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Cannot find my Satellite L655-149 in Toshiba Middle east site

Question: Cannot find my Satellite L655-149 in Toshiba Middle east site

I bought new laptop Satellite L655-149 with serial no--> 8A450311Q
more information --> PSK1JE-05R00XAR

before buying it i searched on Toshiba Middle East and i found it, but now i don't find it, and cannot register it in Toshiba site ...

please Help Me....

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Preferred Solution: Cannot find my Satellite L655-149 in Toshiba Middle east site

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Cannot find my Satellite L655-149 in Toshiba Middle east site


Why you can?t register your notebook now? Usually this can be done on this Toshiba support page:

Furthermore you can also register your notebook if you start TEMPRO. There is also an option to register your notebook.

Check this!!!

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I can't Toshiba satellite drivers middle east. when I go to the drivers page and find the drivers, I cant find a way to download them.
I have Toshiba satellite L40-B1251. I bought it from Oman. PLEASE HELP

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Dear Friends,

I have purchased a new model of Satellite (L755-M1E6) from Abu Dhabi.
But i could not see this particular model number in the UAE - Middle East website.
Normally we could see that the model number has the format - "L755 - 000".
that means after L755 - only three digits.

Here in my laptop it shows 4 digits, L755-M1E6.
support website shows model number as "PSK2YE-0E602UAR" as against serial number.

Can you please clear my doubt that, is it a original toshiba laptop? is it a discontinued model?
Or please help me to know its correct model number.

Please help me

Answer:Satellite L755-M1E6 - Cannot find this model on UAE - Middle East website


I am pretty sure this is a real Toshiba!
The model seems not to be an EMEA model though so it could be that it originates from another region of Toshiba - like Toshiba Asia.

Use your model number, the coplete PSK2YE-number you mentioned below along with the real serial which always is 9 charachters long ending with a letter (syntax 12345678A, X1234567A, 1X234567A or XY123456A - please understand that those are examples showing the syntax only - your letters and digits will be different!) and look them up here:

Link: []

If you enter the proper information there you should be able to look up your PC.

Good luck


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dear friends

Please I have some problems with my Satellite A50-109, I formated it and I cant found ethernal driver from toshiba site. The second problem I have with it again, it hang ever 5munite from the day i formated it.

Please I need help to solve it.thks

Answer:Satellite A50-109 - Can't find drivers on the Toshiba site

Hi Newton_1,

It?s nice that you have founded this forum and post here a little bit but some important informations are missing.

Which OS you have?
How did you reinstall Windows (Microsoft or Toshiba disk)?

Furthermore it would be interesting to know what you mean with Ethernal driver. Do you mean Ethernet driver?

Normally if you reinstall Windows by using Toshiba recovery disk you don?t need a special driver. Everything is preinstalled on your computer.

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Hi all,

I need help, I have Toshiba Satellite L300 - 17L; Model No: PSLBCE-00S00TY4. TOSHIBA EUROPE GMBH
I cant find anything on support site here.

Can someone help me?

Martin Micevski

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Does anyone have Toshiba Satellite L655-11G? If yes, then please how is it?... Value for money?... Good enough to buy?...

It luuks sleek, stylish n fast to me. I wanna buy dis laptop, plz help me in making the right decision. Shall I go for it or not?

Answer:Is anyone using Toshiba Satellite L655-11G?

It depends on what you need and what are you going to use it for.
For 99% every day basic tasks (for most users) should be OK.
I'm not familiar with the price so it's hard to say but if the price is also OK for you...

I had 3 different notebooks of Toshiba but not this one so it's hard for me to say more (I've only looked at parameters)

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Dear Forum,

I own a Toshiba Satellite L655-11U (Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit) and it's time to upgrade (Ram frequency?, SSD type?) it but i don't know the right components. Can please someone help me?


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I received a Toshiba Satellite L655 laptop in May as a gift and I have loved the laptop. But yesterday while just checking email and doing my daily things, it just completely shut down. I have not been able to get the laptop to turn back on. By that I mean than pressing the button does nothing. I don't here the fan or anything.
I am almost 100% positive the motherboard broke. How, I am not sure, possibly from overheating. Anyways, if that's the case then I need to buy a new motherboard. But before I go and spend a lot of money, are there anythings I can try to get this computer to start up again? Also, I can't seem to find what motherboard is in the laptop. Does anybody know?

Note: When the battery and power cord are in the laptop, the DC-in and power cord lights are white, but if I remove the power cord, both lights go off.

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Need acpi driver for Satellite L655-1GF and Windows 7 64bit


Answer:Re: Toshiba Satellite L655-1gf ACPI driver

You need to install all the L655 drivers from the Toshiba website to resolve the unresolved devices. The Intel Chipset and Value Added Package are the most important.

It may be easier just to run Recovery to install the factory image. Everything is already installed including various hotfixes, and you can simply uninstall anything you don't want such as the Antivirus.

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Okay people, I didn't know where to post that but since I'm not too familiar with laptops, I decided to post here.

I just recently got my new laptop, it's my first one, I really like it. You can see the model on the title. I've been noticing a few stuff on it that didn't really attract my attention until now.. The screen goes a bit like snow effect, it doesn't really ruin the image and it's not too obvious to see but if you focus closer on it, you can pretty much tell that it does that effect.. I don't like it at all.. I'm not sure though it's the Windows 7 that causes that, I plugged my 42" Plasma on my laptop and everything was fine.. Is it a problematic hardwear thing? Can I do anything about it?

Thanks for taking some time to read this, I really like my laptop but I'm a perfectionist, everytime I buy something, it turns out to do something that I'm not really keen of. Looking forward to your replies.

- Wael.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L655 1GJ (Snow Effect?)

I would contact Toshiba unless you've made some significant changes to the computer (drivers, programs). A new laptop should not have any problems.

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upon turning on the laptop the screen will turn white if you hold around the frame in certain areas it will sometimes work but then if the monitor if it is bumped or moved it will go back white....I'm wondering if it is a loose cable issue or something else. Can someone please advise me on this?

Answer:my toshiba satellite l655 laptop screen is all white

You could check the cable connector at the screen end but from what you've said most likely it is a screen fault. The connector at either end of the cable can give issues, as can the cable itself. Mostly the cable goes bad around where it hinges and often when you move the lid down to nearly closed you see the picture come and go or flicker.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Hi there,

I have a Toshiba Satellite L655 with Windows Home Premium 64bit. I have recently got into problems with my operating system. Unfortunately I did not know about HDD recovery option, so I just reinstalled OS with Windows 7 installation CD (i've got one).

Now I'm aware about HDD Recovery and I'd like to get my system back to it's original "Toshiba's" state, but there's no "Toshiba HDD recovery " item anymore in recovery menu (F8 on startup)

I still have HDDRecovery folder on my D:\ disk with 7.5 Gb od data. But how can I get it back? What do I need to install to have the "Toshiba recovery" item back again in recovery environment?


Answer:Satellite L655 - Get the Toshiba recovery option back

Hi buddy,

The Toshiba HDD recovery feature is only available on preinstalled operating system. If you have installed another version it?s not available anymore.

So in your case you would need the Toshiba recovery disk to restore the original factory settings. Did you create the Toshiba recovery disk before installing Windows 7?
Usually this can be done with out of box settings because ?Toshiba recovery media creator? is preinstalled. That means you need some blank disks to create the recovery disk.

