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NB200 - Wrong keypad characters

Question: NB200 - Wrong keypad characters

I have just purchased an NB200-10G and some of the keys or key combinations do not produce the correct character. eg,
Shift + " (quotation marks) produces @
Shift + £ produces #
Shift + @ produces "
pressing # only gives \
Shift + ~ gives I

It can be corrected in Microsoft Office Word (but not in Notepad or Wordpad) by pressing shift + alt - but it is very irritating. Can i do anything to correct this permanently.

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Preferred Solution: NB200 - Wrong keypad characters

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: NB200 - Wrong keypad characters

Have you checked the Regional Settings and Keyboard Settings in Control Panel?

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Just purchased Tosh. NB200 and found the key board has misplaced characters - for example the @ symbol is found by shift '' and the tilda ~ symbol is found by shift back slash backslash is the hash and the hash symbol key is the pound sign.

Obviously the keyboard is set to an alternative configuration - how the heck do I set it to function as it is marked?

Any help much appreciated.


Answer:NB200 - Misplaced characters on keyboard

It's ok - my daughter just arrived home and she changed the keyboard to the "US" mode which is the way it's marked.


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Not 100% sure which forum this question falls into... sry if this isn't the right place.

I was wondering if there is a way to reprogram a numeric keypad to certain alpha characters?

example: change (1) to (D), (2) to (R), (3) to (P) and so on....

Answer:numeric keypad to alpha characters

Hi Will and Welcome,
Is this program any use to you. Not needed to use it but reading the instructions, it may work for you.


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I'm thinking of buying a Lenovo laptop that fits all my requirements except (maybe) one: no numeric keypad. The only reason I need it is because I sometimes need to write in Spanish, and I've used the keypad codes for years for accents and the like. Is it simple to program/map a few of these important characters to use when I need them? I do NOT want to have to go through a 7-click routine to select alternate characters every time I need one.....that will be extremely tiresome. Anyone who knows about this please respond; I really want to buy this laptop, but getting to these characters needs to be easy. Thanks!

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In Mexico, one learns to use the numeric keypad and ALT key to create accented vowels and inverted exclamation points, etc. But it doesn't work on either of my computers. Both have Windows XP.

How can I un-deactivate this?


(It's weird. Mexican university students use the English keyboard and the laborious keypad method ALT + 161 , etc., instead of using the simplest method - the Spanish keyboard. But they don't know how!

Answer:The numeric keypad method does not work for Spanish accents and other characters

Perhaps I'm being thick. but I don't quite follow.


Originally Posted by haskellbob

In Mexico, one learns to use the numeric keypad and ALT key to create accented vowels and inverted exclamation points, etc. But it doesn't work on either of my computers. Both have Windows XP.

How can I un-deactivate this?

Why do you want to "un-deactivate" this if the Spanish Keyboard you refer to below is simpler.


(It's weird. Mexican university students use the English keyboard and the laborious keypad method ALT + 161 , etc., instead of using the simplest method - the Spanish keyboard. But they don't know how!

The other way of getting Spanish characters is by using the Character Map in All Programs>Accessories>System Tools. e.g. ? ?

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Help !

I had noticed over time the netbook had been getting slower & slower. I also noticed the system file was showing as high memory usage (circa 160,000) but low cpu.

As there was no virus etc, I couldnt find the answer so decided to use the HDD recovery to factory settings. The Netbook was only being used for casual internet & had no saved pics or files etc loaded.

Anyway, I pressed F8 (i believe) & followed the factory reset instructions.
Was going ok & left machine to do its thing.
Someone came along & turned machine off - mid reset.

Now when i turn it on, i get the following message:

windows could not statr because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<windows root>/sysatem32/hal.dll
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

in fact, when i go in via f8 safe mode etc... they all go to this message

Please help (a novice in this)

Happy Holidays


Answer:Re: Netbook NB200-11L - xp recovery went wrong

Hello Martin

Unfortunately you will not be able to install OS using HDD recovery image. It is screwed up now.
All you can do now is to use recovery DVD and install original Toshiba recovery image.

If you don?t have it you can try to order it on

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I bought a new NB200 recently and have had a problem with my USB ports ever since.
Independently, both rhs ports operate fine with my Logitech wireless mouse - unless I attach it via a USB hub. When I use the second port to attach another device - in this case an external DVD-RW - the mouse simply freezes. Meantime, the DVD-RW itself is recognised by Device Manager, etc - ("Working fine - with plenty of available power output per port), but it nonetheless fails to work and Windows Explorer is unable to read any disc inserted in it.
Furthermore, the lhs USB port is pure decoration only; nothing I attach to it (even the mouse) will work, neither will the Sleep & Charge capability (at any of the 4 Modes).
I've uninstalled the USB controllers and ports using Device Manager which, after re-booting, continues to report that all's well, both with the devices I attach and the ports themselves, albeit i's still patently not!
I'm concerned that I'm still unable to create a recovery disc should the worst happen so can anyone help me resolve my conundrum, please?
Am I doing something wrong or, less likely to be the case, I'm sure, is there perhaps a fault with my machine??
Any advice would be helpful, please.

Answer:NB200 running Windows XP - What's wrong with my USB ports?

Try to update the BIOS to version 1.50, this solve many issues.


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Hello everybody

I had a NB200 netbook and a couple of weeks ago it began to boot at 1024x768 screen resolution, instead of its 1024x600. I searched these forums and I couldn't find anything related to this issue,

The Toshiba logo at boot time does not appear centered on the screen and, once Windows desktop is loaded, the Start button bar does not appear. (it's like windows render a 1024x768 screen on a 1024x600 pixels display (168 'lines' are 'lost'). If you plug an external monitor, it looks ok.. Driver videos are updated (althiugh the problem appears at boot time, before windows is started)

I checked BIOS settings about Display, but I seens that there is only one option (about booting only with LCD or auto). I also upgraded BIOS fromToshiba web site.

Any idea about how to fix this will be welcomed

thankyou very much for your time

Answer:NB200: wrong display resolution at boot

If I understand you right you have noticed this issue before windows load and also when OS is fully loaded. Is this right?

When you enter BIOS settings is the same resolution problem visible?

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when itype shift+2 " is coming instead [email protected] and vice versa.pls tell a solution to revert it back

Answer:wrong keypad indication

If you were in the UK then the key combination is correct, but as you are obviously not then you need to get into Control Panel, Region & language settings, keyboard tab - select 'change' and choose the correct location."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..."

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Hello!I have a rather strange problem with my newly purchased E570. It features special keys consisting of additional = ( and ) characters right above the num keypad which is great (especially for Excel).However after one or two days of using it my keys got mapped in a wrong way. What I'm getting now is this:) instead of =* instead of (( instead of )This is true for those 3 special keys present above numpad only, while ( )and = work normally with shift (outside of numpad). The OS is Windows 10x64I have absolutely no idea what happened. Any ideas?Regards,Slawomir

Answer:E570 wrong key mapping for "=", "(" and ")" above numeric keypad

It sounds like the keyboard layout  is for a different lasnguage from what is defined in windows.  You need to find out what the FRU of the keyboard is.  (on the other side)  Then see what windows thinks and what you want.

