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Dell Inspiron 7537 Laptop Missing Characters When Typing

Question: Dell Inspiron 7537 Laptop Missing Characters When Typing

Machine approaching three years old and not continually used. A couple of weeks ago, it started missing characters when typing or it will type two characters and then highlight them so when you type again the first two characters are gone. Does this on both the on screen and laptop keyboard. Tried an external keyboard and it too acted the same way.
Here's what I've done - run diagnostics (no issues), downloaded and installed most recent BIOS, chipset, video and all other drivers. Have also in Device Manager deleted keyboards and rebooted with no change. All Windows 10 updates are installed.
Most of the time I have it plugged in and charge set to only charge when battery is approaching low.
Have not removed the battery and keeping it as a last option.
Any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: Dell Inspiron 7537 Laptop Missing Characters When Typing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Estimados, Estoy interesado en encender mi laptop mediante wake on LAN. Me gustaría saber si mi modelo Inspiron 15 7537 puede configurarse para esto. En la BIOS no encuentro la opción de activar wake on LAN. De antemano muchísimas gracias

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My Dell Inspiron 15 7537 laptop hasn't been offered the update to the Creator's Update via Windows Update yet and it doesn't appear on Dell's upgrade list. Has anyone updated their Inspiron 7537 to the Creator's Update via the Media Creation Tool or ISO file and did you have any problems?

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Yesterday my dell computer would not come on. When I hit the power button the keyboard would light up but the screen would not start. The computer was completely charged and the power cord works with no problems. It does not have a battery pack so I let the battery completely drain overnight. When I tried to turn the computer on again after 3 attempts of holding down the power button it finally rebooted. While my computer is working now I am concerned that this may happen again and that next time my computer will not start at all. Any suggestions or recommendations as to what could have caused this problem and how to prevent it from happening again. I completely love my touchscreen dell and would hate for it not to work!

Answer:Laptop (dell inspiron 15-7000 series-7537) wont start

It could have simply been a program or utility hanging the system.  Holding down the power button for a couple minutes should have fully shut down the system allowing you to boot, but baring that, you either have to remove the battery or wait until it is fully discharged.
I do suggest running diagnostics just to make sure that this isn't and indicator of possible hardware failure.
Please check here for more information on how to run diagnostics.  Please let me know what you find out.  

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Windows 10 Anniversary update freezes at 75% on my Dell Inspiron 7537 (7000 Series) Laptop. Is there any work around for this problem?

Answer:Windows 10 Anniversary update freezes at 75% on my Dell Inspiron 7537 (7000 Series) Laptop

I have the same problem on my older Lenovo desktop. I have run every diagnostic program I can find and they all indicate that the current windows is clean and the disc is error free. The machine restarts at 75% and I get a forever spinning dots with no other indication on the screen.

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Windows 10 Anniversary update freezes at 75% on my Dell Inspiron 7537 (7000 Series) Laptop. Is there any work around for this problem?

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Windows 10 Anniversary update freezes at 75% on my Dell Inspiron 7537 (7000 Series) Laptop

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Windows 10 Anniversary update freezes at 75% on my Dell Inspiron 7537 (7000 Series) Laptop

Answer:Windows 10 Anniversary update freezes at 75% on my Dell Inspiron 7537 (7000 Series) Laptop

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Windows 10 Anniversary update freezes at 75% on my Dell Inspiron 7537 (7000 Series) Laptop do you mean while installation or while downloading the update?
Join our forums to brief us on the issue , :)
here is a link to windows central article in various common problems while update device to windows 10 AU, :>

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Since a few weeks ago, my microphone has only been working when tilting the screen forward. I saw a previous discussion ( ) where people have reported similar problems. Although my laptop was still under warranty when I reported the problem to Dell, they proceeded to sending me an onsite technician with a repair microphone part who said that he could not replace just the microphone because I had a touchscreen (you would think Dell would have checked to send the right part), then a refurbished new screen that did not work at all on my computer, and then refused to solve the problem by arguing that my system was no longer under warranty (which it was not by the time they finally sent the non working screen and I called back to ask for another one to be sent—it was all problems from their side). Wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and if they were able to fix it themselves, as now my microphone is not working at all, not even when I tilt the screen.

I have also noticed the same problem for the touch screen. It only works when the screen is tilted forward, and I am afraid that, like the microphone, it will reach a point of no return. It seems to me that there is some faulty wiring from the screen components into the base. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Question: Dell Inspiron 7537

I've had this laptop for 2 years and nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Just recently, however, 2 weeks ago, I've noticed the screen wobbling whenever I opened the lid. I've been taking care of this laptop just fine so seeing this raised concerns. I went on using it until just yesterday when it cracked. I flipped open the lid like usual only to hear a loud cracking noise. I immediately checked the rear back only to discover that the hinge on the left side had broke. The screen is also separated from the display, causing a wide gap in between. I have to carefully open the lid of the laptop just to refrain from separating the screen even more. I've googled just to find out this happened to numerous people too. To think that Dell even needed to include a "Hinge Policy" post says enough about this issue. I'm looking for it to be resolved as soon as possible. I've paid $500 for this. This is ridiculous. I'd like to speak with a representative, please contact me.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 7537

Hi chrlms,Thanks for posting.You are correct, hinges are considered normal wear and tear items, much like the wiper blades on your car.  After two years, they will show signs of wear.  Just think how many times per day you open and close the lid on your computer. The hinges can not be replaced under warranty, however if you would like our technicians to repair your computer, you may send it to the depot for an estimate of the cost and time to repair.  You may also wish to try this yourself or have a local computer repair shop do it for you.  Here is some information you may find helpful:

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Hello, is there any possibility to add SSD to this laptop while keeping the original HDD?
I think the way to do this is to remove DVD drive, just don't know if this is possible in this laptop.

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I have not been one to ask for help to get my PC out of trouble and I am new to this forum. I have built a handful or two of PC's over the years. I have a Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop which started having random video issues such as (video traces and random pixel change) then I noticed random characters flickering or appearing on the text in my BIOS (even with my harddrive removed).

I am not completely familiar with character mapping and if this could be a VIDEO CARD issue, but I suspected it was a BIOS VIRUS. SInce I could not flash the BIOS without having Power connected AND a good battery in the unit, I shelled out 100.00 bucks to buy a new battery. I flashed the BIOS to the latest ver but I am still having the same problem. I have seen video failures before but not like this. I performed a bootscan with AVAST afterwords but no dice. As far as I know the only hardware "virus's can effect" are the HD and BIOS?
Once again while I am looking at a page in the BIOS, I see letters being replaced by other characters and the longer I am on that page it becomes unreadable. (Sounds like a Virus to me)
OR could it just be I need to replace the VIDEO card?

Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop
64 Mb ATI Mobility Radeon 9700
Windows XP and 7


Answer:Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop - video tracing - characters change at random

Welcome to TechSpot! Your thread is better suited to the Windows OS or Hardware forum, so I m going to ask the moderator to move it. I hope you subscribed to the thread because we don't email the reply.

If I had to give you a quick answer, I's suggest replacing the video card.

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On the bottom of my laptop, I'm missing a screw. I can't find any information on what size screw it is and I don't want to buy a pack of screws that claim they fit the laptop without knowing exactly what I'm missing.
If I'm using my laptop, It's the screw that is on the bottom in the top right hand corner. All the way at the top where the two halves come together.
The bottom isn't secure and it makes this clicking noise whenever I adjust the screen so I'd really appreciate some help. 

Answer:Inspiron 7537 Missing Screw

They're M2.5 by 5 mm screws.

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I've just done a clean install of W10 on my Dell Inspiron 7537 laptop. I turned off the laptop last night when the battery was about half discharged.

I tried turning on the laptop today after it had been off 18 hours and it was completely dead - there was no response to the power on button and no charging light despite the charger outputting the correct voltage.

I read online about removing the battery so I did this. I removed the battery, pressed the power button for 60s then plugged in the power lead and hey presto the laptop started! I then put the battery back in and started W10 fine. The battery showed 56% charge so the battery wasn't flat.

