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silicon image sil3114 sata raid controller digitaly signed driver

Question: silicon image sil3114 sata raid controller digitaly signed driver

I have a problem with a RAID device. vista wont update it from the internet automatically so i used the my motehrboard cd to install it off. everything went ok and it installed well. the only problem was that when vista booted back up the driver wasnt digitally signed so vista wouldnt boot up into windows. i had to take out the hardrive and put it in as a slave and delete the files through xp. does anyone know where i can get this driver from that has been digitally signed?

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Preferred Solution: silicon image sil3114 sata raid controller digitaly signed driver

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: silicon image sil3114 sata raid controller digitaly signed driver

Originally Posted by UKMach

I have a problem with a RAID device. vista wont update it from the internet automatically so i used the my motehrboard cd to install it off. everything went ok and it installed well. the only problem was that when vista booted back up the driver wasnt digitally signed so vista wouldnt boot up into windows. i had to take out the hardrive and put it in as a slave and delete the files through xp. does anyone know where i can get this driver from that has been digitally signed?

This it?s the good driver > < only you need install and then vista x64 uptade whit the new version.


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This my first post here so take it easy on me please
Here is a little of what my problem is so I hope you guys can help me

Last week my PC crashed and took out two Sata drives for some reason, after restarting I found both drives were missing, I have never had this before.

I finally bought a USB gadget and managed to use that to confirm that they were in fact working ok so at least I didn't lose any data.

After a few days of pulling my hair out I gave up and bought a cheap Silicon Image SiI 3112 SATA Raid Controller from Maplins (UK), installed it but now the device manager has a ! next to it.

I have to admit I'm not too sure what to do next, I did try to install 3rd party drivers through the XP CD setup but failed miserably.

Now I can't get the two Sata Raid/Sata Raid 2 sockets on the Mobo to do anything.

Does anyone know why I lost the two drives after the PC crash and how to get them back please or how to get the new controller card to be seen so I can use that instead of the onboard messed up Sata sockets:cry

Is this controller card any good, are they all the same, if I bought another one would it just install in XP?

Asus A8V Mobo
Silicon Image SiI 3112 SATA Raid Controller
thanks very much

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Cheers Folks

I suffered heavy lost of data creating a mirroring (!) RAID-1 on two different Silicon Image SiI3112-SATA/150-RAID-PCI-Controllers using a pair of Hitachis 7K250 harddrives (250GB, SATA/150, 7200rpm, 8MB Cache).

The BIOS detects both HDDs without problems, Windows XP Pro can be installed completely without problems but if i copy bigger files (>xxMB) from other drives or via LAN, the files are sometimes damaged.

-> 4 seperately copied WinXP SP2-Files from CD or vianetwork to any partition within the RAID-1 using the cmd "xcopy /v".

-> 2 damaged files while trying to extract the files anywhere i could.

I can run Prime95 24h+ without problems.
Both harddrives are "OK, return code 0x00", tested with the latest version of Hitachis Drive Fitness Test.

Here is the complete config:

AMD Athlon XP 2000+ with Swiftech MCX-462-V
EPoX EP-8KHA+ (VIA KT266A-Chipset)
3x 512MB Kingston HyperX, DDR3200
two different SATA/150-Controllers with different BIOS-Rev's (but even the latest one from Silicon Image won't work)

I recognized a tiny difference on the HDD firmware-revisions ... could it be that simple and that strange

Oh please, make it ending ... I spent maybe 50 hours or so on copying files, rebuilding RAIDs and installing Windows XP...

Bye bye and nice to read you, with nice greets to the www,
Kai Schwab aka "WaxMo"

Answer:Silicon Image SATA/150-RAID-Controller + 2x Hitachi 7K250 250GB = Data Corruption?

Which Via Hyperion drivers are you using ? Do you have a creative soundcard installed ?

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I have 3 hard disks 1 connected with a dvd drive to the motherboard and 2 more connected to the IDE controller card. Had a few problems with it today which my friend seemed to have sorted , however now everytime i boot a press f3 to enter raid configuration utility comes up. I've gone into it and it shows;

Drive No. 0 Hitachi...
Drive No. 1 ST.....

Set :1 (0) Hitachi... (PM)
Set :2 (1) ST.... (PS)

My os is not on either of these drives but i think its trying to boot from them first for some reason. Can anyone shed any light on this for me please.

Answer:Silicon Image SiI 0680 ATA-133Medley Raid Controller

You need to make sure your boot drive is set correctly in the bios and that the RAID controller is disabled or set to IDE, if you boot from an IDE hard drive

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I have an issue with the silicon image controller card and or the hard drive. I am using that card the 3112a model and a W.D 36gb SATA raptor. My issue is that when loading the o/s it takes about 5min for it to do anything. It is like it is freezing for around 5-8 min, doing nothing at all, and then all of a sudden it works. The drive is recognized everything works except for when booting up, and it was the same for installing the o/s. Also, I have 2 different o/s's on two different drives and it does it no matter if im booting of the o/s that is on the sata drive or not. I belive it is the controller card, and yes i have the most updated drivers available on the website and have even upgraded the bios of the controller card and it still remains the same.


Ive also had problems with the controller card recognizing the drive and have tried every port on the card: 2 internal that do not recognize the drive and 1 external that odly does recognize the drive. I had to run the sata cable through an empty pci slot to the back of the controller. This is the only way it recognizes the drive. I am wondering if there is some jumper on the actual card that needs to be set to make it internal only. This problem is very annoying to say the least. Any help would be appreciated

Answer:Silicon Image Controller Problem (SATA)

o/s is xp pro sp1 : mb is asus p4533-c 1gb rdram fx5900 128mb graphics card it doesnt matter if i do a clean install or not it hangs up everytime ive tried two different towers

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I installed a Silicon Image SA3114-4R four-port SATA RAID card (PCI) on a P4M800-M7 mobo to add additional disk drives for data only. (I just need RAID0)

The case has a 6-slot backplane installed.

Slot number one is connected to one of the mobo's SATA connections, and the other mobo SATA connection is hooked to an internal HD that has the operating system on it. (XP Pro SP2)

I have three additonal SATA drives. The drive in slot one (hooked to the mobo) works fine. The drives in slots hooked to the SI card can be seen in Windows as healthy, onlline, basic, with correct sizes (465.75 GB) and drive letters.

However, when I try to format them, Windows returns a "The Format Could Not Complete Successfully" I can either do a quick format, and see the message right away, or a full format, and get to wait a couple hours before I get to see the message....I've tried it repeatedly.

I can swap drives between slots, and whichever drive is on slot one (hooked to the mobo) works fine and registers as being formatted NTFS.

Device Manager lists the SI 3114 as being correctly installed and working properly.

Also, when I boot up, I see both drives (with correct sizes) listed, then the message 'No valid device available' (something like that). It gives the option of pushing hotkeys to get into the RAID utility. When did that, it shows the drives as physical drives, but no logical drives. I tried creating a RAID set, and the BIOS util... Read more

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Hello, I have Windows 10 (64 bit) and all the latest Windows + Lenovo updates. The SSD's are Samsung 850 EVO (system) and Samsung 840 EVO (data). Since a few weeks ago, I started seeing a pop-up message, whenever I boot the computer. It says that "A digitaly signed driver is required". Also, the Samsung Magician software reports, that AHCI Mode is deactivated and SATA Interface is N/A. Does that mean that my system is not running on full performance? And is there are solution for these issues? Thank you! 

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I downloaded the new driver from the Windows Update page, Silicon Image for the SATA-Raid motherboard I have. It failed, and now I cannot take it out.

When I start up now, I get a message that Windows is installing it and then it says it failed. When I try to uninstall it, it won't come out and when I go to the update site, it downloads but does not install. I tried to reinstall it from the disk that comes with the SATA Raid, but it will not install from their either. It says there is an "error".

What can I do?


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Hello Everyone,

Well my 8 yr. old daughter's been crying for a Win7 computer for weeks now, and so I've put together a computer that I figured should work well enough for her, but I can't seem to get past the first steps of the install!

The mobo's kinda old, and not the greatest; the builtin SATA only works for Raid, so I put in a PCI sata card with the SIL3114 chipset. The computer now sees the 64GB SSD Patriot HD I'm trying to use for her C drive (The SSD is a leftover from a different project... I thought it'd lend some additional performance to help make up for the 1.2 ghz cpu). When I get into Windows setup, though, Win7 does not recognize the drive, and none of the drivers that came with the PCI card seem to work.

I suppose I should have double checked before buying the SATA PCI card to find one that has native Win7 drivers, but I thought the stone age days of needing SATA drivers were over, guess I was wrong!

Anybody have any ideas to help get this install back on track?

Thanks in advance, your help is appreciated!

Answer:Can't install on SSD via SIL3114 SATA Controller

Hmmm, I just found this other thread, could my problem be because my CD/DVD is on a secondary IDE controller while my SSD is on the SATA?

Win7 won't accept F6 RAID drivers at Install

I know that his issue is mostly different, yet the final post with his resolution sounds familiar...

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I heard there are multiple ways to use this controller and id like to be able to use the sata ports like any other sata ports. I plug in a drive and itll show in windows, nothing with RAID or JBOD at all.

Every guide ive found describes how to format drives into raid arrays. I dont want that.