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Hello!I have a rather strange problem with my newly purchased E570. It features special keys consisting of additional = ( and ) characters right above the num keypad which is great (especially for Excel).However after one or two days of using it my keys got mapped in a wrong way. What I'm getting now is this:) instead of =* instead of (( instead of )This is true for those 3 special keys present above numpad only, while ( )and = work normally with shift (outside of numpad). The OS is Windows 10x64I have absolutely no idea what happened. Any ideas?Regards,Slawomir

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Question: Wrong Characters

Hi Lenovo Community, An issue is driving me crazy with T440S,Physical Keys Shows Chracter wrote on it While it types another ChractersThey should be the same as wrote on physical one Example ....Plus and Question mark keys writes    - and _While some are right like $ and 4  % and 5 Language US English Need help pls, i am working on some important report and didnt think thinkpad first experience would go like that Thanks, 


Go to Solution.

Answer:Wrong Characters

Hi: You say "Language US English". Is that the language assigned in windows, the language of the keyboard or both? It is possible that you have a bad keyboard.

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My keyboard now displays @ when I press shift/double quotes and the opposite when I press shift/at sign.

Where do I go to check what keyboard options have been set up during the upgrade.



Answer:Wrong characters with keyboard

daniellouwrens said:


My keyboard now displays @ when I press shift/double quotes and the opposite when I press shift/at sign.

Where do I go to check what keyboard options have been set up during the upgrade.



No problem, I have found it.

Click on the Language bar and the options of Language and keyboard come up, they had been changed.



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This is a problem I have that is 'solved' by rebooting my computer, but arises again after some time when I am in Word and some posting forums (not this one). I have a new laptop with Vista Home. When I am typing, there comes a point that the "?" key instead outputs ?, a similar problem happens with other keys, such as the quotations key. Then I reboot and everything is fine again. It is extremely odd (and annoying), and frustrates me becuase I need to write a paper and do not want to have to keep rebooting!!

Answer:Wrong characters being displayed

Sounds like Regional settings might be acting up
Go to the Control panel and open Regional settings. Click on the keyboard tab. How many language options do you have?
Maybe even change it and change back

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I recently reinstalled Windows XP after reformatting my HDD [new mobo, etc.], I kinda rushed the installation. I left the language and regional settings as English (US) [I'm English (UK)], I've went into Language and Regional Settings in Control Panel and made the amendments for both drop-down boxes, restarted my PC, and checked the settings again. They seem OK ["English (United Kingdom)" and "United Kingdom"] in Control Panel, but it's still treating the keyboard as English-US. I get @ for " and vice versa... Any ideas on this? [Any other info needed to help explain?]

Googling it keeps returning answers saying adjust "Regional and Language Options", which I have. Any ideas or directions appreciated.

Answer:Wrong characters for keypresses

Did you install the special drivers for the motherboard, bios and others that come on a separate disk? If not then go to either the manufacturers web site or the motherboards web site and download them and run them and after they are installed reboot the computer.

If this does not work try this:

You might have to remove the hard drive from this computer and install it in another computer as a slave drive and after it is able to be accessed by Windows on that computer you will have to manually backup all of your important data that you have to another media like CD-R's, DVD or Thumb drive. Then when this is done return it to the original computer as a master drive on the primary IDE cable and do the following:

REGISTRY WARNING: The details that follow require an above-average understanding of the technical topics involved. If you do not understand the Registry material presented here, either find a technically-knowledgeable friend or do not attempt to repair your system Registry yourself. Improper changes in the System Registry can render all data on your hard disk inaccessible.

I hope you have the Windows software for this machine. Please give this a try and print it out for reference

How to perform a repair installation of Windows XP if Internet Explorer 7 is installed

How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install =

Here is a link to a registry backup program ... Read more

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Wrong characters have just sprouted in some places. Things like é instead of ?, for instance.

I've spotted them in two places only : comments included in Properties of Macrium Reflect backup files, and one blog I follow regularly through Firefox.

That's the reason I suspect it's Windows-related and not a Macrium problem. It happened suddenly with no obvious trigger beforehand. It's the sort of bad transcription which often happens in emails.

Now the same blog displays correctly again. Any ideas ?

Answer:Suddenly, wrong characters

If you had KB3102429 installed, try uninstalling it.

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Hello,bb Something happened to my Thinkpad Edge this morning.  Keys - especially the e now show up as p.  The sign from the F4 button pops up odd times on the screen  - I don't even know what it is.  Also the little camera icon from the F5 button shows up on the screen, then the sound icon will pop up.  Then the keys will change again.  I CAN'T GPT ANYTHING \;DONP!!! Thanks!

Answer:Wrong characters from some keys

Hello Lup,

Justin Kirton

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Hi - I'm using Vista Business.

When using an office program, certain characters do not show up correctly. For instance the '@' symbol (shift+2) shows up as quotes.

Here's the strange part. I can type normally in notepad. This suggests that there's a setting in Office??

In either case, I tried changing Vista's language settings by right clicking the taskbar -> toolbars but the 'languages' toolbar does not appear. In other words, i don't have any other languages installed.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Any help would be appreciated!


Answer:Wrong Keyboard Characters

Shift+2 for quotes is UK (maybe others)

I have just had a look in Excel and you can change the language for office (excel in this case)

Excel options --> Popular Tab --> Language settings --> Primary editing Language

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One of my networked machines (XP Pro) has a keyboard problem. The @ sign and the quotes are reversed and also the £ and # key type incorrectly.I have checked regional settings and all is fine.Does anyone know of any other settings where this can be corrected. I would be very grateful for any help.

Answer:Keyboard typing wrong characters

Are you sure the Regional Info is correct?If you have changed it have you rebooted it?Sounds like the US keyboard drivers / settings at install instead of UK.

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My keyboard was working fine and then it start to type the  wrong characters, eg, when I hit the "0" I get "/"  My computer is a Lenovo G530 MT 4446 How can I fix this? Please help!

Answer:Keyboard Typing The Wrong Characters

I have a Yoga 2.  My problem seemed to occur after having problems with Verface. 

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Hi,Have just purchased a new PC & I'm running XP on it, but have noticed a strange, and annoying problem with keyboard. Every time I type an @ symbol it displays a " and vice versa. Any idea what could be causing this & if there is a fix?Thanks in advance.

Answer:Keyboard displaying wrong characters

Assuming you have a standard 'qerty' boardIt has been set to USA configuration.Go to Control Panel/Keyboard and select UK configuration

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i formated my hard drve and reinstalled xp
now my keyboard types some characters wrong for example: " and @ are the wrong way around

anyone know what is wrong?

thank in advance

also sorry if this is in the wrong place or has already been answered

Answer:Keyboard displays wrong characters

in the control panel click on the k/board icon and check it is set for usa key board

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I have had Japanese installed on my language bar for some time, but lately when I try to use it, the wrong characters appear when I type in the Romaji. I tried deleting the Japanese IME and re-adding it, but it made no difference. Could this be caused by a virus? How can I fix it? It still works fine on my laptop, it's only my desktop that is affected.

Answer:Wrong characters appear when typing Japanese

Hi nfarrier, Welcome to Sevenforums.

Yes, it can be virus. Did you made any changes on the PC recently?

As mentioned by Yard Dog, run Malwarebyts to scan for malwares. Run antivrus, and do SFC/SCANNOW to check for any errors.

