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Aviary Application Suite free browser-based design tools

Question: Aviary Application Suite free browser-based design tools


About Aviary Application Suite :

Aviary has a suite of powerful creative applications that you can use right in your web browser.
There's nothing to download or install, so you'll have instant access from any computer.

Aviary Application Suite Apps:

Advanced Image Editor - Learn more
Our full-featured image editor has layers, masks, effects, undo history, and all that other good stuff. All the tools you need to edit your images (and then some)!

Vector Editor - Learn more
Work with our powerful path engine and bezier curves to create fully scalable vector art. Perfect for logos, text graphics, illustrations and more.
Effects Editor - Learn more
Experiment with a wide range of terrains and patterns, or create your own photo effects. You really have to try it out to believe it; there's nothing else quite like it.
Image Markup - Learn more
Use Falcon to crop, resize, or markup images and web pages from your browser or desktop. Ideal for designers, bloggers, and meme enthusiasts.

Music Creator - Learn more
A range of instruments perfect for creating your own loops and beats. Make ringtones and sound effects, or import them into Myna to create your very own full-length tunes.
Audio Editor - Learn more
Remix music tracks, audio clips, or original Roc beats. Apply sound effects and record your own voice or instruments! The production values of a studio, in the cloud.

Screen Capture - Learn more
Quickly capture images and web pages. Team up with Falcon to markup any image from the web, or edit them right where you are with Feather!

As part of the package, Avery provides a full range of tutorials , designed to help its users. - See here.

To use this free design app , go here.

Related videos :

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Preferred Solution: Aviary Application Suite free browser-based design tools

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Aviary Application Suite free browser-based design tools

Nice, this could be handy since its free and nothing to install.

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Dear Friend

Seasons’ Greetings!

We have currently launched a test site for the eOffice, which is basically
'all & anywhere office' with the following features. Your kind appraisal
and inputs will be most appreciated.


* Complete Documents Management System with features such as
versioning, links, content search and archiving.
* VoIP with voice calls, voice messages, greetings etc.
* Email & Internal Memo server with programmable distribution
* Virtual Filing system with movement records, access privileges and
appendable notes.
* Knowledge Management with eLearning, to store and impart knowledge
content acquired and stored over a period in the lifetime of the
* Calendar & Schedules with appointments and reminder alerts
* Data Sharing for large files to be accessed by individuals from
anywhere without residing in third party servers with security for
confidential content.
* Instant Messaging with whiteboard, mathematical symbols, group
discussions and meetings.
* Multi Lingual [currently available in tamil (with soft keypad), Hindi
& English]
* RSS Feeds configuration

Operational Requirements:

1. A PC as server with nominal hardware configuration.
2. Internet Broadband connection (Dynamic IP for both server & Client)
3. IE or Mozilla Fire Fox (free)
4. Windows or Linux server (free)
5. Java 2 © Sun Micro Systems
6. Tomcat web server (free)
7. Embedded DDerby© IBM Inc Database (free)
8. jMF© Sun Micro Syste... Read more

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Creation on the Fly
Photo-editing, logos, web templates, filters, color palettes, screen capture & more Welcome to Aviary

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Could anyone tell me which of the many languages I should/could use to develop a browser based application meant to support database functions (store/retreival to local disk of user inputs) and that could read and send data off the host PC serial port. I'm not looking for client/server stuff, just a plain browser based application running on a local machine for accessing its local serial port and sending/storing data to or from it. I could do it using WinAPI or MFC but I would prefer to have the familiar web based application instead.

I'm not familiar with ASP.NET, PHP, XML, SQL etc... so I wonder if any of them could dot the job ??

Thanks in advance.

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Do you guys happen to know of any rack design tools ?

Googling got me this site:

Its nice but is there anything better ? Im using APC 42U racks.

Answer:Server Rack Design Tools ?

APC has a great tool on there website and a program you can install on your computer if I recall correctly. I played around on there web one, its real nice.

This link should work:

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My software bugged out and stopped working so I tried to reinstall it but its failing to reinstall via the CD. Only the shared components install and the reader but all the important programs are not installing yet I have never had a problem before on win 7. I would have contacted adobe but they do not have any installation support on the weekend.

Answer:Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium Instal Prob

You may want to try using Adobe Clean Script. You also want to run this too to make sure that everything is in a clean state for a fresh install of CS3.

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I come from the dark side. I am looking for to transfer from my 2009 Macbook pro to a PC, I am selling it for around $1,000 and looking to spend around the same for a PC laptop that can handle 3D rendering and design programs. No idea where to start. Any suggestions

Answer:SSD PC laptop for a design student - Adobe creative suite, 3d rendering

What software do you intend to use?

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I am experiencing difficulties when trying to uninstall/reinstall my adobe product. At the beginning of the month, I had some issues with the activation which caused the program to lock me out. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program thinking that may help it, but alas nothing changed. Had to call adobe to deactivate my serial.

Long story short, the adobe help center rectified the problem with my serial. Supposedly anyway. I have no way to test it because my current installation of photoshop is corrupt due to this licensing mishap. The only way is to start fresh and install the program again.

This is where the hitch is. As I previously mentioned, I was able to reinstall the program once without issue. Now, I can't even run the installer from the DVD. A window stating "Setup is initializing" appears, then quickly disappears. Nothing happens afterwards. Also, I am unable to remove the program from windows. The entry is there in "Programs and Features," however selecting the option to uninstall it does absolutely nothing. No window appears or anything.

The problem seems to only be with the adobe installer. I can remove my other applications and install new ones just fine. It's just for some reason Windows refuses to run the Adobe setup now. It doesn't make sense. The disc is not scratched at all and has never been stored outside its case. I'm at a complete loss what to do next. I can't remove it and I can't reinstall it.

I am ... Read more

Answer:Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Standard will not install/uninstall

Have you tried this,
CS Cleaner Tool for installation problems | CCM, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3

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Hi Has anybody experienced the same problems I am having, or know of these problems.   I upgraded form inventor to factory design suite adavanced 2011 last November.   I have also updated my laptop to a more higher spec at the same time. The problems I am having with Factory Design Suite are as follows: Autodesk Inventor Professional 2011             This will only run in COMPATIBILITY mode.Autodesk Navisworks Manage 2011              This will not run at all it just crashes on start up (I can not even open the                                                  ?                              " Option Editor " program to disable the hardware acclelerator. This just                                               &... Read more

Answer:Software crashes (Autodesk Factory Design Suite Advanced)

Hello mate, For me sounds more a software problem than a hardware problem. You should contact Autodesk and see with them to solve this issue.