If you don?t have the recovery disk you can order a new one here:

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To start, I left my laptop off for two days while away on vacation. I return home and attempt to load it and receive the windows error message:
"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause."
I am left with 2 options:
1. to boot start windows boot manager
2. to load windows normally

When I try option 1, at the bottom of screen there's a bar that says loading windows file and then the screen goes to a black screen with an arrow, never to load--even after a substantial amount of time (hours)
When I try option 2, it goes to the windows logo screen for a couple of minutes and then returns to the error message screen.

I have a Toshiba Satellite L655-S115
Windows 7 64 bit
My 1 year warranty on the laptop just ended, less than a month ago and when contacting Toshiba they note this. Upon a 2 minute conversation I was told that the harddrive crashed and needs to be replaced as well as windows OS ($200).
I just don't understand what could have happened because prior to leaving for vacation, windows was functioning no problem.
My laptop is not making any weird sounds. I just want to be sure their solution is necessary or is there any other solutions I could try before dishing out $200+ for this $600 computer. Also know any strategies getting around out of date warranty when right outside, within weeks of the warranty period.

Answer:Windows failed to start - Toshiba Satellite L655

I don't know if you got this settled, but it sounds like the hard drive might be okay if you can re-format and re-load Windows fresh

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Hello. I ran a factory restore on this machine. The restore seems to have run fine (although it never asked for a windows product key). The issue is that many programs will not update or install. The software for my printer as well as the game (fate) I am trying to play are among the programs that will not complete the installation process. Any thoughts? I sure appreciate ya. Thanks.

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Good day,
I have a problem with finding "support for my notebook". Either from TEMPRO link or www page.

Cant find even *Model type L655* on this web:
so i cant even find my 11Z version.

This makes my driver download very very hard.

Don't know, if this is problem only on the czech site, or if i should contact someone else.

Thanks for reply

Answer:Re: Can't find my Satellite L655-11Z on Support portal

Driver search on Toshiba support page is pretty easy.
If auto search option doesn?t work you can find it manually.

At first have a look at bottom side of your notebook. There you can find Toshiba sticker with notebook model name, model number and serial number. What you need is model number. For Satellite L655-11Z should be PSK1JE. Can you confirm this?

So just go to Toshiba drivers download page under > Support & Downloads > Support Homepage > at the bottom you can find link ?Drivers download?.
Visit please this download area and choose manually your notebook model. As short model number choose PSK1JE. Choose supported operating system and you will find all available drivers.

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Hi there,
Is there any way to debrand ATT 920 to make it have more languages than what it has now?
I need it to fully support Arabic Language.

Answer:Debrand ATT 920 to work in middle east

Flash the CV ROM from an Arabic country, I would think.

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Hello all, this is my issue with HP customer service in Dubai!I was in university working on my new laptop HP i7 6500U with 16 GB Ram and 4 GB Nvidia GTX 950M.I worked on it almost year, while i'm using it, it was stuck and i have to force it to restart by the power button.after finished my university, i took the laptop to service center, and they replaced the motherboard and hard drive cabel.when i went there i notice there problem with the performance but i took it back to home to make a full recovery and install all updates from windows and hp.After the battery being empty, i tired to charge it but it was written plugged it not charging.I gave the laptop again to them they told the problem from the battery and we have to replace the battery, i belive it was on 15 of JAN.until now i didn't recieved the battery and the customer care are lairs always telling the same and they told me only wait 2 weeks it will arrived, and i wait more than 5 weeks.and it's has issue with the performance. Here is youtube link for bad performance and not charging issue. Please advice whats i have to do!!   

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when wp8.1 update is coming out??? and will my lumia 620 have it???

Answer:WP 8.1 update release date in middle east.

Originally Posted by WPCentral Question when wp8.1 update is coming out??? and will my lumia 620 have it??? yes, your 620 will receive wp 8.1 but there is no official release date disclosed

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Is this phone coming to dubai or not? It's been a long time. Or should I order it from the US. I contacted the hp customer care in Dubai, they are not even aware that there is a windows phone from hp. Any idea about it's launch in India or United Arab Emirates?

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I am new to this site. I am posting here because today I started up peerblock immediately after logging into my computer and found that my computer was attempting to initiate connections to a strange IP in the middle east.
Here is a picture:

I am concerned that I may have some kind of malicious backdoor installed and beaconing out somehow. I just refreshed my Windows 8.1 install and then upgraded to the Windows 10 tech preview about a week ago. This new OS likely still has some big security holes due to the lack of maturity and testing, but I do not go to any new websites or install any strange software. I cannot imagine how someone could have subjected me to a remote exploit through my firewall either. Malware scans seem to come up clean. Running a whois lookup on that IP displays that it is located in Azerbaijan. The protocol is UDP though so it cannot actually initiate a real connection to the foreign host without using some kind of UDP magic. My firewall is stateful.
If anyone has any advice on even how to capture which program is sending this traffic out I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Answer:Strange Outbound Connections to the Middle East

Welcome aboard   Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2. SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me.NOTE 3. If you receive UNSUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEM! ABORTED! message restart computer and Security Check should run Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeList Restore PointsClick Go and post the result. Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) to your desktop.NOTE. If you already have MBAM 2.0 installed scr... Read more

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i live in iran and i cant update my phone .
i enter united states for country of origin .

Answer:Which country in the middle east can I get the lastest update of WP (8.1)?

Makes no difference what you enter. The phone knows the country of origin, you can't change this.

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The Rootkit powered Botnet "The great internet shakedown has begun, and to coin a phrase, it's clobberin' time."Yet consider what our team has been able to ferret out lately - A rather nasty IM virus tracked, jacked and nailed like a punk.
The "fake" Google Toolbar, traced back to IM and also tracked right back to 2003.
The notorious IM Rootkit, so hot they covered it twice in two days on Slashdot. Ye Gods.And, after further investigation on the AIM rootkit story, we are fairly confident we have located the group behind this thing and have turned the information over to the FBI and other federal agencies.What is scary here, is the potential for mass damage that we have seen through monitoring this group (based in the Middle East) nearly 24/7. They are slowly but surely building one of those huge botnets we all know and love, spread across the globe and it seems the lockx rootkit was simply the beach-head - the first wave. Naturally, we can only speculate and often researchers have to do just that - a good researcher knows their enemy, and follows a hunch when little evidence is on the table. They spread the lockx rootkit via IM, hidden in with a big pile of advertising software. As I predicted at the time, the Adware stuff was likely just a decoy, to distract from the rootkit that came in the package.Over 17,000 users were found to be compromised on a single server, and we found lots of those worldwide. We spread all new kinds of malware, self... Read more

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I wonder if someone know from where I can get a business database of Dubai, in fact, almost all countries of Middle East. The Database may contain following fields:

Company profile:
Person Name:
Email Address:


I would appreciate if any one of you could be of my help.

Answer:Subject: Business Database Dubai, Middle East

You could try google or

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I just want to ask that our neighboring countries like INDIA and Bangladesh got lumia 520 cyan update when will we got update here in Pakistan. ?

Answer:Lumia 520 cyan in Pakistan and other middle east countries

I am also waiting in Pakistan. I hope in this week.
Sent from my Nokia Lumia 520 using Tapatalk

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Not really tech minded so please excuse my ignorance on the topic, but don't know who else to ask about this.

About two months ago, I noticed that I was having issues searching some words on google using the chrome browser, but didn't put it together until now.

When I try to google words related to the middle east, my chrome browser freezes and then it asks me to kill the page. I started making a short list of the terms I can't google and they include: palestine, syria, west bank, tel aviv, abbas, gaza, islam, hamas, lebanon, hariri, muslim brotherhood, haifa, suez, mubarak, morsi, to name a few.