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My daughter's keyboard on Windows XP will not type the @ symbol, it types " instead. Please help me get this corrected. She has changed the language input to English United Kingdom and also tried English USA. None of these changes fixed the problem. All advise will be appreciated, thank you.

Answer:Keyboard typing wrong characters

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A few days ago my Sony TR3 XP SP1 portable began jumbling or mistyping characters entered from the keyboard. It does this in all text areas (Word, shortcut names, file names, messages, dialog forms, etc. The errors ae not random, for instance "5" is always substituted fo "i" - although I have not checked this from session to session. Any solutions or suggestions on how I can correct this problem, or how it might have befallen me would be helpful.
TIA, fallingrock.

Answer:Keyboard Types Wrong Characters

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In my Notebook when i press some buttons i see letters and numbers  for ex. when i type K  it types 7K and J types J8 . is anyone got this problem before? Please help Thanks Bassem

Answer:keyboard typing wrong characters

It is necessary for you to replace the keyboard.It is not sending the correct signals to the motherboard. Yes, even a notebook computer has a replacable keyboard.It's a job best assigned to a qualified computer technician, to find and order a compatible keyboard, and to disassemble the laptop far enough to be able to swap the keyboard.  

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Hey, i run XP and am having an issue with my keyboard not inputting the correct character on certain keys when shift is held down. This same thing happens when i use either keyboard a basic PS/2 and a USB Steelseries Merc Stealth which i install drivers for.
Some examples of the problem are pressing shift + 2[top row] should input " but inputs @ : Shift + 3 should input pound sign but instead inputs # : shift + @ should input @ but instead inputs "
I have tried removing all my drivers through divice manager and rebooting letting xp reinstall ect, removing all my usb keyboard drivers and software and reinstalling ect still the same issue with both keyboards, exactly. At first i thought that because i am based in the UK and my USB keyboard is from the US that was the issue but its the same problem with my standard PS/2 keyboard which got me thinking that it can only be somthing related to XP or some settings in XP.
Any help as always welcome, thanks in advance.

Answer:keyboard inputting wrong characters

It looks like your keyboard layout is for US.Change it to UK:

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My keyboard was working fine and then it start to type the  wrong characters, eg, when I hit the "0" I get "/"  My computer is a Lenovo G530 MT 4446
How can I fix this? Please help!

Answer:Keyboard Typing The Wrong Characters

Try the fix in this link if you haven't already......3 Ways to Fix a Keyboard That Has the Wrong Characters - wikiHow

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Hi tech support, installed windows 64 professional and some characters are not in the right place, @ and " are opposite, # is where the pound character
etc, installed three types of keyboard plug and play and USB and ergonomic with software all the same problem,any advice what to do???

Answer:[SOLVED] keyboard wrong characters

Either you are in a Non-US English location and have the US layout, or vice-versa
US Shift+2 is @
UK Shift+2 is "

Control Panel | Language and Regional Options
On Regional tab, select the correct language for your location.
Click the Languages tab, then click the Details... button
Select the correct Default input language. This should also install the correct keyboard
Under Installed services, if the incorrect keyboard is shown, click the Add... button
Select the language and layout, and click OK
You can remove the other keyboard if needed. Helps to keep it from getting switched back accidentally.

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Ok....My (at) key is showing " instead of the at sign, and the key next to it is displaying £ instead of the tic tac toe sign, anyone know how to fix this?

Answer:Keys displaying wrong characters

This happens generally after a drink has been spilled on the keyboard. Just go buy another keyboard

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I have a logik keyboard for pc and this what my keyboard gives instead

q gives `
w opens 'help' box on whatever programme is open
r gives 5
u gives 6
I gives =
p gives -
g gives b
h gives n
; gives '
' gives /

how can this be solved?

Answer:Why is my keyboard typing wrong characters

This might help you out!

How To Fix A Keyboard With Wrong Characters

Good luck and let us all know how the repair job went!

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When I type some characters the wrong one appears. This is not consistent. It has caused me to get locked out of accounts because wrong passwords are entered. I have tried different keyboards with no success. Drivers are apparently up to date. I am running Windows 7.


Control Panel - Regional settings and languages - set to the langauge of your choice (English UK?)
If it keeps changing to English US then delete the option English US

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My keyboard is typing correctly in Word but types nonsense when I type in either a browser window or in my email. If I type a web address in Chrome, Explorer or Firefox it comes out as random letters, symbols and numbers and the same if I try to type an email in yahoo or gmail. As I say, it is fine typing in Word. Any ideas gratefully received.

PS I have been into Control Panel and made sure regional settings and keyboard setting are for English (UK)

Answer:Keyboard Typing Wrong Characters

Is this a laptop and is the "Num Lock" on?

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I have a Dell latitude Cpi A laptop running windows xp and the stock keyboard types wrong letters example: When I press the p key it shows the number 4 on the screen. How do I fix it?

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Well, my computer is an Acer Aspire PC running on Windows Vista Home Premium, but when I try to type things, my keyboard will type in a completely different symbol. For example, in most programs, instead of an apostrophe, Ill get è instead, or if I want to use square brackets, Ill get ^^ç. It wont happen in Microsoft word, but it will happen when Im on the internet, or using the search function in my computer.

Here's what the Keyboard driver window keeps telling me:

Under general tab:

HID Keyboard device

Device Type: Keyboards
Manufacturer: (Standard keyboards)
Location: on User human interface USB device
Device status: This device is working properly.

Under Driver Tab:

Driver provider: Microsoft
Driver Date: 21/06/2006
Driver version: 6.0.6001.18000
Digital Signer: microsoft windows
If anyone out there could help me, It would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Answer:Keyboard types wrong characters.

I am not 100% sure but I had the same sort of issue with Windows XP. My freind sorted it and it was to do with the language that the keyboard is set in. My issue was all the time though and not just certain programs.

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I have tried changing the language settings in control panel but it is already on english us

There doesn't appear to be an issue with the fn keys
This post was very hard to type

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Hi,suddenly the laptop started typing wrong words. I checked keyboard layout, it was English US. I even tried Ctrl + Shift and Alt + Shift, but nothing is happening. If I type small letters it types Capital letters, sometimes the same type numbers....if I type 1,2,3,4 it types !,@,#,$ respectively. Even though Numslock is also on.Even I tried external USB keyboard in the laptop, it is the same problem. At last, even I formatted the laptop and installed windows 7 again, same problem.

Answer:laptop keyboard types wrong characters

sounds like your shift key is stuck..i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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My keyboard has begun producing the wrong characters, mainly the keys grouped on the right side...VIOJKL;' AND M come up as numbers. The right characters come up if I hold the function key in when I type. Any advice is appreciated.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 2:52:27 PM, on 12/27/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink\KeyboardSurrogate.exe
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\cvpnd.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Shared\sqlwriter.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink\TCServer.exe
C:\Program Files\AlpsPoint\ApMain.exe
C:\WINDOWS\AGRSMMSG.exe... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] keystrokes are producing wrong characters

This is a laptop, correct?

Seems like the numlock function is stuck on.

If not, it may be an issue with the keyboard, drivers, or perhaps the hotkey application.

I don't see any active infection in this log.

You may be better served seeking help for this issue in our Laptop Support forum.

Do not post a HijackThis log there, or your thread will get moved here.

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Hello everybody,

I found that my XP (English version) is not able to put non-English characters in correct order, so that my Thai dictionary doesn't work properly.

