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Loud fan noise on Satellite L555-12V

Question: Loud fan noise on Satellite L555-12V

I bought L555-12V at MediaMarkt two days ago. The fan noise is terribly loud.
The fan turns at 70-80% with a CPU load of just 2 or 3 % when just surfing with firefox and no other open programs.

It sounds like a hair-drier. It's so loud you can't stand to be near the laptop for more than 10 minutes. This makes it impossible to work with.

I have tried everything. Uninstalled unnecessary software, altered the Windows power profiles, changed the Toshiba Power Saver settings; on ?maximum performance? the fan never turns off and on ?battery optimized? the fan is off for a minute then on at an incredibly loud 80% for a minute and so on. On/Off.

Is anyone else having these problems with fan noise?

Is this the same problem that A500 owners had with the BIOS 1.20 on their machines?

Will there be a BIOS update for the L555-12V like there was for the A500?
This cured their fan noise fault. At present there is no new BIOS posted on the support page.

If not I will have to take the laptop back for a refund. I would find that a shame as the laptop seems otherwise fine. However this machine is unusable for any length of time in it's current state.

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Preferred Solution: Loud fan noise on Satellite L555-12V

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Loud fan noise on Satellite L555-12V

> changed the Toshiba Power Saver settings; on ?maximum performance? the fan never turns off and on ?battery optimized? the fan is off for a minute then on at an incredibly loud 80% for a minute and so on. On/Off.

maximum performance means that the cooling modules would run with full power. This means that the fan will run always!

battery optimized means that the cooling fans will start to rotate only if the temperature would reach an certain level? therefore the cooling modules goes off if the temperature would decreases and would start again if the temperature level would increase?

> Will there be a BIOS update for the L555-12V like there was for the A500?
Who knows? I have checked the Toshiba European driver page and didn?t find an BIOS update for L555-12V (PSLWSE) series? I found a BIOS only for PSLW8E series?

However, I think you should wait a little bit and should check the driver page in the next time? maybe new BIOS would be available?


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since yesterday my notebook shows some Windows Blue Screens with the following values:
(no value or empty)

By Start-Help/Systemstartreparation were done some automatic reparations.

After System restart in securitymodus and anti-virus deactivated
were done the following checks:

a) chkdsk c:
The Filesystem were checked and no problems were found.

b) sfc /scannow
The Windows-Resourceprotection did not find integrity problems.

The System works just temporally and
after some minutes the notebook will be very hot and the ventilator works very loud
the System stop working,
the mouse stop working,
there is no activity on the System Drive C:
the System shows any reactions
finally appears the Bluescreen with PFN_LIST_CORRUPT.

Could you please help?
Thank you.

Answer:Satellite L555-10M: Windows Blue Screens, System very hot, Ventilator very loud

What have you done with your machine? have you installed some additional software or upgraded something?

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For a long time I?ve been having this problem with my laptop: When I have a Skype video call, watch online TV, or sometimes with video files also, the fan sounds like it's working hard, and people that I have video calls with also complain that they hear this annoying noise.

But lately it has gotten worse, and sometimes the laptop shuts down. I guess this is a kind of defence from overheating, mechanism (?)

How should deal with this problem?

Answer:Satellite L555-10R - annoying fan noise


If you have this problem for long time why you didn?t contacted Toshiba service and clarify this?
Is warranty still valid?

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Good afternoon.

I bought NoteBook L555-17E the other day and first day found problems with the sound. While listening to music, with built-in speakers or headphones, noise occurs (it is heard as interference on the TV) for a few seconds, there is still quite often, as I understand it maybe in the sound card ....

PS put the latest drivers from Toshiba site.

Answer:Satellite L555-17E: noise while listening to music

Sounds like there is an earth loop. If you disconnect the AC Adapter, does the noise go away?

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I have a new Satellite Radius laptop it is about 3 weeks old. the laptop fan nosie has become very loud and sounds like - pretty loud - bee in flight. Can anything be done, iits so loud that the laptop is almost unusable. Is this a common Toshiba issue, I did not notice the noise until today, I think it has suddenly become very loud

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I just purchased the Toshiba Satellite Z830 - 10J and am very surprised by the loud fan noise!

I read on other forums that the noise might be louder depending on the device or that a BIOS update might help slowing down the fan activity when the laptop is running idle. Does someone know if there is a remedy to the fan noise?

For me it is really impossible to work with such an ongoing noise!!!

Thank you for your help.

Answer:Loud Fan noise on Satellite Z830-10J

At the moment don?t think about BIOS update.
What you should try at first is to change ?Cooling method settings?.

Open power profile that you use (probably Balanced) > Advanced power options > Toshiba Power Saver Settings > Cooling Method and change both options to ?Battery Optimized?.

It should reduce cooling fan activity.

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I have a strange thing going on with my fan, she keeps making a loud noise despite the laptop is cool.

What is even stranger is when i play a game, the laptop become hotter of course and the fan start turning with high speed but with a normal noise, it almost disappears after 15min gaming or so..
and when i close the game the laptop starts to cool down and the fan starts to be loud.
btw, i opened the laptop, and i cleaned the every component, i disassembled the fan and cleaned it, it wasn't that dirty since the laptop is almost two years old, but i didn't renew the thermal paste in the cpu or the graphic card. but i dont think that matters since the laptop is cool when the fan is being noisy.

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Repost of question with link to problem, not mine but same noise.
Question is this normal

thanks for replies


Answer:Loud HDD noise on Satellite C670

It sounds really bad. In my opinion you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can check it and, if necessary, exchange the HDD.

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Hi ,

I have a strange thing going on with the fan, it makes a loud noise when the laptop is at cool temperature.

Other strange thing is when i open a demanding app like games, the laptop starts to be hotter of course and the fan became to her normal sound. when i close the game, the laptop gets cooler and the noise of the fan cameback.
i opened the laptop and i cleaned the components, such as the fan, and nothing has changed.
since the temperature is low i dont think i have to change the thermal paste in the cpu and the gpu.

tldr; loud strange noise of fan when laptop is cool, and a normal sound while opening a demanding app.

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Today I was playing my games, as usual until my laptop starting making very, very loud buzzing noises. I instantly turned off the laptop. Left if for a bit and turned back on. Again, extremely loud noises. I'm scared to turn it back on now. Im thinking it's the fan as that is where the noise is coming from but I can't be sure.

Any advice on what to do? Any one else had this problem?


Answer:My Satellite C855 is making very loud noise

On this virtual way we cannot say for sure what the problem is but I can imagine that cooling fan is responsible for this.
From the first moment when you switch your notebook ON cooling fan is active so I would like to know if you can hear this noise from the first second after start-up.

Is there some other kind of vibration?

Of course it is also interesting to know if your notebook has valid warranty or not. If yes I strongly recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba service provider, explain the situation and ask for help.
They can order and exchange cooling vent.

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Hi there!

I helped my neighbour to find a new laptop, and the whole setup and startup.

We ordered a C670-11Q and it works really well, theres just one annoyance.
The disc makes some loud clicking noises, not like a dying or working disc. It's the same sound as when you turn of a disc, just much louder. I guess it's the "disc reading arm" that goes into it's safe position.

I don't know if this laptop has a shock sensor to do this? The laptop was sitting flat on the table, and there where NO vibrations while it's doing it. There are no clicks while under load, but they occur randomly while idling or normal surfing/writing.

I also checked power saving options and disabled them to turn of the disc, no help.
This also seemed weird, because the clicks often occur several times in a row. But it definitely does it more when running on battery.

I'm running the newest BIOS and drivers from the support area (as of yesterday).
The disc is set to performance mode, i didn't test battery saving - should i?

And no, the disc hasen't taken any beating. I was the first person to turn it on.

The drive is from Hitachi, i ran their analysis - no errors.

Any help is greatly appreciated :o)

Answer:Satellite C670-11Q loud clicking noise from HDD

> The disc makes some loud clicking noises, not like a dying or working disc. It's the same sound as when you turn of a disc, just much louder. I guess it's the "disc reading arm" that goes into it's safe position.

One of my notebook?s HDD makes such noise too.

I?m not exactly sure why but I think also that this is the disks head which moves into save position.

However, I think that this is not really a malfunction since the notebook runs pretty well and I didn?t notice any problems with the HDD or the files? but I created a backup of my files? just to be safe ? you know?
I think you should backup the date just to be safe?