I'm mystified why this happened - does anyone have an explanation? I can only think there was a poor battery connection which prevented the laptop starting and removing and replacing the battery cured this.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 7537 Won't Power On?

Does anyone know why my laptop would refuse to power on in post 1? Could it be caused by a software problem connected with the sleep state or simply a case of a poor battery connection?

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From few days while I was working I noticed the laptop screen goes black suddenly. Once I press the power button it goes to sleep and when I press the power button back it comes up fine. Bit from today when I am switching on the laptop, it boots fine but the screen does not work at all. I tried to remove ac power, removed the battery and then put everything back but the screen does not come live. Please somebody help me

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I have been using this laptop without any issues. Yesteday I used the laptop and then properly shut it down. When I came back to use it, I could not power it on
Though when I plugged in the power cord, the front battery status light works, but when I press the power button it does not  start the laptop.
I have tried to remove the battery and unplug the the power cord, pressed the power button for over 2 minutes, then pluggedin the power cord again but didn't work. Please help if you know of a solution that might work

Answer:Dell Inspiron 7537 not switching on

Were there any bluescreens / system crashes? Was the system overheating? Do you see the power led come on for a second or two when you press the power button? Do you have another power adapter that you could test with? Does the light on the power adapter stay on and stable when connected to the system? Do you see any other leds come on?
Download the service manual - and reseat the memory modules / HDD and check if it powers on.
If the power come on and there is no display, then try fn + power button to turn on the system to run diags - the exact # of beeps would help isolate the source of the issue.
If the system is under warranty, write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email). If there is no warranty, If there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I've just done a clean install of W10 on my Dell Inspiron 7537 laptop. I turned off the laptop last night when the battery was about half discharged.

I tried turning on the laptop today after it had been off 18 hours and it was completely dead - there was no response to the power on button and no charging light despite the charger outputting the correct voltage.

I read online about removing the battery so I did this. I removed the battery, pressed the power button for 60s then plugged in the power lead and hey presto the laptop started! I then put the battery back in and started W10 fine. The battery showed 56% charge so the battery wasn't flat.

I'm mystified why this happened - does anyone have an explanation? I can only think there was a poor battery connection which prevented the laptop starting and removing and replacing the battery cured this.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 7537 Won't Power On?

Does anyone know why my laptop would refuse to power on in post 1? Could it be caused by a software problem connected with the sleep state or simply a case of a poor battery connection?

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I am a bit of a tech head, and urged my wife to wait until the "good" touch screen haswell laptops came out.  I even wrote some glowing reviews of Dell's inspiron 15 7537 after I received it ([])

Unfortunately, just a few weeks out of warranty, the trusty laptop has stopped powering up.  
The symptoms: laptop will not power up.  Things I have tried:

Making sure the power cable was plugged in (LED is on the power ring on the plug itself)
Making sure the PC recognizes the power cable and the power adapter isn't loose (power ring brightens when plugged in)
Trying different outlets, including several direct to wall outlets
Removing battery and trying to power up with just power cable
Removing battery and AC adapter, holding power for 3+ minutes to "clear static charge" as recommended by some self-help websites
Doing above and then plugging power cable in
One ram chip at a time
No ram

Unfortunately nothing works.  Fans don't turn on, lights don't turn on, display doesn't turn on, no noises or beeps.  Other than the power ring on the plug getting brighter when I plug it in, there is no indication that the device is receiving any power.  
I'm pretty bummed and hope there is a solution and/or that Dell can help make things right.  The build quality of the device is so high and my wife has been very satisfied and I hope that she can get more than a year of... Read more

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 7537 won't turn on

I have had the same problem.  This computer has been horrible for this.  I have replaced the motherboard and sent it out to depot for repair.  It still does this.  I have to remove the back cover and pull the battery then put the battery back in and then it will work for a while then I will have to do it again.  I have been very disappointed with this laptop.  We use Dells at work and I have never had this problem until this computer.  I have been disappointed in Dell helping me with the issue.  They tell me that nothing is wrong with the computer but It has been a pain with this issue.

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Recently my dell inspiron 7537 is having problems opening properly. I am not sure if it is the way I carry it in my back back (college student) but I always use a case with it and make sure to be gentle setting my backpack down, etc. I have had this computer since 2014 and never had any problems, I love it!. But recently when I try to open the laptop for use the right side makes a popping noise at the crease and the bottom right of the screen (not the touch screen portion but where it is black at the corner) is popping off. I can see the lights behind it. I am able to press on the screen to get it to pop back in place but even when it is in place and I test it by opening and closing it the same popping noise happens and the portion of the screen is raised again. 
Is this a problem I live with now? Any solutions? I bought my computer at costco but I can't remember if I had a warranty or if it even lasted this long. Any suggestions?
Also the actual computer functions just fine, no problems booting up or anything.

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Hi, my Dell Inspiron 15 7537 had to ahve a hard drive replacement and it seems that whenever I try to start it up now it will just say No boot device found please press any key to restart and when I do I spam f2 thinking it will take me to the bios menu but it seems to just run me in circles. it wont load setup or boot menu yet when I plugged in the charger it seemed to setup a new menu which let me know I should plug in a 90W charging cable and to press f2 to go to setup but when I restarted I accidentally pressed f3 which stopped the message from showing and now I am back to the infinite loop of not being able to enter setup. Any ideas? Also, the thing is when I hold down the power button it loops from going on and off. Also the hard drive is totally empty. I bought it brand new so there is nothing on it. The old one's inner disc stopped spinning when I dropped the laptop because a strap on my bag gave our. Overall the rest of the laptop works as It should of my knowing.

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Hi I've been having this random issue which I I'm not sure where it originates from.I own a Dell Inspiron  7537 .Recently it started freezing when left inactive, and rarely while in use.I also noticed it freezes and if left alone turns itself off after activating Dell SupportAssist.Based on a previous post I tried opening LogGrabber.exe , but the same thing happened.I ran diagnostics and so forth (safe boot and windows) everything should be fine.There is also a catch. After the freeze (and then me force shutting it down through the button) the clock goes 1 hour forward, sometimes 2 hours.At the start of all of this I thought the clock messes up and puts itself 1 hour forward, but when unsuccessful mases my system freeze.Any ideas?

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project/second screen is not working on my laptop (Win + P).
Devices:-Dell Inspiron 7537(i5-4200u)

I was testing on different version of Windows (8.1 and 10) and also on different drivers of graphics cards.(INTEL and NVIDIA)
On the same laptop I got linux and there second screen is working.

Any sugestions?


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Today morning I was about to turn on the laptop, so I was opening the lid, I heard a minor cracking sound. I checked the rear side - the right hinge made the sound and a gap can be seen between bottom plastic base and upper metal body (palm rest) near the right hinge.Here is the image of it.
Also check the left side, to differentiate.

I think it's starting to show the initial signs of hinge issue.I talked with dell tech. After looking at this pictures they are saying the laptop is 2yr old, it's normal wear and tear and they are not going to cover under warranty (I have warranty with accidental coverage).Does it say that after 2 yr of use the hinge is going to break. How on earth it can be a normal wear and tear. Even a layman who uses laptop can understand it's something not usual. And another thing I handle the laptop with utmost care, I always try not to open/close the lid frequently - may be twice or thrice a week. So it's definitely not normal wear & tear.After reading these discussions is no doubt that it's manufacturing defect and result of using poor standard material, in spite of the fact the price dell took was premium for this laptop.It was 81000 INR in Feb 2014, i.e, around 1310 USD.I think dell must be dragged to court for such ma... Read more

Answer:Dell Inspiron 7537 - Hinge issue

Well, after little long conversation with dell support, they agreed to fix the issue.The support tech send all the required parts for hinge related issue.The visiting tech opened the laptop and it was the screw base molds in the palm rest assembly which were broken.Initially I was little stunned to see inside the aluminium shell it's all black "cheap" plastic. Pathetic.If this material cannot sustain careful handling, like I do, how it can sustain normal [email protected]: I don't understand why dell keep using inferior design for critical mount points, like in my case, the screw bases for hinge and bottom base holding screw points. We are paying premium price, we expect premium material in return.