Here are some details.

In Thai language, some vowels are on the left side of consonant, but when ordering those words with vowels on the left side, we don't consider the vowel is the first character, but XP does. I need to introduce 3 Thai characters in order to illustrate this problem more clearly.

&#3585; is the first consonant in Thai language, &#3586; is the second, &#3652; is a vowel which is on the left side of consonant, such as &#3652;&#3585; and &#3652;&#3586;. Now we put these 2 consonants and 2 words in proper order, it's supposed to be 1.&#3585; 2.&#3652;&#3585; 3.&#3586; 4.&#3652;&#3586;, but what XP does is 1.&#3652;&#3585; 2.&#3652;&#3586; 3.&#3585; 4.&#3586;

Is the any solution for this? Thanks in advance.

P.S. In the shop where I bought that dictionary, it works pretty well, but I didn't notice what system is was.

Answer:Wrong alphabetical order for Non-English characters

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On my old computer, any keyboard i use on it has this problem. When you press shift+2 you get ampersand - @ and when you press ampersand button with shift you get inverted comma - ".It happened with old keyboard so i bought a new one (it was knackered anyway) and it still happens. Any ideas? I would imagine this is a system setting of some kind. Is there a fix?OS: Winxp proAthlon 1 ghzLogitech keyboard and mouse

Answer:keyboard buttons displaying the wrong characters

The regional settings are wrong - go to the Control Panel - Regional and Languga Options - Check through the variuos settings on the variuos tabs, and change them all to UK English.

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Hi Everyone,

I am using a Windows 7 x64 computer and several keys on my keyboard are misbehaving. When I press the tilde (~), at (@) or hash (#) keys I see different characters.

The characters that I am seeing are as follows -

Initially I installed a Microsoft USB Keyboard, and when I did so some software - in the style of Windows 8 - was installed. As I suspected that the Windows 8 "style" software may be at fault I uninstalled it (however there was no improvement). I then tried a Logitech USB keyboard with the same outcome, and finally tried a Microsoft PS2 keyboard.

Having tried 3 different keyboards with the same effect I am convinced that the issue is with the computer itself.

If anybody has any suggestions on how to fix this they will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Answer:Some special characters coming out wrong on my computer

Seems like you have a different language keyboard set as the default. See here:
Or change it in the Control Panel. You may want to remove any other languages that you don't use and you should reboot.

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hi all...i have some problems wi th my keyboard it happen when i want to type g it becomes 6g and h become 8h...had to use ext.keyboard for my daily use and it burden because i had to carry all the way i go hoping for some solution from all of you...

Answer:Aspire E15 E5-571G keyboard wrong characters

Hi,Try reinstalling the Keyboard driver, go to Device manager, expand Keyboards, highlight Standard PS/2 keyboard and right click, select Properties, go to Driver tab and uninstall, reboot and let Windows install the driver. HTH.

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There's a problem with my laptop keyboard. Whenever i'm pressing the button f it prints "fv" on the screen and same like that when i'm just pressing other keys like C it prints DC on the screen. I don't know what is that problem coz i have deleted its driver more than twice time and Reinstall it but it still happening. and i'm now using the external wireless keyboard and its working. And I already have set the Regional and Language setting but it still not working. Can somebody please help me by resolving that issue for me?

Answer:Why does my Notebook keyboard print the wrong characters?

Possible its not programming problem. Show your device to master.

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Whenever i try to type something like I or O it would come up as a 5 or 6
5t w643d 3662 s60eth5ng 352e th5s
Translation- It would look something like this
I read somewhere about holding the FN key, and when i do hold it and press the letter I it would come up, otherwise it would be a 5.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Laptop keyboard displaying wrong characters

Turn number lock off

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I my laptop keyboard is now displaying incorrect characters after I cleaned it (just a wipe over with some window spray). I have bought a USB keyboard and am currently using that. For example:


Most keys are affected, even the enter/delete and number keys.

Any idea what is happening? Have I completely broken it?



Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3069 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 226580 MB, Free - 71650 MB; D: Total - 11891 MB, Free - 2239 MB; F: Total - 305168 MB, Free - 228333 MB;
Motherboard: Quanta, 30D2, 79.2E, None
Antivirus: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! Anti-Virus Avira

Answer:Solved: Keyboard displays wrong characters

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Hi Everyone,

I am using a Windows 7 x64 computer and several keys on my keyboard are misbehaving. When I press the tilde (~), at (@) or hash (#) keys I see different characters.

The characters that I am seeing are as follows -

Initially I installed a Microsoft USB Keyboard, and when I did so some software - in the style of Windows 8 - was installed. As I suspected that the Windows 8 "style" software may be at fault I uninstalled it (however there was no improvement). I then tried a Logitech USB keyboard with the same outcome, and finally tried a Microsoft PS2 keyboard.

Having tried 3 different keyboards with the same effect I am convinced that the issue is with the computer itself.

If anybody has any suggestions on how to fix this they will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Answer:Some special characters coming out wrong on my computer

Looks like your keyboard is set to a British layout. You can change that in Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region

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I have a Toshiba satellite A300 installed with Vista. I have had problems with the following:

In order to type "Emily", I have to enter ["][spacebar][Emily]["][spacebar]
Quotation marks only appear after pressing the spacebar or typing in another character. Typing the single or double quotation marks, immediately followed by the letter will result in a special character like:
['][e] - ?
['][a] - ?
['][i] - ?
["][i] - ?
["][e]- ?.....and so on

How do I change this so that the quotation marks appear when I type them and that the special characters disappear? Please, please, please help me!

Answer:Vista - Keyboard displays wrong characters

change ur keyboard language to US
Instructions for Windows Vista

Click Start and then Control PanelIn Control Panel, if you are in Classic View, click on Control Panel Home (top left corner)Open Clock, Language, and RegionClick on Regional and Language Options.Click the Keyboards and Languages tab and then click Change keyboards.Under Installed services, click Add.In the Add Input Language dialog box, select the keyboard layout you would like to add from the list available and click OK.The keyboard layout you added will be included in the list. To set the new layout as your default, select it from the list. Click OK to save your changesYou can switch between different input languages (= keyboard languages) by clicking on the Language Bar button or by pressing the Alt + Shift keys

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My PC showed UK Keyboard after W10 installed, the only issue I found was that "@" showed instead of " " "
and vice versa.

To fix this I changed the keyboard to US Keyboard, as it had been until W10, that fixed the problem but when I reboot it reverts to UK Keyboard.

How do I fix this?



Answer:Wrong characters shown. Keyboard issue

I presume that you changed the kb defaults in "control panel", "language".

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ive got several printers and computers, which give different results. Win Live Mail displays Russian and Chinese correctly, but when sent to printer, most of them garble the characters. i dont want to delve into each printer hardware, so am hoping this is a problem with Win 7 encoding somewhere ? ive seen options in Live Mail itself, but changing them doesnt help. is there anywhere else in Win 7 itself that can be experimented with ? thanks for any help !

Answer:Printing wrong characters for Russian and Chinese

I can't be certain whether it's your printer settings or Windows that's at fault here, so I've posted this link in the hope it may help you.

Pinyin Joe - MS Windows 7 Chinese Language Features, Setup Help

As a matter of interest, do you have the Russian and Chinese language packs installed? Obviously, you would need Windows 7 Ultimate for the language packs.