And my CPU goes up substantially, up to 100%, according to my activity monitor (not sure if this means anything).

I can google these terms fine on safari or firefox but not on chrome.

Here are people with a similar problem:!topic/chrome/2IoLYem-Bng/discussion!topic/chrome/ZQIP7010y4M

Not sure if you know how I might be able to investigate this further, but any tips you could give me would be great. Think it might be a virus but it's really strange and as I said before, not really a tech person and don't have many tech friends so this is difficult to figure out.

With my chrome, I have no plug ins or extensions that I am aware of. I'm on a MacBook Pro, about two and a half years old, on Snow Leopard (10.6.8).

I know I could just reinstall chrome and it... Read more

Answer:I can't google Middle East terms on Chrome - thoughts?

I dont know,I can search and get results for all of the words you posted as well as all of the words posted in the 2 links you provided.
From the links provided this seems to be a valid claim.Seems kind of strange but it isnt a problem on my end.

Are you updated to Version 24.0.1312.56 m ?

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Yahoo just bought Maktoob. Look likes they are trying to focus growth on emerging markets since they have surrendered the West to Google.

Answer:Yahoo Purchases Biggest Web Portal in Middle East

They didn't surrender, they were crushed.

They were also idiots for not accepting the MS deal right before their stock hit its low.

Yahoo is just dumb, and i stand by that.

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Relevance 71.75% experts have discovered a new data-stealing virus dubbed "Flame" they say has lurked inside thousands of computers across the Middle East for as long as five years as part of a sophisticated cyber warfare campaign.It is the most complex piece of malicious software discovered to date, said Kaspersky Lab security senior researcher Roel Schouwenberg, whose company discovered the virus. The results of the Lab's work were made available on Monday. Schouwenberg said he did not know who built Flame.snipResearchers at Kaspersky said they were only starting to understand how Flame works because it is so complex. The full significance will not be known until other cyber security firms obtain samples of Flame. The Lab's research shows the largest number of infected machines are in Iran, followed by the Israel/Palestine region, then Sudan and Syria.The virus contains about 20 times as much code as Stuxnet, which attacked an Iranian uranium enrichment facility, causing centrifuges to fail. It has about 100 times as much code as a typical virus designed to steal financial information, Schouwenberg said.More @ link

Answer:Powerful "Flame" cyber weapon found in Middle East

More gloom & doom:Meet 'Flame,' The Massive Spy Malware Infiltrating Iranian Computers Flame appears to have been operating in the wild as early as March 2010, though it remained undetected by antivirus companies."It's a very big chunk of code. Because of that, it's quite interesting that it stayed undetected for at least two years," Gostev said. He noted that there are clues that the malware may actually date back to as early as 2007, around the same time period when Stuxnet and DuQu are believed to have been created. Gostev says that because of its size and complexity, complete analysis of the code may take years.The researchers say they don't know yet how an initial infection of Flame occurs on a machine before it starts spreading. The malware has the ability to infect a fully patched Windows 7 computer, which suggests that there may be a zero-day exploit in the code that the researchers have not yet found

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I am here to tell you that drivers download links in Middle East website can't be downloaded.
Try to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Good luck

Answer:Drivers download links in middle east website can't be downloaded

Which drivers you try to download?
Which notebook model do you have?

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hi guys,

looking for drivers for toshiba satellite a200-1yo i remember having to go to a link that took me to another toshiba search criteria..maybe hong kong i cant remember...but in the model select this machine was there, but not in the usual tosh support site

appreciate any help please

Answer:toshiba site i cant find again...

ok i found it on my bookmark on another computer i was using

for anybody whos interested...(you never know)

go here

Laptop Driver Downloads:

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I need support(drivers and instruction) to reinialize my laptop PC, but it is unknown in the toshiba internet site. Why this?

Toshiba PcDiag report:
Data 2012/01/03 08:06:00

[Informazioni sul PC]
Modello Satellite M70
Numero parte PSM70E-01100JIT
Numero di serie Z5265264K
Versione sistema operativo Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2
Versione BIOS V1.10
CPU Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.73GHz
Memoria fisica 2048MB RAM
Capacit? disco rigido 80,031,974,400 [Byte] 74.536 [GB]
Capacit? spazio libero su disco rigido11,920,052,224 [Byte] 11.101 [GB]
Video Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family versione=
Risoluzione schermo 1280 x 800 Pixel
Colori True Color (32 Bit)
Audio Realtek AC97 Audio versione=
Rete Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC versione=5.621.304.2005 Indirizzo MAC=00:0F:B0:A7:7E:DF
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection versione= Indirizzo MAC=00:01:02:03:04:05
Modem TOSHIBA Software Modem versione=
Dispositivo IDE 1 MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ-841S Versione firmware=1.50
Dispositivo IDE 2 (Nessuno)
Dispositivo IDE 3 ... Read more

Answer:Re: My Satellite M70-165 is unknown in the Toshiba site

> I need support(drivers and instruction) to reinialize my laptop PC, but it is unknown in the toshiba internet site. Why this?
It is not possible. Do you know why?
You cannot search notebook using model name M70-165. On Toshiba download page it is listed by model number. Your Satellite M70-165 has part number PSM70E so please use it for notebook identification on download page -

Old models are listed in option ARCHIVE.

Please check it again.

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Hi, I need all drivers of my notebook but when I enter toshiba sites to download them exctly this link

I get this messege ((We're sorry. The page you requested is not available)).

I lost the CDs that come with my laptop I need to download that drivers as sonn as possible

Please help


Answer:Satellite A50-543 drivers not found in Toshiba site

As I can see the page works well. Maybe it was down for some maintenance activities.

For driver download you can use direct link

One more thing: for old notebook models you can find all Toshiba stuff in ARCHIVE section. It can be defined under ?Product type?.


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Hi All,

I am doing a clean XP install on a Satellite M70. This page lists all the necessary drivers:

Unfortunately every zip file I download from that link is corrupt, when I try to open them I get the following error:

"The compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted"

This is the case for every zip archive listed at the above link. The Intel display driver which comes as an exe is fine.
I have tried redownloading the files many times, from the NZ site too. I have tried the native XP zip tool, jzip, 7zip and winrar.
I have tried from Windows XP and 7 from both work and home. I'm pretty sure there is a problem with the archives themselves.

If there is anyone from Toshiba in here could they please have the files fixed or provide me with alternative links to them?


Answer:Satellite M70 - Driver archives on AU Toshiba site corrupt


Juts have downloaded 2 files form Australian driver page to check. Everything is fine, I can unpack the archive. Try to use winrar and disable Antivirus to check if it's blocking. Once, I had problem with Nod 32 antivirus, it was blocking archive files to unpack

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Two months ago I bought Toshiba Satellite L505-10V, but my laptop can?t be recognized on Toshiba support site.
Product number PSLS3E-01Q014Y4. Does anybody have similar problem?

Thanks in advance!



Answer:Satellite L505-10V is not recognized on Toshiba support site

Where you have bought your notebook?
Which page you visited exactly?

Do you need some drivers?

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Hello I am from Portugal and a wont to know why the toshiba company dont recognize the Satellite A100-208 (PSAA2E-03V031PT)

When i go to the suport section, my serie dose not appear, there is a problem to this series?

I need to know the correct reference off Batery and memory to my equipment

Answer:Toshiba site does not recognize the Satellite A100-208 PSAA2E?


You are right; the Satellite A100-208 is not listed in the Options & Accessories site?
Why??? Who knows? maybe the data base must be updated?.