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yesterday I have buy the Satellite P200-1ft.

The problem: the second harddisk is very loud.
I never heard a notebook that is so loud like this thing, it's never normal.

Can I send the harddisk to toshiba or must I send the complete Notebook to reclame the harddisk?

Answer:Satellite P200-1ft: second harddisk makes a loud noise

Hi Uli

You cannot send only a notebook part to the Toshiba authorized service provider.
If you think something is wrong with the HDD then you have to contact the ASP in your country and the guys should be able to help you.

But note; if the HDD is loud then this doesn?t mean that there is a hardware malfunction.
My HDD clicks and makes some noises since 3 years but it runs well, without any troubles?

Greetings mate

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Recently my laptop cooling fan started running continously with a loud noise. When the screen is idle it stops for few sec and starts again. I have changed the power options to balanced in control panel but it didnt work. Even the BIOS is the latest one. Refering to discussion forums I have changed to 'selective start up' thru 'msconfig' but nothing worked.

It is 8 months old. The noise is very disturbing. Can anyone please help me in this regard?

Many Thanks

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - Cooling fan runs with a loud noise

Hi buddy,

> Refering to discussion forums I have changed to 'selective start up' thru 'msconfig'
I never heard about something like this?

Have you already tested it with battery optimized cooling method? Balanced power profile uses also maximum performance for cooling so you have to edit the power profile and choose battery optimized cooling for every power profile on battery and AC adapter. An information about all power plan options you can find here:

You wrote that your notebook is already 8 months old. Did you clean it in the past?

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have bought few month's ago Toshiba Satellite U400 and everything was perfect and i just bought it because i do not like sounds.
When i surf on the net i like it to be quite, but these last 5 days it has started to sound.

Toshiba U400 works and it takes out to much "Air" from the side and just sound all the time, even if i open IE or MSN or anything, and before it just did sometime but now it does often.

Please help me because this is very annoying and it sounds to much, and i do not like it, why has this start to happend now and not before? and what can i do about it?


Answer:Satellite U400 - loud noise coming from cooling modules


What you can do?
Well, first of all you have to ensure that your cooling modules holes are free of dust.
I recommend using the compressed air spray in order to remove the dust from cooling grilles and fans.
In most cases the dust prevents the air circulation which causes a higher temperature and therefore fans would rotate faster.

Secondly you could change the power saver settings to ?more battery like?.
If you are using Win XP then you should check the Toshiba Power Saver.
There you could set the CPU processing speed and cooling performance to a lower level

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Hello, My name is Maria and I am from Moscow.

I have purchased this laptop (Toshiba Satelite L 670-15) on 16th of december 2010 and from the very beginning I had problems with it. Before I managed to install any programs, it said to me: " There isn't enough memory", I couldn't install important updates and software was working very slow. I took it to the service center RSS and by warranty they changed a harddrive there and reinstalled Windows.

Later, approximately in a month, my laptop began to get hot, very bad, like iron and to turn off. My friend cleaned and blew the laptop with a canned air. First three weeks it worked good, then the problem repeated. Before the end of my warranty period left not so many time and I took it to the service center again.

They took my laptop and said: "Your laptop is getting hot, it needs to be cleaned, it is not warranty fixing and it will cost 1750 rubles (about 54 dollars). Is it normal? Why at least on the warranty period you can not offer me a free fixing? In the service center I was told, that there was no any other problems, except of dust, but I'm always using my laptop at home, it's very clean here and no dust, I use the laptop, according to user's manual and I don't understand how in such a short period of time it's getting so dirty, that I can not work on it!

I need this laptop for my work, but service center took my laptop for more, than 2 weeks, though I refused from paid fixing. After that I sen... Read more

Answer:Satellite L670-15 - Overheating and loud fan noise causing crash?

>They took my laptop and said: "Your laptop is getting hot, it needs to be cleaned, it is not warranty fixing and it will cost 1750 rubles (about 54 dollars). Is it normal?

I?m afraid the ASP is right and this is not warranty case?

> I was told, that there was no any other problems, except of dust, but I'm always using my laptop at home, it's very clean here and no dust, I use the laptop, according to user's manual and I don't understand how in such a short period of time it's getting so dirty, that I can not work on it!

It?s nothing unusual that notebook?s cooling fans needs to be cleaned from time to time. I do that with my two different notebooks from different manufacturers.
I use my notebook at home, the other while traveling and both needs to be cleaned. I use a simple compressed air spray to get the dust removed.
This is good enough to keep the cooling modules clean.

Here is a nice and useful document from Toshiba knowledge base:
+How to clean the cooling system of a Toshiba notebook+

But if cleaning the cooling modules does not help, I would recommend changing the settings in power management of the Win 7.
Go to:
Changes in Operating System:
Control Panel --> Power Options --> Change plan settings --> Change advanced power settings --> TOSHIBA Power Saver Settings --> Cooling Method

Here try the setting: Max performance.

Furthermore go to TOSHIBA HW Setup -->... Read more

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I am using a u500-1dr..i have recently encountered this problem

The system hangs and the speaker emitted a screeching noise...i have to restart the system..after i restart I get a message in system tray area saying " intel rapidsahre technology service is not running" ...

Answer:Satellite U500- System Hangs and Loud Sreeching Noise

Have you noticed this behaviour from the first day?
Have you tried to reinstall OS using HDD recovery option to see if these issues persist with ?factory settings??

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Anyone had this? Machine only a couple of months old. Just desktop usage. Has happened about 3 times now.

Suddenly makes very loud noise - more like a road drill than anything else - then crashes.

Answer:Satellite Pro L850 - very loud buzzing/drilling noise before crashing

Is this noise produced by cooling fan or HDD activity? Maybe both of them?

Of course it is not easy to say what is wrong there but I presume some background activity may be responsible for that.
Or have you noticed that some application that you use ends with system crash.

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I have just purchased a Satellite C670 satellite laptop.
Every few minuetes it make a loud click/clunk noise from inside, hard drive ?? is this normal

look forward to your replys


Answer:Every few minuetes Satellite C670 make a loud click/clunk noise

On this virtual way we cannot hear it and cannot say if this is normal or not but fact is that HDD produce clicking noise. It is not extremely loud but you can hear it.
Are you sure this noise comes from HDD. Does it click when HDD LED blinks?

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What are the main differences between the L505-144, L555-11K and A500-1GL?

They are the same price and seem to be very similar, with only small differences in processing power, graphics card and sound.

Which is the best model?

Answer:Re: Differences between Satellite L505-144, L555-11K and Satellite A500-1GL


I think you should take a look on the Toshiba notebook specification page and should compare both notebooks:

*Satellite L505-144*

*Satellite A500-1GL*

Satellite L505-144 has been released in UK and the Satellite A500-1GL has been released in Germany.

The L505-144 supports faster and better CPU, it has been delivered with Win 7 32bit and 64bit. It supports the nVidia instead of ATI GPU but the HDD is smaller 320Gb instead of 500GB?

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Hi guys,

I really want this laptop but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know when it will be available again?
Or when it will be available on this site?


Answer:I want to buy Satellite L555-10R


Toshiba products are country specific products and, as I can see on Google, Satellite L555-10R is offered in UK and France.
I don't know where do you live but this notebook has specific hardware platform and belongs to PSLW8E models.

Where you want to buy it? UK maybe?

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I have a new Satellite L555-11L since a week. It is working nicely except that if I left the screen open, the pc starts all by itself at 8:20 every morning.

I have checked the BIOS settings but I didn't saw anything like a scheduled wake up.
Wake up on LAN is disabled, wake up on keyboard is also disabled. I don't think this is a windows 7 trick.
Any clue?

Answer:Satellite L555-11L starts all by itself

Is maybe Microsoft Update set to be installed daily at this time?

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Hello, I'm interested in L555-11U and L555-11L. When will be available these models in Spain?

Answer:Satellite L555 in Spain

Notebooks are country specific products and all models are not offered in every country so maybe in Spain you will find L555-23I or something similar.

What you can do now is to visit Toshiba Spain support page and check which L555 models are available.

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Hi there,

What kind of cable do i need to connect my laptop with the television?

Answer:Satellite L555-10R Connect with TV


according to satellite L555 series specifications, it's equipped with Hdmi output. If you have Hdmi output on your Tv, you can connect using Hdmi cable

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I installed Windows 8 on my pc Satellite L555-11L. I want to know if I can leave it on the machine to avoid accounting problems. I noticed problems with the DVD and ati catalyst control center.
Thank you

Answer:Re: Windows 8 on Satellite L555-11L


What kind of problems have you noticed exactly?
Have you made upgrade or clean Win8 installation?