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Hi! I'm using Win7 in portuguese (pt-PT) and the calculator has some some keys with strange symbols in them. So, instead of the backspace arrow, there's a rectangle, and the "x" was replaced by a square. In scientific mode it's even worse.

I've already restored windows fonts through the control panel. I've renamed the calc.exe.mui and nothing. I've even tried downloading an english version posted in these forums, but it didn't work. Even the language remained the same.

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Calculator displaying wrong characters in keys.

i see the difference.
did you make any changes to your computer recently? you could try a System Restore to a date that you did.

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Hi there.
my keyboard is not making the right buttons. everytime i press 'u' it comes up with 4. i = 5, o = 6, p = -, and so on and so forth. the onlyway i can remove this is by holding down the Fn button inbetween Ctrl and Alt. how can i take this keyboard lock off for good?

feel free to email [email protected]

thanks for your time.


Answer:Equium L20 - keyboard creates the wrong characters


you have to press Fn + F11 to deactivate Numlock.


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After getting Windows 10 on my Split x2 ultrabook the keyboard would not respond to the proper characters. There is no num lock key on this keyboard so I could not test if that was the issue. For example when I type 'jump' on the keyboard I get 6ny=.

Answer:Keyboard on Split x2 Ultrabook uses wrong characters

Hi @paress88, Welcome to HP Forums! I have read your post and wanted to help. I understand that after upgarding to Windows 10, the keyboard is not working properly. What is the product number of your laptop?HP Notebook PCs - How Do I Find My Model Number, Serial Number or Product Number? Try the following link:Wrong characters appear when typing, changing keyboard language, or DvorakLet me know if it helps. If this helps you to reach a solution, please click the "Accept as Solution" button down below in this message. If you wish to say "thanks" for my effort to help, click the "thumbs up" to give me Kudos.  Regards, 

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The subject of email messages with foreign (Greek in this case) characters will not display correctly, I get something like: =?UTF-=CE=BF=CE=BD_=CE=9F=CE=A4=CE=9... etc. I've set the regional and locale settings to Greek but it doesn't help, and I can't find any specific settings for the Mail app. Is there a solution? Thank you.

update: it looks like this is sender-specific since some emails are displayed correctly.

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Hi all,

I am having serious problems with my keyboards. when I press some letters like 'g b y t a' its generates wierd codes.

g = Dg GH`B'GN#
a = AS
y = YUI
b = NMB,N

these keep changing all the time, sometimes it just generates unending code and I have to hold down the backspace key for it to stop.

I have changed my keyboard from the original one that had a serial port to a new USB type but this has not solved the problem. Now I have both plugged in and have to use both to type as the keys that work on one do not work on the other.

I have started my computer in safe mode and done a full virus check, using mcafee and avg, i have even used housecall which is an online antivirus but this has not solved the problem.

I have changed my regional setting from UK to Us and back but this does not solve the problem.

I got remapping software anthis shows that all the keys are mapped correctly.

I have downloaded every microsoft patch but still with no joy.

I need some help please. frustrating typing with two key boards. appologies for gramatical errors, I just want to send this.



Answer:Keyboard, characters mixed up and wrong code generation

The 2 areas that affect keyboard mapping are;

Keyboard settings are in Control Panel-> Keyboard
Language settings are in Control Panel-> Regional and Language Options

Use only one keyboard at a time - a stuck key will/may cause both to appear errant.

A System Restore is also a possibility if this event had been recent.

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I have a new L500/02C notebook.

Bought in Australia.

When @ is pressed on keyboard " appears and vice versa.

How can I fix please ... R

Answer:Satellite L500/02C: wrong keyboard characters appears - " instead of @

In Control Panel- Clock, Language and Region, choose Eng (US) to see what happens

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I have been having with my keyboard Tecra A2;

when I type the key "e" I get this: 10:06 PM 7/27/2007;

when I type the key "a" I get 1za 1za 1za;

when I type "z" I get 1za 1ZA 1za and so on,

some keys are fine and I get the right letter. I already checked Regional settings and everything it is fine; I updated my BIOS and I did not work; I used CD's recovery and I did not work.
I went to Device manager and uninstalled keyboard driver and nothing; I reformatted my HDD drive and nothing; I have noticed that when I went to the BIOS and y tried to enable "FN" and I could not enable or disable; it is disable by default;
I tried FN+ F11 or F10 and I did nto work. What could it be?

Any help? Has anyone had the same problem?

Answer:Keyboard types wrong and weird characters on Tecra A2


sounds like a serious hardware problem. You can try the following to check if just the internal keyboard is making some trouble or your machine is malfunctioning: just connect a external keyboard (ps2 or usb) and check if you got the same error.

But nowadays you should bring your machine to a local authorized service partner for a hardware checkup because I think that your keyboard is defective and the hardware components of your machine should be checked.

Here?s a link to find the nearest local service point:

Good luck

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Keyboard "unlocks" and wrong characters are typed using QWERTY layout. Have tried changing language options with some short term success.

However languages changes quickly become "unlocked".
How do I fix this problem?

Advice please.
Thanks, Mike

Answer:Tecra A9 - Keyboard "unlocks" and wrong characters are typed


To be honest I have no idea what you are talking about.
If your keyboard layout does not match with the keyboard language, then you should change this and should add new language.

In such case you will be able to switch between languages using the shortcuts SHIFT+ALT

Of course you can also delete the other languages. In such case the SHIFT+ALT will not functions.

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A client using a billing and inventory program that I wrote for him a number of years ago, is having some problems since
upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 Home Premium.

The main problem now is that when printing his quotes and invoices, Windows is using the wrong character set.
Instead of getting single and double line boxes and frames, it is printing completely different characters.

They are all graphics characters above 128 ASCII commonly used for both screen and print in DOS programs.
There is no problem with screen display of the same characters.

Isn't there a way to make it use the intended character set when printing?
I don't have Windows 7, so I can't do any testing on my own equipment.


Don't bother with suggestions of 'a different program'.
This is a custom application that he paid $$$ for and I spent hundreds of hours developing.

Answer:Windows 7 prints wrong graphics characters from a DOS database program

Not unless you can find a printer that allows IBM Character set, such as a LaserJet. I would suggest moving them into something like QuickBooks, or design the program to run in Access, if you want full use of the printer. BTW, there is no such thing as DOS anymore. DOS died with the end of Win98 & Win NT.

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Hello guys, My oldies notebook Satellite Pro 410 CDT, with BIOS updated to v6.20, which I am trying to install as SO w98se. I have a few problems that I do not manage to solve:

1. I have formatted a HDD of 4.3 GB of a libretto 70 CT, in two partitions one of 814 Mb and other one with the rest. In the partition D, the major one I have copied all the drivers of 410 as well as w98se to proceed to his installation. These options I did it in the tower Pc with Partion Magic and the explorer of Windows XP.

Reinstalled the HDD in 410 CDT, the screen shows me the following message:

However much I have looked in manual there is not done any reference to this message, can they say to me that it happens?.

2. When I format the HDD in another Pc I must reserve an empty space in in order that it is a system do his copies in way of hibernation?. That is to say, in the Libretto 70 and 100, they save themselves 32 MB at the end of the HDD. All that I owe resevar for 410 cdt and in that place?.