But don?t worry?. As you already said the Satellite A100-208 is a part of the PSAA2E series. I have found the A100-204 unit on the Options & Accessories site and it?s the same series like A100-208!!!

So choose the A100-204 from the list and you will get the compatible parts and accessories for your A100-208

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I download new driver for nvidia video card from toshiba site, but when I try install it, I receive response what no supported video card found.

I install driver to A100-003 notebook.

Answer:Satellite A100-003: Cannot install the new NVidia driver from Toshiba site


that sounds really weird. Are you sure you?ve downloaded the right drivers for your machine? Which system do you have? XP or Vista?
Maybe you?ve downloaded a Vista version and you have XP. It would be useful and nice if you tell which system you have.

An other solution would be to visit this site:

There you will find the newest drivers which must work. But be careful before you install something and read the FAQ section on the site!

Good luck and nice weekend

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RE: Toshiba Satellite A30 XP Drivers

After several days of trying all the drivers on the Tosh Europe site and getting errors, I found the latest A30 Satellite drivers for XP on the Tosh Canada site.

Answer:Satellite A30 latest XP Drivers - found on Toshiba Canada Site

Hello Nigel

Yes, this page is very useful. I don?t know in which country you live but many drivers can also be finding on US Toshiba page under .

Is your unit European or Canadian one?

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I had to format my laptop last night due to a nasty virus.
I have re-installed vista using the recovery cd and have installed all the windows updates that were available.

What about the updates that come from Toshiba? Are they downloaded as part of the windows update or do i have to download them seperately from the Toshiba support pages?

Also how do i know which ones are most important?

Answer:Satellite P200-1EE: What to do with updated Toshiba tools on driver site


Does the notebook run trouble free after the installation from Recovery disk?
If yes, you don?t need to update any tools!

Follow my suggestion; never change a running system!

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I had to replace the hard disk drive in my notebook (Toshiba Satellite L50-C-,19P) windows 10. So when I try to put Windows back on my notebook it can't find the new hard drive. It says I need drivers for my hard disk drive. I can't find any on the Toshiba website and on other sites the ones don't work. Does anyone know where I could get the right drivers for my hard disk drive Toshiba MQ01ABD100?
If not, is it possible to buy another hard disk drive for which I can get some drivers? What kind of hdd could I use instead?

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Answer:Satellite P100-221: nVidia driver from Toshiba site doesn't work


On the Toshiba driver page you will find several P100 models.
As far as I know Satellite P100-221 is a PSPA6E-xxxxx model.
You have to choose the right notebook and then the right driver!!!
I don?t know which OS you use but on the site you will find XP and XP MCE

Therefore be sure that you use the correct driver.

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After a BIOS upgrade made under windows,my system doesn't reboot any more.F2,F8 keys are ineffective at power up time.The screen remains black and there is only some permanent accesses to the CD/DVD reader.

Can somebody explained me what has happended and how to repair if possible? Must i reflash the BIOS or something else.

Thanks a lot

Answer:Satellite Pro L300 doesn't reboot after BIOS upgrade from TOSHIBA Site

In my opinion something went wrong during the update and the ROM module has not been flashed properly.
According to people here in the forum, only an Toshiba service agent can help you.

But I found an interesting thread here in the forum which might be helpful to you.

Check the advice posted by user ale210 ?

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Hey all

I've had to do a fresh install of windows xp on a friends *Satellite A80* (model number PSA80A 05Z009), and theres a few drivers I cant find on the toshiba website, can someone give me some direct links to the following drivers for the A80?

Mass Storage Controller
Multimedia Audio Controller
Network Controller
Video Controller
Video Controller (VGA Compatible)


Answer:Need drivers for Satellite A80 - cant find on site!


You will find the Satellite A80 on the Toshiba European driver page.
But you don?t have to search in Notebook area but in Archive because the A80 belongs to a older notebook series.

You have to choose in Product type (the first option) Achieve.


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My keyboard just quit working.  I can point and click, but can't type anything.  Any ideas what I can do to fix this?

Answer:Can't type on my Toshiba L655 laptop

You might have a dirty or stuck key. Did you spill anything on it?Meanwhile, you can try an external USB keyboard. It should work.Also,  you could use the On  Screen Keyboard:

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My Granddaughter Toshiba Satellite can't find a WiFi net yet mine can connect quite easily. I click on the WiFi icon and it comes up "No WiFi available"

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Hi everybody

I bought a laptop TOSHIBA Sattellite from a supermarket, but when I wanted to download the drivers from TOSHIBA official site, I did not find my pc in the list of drivers or in any page of the site, even with the automatic detection, knowing that reference of the laptop is TOSHIBA Satellite C55-A-19K.

Now I want to know is that normal, or am I a victim of an imitation product.

Answer:Cannot find my Satellite C55-A-19K on Toshiba page

As I can see this notebook model was delivered without preinstalled operating system so I presume you want to find drivers, tools and utilities on Toshiba download page -

Your notebook model is listed there but you must watch which criteria you must choose. As you can see you cannot search for C55-A-19K but for Satellite C55-A with part number PSCG8E.

Please check it again.

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Hello everybody.
I've got an old fashioned 480 CDT here, used, but still works fine. Runs Win98 fine so far.

The Problem: The machine urgently needs re-installation, but I've got no disks for the Toshiba specific tools (i.e. HWSETUP etc.) which came originally with the laptop. (But a Win98 CD I do have!) Seems that they've been lost along its long way.

I didn't find a possibility to download these tools from the Toshiba support pages. Maybe I'm too blind so somebody can give me a link where to download the Toshiba Tools?

Where can I find these tools? (I did find the Archive section, but there these tools aren't listed :-(

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Where I could find Toshiba tools for my Satellite Pro 480 CDT


I looked on the toshiba sites after your problem and you could go to
in the menu Support & Download - Driver Download you could find a site to download drivers.

In the first drop down menu you have to choose ARCHIVE there is your laptop.

But there is only the Advanced Power Mode for W98 and BIOS update downloadable

it seems that the Satellite Pro 480 was only delievered with Win95.

It'll hope this will help you


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I cant find models like: Toshiba Satellite A300-1G3, Toshiba Satellite A300-15J, Toshiba Satellite A300-14s.
I look:

If search via google I get some links like this -

I want to now, why? It is models not suported or others reason.


Answer:Cant find some Satellite A300 models in the site, why?

I found. baShop=false&BV_UseBVCookie=yes&PRODUCT_ID=150448

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Hi guys

I have just removed Windows Vista from my Satellite P300 and installed a retail version of Windows 7 32 bit.

My question is now I have lost the Toshiba software on my laptop like the cd writer software and the web cam software and the toshiba Tempro, so just what do I need to download to get all the toshiba software that was on the computer before. Do I need the tempro software?

Hopw someone can give me some advice please

Answer:Satellite P300 - Where to find Toshiba tools?

Hi sam2149,

It?s no problem to get the Toshiba tools again. You don?t need TEMPRO to download all tools, just visit the Toshiba website and download all drivers and tools that you want: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

All available downloads for your model can be found here.

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I recently bought a Toshiba A300-16c but have been unable to find it on the Toshiba website.

I am trying to look to extend the 1 year warranty and there is an offer on at the moment to extend the Toshiba 1 year warranty on a variety of models but the A300-16c isnt listed and doesnt even exist on this website.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Re: Cannot find Satellite A300-16c on Toshiba website


Satellite A300-16C seems to belongs to the PSAJ4E series?
It?s definitely a Toshiba European model and as far as I?m not mistaken this unit were delivered in Italy?