Answer:Sil3114 sata controller usage?

That's what JBOD is - independent hard drives.

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Does anyone know where I might find the 64 bit ".inf" drivers for Windows 7 64 bit?

Answer:Silcon Image 3114 Sata Raid Controller

Quote: Originally Posted by Silver0066

Does anyone know where I might find the 64 bit ".inf" drivers for Windows 7 64 bit?

Hi and welcome

Start here Silicon Image - Support

The driver is there

Ken J++

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I have installed Windows Vista 64bit home premium edition to my pc, my pc has an ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard and has an onboard 3114R Raid controller, I have managed to install Vista using the Sil 3114R5 driver, but this is not does not work correctly, I get the following message everytime I boot up:cannot verify the digital signature for this file Sil3114r5.sysThe only way I can boot up with Vista is to press F8 and disable digital verification, I feel this is due to the wrong driver being in use, can anyone please advise which driver I should be using ?

Answer:Vista Sil3114 RAID driver help !!

This just means that windows has not verified that the driver is vista compatible, as you did, just disable the driver signing verification, but if you install any other devices re-enable it again...

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I need additional IDE support and decided to go the add-on route with a generic card with Silicon Image chip. All I want is to be able to switch a Zip drive to the card so I can add a backup hard drive to mainboard. I am not wanting RAID option, just manual backup of system. I have an

ECS K7S5A mainboard
1333 AMD CPU
512 PC133 RAM
ATI 7000 Video card
Samsung SV4002H (40.06 GB) HD
External Sport-Modem

I installed the card and then the drivers for non-RAID setup, shut the system down, connected the Zip drive and re-powered. The SI BIOS recognizes the Zip drive, but Win2000 will not start the card. System check shows the infamous yellow "!". I have also tried the Samsung on the card and tried to bootup using SCSI boot option (necessary for an IDE card bootup configuration). Different jumper settings were tried, but only Cable Select for Samsung and Zip will work when used as individual drive connections. Only individual drives were connected to card at any one time. SI help here is minimal, since they did not make the card. Jumpers on card are hard-wired.

System will not boot past the blue screen with Mandrake Linux option boot. Am I missing something on installation of card or drives?

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Anyhow, I have a 5 disk raid (raid 5) array and am using an eSATA II ExpressCard Raid (SIIG S6C1619X0063 SC-SAE612-S1).

Software: SataRaid5 (Array Manager) v ? Running under XP Version 5.1 Using Java 1.5.0_06

Yesterday when I got into the office Drive ID 3 came up as Orphaned and my data is inaccessible. (all other drives report green and good) ? The Rebuild Raid is grayed out ? not clickable

When I remove the orphaned drive and hot-swap in the spare (backup drive I have in the event I had a drive go bad) ? it recognizes the drive and shows available but the option to rebuild the raid is still grayed out.

Does anyone have any idea as to what I can do? Or am I just totally hosed and going to have to deal with the 1.6 TB of data being lost?

Alot of this data is simply not backed up - it was the purpose of the RAID - I need to recover some of this data?


PS. Under the Device Group Summary - the orphaned drive shows as healthy... I don't want to "delete" the orphaned drive - but maybe I have to do this before the raid can be rebuilt?

PPS: here are the logs:

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I have a Silicon Image 3124 SATA RAID controller with two 1TB drives mirrored as my "M" drive. Right now, my entire "M" drive is missing from Windows Explorer. When I get into the SATARAID5 Utility, I can see both drives, one on Channel 2 and one on Channel 3. Channel 2 shows "931.51 GB Available". This text is inside the grey box and below it. Channel 3 is highlighted in pink and shows 931.51 GB Mirrored inside the box, but underneath the box, it shows 0.0 MB Available. I don't know what this means. When I click on the RAID Group link, all that's not greyed-out is "Create RAID Group". These two disks were already a RAID Group, but I guess they aren't any more. If I follow through with the Create RAID Group command, will I lose all my data? Does the right, pink, drive with 0.0 MB Available mean this drive isn't functioning?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide with how I can get my mirrored drives online again.

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Hi people,
I have looked around this fine site and found a spot where I could get the latest drivers for my raid 0, unfortunately the link won't work. The old drivers are on it now and I do get data corruption and so forth, plus it's slower than normal. If anyone could point me in the right direction to get the upgraded drivers, I would be most appreciated. Thanks

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hey,every now and again i get this blue screen that freezes my pc, its blue and full of white writing. It happens when i am playing games and also when i am not. I was just wondering if it is to do with unsigned drivers. I ran DXDIAG which is the diagnostics program for DirextX and i ran all the tests. Under display i got this report back : the file nv4_disp.dll is not digitally signed which means that it is not tested by Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs.Can anyone help, do you know wjere i can get a digitaly signed driver, i have tried NVIDEA and got the latst driver but still nothing ??? thanks in advance. Craig

Answer:Digitaly Signed Drivers......

click hereget the latest signed driver fromclick here

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i need some help.
my silicon image SiL3112 ata contoller card is not working properly. the drivers are installed, but when i use the sata contoller management tool from the control panel. it is not listed. i had this working before, but i had to do some maintenance and unplugged the seagate 250gb sata hard drive. if anyone has any ideas please help.

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Asus 8N SLI Deluxe on Win XP
I have deleted and recreated a 2 sata disk Raid 0 array using the bios Silicon Image Raid. I would like to restore Windows XP to a working condition.
No hardware problem, and I believe that no data on the two drives has been lost or written to, just the raid setup has been changed.

Can anyone with similar experience advise the best route to getting Win XP back up and running?


More Background
1. I used Raid 0 because that was the way the pc builder set it up "for speed" and from experience I believe it is faster
2. After four or more years I became concerned that one of the hard drives would die - and not understanding RAID I considered moving to a single disk.
I backed up email, documents pics and bought a large new internal sata drive (750GB) and plugged it in. Then came the problem. I had nudged one of the two sata drives power out - and I spent the next 30 min trying to figure out what happened. In the process deleting the existing raid configuration (but I believe not the data). I finally realised power was out to one of Raid 0 drives, plugged it back in, unplugged 750GB drive and created raid 0 set.
I then unplugged two raid 0 drives and rebuilt Win XP on the 750GB.
3. Reading to date suggests that just the initial master boot record has been affected

Do I understand Raid 0?
Roughly. From what I have read I believe that only the MBR will have been affected by my actions - so thought possible to... Read more

Answer:Recovery of Silicon Image Raid 0 Array Config

IF the OS is intact, then the Raid drivers are there still. The Raid structure rebuild shouldn't have changed any software.

Have you just tried booting with the Raid 0 set in place as originally?

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Hi All,

I have an Intel D975XBX motherboard which has 4 SATA ports that are on an Intel controller and 4 SATA ports that are Silicon Image. For some reason when my computer was built they connected my drives to the Silicon Image ports in a RAID0 configuration using a softraid instead of the intel hardware option. I would like to switch the drives to the Intel controller (the data transfer rate of the intel is 3 GB/s vs the silicon image which is 1.5 GB/s).

Can I do this without re-installing the OS?

Can I take a backup of my drive now, make the switch, setup the RAID0 partions (which wipes the drives), and then recover the backup?

Any advise is appreciated!



Answer:Switching RAID from Silicon Image to Intel on a D975XBX

You can do all of that with Norton Ghost. The only real problems I forsee are:

What are you going to store the backup image on? You can't store the image on a partition you're going to delete and then recover the image and you can't store the image on the same partition you're backingup.

You'll need to install the Intel RAID driver in your OS before you create the backup or when you do change disk controller cards and use the backup image to reinstall everything your computer will not boot.

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I was recently given a Silicon Image SiI3114 PCI to 4-port SATA150 card, and to say the instructions are confusing is an understatement. If I'm reading them correctly, I need to install the drivers, plus flash the card's BIOS and probably obtain an updated BIOS for my motherboard. Has anyone installed one of these, and if so can you point me in the right direction?

Answer:Silicon Image SATA card

Were you given a disk with it? If so, install the drivers from it. If not, you should be able to download them from the maker's site.

Then all you should have to do is power down AND UNPLUG the computer from the wall. Remove the side panel then immediately touch bare metal of the case to discharge any static in your body. Do this often as you squirming in your clothes creates static.

Remove one of the expansion slot covers and carefully, but firmly insert the card and secure it with the screw. Do not connect anything to the USB ports now. Power up and Windows should yell at you that it found new hardware and should install the drivers and be good to go.

Note - when the case is open, inspect to ensure it is clean of heat trapping dust.

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I cant find these anywhere, I need the latest versions of them, can you help me out!

Please :D


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OS: XP Pro_SP3

I've got two eSATA drives. They're almost new.

If the drives are turned on when you power up the
pc box you'll see the card BIOS bootup before the
mobo boots from its own BIOS chip.

With these cards you have various RAID options.
I wanted each drive to function independently so
I selected the "concatenation" option in the card
BIOS. This effectively seperates the two external

(If you want to know, use Google to get the various
definitions of "concatenation.")

XP is having serious problems with these drives. They
are listed normally under the card BIOS and the mobo BIOS.
I've plugged them into them into three other PCs that
can handle eSATA drives. Both drives are working fine.

