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Wrong characters appear when typing Japanese

Question: Wrong characters appear when typing Japanese

I have had Japanese installed on my language bar for some time, but lately when I try to use it, the wrong characters appear when I type in the Romaji. I tried deleting the Japanese IME and re-adding it, but it made no difference. Could this be caused by a virus? How can I fix it? It still works fine on my laptop, it's only my desktop that is affected.

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Preferred Solution: Wrong characters appear when typing Japanese

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Wrong characters appear when typing Japanese

Hi nfarrier, Welcome to Sevenforums.

Yes, it can be virus. Did you made any changes on the PC recently?

As mentioned by Yard Dog, run Malwarebyts to scan for malwares. Run antivrus, and do SFC/SCANNOW to check for any errors.

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I have a logik keyboard for pc and this what my keyboard gives instead

q gives `
w opens 'help' box on whatever programme is open
r gives 5
u gives 6
I gives =
p gives -
g gives b
h gives n
; gives '
' gives /

how can this be solved?

Answer:Why is my keyboard typing wrong characters

This might help you out!

How To Fix A Keyboard With Wrong Characters

Good luck and let us all know how the repair job went!

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I have tried changing the language settings in control panel but it is already on english us

There doesn't appear to be an issue with the fn keys
This post was very hard to type

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I have a Dell latitude Cpi A laptop running windows xp and the stock keyboard types wrong letters example: When I press the p key it shows the number 4 on the screen. How do I fix it?

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One of my networked machines (XP Pro) has a keyboard problem. The @ sign and the quotes are reversed and also the and # key type incorrectly.I have checked regional settings and all is fine.Does anyone know of any other settings where this can be corrected. I would be very grateful for any help.

Answer:Keyboard typing wrong characters

Are you sure the Regional Info is correct?If you have changed it have you rebooted it?Sounds like the US keyboard drivers / settings at install instead of UK.

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In my Notebook when i press some buttons i see letters and numbers  for ex. when i type K  it types 7K and J types J8 . is anyone got this problem before? Please help Thanks Bassem

Answer:keyboard typing wrong characters

It is necessary for you to replace the keyboard.It is not sending the correct signals to the motherboard. Yes, even a notebook computer has a replacable keyboard.It's a job best assigned to a qualified computer technician, to find and order a compatible keyboard, and to disassemble the laptop far enough to be able to swap the keyboard.  

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My keyboard was working fine and then it start to type the  wrong characters, eg, when I hit the "0" I get "/"  My computer is a Lenovo G530 MT 4446
How can I fix this? Please help!

Answer:Keyboard Typing The Wrong Characters

Try the fix in this link if you haven't already......3 Ways to Fix a Keyboard That Has the Wrong Characters - wikiHow

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My daughter's keyboard on Windows XP will not type the @ symbol, it types " instead. Please help me get this corrected. She has changed the language input to English United Kingdom and also tried English USA. None of these changes fixed the problem. All advise will be appreciated, thank you.

Answer:Keyboard typing wrong characters

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My keyboard was working fine and then it start to type the  wrong characters, eg, when I hit the "0" I get "/"  My computer is a Lenovo G530 MT 4446 How can I fix this? Please help!

Answer:Keyboard Typing The Wrong Characters

I have a Yoga 2.  My problem seemed to occur after having problems with Verface. 

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My keyboard is typing correctly in Word but types nonsense when I type in either a browser window or in my email. If I type a web address in Chrome, Explorer or Firefox it comes out as random letters, symbols and numbers and the same if I try to type an email in yahoo or gmail. As I say, it is fine typing in Word. Any ideas gratefully received.

PS I have been into Control Panel and made sure regional settings and keyboard setting are for English (UK)

Answer:Keyboard Typing Wrong Characters

Is this a laptop and is the "Num Lock" on?

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I have some japanese songs in my collection. Some of it are in Japanese characters and they display as boxes.

On Windows7, they display correctly without installing/setting anything.

I tried adding a Japanese language pack which does nothing. There's no download for the pack. It says it's not available.


Answer:[WIN8] how do I display filenames using multibyte characters (Japanese characters)?

mrjayviper said:

On Windows7, they display correctly without installing/setting anything.Click to expand...

What's the problem then?

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I have installed the Japanese character set to allow our Japanese homestay student to write home, but now I find that the \ sign is continually replaced by the yen sign. Any ideas?

Answer:Japanese characters

Change the language back to English, see:

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I dont have the international language reader and writing thing. With all languages that are non alphabetical like Japanese the computer displays blank boxes.

can anyone help


Answer:Japanese characters

Are you talking about installing the East Asian Language pack? If so check

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I am trying to set up "Welcome" in different languages for our church and a Japanese parishioner sent me Welcome in Japanese. It has come through as ようこそI have Japanese fonts on my computer but does any one know how I can convert the string above to Japanese characters please?

Answer:Japanese characters

See:click hereclick hereclick hereclick herePlenty more.

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I have a Windows XP, which can read Japanese characters but not write, so I looked for an IME. I found one from Microsoft, but it requires Office XP, which I'm really not a fan of (since I use Is there another way? (I think it also applies to any other language IME.)

Answer:Japanese Characters!

Did you check to see if there are any available for OO.o?

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Windows XP home. Sony Vaio. Since buying this Vaio which came with Norton AV installed the AV popup box in the right hand corner has shown what aoppears to be something like Jap/Chinese letters which up to now I have ignored as being a minor irritation. However I have just installed a Phase One Capture programme where all the Tabs also show these type letters. I believe this must be a computer set-up problem has anyone any ideas on how to resolve this problem please.Regards Noels

Answer:Japanese/Chinese characters ?????? help

is all other language on machine ok?johnny.

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So I reformatted my computer the other day, reinstalled windows XP... when going though the setup I'm pretty sure I installed all the language packs that where available so I was capable of seeing and typing in Japanese, but it seems I missed something. I have no problem seeing all characters on the webpages and I have no problems typing in Japanese but these are the following things that seems to not work that use to before I reformatted.
-Setups for programs don't show the Japanese characters
-In Itunes for some reason all but a few CDs don't show the correct characters
-I can rename files in Japanese but some of my old files don't show the characters anymore
-All text in Japanese games don't show up correctly

I have tried multiple different packages on the Microsoft page (probably shouldn't since I'm not sure what I'm doing) to see if any of them worked but I'm still having the same problem. and I have no idea what was done to my computer to make everything show Japanese before.

any suggestions?