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I have a satellite L555-10R, Win 7 64bits, main board TOSHIBA KTWAA chipset Intel GM45/GM47, BIOS 1.9, CPU Intel COre 2 duo P7450;

I want to upgrade ram from 2x2Gb (SAMSUNG) to 2x4Gb (CORSAIR). Only the ram i put in slot#1 is recognized so system boots and detects 6Gb RAM. When i put the 2nd RAM into slot#2, the PC does not boot. It seems that it does not detects Hard Drive (the LED in front of the PC does not ligth during boot time). I cannot go into BIOS any more (even if i press F2 key), black screen, all i can do is power off.

I will appreciate your help, if you have any idea.


Answer:RAM upgrade on Satellite L555-10R


At first some general information about your machine:
Your notebook can be upgraded up to 8GB and for max upgrade you can use two 4GB memory modules.
Compatible 4GB DDR3-1066MHz has part number PA3677U-1M4G. Memory module with this part number is tested and 100% compatible with your machine.

If you check this forum you will find many threads like your one, where people try to upgrade RAM using Corsair RAMs and have reported about same problems. Obviously the reason for non-working machine is compatibility issue with these Ram modules.

The "value" RAM Modules use a lot of cheap chips utilizing multiple banks/channels, which can cause compatibility problems with some chipsets/CPU's.

I strongly recommend you to use high quality and 100% compatible RAM modules from Toshiba or Kingston.

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I specifically bought the Toshiba Satellite (my fourth in a row) to take advantage of the lovely harmon/kardon speakers.

I find that the volume is going loud and soft all the time, specifically going softer when there appears to be something in the music (or whatever Im listening to) that would normally go louder. It's almost as if it is trying to 'normalise' the volume. Whatever is happening, it sounds terrible.

I've done a quick search on thee forums and I can't see a solution. I have seen on the greater internets (simply google Toshiba loud soft" and it pops up) someone else with the same problem.

I've messed around with the sound for hours at a time and had absolutely no luck.

I'm at my wits end. Can some please help me?

Answer:Satellite P500 - sound going loud-soft-loud

Have you discovered "Smart Audio" in your control panel? - I no nothing about what it does but there are lots of icons and sliders to play with!
I also know that my "Windows Update" has nvidia high definition audio driver -August 09 sitting there as an optional update

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I have ordered this model from, and the power cord is like this: ldCategory=4703&OPTION_ID=119319&toshibaShop=true

The thing is that i'm from Greece and we have different sockets here. I don't know their type, but they are different. It's something like this:

What can be done?

Thank you

Answer:Satellite L555-10R - What power cord do I need?

Hey buddy,

Where is the problem? Just contact the authorized service provider in your country and ask for a new power cord that is compatible with the power connector. They can order it for you and I assume it shouldn?t be expensive.

Here you can search for an ASP: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

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My laptop doesn't boot anymore: the logo of Toshiba doesn't appear when I start my laptop (Satellite L555-10U). I think there is a troube with the motherboard and I read on internet I should do a clear CMOS but I don't know where is located the jumper of CMOS? Have you any ideas?

Sorry if I don't speak english very well (I'm french).
Thank you in advance! :)

Answer:My Satellite L555-10U doesn't boot

What happen when you press power button?
Is there any reaction?

Forget clear CMOS. Who knows what is wrong there. Have you maybe tried to update BIOS or anything else that can be responsible for the situation with your notebook?

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Good morning,
My satellite L555 L11 turns off very suddenly. It seems it s due to heat, as when it happens, i put my hand under the laptop and feel a too high temperature.
my laptop is 5 yrs old
what should i do?
thx for you replies

Answer:My Satellite L555-L11 turns off very suddenly

I think your notebook is pretty full of dust and I can imagine that cooling grill is blocked so your notebook cannot take a breath.

Believe me the cleaning can help. Best thing you can do is professional clean-up. In this case the notebook must be disassembled. Other way you can buy compressed air and try to clean it up.

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many key don't works on my keyboard, is it a pilote who is damage ? witch one ? what's his name ? or is it an other problem ? I have to do what ? please help me (sorry for my bad english :S )

Answer:Satellite L555-10U - keyboard problem


Does the external USB keyboard works properly?
If yes, its keyboard malfunction and you would need to replace this.
Is warranty valid? If yes, the part should be replaced free of charge.

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I own a satellite l555-123 which as of late, won't start (most of the time), not even without the battery and when on power. I managed to start it once, and what i saw was a popup that said "your battery is critical please change it as soon as possible" or something along these lines (but it normally got on windows and everything, it just couldn't last over 5 minutes running windows). I have 2 questions if you could be so kind to answer them.
Is it possible that it's not starting when it's on a power source without a battery on?
Which model's battery is also compatible with my model? Just to know in order to buy one

Thanks in advance!

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I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L555-10N and wanted to install my Windows 7 Pro x64.
I didn't boot the installed OS. I just put in my Win7 DVD and installed it. After I did this, I saw, that there are no drivers on the Toshiba homepage for the x64 version of Win7.

I tried to install x86 drivers and drivers of Vista x64, but I wasn't that successful like I thought to be. Like I read in some descriptions of shops, Win7 HP x64 is installed, so there have to be drivers for x64. I also called the hotline of Toshiba and they told me "no drivers on the homepage for Win7 x64... bad luck".

Can anybody give me the drivers, especially the Value Added Package?

Answer:Need Windows 7 x64 drivers for Satellite L555-10N

Has nobody an idea or the drivers?

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I have the following problem:

After some time my keyboard does not go any more properly. The keyboard forgets letter or writes twice and triply.
If I bring down the notebook and the accumulator out take and him afterwards reinstates, then everything goes. After uncertain time the mistake appears again.

Answer:Satellite L555-11Q - Crazy Keyboard


Interesting to know would be if you notice the same behavior on an external keyboard. You should test this to determine if it?s a hardware or software problem!!!

I don?t know what operating system you have but in control panel you can also change some keyboard settings.
Try also to remove the keyboard from device manager and restart the computer. After this the keyboard will be recognized again.

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Question: How to do a firewire connexion on a Satellite L555-10U?

Answer:Firewire connection to a Satellite L555-10U


As far as I know this notebook does not support firewire port.
If you want to connect an external device which supports an firewire interface then you should use USB to firewire adapter or cable like this one


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I'm interested in buying the above-mentioned Satellite laptop which comes with Win7 - 64 bit. I would like to install XP - 32 bit in dual boot mode alongside Win7 (I know the procedure).

I only found XP drivers for L555-10Q on the Toshiba Web site. Can I use those?

Answer:Usage of Win XP drivers for Satellite L555-10P


Satellite L555-10Q belongs to the PSLW8E series and Satellite L555-10P belongs also to the same series. So I don?t see any serious reasons why the driver should not work.

But at this time I didn?t find any drivers for Satellite L555 PSLW8E on the Toshiba European driver page?

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I have a keyboard problem with my SATELLITE L555-11L. I noticed it the first week after I bought it so I think it has always been there.

Description of the problem :

It is as if some characters were swallowed, quite regularly. It's not a specific key, it can happen on any character, approximatively every 20 characters. Sometimes, on the contrary, some letters are doubled.
It only happens when I write fast. And it's not always reproductible : when I have just plugged my computer, it works fine. It seems like it happens after having been plugged for a while. But I have not been able to evaluate that "time". Sometimes, it's pretty short (2 hours).
If I keep a key (any) pressed, the characters don't appear fluently on the screen. There are regular "jerks" (every 20 characters ? I can't really measure).
It's a really annoying problem, it gets on my nerves when I write an email, which I often do...

What I tried:

- it happens in every text field (in Notepad, in a text area in IE, Firefox and Chrome, in MSN, etc..)
- I'm on WIndows 7. I tried on a bootable CD of Linux (Ubuntu), the same problem appears
- I tried to write with an external USB keyboard : I don't reproduce the problem
- with or without the battery : same problem
- I updated my BIOS with the available update on your web site (from 2010.03.12 if I remember well) but it didn't change anything.

I wrote my problem in a frenh hardware forum. One person seemed to have t... Read more

Answer:Satellite L555 - 11L - Problem with the keyboard

Do you have a USB Keyboard you can test with?