3. When I start the portable one with a bootdisk of windows 98 without ramdisk, which allows me to load the most basic thing in MSDOS, I verify that the keyboard does not act as owes, that is to say, some keys they show on screen characters that do not correspond to them, others prove to be two or three simultaneously, others do not do anything supporting the fixed cursor, for example, if tou... Read more

Answer:Broken keyborad on Satellite Pro 410cdt? Wrong characters are shown


I?m not 100% about the point one because I have never seen such error message but I have investigated in the internet and somewhere has suggested that such error can appears because the booting partition was not activated or not active.

2.) I don?t think that you need to reserve any place on the HDD for the hibernation mode. In the hibernation mode all data and settings are saved to the local file. It?s a part of the OS.

3.) For me it?s not easy to say if the keyboard is wrong or only the software environment cannot detect the functionality of the keyboard buttons properly. To be sure if the keyboard works properly you should test it in the Windows OS

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Any help to correct this problem would be appreciated.
I don't know if this is a hardware issue or a software issue. Whenever I press certain letters I get a numeric stroke. For example:


The only reason I'm able to type this is because I've connected another keyboard up to the laptop.

Answer:Solved: Fujitsu laptop keyboard showing wrong characters

Most likely you have some kind of number lock feature on. It's so you can use the letters as you would a number pad on a standard keyboard.

Try to find a key on your keyboard labeled "Num Lock" and press it (you may have to hold down something like an "Fn" key while pushing the Num Lock button).

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I'm not certain if my subject  title makes sense, but I'll attempt to explain: I have a dv4-2167sb, I just purchased.  Running Windows 7 64x.  This particular model has an 89 (approx) key keyboard.  It does NOT include a separate numeric keypad.  It DOES include the embedded numeric keypad on the alpha keyboard.  Before anybody explains the procedure of turning on and off the num-lock with the fn key, thank you, but I am aware of this feature.  The problem is the num-lock feature turns on and off with a USB numeric keypad attached.  So, if I wish to use the external keypad for numbers, the numbers on the embedded keypad become active (j becomes 1, k becomes 2, etc)  If I turn off num-lock, it turns it off on the external pad as well, making it useless.  I have owned 3 previous HP / Compaq notebooks.  All with the same style keyboard, and all functioned quite well with the external numeric keypad.  HP customer service does not view this as an issue.  However, the manual says: "NOTE:  The embedded numeric keypad will not function while an external keyboard or numeric keypadis connected to the computer or to an optional docking device or expansion product."  which is the result I desire. see page 44 of : However, on the dv4, the embedded numeric keypad WILL function while an external keyboard is connected. &nb... Read more

Answer:Num Lock and external keypad locks imbedded keypad in numeri...

Ahhh! 5 have exact3y the sa0e *r6b3e0 6n a dv3 w5th a 36g5tch b34t66th n40ber 2ey*ad. 5f any6ne has a s634t56n 5t w643d be great3y a**rec5ated. 5t 5s dr5v5ng 0e n4ts. If the problem was fixed this would read: I have exactly the same problem on a dv3 with a logitech bluetooth number keypad. If anyone has a solution it would be greatly appreciated. It is driving me nuts. Cheers

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i dont know how to change numeric keyboard, please help me

Answer:How do I change the Qwerty keypad to numeric keypad?

If you taking about a windows phone push the left bottom key marked as &123 . To go back use the same key but this is now changed to abcd.
If you are in the numeric keyboard than the arrow above the abcd key will change to more " signs" like + = etc.

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Hello! Can I replace the regular keypad with a backlit one? Is this model compatible with this specific upgrade?Thank you!

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can someone tell me, they both seem the same, they are both the brown colour, same specs, same price i think..

i looked on toshiba's site and it seems the only difference that i see is the 10z has bluetooth and the 11m doesn't. can someone confirm that? i dont want to buy one only to find its inferior in some other way...

Answer:what is the difference between an NB200-10z and NB200-11h???

They both look identical except for Bluetooth. Go for the Bluetooth one, its actually cheaper

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When I try to download a file from Internet explorer it replacec the white space with underscores and double quotation with weired characters. How can I avoid this. while downloading I want my original file name. Any Ideas please tell me.

thanks in advance,

Answer:replaces special characters with weired characters on download from internet explorer

When you download it are you hitting save or run? (I reccomend save BTW)

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I have some japanese songs in my collection. Some of it are in Japanese characters and they display as boxes.

On Windows7, they display correctly without installing/setting anything.

I tried adding a Japanese language pack which does nothing. There's no download for the pack. It says it's not available.


Answer:[WIN8] how do I display filenames using multibyte characters (Japanese characters)?

mrjayviper said:

On Windows7, they display correctly without installing/setting anything.Click to expand...

What's the problem then?

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I can log in to XP like normal on my laptop, but once I'm logged in the keys on the keyboard are all over the place. An M is an O a C is a 6. Anyone ever heard of this poblem and how to fix????

Answer:Keyboard characters don't type proper characters

well u probably messed up the keyboard mapping when u formated windows and the only way to change it back is to reformat again
search TF i answered something like this befor!

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HI. I have garbage characters replacing all the words appearing in xp home sp2.
Can't change language since garbage characters replacing all characters
in control panel.
Please help.

Answer:Garbage Characters Replacing English Characters

Run Windows One Care Free ScanGo to Windows Live Onecare Free Scan It will say "Get a free PC safety scan" sure you click "Full Service Scan" in the middle of the page and not the "Try It Now Free" on the right side.Allow it to download an Active X component.Choose "Complete Scan" in the window that opensClick "Next"Do not click on anything else that offers you a free trial or to sign up if you live in the US.Allow it to scan - it may take quite a while, maybe two hours or so depending on how big your hard drive is and how fragmented your registry and drive are.

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Hi there. This is an odd problem, whenever certain characters are used ("^ are just some) then a letter is pressed foreign characters appear.
When I press
" Then O it comes up as ?, instead of "O, and so on.
Does anyone have any ideas, on how this could be fixed. I've checked in the regional/language settings, and in the G15 control Panel.

Answer:Foreign Characters/Characters appearing.

I use English, German and Finnish keyboard layouts on a daily basis. Never had this kind of issue.

Could you please tell which language settings you are using?


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I have two excel spreadsheet that I need to compare using vlookup, using case number to do so. The two sheets have case number stored differently, for example, one has the, displayed as 2012DT00001 or 2001CM00012 and the other sheet displays them as 2012DT1 or 2001CM12. Obviously, they are the same record but when using vlookup to compare the record and bring over information that is on one and not the other it does not work well. I have tried using vlookup to compare and look for approximate matches (TRUE). However, when I look at a sampling of the information it misses 80% of the records. At this point, I am thinking that the vlookup function is missing those records as a result of the two case numbers being different as a result of the unneeded zeros in the one. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:How can i edit characters within a string of characters?

Here are two ways to do it:With your data in Column A:
1) 2012DT00001 2012DT1
2) 2001CM00012 2001CM12
In cell B1 enter the formula: =LEFT(A1,6)&VALUE(RIGHT(A1,5))Drag down as needed.You can now use Column B in your =VLOOKUP() something along the lines of:=VLOOKUP(B1,Sheet2!A1:B2,2,1)The second way is to use the formula directly in your =VLOOKUP() which eliminates the need for column BSomething like:=VLOOKUP(LEFT(A1,6)&VALUE(RIGHT(A1,5)),Sheet2!A1:B2,2,1)The trick is in the: VALUE(RIGHT(A1,5)) section, it takes the last five characters of your text string, IE 00001 or 00012and converts them from TEXT to a NUMBER, and since Excel strips out any leading zeros in a number you end up with your required digit.See how that works for you.MIKE

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I have an NB200-002 (PLL20C) and can't seem to get my system to recognize any stick of RAM larger than 1GB.