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I have a Dell laptop inspiron 7537 15 normally used with windows 8 until the hard disk is spoiling you remove the hard drive review board completely removing the BIOS battery and doing housekeeping but I went to turn message :
This computer has been disabled using intel (r ) anti -theft technology due to : platform attack detected
Let me enter or the BIOS asks me server recovery password or token but never use mcafee nor anything like that was activated before the cleaning work diskless pc to enter the BIOS but now nothing . (sorry mi inglish is bad u.u)

Answer:HELP anti theft dell inspiron 15 7537

Hi ozvpipo It seems that you'll have to contact the technical support in order to get the laptop unlocked (via a master password, or unique password for that specific laptop). You'll most likely need a receipt as a proof of purchase. For more information, you can read McAfee FAQ here:

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There is more than one Graphics Driver (three for Intel integrated and two for NVIDIA dedicated) listed for my service tag on the Dell support page. 
Which one do I install?  The latest?  All of them?  If all of them, what order (oldest to newest)?
I assume I need to uninstall the one that Windows 10 automatically installed? 
This is confusing at best.

Answer:Graphics Drivers for Dell Inspiron 15 7537

At the Dell Drivers Downloads page for your computer is an option that reads:
Enter your Service Tag or Express Service Code to view your original configuration. Or detect your product to view both configurations.
Once you add your tag or choose to analyze your computer you will be presented with the hardware information for your computer. You can then install the correct drivers.
Inspiron 7537 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

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I was normally closing my laptop lid but the right hinge part was separated from the back panel and i can see that the screw which was fitted with the hinge to the back panel was came off and it was broken. I have highlighted this in my attachments.
I was immediately rushed to the dell authorized service center but the guy was saying that the entire lid which comes as a single unit( includes entire display, hinge and everything) to be replaced. I was not so convinced because the problem is only with the back panel (white one) because the screw was separated from the plastic part. 
I called the customer care but they are very rude and was not giving proper answer. They said whatever the support guys at the authorized service center says is to be done and they are asking me to know which part to be replaced!!
That is strange. Can anyone please help me whether is it really required to replace entire lid or just the upper panel?

Thank you.

Answer:dell inspiron 15 7537 LCD Panel broken

Is it a touchscreen or a non - touchscreen. 
If its a touchscreen then the entire LCD needs to be replaced. If its non-touchscreen then only the panel is required.

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I have recently updated drivers from dell official site, since then my laptop is not shutting down properly.After shutting down, to turn on laptop i have to press button for 10 seconds(to force restart). Same way to recover from SLEEP mode i have to force restart laptop. I have 4 Dell Inspiron 7537 model laptops, and in all i am facing off same issue of shutdown. I have also checked on dell forum there are so many people, that are facing same issue. It would be great help, if you can suggest any solution.


Answer:DELL INSPIRON 7537 not shutting down properly...

Howdy and welcome. What is the OS?

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Hi everyone,
Hoping someone can help me here. I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7537 with a weird hardware fault. The hinge on this laptop had split the video cable which has been replaced, at the same time I also replaced the LED display, the screen now works fine with one issue in that the screen will go completely black/dim/no backlight if the brightness is set to anything less than 100%. This happens in the BIOS, Diagnostic screen, and OS. My question is, does anyone know why this would be happening? 
Thanks in advance!

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I have a huge problem. (Sorry for my english) The day befoe yesterday I had a Dell Update shown up on my taskbar, I approved it, it ran, and after that I could not turn my laptop on.
When I try to start it shows me the dell boot screen and it freezes at the login screen OR at desktop OR already at a blank screen before login.
I tried everything, I cannot get to the recovery screen, because somehow Windows thinks that it will boot, and doesn't offer me the recovery option. I didn't made a recovery disk, I have no optical drive, and I had no spare USB drives when I bought the laptop, after that I have forgotten.
I tried to make a bootable Windows 8.1 installation kit on USB, I manage to start it in UEFI mode, System restore cannot succeed, because it cannot access the Windows installation. Auto repair will also not work.
In command prompt I tried to rebuild the boot record, it cannot find any Windows installation (Total identified Windows installations: 0)
I tried to remove C:\Boot\bcd after a tutorial, it says, Path not found - C:\Boot
"bcdboot c:\windows (file:///c:/windows) /s c:" will also not work, it just doesn't recognize the command.
I started a bootable USB with partitioning software. It finds all my drives and all my volumes. OS partition seems to be all right. I wanted to rebuild MBR with the partitioning software, but it can rebuild only MBR and no GPT. At this point I am not sure if I may do it, i want to keep the bootloader in GPT.
I would be able to save some dat... Read more

Answer:Windows 8.1 freeze on startup - Dell Inspiron 15 (7537)

Do you recall what the Dell Update was?
Have you changed settings in the BIOS previously.
Some systems will refuse to boot if Secure Boot is changed from on to off or from off to on.  This may happen if you updated the UEFI and reset the Secure Boot to default.
This doesn't sound like the problem that I described (the boot stops earlier), but I bring it up in hope that it might cause you to remember something.
If you can't run Automatic Repair and can't boot into Windows, your options are limited.
Are you able to access the menu to do a Refresh of the system?
Are you able to see the files in the partition that Windows is installed on?
If so, it's advisable to back these up immediately (at least the Users folder) in order to save your data.

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Hi dear,

I had Dell Core i7 Inspiron 15 7000 7537 for last 2 years and it was working perfectly fine. Recently about a month ago I upgraded my windows from 8.1 to 10 and it was working fine. Since yesterday it went into an error and got stuck on blue screen of death. When i restarted it started showing me blank blue screen so I have to restart multiple times and some times it was taking me to windows but most of the times was getting stuck on blue blank screen.
So I thought may be a restore will work but when i tried restoring to previous windows now when it starts it gets stuck on Dell bootup screen and keeps on saying Welcome and loading image and then restarts and keeps on getting restart for ever.
I have checked System Assessment and it shows no errors found. I tried to boot from USB but no luck and still stuck on restarting.
Now I believe my previous windows has been removed and i can't install other windows at all.
Please help me.

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Ever since I loaded W 10, this Dell laptop has been very disappointing. Won't sync with my contacts list on my iPhone. Won't go to "sleep" mode and reactivate correctly - have to fully power down and up (regardless of power settings), half the time won't add excel spreadsheet changes to the C:\file, only to the file on the desktop, won't recognize the 5 GB band in a dual band wi-fi router, etc., etc.   I give up.  Buying the Apple soon.

Answer:Giving up on Dell Inspiron 7537 with W 10 - buying an Apple Mac Pro Air

Did you use the updated windows 10 drivers and update your BIOS?  Those can be found here.  

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Dear Sir,
I have upgrade my laptop to Windows 10 its running smooth after a USB install  I have all the necessary system drivers installed and everything is running perfectly, but the issue is wifi not working and still on airplane mode wifi buttons fn and every thing i check but wifi not working and still no response from pressing wifi button and the second issue is the battery when its plug the power it charging but when i open my laptop next  day its totally drain and no power on if untill i plug the charger to on it.
Kindly help out me regarding the above issues.

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I have a new laptop dell inspiron 15 7000 7537 and I facing a problem with Windows 8.1, I think the OS is corrupted and I am unable to do any thing.

How can I make a factory restore?, the laptop doesn't have discs.



Answer:Dell inspiron 15 7000 7537 factory restore

Hi Oscar,
Can I know the exact error message that you are receiving. Or in case you want to restore the system to the factory state please follow the instructions below.
If the system is booting to windows please follow the first set of instructions or else you can follow the second set of Instructions.
If the computer is booting to windows please follow these instructions.