Answer:Can't get all japanese characters to show

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Alright, so I've had this problem for some time now but it has never been annoying enough to bother do anything about until now. It seems that random characters in certain fonts display as Japanese characters. I don't have any language packs other than English installed, but years ago I remember installing something to make Windows display Japanese characters rather than just rectangles.Unfortunately I've long since forgotten what exactly I did. Would any of you happen to have any idea what I could do to fix this?

Answer:Rogue Japanese characters?

Post #4:

Uninstall Japanese Language Pack (XP Pro/SP2) | Windows Secrets Lounge)

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Hi all, my wife is Japanese and we are in the market to buy a new desktop PC.
My wife wants a Japanese keyboard, and wants to be able to email her friends back in Japan with Japanese characters text.

How do we do this, do we get a Japanese version of Vista, or Japanese version of Microsoft words.

Anyone be able to offer us some advice ?

Thanks kindly,


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using office xp with vista home premium 64 bit,using word I have created a room plan, when I want to change the direction of the text the text direction box shows the text in either chinese or japanese, with the letters abc tagged onto the end, the 'apply, ok' and 'cancel' boxes are in english my language is set at default english uk, didn't have this when I has xp home, anybody any idea what is causing this, it is not a problem, I am just curious, all help and advice gratefully accepted

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I have a site with UTF-8 encoding. The site uses some japanese characters. However some customer complains that they can see only small boxes instead of the japanese characters both with IE and Firefox.
It is probably OS related as the problem occurs only on XP machines (at least until now). But not all XP shows the wrong characters only some of them.

Any idea what to suggest to the visitors?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Problem with Japanese characters

Maybe that person needs to have the Japanese script/font thing installed on their PC?

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I've been trying all the downloads concerning IMEs and other upgrades for IE... but what I was really aiming for was this.

Okay, I've got an application I used to run in a Japanese Windows XP Pro and it ran well. This application depends on other files, like .dlls. The name of the application was in Japanese characters, but now when I transferred it to my Win XP Pro SP2 (In Spanish) the text that was formerly Japanese has become weird letters with accents and ats.

Could someone please tell me what do I have to do to enable compatibility in a Windows that isn't from an East Asian interface so that I am able to read and edit folders and files with Asian characters? The help would be appreaciated, thanks.

Answer:Win XP - Compatibility with Japanese Characters

Eriol-kun-12 said:

I've been trying all the downloads concerning IMEs and other upgrades for IE... but what I was really aiming for was this.

Okay, I've got an application I used to run in a Japanese Windows XP Pro and it ran well. This application depends on other files, like .dlls. The name of the application was in Japanese characters, but now when I transferred it to my Win XP Pro SP2 (In Spanish) the text that was formerly Japanese has become weird letters with accents and ats.

Could someone please tell me what do I have to do to enable compatibility in a Windows that isn't from an East Asian interface so that I am able to read and edit folders and files with Asian characters? The help would be appreaciated, thanks.Click to expand...

Hi Eriol-kun-12,

Welcome to TSG!

This is primarily an Internationalization (I18N) problem. Since your base system is now (In Spanish), your loacale is probably Spanish. In order for the Janpanese software to run, it probably needs a Japanese locale.

You can try using the search function for all open forums here at TSG and search for the keyword locale. There may be a thread about the same issue and how to solve it which would probably involve resetting the locale, hopefully, only for that program. You probably have to install the Japanese locale dlls - which the application is not finding.

If you do not find where to get them, you can always try going to the Microsoft Support website, , an... Read more

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A while ago I did something to the language settings in Control Center -I forget quite what it was.But now I notice I get to see alot of Japanese (I think ) characters which don't really cause a problem.However I have just reinstalled my Logitech CD and the setup is all in this Japanes (ow whatever) language.What can I do to make it go away (without making things worse)?

Answer:japanese language characters

Start - Control Panel - Regions and Language Options - Region Options Tab -On the list select - English (United States) - At the bottom Select - United States - Click APPLY Restart your computer.You may need to remove Logitech and reinstall. I never use the CD and the mouse and keyboard works for me.

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I am using PPT to open a word document:
Function BuildMenu()
Dim WdAppMenu As Word.Application, WdDocMenu As Word.Document
On Error Resume Next

Set WdAppMenu = GetObject(, "Word.Application")
If Err.Number <> 0 Then 'Word isn't already running
Set WdAppMenu = CreateObject("Word.Application")
End If
On Error GoTo 0

Set WdDocMenu = WdAppMenu.Documents.Open("C:\menu.docx")

WdAppMenu.Visible = True
then making some automated word replacements and saving the file as an xml:
vSavePath = WdAppMenu.ActiveDocument.Path & "\" & WdAppMenu.ActiveDocument.Name
WdAppMenu.ActiveDocument.SaveAs FileName:=Replace(vSavePath, ".docx", ".xml"), FileFormat:=wdFormatText

Set WdAppMenu = Nothing

Kill (vSavePath)

But I am losing the japanese characters originally in the doc it start with - they are being replaced with '????"
Anybody run into this??? cna you help???

Answer:Losing Japanese characters......

If I dont try to convert it to an xml doc it keeps the formatting?!?!?!?
Please help!

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About 1/3 of the time Japanese characters in filenames, itunes, etc do not show. They show the square boxes. The characters show in the internet browser all of the time. Restarting the computer makes them work again.

I can turn off my computer, turn it on the next day, and they will work. Then I can turn it off, turn it on the day after that, and they won't work again.

Also, in the volume mixer, applications have the same squares at the end of the word
IE: Systemsounds[] VLC Player[] Google Chrome[]

Answer:Japanese Characters Do Not Always Show

Try doing this: How can I get Chinese/Japanese characters to display properly - Microsoft Answers to see if it helps. Just substitute Chinese for which ever language you need.