__________________________________________________________________________________Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.ThinkPad T510 4313-CTO Windows 8 x64 - Intel Core i7-620M - NVIDIA NVS 3100M - 8GB RAM - 240GB SSD- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - Gobi 2000.ThinkPad Helix 3697-CTO Windows 8.1 x64 - Intel Core i7-3667U - Intel HD Graphics 4000 - 8GB RAM- 256GB SSD - Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 - Ericsson C5621gw

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Hello all, Corporate user here, demoing the Edge for our mobile sales force. Have zapped Windows 7 and replaced with XP due to legacy reasons, and am struggling with the driver support. Coming from Dell, where the driver support is second to none, I was fustrated to find I had to manually download each driver, and also found that many drivers are inappropriate to the machine - AMD drivers mixed in with Intels. I'm still struggling with several drivers, including the HDMI drivers, bluetooth drivers, and I suspect they are within the drivers packages I have downloaded that exclaim that I cannot install as they do not meet hardward requirements. Can anyone help me with searching out some of the required drivers - have they had any of these issues? Come on Lenovo - as a corporate player, your driver support has to be better! You're not Sony


Go to Solution.

Answer:XP Driver Suite for Intel based Edge

Hi Neil_Bolton, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!
The tool you want for automatic driver and software downloads is ThinkVantage System Update:
The best way to find available XP drivers for manual install is to browse by product for your system and OS on the support site, then click Downloads and drivers. From that page:
The HDMI drivers will be part of the Intel chipset package:
The Bluetooth drivers are here:
Hope this helps!

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Always curious to see what online tools people utilize most often and hopefully find new tools and/or ways for others to do things as online tools are great (no istall, usually always up to date, no huge downloads, etc.). Let me know what you use the most.

Here's my top 5:

1. AntiVirus: TrendMicro -
2. Spy/Adware: SpywareInfo -
3. Translation: BabelFish -
4. Conversion: OnlineConversion -
5. Maps/Directions: MapQuest:

Thanks for playing,


Answer:Favorite Web-Based Tools

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I am thinking to buy Internet Suite by PC-Tools, I use their free firewall for long time and I would like to know if its a good choice or not

Answer:PC Tools Internet Suite

From what I've heard their suite is really bloated, not to mention their detection rate is untested.

You can get a very high level of protection if you simply use common sense (e.g. don't click on random links/programs), OpenDNS, a non-IE browser (Firefox with WOT) and a free AV (AntiVir/Avast). Unless you are a high risk user in which case you should also add a behavioural blocker or a user-friendly HIPS.

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Regular procedure to remove didn't work, files wouldn't run. So found this link:
from desktop:
Ran rkill.exe
Ran AVPFind.bat
There is no log file: c:\avplog.txt at the root of C: or D:
log file attached exehelperlog.txt
IE won't connect to internet. Can copy files from laptop (OK) via USB drive
Not sure what to do next?

Answer:Tools won't run - AV Security Suite

bergtho said:

Regular procedure to remove didn't work, files wouldn't run.Click to expand...

What exactly happens? Have you tried renaming them or running them in safe mode? Can you not run MGTools? Have you checked your task manager to find any processes that need to be stopped?

Can you make this disc ( using a different computer ) and boot the infected machine to it ( by going into the bios and changing the boot up order to cd first )?
Kaspersky Rescue Disk.

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Does anyone know of any good and simple 3d design applications with good graphics, i just wanted to design a landscape. also i don't have 3000 dollars to spend on something like 3ds max, so preferably free if you could think of any. thanks again.

Answer:3d design application

Google Sketchup has some capabilities that might work.

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Question: Application Design

I'm only a novice in java, and SQL but I've gotten to the stage where I'm starting to look at the actual design of an application. Are there any web sites that list some sort of usability guidelines for applications or maybe analysis of effective or ineffective design? Someone has mentioned common conceptual models to me as well, but I have no idea what that is. I've tried google to no avail. Are there certain guidelines that say the file, edit bar are always on top, etc?

At the moment the applications I'm creating, just follow the look of what I can remember of applications I've used. I'd just wondering if there's some sort of guidlines or such?


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I've been using this disk suite for nearly a year,the free licence expires next month.Is there a free alternative.I find this disk suite dose thejob well but I think £40 is a little to much torenew.Any suggestions friends?Tonsie.

Answer:PC Tools Disk Suite Alternative

MSE from Microsoft gets some good reports and it is free.

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How can I work like this

Answer:Application design / Photoshop

Images why not go out

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Hi. Looking for a good Network Query Tools suite for Win98 SE. Come from a Unix background so the more technical and customizable the better. Can anyone recommend any good freeware ?


Mr White

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Data encryption is really important especially if we have sensitive files that cannot fall into other people?s hands. We can use one of the most best yet free encryption software called TrueCrypt to encrypt our data but then if you think carefully about it, there is actually a time frame when the files are not yet protected and are stored as normal files on your hard drive. Even after moving the files to an encrypted container or simply deleting them from your computer, there is a possibility that the files can actually be recovered using a simple to use free data recovery software if they are not being overwritten.

There are some dedicated tools to permanently wipe or shred the files to prevent from being recovered. However if you?ve removed the files using the standard Windows delete command and emptied the Recycle Bin, Windows does not offer a way to restore it back unless you use a recovery software to restore the file, and then use the file wiping software to permanently delete it. Overtime, the amount of accumulated recoverable files on your computer can be quite shocking. A good way around this is to use some free utilities that is able to make the recoverable files unrecoverable without touching your existing files.

Answer:8 free tools to securely wipe free disc space preventing recovery

What is this? DARK UNDERGROUND? lol

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i need the best free / premium softwares to to Shred Files and Wipe Free Disk Space


Answer:need Free Tools to Shred Files and Wipe Free Disk Space

Here's a couple:[email protected] KillDiskNot sure about KillDisk, but Eraser has the option to be run in the Shell Menu, so you can right-click and select Erase, instead of Delete.

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I try to connect to web site with IE 11 and I always get the same following error message :

This page can?t be displayed
Turn on TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 in Advanced settings and try connecting to  again. If this error persists, contact your site administrator.