With each reboot, you never know if one or both drives
will be recognized by XP. When XP decides to "see"
these drives they are shown as healthy in My Computer
and Disk Management.

A couple of seconds after attempting any basic command
like copying the drives vanish from XP. A system tray
error message appears about hardware failure. Believe
me, I wish the damn hardware was failing, but its not.

I updated the card drivers and flashed the card and mobo
BIOS. Silicon Image provides a management utility for
the card. I've seen dozens of these kind of apps. All
they do is show you what Windows is already managing.
I installed it anyway, hoping it might perform a miracle
and resolve these problems. The management app is
li... Read more

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If you select Custom from the Windows or Microsoft Update homepage and you have Silicon Image SATALink Controllers installed in your machine, you will be presented with the option of obtaining and installing an updated Windows driver for said controller. DO NOT select to install it, and check the "Don't show this update again" box.

If you press on the "Details..." link, you will be given only the driver's release date and nothing else:



When installing or upgrading drivers and BIOS, be sure to always use the same type of driver and BIOS.

When selecting a driver for upgrade or installation, pick the latest released driver for your Silicon Image controller part number. Install the driver that is the same type as the BIOS you have installed for your controller.

A Silicon Image storage controller driver that is fully installed but not working is usually caused by an incompatibility between the BIOS installed for the controller and the driver. Installing a type of driver that differs from the installed BIOS type will not work. Problems with matching driver and BIOS types sometime occur because the drivers require a later release of BIOS to function correctly.

If you need to update your Silicon Image ... Read more

Answer:CAUTION: Do not use Windows Update for your Silicon Image SATA drivers

Hello Sakis:

nice work ! & great info

thanks for sharing

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At the moment my system is set up with a bootable 3 disk SATA RAID 5 array via the SIL3114 ports. I am trying to:

FIRSTLY add a new SATA hard disk to the Nforce4 SATA ports as a non-raid drive which I want to make the system's BOOT disk and make the existing RAID 5 array non-bootable.

SECONDLY add 2 new SATA drives in a RAID1 array via the NFORCE4 chip.
I have added the non-raid HD to the nforce4 sata ports and set the appropriate BIOS RAID setting for the single HD to disabled. This has enabled me to migrate boot files etc onto the new disk. I cannot however get the system to boot from this new non-RAID hard disk as it does not appear under the BIOS Hard disk boot setting - instead it boots with the Sil31114 SATA RAID 5 array. The only way to get the new hard disk onto the Hard disk boot list in the BIOS is to disable the BIOS IDE/SATA RAID setting completely. If I do this however it will not allow me to add a further RAID1 array to the nVRAID controller.


Thanks very much

Hardware: k8nxp-sli with nf4 and SIL 3114 controllers, 6600GT graphics, XP mce 2005

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Hey Guys,

I've got two 500 GB HDs in RAID 0 configuration which have been working perfectly. They contain all my music, movies and personal docs which I've collected over the years.

I have only just made this configuration as I was trying to speed my PC up. I'd recently cloned my C: onto a 7200 rpm HD and while I was doing this I joined the spare HD that resulted to another one I had in the machine in RAID 0 and after a lengthy process of copying files back and forward from laptop drives etc I now had a perfecty working PC with a faster c: drive and faster storage area for my non-windows files (d: in RAID 0 - 930 GB).

Then, last night I get a windows update for a SATA controller. I install it thinking nothing of it, rebooted the pc and now my RAID drive is not recognised. It doesn't show up in My Computer or in Computer Management. I hoped this was just a driver issue. So I went into device manager and looked at all the SATA controller driver properties and there was only one (RAID controller) with the option to roll back - so I rolled this driver back and it made no difference. My RAID drive is not registering with windows.

When I boot the computer, after BIOS is finished doing its thing I get a RAID utility come up and it says my RAID configuration is healthy so I'm guessing (and praying!!!!) that it's just a driver issue and that it can be resolved without me loosing a whole heap of important (important to me) files.

Is there anyone out t... Read more

Answer:Solved: SATA controller/RAID controller update serious issue


Went into Control Panel, Device Manager, Storage controllers and uninstalled all the entries in there, rebooted and windows reinstalled them all. Now back to my perfect little setup!


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I had an adaptec 1210SA SATA RAid controller with two 160 Gb. drive mounted in RAID 0. I bought a new controller (Adaptec 2410SA) and I disconnected my two 160 Gb. drive to connect on my new controller. But now it doesn't see my RAID 0. So, I reinstalled my old 1210SA and reconnect my two drive but now it only see a JBOD and windows can't access my drives. I see that I can create a RAID 0 without initialize the two hard drives in the controller BIOS utility, but I'm not sure I could recreate the RAID 0 without loosingall my data (and damn me I should check out before doing the upgrade but I wish it's not too late). Could someone give me a hint how to recover my data? (And sorry for my english I from Montréal, Québec and I speak french). Tank you.

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Perhaps not a question for sevenforums, but I'd figure you guys would either have the answer, or be able to direct me to the answer. I purchased a Silicon SiI3512 SATA Raid Controller purely to have 2 extra SATA ports which I am using to connect to my case's external drive bays. I have flashed the bios of the controller and updated the driver to put it in "Base" mode so it is not using RAID. I did extensive research on this and it appears that I have this part right. For now, I am trying to connect a WD1600BEVT 2.5" SATA-II hard drive to one of these ports and am having some difficulty. I can see the drive, but when I try to format the drive in Windows, or a command prompt (using the windows recovery DVD) it hangs. I am wondering if this is a compatibility issue with a SATA-II drive on a SATA-I controller, however, most of the forums I have read state that if there is a compatibility issue, the controller won't even recognize the drive. I searched around to see if there was a way to force the HDD to SATA(150), but the jumpers on this drive are for SSC and RPS. Is there a way to fix this or do I need a drive that is capable of forcing SATA-I speeds? Perhaps even a controller capable of at least SATA-II since that is the minimum of all new HDDs?

Answer:SATA-II Drive on SATA Raid Controller?

SATA II drives are typically not backwards compatible with SATA I ports, especially on add-in cards UNLESS they have what is called "autospeed negotiation". This determines the max speed of the drive and tells it to compensate if it's too high (use SATA 1 vs 2). Unless there is a jumper on your drive, which it doesn't sound like there is, then the add-in card does not have autospeed negotiation. This is taken from Problems encountered installing SATA 3.0 Gb/s hard drives on SATA 1.5 Gb/s controllers.

I suggest finding an addin card that supports SATA II like this card: - Rosewill RC-211 Silicon Image 2 port SATA II PCI Express Host Controller Card&#40;RAID 0&#47;1&#47;JBOD&#41;

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hi guys, didnt find any new posting about this, I just found out one of my mirror drive is damage and my controller is running in degraded mode. question is how to replace faulty HDD without losing data, this is no software that comes with the machine that allows me to do that like the servers do. When i go to BIOS, everything says it will destroy all data and I wasnt sure it means destroy ALL or just the broken raid drive?Anyone tried?

Answer:A85 SATA Raid Controller

Yes, it will destroy the data. Most HDD manufacturers have programs that will mirror drives for you. If you have a Western Digital HDD, download the Acronis True Image software from HERE.

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I found the drivers but it said I didnt have a device in my computer..

please help..

Name: Silicon Image SiI 3112 SATARaid Controller
Device ID: PCI\VEN_1095&DEV_3112&SUBSYS_61121095&REV_02\4&3B1D9AB8&0&5840
Driver: C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\SI3112r.sys, 1.00.0000.0028 (English), 2/24/2003 14:21:12, 85265 bytes
Driver: C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\SiWinAcc.sys, 1.00.0000.0004 (English), 2/12/2003 14:37:48, 9600 bytes
I found that, so I thought I should update now it says i dont have a device on my computer, it's causing freezing in a few games and I need to fix it

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My pc needed formatting so i decided to format it, i had to install the SATA drivers so i did so, but after i formatted the partition, it asked for them again, and this was the time my floppy decided not to work, so i'm stuck on a screen that says please enter driver diskette

ALi sata ata raid controller driver

but i can't find them anywhere, hopefully you guys can help, i'm running windows XP pro

Answer:SATA RAID Controller

youll find em on the mobo manufacturer site , integrate em with nlite

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Installed a new M4 ssd today and loaded windows on it. Previously i was using 2 raptors in raid 0 for the os and programs. I re raided the 2 raptors and connected them to the jmicron ports and set them up for raid in bios, then created the raid 0 array no prob. Windows doesnt see the array when loaded up and i have the latest rst drivers installed..did this prior to the os install on the ssd. did i do something wrong? using the x58 e760a1 mobo. under device manager, the raid controller has an exclamation mark and no driver installed yet i have the latest rst installed..

Answer:Win 7 raid 0 setup / missing raid controller driver

Try loading the JMicron drivers from the motherboard manufacturer. RST is for Intel chipsets.

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I'm looking at the reviews of sata raid controllers, and they seem to stop at SATA 150. I can't find reviews on the new SATAII raid controllers. So far the best SATA 150 raid controller seems to be the Promise FastTrak TX4. Promise makes a new version of this controller for SATAII, but I can't find a review on it. Since your bus speed is 33/66 anyways, I am thinking a SATAII Raid will only choke the bus, causing performance issues, which may result in slower operation than the SATA 150 Raid.