Try reinstalling the Japanese language as it may have been corrupted.

Another thing you can try is creating a new user account.

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During a visit yesterday, my daughter installed some kind of Japanese font from my Windows XP disk onto my computer. She showed me how she could now get Japanese characters using my UK keyboard, and after dispatching a couple of emails, went home again.I now discover that I have two problems. Whenever I open Word or Outlook, the WIndows installer window pops up. Clicking the Cancel button gets rid of it. (I did once try going along with it, and inserting the Windows XP CD, but "it" couldn't find what it wanted on it so I cancelled that too.)Now I've had a call from one of my students to say that an email I sent her included Asian characters. I checked, by sending the Sent email to myself, and she's right. It seems to me that speech marks (single and double) are the ones affected.I'd really be grateful if someone could tell me how to uninstall whatever my daughter installed.I am running Windows XP.Thank you!

Answer:Help please in uninstalling Japanese characters!

In OE clck on 'Tools' > 'Options' > 'Send' > 'International Setting' and set to 'Western European (ISO)

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Is there any way to display japanese characters without using the Windows CD to install it when IE prompts me to? I don't have the Windows CD, so is there a website where I can download it from or something or is there another way like just displaying them in Firefox or something? Thanks much!

Answer:Display Japanese characters in IE or Firefox?

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Exakt same problem as this guy:

But I couldnt write in that thread. It was closed for some reason.

Answer:Japanese characters not displayed in Windows 7

Why would you write in someone else's thread, anyway?

Do you have East Asian language support turned on in Control Panel? Have you tried installing tha Japanese language pack (should not be needed just to display Japanese)?

Do you see Japanese characters in my signature?

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My system cannot display Chinese and Japanese characters. Korean characters and originally Chinese and Japanese do not have a problem after I deleted FNTCACHE.DAT in system32. On my Windows 7 system all of the characters work fine but on my Windows 8.1 system the Chinese and Japanese characters revert back to boxes when I booted my system up for the day to use. It's getting pretty annoying not knowing what I want to listen to.

Answer:Can't display Chinese and Japanese characters

Here is a link that may help, .

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Hi guys,

This one has me beat. I was on a site using a webcam and the instructions are coming up in characters that look Japanese! This is happening in Firefox and Internet Explorer so I assume it's some kind of global setting on my computer but I don't know what or where.

My region is set correctly and my language is English. I've tried changing the encoding with IE and then tried using FF only to discover it had the same problem.

Here is the direct address for the webcam:

and the referring site:

It uses Java but I think mine is okay... not totally sure how to check the version(s).

Any ideas?? :confused

Answer:Japanese characters on an Australian site????

To see what version of Java you are using, if you are running XP (? you don't say) then:

Start> Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs and it should be listed in the window that pops up as Java. You should be running version 6 Update 3. If you are not then uninstall the version you have, run CCLeaner (both the cleaner and registry cleaner) then reboot and install the Java 6 Update 3 from here

If you are running Vista OS, let me know. I have that too.

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Dear All,I have some Japanese text which i am viewing in Microsoft Word.When i try to copy the Japanese text from Microsoft Word to Notepad++ the Japanese text does not appear properly.Kindly help me solve this problem.Regards,P.Santhiagu

Answer:how to display japanese characters in notepad

You need to select an appropriate font in Notepad++. The default font does not support Japanese.

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I'm supporting a website which on the first load displays '??????' but by refreshing it it displays the correct values. This happens every first load of the website. I Believe this has something to do with the encoding but not sure.

By the way , characters are supposed to be in Japanese. I'm using windows xp charset to utf 8. installed also east Asian language since almost all content of the page is Japanese

In another note. I beileve the html tags are generated via javascript (jSon request) and inserted to as an inner html tag using javascript.

Appreciate anyone's help on this.

Thank you,

Answer:IE7 '?????' on first load Japanese characters [Moved from IE]

Still having this issue. Any one's help is appreciated :)

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I have a fair bit of japanese music in my library and some of the songs which are just written in kanji are displayed as rectangles. As I have just found out from writing this, copying and pasting these into a browser results in them looking correct like this -> &#12469;&#12452;&#12463;&#12523; (Cycle).

So basically in explorer and media player 12 japanese characters are not displayed correctly but in my browser (google chrome) they are. Anyone know how to fix this?

Answer:Japanese characters not displayed in Windows 7

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Hi all,

I just noticed that iTunes in the x64 version of windows 7 doesn't display any japanese characters. Judging by the nature of the problem, I don't think it displays any foreign Unicode characters.

I have my computer set up to properly display (and also type) japanese. I surf japanese websites all the time and for some reason iTunes refuses to do this. I tried sifting through the new preferences interface but can't find anything with regard to unicode support for applications, or anything related to it for that matter.

Any input regarding this issue is greatly appreciated, even if it regards a completely different language.


Answer:Windows 7 x64 and Japanese characters in iTunes

in my windows 7 32bit, they are displayed in itunes. weird

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Question: Typing Japanese?


I have just plugged in my qwerty keyboard with support for Hiragana and Katakana and have installed the Microsoft Japanese driver and selected the keyboard in keyboards and languages setting but i still cant type any Japanese characters.

Some of the English keys seem to be a bit messed up too i cant find the coma or colon so far but i am more concerned about setting up Japanese language for typing.

I am going to be taking a Japanese language course shortly and need to get this working.

Appreciate any help.


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When I start my computer and prior to the Windows welcome screen, a box appears appears on the screen with about 8-10 Japanese or Chinese characters on the blue bar at the top left corner and usually about 3 characters in the white box underneath. It will not go away until I click <okay>. Then the box goes away and the computer begins loading programs as usual. Any ideas on how to get rid of this annoyance? HP Computer running XP with McAfee Security Center and Max Secure Registry Cleaner.

Answer:Help to remove box with Chinese/Japanese Characters on Startup

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is it possible to configure so, that it would be possible to receive only in Latin and Cyrillica written letters? No Chinese, Japanese, etc. characters I mean.

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I'm a new guy around here so please pardon my ignorance.