Swipe your mouse on the top right and to bring up the charms bar.
Click on Settings.
And then click on change PC settings
Click on General and then scroll down to “Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows”
Click on Get started. In the Reset you PC screen click next and follow the instructions.

If the system is not booting to windows please follow these Instructions.

Switch on the system and then switch off the system 3-4 times and then it will take you to the “Advanced boot options”
In choose an option screen click on Troubleshoot and then click on Rest. This will restore the system to the Factory state.

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hi guys wish you all a great new year.

im facing a very annoying issue with my laptop, some keys are not working, the left **** and the windows key I just don't know whats happening.

can someone please help mw with that.

thanks in advance.

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Dear Sir,
I have upgrade my laptop to Windows 10 its running smooth after a USB install  I have all the necessary system drivers installed and everything is running perfectly, but the issue is wifi not working and still on airplane mode wifi buttons fn and every thing i check but wifi not working and still no response from pressing wifi button and the second issue is the battery when its plug the power it charging but when i open my laptop next  day its totally drain and no power on if untill i plug the charger to on it.
Kindly help out me regarding the above issues.

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Hello Everyone!
I have a problem with my brand new L20 missing out a lot of characters when I am typing. After searching around the forums, it seems that a few people are also having this problem. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck in fixing this problem yet.

As far as I know, the problem only seems to be in WinXP, (I dual-boot with Linux Slackware 10.2 and don't notice the problem there) and I *think* it might have something to do with the internet. I say this because it is only really noticable for me when I am online, writing emails etc... (Writing to this forum takes a lot of error correcting) :)

Has anyone else been able to isolate when this problem is at its worse?

Also, is it possible to group together all the people who are having this same problem into one thread? I think there are about 3 separate threads where people have mentioned this problem, it would be nice to get everyone together to see if we can fix this.

I brought this notebook for programming, and as you can imagine I dare not try try any coding while this is happening, as it would cause toooooo many problems :)
So please, any help, hints, tips, advice or solutions would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Sat L20: Missing characters when typing

This problem only shows up when you type :)))
Hardware workaround: external USB keyboard!

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Hi Dell fans,  just hoping for a bit of direction with this issue:
I have an inspiron 7535 laptop that has started powering off after about 30 minutes of use.  no warning, no graceful shutdown, just straight to power-off.  I've cleaned and serviced it, the normal dell heatsink paste was dry as a nuns hip flask, so that's been renewed and and it's cooling just fine, but i dont think that is the problem.  Mainly because you can turn it straight back on and continue working for another period of time without any need for a cool-down.

My gut instinct is saying BIOS issues.  It's currently at versions A05 31/Oct/2013 and the latest from the support is A13 Release date 15 Jun 2015 (Last Updated 02 Aug 2015) however i cannot get this to install.
If I install within windows (10 x64)  it runs the extractor and flashed up a command window too fast to read the error. and I cannot find any logs it might create.  the command line options dont do anything.  every version does the same thing back to A06.  I seem to see something about intel in the message but cannot really read it in full.
i've also tried booting off a freedos disk and trying all versions too.  this extracts okay and gives error 8743: unknown or unsupported platform, cannot locate hardware platform identification this program cannot be run on the current plaform BIOS version too old please use the latest BIOS to flash.
Any ideas? either on the random pow... Read more

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I had an issue when 16GB (2x8GB)memory installed:

High load tasks may cause BSOD.
Without high load tasks, the picture on screen (whole picture or random squares) is occasionally jolting, such joilting periodicaly repeats again and again, and finally the computer is hang with “broken” jolting picture on screen.

Memtest hangs when both of 2x8Gb installed. When testing one by one there is no any problems or errors.
May this issue be caused by some kind of problems with motherboard? Or may be there is some way for some deeper diagnosis for understanding reasons for such issue?
Laptop: DELL inspiron 7537

CPU: Intel Core i5-4200U
Motherboard: DELL 0T3T8M
BIOS version: A14 (latest)
OS: Windows 7x64

Memory: 2x8GB Patriot Viper (PV316G160LC9SK)

Memory Speed: 1600 MHZ
DRAM Memory Technology: DDR3
DRAM Memory Timings: 9-9-9-24
Memory Type: Non-ECC Unbuffered
Voltage: 1.35V
Memory Configuration: SODIMM

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I will try again with posting this. I dont see anything against terms or rules in my post. I would like some advice and opinions on this issue and if my grievance is reasonable?
I purchased this laptop in early December 2014. I would like to add that this laptop cost me close to £1000 when purchased. Purchase was direct from Dell.
2 days ago, the laptop developed a fault where it would not longer accept any charge from the charger.
No notifications or messages on the laptop informing me of any faults with battery or charger.
I use this laptop for work and i am self employed- this is a very important tool for me and my business will come to a halt without it.
I contacted customer support and through diagnosis they inform me that the motherboard needs replacing. The charger when plugged in, has the green light come on but when plugged into the laptop the green light on the charger flickers and turns off. I am told the motherboard is sending a current back and causing the fault, preventing the laptop from charging.
Dell are asking me for £600-700 which is nearly the cost of the laptop new. An engineer will come out and replace the board.
This is completely and wholly unacceptable. The laptop is just over 2 years this month- It is a £1000 machine and was a high spec, premium multimedia laptop from the 7000 series which is supposed to built and made to a high level.
This is not an entry level budget laptop. I would expect a battery or charger to fail after this p... Read more

Answer:Dell Inspiron 7537 no longer charging- motherboard failure

It could easily be just the DC jack
If it's not that, then the mainboard needs to be replaced as you've been told.

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From last month my laptop has started to beep when I hit on the body of the laptop. When I hit near the hard disk area it sounds easily even with lighter stroke. When I press the key little fast then also it start to beep.
What can I do to fix this problem?

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I get moving white dots/lines through the Dell splash screen when the laptop starts up. 
I still have a few months left of warranty left on my inspiron 7537. Does anyone have an idea of what the issue might be? I only get it on startup and have no other graphical issues once I start up windows.

Answer:Flickering lines through Dell splash screen on startup Inspiron 7537

Do you see it when running the LCD BIST (Built-In Self Test) ? If the issue is not seen when running the LCD BIST, then the fault is not with the LCD panel or its cabling.

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At first I thought I had fixed this computer by disabling several application from starting up. I also removed redundent virus protection such as McAffee, Avast and Malwarebytes and only using Windows Defender.

I also went to the Dell website and updated drivers such as intel ME interface and the bios.

It seemed to run better after doing the above but then today it started having freezing issues.

Running the Chrome web browser (multi tabs) along with Microsoft Office it has freezed up twice in less than 30 minutes. Task Manager does not respond, once the mouse cursor was movable. Keyboard caps lock button works but nothing else. Only option is to force it to power off then power back on.

Looking forward to some help,


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I'm unable to type special characters with my Dell XPS 13 with Windows 8 pre-loaded. E.g. when typing "^" followed by "e" one should normally get "ê"
My previous XPS 13 with Windows 7 pre-loaded worked fine. I have loaded all the latest drivers but the functionality is still missing. Is there a setting that needs to be switched on? Or are the drivers still missing for Windows 8?
Help will be appreciated

Answer:Dell XPS 13 typing special characters with keyboard

FOUND IT!!! Press "Fn + Ctrl + LShift" simultaneously to activate and deactivate special character typing

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Hi. I'm planning to buy a new sdhc card, but will the internal card reader support uhs 1-3?
I haven't been able to find the proper information about the card reader(It seems to be a realtek RTS5227/RTL8411B).

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Hi I was installing Windows 10 home on Dell Inspiron 15r 7000 7537 it got to around 80%, I looked down at my phone, looked up and then it was just a black screen...
I left it for around 3 hours and it hasn't progressed at all, its not responsive, there's no mouse cursur on screen and it doesn't respond to anything...
Any tips? I've downloaded windows 10 onto a USB incase it can help.
At the moment it seems pretty bricked...