On the Toshiba Canada specs, it says that the maximum RAM for this netbook is 1GB but what I don't understand is that it seems like all other NON-CANADIAN versions of this netbook can accept up to 2GB of RAM. Am I just completely out of luck here just because I bought my netbook in Canada!?

I've tried installing a spare 2GB PC2-5300 (from Patriot Memory) stick I had but the BIOS and Winver both just end up saying I have 1GB installed.

Another interesting point is the fact that my netbook shipped with a PC2-6400 chip when the specs say it runs on a 5300. Now I understand that these chips are backwards compatible but would I have better luck if I bought a 2GB stick of 6400? I know this most likely won't make any difference but I'm hoping against hope out of desperation...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:NB200-002: Can't Use 2GB RAM!?

I would try another stick of RAM. I have the US model, bought at Best Buy and it came with PC2-6400 and I swapped out the 1 GB and put a 2 GB PC2-6400 in it with-out issue.

Now I guess it is possible that Toshiba CA has done something to the BIOS so the Max is 1 GB of RAM, but I doubt it...


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Hey guys!!

I am thinking to buy the netbook Toshiba NB200. I would like to ask you to advice me whether that would be a good choice for my first netbook.
I would like to know if installing windows 7 makes the netbook a bit faster or not. Also i ve heard that the audio is not the best? What do u think about that and how u solved that issue?

Thank you all in advance

Answer:Re: Should i buy the NB200 or not? Please help


Before we start discussion can you please tell us for which purposes do you need your notebook.
If you want to be mobile and take it always with you but small display is not big issue for you I would recommend you to buy new Satellite U500.

For work at home only and for all ?every day? activity I recommend you to buy notebook with bigger display like Satellite A500.

I really don't know what you want to do with your notebook and it is not easy to give you advice without knowing more about your needs.
If you want o have notebook all time with you and surf in internet in cafe or on bus station then is NB200 best choice for you.

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Hi every one,
I have a NB200-10Z, when i bought it, I remember it was impossible to upgrade up 2Mo. I saw in forum and doc's it is possible. It seems the limitation was done by software (agreement Toshiba/microsoft I guess).
What is the update for this point? Is it possible now? How to do it to crack the limit if ther is one ?

Thank you for your answer.


Answer:NB200 - RAM upgrade

I found info that compatible RAM for your notebook is also 2 GB RAM with part number PA3669U-1M2G so I think it can be listed as compatible if the RAM can be upgraded up to 2 GB.

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I have a Toshiba NB200 and Windows 7 starter.

I would like to change the operating system and there wanted to know which I can install in this mini portatil. Also if on having changed the operating system the guarantee gets lost.

Thank you for all!

Answer:NB200 - Can I change the OS?

Hey buddy,

Why you want to change the OS?
In my opinion Windows 7 Starter is great for this netbook. Windows 7 is newest OS and the Starter Edition is designed for such netbooks.

Of course you can install what you want and you will not loose the warranty if you install another one but Windows 7 is really good!!!

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Hi every one,
I have a NB200-10Z. This computer is able to run 1.66GHz as clock frequency.
When I use a tool to check, the answer is 1GHz, and I have a message "the clock is locked" (or something like that).

How can I run the 1.66ghz expected and suppling by Toshiba ?

Thank you

Answer:Re: NB200-10Z - How can I run the CPU at 1.66Ghz


The notebook supports the Intel(R) Atom(TM) processor N280 1.66GHZ) 667MHZ FSB.
The CPU support the Enhanced Intel(R) SpeedStep(R) Technology.

This technology controls the CPU performance and clock down the CPU if the performance is not needed? this save the power and reduce the heat dissipation!

Everything run and is controlled automatically!
This means that if more CPU performance would be needed, then the CPU would run faster at 1.66Ghz


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I'm trying to activate W-Lan on my MB200 Notebook, but pressing this combination doesn't work at all. All drivers are installed properly and other Fn Hotkey combinations work. Any ideas what might be the issue? Thanks!

Answer:NB200: can't activate W-Lan with Fn + F8

I've had the same problem with Windows 7. Which operation system are you using? It worked for me on the XP with the hotkey driver and the Wireless Adapter Driver.

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Hi everyone,

I'm using a Toshiba NB200 (7 Starter) and I wanted to install Ubuntu.
When I checked the partitions I was very surprise to see no fewer than 4 partitions !

A 1.5 GB boot partition.
My system partition 210 GB.
Another extended partition of 12 GB containing recovery data, that's weird.
The recovery partition 8 GB.

The system and recovery partitions seem normal to me. I just don't understand why I have another boot partition (maybe for the recovery program ?) and another 12 GB partition. Was my netbook used before ?

Below some screenshots.

Another question : Which partition do I have to clone before erasing everything ? What free software is the best to do that kind of stuff ?

Thank you :)

Answer:4 partitions on NB200 ?!

Rather than cloning the partitions, just create the Recovery Discs using the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator (there should be an Icon on the Desktop or in the Start Menu).

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I bought My Nb200-12R For UK and right now i am living In Egypt so everything was going good until i installed Partition magic 8.0 i got and error and i thought its not important so i pressed OK, then my notebook restarted i lost Partition D, then restarted again suddenly i can't logging to windows there's something say Boot-manger is missing or something like that so i decided to Install New fresh windows 7 and i did that and i got my partitions back.

But here's the thing i lost the recovery thing when i used to press F8 and right now its not working like the old days.. :/, Some drivers not working well.
And i found there is a Folder called HDD Recovery its 4.48 GB so my question is How can i use these files to recover my Notebook..

Answer:Re: I have NB200-12R I really Need Help about Recovery!


> installed Partition magic 8.0 i got and error and i thought its not important so i pressed OK, then my notebook restarted i lost Partition D

The same happened to me when I resized partitions to install Win Xp to make a dual boot 7/Xp. I couldn't recover f8 option as it was before. Here in the forum, I read a thread where the user could restore it:

Personally, i haven't checked it, try it and tell us if it works, then

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Hi all,

I upgraded from WXP to Win 7 and am very satisfied with it.

I had a problem with the connection manager. Paupau solved it for me.I thought I had all compatibility issues solved. I noticed today that I have one small (hopefully last) issue. The connections manager tells me that GPS is not supported. I found a driver in the Toshiba Win 7 site but it didn't help.

Can anyone help please?

Answer:NB200-122 win 7 GPS compatibility

Which GPS device are you using?

Is it a USB Device?

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Question: NB200 Big Problem

Ok Please help me :]
When i press power button the light comes up and then fan kicks in for about 4 seconds then it switches it self off. There is nothing on the screen. It is dead. I can only hear quitely ticikng sound from around processor area.
The battery and mains lights stays on as well.
Any idea what that could be ?
Thanks for any comments

Answer:NB200 Big Problem

Try this...remove the battery and unplug it for a couple of hours, plug it back in and leave the battery removed and try to power it back on, it should boot. If it does not I would call Toshiba to RMA the unit....