I'm having a strange problem. I used to be able to enter ASCII characters anywhere, but recently I can only get the ones I want in msn messenger. In everywhere else, including notepad, they show up as japanese characters. For example, alt+0174 is "registered sign" normally, but nowadays I get a "&#12483;" when pressing alt+0174. By the way, my current default typing language is Japanese, but I'm using a standard US keyboard. The thing is, I had been typing with IME Japanese from way before this problem started, so I don't this is the cause.

When I checked character map, the keyboard shortcuts for everything seems to have disappeared, and only the japanese characters in fonts like MS Mincho have them. The last time i checked, which was before this problem started, the shortcuts were in all the correct places.

Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks in advance.

Answer:ASCII special characters showing up as japanese

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I noticed this problem after I upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista. I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate and I installed the Japanese language pack. I know this is the OS because if I start the computer while not hooked up to the internet and start iTunes the Japanese text will be displayed properly.

If I then connect to the internet any site in Japanese will show the characters but over time in both iTunes and my browsers the text will revert to just boxes. Not sure why this is happening. Sorry if this topic has already been discussed, did not see it.

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So i have this file in my
1KB  and last modified 2015-05-25
I remember i removed that file but somehow it came back
Any suggestions on what the file might actually be?Virustotal
With notepad

Answer:File in appdata with strange japanese characters? 1kb

Google translate comes up with: Wandaoxianshe ⁲ Yanyangxianqi ⁁ Xitu Tibianyitu ⹴ Tong laoWhich says they are Chinese. I would Google some of those names and see if you can find a corresponding application.

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My issue is
Customer is trying to work with the winpe
He wants to use Japanese Characters when he inputs the information on the screen.
So instead of entering in the User name : Mkuriel ( English ) he will input the Japanese Characters ( Sorry don?t know Japanese
J  ) .
i am using the dism commands to set ja-jp for the winpe
i have added the LP to the winpe but still i can only type in English... any ideas ? 
thanks in advance for your assistance.


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Hi, does anyone know how to name files/folders using japanese characters? ive installed east asian language support for windows XP, so I can see the characters in jap programs or IE. But I get this error if I try to name anything using them (copying the kana/kanji from IE or jap word processor):

A file name cannot contain any of the following characters:
\ / : * ? " < > |

Any way to get around this?

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Hi everyone

I just signed up, searched before I signed up, found nothing so I signed up

Anyway, so yeah. I got the Chaos; Head visual novel (in Japanese &#26085;&#26412;&#35486, during the installation process, everything (terms of agreement, all the installation instructions etc.) showed up as "????" and some Arabic characters in between.

I ignored all that, didn't think it would really affect the game. Well, when I started playing, all I got in the text boxes were


So clearly my PC has a very difficult time rendering Unicode/Japanese characters , despite having the Japanese IME installed.

I'm running Windows XP 64, and &#12393;&#12358;&#12418;&#12354;&#12426;&#12364;&#12392;&#12358;&#12288;

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I have a Windows Vista Japanese machine with MS Office 2007 installed. I have a Windows application that displays multilingual data. When I copy Japanese charatcers from the application and paste into MS Word/ Excel garbage characters appear. This problem doesn't occur when pasting from Word into the application.

Also this problem does not replicate on any other OS or in any other language either.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Answer:Japanese characters displayed as garbage in Word 2007

From the MS Word file into which you want to copy the text, click on the MS icon and at the bottom of the screen select: Word Options.
From the drop-down menu, select Advanced, and at the very bottom of the screen, select Web Options, and then Encoding. Try changing some of the settings in the "Save this document as" menu, i.e. try selecting another language setting for documents, to see if that makes the difference. There are 4 different types of Japanese language options to choose from.

If that doesn't help, it's a real long shot, but try this:
From the MS Word file into which you want to copy the text, click on the MS icon and at the bottom of the screen select: Word Options.
From the drop-down menu, select Advanced, and then Cut, Copy, Paste.
Go to the following 4 boxes and select: Match Destination Format:
1. Pasting within the same document, 2. Pasting between documents, 3. Pasting between documents when style definitions conflict, and 4. Pasting from other programs.
Click: OK

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Hello all -

I am trying to do a Windows 7 reinstall from my Samsung Recovery disk, as I have a Samsung laptop. I have received the infamous "windows could not format a partition on disk 0...Error code: 0x80070057" error. Through researching this forum it seems the diskpart program is used to troubleshoot. However, the program only displays English from the command lines or numbers (i.e. - 465 GB). Everything else is displayed as Chinese or Japanese characters. Is there a way to change the language to all English? Thanks.

Answer:Diskpart not in English. Displaying Chinese or Japanese characters

Hello richarmb Welcome to the Seven Forums!

With a factory recovery disk that should automatically reformat and reOS the drive for you. That works along with the hidden recovery partition to bring everything back to how you saw the preinstall when first buying the laptop.

Since the manufacturer is actually South Korean with a US product and support site. Samsung - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the default language for non user items would be in the native language and unfortunately not flexible like adding language packs onto Windows itself. You're dealing with hard copy media not an OS already install in that sense.

The only option for a clean install with an English version of the Disk Part tool would be borrowing someone else's 7 dvd and then entering the key on the sticker itself. But you shouldn't even be needing Disk Part with any factory restore option.

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Wondering if anyone has been able to try this or has heard about this.
For those wanting to try it, here's a simple Japanese sentences you can copy-paste and send to yourself:
(This is a simple Japanese Test).

Answer:Will the Microsoft Band display unicode characters (Japanese, Chinese, etc.)?

Apparently it is not supporting unicode at the moment. I tested this on my friend's Band by sending him a text with Persian (Farsi) characters. Unfortunately the sentence showed up as squares.

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I'm having a really strange problem... the computer disk keeps getting full, I've kept uninstalling programs and deleting data, but amazingly after maybe 30-60 minutes I will lose 300mb or more of space... until I'm down to 10mb or even 0 @ one point... I'm stumped.