By clicking on the "Change settings" button associated with this error message, the IE Advanced option tab is displayed :

from there, I can see that SSL 3.0 and all TLS versions are correctly checked ;

When I do the same test from a colleague's PC with the same Windows 7 version and exactly the same IE 11 version,  there is not problem to reach this web page

When comparing Wireshark traces taken on both PC, I can see the following differences in the SSL CLient Hello packet sent by IE :

1) in the good case,  this Client hello includes 26 Cipher Suites, with TLS 1.2

2) in the bad case, this Client hello includes 24 Cipher Suites, with TLS 1.2

The 2 missing Cipher Suites in the bad case are the following ones :

Cipher Suite: TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA (0x0005)
Cipher Suite: TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5 (0x0004)

In the good case, the Server hello sent by the server (in response to the Client hello) shows the TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA Cipher Suite is the one selected ;

In the bad case, the Client hello is answered by the server by a packet showing the following message :

TLSv1 Record Layer... Read more

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Hi Gang:Last Friday my PC was hit with AV Security Suite. I removed it per online directions but my browser (IE8) was redirected and AV Security Suite reappeared. I have deleted the rouge software three times and I still notice occasional redirects and random browser windows popping up so I suspect there is still malicious code within the bowels of my machine but I am unable to locate it.I have used: Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware, A-Squared Free, AVG Anti-Viris, AVG Anti-Rootkit Free, CCLeaner and Disk Cleanup.For your viewing pleasure, my Hijack logo:Thanks for the help!Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4Scan saved at 12:12:37 PM, on 7/5/2010Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgchsvx.exeC:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgrsx.exeC:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgcsrvx.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\ehome\ehtray.exeC:\Program Files\Digital Media Reader\readericon45G.exeC:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliPoint\ipoint.exeC:\WINDOW... Read more

Answer:Browser redirects/random browser windows/AV Security Suite

Hi,Download DDS and save it to your desktop from here or here or here.Disable any script blocker, and then double click dds.scr to run the tool. When done, DDS will open two (2) logs: DDS.txt Attach.txtSave both reports to your desktop. Post them back to your topic.

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What besides Artisteer software can be used to design templates blogger or wordpress?

if there is a freeware, it is better

Artisteer is the latest version often experience an error, I am a bit lazy to use it ...

Thank you for your participation

Answer:What the Application for Design Template Blog / Wordpress

See if this helps you

Best Free 3 Alternative For Artisteer | TechGopal

A Guy

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When I started using Outlook Contacts I used the default form for my data; however, I've redesigned the Contacts form in Outlook by adding additonal fields. Is there a way now to apply that form to all the contacts in a specific folder so I don't have to reenter them all?

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Question: aviary

didn't find this in a seach of here....might be interesting/useful to some folks,,,,
Last fall, a New York-based startup called Aviary went live, offering digital artists an online image-editing tool with features that could normally only be found in expensive software. Last month, the company released software that lets anyone integrate these tools into their website; some sites are now using the software to reinvent the way that they use images, allowing visitors to contribute cartoons for contests, modify photographs in newspapers, and even tweak the overall design of an online storefront.Click to expand...

for those of you who don't have access to photo editing tools, or are interested in exploring the graphic design/digital art tools available in high end software.

aviary's FAQ page is here....a free account gives you access to all the basic online software


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I went to the Aviary site to join. When I clicked the join button, a window popped up already having my email and password. As the password is in those little black dots, I only have an idea what the password is.Anyway, I went on trying to join and could not. It would not accept me after filling out everything several times.Puzzles me that it had my email address/password.Guess I will have to get another email address and try joining again.Do you think that it took the address off of my computer or that perhaps I had joined them a year or two ago?I know that Facebook took all my contact I had on my Outlook Express once and put all of them on the Facebook site!I deleted every contact and now have their addresses on a piece of paper on my table.Edit: Moved topic from Photo Albums, Images, and Videos to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

Depending on browser you use, you may be able to find out what the password is.
If you use Firefox, I can tell you how to do it.

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Just wondering if there is any tool out there, lets say if an employee forgets to do his timesheet, i would like to automatically disable his email access or something of that nature...

Or disable Internet access by IP address (without setting router policy)

Is there something out there???

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Can somebody explain to me what a LAN Based Application is? I've tried to google it but cannot find nothing. I would imagine its an application that only operates within a LAN, so i.e an office, so it wont be able to communicate to another office?


Answer:LAN Based Application

It is an application that runs only on a LAN (Local Area Network) without internet access.

The LAN could be small, 3 - 4 clients; or large with over 500 clients in multiple buildings.
I have worked in both situations and used propriatary applications that ran on the LAN, but were not designed to be accessed from the internet.

Video Conferencing, Remote Access Control, Gaming Servers, all started as LAN applications.

This is the best info I could find and it isn't much.

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I have a neat idea that I would like to try out. Caution this is going to get nerdy not just geeky. I play D&D and my group uses a program that has our characters on it. It's a very old program made for Win 95 but I have made it work in everything from Linux to Vista.

I want to find a way to put the program online so my group can all edit their characters instead of doing it last minute before we play. I have a web server and hosting so thats no issue. My first thought is to use a VPN or terminal services but is there a way to just host the application by it's self? What I would like is something as non technical as having a desktop icon they can just click and it opens the program as if it's local.

Answer:make an application web based

Sure, just rewrite it in some language your web server can run and have it save all its data in an appropriate database accessible to the web server.

If you're talking about just putting the .exe on your website, it doesn't really work that way. By default, Windows won't run programs from the internet, and the web server won't allow you to write data to it. Depending on how the app works, you may be able to give each person a copy and configure it to save its data remotely in a central location. It might be possible to do something like Sysinternals Live, but I doubt you'd be able to do with just regular hosted webspace. That also doesn't take into account the saving/sharing of data, just the remote access to the .exe.

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I was planing to write a web based application. what language do you guys recommend i program the application in.

or any other language?

Answer:writing a web based application

you can write classic asp pages using vbscript. can be written in, c#,, perl, or python.

vb can write activex controls. java is internet capable.

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I'm using an application that uses IE as the internal browser, I downloaded Adblockplus, Adfender, Admuncher(?), and others but none of them works-- AT ALL.

I checked and they're all enabled, I restarted everything, etc. Which ad blocker can you recommend for me?

I'm in Peru so that might? be relevant :/

PS. I hate IE.

Answer:Ad blocker for IE-based application?

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I posted in this forum as I feel this is security related. Mods move if need be.

I'm looking for a web based (preferably PHP) change log program. It should do the following:

1. Be simple!
2. Allow people to enter descriptions of basic system changes
3. Changes should have categories by systems and can be filtered as such.
4. Time stamp the actions and have a "master display" where all changes can be viewed
5. LDAP authentication would be nice.

Does such a thing exist? My goggling has failed due to "change log" being such a popular term.

Answer:Web Based Change Log Application

Bumpage. I could use something similar.