Also, how would performance of a single SATAII drive, compare to a 4 disk SATA150 Raid?

This setup is going into a strictly gaming maching, which is a Dell 8300, P4 3.2gig, HT, 800FSB, 2 gig ram.


Answer:Need Good Sata Raid Controller.

All the results I've seen show SATAII and SATA150 being basically the same.

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Hello. I just bought Seagate SATA 250gb. Conntected it to the computer, installed via hyperion pro latest version 5.20a but now my hdd is recognised as VIA RAID CONTROLLER not as hdd. How can I fix this problem?

Here is a picture

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I have two different controller cards, from two different systems. Both are PCI. One a SYBA brand, the other an I/OCrest brand. If that matters at all.

Can you mix them? As put them both in one board, or does it need to have the same chipset?

Just wondering. I don't think I'll have to do so, but who knows.

Answer:SATA RAID Controller Cards

I'm really only guessing but you should be able to use them both. My present mobo has 3 different SATA controllers built-in.

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I have a Thinkcentre M58 7360-AEG computer that I am trying to load using RIS, and I have run into all sorts of problems accessing the disk during this process. I would like to know if anyone knows, or know where i can find info abt which Intel SATA AHCI / RAID controller that is on my mainboard. I have no documentation here that says anything about this, and I have found some info on the internet about how to proceed, but I have no idea whether the Sata disk I have is connected to a Intel ICH5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / or other port, as it only says "Sata 1" and "Sata2" on the mainboard. Would appreciate if anyone can shed a  little light on this.

Answer:SATA AHCI / RAID controller?

Hello,      I have successfully created a master image for M57 running Windows XP and Raid 1 setup with 2 SATA HDDs      (Using this image i have prepared more than 50 computer)       The following steps were followed for a local installation.       Download the Raid drivers to be installed from a floppy (look for matrix storage drivers)        Extract the files to a floppy disk.        Enter BIOS and do the following      Devices -> IDE drives Setup -> SATA RAID Enable [Enabled]        When starting XP Installation press F6 and later on select the floppy driver for installation.       There might be few options that you need to select, make sure you select RAID Driver for Desktop/Workstation.       This will ensure the driver has been installed with the OS         If the RAID Option in bios is selected then the HDD will only be detected by the OS installation program if the drivers are installed.        If the HDD is dected continue with the installation and install Intel Matrix storage driver after the installation of OS and Chipset drivers.       Creating RAID is a bree... Read more

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I have an MSI K8T Neo2 MS-6702E motherboard with a VIA VT8237 SATA RAID controller. It would be really helpful to know whether or not this controller is supported under Windows 7 x64. If it is, where can I find the driver for it? I have a hard drive and a DVD burner. The DVD drive works if I coax it, but I can't burn. The hard drive refuses to show up at all and is currently being removed and placed in an external USB case.

EDIT: I'm an idiot and just realized there is a separate forum for drivers. Could a mod move this post for me?

Answer:SATA RAID controller problems

Yes, the VIA VT8237 SATA RAID controller is supported. I used one on a Asus A8V Deluxe and used with a western digital caviler black 640 GB hard drive and put windows 7 on that hard drive. Also this is only a SATA 1 port not a Sata II so you need a jumper placed on your hard drive to tell it to run at Sata 1 speed if it is a Sata II hard drive. I moved the hard drive to the promise raid controler since then. I now have a blu ray burner installed on the via raid controler. Just make sure the bios settings are set up for non raid.

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Hello all,

I'm running Vista x64
with 4GB DDR3
2 Vill-Raptor 300GBs in Raid 0 on another controller for OS

and I have 3 700GB Maxtor's in Raid 5 on Sil3114r controller on my ASUS A8N-SLI mobo.

images of the problem:

images are also attached below at bottom of post.

I accidentally powered down my computer and one of the drives was orphaned. i deleted the orgran and tried to create a dedicated spare and it would not let me. Also, the options in SATARaid5 Manager to rebuild the array are dimmed.

It will let me create a global spare on the drive but this does nothing. Do i need to take this drive out format it, and put it back in? it is saying that the drive is healthy but i think there was a corruption of writing data onto this disk. This has happened before and it let me create a dedicated spare...

Sil3114R card will not bring one of my hard drives back online in a raid5 configuration. One of the hard drives was improperly shut down. but how can i use the sataraid5 manager windows device to bring it back online? It says all 3 drives are health. 2 of the drives are in the parity raid but it will not let me create a dedicated spare on the third drive so it can rebuild the raid array. When i try to create the dedicated spare to raid group 0 it gives me this error: "The Requested Operation Failed: Invalid Raid Group number"

Answer:Raid 5 Sil3114 Help Rebuilding Array, pictures included

Is it because sata5 does not know the starting LBN? Do I delete the raid group and then recreate it? will this cause data loss?

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Hey guys I just bought and I was wondering how I get it to Legacy or Native Mode instead of RAID mode.

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Hi All

We bought a Satellite P850 with Windows 7 Home Premium on it. Because we are a business we wanted to install Professional on it. This seemed to work the first time attempted but now although BIOS can see the Hard Disk, the windows install can not find a driver for the disk controller whether I use any of the following - Windows 7 Pro OEM disk, Windows 7 Volume Licence Upgrade disk, Windows 7 Home Premium disk - and trying to extract the driver out of the Windows Chipset driver doesnt yield any joy either.

Can anyone let me know any of the following:
What the Chipset on the device is?
Which disk controller is required?
If I can find either of these I can get the driver direct from intel
If they have found a driver to work with the controller and if so where I can get a copy?

Answer:SATA Raid Controller for Satellite P850

Before we start discussion about drivers please post exact model name and model number. Toshiba offers several different P850.
By the way: on Toshiba download page you can find all necessary drivers, tools and utilities for supported operating system.

Have you checked it already?

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in my lenovo H50-50 (windows10 64bit) i installed a new ams106x sata/raid PCI-Express controller and correctly configured as raid1 but i can not any way to make it detected by the bios in the boot device. Is there a way to make it detected by the bios and boot the system from the controller Raid? many thanks.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

Answer:H50-50 - controller sata/raid non detected in bios

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
I am not an owner of your model, but I have a suggestion.  Is there an option in the BIOS for Quick Boot or Fast Boot.   If so, try disabling if enabled.  The slower boot sequence might detect the card so that its BIOS can be loaded. 

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Hi folks, my MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum is GONE :dead:, and I had 5 disks on it:

Disk 1: No RAID - OS - WinXP installed
Disk 2+3: RAID.0 on Nforce4 Ultra MCP controller (onboard)
Disk 4+5: RAID.0 on Sillicon Image Sil3114 controller (onboard)

Questions are:

1- Anyone knows if ANY CURRENT Nforce/Nvidia motherboards model is RETRO COMPATIBLE with the legacy NFORCE4 controllers (with AMD Phenom CPU)?

-> In case not, any solution to access the RAID from the NForce4?

2- Since I think no new motherboards have Sillicon RAID controllers (now have AMD/NVIDIA only), anyone knows any PCI controller to attach to the new motherboard COMPATIBLE with the Sil3114? (I read that the new Sillicon controllers are generally compatible with the old ones), so I can access the Disk 4+5.

(I'm planning to migrate to AMD Phenom II X3 710 at the same time)

Thank you!


Answer:Moving RAID.0 arrays to new motherboard - from Nforce4 Ultra + Sil3114

You might try buying another MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum. Yeah, I know they're old but I did a quick check on Ebay and a few were listed. They all seem to be used but it could solve your problem.

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Hi, I've got 2 HDs total of 260GB as RAID 0 for C drive. (SATA)

Last night, my motherboard went crazy and I realised that it requires a replacement. I didn't get any deadly blue screen or anything but it just restarted while i was running WOW. I tried to restart and my screen doesn't display anything, just beep sounds during POST (5 times in consecutive)... and discovered that its time to replace the board (ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe)

My harddrives are, as aforementioned, RAID 0 configured with onboard Sil3114CT176 raid controller. If I change the mother board with something different, the raid won't be recognised, i heard (unless the new raid controller is the exactly same with my previous one).

Question1. Is there anyway (let alone the screen display problem) to backup the data in C drive? I mean by all possible means...

If it was a single disk then, I would have just take the hard drive out and the problem is solved... but I am scared if I change the motherboard or use different RAID controller, it would destory the array and therefore lose all the data...

Question2. If I purchase a PCI raid controller (Sil3114, not onboard crap) and install it on the new mobo, will it recognise my raid array?

Question3. Will Sil3112 instead of sil3114, recognise my raid array?

I thank you for any help in advance. Cheers!

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HAve the above card and its reporting a Bios version of 5.0.39. I have bought a ITB Samsung drive. The drive works in another computer but not the one with this card. I'm guessing that this version of BIOS which is old does not recognise discs of this size. I've downloaded the flashtool "siflashtool" and the latest bios "5403" but when it runs I just get confirmation of the card being there, it does not upgrade the bios.

Any ideas?

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When I installed a TF III GTX 570 video card I lost my PCIE-X1 slot and 1 SATA port on the Inspiron 530 Foxconn G33-M03 MOBO I am still running. Now aside from the fact that I need to upgrade the MOBO...

I added a Rosewill RC-209-EX PCI-SATA adapter (SiL3114) to gain back 4 SATA ports.