May I ask you how did you try to register the warranty???

In your case I would recommend visiting the Toshiba European support page: -> Support & Download -> Standard Warranty

Check it out!

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Hello everyone!

I have a Toshiba Satellite L300D-13X

But on the Toshiba support website, If I enter its serial nr then it doesent get recognised. If I insted use the little software that are suppose to identify you computer model, that too fails to recognise my model. And last I tried to manually enter my model. I choose Satellite, L300D and then the closest I can choose is L300D-13J, but mine is L300D-13X, Should I choose the L300D-13J anyway?

Anyone who recognise this problem, I would be most greatful

Best regards.

Answer:Satellite L300D-13X - Can't find it on the Toshiba website

Hi Qwerty,

I don?t know what you did wrong but I can find your notebook model on the Toshiba website. As far as I know it belongs to the PSLC0E series so follow this: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L300D series > PSLC0E

Now you can choose the operating system that you have and download all updates! :)

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I recently bought a new Toshiba Satellite C850D-10H (model number: PSC9UE-005005PL) and installed Win 7 86x Ultimate, but i am having a problem with USB 3.0 drivers, i can't find anyone working.

I searched everywhere, downloaded some, but non worked. Also i cant find any drivers at the official page of this laptop in Toshiba site.

Can someone give me a hand? Any site or source i can downloaded drivers for this laptop?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite C850D-10H USB 3.0 Drivers, can't find them anywhere

Ok, i found them after all, downloaded the AMD catalyst manager and installed them through there and it worked.

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Yesterday i found the description about this notebook - Toshiba Satellite L500-17L but I cant find it on the toshiba's site. How can this be?

And there is a lot of information about this one on the web

Answer:Satellite L500-17L - How can I find it on the Toshiba website?


I have a little bit searched using Google and it seems that this is a Russian model so you can find the specifications on the Toshiba Russian page:

I hope I could help you a little bit. :)


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I cannot find the Windows 10 product Key on my Toshiba Notebook. Where is the sticker? On my notebook or elsewhere? Thank you for your answers in advance

Answer:Cannot find Windows 10 serial key on Toshiba Satellite C50-C-1JL

Windows 8 PCs now embed their product keys in the BIOS.

In the past, a new Windows PC would display its product key on a sticker, usually on the side of a desktop and on the base or the bottom of the battery compartment on a laptop. But with Windows 8, Microsoft has switched gears and now stores and encrypts the key in the BIOS instead.

Guess its the same for Win 10.

I've seen an HP laptop running Win 10 that doesn't have said sticker either.

Settings /Update & Security/Activation to display key onscreen.

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I turned on my laptop running windows 8 and the backlight lit up but there was no display. I could hear it turning on and the indicator light came on. When connected to an external monitor, the display was just fine. I did some research, opened it up and disconnected and reconnected a few things (which I do often) and closed it back up. When I tried to turn it on this morning it was unresponsive. When connected to the ac adapter the charging light will turn on but the power button does not turn the laptop on. I desperately need this laptop for school, it's beyond it's warranty and I don't have the money to get it serviced. If I can find the source of the problem I'm open to replacing said part as long as it's not more expensive than sending it out to Toshiba.

I've since taken the entire thing apart. The only things connected are the motherboard and CPU, both of which I've taken out and cleaned (fan was gross but I digress). I'm handy enough to be able to put it back together correctly and I know the basic parts, but I was hoping that someone could walk me though some troubleshooting as I put it back together. Or if that's not how it's done, maybe someone can help me take it apart in the right order to isolate the problem part once I get it back together.

I have high hopes that it can work again (as it was powering up just fine a couple days ago with the exception if the display problem) I'm just not sure how to ... Read more

Answer:Can't find source of unresponsive Toshiba Satellite

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I have get a Toshiba laptop, it is an old laptop, but I like it.
S1700-500 said the mark on the bottom of the notebook.
Model no.: ps170e-000ux-g3

It has a celeron CPU at 700MHz, 64+64M SD RAM and so on.

I have 3 question, if there is anybody can answer me!

1. Where can I find the service site for this notebook?

2. One memory module can be removed, how much memory can I place there? (If I buy a 512M notebook SDRAM, will it work whith it?)

3. It has a Ni-Mh Battery pack, DC9.6V and 4500mAh, it is an old one, and can not work with it for a minute... Can I replace it? Whitch models can I use? Has it any LiIon battery pack? In Hungary, where can I buy a battery pack for it?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite notebook, could not find the product


the European Toshiba Service Page is Http://

This Notebook runs with 192 Mb Memory max.

The Order Codes for the memory are :
128MB is PA3005U
64MB is PA3004U

hope this helps you

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I have a Toshiba Satellite U205-S5002. Yesterday when I attempted to start my laptop I received this error message: windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\system

And something about pressing "r" from the recovery disk. Well, I booted from the only disk I received when I purchased the computer and there is no option for repair. The only options available are to return the laptop to "out of box" condition, or to erase the hard drive. In addition, every search I've done on this error message references a recovery console, yet I cannot seem to find one.

I have several very important documents that I did not back up. Also, this happened after I shut the laptop down and put it in my laptop backback (in a nylon zipped pocket) and wonder if it could have overheated? I'm dreading the possibility that my documents cannot be retrieved.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Specifically I need to know if and how I can get to the recovery console (I've tried F8 to no avail).

Please help...


Answer:Toshiba Satellite Can't Find Recovery Console

Hi, and welcome to TSF!

You need to borrow a Windows CD because the Toshiba recovery disk does not have the recovery console on it. This will allow you to run the recovery console.

Moved you to Microsoft support/Windows XP

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I have a problem with my harddisc of my toshiba 1620.
I want it to be replaced but when i unscrew the back cover of the laptop there is no way i can remove the cover.
Can someone tell me how to access the HD ?

With all the best regards.

Answer:Where can i find/and remove the HD of a toshiba satellite 1620 CDS?


I think that the HDD at the Sat 1620 is inside under the keyboard. It is very difficult to remove and change it for an enduser, please contact one of the Toshiba Service Partner!

Bye Bob

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C:\Users\Michael Hoover>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Toshiba
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection 2:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 20-7C-8F-2B-EC-62
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PC
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 20-7C-8F-2B-EC-62
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::227c:8fff:fe2b:ec62%24(Preferred)
Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address. . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . . . . : 371227791
DHCPv6 Client DUID. . . . . . . . : 00-01-00-01-18-36-FF-26-60-EB-69-22-0C-22

DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . : fec0:0:0:ffff::1%1
... Read more

Answer:No network access. Toshiba L655-S5103 win7 I've tried everything!

Netsh release, reset, winsock, int ipv4, etc.
Downloaded installed realtek driver from manufacture website
Updated, uninstalled/reinstalled drivers
Used static ips

I know for a fact its not the router cause I have other computers, tabs, phone working on it. What do I need to do?