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I have had bother over the last month getting my personel web site running again. I used to use Ewisoft free program but since a problem happened on my laptop and I had to format it, using XP by the way, I lost my Free program. It was good because it was one of those WYSIWYG ones.
Now they only do the paid version which I am not able to buy. So now I am on the look out for another free one with a similar layout. As I dont know much about HTML I need a WYSIWYG program. I am using FileZilla at the moment to download the site so I can do updates as far as text is concerned but I want to add pages and this is where I need a program what I just asked about. My site, is just a personel one about my area but I would like to keep it updated and looking sort of decent. So if anyone has any good ideas please let me know. Thankyou all.

Answer:Free web design software

You can try that -TinyMCE from TinyMCE - Home and Review of the free WYSIWYG editors on This article in Russian, but are some links I think you could do

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Hi where could i find some free Design software for PC Home/Landscape

Answer:Free Design Software

there may be free demos

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Aspiring to build my own website. Does anyone know where I can get free backgrounds?

Answer:free background for web design

Free backgrounds can be found all over the net. Try doing a search in Google. An alternative is to try a program such as background magic which you should be able to find click here . This program simply lets you merge two background tiles together to create a new unique background for your site.

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Is anyone aware of a free program that functions like visio where I can do some light duty network design displays. Nothing too high tech. Thank you in advance.

Answer:Free Network Design

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Hi,Is anyone aware of any free website design tools?Like dreamweaver but much simpler ?I can code HTML in notepad but want something that makes choosing colours etc. easier.ThanksPaul

Answer:Free Web Design Tool?

You could try Nvu: click here

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There seems to be nothing more ubiquitous than photos. That?s why we are proud to announce our AMD Ventures collaboration with Aviary and our work together to optimize their new Software Development Kit (SDK) and Windows 8 app for AMD platforms.

The team at Aviary has done something amazing. They?ve built something very powerful, yet really simple. And their growth proves that they are onto something big. Even if you aren?t familiar with Aviary by name, chances are you may have used their technology. Aviary is the photo editing engine behind huge services and apps such as Flickr, Yahoo! Mail and Twitter. Just recently, Aviary CEO Tobias Peggs posted a blog announcing that more than 3 billion photos have been edited using Aviary in just 18 months ? and this does not even include Twitter data!Click to expand...

Aviary is the photo editing engine behind huge services and apps such as Flickr, Yahoo! Mail and Twitter.

​Now, Aviary is bringing that same powerful photo editing technology to a PC OS for the first time. We thought it would be a great opportunity to demonstrate that by leveraging the unique compute capabilities of AMD APUs to make the processing of even the most complex filters and effects really, really fast.

​The result? By optimizing for the AMD APU, we saw a performance improvement of 11X on average!
​How did we do it? Quite simply, we leveraged the full parallel compute power of the AMD APU. Much of that highly parallel compute capability ... Read more

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I'm trying to run an application, named Da51, STK, and POS, which are written in MS-DOS based since 20 years ago.

Now here's the thing, I tried to right-click on the .exe file.
- A box (which suppose to be ms-dos box) pop-up and immediately disappeared.

I execute, I went to that folder, and manually type in the command myself.
- 1st attempt, nothing happen
- 2nd attempt, an error message pop up.

16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem
The NTVDM CPU has encoutered an illegal instruction.
CS:0000 IP:0077 OP:f0 37 05 0e 02 Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

p/s: Please take note that, all these applications are RUNNING WELL in Windows 98.

I research online, went to and;EN-US;314495. But both doesn't really solve my problem.

I manage to run However, I'm confused with this part.

Check program-specific issues
The following functions do not work in Windows XP:
• All MS-DOS functions except task-switching API (application programming interface) functions are supported.
• Block mode device drivers are not supported. Block devices are not supported, so MS-DOS I/O control (IOCTL) APIs that deal with block devices and SETDPB functions are not supported.
• Interrupt 10 function 1A returns 0; all other functions are passed to read-only memory (ROM).
• Interrupt 13 c... Read more

Answer:Running MS-DOS based application on Windows XP

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I have a web based application and want it to port it on Windows Vista . What are the procedures I must follow to check for its compliance on safe deployment on Vista?

Answer:Web Based Application Compliance Testing

Let's see. I have no clue, but if I think about it, it must be:
Does your web server software work properly in Vista?
Which flavor of Vista do you plan on using?
Do you have the hardware to support it?
Have you checked into any of the documentation?
If you have checked into the documentation, promptly ignore it, set up your own test box, and see how things shake out. If what you find out on your own correlates with the documentation, then you might start to have some confidence.

That's where I would start if it were me. Essentially, a web service comes down to the web-server software, some sort of a middle tier, and I would imagine some sort of database. Are they compatible with Vista?

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I've disabled the application based dolby settings on my thinkpad t470p but it still keeps switching to the voice setting all the time. Anyone else have this problem?

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I'm trying to run an application, named Da51, STK, and POS, which are written in MS-DOS based since 20 years ago.

Now here's the thing, I tried to right-click on the .exe file.
- A box (which suppose to be ms-dos box) pop-up and immediately disappeared.

I execute, I went to that folder, and manually type in the command myself.
- 1st attempt, nothing happen
- 2nd attempt, an error message pop up.

16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem
The NTVDM CPU has encoutered an illegal instruction.
CS:0000 IP:0077 OP:f0 37 05 0e 02 Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

p/s: Please take note that, all these applications are RUNNING WELL in Windows 98.

I research online, went to and;EN-US;314495. But both doesn't really solve my problem.

I manage to run However, I'm confused with this part.

Check program-specific issues
The following functions do not work in Windows XP:
? All MS-DOS functions except task-switching API (application programming interface) functions are supported.
? Block mode device drivers are not supported. Block devices are not supported, so MS-DOS I/O control (IOCTL) APIs that deal with block devices and SETDPB functions are not supported.
? Interrupt 10 function 1A returns 0; all other functions are passed to read-only memory (ROM).
? Interrupt 13 calls that deal with prohibited disk access are not s... Read more

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For the pharmacy I have made an application to support a drug preparation. This application is used in public pharmacies as well as in hospitals and industry.
This is a web-based application. So the installation has been done on the server with a configuration within IIS.
The clients start the application in InternetExplorer.
Why InternetExplorer? Because the client's preparation protocols, raw materials need to be weighed and labels must be printed. Hereby I use self-programmed ActiveX controls. And other browsers do not support ActiveX controls.
The web-based application is generally found to be good.
As Edge is increasingly "pushing", InternetExplorer seems to be the cornerstone, as well as the application described above.
My questions are now:
- How long are web-based applications still supported?
- Will Edge support ActiveX controls in the future?
- Is there an alternative?
I would appreciate if there were sound answers to the above questions.