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15r 7000 7537 Windows 10 install failed? (got to around 80% and now stuck on black screen)

After about another hour I was advised by someone to force power off as Dell laptops apparently sometimes hang during installation forever and Win 10 can retrieve installations.It booted past the Dell logo and said "Retrieving installation" and back to black screen...
I tried again and it just gave up and retrieved the Windows 8.1 installation that it backed up.
May try again later.

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Hey everyone, I recently purchased an ADATA Ultimate SU800 256GB SSD and installed it in my Inspiron 7537. However, when I leave the computer on for extended periods of time the computer will crash and bluescreen, reboot, and the BIOS says there is no boot disk to be found. The strange thing is, the computer will boot back up with no issues after the power is turned completely off. 
At first, I thought this might be an issue with the drive itself, but I've tried multiple disk utilities (including CrystalDisk and the native disk utility in Windows) and they've all reported that the SSD is functioning. 
I've installed all the latest drivers from the dell support page, I've flashed the latest BIOS version, I've installed the most current version of windows 10 and verified the installation files. I can't seem to think of any reason for this to be happening other than the laptop is either broken or incompatible, both of which seem highly unlikely considering it was working fine before I instlalled the drive, and it is a newer machine and shouldn't be incompatible with a SATA drive. 
Another thing to note is, connecting the old HDD through USB via an external casing causes the issue to happen much faster, and sometimes will yield the windows recovery menu (suggesting it was trying to boot from the HDD)
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I've tried everything but I'm stumped. 

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I just a bought a new laptop yesterday, DELL Inspiron 15 7000 Series Model 7537, with windows 8 installed, I checked the laptop and surfed the internet a bit, I checked the windows 8.1 in store and it showed me that I have to update my windows first in order to download this 8.1 update, i decided to update the windows.
When i started the windows update, it showed me there were 112 updates there, i clicked on download the updates, but none of them seemed to work, however I searched around and found that I must turn off the metered connections limit download. However, the updates seemed to download and after downloading around 70 updates i decided to restart my laptop.
My laptop restarted with a dell logo, and right after that a blank screen, and after a while a cursor.
I have been restarting my laptop since yesterday and to no aid, a blank screen is showed and nothing else happens. I tried to enter BIOS setup to boot from the other D drive recovery, but I am unable to enter the BIOS setup.
I try to press F8, F12, F2, F10, to enter BIOS or atleast start the automatic windows recovery, but nothing seems to be working.
I spent a lot of my hard earned money to buy a new laptop with a new windows, and this is really frustrating, any help would be highly appreciated.


Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series (7537) Blank screen, windows 8 not booting, no BIOS?

I am having the same problem and bought the computer in Feb 14.  Got the "you can purchase a software support since your warranty is up after 90 days" from tech support, that is not right.  Would be interested if you get a solution.

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I wanted to ask about a problem with my Inspiron touchscreen. The screen has a scratch under the surface--I can't feel a crack or scratch when I touch the screen in that spot. I can't get a clear picture of it, but it's a thin black line about a quarter of an inch long. It doesn't show up on a screen snip, and it's there after the laptop is shut down, so it's not a pixel issue.
Because it appears to be below the surface, cleaning it or trying some other repair on the surface won't work. Do I have any options besides replacing the entire screen?

Thanks in advance for your advice. 

Answer:Inspiron 7537 touchscreen laptop scratch UNDER surface

Unfortunately, no - there's no way to repair such a problem short of replacing the screen.

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I have an old Dell inspiron e1505 laptop. When the login screen appears I am unable to login because my keyboard is typing incorrect characters.

Answer:Keyboard on laptop typing incorrect characters

HI, and welcome to TSG...

You may have the Num lock on. Its located at the top-right of the keyboard above the F11 key. If it is on, there should be one of the four indicator lights illuminated to the left of the power button. The first on, actually.

Good luck..

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Suddenly as of this morning multiple keys on my laptop type their own key but also other characters. It mostly is just additional symbols rather than letters and tends to be the characters next door which they type.

For example:
1) typing 'p' gives 'p['
2) typing '0' gives '0-'
3) typing '-' gives '0-' also
4) typing '.' gives './'
5) typing '/' gives './' also
6) typing ';' gives ';''
7) and vice versa
Also num pad is not working!

So in short it's like a number of adjacent keys have become fused to each other.

I have tested this and it occurs in all programs and windows. On screen keyboard works fine though.

I have so far uninstalled the device driver rebooted and let it reinstall - changed nothing.

Can anybody help?

Answer:Laptop keys also typing adjacent characters

Do you have another keyboard you can plug in and try? That will tell you if it's the keyboard (problem will not show with replacement) or the keyboard-to-PC interface (problem will persist with replacement). If you don't have an extra yourself, maybe you can borrow one from a friend /family/colleague/neighbor...?

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Over the last 2 days I have been having a problem as indicated in the title of this post. The fault has rectified itself 3 times, but again today, it is back to "battery plugged in, not charging." As I am running the laptop (Windows Vista Home Premium; 32 bit) on the adapter without problems, I assume that the adapter itself may not be faulty.
I also have a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop running Windows 7.  Can I safely use that adapter with the Vista laptop, without causing damage to the Vista ?  If it is safe to do so, and the battery on the Vista starts charging, then it would indicate that the Vista adapter/charger has some kind of fault.
Hoping someone can give me some guidance. Thanks.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. Battery plugged in not charging. Can I use adapter from a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop ?

If the adapter has the same plug and the same or higher power rating, you can swap them.
Check to see whether the 1545 recognizes the AC adapter or whether it shows unknown (F2 at powerup).  If it shows unknown with two different adapters, you have a bad power jack or a bad mainboard.

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  I have a Dell 7537 laptop with an Intel Core i7 running Windows 8.1 Pro, I've been ocurring a problem for about 2 months now and it hasn't been fixed yet... Upon pressing the start button the logo shows and then after a while it turns black, if I keep waiting it will simply stay like that eternally. Thus I have to shut it down from the power button and start it up again.
  This started randomly and hasn't stopped ever since, I read a forum regarding a similar problem and tried it's solution but didn't work for me.
Probably didn't work for me because of the fact that I don't have a CD-Drive in my laptop, not sure, though a solution to this would be much appreciated. Thanks

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I have a Dell 7537 laptop with an Intel Core i7 running Windows 8.1 Pro, I've been occurring a problem for about 2 months now and it hasn't been fixed yet... Upon pressing the start button the logo shows and then after a while it turns black, if I keep waiting it will simply stay like that eternally. Thus I have to shut it down from the power button and start it up again. A solution to this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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From time to time the cursor jumps to another line whilst I am typing. This can happen on any software, ie MS word, Hotmail. It can even happen when I am entering a user name and password into any system, for example  this forum.

It is very frustrating and some tiesm a simple email can take a long time to type


Answer:Typing Problem with Dell Inspiron 15R

Hi diver999,
You may uninstall and re-install the touchpad driver from device manager by following steps below:  

Click on “Start” and right click on “Computer”.
Click on “Manage”.
Click on “Device Manager”.
Under “Mice and other pointing devices”, you will find the touchpad driver listed.
Right click on it and click on “uninstall”. (Check and make a note of the driver installed on your system and re-install the driver from the below steps accordingly).
Check the box to delete the software.
Restart your system and click on the link:
Enter the Service Tag of your system and select the operating system.
You will find the touchpad  driver under “Input”.
Click on “Download File”.
Select “For Single File Download via Browser”.
Click on “Download Now”.
Save the driver on your desktop.
Once the driver is saved on desktop, right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.
Install the touchpad driver by following the on screen instructions.
Restart your computer. 

For more information on touchpad gestures, you may refer to the manual of computer from link:
Enter the service tag to access manual.
Please reply for further clarifications. 

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Had this same problem on a Dell studio and called tech support when It was under warranty and they told me how to correct it.  Trouble was I forgot what I did.  Anyone have a solution?   Thanks.