Have you installed 3rd party drivers for a mouse? Sometimes their software can cause problems like this.

If you haven't installed much software, you could try running Toshiba Recovery to restore Windows back to its factory state. If it still happens with a completely fresh Windows install, there may be a hardware problem.

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My laptop keeps crashing, sometimes after 20 minutes, sometimes after only a few seconds. The mains works properly and temperature says 50% although the mouse pad and part of the keyboard gets very uncomfortably hot.

So far as I can tell I have installed all the 'up to date' drivers though why I have to do this manually beats me? All my other computers do it all automatically (i own and run a childrens nursery so i have many PCs there). I am beginning to suspect this laptop is a bit Italian, fab looking design but the mechanics are very temperamental the 'health monitor' showes no problems

I am a profound duffer with computers but very good with children
please help

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OK just looked through the history of the forum. Will try blasting some hi pressure air through it!
also today Toshiba says my serial number is not valid? yesterday they accepted it? makes no sense

Answer:Satellite L555-11K - Keeps crashing after few minutes

Hi buddy,

Theoretically it could be caused due an higher internal temperature because you wrote that the touchpad and keyboard is very hot. So I would recommend using compressed air spray to blow out the dust from the cooling ventilators. You should check this Toshiba article:
[How to clean the cooling system of a Toshiba notebook? |]

Regarding the automatic updates: For driver and tool updates you have to install Toshiba TEMPRO and check if Windows updates are enabled. ;)

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After heating my computer Toshiba Satellite L555 - 11K truned off and since then nothing appears on my screen. The computer is starting normaly but the screeen stays black. I have conected an external screen and it works perfectly. When I do FN+F4 nothing happens.

When I go in the device manager, there is only the external screen appearing, the screnn of my laptop doesn't appear at all. It's not been detected at all.

Thank you for helping

Answer:Black screen on my Satellite L555

For some reason notebook?s LCD is not detected at all. On this virtual way nobody can say for sure what the problem is. It can be display contact or display itself and this must be checked.

Question is: how to do this? Best option is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider, explain the situation and let them fix this. Now it is your decision what to do. Or do you want to fix it alone?

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I bought this Notebook about 2 Weeks ago.
Since Monday both of the CTRL-Key's are just like "deactivated" but im pretty sure, they are not damaged.
When i press both CTRL's (right and left) + v, this comes out: vr. Or with C: c3

Then i found out while playing Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2:
If i use the Wheel for scaling the Volume, the function of CTRL has been set to it.
This means: In Cod MW2 i use CTRL for crouchinng... now if i use the Wheel i crouch. Same in other games.

I gave my best to write in english:D
Thanks for help,

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Answer:Satellite L555-11U, CTRL Key's not working.


Very strange? I think the buttons are not damage but I think there might be a problem with the keyboard.

But just one question; did you try to reinstall the OS and to check if the button will work again? Are you using the latest BIOS?
Please check this firstly.

If the buttons will not work even installing new OS and new BIOS then it?s a hardware problem and the keyboard should be replaced?

I think this should not be a problem since the warranty is valid and everything should be done for free.


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I wonder if a Toshiba representative could help me. I recently (3 days ago!) purchased a Toshiba notebook (Satellite L555-11u), and have noticed a problem
with the keyboard. I cannot use the 'L' key at all, and hope that my hardware warranty will allow for repair of this problem.
I have verified that all drivers are installed and up to date, and that there has been no physical damage caused to the keyboard or notebook.
How can I arrange to have this problem resolved in Ireland?



Answer:Satellite L555-11u keyboard issue

Of course, the warranty will cover keyboard replacement, if needed.
In my opinion you should contact your local dealer as soon as possible. Usually you have two weeks (depends on country of purchase) time to send back your product. So try to contact your local dealer and try to get replacement. I am pretty sure you can get new notebook.

If this will not work please contact Toshiba authorized service and explain the situation.
To find address and phone number please visit Toshiba support page under > Support & Downloads > Find an ASP.

Good luck.

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Manufacturer: Toshiba
Model: Satellite l555d
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
CPU/Ram: 2.3 GHz / 3838 MB
Video Card: AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200
Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio

My computer has been freezing up lately. Most of the time the screen just becomes unresponsive and there are random,thin and horizontal multicolored lines all over the screen with a static-like-buzzing sound. It seems to do this when the computer is under some load like when I virus scan or watch videos on youtube or video chat on skype.

I was having this problem before and I re installed the display driver,sound drivers and wireless drivers and it seemed to work find until 2 or 3 weeks after. I decided to open up the computer today and check the fans and vent but it wasn't that dirty. I cleaned it out and hoped that the problem was the ventilation system. I attempted to restart the computer but it didn't boot. I thought I messed up something inside when I was cleaning but I decided to swap the RAM chips first and see if that will make it start.It did start but still freezing and now I get this message.


If this is the first time you've seen this error screen restart your computer.If this screen appears again follow these steps.

Check and make sure your hardware is properly installed,ask your hardware and software manufacturer for any windows update that might be needed.

if the problem continues disable or remove any newly i... Read more

Answer:SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Toshiba Satellite L555 Windows 7 bit-64

Is there a BIOS update on the Toshiba Support Downloads webpage for your model? If so install it from the OS not disk.

Since you've tested the hardware, what I would do is find a Win7 installation DVD to clean reinstall without the factory bloatware following these steps to get a Perfect Reinstall.

This is a vastly superior install to the bloatware which comes preinstalled on today's consumer PC.

Another interim option is to run Toshiba factory Recovery from its partition after making the Recovery Disks as a backup: Toshiba HDD Recovery Utility

Then follow these steps to clean up the bloatware as best as possible: Clean up factory bloatware

Other than that if you can't start it now use the Installation DVD Repair console or Repair CD to run Startup Repair repeatedly, report back results.

If you can start it monitor the logs for repeat errors and use the system resources to gather clues to the cause, plus work through the tests given here: Troubleshooting Win7

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I bought my laptop one year ago and it always had a problem with sound.
When I watch a movie or listen to music I get an intermittent buzz lasting for about 0.5 second each time.

It also happens when i'm using headphones and seems more prone to happen when the pc is multi tasking.
It sounds like if the computer is struggling to maintain smooth operations... like a digital audio stutter.

Windows 7 32-bit is my OS.

Could someone please help me?

Answer:Satellite L555-11L - Intermittent buzz sound

It is not easy to understand your problem. I mean, 0,5 sec is not long and for me not so problematic.
Does it happen once, just at the beginning when you start movie or certain music file?

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I'd like to acquire video from a camcorder with a Firewire cable on a Satellite L555-11L.

I just discovered there was no Firewire port and no PCMCIA slot on this laptop.

Is there any way to solve this situation and import my videos on this computer ?
Thank you !

Answer:Satellite L555 - video capture - Firewire

In my opinion you should visit your local dealer and ask for help. Obviously you need some kind of adapter. This can be some external device that has firewire port and can be connected to your notebook with USB cable.

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1) 2 months after purchase, laptop started screeching sound. Brought it back to Fnac, they restored the system. Now the screeching begins if speakers level is above 50% or if I plug in headphones with microphone. Making it difficult to use skype. What might be the cause?

2) Recently, keyboard became slow - Return key and space bar don't react unless pressed several times and "double letters" (repeat) will not work unless I pause first before typing the letter again -whichever letter). I tried to modify keyboard properties long/short, delay/frequency, no difference. Browsing the forum, I noticed that +users with similar problems also have a french keyboard+ laptop. Could it come from there? What should I try How should I set the keyboard properties, anyway?

Thanks for help.

Answer:Satellite L555-11L - Sound and keyboard issue

as I wrote in older post, I have the same problem with my L500D. I bought my laptop in Feb and after a couple of months it started to have the problem with sound.
The Customer service said me that it isn't a hw issue, but they did not give me the right solution...Maybe we could only resolve the problem restoring the laptop
But I did not do it yet and I'm still waiting for new version of ATI & Realtek drivers.

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If I play music with windows media player the last version and I opened any other programm my processor stuck/falters with to play the music by mp3. In the beginning the music from this notebook is not very good because it was not a really good sound , shrill, but that's my experience.
Than i put an extra program in it that makes the sound better and more real. It is DFX version 9. I also tried the the settings by windows 7 and WMP but without results.