The card is working fine. It is slow compared to the MOBO SATA ports but I expected that. I have a Seagate 500GB HDD and an Optiarc DVD R/W drive attached to it.

BUT..... I can not boot from either device. They do not appear in the boot options....

Based on my reading I got the "NON-RAID" (IDE/ATA emulation) BIOS from Silicon Image and flashed the card's BIOS since I will not be using it for RAID. It is just for more SATA ports.

Should I be able to "see" the PCI-SATA card and its attached devices in the 530's BIOS Setup Screen? Is it a limitation of my Dell neutered BIOS?

The RC-209-EX documentation specifically states it "supports" CD/DVD drives.

There is plenty written about booting from a RAID array configured to the RC-209-EX but very little about booting from single device.

Any input would be appreciated. I have already tried several things but with no luck.

Answer:Cannot boot from devices on RC-209-EX (SiL3114) PCI-SATA Adapter

Well to answer my own question.

The RC-209-EX PCI-SATA controller requires a MOBO with a BIOS that supports booting from a SCSI Contoller. It would seem that the Dell Inspiron 530 FoxConn G33-M03 MPBO does not.

Now that that is settled I can just configure it for the additional storage which is what I really need anyway.

As a side note, Rosewill technical support said that not all OD devices will work with it even though the documenation states that the RC-209-EX "now supports DVD/CD drives". I can state that my Optiarc DVD/RW drive seems to work fine with it though I will move it back to a MOBO SATA port in case I do need to boot from it.

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I'm trying to put together a small server for my workplace. It has a Tyan mobo that we've put a 3Ware sata raid card on. I can get into the raid setup and configure the drives into a raid setup but when I try to install w2k it says that it can't find a hdd.


Answer:Install 2k3 server with sata raid controller card?

Copy the 3ware drivers onto a floppy.

When Win2k3 blue-screen setup loads, press F6. You'll see it at the bottom only for a second or two.

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I have a Asus p4p800-e deluxe. I'm currently using the ICH5R controller 2x80 GB Hitachi deskstars Raid 0 160GB. I have a 3rd SATA 80GB Samsung hard drive. All 3 hard drives have same specs, just different brands. I want to connect the 3rd drive to the promise fasttrak 378 controller as a single SATA drive (for data backup). When I connect the drive to SATA_RAID 1 connector and setup the bios the drive isn't seen. I've tried both connections on the promise controller. Any clue how to get the bios to recognize it? Also can I just move the Raid 0 Drives over to the other controller without losing any data? I disconnected the raid drives from the ICH5R controller and connected the single drive and the bios found it, but I don't want to lose my array by connecting it to the other controller if I can get it to work with single drive on the Promise controller. In the bios I only get IDE or Raid option for the promise controller.

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I have the MSI K8N Diamond Plus, which has 2 SATA controllers, the Nvidia (4 ports) and the Silicon Image 3132 (2 ports)

I have 2 Raptors in Raid 0 and 2 WD Caviar RE2 WD4000YR in Raid 0.

When I first built the system I couldn't get the Raptors to boot from the SI controller, but they booted fine from the Nvidia. I couldn't figure it out, so I said f'it, I'm ready to install XP and see how fast this puppy is. This was about 6 weeks ago.

Well this weekend I finally got around to adding some extra fans and another hardrive cage to separate the drives. Well I forgot to note which controller was using which drives when I unhooked them, so I guessed, but I guessed wrong, and hooked up the OS drives on the Silicon and the storage drives on the Nvidia.

Well it still wouldn't boot, even after I confiured the bios to boot from the SI controller.

Any ideas? I didn't hurt the array by hooking them up to a different controller did I? I did go to each of the controller's menu and each array detected fine.

The message I'm getting is "Error loading OS"

Answer:RAID array can't boot from SI 3132 SATA controller

anyone? anyone?

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Dear guys,

I am running into a very strange issue:
I was checking my setup the WIN7-Readyness-Software and received no issues. Installing WIN7 x86 fails with the statement, that the startup configuration cannot be changed.

I tried allmost everything and did not succeed - except when disabling RAID to normal disks. So, my assumption is, that there is an incompability with the driver.

(I also lowered security for C:, C:\boot, etc. to EVERYONE - no cure)
I formatted the disks completly - no cure.
I tried tu upgrade from XP, VISTA - still, no cure.

The strangest thing is: I hade the beta (WIN7) running, but had to re-install, due to a drive failiure and drive replacement (RAID0). Now I am running RAID1. (Yes, I also tried the whole thing with RAID0).

I am using the latest driver:


Apreciation and regards,

Answer:Intel RAID (ICH5) 82801ER SATA Controller

I am informed by the Microsoft windows 7 upgrade checker that Intel (who always claim that they have a good relationship with Microsoft) will not be providing a driver for the 83801EP (AMD all is forgiven).

I have been trying to source an alternative route eg IDE to SATA card or PCI to SATA card.

Has anyone solved this problem or even better is anyone from Intel vaguely interested in keeping customers happy.

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Hi all,

I have a Dell Dimension 8300 with a WD 200G SATA drive and I'm trying to format and install a fresh copy of Windows XP Pro SP2. I have made an image of the partition C: with Norton Ghost 8.0 before I went on with the formatting.

Problem: After the installation of Win XP, it is extremely slow. As I scroll through the screen (especially when using IE), I could see the screen try to refresh from the bottom to top).

I've installed the Intel Chipset Utility and the Display driver (nVidia 66.93) but it's no help. Before as I was installing Windows, I performed the F6 procedure and installed the Promise SATA Controller from Dell for my Dimension 8300. but it still not working.

After that, I followed the instruction from the Dell's website and tried to manually update the SATA Controller in Windows by going to Device Manager --> SCSI and RAID controller, except there was NO SCSI and RAID controller listed in there!

So I decided to load the original C: partition from the Ghost image to see what's there for the SCSI and RAID controller, it's merely using the A347SCSI SCSI Controller from Microsoft and it does not have the slowdown problem at all.

There must be something that I've missed when installing Windows. Why wouldn't it see the SCSI and RAID controller in Device Manager? I've tried to reinstalled Windows a few... Read more

Answer:Win XP extremely slow on SATA, SCSI / RAID controller disappeared

Have you asked dell abt this?

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Basically I need the drivers in order to load my operating system since at the moment it looks at my hard disk as unknown. I get the BootMGR is missing error so when I put my Windows 7 Disc in and go to repair it doesn't see which operating system is installed.

So any help will be highly appreciated. If you need more info just ask

Answer:Satellite L645D-S4025 - Need SATA RAID controller drivers


Have you already checked the Toshiba page? On this page you can download all drivers and tools for your notebook:

For this model with AMD chipset you can find the SATA driver in display driver package so you have to download the display driver. It contains the SATA and chipset driver too.

But I?m wondering why you have started this question because there are already many threads here in forum about this ;)

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So I have had a HighPoint 644 SATA III 6.0 GB host card in my system for some time now, and yes, it was a total pain to set up when I initially installed it. I recently picked up a new 3TB SATA III 6.0 GB drive (newegg had uhm on sale) and I had a spare HighPoint 620 SATA III Host / RAID Controller card laying around (and a spare PCI-E slot to boot) so I dropped the card in, mounted the drive, and wired it up, using a SATA III 6.0 GB cable, of course.

I then tried to boot it up - <insert /facepalm here> - yea, I got nothing.

Has anyone else successfully gotten a HighPoint 644 and a 620 to co-exist on the same board? (It'd be even more ideal if said board was a Gigabyte MA790FXT-UD5P.)

I've noticed that during boot up the system is seeing the newly installed card before the primary card, since the bootable disk is already on the primary card, the next step will be to switch the ports that the cards are installed in and see if that makes any difference. There's nothing in the board docs about one PCI-E slot being initialized before the other, but it's worth investigating. Will post follow ups (especially since I have read that HighPoint support is non-existent).
Using the onboard ports so that I can still use the new drive, but sure would be nice if I could take advantage of those fast I/O rates that come with SATA III.

Answer:HighPoint SATA III Host / RAID Controller Card Problems

I have one but have not used it yet. I read in reviews on Newegg that you install it with nothing connected then startup and see if windows recognizes it and installs the drivers or go through the finding new hardware part. After it is recognized and installs drivers, then shutdown and install the hard drives to it. Guess we'll have to see if that works. If it needs drivers, I believe they are the Marvell 91xx drivers.

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I have a Toshiba L675 that throws bluescreens. I checked the event viewer and the error is:

Event ID 11
Source: amdsata
The driver detected a controller error on \Device\RaidPort0

I went to analyze the crash with MSDART and there was no dump file present.

Another interesting thin is that there is also a warning in the event viewer that states that custom dynamic link libraries are being loaded etc. etc. etc.

When I try to install the most recent version of the driver, found on Toshiba's site, it comes back with install errors. It fails during the C++ 2010 redist. The overall install is a success according to the AMD log, but that area fails. When I check device manager after install, the driver date remains at 10/7/2009 when it should be 8/20/2012. When I check event viewer, it now gives a disk error: The driver detected a controller error on Device\harddisk1\dr1.

The individual that owns the laptop downloads it really a controller error or am I dealing with a virus or some kind of malware?