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A user has resized a window within a hosted web application to the point where it is exactly OK/too small, meaning it flickers back and forth between having scroll bars and not. While it is in this state, it essentially freezes out any other [COLOR=green !important][COLOR=green !important]commands[/COLOR][/COLOR] in the window or ability to resize it. Are there any ways to interupt this, delete application window size preferences or other ideas? I know this is data that is stored locally as I can execute the same functions on another PC sucessfully. This is viewing of a web hosted PC based medical application by a standard PC running Windows 7, IE9. Is there a way to delete user preferences for the application so it will default to orginal window sizing?


Answer:Re-Sizing of Web Based Application Windows

As a workaround, you could try a free program I use myself to automatically resize your different applications. I know how annoying this can be, in my case, especially for Internet Explorer.


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Hi im having trouble deleting a nokia pc suite program that i dont use, i have gone to add/remove programs, but the application doesnt show up, any ideas thanks in advance

Answer:cant delete nokia pc suite application

install it again.then uninstall it.

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Thought some of you MajorGeeks might like to have a play with this.

Index.dat Suite is a rather unique program that allows you not only to delete the index.dat files, temporary internet files, temp files, cookies and history, but it also allows you to view the index.dat files on your system.
Index.dat Suite's current features include;

-View index.dat files
-Delete index.dat files
-View and delete Temporary Internet Files (TIF)
-View and delete Cookies
-View and delete History
-View and delete Temp files
-Auto-generation of batch file to assist in deleting the index.dat files in DOS.
-Optional add to RunOnce registry key
-Optional deletion of swap file (9x users only) - NEW! In the V2.4.4 update
-Optional defrag after file deletion - NEW! In the V2.4.4 updateClick to expand...

Have a gander at it, or get it here.


*haven't tried it myself .

Answer:Nice little application...Index.dat Suite.

Hi Abby .

Actually, I didn't know I could do that.....thanks for the heads up.
I have a suggestion: Next time I find an interesting application/program, how about I send the required info to the "submit download" page as stated, and then post the info and where to download it here in the message board as well, until it is included in Majorgeeks Downloads......or am I making this too complicated ?.

Many regards,

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I am looking for some home design software for free, but haven't found any. I need something that will let my recreate a room and possible render lighting against textures and objects. I did a search, but didn't get the results I wanted...Any ideas?

Answer:Home Design Software (free)

Google does it again (maybe)Try this one...

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Hi,I'm looking to start up a simple e-commerce mail order business and am looking for some free or low-cost but feature rich, website design software and hosting packages a bit like this offering from hereA user friendly, template driven solution would suit me as my web-specific technical knowledge is limitedThere seem to be hundreds of service providers out there and it's all a bit of a minefield so any recommedations would be welcome.Many thanks,Steve

Answer:Free e-commerce website design

try web design forum?might get more help therejohnny

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I'm looking for the best, preferably free, software for planning homes. I had a tree come through my bedroom, courtesy of Katrina, and now that we're getting close to being able to rebuild, i'd like a way to visualize various ideas. What I've always done before is use Bryce to model everything, but that's kind of a clunky way to do it. I just want a good way to see how the house would look with the different ideas. What would really be good would be a way to, for instance, rebuild the room like it was, and have the program tell you that you'll need x number of 2x4's, and so on.

It doesn't have to be free, as long as the software is good enough. Any ideas?

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hi to all,
does anyone know of a free and easy to use web page creater for a first timer ?

thanks in advance

Answer:free, easy web page design

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Anyone know of any free website design software??

Answer:Free Website Design Software?

click here

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Can anyone recommend an easy to use, preferably free (or at least very cheap), program for designing a web site?

Answer:Free or CHEAP web design software

best free service is your own ideas put them on paper and then sort out what you want .timber

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Theoretically speaking, if different types of malware files where to penetrate past Kapsersky's protection and get placed into "Low Restricted", how much damage is possible under default settings?

Answer:Kaspersky Policy Based Application Control

Theoretically speaking, damage same as trusted group. Low restricted is basically trusted group in default settings (Automatic mode). Application control is for interactive mode, in which the prompts gets issued, then Low restricted is useful as much as the user knows.

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Hi, I want to assign a custom icon to every file type no matter what the associated app is. I can change individual default icons, but they get overwritten by the application icon. Is it possible to do this :

And if so, how ? (I want to keep the file associations: .css and .txt are still getting open by Sublime, .ini by WordPad and so on ...)


Answer:Change Icons based on extension only, not the associated application.

The following Microsoft Dev Centre page explains how this can be done via the Registry. (Note: I have not tested this myself in Windows 10)

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Hi Guys,
I tried developing a windows based voice recognition software & since we are at beta stage, we are giving away our application for FREE for next few weeks. You can download the full version of the app from here:
(Use Promo Code: FREE10 - To get lifetime validity From Register Button In App.)
Looking forward to hear your feedback / suggestions.

Team Automator


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Hi, I want to assign a custom icon to every file type no matter what the associated app is. I can change individual default icons, but they get overwritten by the application icon. Is it possible to do this :

And if so, how ? (I want to keep the file associations: .css and .txt are still getting open by Sublime, .ini by WordPad and so on ...)


Answer:Change Icons based on extension only, not the associated application.

The following Microsoft Dev Centre page explains how this can be done via the Registry. (Note: I have not tested this myself in Windows 10)

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Can some please give some feedback on these freewares

AlleyCode, Kompozer, Trellian WebPAGE ?

Answer:Feedback on some free website design software

Another good HTML editor

This is one that never gets mentioned, but it's free and really worth trying.

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I think the title sums it up, but I will expand a little more on it.

I have a web-based application that when I attempt to perform a function, brings up the IE11 context menu. The application's menu also appears (which is what I want), but in order to proceed with my task, I have to kill the IE menu via Task Manager.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a picture.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi All,

Im trying to install AT&T application which is a profile based application. Means it installs in the user profile directly instead of other location.

My Problem is user dont have the admin access, either i need to use my ID or administrator ID. Which installs application into Appdata\Local folder which wont be accessible by other users.
How to i enable the application for other users as well without providing admin access

Answer:Installing profile based application in other users folder

What ATT app is this? If it's for accessing the internet then that doesn't require any installed program, just plug in the wire or access wireless signal via icon in SYstem Tray. Any installed program beyond this for this purpose is bloatware.