Maybe this is the problem but i'm not sure. Why music stucks and after a few seconds it go on. Later if i try to make an other program when i play music it give the same problem, but i can not fixed.
Is there anybody who can help me to solve this problem? Because this notebook is strong enough about intern memory processor and the rest,but sometimes it is drama.


Answer:Re: Satellite L555-10T - Processor falters with to play MP3

Hi Sierras,

Have you also tested the sound quality on external speakers?
The point is that notebook speakers these times are pretty good already but they never have the quality of external speakers due small form factor. So you should connect high quality speakers from Logitech or Creative for example and test it again!

Furthermore I use VLC media player to play videos and music. It?s a very small media player that can play all files, never had a problem.

Check this!!!

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I can not find the driver for hd graphics 4500/5100 to update my PC
It is Satellite L555-10U pslw8e

Thanks max9z

Answer:Cannot find display driver for my Satellite L555-10U

I don?t know which OS do you use but all latest drivers for supported operating systems you can find on

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I have since 25.01.2012 the drivers from amd 12.1 on my Satellite L555-10m on it.
I have an ati radeon hd 4650 in it, but in the release notes there was the following:
The following notebooks are not compatible with this release:
Toshiba ? notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)

what does it mean ?

I would appreciate help very much.
Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Answer:Satellite L555-10m - AMD Display Driver Question

Notebooks are specific products with specific design and cooling system. Due to this hardware activity is ?controlled? by notebook manufacturer. All notebook manufacturers offer adapted display driver to reduce graphic card performance on reasonable level.

To high level on performance can produce more heat, overheating and even hardware damage. It is the reason why it is recommended usage of Toshiba drivers only.

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My keyboard became suddenly slow.
Here are the solutions that I have already used:

- Desactivate all applications in the start up with "msconfig"
- Remove battery
- Antivirus, antispyware, antimalware scans
- Starting up in "without failure" mod

Sorry for my bad english, but it's not my first language and there is no french forum support ...
Thank in advance for your help !

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Answer:Satellite L555 11L - Keyboard became suddenly slow

Does it mean when you type something in Office the letters occurs pretty slowly in the documents?
Have you noticed HDD activity at this time?

It is not easy to say what is wrong there but probably some background process can be responsible for this. Start your notebook in safe mode and check it.

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Satellite L555-10M


it seems the internal microphone (next to the web camera) is not working, because i can not record anything.
I have tried the windows audiorecorder application and skype application and any of them can record my voice.

The external microphone works very well, so i think the software configuration using windows and the realtek HD definition audiomanager are OK.

How can i check if it is really a hardware problem?

Coul you please help me?
Thank you!

Answer:Satellite L555-10M - Is internal microphone not working?

>I have tried the windows audiorecorder application and skype application and any of them can record my voice.

Did you test the internal microphone in connection with the installed webcam software?
Pleas do that because the internal microphone belongs to the internal webcam.
Furthermore you should check the settings in control panel -> sound -> recording tab
The internal mic should be chosen as default device.
If the internal mic is not listed there click right and check the options: show hidden and disabled devices.

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Hey everybody,

I can't install the Eco utility on Windows 7 Professional 64bit. After loading the files, the setup routine aborts and says "Unsupported BIOS". I'm using the latest version of the Eco utility (v1.1.11.64) and BIOS (v1.70).
In addition PC Health Monitor doesn't work too. The setup ends with "Not support.".

Any idea?

Thank you in advanced.


Answer:Satellite L555-110 - Can't install Eco Utility on Windows 7


Have you installed all other drivers for the notebook as yet or can you notice any yellow exclamation marks in device manager?

I have checked the Toshiba page and normally this notebook supports Eco Utility.
Does Eco Utility work on ?factory settings?? I mean the preinstalled Windows version or you only have this issue on current Windows 7 version?

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I bought the laptop with Windows 7 home premium.
Then I installed Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and my touchpad doesn?t work anymore.
I tried everything. I have the original drivers for 64 bit

When I make the auto detecting on the Toshiba page it shows me that I have a Satellite A200-17O. :/

Sorry for my English :D


Answer:Satellite L555-12V - Touchpad doesn't using Win 7 64bit

So what notebook do you have exactly?
Satellite L555 or Satellite A200-17O?

Did you check the device manager if the touchpad would appear as unknown device or as installed devices with an yellow exclamation mark??

I think it?s driver related issue? but from my knowledge the touchpad should work and you should be able to use it even the drivers have not been installed.

Did you check if the touchpad is not disabled? Check it using the option FN+F9

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The customer service in France didn't want to answer me, I bought a laptop thinking that customer service was serious. Once again I am wrong, I am coming from Acer and I feel to have the same quality of after sales service = zero.

So, I am here to try to get answers to my questions.

I have some problems for some time on my laptop :

*_#1_* - I am regulary informed of updates for Tempro. Currently version 3.3 is proposed. But when I try to install it, I have a message that said :

*Fatal Error*
*Installation ended prematurely after an error*

*_#2_* - Another problem when I start my laptop, it says the disc can not be verified. A window informs me of an error Drw10 or something like that.

I would like to thank you by advance if you can help me.
Sorry for my bad english language.

Have a nice day

Answer:Problems on Satellite L555-10R with Tempro and Disk


What ASP did you contact in France?

Regarding the Tempro;
I recommend setting the notebook back to factory settings using the HDD recovery options (press F8 -> Repair my Computer -> HDD recovery).

After the recover process has finished, update the Windows 7 to latest state.
Then download the newest Tempro 3.33 and try to install this again?

Usually this should help you?

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Hi all,

i deleted my partition D on my notebook also the HDD Recovery. Now my Question is how can i get back a Image on this Partition? I have a Recovery CD and i can boot from it but it?s only a Image for Windows 7 32 Bit.
If i boot from this CD then a Warning appears which asked if i already created a Image. If i click next then it will be format my C Partition.

Can someone tell me how can i create a new Image without format C?

Many Thanks

Answer:Satellite L555-10M - Partition D deleted and HDD recovery

Hi hardpoekel,

Why you deleted the D partition if you didn?t create the Toshiba recovery disk? Sorry, I don?t understand.

I think the point is that the recovery disk what you have now only contains an image of Windows 7 32bit. As far as I know on Satellite L555-10M is Windows 7 64bit preinstalled and to create a recovery disk for this OS you have to use the Toshiba recovery disk creator. But now it?s to late because you deleted the files for this disk.

I think to get back Windows 7 64bit you can only order a recovery disk from Toshiba:

You can use the current 32bit recovery disk without any problems but it will only restore 32bit version instead 64bit.

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I bought the Satellite L555-10M Notebook some weeks ago. the product describtion says that the graphic card has 1024mb memory and that it can also use the RAM. Now I noticed that it uses 1768mb of the RAM, but for me the 1024mb memory are enough. So how can I change the memory settings of the graphic card???

thanks for all answers

Answer:Satellite L555-10M graphic card memory

hi headnut99,

as far as i know there is no setting in the bios available to change these values...
but it doesn't matter - you have 4gb ram installed - so who cares...

you can try to change settings with the toshiba hardware utility....

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First of all excuse my bad English.

I bought this Notebook 2 months ago and I started to realize that when I am on battery the settings of my graphic card automatically change to low performance which means that I can't play a game when I???m on battery. The notebook has a 4650HD graphic card.

I tried to change the power plan but no result.

Any advices?

Answer:Satellite L555-10R - Low graphics performance on battery


This is normal notebook behavior.
The Win 7 supports an economic power management.
This means that you can switch different devices like CPU, GPU, cooling modules, HDD, display brightness to lower performance in order to safe the battery power and to increase the battery working time.

Take a look here:

It?s describes the Vista power management but it?s similar to Win 7

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Hi everybody, I would like some help!

I recently bought a new fan to help with cooling as the summer approaches. My new fan replaces my old chassis fan but is plugged in slightly differently as it is plugged into the 3 pin mother board connector (the old one was plugged into the molex and is now positioned as an intake fan at the front).

My problem is that since I've installed the new fan my computer is actually louder than before, Everest tells me that the revs for the new fan are 5114 rpm as I type this so it's clearly working too hard. I think it's working too hard because my processor fan is only idling by comparison at 1705 rpm. Which temperature does the chassis fan use to control it's speed and why has my CPU fan suddenly become lazy since I installed the new fan? Is there anything I can do to make the CPU fan work harder and take some of the burden off of the chassis fan?

Many thanks for any help!