Answer:Toshiba L675 bluescreens because of AMD Sata Raid controller error

The individual that owns the laptop downloads it really a controller error or am I dealing with a virus or some kind of malware?

Don't discount either possibility. I've seen too many instances of young people and the music downloading causing problems on mom and dad's computer. File-sharing over the Internet can be a dirty business.

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I bought this Promise raid card function as a SATA controller only? If so, how? My OS is XP Pro.

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Hi everyone,I'm not sure how stupid this is because this is the first time I'm experimenting with RAID controllers...So I'm trying to create a sysprep image and I want to add a SATA controller driver for a "Maxtor 6V080E0, 80GB, SATA, 3.0Gb" hard disk. The thing is, I have had no luck in finding the drivers on the net and I'm starting to wonder if I have some fundamental fact wrong or summat.Any clues on how I can get 'em??Thanks

Answer:RAID Controller driver

Find out which MBoard you have and travel to their site for the proper SATA/Raid drivers.DLoad and run Everest Home from majorgeeks to find out which MBoard you have...

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Started to use BTHub ,comp working fine but when i used second comp through sitecom found my Bt Hub , connected putting my hex number in , would not open my web page , when checking device manager found exclaimation mark for Raid Controller tried update for my drivers with all the discs I had then used a Driver Disc I had obtained to no avail. Any ideas please

Answer:No Raid Controller Driver

epsonone said:

Started to use BTHub ,comp working fine but when i used second comp through sitecom found my Bt Hub , connected putting my hex number in , would not open my web page , when checking device manager found exclaimation mark for Raid Controller tried update for my drivers with all the discs I had then used a Driver Disc I had obtained to no avail. Any ideas pleaseClick to expand...

You won't find updates on a disc. Go to your brand of RAID's website and look up your product there. They should have a section at the site devoted to drivers, and that's the best place to find the latest version.

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I have just installed windows xp media centre edition but in device manager it is asking for a raid controller driver but i cant find the correct one. I have a gigabyte 965p-ds4 motherboard.

Any help would be great.

Answer:Raid controller driver

What revision is the Gigabyte board? 1.0, 2.0 or 3.3, it should be imprinted on the motherboard somewhere.

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Saw in device manager there is a yellow question mark and explanation mark next to RAID Controller under Other Devices, with this message "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver." Tried to reinstall and it didn't work. Attached system summary report from Everest. Appreciate any help you can give.


Answer:RAID controller driver

bojiboy said:

Saw in device manager there is a yellow question mark and explanation mark next to RAID Controller under Other Devices, with this message "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver." Tried to reinstall and it didn't work. Attached system summary report from Everest. Appreciate any help you can give.

ThanksClick to expand...

If you are not using a raid set up then this is nothing to worry about, by what is in the everest report you only have one HDD installed with 3 partitions, a raid set up involves more than one drive as you only have the one drive you don't need the driver, go back into your device manager and either uninstall or disable that option.

iain.t :major

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My computer is having problems with freezing/shutting down unexpectedly and then prompts me with a message to download a driver for my RAID controller. It supplies a link to the proper Intel page, but when I click on it it says the page no longer exists. I can't seem to figure out which RAID controller driver I need, and I've updated everything I know how to. I have a HP Pavilion dv5-1007ca with Windows Vista (32 bit) installed. Any help you can give me would be appreciated!!

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Hi guys, may I ask for a help with Intel SATA Controller AHCI Driver for Windows 7 (64-bit), please? I went to Drivers download page and I choosed my laptop (ThinkPad Edge E520 1143-37G), then Storage driver, but when I click at Intel SATA Controller AHCI Driver for Windows 7 (64-bit) nothing happens. 32bit is available for downloading tho. Thx a lot for any hint


Go to Solution.

Answer:E520 - Intel SATA Controller AHCI Driver for Windows 7 (64-bit) driver

I believe the hard drive has failed and that is why it is asking for a driver.  The hard drive is no longer recognized on the SATA connection and the system recovery routine wants a driver to find a hard disk.  The Windows 7 (64-bit) driver is needed because that is what should be installed in the bootable OS partitiion (non visible partition).

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I was reformating and I put in the floppy I get so I can use my SATA hard drive. So first off if I already have XP on my computer and it's working but I want to reformat, I would set it to first boot cd rom but when XP says press enter to continue in the Reformat screen, it says it cant find the hard drive. Now this is suppost to happen right? So I put in the floppy for the SATA and pressed F6 to add raid or scisi drive thing. Then alittle later on...(15 seconds) it will ask for what scisi adapter I want to add. Now the first time I reformated was when I was switching TO this new SATA hard drive and im not sure if I grabbed a different version SATA floppy disk b/c I have two NF7-S motherboards bought at two different times so the floppies might have been different BUT this time when it asks for the scisi adapter, there are only 3 choices and last time, I believe there were 6. Now last time I didnt know what to pick. And I did like silicone something something for XP. This time there was something like "intel" (this option was there that last time as well) and abunch of #'s blah blah blah and silicone something something for XP and then Silicone for windows 2000 or something. I picked Silicone for XP.
So question is, did I pick the right one. Second...why is there only 3 choices now rather than the 6 I had last time. Third...I did do the whole process right...right?

This must be super confusing but please try to understand what Im sa... Read more

Answer:What silicon for my SATA HDD when I reformat

R u trying to install a SATA hardrive or Raid? I think you're talking bout Silicon Image configure things first in the bios before you try to install winxp, it's much easier that way....


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Two Questions about the statement below:1.  Will the versions being different cause a problem?2.  Is there a safe way to get the W700ds RAID ROM version up-to-date? My W700ds has Intel RST driver version installed but the latest RAID option ROM version from Lenovo is 

Geophyte1W700ds 2757-CTO

Answer:Questions about RAID Controller Driver Version Different than RAID Option ROM Version

Geophyte1 wrote:Two Questions about the statement below:1.  Will the versions being different cause a problem?2.  Is there a safe way to get the W700ds RAID ROM version up-to-date? My W700ds has Intel RST driver version installed but the latest RAID option ROM version from Lenovo is Are you having some issue you are trying to resolve?  The W700ds is out of warranty? If it isn't broken, don't brick it.

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I was recently deploying Windows 7 on an older PC(not too old) and in the upgrade proccess it said setup could not continue and rolled back my upgrade. I suspect that it is because of the raid, because it stopped in the middle of the expanding files stage. The driver version on there is, which I believe is the most recent for vista, so can I rule this out as a reason. Theres 50GB free for upgrade.


Answer:Sil 3112a RAID Controller Driver

Quote: Originally Posted by TheWiz

I was recently deploying Windows 7 on an older PC(not too old) and in the upgrade proccess it said setup could not continue and rolled back my upgrade. I suspect that it is because of the raid, because it stopped in the middle of the expanding files stage. The driver version on there is, which I believe is the most recent for vista, so can I rule this out as a reason. Theres 50GB free for upgrade.



Have you tried removing the raid card and trying to install win 7 again?

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I am a novice so please bare with me.
I have done a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate for a friend that purchased this desktop second hand. To start with it had a faulty stick of 2GB RAM which I have removed but not replaced so at present it has 2GB RAM.

Installation seemed okay and computer was running okay, did freeze several times whereby I had to power off.

Under Device Manager it displays the query icon next to the RAID Controller. I used the Intel utility scan to ascertain the details of the driver etc. It is:
Intel(R) ICH7R/DH SATA Raid Controller. This also used informed me I had version and needed version

I also used Unknown Device Identifier 8.01 which in red under unknown device had - Chip: Integrated Technology Express(ITE) IT8212 ATA RAID Controller.

I'm unsure if you need all the Bios/Mainboard info but I do have that from using SiSoftware.

I was able to find what I was hoping was the right RAID driver but I don't know how to install these types of files. They are IAAHCI.INF, IAAHCI.CAT, IASTOR.INF, IASTOR.CAT, IASTOR.SYS and TXTSETUP.OEM.

I have checked the BIOS settings to make sure RAID was enabled.

I do not know enough about what RAID does/is meant to do.

Is it possible my installation cocked up somewhere?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Answer:Driver Problem For RAID Controller


You could try the following, obviously you can get into windows.

If you have internet connectivity Make your way to the "Device manager".
Locate hard drive component, click on this in one of the few tabs at the top see if you can locate an update driver. This may or may not help.

Best way, se if you can locate the motherboard model number, depending on the make it maybe visible in the BIOS. Or a manual interior inspection of the mother board should reveal some text printed on the motherboard, it will be the largest text visible and typically on one corner or even inbetween the expansion slots on the mother board. This may also have a "Ver.01" or similar. It is important to get all the details. My look something like manufactures name followed by series of letters an numbers.

Note, be very careful not to touch any components in the interior of the computer you can easily generate static electricity short out some or the whole motherboard.
Ensure the unit is powered down to prevent any nasty shocks.

Next go to that manufactuers website and look for that motherboard precise numbers - if cant locate this then may be its covered by the previous model. You are looking for hard drive controllers and any associated raid array software for your version of windows.

Download scan it for issues and install it, this should be a step in the right direction.


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Hi, i am using Intel 945PL Express Chipset. I have installed window 7 32bits recently and i couldnt get any driver for my raid controller so far. Can someone tell me how to get this solved?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:raid controller driver in window 7!!!