But once we know what the program is for exactly we can help you better.

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HI There,
I'm looking for a simple windows service that I can schedule to run that will do the following:
1.  Search a .log file for a given phrase - "fail" for example.
2.  If this is found, send an email and alert (screen popup) to the administrators.
I may need to resort to a batch file do this, but I hope was hoping something already existed and I could have this up and running very quickly.
Please let me know if you know of anything that fits the bill.

Answer:Looking for an application that searches in a file and emails based on finding

This is a simple batch file if you have an e-mailer that lets you send from the command line.  I haven't tried this in ages on Windows, so I don't know which one(s) might be available.
You should take a look at the post, How to create a command-line toolkit for Windows, on these very forums, paying special attention to the "grep" command that's part of UnixUtils.  Grep allows you to do the kind of search for text content you're seeking with ease.  You can then either query the status code returned after the command or redirect the output of the command to a file, and check that its size is not 0 bytes, to determine whether it found what you're looking for.  A simple 'if' construction afterward to trigger the e-mail to be sent and you're done.
You may prefer to go with installing Cygwin rather than the UnixUtils if you want something more current and want to have a more extensive set of Unix commands available to you under Windows.

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Hi Everyone,

First of all just wanted to say how awesome its is to be part of the forum and supporting Windows 7!

I have an issue with loading up Cisco Unity Application Suite on windows 7, whenever i try to launch the program i get the windows 7 generic error "Unity Application Suite has crashed".

Now I have the dump report windows gave me:

Stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Unity.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4bde9894
Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.17651
Fault Module Timestamp: 4e2111c0
Exception Code: e0434f4d
Exception Offset: 0000d36f
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
I tried running in compatibility modes, no luck there.

Any ideas??

Kind regards,


Answer:Cisco Unity Application Suite Crashing during launch - Win 7

Having a fault on kernelbase.dll is a very common issue that can stem from many things.

First thing is that this is most likely a .NET application. You'll want to try and update and install any appropriate version of .NET. Also, make sure that the application officially supports Windows 7. If it isn't, then this may very well be a compatibility issue that cannot be resolved using the Compatibility options. Lastly, of course, check to see if there's an updated version of the Cisco Unity software you're referring too.

I would typically ask for a crashdump, but seeing as this is a .NET application, you'll need to set up some things in order for Windows to produce a good solid crashdump of it. Just go through the basic troubleshooting recommendations I just offered and if those don't work we'll continue further.

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I am currently helping a friend install Pro-Tools Essential 8 on their computer but upon attempting to run it an error occurs, stating:

"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc000001d). Click on OK to terminate the application."

System Information
Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 (2600.xpsp.080413-2111)
System Manufacturer: HP Pavilion 061
System Model: DW233A-ABA A520N
BIOS: BIOS Date: 03/19/04 17:30:05 Ver: 08.00.08
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3200+, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.2GHz
Memory: 1216MB RAM
Page File: 205MB used, 2791MB available
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)

This is on a completely fresh install of windows, there is no anti-virus or such of the nature installed (except for flash).

Answer:Pro-Tools Application Error

Mentioned here -> that IE8 and Silverlight had some impact.

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I got an e-newletter this morning with an announcement about the EAV free AV suite, but i can't seem to find any independent reviews of the software. There are reviews on CNET and ZDNet, but these are not by actual users (with a couple of exceptions). I just wondered if any of you have tried it and what your impression of it is. Thanks.

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Hello my name is Donna and I'm new here and need some help. I got the Antivirus Suite 2010 fake virus. I've followed the instructions to remove it. I get all the way to "Perform full scan" with Malwarebytes' Anti Malware . . . when I click on Scan it runs for about 4 seconds and then I receive the following error message: "The instruction at "0x7c91b21a" referenced memory at "0x00000010". The memory could not be "written". Click on OK to terminate the program. Click on CANCEL to debug the program."I've tried re-downloading the program and have gone through the process a few times and tried clicking on OK to terminate the program and also clicking on CANCEL to debug the program. Nothing seems to happen and each time after clicking one or the other I've tried to open the Malwarebytes program again to try running the scan again and I get the following message:"Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." I've been on my computer for a little bit and the Antivirus Suite 2010 has not been popping up again, but I don't know if it's gone yet. I don't think so. I think it will probably still be there when I reboot my computer again because I haven't actually been able to perform the full scan with Malwarebytes. I've used the program a couple of previous times when I got a different fake virus a... Read more

Answer:Tried removing Antivirus Suite 2010 - receiving Application Error

Hello DonnaFWelcome to BleepingComputer ==========================Download OTL to your desktop.Double click on OTL to run it. When the window appears, underneath Output at the top change it to Minimal Output.Under the Standard Registry box change it to All.Under Custom scan's and fixes section paste in the below in boldnetsvcs%SYSTEMDRIVE%\*.*%systemroot%\system32\*.dll /lockedfiles%systemroot%\Tasks\*.job /lockedfiles%systemroot%\System32\config\*.sav %systemroot%\system32\drivers\*.sys /90%systemroot%\system32\Spool\prtprocs\w32x86\*.dllCheck the boxes beside LOP Check and Purity Check.Click the Run Scan button. Do not change any settings unless otherwise told to do so. The scan wont take long.When the scan completes, it will open two notepad windows. OTL.Txt and Extras.Txt. These are saved in the same location as OTL.Please copy (Edit->Select All, Edit->Copy) the contents of these files, one at a time, and post it with your next reply.====================Please download Rootkit Unhooker and save it to your desktop.Double-click RKUnhookerLE.exe to run it.Click the Report tab, then click ScanCheck Drivers, Stealth Code, Files, and Code HooksUncheck the rest, then click OKWhen prompted to Select Disks for Scan, make sure C:\ is checked and click OKWait till the scanner has finished then go File > Save ReportSave the report somewhere you can find it, typically your desktop. Click ... Read more

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When we run ACT in windows 10,Its not showing compatibility result. Deployment column continuously showing not reviewed. Is this tool checks for compatibility of applications in the system?. If Yes,Please give the procedure to this. 

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Hello all,      AM trying for a tool which can monitor network and application and is a open source. I checked with nagios but it was giving only whether it's up or down and also checked with NetXMS on VMware server but not working well...  could any one please suggest if any tool is there.........Thanks & Regards

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I have been trying to set up an FTP server on my system, but due to the way i am connected to the Internet (networked PC through a router box) the built in fire wall will not allow me to connect from another PC.
I have tried looking for free web based storage but all the ones I look at are pay only sites.

Anyone have any ideas?