Answer:Cursor jumps around when typing on Dell inspiron

Check your operating system's mouse pointer settings in Control Panel and try lowering the speed under the Pointer Options tab. When set too fast, the mouse may jump all over the desktop at the slightest touch. How to instructions with screenshots here.If you have a wireless mouse, low batteries can result in weak, mixed or no signals that can affect its functionality so start by replacing them. If you are using a ball mouse, remove it and clean the rollers as dirt and gunk will cause erratic behavior. If its an optical mouse, "jumpiness" and "jerky" movements can result if using it on a glossy surface or reflective mouse pad. In some cases using multiple or uneven mouse pads can produce the same results. As a test, try placing it on a piece of newspaper or rubberized pad to see if that resolves the problem.If that does not help, confirm that the mouse works on another machine. It is possible the mouse could be defective or has gone bad. Another thing to try is to use a different mouse or a PS2 adapter if its a USB mouse.If this is an issue on a notebook or laptop, please see Disable Touch Pad of your Laptop; Avoid Erratic Cursor Movement When Typing.Mouse, touchpad, and keyboard problems in WindowsMicrosoft Notebook Optical Mouse TroubleshootingTroubleshooting Optical, Infrared, Laser, Image Sensing MouseStandard mouse TroubleshootingOptical mouse TroubleshootingTroubleshooting Mice, Keyboards & TrackballsTroubleshoot a wireless mouse that does not function correctlyTrou... Read more

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would anyone be able to recommend a 1TB SSD hard drive for this laptop?  I currently have a non-SSD drive installed, WD10JPX-75JC3T0.

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Ive just had the screen on my laptop fail and called out of warranty support.  They want me to try outputting to a different monitor to determine if its the screen thats failed or the video output in general. (as the screen went black when adjusting the screen tilt, I' think its likely its a screen connection issue)
All I can try is HDMI out to the TV, but just connecting the cable doesnt seem to output to the TV (no signal)
Would I have to select a device to output to on the laptop screen to switch to HDMI?  If so doing this test is impossible.  Running windows 10.
Help!  Thanks

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The fan of my Inspiron 7537 is not spinning anymore. Suddenly it stopped, while it was at the maximum since 5 minutes because of the usage of Nvidia GPU for a game. The Diagnostic tool of the bootloader report a problem with the fan.
What could be the problem?

Answer:Inspiron 7537 - Fan not spinning

Hi Cerrigno
Thanks for writing to us.
When did the issue start? Could you please provide us the error message which you got during diagnostics.
Also you can update the BIOS from tag# --submit--drivers and downloads--select operating system --scroll down and update the bios (If not yet done).
Also update the video drivers.
Post updating observe for any promising changes.
If still the same, then the parts needs to be replaced.
Provide us your system tag#, name and  email via private message,by clicking on my name in blue
and then select send a private message for records purpose.

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Hey there!
So, I know the standard answer is remove the battery and such, but bare with me here.
My Dell Inspiron 15-7537 has had a broken hinge (left side) for .. I don't know, a long time. I finally decided to replace it. I had to order an entire new back cover for the laptop as the hinges are fused into it, or at least the female threading for the hinges is.
I began dismantling my 7537 and found out I had to take a bit more apart than I had thought, I had to take off the bottom case and unhook a couple wires to switch over. It didn't turn out to be too complicated, just more than I had anticipated. While putting it all back together, I routed the wires where I could best remember them being. Don't worry, I plugged everything into the correct spot, I just didn't know the exact location of where every single wire was supposed to lay. I tried my best, but there were a couple wires that didn't seem to lay quite right seeing as that I couldn't get the hinge cover to click all the way into place.
Nonetheless, I used it for a couple days until I had a day off from work and then decided to take it back apart and re-route the wires so it all closed up properly. This is where it all went wrong. Ha.
Keep in mind, to do the work thus far, I had to disconnect a few things that I'll list out to help you understand exactly what might have happened. I had to disconnect the battery, hard drive, wifi card, 2 wires (one black, one white) that were attached to the ... Read more

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Hi my Inspiron 7537 do not start. No leds no sounds, nothing. Thanks for the supporting!

Answer:Inspiron 7537 do not start

I'd suggest you disconnect the AC adapter from system. Remove Battery, and then press "Power On" button for 15 seconds to discharge Static Flea Power. Replace battery, AC adapter, and then power on system. Hopefully your computer starts normally. For further assistance, you can click on link below, hopefully it will be of help.
Dell Knowledge base / Computer Does not Turn on or go Into Windows:

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Hi I have an inspiron 15-7537 running windows 10, and have been getting really intermittent network problems, basically. the adapter shows the cable is unplugged, and I have to disable it and re-enable it.
I've tried driver updates but the latest one for this is from 2015, I've also gotten so sick of it I just formatted and I'm getting the same problem.
has anyone ever come across anything similar?
it's pretty weird

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I own an Inspiron 7537 touch version, and love it. About a month ago, black lines started appearing on the top corners, then became big blotches. Now the entire screen is greenish and there are visible lines. In short, the screen is dying and it has become ugly. 
In short, the screen is dying and it has become ugly. 
My laptop is 2.5 years old and I don't have any warranties. I live in India. Can anyone please help me with what options I may have? I am capable of installing a replacement screen by myself, where I have two very important questions in my mind:
1. What is the best screen replacement option for me
Where do I get after warranty support from dell, and will it be as feasible as just replacing the panel myself? What will be the cost differences and options
2. Can I upgrade my panel to a 1080p while I'm at it?
as far as I know, keeping the screen off and connecting to a 1080p external monitor, I can use the digitizer and it scales well to the whole 1080p external monitor(i am using Ubuntu). Which hints that I may upgrade just the panel and the touchscreen combo will work just fine. 

Does anyone have any experience or thought on the matter? Help will be much appreciated!

Answer:Inspiron 15R 7537 Screen Replacement

You can do the repair yourself, have a local shop do it, or have Dell do it.  For Dell, you'll need to get an estimate of the repair cost - which in turn will cost you a support call:
You can use an upgraded panel but will also need to replace the wiring harness that connects the mainboard to the screen.  For the hardware options, see

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Recently I have to reset (Wipe everything) my 7537 which has Windows 10 and Debian (dual boot), however, I don't know the key of the Windows 8 originally for the laptop.
After reading few posts in Dell Support, it said the key should be injected into the BIOS already but when I use a Windows 8 disk to boot and install, it asked for the key every time. And currently my warranty has expired. What can I do?

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I have an Inspiron 7537 that beeps 5 times at boot up. I believe this means that I need to replace the CMOS battery. I'd like to purchase the battery before I take the machine apart, but I cannot find any specification that says what battery to use. Can anyone help with this?
Haole Boy

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I am currently receiving the - Your battery is temporarily disabled error message

Having googled this it would appear to be resolvable by updating the bios

However the battery is currently below 10% so the system won't let me update the bios, it have tried using /forceit from cmd (opened as admin) however this doesn't change anything.

Is there any solution?

Answer:Inspiron 7537 - Battery Not Charging


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Hi!  My camera isn't working and I can't figure out why.  In Device Manager under Imaging Device it's not even listed.  It used to work but now it doesn't.  HELP! :)

Answer:Webcam not working (Inspiron 7537)

Click the link below for resolving Webcam issues.
Dell Webcam and Dell Webcam Central Software Guide

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My Inspiron 7537 takes between :45 seconds to a minute to wake up from sleep. I've updated all drivers and BIOS. Is this a known issue? Any known fixes? Happened with Windows 8.1, and continues with Windows 10.
Please advise,

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I had a hinge malfunction with my Inspiron 15-7537. I took it to a technician and he repaired it with resin, but due to the added thickness of the glue, the front glass does not completely fits into the lid. After that a bunch of dead pixels showed up.
Although the laptop is completely usable, I would like to replace the LED panel and the top lid. I would like to know if it is doable and exactly what parts to use.
I've already looked into some LED panels, but some come with 30 pin connector and others with 40 pin connector, so I'm a bit lost.