Hijack Log --


Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)
Scan saved at 5:27:55 PM, on 3/18/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
E:\CA Internet Security Suite\CA Anti-Virus\ISafe.exe
C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\PPRT\bin\ITMRTSVC.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LSSrvc.exe
E:\Blue Coat K9 Web Protection\k9filter.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
E:\CA Internet Security Suite\cctray\cctray.exe
E:\CA Internet Security Suite\CA Anti-Virus\CAVRID.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\WMPNSCFG.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks\QBUpdate\qbupdate.exe
C:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe
E:\CA Internet Security Sui... Read more

Answer:Hijack Log, jpegs, Strange Japanese/Chinese/DontKnow Characters

anyone ?

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Can someone give me step by step directions on what to do starting form the beginning on how to be able to type japanese text into Microsoft word? Thanks.

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I can type Japanese but the keyboard software is putting every character in wrong. Do I really need to upgrade my Windows 7 Home Edition Computer or not? I talked to Customer Service and said that I need to upgrade in order for the language filter to be working correctly since Japanese isn't the default language. English ( of course) is the default language. Instead of typing in Hiragana and converting to Kanji, all there is is Katakana and it's not even typed correctly. What do I do?

Answer:Japanese Language Typing Issue

Customer Service and said that I need to upgrade in order for the language filter to be working correctly since Japanese isn't the default languageMethinks you have answered your post yourself.

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My problem is that I can't type in Japanese or Korean with a font I've selected. The problem occurs in mspaint, OpenOffice, etc. I select font X and then proceed to start writing but the moment I do so, it gets reverted to font Y (the font previously selected). There's no such problem with English (half-width alphanumeric instead of katakana, hiragana and their variations, to be precise).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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im trying to download the Japanese basic typing/handwriting/speech packs but it keeps failing and when i click on more details it just opens manage optional features

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Using a Lenovo Yoga 910.  All I want to do is to be able to quickly and easily insert the registered trademark symbol   without copying and pasting.  I use this symbol often and am frustrated that I can't figure out how to insert it quickly.

Answer:Typing special characters - ®

Nomally you can use CTRL+ALT+R   is the key combination to insert the  symbol in some applications like MS Office etc.and ALT + 0174 will also insert the symbol in most places that the CTRL+ALT+R key combinantion does not work, such as in this forum.   Cheers, 

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Hello Everyone!
I have a problem with my brand new L20 missing out a lot of characters when I am typing. After searching around the forums, it seems that a few people are also having this problem. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck in fixing this problem yet.

As far as I know, the problem only seems to be in WinXP, (I dual-boot with Linux Slackware 10.2 and don't notice the problem there) and I *think* it might have something to do with the internet. I say this because it is only really noticable for me when I am online, writing emails etc... (Writing to this forum takes a lot of error correcting) :)

Has anyone else been able to isolate when this problem is at its worse?

Also, is it possible to group together all the people who are having this same problem into one thread? I think there are about 3 separate threads where people have mentioned this problem, it would be nice to get everyone together to see if we can fix this.

I brought this notebook for programming, and as you can imagine I dare not try try any coding while this is happening, as it would cause toooooo many problems :)
So please, any help, hints, tips, advice or solutions would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Sat L20: Missing characters when typing

This problem only shows up when you type :)))
Hardware workaround: external USB keyboard!

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Answer:Typing certain keys other characters appear i

control panel/region and language/keyboardsi hate computers!but cant help myself....

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I've got one of these Logitech mouse/keyboard wireless combis. Last night the keyboard started playing up. Hitting either the T or V keys types both characters. Its the same with C or E and N and U. Other keys cause windows to open, among other random happenings. Rather annoying as some of these characters are in my log on password. If I did not have the Wacom on screen keyboard at startup I would have been up the creek. Running Vista Home Premium. I have changed batteries, and tonight I will try it with a bog-standard keyboard. if this is ok I suppose its time to ditch the Logitech and get a new one. Just wandered if anyone had any ideas.

Answer:Keyboard typing two characters

After a good coffee spill, mopped rinsed and wiped away from a veteran Cherry keyboard, the same double key standards applied. Fortunately this keyboard can be dismantled to the point where separate laminations could be thoroughly dried.But then a veteran like you would notice the wet splash ...... wouldn't you???

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When typing characters in a windows block, the characters get out of sequence.

Example of correct sequence: THIS IS A TEST OF MY INPUT

Example of actual results: TIS IS A TEST OF MY INPUTH

All characters get typed, but some get ahead of the cursor.

Any ideas as to the cause?

Answer:Typing Characters gets rearranged

"Any ideas as to the cause?"

You are typing on a laptop's keyboard and do not realize that your thumb or wrist is hitting the touch pad and moving the cursor.

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Whenever I type certain characters another character will pop up with it. For example, I try to type "L" and when I'm not using the onscreen keyboard it types as ";L". There are several different keys this is happening to but it is not happening with every key. This just started about 30 minutes ago. I cleaned my keyboard and it started malfunctioning about 10 minutes after Happens to thw following characters I've found l =;lp=poo=poa= select all and several more 

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Windows Vista Dell 4120 laptop 32bit

When I type 1234567890 I get 1z2x3c4v5f6j7m8,9.0\
When I type zxcvbnm,. I get 1z2x3c4vbn7m8,9./ with a squiggly mark under 9

Appreciate your help. This is my granddarughter's computer and she needs it for her college work.


Answer:Getting additional characters when typing

Which application are you running when you type the string?

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Can we customize a key so that when pressed it will type several characters?
I would use that function to quickly enter my ?user name? or email address when accessing internet pages that require filling such fields plus the Password.

Thank you for any help.

Answer:Typing several characters with one keystroke

Most browsers have the ability to remember or in some cases predict the username and password of a site you are trying to log in to.

If you tell me which browser you are using will point you to the relevant tutorial on how to set it up.

Also having your password mapped to a key on your keyboard is not a good idea in terms of security.