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HI all, The DVD-RW drive in our Toshiba L655d-S5159 seems to have gone caput. We have only had it a year but it does get used alot.
It will only read some of our dvds now , other DVD's it refuses to even recognize the format or says media is unreadable even though there is no visible damage to the disk. I have run malwarebytes,superantispyware, ccleaner,spybot s&d, avast, microsoft online seurity scanner, and hijackthis with no results other than spyware.
Device manager says it is working fine. I uninstalled from device manager and rebooted. Same thing. Could not find updated drivers for it.
Microsoft Fixit say media is unreadable or unknown format but the disk plays fine in our other Toshiba L505. Some movies start right up in VLC other dvds cannot be read. Some of our burnt movie backups work great while the original dvd cant even be "read" It burns just fine and every cd we put in so far reads fine. Dont think it is codecs issue cause an older original StarWars DVD wont read at all in it. If a game is put in it can read it but the autorun does not start up.I check autoplay and it says to load game or for DVDs play with VLC.
I edited the registry to get rid of the filters(there was only an upper) this did not really help. When any disk is inserted the drive really thinks long and hard about it all this leading me to the conclusion that we need a new disk drive.
Toshiba has been remarkably unhelpful saying our warranty expired 3 weeks ago.
After saying... Read more

Answer:Advice on replacing Toshiba L655 laptop DVD burner

The Optical drive is held in by one screw, usually located under a bottom cover. Open the tray and when you remove that screw, just pull the drive out. There should be a part number on the drive label. Use this number to locate a replacement drive. The drive's plastic bezel can be removed and placed on the replacement drive, so you can purchase a much cheaper drive that doesn't have a bezel installed. EBay is a good source

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I want to wipe my Satellite A210 clean, and do a fresh install of Windows7.

I found the Toshiba_Windows7_Drivers, but where do I find the installation-package of the software that was originally bundled on the laptop?

Thanks, Willem

Answer:Re: Satellite A210 - Where to find Toshiba bundled software?


Have a look here, please

The drivers and utilities are all there

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I cant find my product "Satellite c660- 20L , why is that?

Thank you and the faster the response the better.

-----ahmad sakr------

Answer:I can't find Satellite C660-20L on Toshiba support page?

You mean you cannot find it on Toshiba download page - ?

Your notebook has model name and model number. For your notebook it is PSC1LE. Can you find it?

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What is it with Toshiba? The part number is clearly printed on the label on the underside of the laptop but the corresponding part number appears nowhere on the Toshiba support pages. This seems to occur with most Toshiba laptops that I have ever had anything to do with. Trying to find drivers, BIOS etc is a real PITA. I'm trying to find downloads for a Satellite L500 PSLS6A-00X013 but it doesn't show up any where. The serial number search is as useless as the part number search. Am I missing something?

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Hello all. I am very new here. By very new I mean this is my first time posting on a Tech forum. I very often search for answers and appears a lot with solutions to practically every question I can think of.
Today I am stumped and running short on time.

My colleague from work, who is quite poor with computers and setting up and stuff, so I told him I would help him by removing Vista from his system and installing windows XP.
I know that this day and age I should be upgrading him to Windows 7, but I dont have that CD.

What I have done is this:

Installed a Windows XP Professional for a DELL onto his Toshiba Satellite A100-033.
I already knew (thanks to forums) that I would need to install the drivers for many of the devices after Windows XP installed. Oh I should mention, When installing XP I deleted the partition that originally hosted Vista, and formatted the drive to NTSF (forgive me if the arconym isnt exactly correct).
After installing XP, I searched Device Manager for the yellow ? marks. I currently have 7 yellows:

+ ? Other devices
- ? Ethernet Controller
- ? Ethernet Controller
- ? Mass Storage Controller
- ? PCI Device
- ? SM Bus Controller
- ? Video Controller
- ? Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

I have searched tirelessly for the drivers.
Toshiba website said thhis model is discontinued.
However, I thought I could find them somewhere else in the WWWeb.
Unfortunately I could not.
I found some unlicensed program which suppose... Read more

Answer:Need to find Toshiba Satellite A100-033 drivers? Do they still exist?

If the PC you are working on was bought with Vista pre-installed on, then installing XP should be ok as far as the hardware is concerned.
You can try a program to automatically do the searching for you, but it's not always 100% correct, and you may be left with a few to find.
This one seems to work fairly well;
You will need the product key that was supplied with the installation disc, to activate windows.
You should be able to get the Video card driver from either Nvidia or AMD (or SIS), from the information in 'Device manager'. the 'update driver' option can work, but sometimes has been known to download an old version of the driver.

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recently I had installed Windows 7 64Bit version and now I cannot find all the Toshiba Utilites that I had, when I bought the Laptop opererting with originaly Vista.

Please can someone help me.

Thanks In advance.

Answer:Cannot find Toshiba Utilities for Satellite P300 Win 7 64bit


May I ask you why you are looking for this ?Toshiba Utilities??
Are some notebook features no available?

In my opinion you don?t need Toshiba Utilities if you are using Win 7.
I have installed Win 7 and everything what I needed, was the VAP (value added package).

This package contains some tools and utilities.
If you want to use FN keys, then you should install additionally Toshiba Flash Cards Utility? such utility is not released for all notebooks models? so try to install such tool released for example for; Toshiba Satellite L500

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I have a Toshiba laptop model- Satellite M70 and i could not able to find a sound driver for it ,could you help please?

Answer:Solved: Could't find sound driver Toshiba Satellite M70

It isn't on the Toshiba website and I'm not familiar with this one:

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Good day Everyone ...

My laptop has been formatted and they can don't know how to install the original software / driver of may Toshiba Laptop Satellite C50-A481I want to have this original software/ application for my Laptop (Notebook???)

TOSHIBA Desktop Assist
TOSHIBA Display Utility
TOSHIBA Eco Utility?
TOSHIBA Function Key
TOSHIBA Media Player by sMedio TrueLink+
TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor
TOSHIBA System Settings

Can you Help me. Please

Thanks.. Admin/Everyone

Answer:Satellite C50-A481 - Where to find Toshiba bundled software

Go to Toshiba EU driver page and choose:

NotebookSatelliteSatellite C50-AAll<your OS>

Here the link to the driver website:

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My Toshiba T110 netbook came with Windows 7 home, 64bit preinstalled.
I have some critical applications which will only run under the 32bit version so I have to downgrade.

I have ordered a 500Gb hard disc to install the 32 bit version (keeping the original disc for returning to 64bit if required in the future, since no installation discs were supplied, just a recovery partition). My expected difficulty will be adding the Toshiba specific programs for activating eco mode, switching WiFi and bluetooth via function keys etc. and sleep & charge etc.

Are the installation files for these programs available somewhere? and if so in 32bit versions?

Answer:Satellite T110: Where to find Toshiba software for Win 64bit


Visit Toshiba support page and download area there and check what operating systems are support and what Toshiba stuff is offered for your notebook model. > Support & Downloads > Support Homepage > Drivers download

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I am trying to find drivers for this product of your Toshiba Satellite A660-167 (PSAW3E-04P009B3)

Thank you in advance.


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This is an fyi for Toshiba Laptop users that may encounter problems in uninstalling the recent Windows update KB2982791 that was deployed on the last "patch" Tuesday 08/12/14 .
According to earlier MS published statements, update KB2982791 can be problematic.  There's a thread here with detailed information on that issue.
Today, MS began distributing a replacement update KB2993651 . 
One of my Win 7x64 PC's, my Desktop PC (component-built, Asus MoBo)  downloaded the update.  I went ahead and followed MS's advice* to uninstall the previous KB2982791 update, even though there had been no problems seen with that update, before installing the new update KB2993651 .
All appears to have gone well with my Desktop PC.  I uninstalled KB2982791 and installed the new replacement KB2993651 .
I tried the same steps on my Toshiba Laptop L655 (Win 7x64) and ran into the "Preparing to Configure Windows.  Do not turn off the computer"  hanging screen.  I allowed it to sit for about 30 minutes but the HDD activity LED was hung.
I forced the shutdown (power switch pressed and held down).  Upon reboot, the expected "Safe Mode/Repair" choice screen appeared.  I started Safe Mode and Windows did all the work for me, messaging "Update failed, reverting update".... not verbatim wording but that's the basic message that was displayed on the Safe Mode blue Windows startup screen.
&... Read more

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i have a toshiba satellite a85-s107, part no. psa82u-00r004z. serial no. 65430273k.
problem is i cannot find it on the toshoba web page obviously then nor the drivers.
it is a factory reconditioned laptop and i think it has come from america as it states the warranty applies in united states only.

anyone know where the drivers are for this machine? please

Answer:Satellite A85-S107 has no model number that I can find on Toshiba web page


All drivers you need you can find on Toshiba US download page under


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I have Toshiba Satellite C650D notebook i want to know that when i go into recovery menue by pressing F8 i can not find the toshiba recovery option there as before the installation of windows.