Inspiron 15-7537

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Hi internets, I have an Inspiron 15 7537 and one of the bottom screws have come loose and i need to get a replacement. Anyone have any idea exactly what screw is used in the location indicated so i can order a replacement. I seem to be unable to find any documentation about this from Dell.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Screw size for Inspiron 15 7537

When I saw your post, I felt like what?? The is exactly the same laptop and at exactly the same point the screw is missing. I felt like I am looking at my own laptop. But, it happened due to the fault of service engineer and I blame him and DELL for this.
Now, coming to the point. You might find this link helpful in figuring out the screw sizes:

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I have Windows 10 working fine on my Inspiron 7537 laptop. Windows 10 Forum mentions TPM 2.0 is needed from end July - see
Will my laptop run Windows 100 after the next major upgrade due at the end of July?

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I had a hinge malfunction with my Inspiron 15-7537. I took it to a technician and he repaired it with some resin. Due to the added thickness of the resin, the front trim does not completely fits into the lid. Apart from that, a bunch of dead pixels showed up.

Although the laptop is completely usable, I would like to replace the LED panel and the top lid. I would like to know if it is doable and exactly what parts to use.

I've already looked into some LED panels, but some come with 30 pin sockets and others with 40 pin sockets, so I'm a bit lost.

Inspiron 15-7537

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Hello I have owned my Inspiron 7537 for a while now and I have just recently began having problems with my AC adapter, and then it proceeds to throttle my performance. When I use my adapter on my own laptop I get the error message "plugged in, not charging" and performance isn't choked off. However when I use this adapter on another dell laptop i do not get this error message. This just started today by the way.
I have tried multiple times to fix this, from updating my bios, to taking out the battery and putting it back in, etc. I'm starting to worry that this might be a problem with my motherboard and the power regulation on that.
I would appreciate a rapid response as this is both my school and work machine, and I can't complete my work without it 

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Seems the screen has a short.  When I open the screen I often have to jiggle it a bit to get the screen in the exact spot where it comes on.  I suspect I need to replace the screen, or the connector.  I was looking on the Dell site for parts but cannot seem to find any that I can purchase for the screen.  Can you direct me to where I can get the part(s) I need?  Thank you

Answer:Inspiron 15 7537 Screen Shorting

Is there any damage on the system?
Does an external monitor work fine?
Swivel the screen when you run the below 2 tests and check if the display is intermittent:
Run the LCD bist - Turn off the system and press and hold the "D" key + power button to turn on the system and it should run the LCD built in self test - see this link for more info -
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional. 
If you know the exact LCD model on the system, you could order the LCD cable parts here.
You could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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My Dell Inspiron 15  7537 laptop hasn't been offered the update to the Creator's Update via Windows Update yet and it doesn't appear on Dell's upgrade list. Has anyone updated their Inspiron 7537 to the Creator's Update and did you have any problems?

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I recently noticed that I have no sleep indicator on my inspiron 7537. When I close the lid the hard drive activity light turns off properly, but nothing flashes like any other laptop I've ever had or ever seen. Is there some solution or known problem for this?
I would really like to know if the computer is sleep so I can walk away from it and not forget it is in sleep mode.

Answer:Sleep Indication on Inspiron 7537

I have this same issue on Inspiron 15 Gaming, ie. Dell 7567.
When I put it to Sleep, the Power Button LED also turns off, totally off.  Not blinking, not breathing, you won't be able to say if it is on standby or powered off.
Anybody on Dell can provide a fix on this?

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Two weeks after the end of the guarantee, my laptop refused to start (while I was using it normally few hours before)
Refuse to start means : nothing... really nothing... not even any of the two led in front of the case.
- I tried of course to press the power button a while to empty the electricity...nothing..,
- I tried to remove the battery and place back.... nothing
- I tried with a different charger... nothing
I have disassembled the laptop, I have removed the battery and CMOS battery... nothing... BUT, when I plug the cable, I see one led flashing once very fast (the HDD led). 
I am afraid to change any part since I am not sure of the diagnostic. It doesn't look like a motherboard issue.


Answer:Inspiron 15 7537 doesn't start.... looks dead

Thanks for writing to us. 
Sorry to hear about the issue. 
Looking at the symptoms looks to be an issue with motherboard. 
You have tired almost all the troubleshooting, except taking out the memory modules and power up the machine without them. Please  try the step and update us how it goes. 
Also does the charger light stays on all the time irrespective of connected to the system or not ??


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I'm looking to upgrade my wireless card, currently the specs are:

555-BBHH : Intel(R) 7260BGN + BT4.0 [802. 11bgn + Bluetooth 4.0, 2.4 GHz , 2x2]Part Number Quantity DescriptionY74H61CARD (CIRCUIT), WIRELESS, HMC, 7260BGN, HF, WORLD WIDE1H7V11LABEL, REGULATORY, WIRELESS, 7260BGN, WORLD WIDE, CSMB
Main reason to upgrade is to get a dual band radio and ideally gigabit speeds - what Intel options do I have - I can't quite figure out which are compatible but would love to be able to use one of the latest Intel gigabit solutions. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Inspiron 15-7537, wireless card upgrade?

Dell only validated/tested the following WiFi cards in this 2013 laptop =
C3Y4J Dell Wireless 1705BN Half Mini card
Y74H6 Intel 7260BGN Half Mini card
As long as they have drivers for your operating system, in theory, any newer WLAN Half Mini card could work.

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I purchased an Inspiron 15 7537 four weeks ago. This afternoon, I noticed some odd behaviour with my laptop's battery notification icon in the taskbar ~ 
Scenario 1
When laptop is NOT plugged in ~• Taskbar notification on mouseover says "73% remaining"• Icon shows battery meter with slight drop in usage• While I am using the unplugged laptop, the battery meter does not drop from 73%
Scenario 2(a)
When laptop is first plugged in ~• Taskbar notification on mouseover says "No battery is detected"• Icon shows a dimmed battery, plug on the left, and a red X
Scenario 2(b)
Approx. 60-90 seconds after laptop has been plugged in ~• Taskbar notification on mouseover changes to  "73% available (plugged in, not charging)"• Icon shows regular battery with a plug on the left side with slight drop in usage

Given these three ambiguous notifications, I don't know if it's my battery that is not working as it should or the notifications icon is on the fritz.
All three scenarios occur regardless of whether the AC adapter is plugged directly into the wall or into a power bar/surge protector
I am using the AC adapter that came with the laptop
The LED on/off light is lit in both Scenario 2(a) and 2(b)
I have not removed the battery and reseated it (involves removing four screws and entire bottom panel and, unless push comes to shove, I'm not comfortable doing this)
I have not checked the... Read more

Answer:Inspiron 15 7537 • Battery Plugged In, Not Charging

UPDATE • Since I opened this thread 22 hours ago, there was no change in my battery meter notifications until I decided to take a look at the BIOS. Pressing F2 or F3 during a restart when the Dell logo was displayed did nothing but adjust my volume settings, so I entered the BIOS through Windows 8.1 PC settings option. 
Under "Battery Health" the info said "This battery is performing normally" so I exited without saving any changes (I didn't make any changes, but this seemed the best exit strategy to use given my options).
Now the battery meter notification says I have 31% available (plugged in, not charging).

[Shaking my head]
Thoughts anyone ??

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Hello all,
I recently purchased a new Inspiron 15 7000 (7537) with Windows 8.  I'm getting used to Windows 8, but really struggling with the integrated touchpad.  It's getting so frustrating I'm considering returning it.  The problems are hard to pin down, but in general:
-I often get the right click shortcut menu, when I'm just trying to click.  I've even changed both the right and left hand buttons to both be "click" (and neither be shortcut menu), but I still get the shortcut menu a lot.
-Sometimes the cursor gets stuck and doesn't respond to movements.  I've tried adjusting the touch sensitivity and disabled palm detection.  No change.
Any advice?

Answer:Inspiron 15 7000 (7537) touchpad frustrating!