If you are still interested in mapping multiple letters or words to a single key it may be worth looking at Keyboard Layout Manager - Keyboard Editor Window (I'm not 100% sure it will let you assign multiple characters to one key but I think it can)


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I have found that my Yoga 900 will regularly insert two characters when I have only hit a key once. I might type "stop" (4 keystrokes) but I find the word "stopp" has been entered. This is not a problem with one key, it happens on lots of keys, as shown in the video:The problem with duplicate characters It seems to happen most if you type the key "gently", so the characters you press with pinkies and ring fingers are more likely to exhibit the problem, but the video shows this is happens on any key -- it is not a problem with just certain keys. I am getting a new laptop because of an issue with the Yoga 900 waking from sleep when picked it up:(My problem with the Yoga waking when I pick it up) I'll see if this new issue is a problem on the replacement Yoga. Note that Lenovo has been great, and is sending me a replacement laptop based on the waking problem. I discovered the problem with keyboard bounce while waiting for my new Laptop.Does anyone else see the issue with duplicate characters?  

Answer:Yoga 900 -- Duplicate characters when typing

I've had the same issue. It doesn't happen often. Just rarely enough that I thought I might be imagining it!

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Hi, hoping someone here can help me...

Toshiba Satellite A60-106 running Windows XP is missing characters when I type. If I type very very slowly then every key works fine. At normal typing speed numerous letters are dropped. This happens in every application and does not seem load-dependent. The key repeat rate is also slower than it should be (I know how to set this; the problem is not with the setting but with the fact that the setting is not being honoured or recognised properly).

Virus/spyware scan reports clean. The problem began suddenly for no apparent reason and does not seem to be associated with any hardware or software changes. Tried starting in safe mode, tried disabling all non-essential services/startup progams via msconfg but to no avail; problem still there.

Laptop has historically suffered badly from overheating, but this problem is not obviously related as it's the same whether the machine is hot or cold.

Any ideas?

Answer:Re: Satellite A60-106 - Dropping characters when typing

Have you installed drivers for an external Keyboard or Mouse? (for example Logitech or Microsoft)

If you boot into MSDOS, does it still drop characters? You can download a DOS bootdisk from

What BIOS Version is installed? Do you have the latest version?

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I have a brand new Satellite C50-A-1CK which is perfect for my needs EXCEPT I continually get double characters appearing on screen when typing which is:
A. VERY frustrating
B. Wasting a lot of time as I have to keep correcting words to remove the duplicate characters.

Please does anyone know of a fix for this? It can affect any key on the keyboard and it doesn't matter if I type slow or quick, press the keys firmly or as light as possible.

Have checked for firmware updates but none available.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite C50-A-1CK double characters appear when typing


I hope that someone can help you and me on this!

I have used other machines for years, I am a reasonably competent typist but have suffered the same problem on my Satellite C850 and it drives me mad.

Also the ease with which using the touchpad to move the cursor about results in the machine selecting the settings sidebar for Windows 8 by mistake.

I have tried changing the keyboard sensitivity within windows but this does not seem to help - just slows the keyboard right down.

Really frustrating

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When attempting to type in MS Word 2000 on win98 platform all of the characters are covered by a growing block of black. Temporary relief of this is accomplished by changing format background; but this doesn't last too long. Print preview shows the entire page blacked out. I'm new to MS Word 2000 and don't have the slightest idea what's up.

Answer:Solved: Typing characters all look blacked out.

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Hello a while back my friend spilt a bit of soda on my laptops keyboard, I dried, and flipped my PC over flat on a towel. There was no damage for about a month, but now some key do multiple actions. Example: Pressing (Backspace) now moves the curser to the right one space, turn my volume down once, and then Backspace. Is there a way to fix this myself or would I have to take my PC into a repair store? Or have to replace my keyboard entirely?

Computer: Toshiba Satellite S55-B5280

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Windows Vista Home version: HP SR 2163WM computer. This happens randomly whenever I'm typing. Might be in Word or during this message (just happened when I was typing "during"). Suddenly the cursor is gone, no letters are appearing, etc. This isn't the buffer just overloading, the cursor just disappears and I can't type. It's like it jumps off the page, but it's very irritating (just happened again on "like").

Answer:Typing when suddenly no characters appear on screen

Would be hard to say without actually seeing it happen... Reinstall mouse and keyboard driver? I'm not sure, maybe corrupt registry. i'm just guessing, if you can provide any other details please do

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Hi. I use gedit as editor in my Linux systems (SUSE and Fedora); there I find that I can't type in accented characters like I used to do in Windows.

In the text editor in Windows, even using an English keyboard configuration, I could type in accented characters by entering a combination of Alt+<ASCIIcode>, for example Alt+130 would type in the accented 'e' character; this sequence doesn't work in Linux.

Any suggestions on how to solve the problem ?


Answer:Typing accented characters in Linux

In GNOME, you can use Ctrl+Shift+u<code>. <code> means the unicode code point in hex. A la hold ctrl, hold alt, type u40 and you get @

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When I type 2 it comes up 23 and 3 becomes 23w = we / e = we s = sd / d = sd x = xc / c = xcThe other keys react normaly and are fineHas anybody experienced a problem like this B4. I suspect I need a new keyboard but just thought I'd ask in case it was a software problem

Answer:Keyboard typing double Characters


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Hi guys i have a 3 weeks old mechanical keyboard, so practically is new, and after a while i realised that sometimes, randomly, 2 or more characters are being typed instead of 1.
I would like to tell me please if you think it is something to do with my pc or windows, or it is the keyboard's fault and i should have it replaced.

Answer:Keyboard is randomly typing 2 or more characters instead of 1

Hi try the keyboard on another computer or try another keyboard on your computer that should tell you if it's the keyboard or the computer.

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Suddenly as of this morning multiple keys on my laptop type their own key but also other characters. It mostly is just additional symbols rather than letters and tends to be the characters next door which they type.

For example:
1) typing 'p' gives 'p['
2) typing '0' gives '0-'
3) typing '-' gives '0-' also
4) typing '.' gives './'
5) typing '/' gives './' also
6) typing ';' gives ';''
7) and vice versa
Also num pad is not working!

So in short it's like a number of adjacent keys have become fused to each other.

I have tested this and it occurs in all programs and windows. On screen keyboard works fine though.

I have so far uninstalled the device driver rebooted and let it reinstall - changed nothing.

Can anybody help?

Answer:Laptop keys also typing adjacent characters

Do you have another keyboard you can plug in and try? That will tell you if it's the keyboard (problem will not show with replacement) or the keyboard-to-PC interface (problem will persist with replacement). If you don't have an extra yourself, maybe you can borrow one from a friend /family/colleague/neighbor...?