The hidden recovery disk which is of 10GB still has the data of 10GB
How can i access this to recover my factoryt settings?
Can i rocover from hidden partition now or it is corrupted?
if corrupted how can i purchase online backup recovery from asia pacific region?

i found the link on the forum to purchase recovery disc but it is for euorope i want to find it in asia pacific region??

Answer:Satellite C650D - pressing F8 i can not find the toshiba recovery option


If you are not able to recover the notebook using the HDD recovery, then you will have to recover the notebook using Recovery disk.
It seems that you didn?t create the disk in the past? right? Well, this was not a good idea?

However, the Satellite C650 is European notebook series. Right?
In such case you will need the Recovery disk for the European series and this can be ordered here:

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I have a laptop Toshiba L500-1UU Short model no: PSLS9E. Initially my product had a short model number in the Toshiba support page.

but I can not find now, removed from the list. Toshiba does not support this product?

Answer:I can not find Satellite L500-1UU PSLS9E on Toshiba support page


What do you mean exactly by ?Toshiba does not support this product??
I found Toshiba drivers for this notebook model? so this means that Toshiba DOES support this model.

You can find the drivers on the Toshiba European driver page:

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When I purchased my Satellite Pro A120 it had on its keyboard a large circular red label - `Test it! Toshiba Easy Guard' and 'Toshiba Assist Button' but I cannot find the Toshiba Assist Button on my laptop.

Has anybody found how to access this?

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - Where to find the Toshiba Easy Guard & Assist Button


Toshiba Easy Guard is not a single too but a collection of different notebook properties which secures your notebook.
Check this Toshiba page about easy guard:

The Toshiba Assist button would start the Toshiba Assist tool:

You can optimize the button in this way:
1. Launch the Toshiba Assist utility using one of the methods described above.
2. From the left hand side of the Toshiba Assist window, click the OPTIMIZE tab.
3. Within the Optimize window, click the TOSHIBA Button Controls icon.
4. Within the Toshiba Controls Properties window, ensure that TOSHIBA Assist is selected from within the drop-down menu list and then click OK.
5. Close the TOSHIBA Assist window.

Check this:

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I have support problems with my notebook..
When I try to get support or register my Satellite, I can find my model number/serial number on any toshiba site.

When i try to valide serial number; i get this: "Spiacenti! Il numero di serie non esiste." Why???
I need drivers and software.. but i can't find it..

Model No: L500-158
Serial No: 89434057K
Part No: PSLJ3E-028023IT

Please help..

p.s. sorry for my bad English..

Answer:Satellite L500 - Cannot find notebook model on Toshiba support page


Are you using the Tempro tool in order to register the notebook?
If yes, then you should update this tool to the latest version v3.33

Check this:
+Why does TEMPRO not accept my serial number as being valid?+

Otherwise the L500-158 belongs to the PSLJ3E series and all drivers can be found on the Toshiba European driver page:


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Hi there,

I bought my laptop 3 weeks ago, model: Toshiba Satellite A500 PSAR9A- 02s001
I bought it in Australia but i cannot find any driver support on

Any help?

Answer:Cannot find my model Satellite A500 PSAR9A-02s001 on Toshiba website


This seems to be an Australian notebook series?
I?m not quite sure why it?s not listed on the Australian page but if you need the drivers then you can try to use the driver from the Toshiba European driver page as well?

There is an Satellite A500 PSAR9E series which is similar (or same???).
In my opinion the Win 7 drivers should work too.


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I have a problem to find a driver for the multimedia keys (6 easy keys) on my Satellite A100-979. I have Windows Vista 64-bit and this Notebook should be vista capable. Can somebody help me? Maybe you have an idea, to solve this problem.

Answer:Satellite A100-979: Cannot find Vista 64bit driver for Toshiba buttons

>this Notebook should be vista capable

Of course it?s Vista capable. You have installed the Vista on the Satellite A100-979 and it runs.

You ask for drivers for Vista 64bit version? Well, unfortunately but there is nothing to do!
It should be common that Toshiba does not provide any 64bit drivers; neither for XP nor for Vista. :(

Best regards

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I want to run Toshiba Power Saver on my laptop.

I have a Toshiba Satellite --T2450-- A200, running windows XP and I really badly want to run the program.

I need massive help from anyone/everyone hehe.

I cannot find the program anywhere.
So could someone please find me a link that I can use to download it?

I would greatly appreciate this! Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A200 (PSAE0C) Where to find Toshiba Power Saver for download

On the Toshiba European driver page in ARCHIVE area you can find BIOS and Utilities for this oldie.
But unfortunately, there are NO XP drivers or any Utilities for this stone-age notebook.

Nothing to do buddy?.

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Hi all there

I have a Satellite L655-14D with 3GB RAM and 1GB dedicated video RAM the problem in facing is that the RAM used up even when the computer is left idle with no programs running in back ground is around 65-70% of the total RAM is it normal to be like this? please help


Answer:Satellite L655-14D - Lot of RAM will be used

Have you checked what programs are running in background ? In "Task Manager" you can see ( if you are using Windows OS ) how many every process uses of your memory. Check that and reply again. You can open Task Manager by pressin CTRL + SHIFT + ESC ( or CTRL + ALT + DELETE ). And i don't think it's normal that in idle state your computer uses so much RAM only if you are working with virtual machines.

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I have Toshiba Satellite L655 psk1je
My cd/dvd rom cannot read some DVD?s.
I try to use many DVD?s (some of them original DVD?s) but not working and it's working in my another computer so the problem is from my notebook only.

I search on the web to fix this problem and I found someone tell me to update (firmware) but I don't know what is firmware and how I can download it and update

Please help me

Toshiba satellite L655 psk1je
Windows 7

Answer:Re: Satellite L655 cannot read some DVDís

>... some DVD?s
It is always problematic to discuss when ?some DVDs? are problematic.
Have you tried to clean the lens?

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Can someone please help me I have been trying to upgrade my ram to 8gb (2x4gb) but every mem module i try wont work ( bios reads ram just fine windows wont boot or restarts after few seconds) tried several 4gb 1333mhz modules (kingston, transcend) which i borowed from an friend all were tested on different laptops and are in working order.

My original 3gb 1066mhz (1x2gb + 1x1gb) ram works fine , found this one : Corsair CM3X4GSD1066 but dont want to buy it before someone tells me if it will work ,any help is welcome .

btw sorry for my bad english , not my first language

Answer:Satellite L655-1CJ - RAM upgrade

You are right. You can upgrade your notebook model up to 8GB of RAM. Compatible 4GB RAM has part number PA3677U-1M4G. Use this part number to order compatible and tested modules.