Hi Bill,
Don't have the laptop myself yet but others have suggested uninstalling the Dell touchpad drivers and installing the ones directly from Symantec's site.
I'll link you to this owners thread, might get more help there 

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I have an Inspiron 7537 purchased in June 2015. It’s always worked fine until a few days ago.
Now, when I try to start it, the keyboard lights, the drive spins, but after a few seconds it powers down and repeats over and over. The screen remains blank.
Reseated the battery, thought it might be the AC Adaptor, which I replaced, but the problem remains. (Is there some sort of key one should hit to reset after removing the battery??)
Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Approximately 50-75% of the time I try to completely shut down my laptop (Dell Inspiron 15 7537), it will fail to completely shut down.  The screen will turn off and the computer will be completely unresponsive to input on the keyboard/trackpad, but the backlight on the keys will remain on and I can hear the fan running inside the laptop.  The laptop will remain warm to the touch for hours if left in this state.  The only way to complete the shutdown process at this point is to hold down the power button for 5 seconds until the laptop fully shuts down.

This was not an issue in Windows 8/8.1, but only started happening after I upgraded to Windows 10.  This has led to some frustrating situations where I walked away from the laptop thinking it was shut down, only to come back later to find out that the battery was completely drained.  How do I solve this?  Thanks.

Answer:Inspiron 15 7537 Won't Shut Down Completely In Windows 10

Hi, I am having the exact same issue as this, only since updating to Windows 10.
I also have the Dell Inspiron 7537.

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My 7537 Inspiron touch screen is not working after the upgrade to Windows 10.
In device manager a USB device shows as unknown (yellow warning triangle), otherwise there are no indications to the source of the problem.  There is no other touch screen device showing in device manager. There do not appear to be any touch screen drivers on the Dell website.
Suggestions please ?

Answer:Inspiron 7537 touch screen not working with windows 10

You can click the link below to download the touchpad driver for this system. The drivers shows it is for 32 bit but will work with Windows 10 64 bit.
Dell TouchPad Driver

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Hi Forum,
Does anyone else have problems getting switchable graphics to work when a laptop is docked?
Is there a solution to this problem, or some way to force the use of the Nvidia GPU when on power and/or docked?
I have a Inspiron 15 7537 with the Nvidia GeForce GT 750M, Windows 10 Pro, which I use in conjunction with the Dell D3000 Dock. I've have all the latest Intel Graphics, Nvidia and DisplayLink drivers loaded, I have updated or re-installed these in recent days.
When attached to the Dock the Nvidia GPU status remains "Inactive" based on the Nvidia GPU Activity tray icon, regardless of what applications launch. Applications that require accelerated graphics like AutoCAD Fusion report they are using the incompatible Intel GPU.
When disconnected from the Dock applications requiring accelerated graphics, like AutoCAD Fusion, make use of the Nvidia GPU when launched and the status changes to "Active". AutoCAD Fusion reports it is using the Nvidia GPU.
Given the switchable graphics work when off the dock I assume I have the Nvidia Control Panel configured correctly.

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Hi all,
I just bought a new Dell Inspiron 7537 with full HD touch screen / 16gb ram / 1tb hdd / Nvidia GT750 and this laptop is just lovely, though I dont suffer from the usual wifi issue, I did changed the wifi card into 7260 AC model and it does fly! got it for 28$ off ebay.
Anyway, there's only 1 thing that bother me much, right after the initial setup, I've run through the updates and after restart I noticed that I've lost the touch support function. Even when checked on the PC and Devices info page, suddenly doesnt state my laptop has touch support. I've been through the net for many days looking for drivers and this issue but none came close to my case.
The monitor driver stated as generic PNP monitor? and I couldnt find any compatible driver for it. I've look at control panel setting and there is no option for pen / touch input too.
Not sure where and what went wrong. Attached is 2 print screen of my system. For security reason, I've cropped the product ID. Should there is someone from Dell require those, I'd be happy to send private message with all the details.
For my part, I've done all diagnosed with dell website + software but keep saying my system is correct and no problem with anything. Though I dont really fancy of using the touch screen, it would be nice to know that my laptop has it and its working.

Many thanks

Answer:Lost Touch Screen Function on Inspiron 7537

I am a Dell Inspiron 7537 user and also encountering the same touchscreen problem plus the wifi would sometimes go on and off (based on the wifi icon).
I already contacted the Dell tech support via chat and unfortunately, I would have to return the laptop to Best Buy for replacement or repair. The problem is I live in the Philippines and Dell does not have any tech support here.
The problem only started when Dell and Microsoft sent me software auto updates a few weeks back.
Are there any updates regarding the issue?

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Had to copy and paste this from my phone.These are missing (and the keys are not damaged ) 2qw..s.zx...  I have uninstalled then reinstalled the keyboard.I've checked the filter is offand tried..fn-shift -num lock.  

Answer:My hp Windows 7 laptop is missing letters typing

Can we have the model number of the laptop? Have you tried an external usb keyboard? If an external also misses letters then it is the motherboard. Otherwise it likely needs a new keyboard and cost and difficulty of replacement is all over the board (so to speak) depending on the model. 

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Had to copy and paste this from my phone.These are missing (and the keys are not damaged ) 2qw..s.zx...  I have uninstalled then reinstalled the keyboard.I've checked the filter is offand tried..fn-shift -num lock.  

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I will be upgrading the OS from 8.1 to 10 using a USB flash drive.
I need to:
1. Change the boot order
2. Enter UEFI to disable secure and fast boot

What are all the associated keyboard, pre-boot shortcuts?

Answer:Inspiron 15, 7000 series – 7537: Hot keys for boot options?

If you're upgrading, you actually don't need to make any changes.  Plug in the flash drive, click on the setup from there, and kick off the installation directly from under Windows 8.1.

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I have a 2 years old Inspiron 7537, it is working perfectly and out of warranty.
It beeps 5 times in Dec 2016 and I sent it to a shop to replace the CMO battery. it fixed the issue.
Then on Jan 2, I drained the laptop battery (not CMO battery) during a trip. It now continues to beep 5 times again.
Should i replace the CMO battery again or it is something else ? i drained my laptop battery a couple times before but don't think it will do anything to the CMO battery.
I did all the possible dell diagnostic and they all passed.
I can replace the CMO battery again but just want to make sure that i am fixing the root cause.
May I please have your comment.

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After running Windows 8.1. on my Inspiron 7537 for more than 3.5 years without a single issue, I decided to upgrade to Windows 10.  Installed Windows 10 with bootable USB flash drive after formatting and creating two partitions on my SSD. Installation went smoothly and successfully. The system would operate smoothly for about 2 hours. I customized some stuff, installed extensions for Edge surfed in the internet using WIFI. All of the sudden it would crash, I rebooted without any issues. After a couple of minutes it would crash again and from this point on reboot would only work until the login screen. As soon as I entered my  login password it would freeze. I tried to reboot tons of times.
-Booting in Secure Mode works well, no issues
-Dell pre-boot system assessment worked well, no problems diagnosed
-Windows Startup Repair didn't work
(-Windows service hotline/chat was a waste of time)
-tried to format and reinstall Windows three times, problem remains. After some time it would crash, and then upon entering my login password the login screen freezes.
I am on a work assignment in Ethiopia. Internet speed here is really slow. Within these 2 hours (after first installation. It was about 60 minutes after the second installation.) that the system worked perfectly fine I tried to download the missing Dell drivers (Touchpad, Nvidia graphic drivers, etc) but could not finish it until it crashed because the internet here is too slow. Also in the background it keeps aut... Read more

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After about 3 failed attempts to upgrade to windows 10 from 8.1 i inadvertently clicked on that annoying prompt to try again, and it completed the upgrade this time.
Everything is fine with it, except the Wifi and ethernet keeps dropping. If i do the troubleshoot repair or disable/enable my ethernet adapter then it works again for a few minutes before dropping again.
I have installed every upgrade recommended by the Dell website but it still persists. I have the Inspiron 7537
Can anyone recommended any steps to fix it?

Answer:Ethernet/Wifi keeps dropping since upgrading to windows 10 on Inspiron 7537

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