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Help! My laptop is going crazy! Whenever I click on a text box to type something characters automatically are entered, messing up my words and then they just keep typing themselves. Also the scroll, fn button keeps turning itself on without me touching it.

Obviously, I am not typing this post from that computer - or it would look like this


I have run Norton and updated Norton and it does not detect anything.

Is this a virus? How do I get rid of it??

Thanks in advance to any info anyone can give me.

Answer:Characters Are Typing Themseles Into Every Text Window I Use!


Is it just one or two keys that are being repeated? if so, there is possibly something sticking them down.
Do you have a replacement keyboard to test?

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when type a, types a/k. when typing k, types a/k, many of the keys typing three letters after a single key is pressed.

Answer:new problem, keyboard is not typing accurate characters,

There are a mix of ideas here: not update the BIOS though unless you are certain that is the issue (rare) - get it wrong and you need a new motherboard.EDIT:If nothing there helps it might be a keyboard driver issue. If so, go to "Device Manager" and expand out the Keyboards entry. Right click your keyboard and then Uninstall. Do NOT check any box you see about removing the software.The above is not the usual uninstall, it just disengages the software from the hardware. When you restart the computer it will find your keyboard as new hardware then re-install the software from the supplied drivers. Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek

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Hi There,
So when I try to log into any online banking/credit card website, typing on my keyboard produces a random string of characters which do not correspond to what I press. I of course am unable to log in under these circumstances as what I am typing is not simply masked but it really has typed the wrong character. This does not happen on any other type of website/situation, only banking/credit cards. no idea what is causing this, please help!
I am running windows 10, fully updated, I run ESET nod 32 antivirus, updated and scanned, malware bytes, updated and scanned, Zemana anti-logger (same happens when this is on and off (i have tried this) rapport service for google chrome, u block origin extension, https everywhere.

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HP 15-ac122ds Laptop. Certain keys were typing multiple characters. I think my keyboard needed to be replaced, but I figured I would try some trouble shooting suggestions posted in an article by HP. I chose the wrong suggestion to try. Which was my fault, "un-install keyboard drive and restart computer." My computer never restarted! I have a black screen after "restarting" and without the keyboard working, I have no idea how to proceed.  Any work arounds?   

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I'm on Windows 10. It's all up to date. When I click in the 'Type here to search' field, I can only type two characters before the search window disappears.

This is a fresh windows install and I don't know what is causing the problem. How can I start narrowing down what is going on?

Answer:Search Popup Dissapears After Typing Two Characters

Type into which search field? Windows or a browser?

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I've tried searching this symptom using Google but it leads me to other non-related issues. Can I insert a photo image of the problem I'm going through? I'm asking permission.

forgot to add: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

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When I create a basic table in Ms Powerpoint 2003 with 2 colums/2 rows, some letters are sometimes spaced properly and sometimes not:

For ie, the word "Settlement" in the attached powerpoint document -> The 1st time Settlement is typed, there is no issue
at all. But the 2nd time it is typed, the letter <t> and the letter <l> are squizzed together. Then the 3rd time it is typed, it is fine. Same issue occurs with other words (for ie the word <test> may be fine the 1st time it is typed, then you type it a 2nd time, you get that issue of the letters <s> and <t> squizzed together.

See the attachments (they are the screenshots of the issue)


(x)Changed her MS Windows profile = same issue

(x)Re-installed MS Office 2003 = same issue

(x)Tried in MS WOrd or Excel = it is fine in Word + Excel. So problem is with power point

OS= Windows XP

MS Office 2003

Answer:issues with typing characters in MS Powerpoint 2003


This may be worth a try:

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HiJust a little problem, I was trying to send an email message and I wanted to add a letter inside brackets i.e. (a) or (b). When I did this it creates a symbol of a moon or some other symbol. Yes I'm not joking, how can I stop this? Regards

Answer:windows live mail typing characters

I'm not that familiar with Windows Mail but suspect that it is seeing your character combination as a request for a smiley. You may be able to point to the symbol, right click and see if there is a 'remove smiley' option. Failing that, try using square or curly brackets ([ or {) as a work around.

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I'm unable to type special characters with my Dell XPS 13 with Windows 8 pre-loaded. E.g. when typing "^" followed by "e" one should normally get "ê"
My previous XPS 13 with Windows 7 pre-loaded worked fine. I have loaded all the latest drivers but the functionality is still missing. Is there a setting that needs to be switched on? Or are the drivers still missing for Windows 8?
Help will be appreciated

Answer:Dell XPS 13 typing special characters with keyboard

FOUND IT!!! Press "Fn + Ctrl + LShift" simultaneously to activate and deactivate special character typing

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When I am typing I have text characters turn black or whole lines of text turn black. This happens on all sorts of websites and occasionally within programs themselves. I also have issues where text disappears in Browser tabs.  I have been trying to figure exactly the cause of this, but I am not having any luck. I notice this with both Firefox and Chrome. I am attaching a screen grab for reference and any system update have been completed.   Thank youKevin

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I have an old Dell inspiron e1505 laptop. When the login screen appears I am unable to login because my keyboard is typing incorrect characters.

Answer:Keyboard on laptop typing incorrect characters

HI, and welcome to TSG...

You may have the Num lock on. Its located at the top-right of the keyboard above the F11 key. If it is on, there should be one of the four indicator lights illuminated to the left of the power button. The first on, actually.

Good luck..

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If I type a series of letters on this keyboard it decides to miss out some of the characters and not type them
I just had to go back and correct everything just now

Please help.

Answer:Satellite C660 - keyboard misses characters out while typing

If I remember well some people here have reported about similar issue and solution was BIOS update.
Does your notebook have original BIOS that you got with your notebook?

