compatible with all types, like 2x 4x and 8x.

Answer:Video card and Video card slot Question

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Agp1x/2x are 3.3 volts, whereas Agp4x/8x are 1.5 volts.

You should check carefully that whatever card you get is compatible with you 2x Agp slot.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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So I've owned this alienware m17x r3 (Intel Core i7-2670QM // Radeon HD 6870M // 4 GB DDR3) for about 5 months now, and just recently it has started crashing immediately on startup, either when it reaches the login page for windows or soon after. There is no BSOD, I've used WhoCrashed and made sure dump files are enabled and nothing comes up. I've tried installing several different versions of AMD's drivers for the HD 6870M I have but none work. I've run a system diagnostic test through advanced startup options and there are no errors.

It works fine with no drivers installed or if I boot in safe mode, but I am at my wit's end here trying to get my system back in to working order. I've already tried reinstalling a fresh version of windows 7, and fully cleaning my drivers and reinstalling them and nothing is a permanent fix. I have gotten 2 blue screens, both of which were 0x7E, with the cause being the C:\Windows\system32\drivers\atikmpag.sys file, but as I am just learning the ropes of this stuff I have no idea where to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Answer:Video card/video card driver issues

Time to call Dell and get it warranty serviced, if you reloaded Windows and it still persists then its a hardware issue that needs to be addressed/repaired by the manufacturer.

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Hello everyone. I currently need a new video card for my Gateway e4610 small form desktop PC because my on-board graphics have apparently gone bad. My display is slanted or out of alignment. And after testing different monitors, hard drives, moving the PC to different rooms, checking wires, seems the on board graphics has gone faulty. So I have options, and need some help with my choice. I have looked into purchasing the.....

IOGEAR USB to VGA 1280x1024 External Video Card
Which the seller on e-bay tells me can act as a primary video card for a monitor display, along with being dual display useable (spreading a desktop view across 2 monitors at once), or mirroring the current monitor display. It also works with Windows 7 Aero as well.

I've also been looking at AGP cards and found these two...

Jaton NVIDIA GeForce FX5200 128MB VGA TV Out Low Profile AGP Video Card 0642404228309 | eBay

AXLE3D NVIDIA GeForce 6200 512MB DDR2 AGP Video Card w Low Profile Bracket | eBay

How would these two work with Windows 7 and Aero? Are they up to date enough to run Windows 7 smoothly? And has anyone ever had experience with external video cards? Are they worth the money? I am always looking for solutions I can use that avoid going inside my PC case. My e4610 is a cramped but strong system. I was going to upgrade the RAM from 2GB to 4GB but after seeing that I'd have to remove the PSU just to get access to the two extra RAM slots, I decided to pass. Especially considering my... Read more

Answer:USB external video card or AGP Video Card for Windows 7?

I simplified:

I'd just go with this: [if you were AGP stranded, OP isn't as it turns out]

No ebay issues.

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hello... my computer has recently started locking up while playing game or during video play back... at first i thought it was the fan on my GPU so i replaced the GPU and it was fine for a week or two... then it started again so i cleaned the fans on my cpu and again it was fine for a week or not sure if this is an over heating problem... i can give you any infomation you need any help would be highly appreciated... one more thing you have to reset the computer once it has locked up... if you do this it locks up at startup configuring USB controllers... if you turn it off and one it starts up into windows no problem

Answer:my computer seems to lock up during games or video playback

Hi dan, a few questions...

What OS are you using? [XP/vista]
What are your system spec's? [ram/cpu/etc]
Have you gotten any temperature readings?
Do you do any maintenance on your PC? [defrag/spyware scans/ccleaner]
Have you got the latest versions of flash player?
What type of games? [online games or disc]

Here is some links that might be usefull, ccleaner displays your ram and processor specs at the top of it's screen.

Temperature reader -->

Ccleaner -->

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I would like to use the web cam as a security camera. however the camera shuts off when I turn on the lock screen. what to do?

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