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I just bought a NB200 - 10Z. This netbook is shipped with Windows XP and I want to install Windows 7 before to start using it. My question is about all the Toshiba drivers installed on the computer. How is it possible to have the same drivers with 7?
Is it possible to upgrade XP to 7 (I think it's not possible...) or does it exist a kind of "Toshiba drivers pack" for NB200?
All the drivers are available to download on the Toshiba support site, but there are 3 pages of drivers and I can't imagine downloading all the drivers (may be more than 100...) and install them.
May be a short list of the required drivers is available?
Thank you for your assistance.

Answer:Windows 7 - NB200 10Z

For your PLL20 you will find 33 drivers, tools and utilities.
If you want to install Win7 you must install almost all of them one by one.
I presume in 2 hours you can finished with Win7 installation. ;)

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My NB200 supports 3G, so I inserted a twin SIM card in it and it's working fine. The GPS is also working fine and gives me the coordinates of the spot where I am. However, as stated in the user's manual, there is no navigation software installed.

What would be an appropriate software to install on the netbook? Doing a research shows me applicatons for mobile phones and dedicated GPS devices.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Answer:GPS Software for NB200-122

As far as I know Toshiba doesn?t offer any navigation software so you must check which navigation applications are available for usage with notebooks.
Visit some forums where you can read experiences of people who use this and make a decision which one is the best for you.

Every of us have some specific criteria for this stuff and my favourite program must not be the right one for you.
If you make decision please let us know which one you want to use. I believe you are the first one with this question and it will be interesting to read something about your experiences with 3G, GPS and navigation using laptop.

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I'm thinking about memory upgrade of my netbook because it has 533Mhz ram onboard. So before purchasing f new one I tried to take of a ram slot cover on netbook but i failed. It seems that somthing locking cover, Maybe anybody knows whats the reason? Maybe I should take of a main cover at first?

I also have a question about RAM type. Which of it fits best for this machine?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:NB200 RAM upgrade. HOW?

I just did that RAM upgrade and it took me a few minutes of fiddling around with the cover before I could get it off and then another few minutes to put it back on after the upgrade. You could use your fingernail or a small screwdriver to pop it off. To put it back on, just push it into place, you will hear a click when it seats itself.

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Question: Unlocking NB200

I turned my NB200 over to record the serial number and on opening the front cover I found that I had been locked out. It is asking for a password, but will not accept the password I use for logging on. Please help.

Answer:Unlocking NB200

To be honest I don't know what you are writing about. I have turned over my notebook many times while they were ON or OFF but I have never seen something like this.

Can you enter BIOS settings? Do you have this problem for operating system logging only?

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Question: NB200 Overheating

My Toshiba NB200 is overheating. I have another Toshiba laptop that suffers the same problem, and when it overheats I use compressed air in the open spaces on the bottom to clean it. It always works for my laptop.

However I tried doing this to the NB200 and nothing happened - it still overheats same as before. What can I do to fix this problem? It overheats very quickly. I keep it well covered when it is not in use.

Answer:NB200 Overheating

I bought one of these platforms for the netbook to sit on. It plugs into a USB port and has two fans to cool the bottom of the netbook. The fans are almost silent and they do a good job of carrying away the heat that is generated.

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Hi @all,
my Problem is, the HDD is not visuable by Ghost or simular Backupsoftware, when i startet the software via external Device like CD or Stick.
I tried many times with BartPE or bootable Symantec Ghost CD, no succsess.
The Reason for my Question is, i will in the near future install Win7 onto this Netbook and i will have the oportunity to go back to my orginate XP.
And by the way, a full backup of my Netbook HDD will help me sleep better.
Can everybody help ?
Thx in advance
ciao peter

Ps. Sorry for my pidgen english, i´m german and i have not often the oportunity to speak or write in english. :-))

Answer:NB200-110 hides HDD

It is most likely because of the AHCI SATA controller, if they are using a Linux Kernal to boot from you'll need to see if there is a ewer version o their boot software, if it is using a XP based boot device (Windows PE 1.7 or earlier) it does not have SATA controllers built in as well. A Windows Vista or Windows 7 based soluion should allow you to bot and see the drives. You can download the Windows AIK and build a Windows PE boot disk that includes your back up solution.



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I recently purchased a mini nb200 with windows 7 and I have a couple of questions about it. How do you set up your email, I was wanting to set it up with Outlook Express but I am not sure if I can. Also, is there some way to get a hard copy of the user manual?

Answer:Questions about nb200

You can download and install a new e-mail program when you download Windows Live through Microsoft Update. You will have to select which Windows Live components you want to include by checking a box for each that you want. I installed all of them. Or your can use Outlook if you have Microsoft Office and want to install it.

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Hello. I need help overclocking my Toshiba Nb200-10P. I tried to overclock it with SetFSB but it didn't work. I managed to find some information and its IC chip is supposed to be *SLG8SP556V* which is not included in SetFSB. The closest one is *SLG8SP513V* but when I try to set the fsb higher it automatically resets to default values. Does this mean the chip has TME lock? Is there anyway to modify the registry settings in SetFSB to make it work for this PLL? Thank you in advance.

Answer:Re: NB200-10p Overclock

> I try to set the fsb higher it automatically resets to default values

It resets because Overclocking not supported.

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I've got a NB200-12N and want to upgrade to 2GB. The manual and datasheet are contradictory:
- On one page we can read DDR2 800 MHz
- on another PC2-4200
- and then that bus is 667 MHz.

All three correspond to different RAM types. Which one is the correct ?

Another question, what size shall I buy ?
- one extra 1 GB to add to the existing 1 GB
- or one 2 GB and replace the existing 1 GB ?


Answer:NB200-12N - Which RAM for upgrade to 2GB?

Memory used on your notebook is DDR2 800MHz and module type is SO-DIMM.
I found info you can use 2 GB DDR-800 RAM module with part number PA3669U-1M2G for RAM upgrade.

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came today really pleased with it so far, just installed a 2gb stick. anyway a few Qs and notes..

1. Trying to install this free mcafee trial, I click on the "m" in the taskbar and am trying to activate it..I go on create account and enter my email and a password..and it says its invalid! I do it 3 times and it says its locked because i entered the wrong password logging in. I wasnt even on the login tab, I'm trying to create a new account so how can i enter something in wrong if i havent even created an account!! nod32 is no doubt miles better but thought i might as well give this trial a go. any ideas?

2. The space bar seems a bit stiff.. anyone elses like that? no biggy really..

3. not the best manual in the world is it..explains nothing really.

4.I registered to take advantage of the free warranty upgrade, the free collection and return should I need to ever use it but didnt get any confirmation on that bit. I assume I have that now anyway right?

5. should the wireless light always be amber?

6. how much does the sleep n charge drain the battery if it's turned on but not in use?

7. any battery power saving tips? things to turn off etc..

6. If I installed windows 7 but wanted to go back to this XP, guessing thats not possible?

only had it a few hours and it really is great :) the battery is fully charged already so gonna see how long it lasts..

Answer:Few questions about NB200

forget the mcafee stuff, sorted that out, apparaently i had a free trial in 2000!

The usb ports are very stiff..seem to have to apply a bit of force to get anything in there. sure they will loosen out though

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