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Hello, thanks for any help. My "3edc" keys are typing incorrect characters. They display different items each time I press the keys. I replaced the keyboard and it solved the problem for a few weeks, then the same problem returned. I do not have the original Windows CD. Moderator note: Log removed and topic moved BACK to Windows 7. In this topic: member was told that the problem is not malware related and instructed to post in the Windows 7 forum OR External Hardware. ~ OB

Answer:Keyboard keys "3edc" typing incorrect characters

What characters are being displayed when you type those keys example: 3=$ e=^

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Machine approaching three years old and not continually used. A couple of weeks ago, it started missing characters when typing or it will type two characters and then highlight them so when you type again the first two characters are gone. Does this on both the on screen and laptop keyboard. Tried an external keyboard and it too acted the same way.
Here's what I've done - run diagnostics (no issues), downloaded and installed most recent BIOS, chipset, video and all other drivers. Have also in Device Manager deleted keyboards and rebooted with no change. All Windows 10 updates are installed.
Most of the time I have it plugged in and charge set to only charge when battery is approaching low.
Have not removed the battery and keeping it as a last option.
Any ideas?

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As stated above in the questionnaire, my system was sluggish and I ran my PCMatic scan which would stop running about 40% through the scan. I ran Malwarebytes (free) with no issues found. Removed PCMatic and installed AVG (free) which found some issues and cleaned them up but performace wasn't improved much. My keyboard then began to act quirky by characters not appearing or the cursor jumping around or nothing will happen but the "system busy wheel" pops up for a few seconds before characters appear on the screen.

I came back to you guys because TwinHeadedEagle was so effective at helping me with my desktop 18 mos ago that I was hoping for help.

Thanks, regards and please advise if I can once again get some assistance,
Sandy Lanz

Answer:Strange behavior like typing & no characters appear, cursor jumps randomly

Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your desktop.

Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them.
Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.
Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
Press Scan button.

It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please attach it to your reply.
The first time the tool is run, it makes also another log (Addition.txt). Please attach it to your reply.


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For some reason, there always seem to be a second delay on the keys on the keyboard, including the numeric keypad. Many times, either a character was skipped or the character showed up twice.
Vey frustrasting as I always have to go back to add or delete a character.

When I run a word program in safe mode, it works fine. Someone told me it may be a software issue as the problem does not occur in safe mode.
I am very careful with the laptop as I am sure there was no spill.

Any comment is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite L675: characters show twice and keyboard delay while typing


Try a BIOS update.
I read here in the forum that this solved the keyboard issue similar to yours.


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I've used W8.1 for sometime and this morning I was surprised to find that typing any character in many programs (for example Live Mail or Chrome) produces a floating menu of alternate chinese characters and won't allow me to have Western original typed on the keyboard. I tried one Registry fix for WLM but it didn't work as a value changed to 0 reset itself everytime to 1.
Any ideas where to look to fix this? It's actually impossible to use the effected laptop as data entry of any kind is now effectively defeated.

Answer:Typing any character now produces floating menu of chinese characters

Solved......I went to Control Panel > Languages and saw Chinese had appeared after my default English. No idea why, it just had. So I highlighted and pressed the option to Remove.

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I recently got a new work PC and I've noticed a problem with the way Japanese fonts are rendering in web browsers. I've tried it in Chrome, Edge and Firefox and they all look the same.

This is how they look on my windows 10 machine:

And this is how they look on Windows 7

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Question: Wrong Characters

Hi Lenovo Community, An issue is driving me crazy with T440S,Physical Keys Shows Chracter wrote on it While it types another ChractersThey should be the same as wrote on physical one Example ....Plus and Question mark keys writes    - and _While some are right like $ and 4  % and 5 Language US English Need help pls, i am working on some important report and didnt think thinkpad first experience would go like that Thanks, 


Go to Solution.

Answer:Wrong Characters

Hi: You say "Language US English". Is that the language assigned in windows, the language of the keyboard or both? It is possible that you have a bad keyboard.

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My keyboard now displays @ when I press shift/double quotes and the opposite when I press shift/at sign.

Where do I go to check what keyboard options have been set up during the upgrade.



Answer:Wrong characters with keyboard

daniellouwrens said:


My keyboard now displays @ when I press shift/double quotes and the opposite when I press shift/at sign.

Where do I go to check what keyboard options have been set up during the upgrade.



No problem, I have found it.

Click on the Language bar and the options of Language and keyboard come up, they had been changed.



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Hello,bb Something happened to my Thinkpad Edge this morning.  Keys - especially the e now show up as p.  The sign from the F4 button pops up odd times on the screen  - I don't even know what it is.  Also the little camera icon from the F5 button shows up on the screen, then the sound icon will pop up.  Then the keys will change again.  I CAN'T GPT ANYTHING \;DONP!!! Thanks!

Answer:Wrong characters from some keys

Hello Lup,

Justin Kirton

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I recently reinstalled Windows XP after reformatting my HDD [new mobo, etc.], I kinda rushed the installation. I left the language and regional settings as English (US) [I'm English (UK)], I've went into Language and Regional Settings in Control Panel and made the amendments for both drop-down boxes, restarted my PC, and checked the settings again. They seem OK ["English (United Kingdom)" and "United Kingdom"] in Control Panel, but it's still treating the keyboard as English-US. I get @ for " and vice versa... Any ideas on this? [Any other info needed to help explain?]

Googling it keeps returning answers saying adjust "Regional and Language Options", which I have. Any ideas or directions appreciated.

Answer:Wrong characters for keypresses

Did you install the special drivers for the motherboard, bios and others that come on a separate disk? If not then go to either the manufacturers web site or the motherboards web site and download them and run them and after they are installed reboot the computer.

If this does not work try this:

You might have to remove the hard drive from this computer and install it in another computer as a slave drive and after it is able to be accessed by Windows on that computer you will have to manually backup all of your important data that you have to another media like CD-R's, DVD or Thumb drive. Then when this is done return it to the original computer as a master drive on the primary IDE cable and do the following:

REGISTRY WARNING: The details that follow require an above-average understanding of the technical topics involved. If you do not understand the Registry material presented here, either find a technically-knowledgeable friend or do not attempt to repair your system Registry yourself. Improper changes in the System Registry can render all data on your hard disk inaccessible.

I hope you have the Windows software for this machine. Please give this a try and print it out for reference

How to perform a repair installation of Windows XP if Internet Explorer 7 is installed

How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install =

Here is a link to a registry backup program ... Read more

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