Answer:Free web based Sotrage


Take a look here:

never used online storage, but got them from here:



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Hi thinking of downloading 'Open Office Suite' , just wondered what people thought before I did? or what they might recommend?

Is it as easy to use as it states?


Answer:Best Free Office Suite?

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I've been using OpenOffice for a while but just reformatted my PC and wondered if LibreOffice or a different office suite was any better? I've personally never had any qualms with OpenOffice but my I put it on my Father In Law's machine and it continuously reverts the save type from .doc to .odf which he hates.

Any other/better options?

Answer:Best free office suite?

Google Docs comes to mind, but it's definitely not as feature-rich as Open Office or MS Office.

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Hey guys,
Just wanted to say how I'm protecting my system. I think with the right (free) security applications installed, you can be protected as if by a complete security suite. Best part is, you're taking the best of all sides. And did I mention they're free?

Basically my protection is

1. Avira AntiVir Personal - This antivirus application can do wonders in removing viruses and protecting your computer. It has heuristic detection which stands out amongst free antivirus packages and from my personal experience it works well with Windows Vista. Oh and did I mention it doesn't eat up much resources? (Scan once a day)

2. Malware Bytes AntiMalware - This baby is free, reliable and updated every 10 minutes, well maybe not 10 minutes but it is updated at least more than twice a day from my experience. This supplements Avira by removing items that are not detected by Avira. Now, no trojan, virus worm or whatever malicious software will ever cause great damage to your system (Scan once every three days)

3. Last but not least, Windows' default firewall will do the trick. Let's face it, we don't want anything complicated controlling our internet traffic. I mean most of us these days are behind a router which has a built in firewall already. I honestly even didn't run my firewall with xp and was fine with it.

P.S. Oh and since we're talking Vista, may I add that UAC (User Account Control) is also going to supplement the security of your system

Oh man too many tabs, I think this s... Read more

Answer:Free Security Suite

You will probably flush out lots of opinions & recommendations here.
Incidentally,why do choose not to include Defender?
What you are using seems ok to me.
Your best free protection is to surf safely & to watch what you click on & down load.

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Hi folks

Is it possible to create a decent free security suite for windows xp similar to what Norton and McAfee offer with the downloads here?

I am currently using Norton which will expire soon.

Answer:Free Security Suite?

I don't think there are any Free Suites, ie offering AV, Firewall ect.

If i was you, i would read How to Protect yourself from malware! and make your decision on AV and Firewall software from there, i would also get Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for "offline" scans for malware.

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I got a new system and I am restoring my old system to give as an xmas gift to a relative who has never had a computer before (but does use one at work).

Well, anyway, I want to install some useful programs I have like anti-spyware software like AdAware, Spybot, MS Antispy, etc. I also want to put a security suite on it like firewall/AV program. I have a paid-for copy of Norton Internet Security/AV that I do not use on my new system, however, it really bogged my old system down when I used it so I really don't want to install that on the old machine as it makes it so slow.

So does anyone know of a FREE security suite that has AV protection and a firewall? Is there such a thing? I know that it might be best to get a paid-for program at some point, but I just want to give them something that is decent until they do get a better program.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Free AV/Security Suite?

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Anybody out there using the EZ Armor Suite - MS offering it FREE with their Security Update CD. Is there such a thing as a free lunch?

My version of Norton Internet Security [2003] is due for renewal soon (any ideas how much 1yrs subscription is for this?) as I'm unsure whether to buy NIS 2004 or just update NIS 2003.

When EZarmor dropped through my letterbox, is sounded too good to be true. In my humble opinion, if it looks too good to be true ....... it normally is!

Any thoughts on this free EZ Suite would be welcome before I decide what to do. (I'm prepared to remove the v invasive Symantec stuff - I've already downloaded their uninstall tools, just in case.) Please advise.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:AZarmor Suite [1yr free] - any use?

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Hi just wondering what people thought was the best free 'Office Suite'? GOOGLE Docs? or any others?

Appreciate your views or comments

Answer:Best free Office Suite?

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click hereNot sure how good it is.

Answer:Free Security Suite

Another WinPatrol update available again for those that use it.Beginning to loose count of all the updates lately for Winpatrol.

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The 'Sysinternals Suite' Free...
If you've never heard of The Systenals Suite read the blurb before you download...
Click Here

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My problem: I used this tool some time ago that unregistered application dlls in XP. I'm aware of the 'regsvr32 /u' but this isn't what I'm looking for. I tried one popular tool called emsa but it apparently only works for ActiveX dlls which isn't the same.

If you know of one or a list of tools that will do the job then please post. Hopefully I can gather my memory to recall the name of the program I used once a while back.

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Looking to implement a free help desk / ticketing system for our IT department. Which one would you guys recommend?

Answer:Free Web Based Help Desk Software

Bengal313 said:

Looking to implement a free help desk / ticketing system for our IT department. Which one would you guys recommend?Click to expand...

Have you tried the ones joeten suggested as reply to your post at


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Does anyone know of a web based image gallery that is free?

It is for a school, and we have a hard drive dedicated to storing media (pictures in this case). We would like a web based image gallery for students and teachers to easily access and view the pictures. We do not want to have to move the pictures, so the system must be able to take these pictures from the hard drive on the network location. The internal web server files are stored on a different hard drive, and i cannot find anything that will work with these features.

If a teacher adds photos to the picture hard drive, it would need to automatically be added to the web based photo gallery.

We also need to have a image gallery capable of showing and listing multiple directories as we have different folders for different departements etc.

Thanks in advance!!

Answer:Web Based image gallery Free


Can you post some information about the internal web server? Running on Windows or Linux? Web server used? PHP support?, etc.

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Anyone know of a good Linux based app/OS that basically acts as a VPN concentrator? I want to be able to create VPN accounts and give them granular access to only certain IP / Ports. I'm not too fussy about the authentication method, but a standard Linux user would be great.

Anyone know of something like this? I currently use OpenVPN but I'd like to get more granular and be able to give accesss to only parts of my network to various users. This is a home based network. I'd be using this for varous development projects where I may want to give someone access to a certain dev server through a VPN without them being able to access the rest of the network. Technically they could ssh into said server then go to another part but that's a whole other story, and I have other means to secure that.

At work we have a Uroam, which is pretty cool, I'm looking for something like this, but free (does not need to be *AS* advanced, but you know). I don't care about web based access stuff, just want it to use a simple enough client where the user enters the server, user, and password.

Answer:Free linux based VPN concentrator

Will PFSense do what you want?