Answer:New fan but loud loud noise

Try speedfan, that should work.

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If it can help somebody ,
i had some trouble after my L555-135 wake up after a sleep mode or when i used switch mode user on Seven 64.
No Lan detected.

I can't find any update on Toshiba site or windows update.

I download on realtek site this driver and all is OK now. Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false

Answer:No LAN after switch user or sleep mode on Satellite L555-135

It is really strange and should not happen with original preinstalled recovery image. All images are tested.
Anyway, thanks for the info and the link.

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Hello there,

I am new in the forum.I have a Satellite *L555-10* and I would like to know

*1)*what sort of motherboard it is equiped with and
*2)*If it supports quad core cpus (intel Q9100 for example)

I have used CPU-Z software but it didnt give sufficient info about the type of mobo.I would like to upgrade the cpu and I cant find out if my motherboard supports quad core.

Thank you in advance!!!

Answer:Satellite L555-10R - Does it support quad core CPUs?


To be honest I think nobody can say here what mainboard is equipped with it. Here it?s only an user to user forum and if you want to know more details, ask the authorized service partner in your country.

About CPU upgrades I can only say that it?s official not supported. This would mean that nobody can say what types of CPUs are supported or not. If you exchange the CPU, you will loose your warranty, everything happens on your own risk!

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I have installed Windows 10 64 Bit (original was Windows 7 64 Bit)

My FN-Keys won't work after Windows 10 installation.

There is no possibility of a Screen-Switch, as well as Brightness control and Touchpad activation...
Do you know any help

Answer:Satellite L555-10K - FN-Keys won't work after Windows 10 installation


I think your notebook model is not supported for Win10.
Check please

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Ive got a brand new Satellite L555-10r, had it for 2 days.

After installing Adobe CS3 master collection, I noticed only half the programs had installed, and ran the install a second time and the missing ones were included ok the second time around. I then got the error message that Reeltime was not functioning properly, and might notify me if it could fix the problem.

I then got a similar error message when opening up Microsoft Works. Reeltime stopped recording my activity, so I downloaded the program from Toshibas site, uninstalled and then reinstalled it. It seems to record activity now ok for applications eg photoshop, word etc but not for www webpages viewed in explorer, firefox, or chrome, despite little icons for these browsers appearing within reeltime.

Im wondering whether something has got corrupted and whether I should reinstall the operating system and start again using F8 as I'm still at the early stages of getting my laptop up and running and have yet to transfer data or install other programs.

How long does the F8 reinstall take, is it just Windows 7 or will this provide all the factory software too such as Toshiba and Mcaffeee?
Incidentally I had removed Mcaffeee using their special removal .exe before installing adobe cs3.

I do hope you can answer my question, thank you for your help.

Answer:Satellite L555-10R - Reeltime stopped recording my activity

> How long does the F8 reinstall take, is it just Windows 7 or will this provide all the factory software too such as Toshiba and Mcaffeee?
>Incidentally I had removed Mcaffeee using their special removal .exe before installing adobe cs3.

The HDD recovery process which can be started using F8 button -> Repair my Computer -> HDD recovery should not take a long time.
The image installation should run smoothly.

The point is that you will not need to install any drivers or tools using the Toshiba recovery. This process sets the notebook back to factory settings? simply said you will get the same status like at the first day of purchase?

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I play a few online games, use microsoft office, facebook and shop online nothing magical.
Wireless cable internet, wireless HP Officejet Pro 8500 and wireless Toshiba Satellite L555 laptop.

After being online for about 10 to 30 minutes I get a blue screen and it reboots. Please see attached zip files as requested in the posting instructions. I get this error message after log in:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1e
BCP1: 0000000000000000
BCP2: 0000000000000000
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1
Files that help describe the problem:

64 BIT

Answer:BSOD Toshiba Satellite L555 [moved from Vista/7]

Bump - any thoughts?

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the external microphone is working properly, but the internal Microphone (next to the WebCamera) not,
either with the WebCamera Software nor with Skype nor with the windows Audiorecorder.

The configuration seems correct because the external microphone works fine, but since some time ago the internal microphone is not working.

Please, How can i check if the internal microphone has a software or hardware problem?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite L555-10M: Is the internal WebCamera Microphone defect?


Have you already tried to reinstall the webcam driver? The microphone is a part of webcam so try to reinstall the webcam driver and check if it works.

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I got trouble with my Toshiba Notebook.

When i wanted to boot my system after a regular shutdown it does not recognize the HDD anymore.
BIOS says HDD is not installed, BOOT manager says HDD failed.

Tryed the HDD at a desktop PC and it works fine. A new SATA HDD is not recognized either.
However, the boot sequence itself and other functions appear to be ok.

Whats wrong?
The notebook is 1.5 years old and did not do any trouble before.

Any help is appreciated ;)

Answer:Re: Satellite L555 11L: BIOS says HDD is not installed, BOOT manager says HDD


It looks like the HDD is damaged.
In your case the HDD test would be recommended.

Download the software called Drive Fitness Test. It?s free tool which can be used for HDD testing.
If the HDD would not be detected or if you will get errors, then this means that you HDD needs to be replaced and OS needs to be installed again.

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can anyone help me to find a SATA AHCI controller driver for a new installation of Win7 64bit.
WIN7 OS installer asks for storage drivers before start OS installation. Normally it accepts .inf or .sys driver, but no such drivers containing in the StorageManager driver package, found on the Toshiba driver download page.

Were I can find this drivers for OS installation?

Answer:Satellite L555-10N: driver for AHCI SATA controller WIN 7 64bit

I have installed Win7 on several machines but I never used SATA driver. The HDD was recognized by the system every time.
Visit Intel download page. I’m sure you can download SATA driver there.

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I have this toshiba laptop: L555-10R

I want to buy a 24" external screen to use it for CAD

Please can you tell me, will my graphics card cope with running the monitor at 1920 x 1200 and simultaneously having my laptop as a second screen at 1600 x 900?

I really want the 1200 vertical height of the external monitor for cad work as screen size vertically makes a big difference.

If not, is there anything I can do about it to upgrade the graphics card in the laptop?

If not, can you suggest a new laptop that would support this? I am looking for excellent performance for doing rendering using 3DS Max, autocad, sketchup etc

thank you in advance

Answer:Satellite L555-10R: Question about usage of external monitor with 1920x1200

> Please can you tell me, will my graphics card cope with running the monitor at 1920 x 1200 and simultaneously having my laptop as a second screen at 1600 x 900?

I think this should not be a big problem?
The graphic chip should provide the support for 1920 x 1200.
The question is if the graphic card driver contains such special resolution of 1920 x 1200?

However, you can definitely choose two different resolutions for internal display and external monitor.

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hi folks,

I jut got let dwn th Graphic Card of my Satellite L555-10R.
The Card is the RADEON HD4650 M96 1G 216-0729042

How can I buy a new one please?
thank you for you help!!!


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Hi Guys

I'm confused now
I have a Satellite L555-S7008, I Installed a Windows 7 ultimate edition but unfortunately the display driver didnt work. Now I have Pain in my eys because of the resolution. What should I do in order to make it work?

Hardware detected "Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family" but it doesnt support this type of hardware

2) What driver should I installed for PCI Network communication controller?

Answer:Satellite L555-S7008 - Can't install Windows 7 display driver

Hi ROCO_1,

I had a similar problem with display driver that I couldn?t install it. I don?t know why it happened but the solution is that you must install the display driver via device manager and not from setup file?

So go into device manager and right click on graphic card and select ?update driver?. Not choose the advanced installation where you can choose the driver directory yourself. Select the files that you have unzipped from downloaded file and that?s all.

Regarding the PCI network communication controller it could be both: WLAN or LAN card. So make sure that both drivers are installed.

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I'm looking for Windows 7 x64 drivers and apps. There are no drivers and applications available at your website.

When are you going to release them?

Thanks in advance.

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Answer:Satellite L555-110 PSLW8E-01E00NGR W7 Driver and Application Support


You are right. I could not find the Win 7 drivers for Satellite L555 too.
I think the Win 7 drivers will be published in the next time? should not take too long?
But there are Vista drivers.

You can try to install some Vista drivers because a friend of mine has installed some of Vista drivers on own unit with Win 7 too and some single drivers worked properly.

Otherwise you can also test some Win 7 drivers which have been published for other Toshiba series. L350, etc?.