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i had my fastboot enabled then my harddrive crashed. now i cant select my usb or dvd player to re-install windows because i cant go to boot menu or bios menu. can someone help me should i try that "jumper the b500 under your ram stick"
and i format my harddrive via sato to usb converters on my friends pc

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Hi all:

They damage the motherboard of my Toshiba Satellite L655-sp5014m and need your help to know if I can replace it with another motherboard of a Toshiba Satellite L755.

I appreciate your support

Answer:Need new motherboard for my Satellite L655

Replacement ?combinations? are not known to me but fact is that your Satellite has part number PSK2CU and you should search motherboard for this models.

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laptop starts after about 2 minutes window pops up, laptop is over heating (blah blah) turn off immediately and take to a service centre.

Any ideas, is this the fan or other parts, is it hard to fix? And is it expensive?

Answer:Satellite L655-16E overheats

I don't know which notebook model do you have and how old it is. It is not easy to say something but maybe you should just clean it up.
If the cooling vents and cooling grill is full of duct it can happen that notebook reach critical temperature in few minutes and simply switch off.
Cleaning notebook should be your first step before you contact service and check what can be done about it.

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My satellite L655 is not charging at all BUT it works fine when i charge the battery from my second toshiba laptop
also doesnt open when i plug in just the charger without the battery(no led sighns-no power at all)

charger works fine
battery works fine
tested on my other toshiba

It works only when i plug a ready charged battery.

Any help guys ??

Answer:Satellite L655 is not charging

> It works only when i plug a ready charged battery.

So it looks like there is a problem with power supply electronic.
I mean the notebook does not work even if plugged to the mains.
This is definitely an problem since any notebook would work without plugged battery but connected to the mains power.

Therefore I think there is a problem with electronic which is part of the main board.

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Guys ,
Please help me with this one ,

I bought an L655 recently and i installed Windows XP , dont like windows 7 .
I downloaded all the Drivers from this site which includes 2 Sound Drivers
1 . Connexat
2. ATI

But after installing XP none of my sound drivers seem to be working !


My Function keys , like Wifi , brightness + / - , Volume Up/ Down etc (All of them , are not working )

Can someone please advice on this :/

Thanks in Anticipation.

Answer:WXP on Satellite L655 - need some WXP drivers

Which Satellite L655 do you have exactly (L655-xxx)?

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The model Satellite L655-1D2 a sound very silent, all has checked up fire wood. If to adjust Audi smart starts to rattle at a sound of 100 %. Compared to the laptop of the friend Satellite U300-13M , at it shouts as abnormal and doesn't rattle.

Prompt please it it is normal for the given model or something needs to be adjusted, updated or added?
Thankful in advance for the answer.

P.S..: I from Moscow, apologize for the English.

Answer:Satellite L655-1D2 - Low sound

Hi buddy,

Well, first of all: Different notebooks have different sound cards and speakers so you shouldn?t compare it to other models.
As far as I know Satellite L series isn?t equipped with high quality a Harman/kardon speaker, that?s the first important point?

Next question is when you notice this low sound volume. Is it when you watch a video or with MP3s? What media player you are using?

I can recommend VLC media player. I use this player for years now and it?s great freeware tool and it allows you to set the volume on high level.

Check this!!!

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I recently bought a Satellite L655 with windows7 operating system. when i insert a DVD, it is not recognized as a DVD but rather a CD... and also not autoplayed for that reason.

I checked the device drivers and there is no "yellow flag" and seems ok... but when i open "my computer" icon, the optical disk is not listed in removable drives as a DVD RW but rather "CD Driver" label exists. i thought that the DVD player driver is not installed and tried to find a driver for DVD RW but couldn't find it. Then i removed the CD driver from the device drivers, restart the system and a CD driver is automatically installed immediately. but still no DVD is recognised.

Toshiba Tempro program does not recommend any missing driver. What should i do?

Answer:Re: DVD problem in Satellite L655

I found a solution at the address below;

"method number 3 " worked out for me and the problem is resolved...

? put this answer for the ones who might need it...

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I restaured my Satellite L655 Windows 7 with the 2 CD I created when I bought my
PC and now it is workinf fine.
But, when I get the PC out of sleep the fan does not start anymore.
The fan starts again only if I reboot the PC.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Answer:Fan issue on Satellite L655

To be honest I don?t understand your problem. As far as I know cooling fan is controlled automatically so it runs if necessary.
>... when I get the PC out of sleep the fan does not start anymore.
And what happen then? Can you use your notebook as usual or what?

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I am looking to replace my lcd screen because it's broken. The model Satellite L655-128. Can any screen of model satellite L655 fit in my model or it is specific for Satellite L655-128.

Thanks for any help

Answer:Need new LCD display for my Satellite L655-128

As far s I know all Satellite L655 must have the same display. Toshiba offers 4 different platforms for Satellite L655 but the difference is in mostly in available ports, different WLAN cards and other components but the display should be the same so if you order LCD for Satellite L665 you should get the right one.

It must be 15.6"(HD) LCD with 1366 x 768 resolution.
I just hope you will offer it by authorized dealer.

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Hey everyone,

my 4 year old Satellite L655 1g6 recently had some problems and the hard drive has to be replaced.
Does anyone know about a cheap substitute which doesn't have to be Toshiba necessarily?

I don't want to get an SSD hard drive, since that laptop is pretty old already and the cost for the ssd wouldn't amortize within the next years.
Would be very thankful to hear some opinions/suggestions :)

- Thanks in advance

Answer:Need compatible HDD for my Satellite L655-1G6

Generally speaking what you need is 2,5? HDD with SATA connector and such HDDs you can find in every computer shop. Pick up some info about offered models, capacity and prices so you can make decision which one you want to buy.
>I don't want to get an SSD hard drive, since that laptop is pretty old already and the cost for the ssd wouldn't amortize within the next years.
In my opinion it is wrong opinion. Using SSD you will increase notebook?s performance rapidly and have very fast machine. One day if you don't want to use this laptop you can remove SSD and put old HDD inside. SSD can be used on new machine.
For me it is the best solution for you.

Last year I?ve upgraded my 4 years old P500 with SSD and I?m very happy with it. The price was 149 Euros only. It is OK price. HDD exchange is not complicated and you can do it alone.

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How to use the recovery of my Toshiba satellite l 655?

Is there any topic explain that

Answer:How to use the recovery on Satellite L655

I assume you are speaking about the Windows 7 which are preinstalled on the Satellite L655.
Am I right?

In case you did not change anything on this default system, the HDD recovery should be possible.
In such case I recommend you checking this doc:
[How to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure (Win 7)|]

You can also use the Toshiba Recovery disk to recover the notebook.
The recovery disk could be created using the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator software which is always preinstalled.

PS: all this details are mentioned in user manual as well in different threads here in the forum!

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Hi, can anyone help me with this problem
My Satellite L655-1DT crashes sometimes when starting windows 7, BSOD lasts for one second and then restarts.
After restart it runs startup repair and after that it boots and doesn't crash.
Windows then displays following message:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 50
BCP1: FFFFFD00C0000E00
BCP2: 0000000000000000
BCP3: FFFFF960001791D3
BCP4: 0000000000000007
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Thanks for any help.

Answer:My Satellite L655-1DT sometimes has BSOD


To be honest it?s not easy to say something about bluescreen and I think such additional information like BCCode are only useful for Microsoft.
Here it?s user to user forum only?

Did you change something on hardware configuration or updated driver?

If it?s a software or driver problem recovery installation would help you to get rid of this. You should try it ;)

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