Also a great open source SSL VPN product was "SSL Explorer"...but a year or two ago Barracuda bought up that project and it's no longer free. However...a fork of it was continued under the name "Adito". Do a little Google 'n Sourceforge search. I ran SSL Explorer at our office for a while, was a cool product...pretty much clientless..done via browser.

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Microsoft announced ?lightweight? versions of its Office products that will be free and web-based ? a direct competitor to Google Apps.
The free products will include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote, and will be available to anyone with a Microsoft Live account.

Microsoft Fights Google Apps With Free, Web-based Office

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So I am doing side tech work on the side with my friends and we though it'd be a good idea to get some web based Helpdesk type software to track out work load, customers, etc.

Thigs we are looking for:
Web based (SQL for the database)
Able to create tickets and have the ability to search for past ones
Create cusomter contacts for customer information and easy access to that data for returning customers

Thats the basics. Seems like there is alot out there, but wanted to see if anyone here might have suggestions before I get head deep into a crappy piece of software.

Answer:Free web based Helpdesk software?

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(Not sure if this is in the right Forum )

I have been looking through the different threads on here and alot of you use free security suites.

I am currently using McAfee but it takes forever to do a scan

I have also been reading about Spy ware things but I'm not sure if McAfee does this too.

Can anyone recommend what I should change to?

Answer:Can anyone recommend a free security suite?

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I'm looking for a Free PDF Suite that can edit PDF formats and can run on Windows and Linux.

I see a poll regarding PDF Suites just below, but I'm just after Free software here and not paid stuff.

Is there anything like this that you can recommend? Or maybe I'm after a unicorn here?

Answer:Which Free PDF Suite do you recommend that can edit?

AbleWord is the only free PDF editor I'm aware of. Not sure if there is a linux version.

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Does anyone have any experience with Kingsoft's office suite (the free one)?

I was downloading Foxit's pdf reader the other day and noticed they appeared to be offering a Foxit office suite on their site. Digging a little deeper, I noticed it was basically the Foxit pdf reader bundled with a Kingsoft developed office suite. I went over to Kingsoft's site for a more direct look and liked that the suite weighed in at less than 40mb (compared to the 200 or so for the more feature rich Libre Office I usually use). I figured it must be a pretty lean and nimble package and that has a certain appeal to me. That said, I'll admit that I raised an eyebrow when I saw that Kingsoft was based way out in Hong Kong, China.

Just curious as to whether anyone has used any Kingsoft software and could weigh in with some quick opinions.

Answer:Anyone used Kingsoft's office suite (free)?

I've used it. There is a button on the main screen that ask you to switch to the paid version but otherwise it's fully featured and very similar to Word 2003.

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Relevance 50.02% what exactly is the catch behind all of this. I recall reading a PCWorld article on AOL giving away free software and services; however, this seems a little to ridiculous to give away for free. Does anyone want to pitch in any warnings or something?

Answer:Aol Giving Free Security Suite?

Personally I steer clear of "security suites" as I prefer to haveseperate stand alone programs, as a so called "layer of protection".And as for it being AOL well.... Note: You must have an AOL e-mail address to download this -- if you don't have one,click here to get one for free.Must have an AOL e-mail account??Thanks, but no thanks. I'll pass on this one. Just my 2 cents.

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Im just curious as to what peoples experiences are with benchmarking software, and if they have one that they can recomend?

I work for a non profit organization so... free is good.

One of the users I support is having performance issues and I question if his hardware specs are up to snuff. He is running a Xeon 5110. I think the people who spec'd out the hardware heard the word "Xeon" and thought everything would be grand , but this thing only runs @ 1.6 Ghz.

I did some quick informal benchmarks of this CPU vs my ancient laptop cpu (t2600) and my laptop pulled better benchmakrs so far. Considering the age of my laptop, that either means the benchmarking software is not very accurate, or the xeon 5110 is a really weak cpu.

So again, im looking for decent cpu benchmarking software that has no cost and will run on a domain.

If anyone can help that would be great. Thanks.

Answer:Recomend Free CPU Benchmark Suite?

You can look around in here for benching programs, many are free:

A pretty good one for just general testing is SuperPi

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I came across the Outpost Free offering whilst idly looking at security software and wondered if anyone here had tried it or has any other information on it.
It does look interesting as a package from a single supplier that should have no internal conflict that could exist between separate units from different producers, but does seem a little light in the spyware department.
Also the option of such a package may well interest someone here.
Any comments?

Answer:Outpost Security Suite Free

No one? OK.

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Hey whats up guys, :biggrin:

I don't know if you guys knew this ( because its not on this thread) I did not.

But Agnitum has a free suite?

Average User Rating:
4.0 stars
out of 42 votes

" Outpost FREE gives you:
? VB100 certified antivirus
? Best-of-breed PC firewall
? Top-notch proactive protection
? Light-weight solution, no slowdowns
? Up-to-date technology ? based on the latest Outpost 7.0
? Full compatibility for Windows 7, Vista, XP
? Full compatibility for 64-bit Windows "

Answer:Outpost Security Free Suite

I use it on my laptop and its awesome..!!

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I know this has been mentioned in this Forum on previous occasions but I think it's a nice post to perhaps close and make sticky. ?

[There may be better apps in each category; but this, to me, is an invaluable USB Drive FREE App toolkit!]

ALL FREE APPLICATIONS - Win XP and Vista compatible!



Firefox Accessibility Extension - Make Firefox more accessible
On-Screen Keyboard Portable - Easily access an on-screen keyboard
Virtual Magnifying Glass Portable - A full-featured screen magnifier

Notepad++ Portable - A full-featured text editor with syntax highlighting
Nvu Portable & KompoZer Portable - The easy-to-use Nvu web editor
XAMPP - Apache, mySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, etc in one package

DOSBox Portable - classic DOS games to go
Mines-Perfect Portable - a classic hunt-for-mines game with advanced features
PokerTH Portable - classic Texas Hold Em style poker at its best
Sudoku Portable - the wildly popular and addictive puzzle game
Graphics & Pictures

GIMP Portable - Photo and Image Editor

FileZilla Portable - the full-featured FTP client
FireFTP Extension (for Firefox) - a lightweight extension
Miranda IM Portable - chat with AOL, MSN and Yahoo users in a customizable interface
Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition - the award-winning web browser that's safe and secure
Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition - the handy email client
Nvu ... Read more

Answer:Free - Portable Apps Suite

I use a U3 Smartdrive ...

Actually, I only just got it as an Xmas present and only recently discovered what it can do ... one of my better Xmas presents. Thanks Ian.


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