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Manufacturer: Toshiba
Model: Satellite l555d
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
CPU/Ram: 2.3 GHz / 3838 MB
Video Card: AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200
Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio

It's been happening lately. My Toshiba Satellite(windows 7 home permium 64 bits) has been freezing up with multiple, thin, multi-colored lines with a noise similar to when a sound track on a CD sticks or freezes and no mouse response or any kind of response at all. I have to press and hold the power botton and force it to shut down. I noticed it does this more often when I try to play a video game,virus scan,video call on Skype and less frequently on youtube (youtube might just be a coincidence). Sometimes after the computer restarts and I virus scan or Skype then I have no problems. I think it happens when I virus scan or skype when I have both multiple firefox and google chrome windows open at once but I cannot be sure. I've tested the theory a few times but it's inconclusive however I am confident that virus scans or video game are most likely to trigger the freeze even if they are the only thing I have open on the screen.

Sometimes I get that message in the blue box that says "Windows is shutting down to prevent damage to your computer....." The strange thing is that after I force it to shut down if I try to restart it immidiately then it will boot. All the lights will come on except the orange one in the left hand corner,the screen does not co... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L555 freezing up! (Tech Head Challenge) Please Help!

First of all, looking at the issue which you have written, It could be an issue with the video acceleration on the system. Did you try the following:

1) Video Drivers update (from windows update / video card manufacturers website)

2) BIOS Update.

3) Try to run a diagnostic test on the Video card.

4) Try to run a diagnostic test on the memory modules.

As far as the virus is concerned, did you try to run some other utility to scan and check if the system was really infected. Or if you can then uninstall Kaspersky and install Avast and run a boot time scan and check.

Try to update the video card drivers from the following link.

To do a BIOS update use the following link.

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Manufacturer: Toshiba
Model: Satellite l555d
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
CPU/Ram: 2.3 GHz / 3838 MB
Video Card: AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200
Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio

It's been happening lately. My Toshiba Satellite(windows 7 home permium 64 bits) has been freezing up with multiple, thin, multi-colored lines with a noise similar to when a sound track on a CD sticks or freezes and no mouse response or any kind of response at all. I have to press and hold the power botton and force it to shut down. I noticed it does this more often when I try to play a video game,virus scan,video call on Skype and less frequently on youtube (youtube might just be a coincidence). Sometimes after the computer restarts and I virus scan or Skype then I have no problems. I think it happens when I virus scan or skype when I have both multiple firefox and google chrome windows open at once but I cannot be sure. I've tested the theory a few times but it's inconclusive however I am confident that virus scans or video game are most likely to trigger the freeze even if they are the only thing I have open on the screen.

Sometimes I get that message in the blue box that says "Windows is shutting down to prevent damage to your computer....." The strange thing is that after I force it to shut down if I try to restart it immidiately then it will boot. All the lights will come on except the orange one in the left hand corner,the screen does not come... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L555 freezing up! (Tech Head Challenge) Please Help!

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I have installed XP on my laptop.

Everything works fine except that I cant put it into Ahci mode.
I Installed xp under compatability mode because I am supposed to be able to install the sata drivers by running Intel Storage Manager.

I have tried the version on this website as well as one from Intel, and they both stop with the error
"Your computer is not does not meet the minimum requirements for this software".

I have also gathered that I can extract the drivers from this package, and install them manually,
however when i try, it say drivers extracted successfully, yet nothing is extracted.

Can someone please help me get the Storage manager to install so I can run Ahci mode.

Answer:Satellite L555-S7008 - cant install Intel Storage Manager for Win XP


Satellite L555-S7008 belongs to the Toshiba US series.
You have to download the drivers from the Toshiba US driver page:

There is a Intel Storage Manger:

Intel Matrix Storage Manager for Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64)(v8.9.0.1023; 10-23-2009; 4.25M)

You will need to set SATA to AHCI before including this to the Win XP setup.

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I've recently acquired a Satellite L555-10N notebook, which until now turned out to be a good choice.
I have a little problem, though:

In my Energy preferences, I set the time at which the display should turn off to 10 minutes, if the notebook is not in use.
Although this worked fine for the last days and weeks, the display now won't shut down at all.
I have not made any changes to drivers or BIOS or whatsoever.

I remember changing some preferences at the ecoUtility-Setup to enable it.
At that point, I got a message that some preferences would have to be changed in order to enable the feature and I agreed.

I could not notice any changes that were made, but from that point on, the display wont turn off any more.
I would very much appreciate your help!


Answer:Satellite L555-10N display wont turn off after 10min on non-usage


Which OS you are using?
For Vista and Windows 7 I have founded a good article about the settings in Windows Power Management:

Furthermore you can change the settings for every profile. That means you have to choose the ?Turn off the display? function for this power profile that you use or every profile if I use all of them.

Check this!!!

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Hey falous, so i bought my y50-70 like 4 months ago, and recently everytime i turned it on, open chrome or something - the fan gets wild ! its very loud like it works on 100% and it doesnt go down!i tried to look up for solutions but i couldnt find any.I tried updating my BIOS - didnt help.the temps looks very standard to me, 45-50c idel.  REALLY hope you guys will help me find a solution,Thanks !

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I recently upgraded the ram in my pc from 1.5gb to 2.5gb as it seemed to be getting pretty slow. I was expecting a pretty big jump in performance but it doesn't seem to have happened.

The pc can sometimes be faster than it was and sometimes it really drags. There is also an intermittent loud noise which i believe is coming from the fan and when this happens the pc is slow.

I took out the fan and cleaned all the dust from it but this noise still starts every couple of minutes and the pc becomes slow.

Any ideas?

Answer:Loud Noise from PC. Don't think it is the HDD

Two things to consider...
The amount of memory doesn't have much to do with speed unless some process can specifically use that extra memory. You can to more things well, but not necessarily more rapidly.

You system will utilize all memory at the speed of the slowest module. If you have some memory that is value ram or other inexpensive ram, the timings could be significantly different than the best brands and models.

Your system only uses what memory it needs, not what you want it to use. As long as the RAM meets the requirements of the motherboard, it will not protest.

If you want some programs to run at optimum performance levels, all memory must be identical. It is wise to buy matched sets of RAM from the same manufacturer at the same time to get the ultimate performance. Top memory is already sold in matched sets in the same plastic wrap. Otherwise, you have to look at the timings and other information posted on the package or the label.

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Question: loud noise

I have a loud noise on PC or speakers after its been on a while and it comes on for short time every few minutes.. Its a noise that is hard to describe. Grand daughter says its a space sound, what ever that is.Its odd as when playing music its fine just comes on after pc has been on a bit. Also can't tell if its pc or speakers. Just got new monitor as mine worn out and was hoping it would go but hasn't, it started 3 weeks ago. I turn speakers right down to get away from it.

Answer:loud noise

Is it a beeping sound? If so, can you count the beeps and does the sound repeat itself or is it just now and then.

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I got a dell dimension c521 and I notice at random times it has a really loud fan noise. Sounds like an airplane is about to take off or something? It usually happens if im playen video games and what not. I was wondering if this a bad thing or if its normal, and if theres anything I can do to prevent it from getting so loud? Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

Answer:Really loud fan noise?

The fan runs at full to extract the heat when playing. About the only thing that you can do is to open it up and clean out any dust that you can see.

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I recently started getting hearing a loud "buzzing" noise when I started my computer or it had to load certain larger programs. I opened up the computer to find which fan the noise was coming from and found no noise. The noise had stopped until just yesterday. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions.

Answer:Loud noise from fan

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Question: A Very Loud Noise

I was working in the computer area one night. Of four computers, I was using two, one had been shut down for the night, and the last had been left on, but was unused.Suddenly the room was filled with a very loud noise. We are talking quite loud, almost like a fire alarm - uncomfortably loud to the ears. My first thought was an alarm on the UPS. I checked it, and it was fine. Then I thought maybe a fan bearing gone bad on one of the computers. I shut down the one not being used. Nothing. So then in spite of losing work, I felt it urgent enough to immediately shut down the two computers I was using. Nothing. So my next thought was fans in the room. Shut them down - nothing. Then I thought maybe the lights. Nothing. So my final thing was to unplug the computer that was already shut off - Bingo!What a surprise. I wasn't sure if the noise was from the computer or from the surge protector it was plugged into, so I ran an extension cord across the room. It ran fine about 3 days and then the noise came again, not quite as loud this time, but still loud.So I am thinking power supply or motherboard. The frequency and texture of the sound is the same as the squeal you get from the computer when you disconnect the power and the electricity drains from the system, except that that sound is mildly soft, but it gives you an idea of the nature of the sound. So I'm thinking maybe the motherboard is alarming me about something, but why so loud? And why continuous and won't go of... Read more

Answer:A Very Loud Noise

No one had experience like this?