Quote: Originally Posted by horizon3333

Hi, i am using Intel 945PL Express Chipset. I have installed window 7 32bits recently and i couldnt get any driver for my raid controller so far. Can someone tell me how to get this solved?

Thanks in advance.

hi and welcome

If you tell us about your computer we might be able to find you a driver. isnt 945 a graphics chipset not raid controller

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i have bought the msi k7n2 delta 2 platinum, tomorrow i am buying a 120gb sata harddrive, i have the sata drivers on a floppy disc, the problem is...i dont have a floppy disc drive, will windows still go on the drive and format ok???? do i have to install the drivers to get my sata drive working????

Answer:sata raid driver help!!!!

you need to initialise the drive, either on a floppy or on a CR-R

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I can't seem to find the RAID controller driver for my other system. Can anyone tell me a good site to find such driver? I still use Windows Xp as my OS if that helps.

Answer:HP Pavilion a819n RAID controller driver

Spring 2005 Original RAID Driver Collection HP Pavilion a819n Desktop PC | HP? Support

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Hi i have dell power edge 2600 server ,today my server raid showing problem at that i need dell Scsi raid controller driver.

Answer:Dell SCSI RAID controller driver

How old are your hard drives?

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Can anyone help me???
I have Qosmio F-30.
Where can i find 64-bit driver for raid controller?

Is it exists somewhere?
Please, help me!!!

Answer:Qosmio F30: Need 64bit driver for RAID controller

Unfortunately, the XP 64bit drivers are very rare and on the Toshiba driver page you will not find any.
Possibly because Toshiba does not deliverer any notebooks with OS XP 64bit.
See only one way to find one; google for 64 bit DAID driver and maybe you are successful

Good luck

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Hi everyone,I Have problem with Update Driver: SCSI and RAID ControllersLook ScreenShot: 1.  2. for Help,Kati

Answer:Problem with Update Driver: SCI and RAID Controller

Are you still having this issue? Your post here almost a month old. I need to know more information about your computer to tell you. Seems to me like you have Win9X. These links might help you:   - have to be a pay member to download your update drivers. At least it scan your computer and tells you what drivers you need. So you know what driver to look for on the web.  - not sure, it's FREE or pay. Good luck! Have a great holiday and a happy New Year.

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Hi folks,Merry Christmas to all.I'm trying to set up a RAID configuration on my ASUS P4P800E deluxe m/b. However, the ASUS provided RAID driver (Promise Technology 378, SATA) doesn't work.Has anyone encountered/overcome this problem?Thanks.

Answer:Promise FastTrack 378 Raid Controller Driver

Try downloading the driver again, the only thing I can think is the driver is corrupt. driver 1.05 click here I am presuming you are setting this up on a new computer?

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A problem report tells me my RAID controller is missing a driver and directed me to a non-existent page on the intel wesite to download one.

It told me:
The model name of your RAID controller is Intel Matrix Storage Manager (iaStor.sys).

I have an HP pavillion

anyone know how I can find the correct driver ..?

Answer:RAID Controller driver missing..cant find it


Look on the HP website for your specific model: -

HP Support & Drivers | United Kingdom

Then download the drivers.

If you need any further help, I need more information. Model number, Windows version etc.etc. OK?

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First time on this site so forgive me if I dont have all the info.
Loading Windows 7 on a new computer.
Trying to sort out this raid issue.
Computer is :
Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme
Processor : Intel Quad Q9400 LGA775
Ram : 4gb
Hard Drives : 3 x 1 Tb Seagate
Video Card : Radeon HD 4890

I've enabled the raid 5 in the BIOS
I've downloaded the driver from the Gigabyte Disc onto a flash drive
When I load Windows 7 it says " Windows cannot be installed to this disc. This computers hardware may not support booting to this disc. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computers BIOS menu"

I've checked and rechecked the BIOS and stuffed if I can find this or is my frustration getting the better of me ?
I also downloaded the MSM64 Driver in the Gigabyte disc and that the one I copied to the flash drive.

Confused ?......I am....anyone help me with this before I lose it ?

Answer:Windows 7 Sata Raid Driver

Download these drivers:〈=eng

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Relevance 66.42% i just built my new are the specs to start with

ASUS A8N SLI deluxe motherboard
2x 1gb micron pc3200 ram
2x geforce 6800 in SLI mode
teac dvd-rw/cd-rw

(and last but most importantly)
2x 200gb maxtor sata hdd

ok, so here it goes. i finally assemble my first decent machine. and lo and behold, there are things i have never worked with before. namely SATA hdd's. for some reason, NOTHING i have can recognize them except for my raid setup tool. heres what ive done so far.

boot from xp cd --->cant find any hard drives to install to

boot from maxtor driver cd--->cant find any maxtor hdd's to use setup tool on and maxtor sata raid driver doesnt work when run during xp install

boot from mobo cd and make scsi/raid floppy's to use during install

use scsi/raid floppy's with an end result in xp still not being able to register that it has 1 (or 2) sata hard drives attached to it...

like i said, the only thing that registers it is my raid setup utility during startup.

i need help ASAP

i waited a week for the parts to arrive, then i waited another half week for the thermal compound, now all thats left is to let this biotch FLY!!! and im getting antsy. if anyone can help me i would be very appreciative and thank you in advance for all replies (constructive or non) <--its the thought that counts.

Answer:sata/raid driver not loading

When you FIRST install the XP cd and it starts loading up, there is a part where it will ask you if you are installing a RAID setup and to press f6 (I think it is F6, but it tells you what to push). That is the step in which the drivers are installed. BEFORE you install windows.

Hope this helps.

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I own a dell dimension 8400 and I just installed a seagate 160Gb sata hard drive. I am having a problem reinstalling windows xp and I think I need the SATA/RAID card driver. I feel like I have tried every other possible solution... Does anyone have the link to the driver, or some tips on loading it? I have access to a floppy drive, which I think is needed. Thanks, I appreciated the help!

Answer:Sata/raid Card Driver

jd5,Take a look at this link. Also note item # 2 at the very bottom under references. hthBe (RAID) SafeDa Bleepin AniMod, Animal

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Hi Anyone know where to find the Via SATA controller driver for the Windows 64 it OS Just downloaded Win 64 and found the floppy driver for the above is corrupted. Thanks for any help

Answer:Windows 64 Bit VIA SATA / RAID F6 S Driver

Try this site click here

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Basically my problem is i want to update my motherboards SATA/RAID driver. But i am a little confused how its done.

I have download the drivers but i dont know what to do next? I think i need to make a bootable floppy disk but i don't know how?

Here is the link for my drivers and motherboard:

any help would be great! Thanks!

Answer:Help installing SATA/RAID Driver!

First off, you'll need to let us know what OS you are using.

Assuming Windows XP, you do not need a bootable floppy. You only need to unzip the drivers and put them on a disk.

A simple google search for "installing raid drivers in windows xp" came up with this link:

*Note that the drivers that come up for your hardware probably won't have the same text as in the above link.

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I'd posted here a while ago about my misadventures with Win 8 (attached thread). Basically, tried to remove a Win 8 Consumer Beta by installing Win 7 over it, and didn't work. I compounded the error by, in a series of missteps, essentially wiping the hard drive clean to the point where I get a "Operation System Not Found" error when I try to boot. I do see the hard drive in Setup (F2)

In the attached thread, someone was kind enough to tell me that I needed to install new SATA controller drivers so the HDD would be recognized. However, when I go to the link I was given (to an Intel download site), I cannot find any Win 7 SATA drivers there. I am most likely looking in the wrong place, or don't know what to look for.

Can someone help? How can I find which SATA controller driver I am supposed to download, and where do I find it?

System info:
Dell Inspiron 17R notebook
Fixed HDD: ST9750420AS-(S0)


Hard drive not detected - bad breakup with Win 8 Consumer Beta

Answer:SATA Controller Driver - Where and Which?

I do see the hard drive in Setup

If the HDD is showing in setup, no Sata controller driver is needed.

The notebook has two hard drives - one 750GB SATA and a 32GB mSATA.

You need the raid drivers.

IRST acceleration cache

Intel links.
IRST acceleration cache

Dell links:

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hi, in device manager today raid controller had the dreaded question mark , so i input the driver and rebooted, pc boots and gets to welcome screen and gives a error message and a countdown from 30 then does nothing, do i need to do something in the bios, ive tried safe mode that doesnt work and have tried to reformatt but doesnt give me the option on booting from cd, i can access the bios though. any suggestions please, am proper stuckregards paul

Answer:raid controller driver, now windows wont boot

Whats the message?XP or Vista

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I just noticed in device manager that my driver for the SCSI/RAID Host Controller wasn't present. Not sure what it means since I am not using and RAID or SCSI hardware. I tried installing VIA drivers for my mother board which is an ABIT KD7; chekc out my signature for the rest of my specs. That didn't fixc the driver problem. I triedin installing ADAPTEC drivers from their website and no luck that exclamation mark saying there are no drivers present is driving me insane. It was there before and I am not sure why it is still there. All I did was move my net work and sound card to the lowest PCI slot in my tower so my video card gets more air from my fron intake fan at the front of my case. I hope someone knows how I can solve this problem.