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Question: Loud Fan Noise

. When i start playing games , theres a loud fan noise which is bothering me so much. Please help me

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Question: Fan Noise too loud

Hello. Any suggestions on how I can easily cut down on my fan noise? It sounds like there is a lawn mower in here. Please tell me I can just buy a new fan for my processor... or maybe it's the PSU that's so loud. Thanks!

Answer:Fan Noise too loud

Google SpeedFan.

It allows you to vary the speed of your internal fans. Mess around with it til you get a stable, low temperature and desired noise output.

Or, you could just buy new fans.

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I've tried to activate the NUM-Lock-Block on Windows-Login and also on BIOS

I've installed Win10

I've also tried to find any option on BIOS, but there isn't any Option....
I've tried to activate on Regedit like Forum-Discussions said...:
Current... USERS/ControlPanel...etc: Keyboard: 2 (already written in, won't work)
HKEY_USERS\Control Panel\Keyboard
Initial Keyboard
2147483648 change up +2 : 2147483650 -> This won't be accepted by regedit - Error Message

Answer:Satellite L555 - Win10 no NUM-Lock on boot - BIOS / REGEDIT won't work

Ok i found my problem.

It wasn't Admin User.
I startet REGEDIT as ADMIN, so it works now


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I`m having some problems with my new Laptop Toshiba Satellite L555, it simply freeze and appears a black screen with white stripes.
It doesn't do it regularly but it's annoying.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite L555 simply freezes with black screen (White Stripes)


The most possible reasons:

1. A graphic card malfubction
2 Internal display malfunction. Can you check connecting the external monitor to see how it acts?

Less possible:

1 a graphic card driver
2 Os itself. Have you tried to restore the factory settings (F8)?

Otherwise, you need to contact the Asp (service center) in your country. Your laptop is still new and under warranty, so they will fix it for free. <a href=><img src= border=0></a>

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toshiba recovery disc creator cannot be installed. need please assistance. thanks

Does someone have one left to the current version?

Notebook: Toshiba Satellite L555-10N
WIN7 x64

Answer:Satellite L555-10N: toshiba recovery disc creator no work Win7 x64


Seems the Toshiba recovery disk creator cannot find the image files in order to create the recovery disk.

Did you change something on the HDD?

The image files are necessary and important in order to create the recovery disk


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whenever I power up my Lenovo S10-2, It produces a loud continous beeping noise for 15-20 seconds. then the noise will stop. it will remain stuck on the boot screen until i press any key to proceed. thereafter my windows7 will be in a very unstable, unresponsive state. i can use my mouse left click but not right click at all.  i can't do anything much inside windows. can someone help me? thanks.  


Go to Solution.

Answer:S10-2 loud beeping noise

hi sunstreaker,
Thank You for using Lenovo Community Forums!
I'm Thinking about stuck key or button on your system.
Can you try running Passmark Keyboard Test a key or button will show red on the image if it is being pressed or held down.
Try doing a BIOS Reset as well
    Keep on hitting F2 when you turn it on,
       Once inside BIOS, hit f9 to load default and f10 to save and exit
Best Regards
Solid Cruver

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Hey everyone! I just got a new u310 a few days ago. It has Windows 8 installed. I started working on the notebook, hoping the fan noise would eventually stop but it is really really noisy. I installed a software, which would indicate a temperature of 36C, so usually the fan shouldn't be working on such a high level in the first place. I have read a couple of posts about this, but no one seems to have found a solution for tge U310 specifically. Does anyone have the same problem? I thought maybe there is a BIOS update which would help...? Thanks a lot, Sonni 

Answer:U310 loud fan noise

hi Sonni_87,
The loud fan noise that you're hearing, is it a:1. A wind noise?
     - If it is, this is normal as faster fan speed causes wind noise on the vents (this usually happens if you're getting unusual heat and the fan spins at a higher rate to cool down the CPU/GPU.
2. A grinding / rattling noise?
     - this indicates that the fan is struggling - It's possible that it's hitting something, is dirty or is starting to wear out and needs to be replaced. 
Also, the BIOS can configure on how the fan spins. It's possible that the configuration is set to make the fan spin at a higher rate even on less load on the CPU/GPU (like in this article). In this case, you may need to contact lenovo report this issue

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Hi, when I bought my PC two years ago, it was silent, it barely made any noise. However, I later made a huge mistake. I opened the case to clean the inside of the computer with an air compressor, but while I was cleaning the fans I wasn't holding them so the air compressor made them spin faster than normal. Following that, every time I boot my PC now, it makes a loud noise and also the PC makes a lot of noise in general. A lot more than when I bought it, to a point where sleeping next to it when it is turned on is a hard thing to do. Now, I'm wondering if that mistake is the cause of the noise. When I look at the fans, they don't seem to be damaged at all. I have 3 fans: The case fan, the graphics card fan and the power supply fan. My PC is cleaned regularly so I know it's not dust or anything that's causing the problem.

Here's some interesting info: It only makes noise when it's booting after the computer has been turned off for more than 30 minutes. If it's less than that, it doesn't make the loud noise. I have no idea why. Also, about 3% of the time, the desktop doesn't get to fully load because the computer freezes. It's a problem that started at the same time the noise started. If it is indeed one or multiple fans that are broken, how can I know which one(s) is?

I made a video of when I'm booting the computer so you can hear and see what is happening.

Thanks for rea... Read more

Answer:My PC is making a loud noise

You didn't tell us the brand and model of the computer.
Using an air compressor is very bad, because you risk the damage of static electricity that is generated in amazing amounts. Next time, us canned air designed for use in cleaning computers.
Replace the CPU fan, us buy a new CPU cleaning kit, and any fans that blow air to the outside, and replace the power supply with one of decent quality. Clean the dust of fan blades and computer walls with a soft rag soaked in denatured alcohol. Get some nylon or plastic ties to hold the cables together and away from any fans. Tie down SATA and EIDE cables so they cannot block air or rattle. Make sure all air flow passages are free and allow full movement of cooling air. All these will likely return your computer to normal. You could also buy "silent" cooling fans for very little money which would reduce your noise even more..
Use canned air to get

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This is really troubling to me. I've had this computer for only 2 months and just yesterday, it started to suddenly make loud noises. I was trying to install VOBSUB yesterday and it installed... but the screen was frozen. I couldn't exit out of the window. SO I used task manager and got myself out of it then tried again - but happened again of course. Then all of a sudden there was this deep, loud motorlike noise coming from my computer. My old computer's fans were always loud whenever it was on but this was different.

I turned it on this morning and got the usual loud fan sound... then that deep low noise for maybe 2 minute. I'm really scared about this. What should I do?

Answer:Loud Computer Noise

First, a word of caution...
Any work that you or someone else does to the system may void your warranty- unless you bought it used. You should check with the manufacturer to see what is covered and for how long. Second, we'll need more information about the computer. Edited for spelling

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I turned on the pc and its making a loud noise... i turned it off and checked the inside if anything was caught in the fan... but nothing... can u tell me what it is?

Answer:PC making loud Noise

Can you give an indication of the type of noise/ area it is coming from?

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I was using my PC and all of the sudden it started making a loud almost rattling sound. I shut it off, waited a little and restarted it. It went away for a few minutes and then came back. I opened up the case to see if I could find where the noise was coming from and it seemed to be coming from one of the fans. I unplugged the power to that fan and now it is quiet again.

Do fans go bad? Is there a fix for this or do I just need to get a new fan?

Answer:loud noise coming from PC

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Whenever i start up a game, a loud squeeky noise appears for no reason. I think its my video card but im just wondering if its something else. Does anyone know about this problem??

Answer:Weird loud noise????

It could be a fan, when you put more pressure on your graphics card it may well decide to turn up its 'im a little bastard' fan.

They can be quiet loud. They should be torn asunder and replaced with nice Coolermaster or Zalman things.

Frosty cool and quiet.

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  i have purchased the laptop last month..  model no-15ayo79tx..i have no heating problem,, but still laptop fan sound is too much noisy...the fan produces a noisy sound when i switched on the laptop.... 

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