Answer:SCSI/RAID Host Controller Driver Problem???

Taken from ABIT KD7

RAID 0/1/0+1 (KD7-RAID)
Supports the most advanced ATA133 HDDs with RAID 0/1/0+1 onboard HPT372 RAID controller enables enhanced functionality and HDDs performance without the cost of additional add-on cards.Click to expand...

If you do not use it, it is not necessary to install drivers for it ( you might even be able to deactivate it from the BIOS ).

If you do not feel comfortable with the exclamation point in the Device Manager, install these -> Highpoint HPT372 Drivers v2.34 for 98/ME/NT/2K/XP

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Hi Everyone,

I've recently had some trouble installing a RAIDO disk configuration under Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (see my 3rd reply here Help Needed....BSOD during Windows 7 Installation suspect that the drivers aren't quite Windows 7 "compatible", and are responsible for the problems.

I'm wondering if anyone here knows whether there are updated Windows 7 x64 drivers available for the Intel ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/PO/PCH SATA RAID Controller distributed by Gigabyte? I've googled and searched the Gigabyte website, but I can't find the same files as shown on the original CDROM in the attached image.

These files are from late 2009, and I wonder if there has been an update that might fix the issues I have. This is for a Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3P Rev.1.0 motherboard.


Answer:Intel RAID Controller Driver - Windows 7 Ultimate x64

They have 2010 year drivers on the Gigabye site for your board. 12-9-2010 on the Intel
Click the download tab, select OS
GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1156 - GA-P55A-UD3P (rev. 2.0)

Intel SATA RAID DriverOS:Windows XP 32bit,Windows XP 64bit,Windows Vista 32bit,Windows Vista 64bit,Windows 7 32bit,Windows 7 64bit,Windows Server 2003 32bit,Windows Server 2003 64bit MB 2010/12/09

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I need the driver for a Integrated Ultra ATA-100 IDE RAID Controller for a HP ProLiant Server.
I require it to load on the XP install so it can detect the RAID set-up.

I can not find it anywhere!

I believe its vendor is LSI Logic Corporation but not 100% sure on that. Dont have much info on the pc as its unbranded (just a shell) and has no OS on it, All i have is listed here on the last post!

Answer:Solved: Driver for Integrated Ultra ATA-100 IDE RAID Controller

Hi have you tried HP

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Feel free to delete. I cannot delete this myself.

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Well, I've searched now for several days and played with every setting I can think of, but still can't coax better than average performance out of a recent install of RAID 0 using an Silicon Image 3132 based PCI-e (x1) Sata2 card (should have bought the UD3LR!). I've convinced myself it's a driver problem, but I can't find anyone having a similar problem in all of my searching. The actual card is the SYBA SD-SA2PEX-21R. Looks like a reference design.

With Raid 0 and a 64KB stripe, I'm only getting between 80MB/s - 133MB/s on HDTune with a burst speed of 145MB/s (max). I'm using two new Hitachi Deskstar 500GB drives. I've tried all the block sizes and yes, the larger block sizes produce the high end of the range, the smaller block sizes bring it down significantly.

If I connect the drives directly to my MB, the transfer rates are essentially the same +/- 10MB/s and the burst mode is much much better about 240MB/s (as expected for SATA II).

I've flashed the card, installed and uninstalled the 64bit drivers from the Silicon Image website, the vendor website, etc. Now I'm just shooting in the dark.
I've tested with every available stripe size and it always tops out at around 133MB. I switched from IDE to AHCI, trying anything, but I'm doubtful that setting affected the card or the drivers. The other drives run fine under AHCI.

Anyone? I know the difference between hard and soft RAID, but I think this performance stinks for a soft RAID 0 with SATAII drives sitting on a x1... Read more

Answer:PCI-E Sata II RAID 0 slow....driver issues?

Are you noticing that the performance is slow all around or just on writes?

A while back when I was setting up my RAID array (it's 5 not 0 so might not apply) I was getting decent read performance but writes were slow. I found that I needed to en able the write back cache and now my performance is quite good.

I also did a bit of digging on your MoBo and I could not exactly find the spec on the 1x PCIe lane, but the Gigabyte site specifically calls out that only the x16 slot is PCIe 2.0 compliant. So, it might be that your 1x lane is only the 1.x version and that caps your bandwidth to the card at 250MB/s. Given some overhead, I wouldn't be shocked if 133MB/s is the best you could do for throughput to your card.

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Installing new SATA HDD in a system with MSI k8N Neo Platinum motherboard. I have misplaced my floppy disk that I need for when Windows is setup and I need to hit f6 for raid drivers. MSIs driver section is down and I am having trouble Googling for a download that will work... Any ideas out there?

Thanks in advance....

Answer:MSI K8N Neo Platinum Sata Raid driver floppy

Attached file is from "NV Raid Drivers" It is a 7zip file because of better compression, named *.zip because of Majorgeeks not recognizing 7z extension. Unpacker should be able to read it anyhow - or else rename to xxxxxx.7z.

If you lost your Driver Disk labeled as "nVidia SATA RAID Drivers"
This file will teach you how to make one Driver Disk

First please perpare one formatted 1.44M Floppy. Download the driver for Win2000/XP/XP 64bit and copy the files into the floppy.

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Hi everyone new here
My computer Crashed and I tried to reinstall xp media center on my dell demension 9150 what a pain it keeps asking me for SATA AHCI/RAID driver diskette and my computer did not come with this disk nor did I make one I was wondering how to fix this problem and it is also asking about the txtsetup.oem and I don't have that either I have downloaded this file but it is not liking it either I am all most ready to blow it up it it can not be fixed soon. does anyone have any Ideas on what to do next I have to 160gb hard drives raid 0 If someone could please help that would be really great and thanks in advance I have also formatted the hard drive and I have used the 6 disk install xp and it will not do a thing ripping hair out now

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Hi everyone new here
My computer Crashed and I tried to reinstall xp media center on my dell demension 9150 what a pain it keeps asking me for SATA AHCI/RAID driver diskette and my computer did not come with this disk nor did I make one I was wondering how to fix this problem and it is also asking about the txtsetup.oem and I don't have that either I have downloaded this file but it is not liking it either I am all most ready to blow it up if it can not be fixed soon. does anyone have any Ideas on what to do next I have to 160gb hard drives raid 0 If someone could please help that would be really great and thanks in advance I have the install disk but it will not reinstall and I also have the 6 disks and they do not do anything at all either the hard drive has also been formatted

Answer:SATA AHCI/RAID driver diskette

How did you go about doing this reinstall... did it come with a restore CD that you followed or did you manually restore it. Also it seems as if you have a RAID setup... being a proprietary setup I'm sure this driver can be found on one of your cds or even on your system if you've done the dell restore.

Another option I'd like you to check for if you could when your system boots hit the delete key and go into your bios settings and search for any type of raid options and let us know what they say.

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I'm trying to do a fresh install of windows xp on a Toshiba Tecra S3 model PTS30E-0DT03FDU
Who knows where to find the RAID driver to load during the boot of the xp install?

This model doens't show up anymore in the driver download section.

Answer:Tecra S3 - need SATA / RAID Driver for WXP installation

Of course it is listed for download but older models are listed in ARCHIVE.

Please visit Toshiba download page - - again and under Product type choose option Archive.

For WXP you will find RAID driver for download.
Can you find it?

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I recently purchased a Dell poweredge to replace my current file server. After finding out there is no NT support for the onboard SATA RAID controller I purchased a NT compatible PCI controller. A Highpoint Rocket RAID 1520. I had no trouble getting the card physically installed and using it to setup my RAID 1. But when I try to install windows NT 4 I run into problems. When setup first starts I press F6 to install new controller drivers. NT reads the provided driver disk and lets me select between NT, 2000, and XP drivers. When I choose NT the installation goes to the previous screen with a list of drivers that will be installed. I can see the Rocket RAID at the bottom of this list. So I continue installing... soon I am confronted with a screen that says the only mass storage device that was detected is my DVD drive. I press S to specify an additional device. I am presented with the same driver selection menu I saw earlier. When I pick the NT driver the installer jumps quickly to a screen reporting the device im trying to load is not installed on my computer. I have tried new drivers and modifying the txtsetup but nothing seems to work. I have also tried a single disk non-RAID setup. Any idea what’s going on?

I should also mention this is the second PCI controller I’m attempting to install. The first one was a link depot sata RAID controller. When I tried to load the driver for that card the windows installer would crash.

Answer:Installing NT4 onto SATA RAID, not accepting driver

FYI, NT is dead. Support expired at the end of '04, just curious why are you making a new install?

If MS isn't supporting it, why would vendors? MS support dates.

Sorry I can't give you much help, but I can tell you why your going to have a hard time finding it...

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i am trying to load a sata driver for my A8N32-SLI since it didnt come with a floppy. i dled two different files and put them on a floppy. i pressed f6 to load them up but it wont accept them. i looked a floppy drive with drivers and it had them in folders so i tried that and it still doesnt recognize my disk

im basically trying to get it to recognize my striped 74 raptors

Answer:how to make a SATA/RAID driver disk

this is what you need ,insert a floppy and run the right one to create (youll know by the file name) and click "ok" to start , if the floppy isnt blank it will ask if you wanna delete its contents click "yes" , might wanna integrate it with nlite

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