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PC not booting after video card installation

Question: PC not booting after video card installation

My friend and I were trying to install GTX 1050ti on the PC, we installed it just fine and installed the drivers, but when we restarted the PC after we put on the covers of the housing, the PC just didnt start again. Any help? I'll provide the specs as soon as i can.

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Preferred Solution: PC not booting after video card installation

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi all,

I've attached a full Everest report and I will list my specs then go into the details of my situation

Make: Acer.
Model: M5100.
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 9500 Quad Core Processor 2.2 GHz
Ram: 4.00 GB
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium SP1

My problems started about a week ago when I came to my computer in the morning and found that the screen was crackling and fuzzy. I eventually found out I was having nlvddmkm.sys issues. The games I normally like to play wouldn't work at all. I tried a bunch of workarounds and the only one that worked was underclocking my Video Card using EVGA Precision Utility. This was only partially successful and I was still having issues with graphics glitches. So I bought a new Video Card: Radeon HD 4670.

Before installing it I started my computer in safe mode and used both CC Cleaner and Driver Sweeper to remove old graphics drivers.

When I started up the computer and ran the setup program from the CD to install drivers everything seemed to be good and my graphics were fine but... I had no sound.

This morning I was able to get sound but... only from my onboard Realtek Sound. My recently purchased X-Raider 7.1 Sound Card was showing in the Device Manager but when I tried to run it's setup to install correct drivers I kept getting a message telling me to the device was not plugged in.

Attempts to solve the issue:

I've got the most recent drivers for the Sound Card and the Video Card but I c... Read more

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Hi MajorGeeks and thanks for in advance for anyone who can help me.

I've bought myself a new video card yesterday; HIS Radeon X1650 512mb Pro IceQ, AGP. I went ahead to install it, and I get no picture after booting up.

I am receiving a signal to the monitor (I am not getting a "check signal message") but no image comes to the PC. I went to put my old card in which is a Gigabyte 128mb 9600 Pro, and it now suffers the same symptoms!!!

Both cards are receiving power as theirs fans are chugging along.

I had also purchased a 1gig stick of RAM to complement my new video card, so I set my PC up the way it was before the attempted installation of the new card.

Components of PC are:

P4 2.8ghz (D865PERL)
512mb RAM
DVD and Lite-On burner

Your advice is most appreciated - I need my PC for study, eeek!

Answer:New video card installation : BAD : old card doesn't work now

My guess is the ram is not compatable, with old card and old ram, reset cmos, unplug powersupply, remove battery from motherboard and let sit for a few minutes, hold down on-off button for a few seconds. Reinstall battery and see if it will run. Welcome to MajorGeeks. ed

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I just Bought a Power Color R7 265x turbo after i install it my pc is not booting up i would like to ask if its just my mother board not compatible with the card or its a bad card that i got because my old card HD6790 just works fine

im using

MSI A75MA - P35(MS-7697)
AMD A6-3650 2.6 ghz
Corsair XMS 3 DDR3 1333 2GB 2pcs
PSU: aerocool strike X 600w

Please help and thank you in advance

Answer:New Video card Not Booting up

Swapped video cards? Not from onboard to a actual video card I assume. First steps.

1: Check the BIOS, does it show up? Or are you blank screened?
2: Try it in another PC. If it works, it's not compatible. If it does not work, return it.

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started recently, when I boot my PC, the screen shows message: no signal and screen stays dark.
However, in the background W-7 is loading, but in order to get the video functioning, I must restart the PC, turn off the screen, wait till W-7 loads somewhat and (like after 10 sec.) turn the screen on and everything is OK.
Monitor is NEW
Video card too, I tried with a second one, same problem...

My question is, is this W-7, main board, or something else related?

Answer:Booting W-7= Video card problem

How is the monitor connected to the gpu?

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I have a PC Sitting around since I bought my new PC and I now need it to work. Once I bought my new PC I took the Video Card from my old PC and put it in the new one. It is now working fine.If I go back to my old PC, It obviously has to Video Card. I took the GeForce 2 MX from my Fathers PC, and slotted it into the AGP Port of the old PC.The Computer turned, on and made one long beep, followed by 2 short beeps.I then heard some harddisk activity for 20 seconds before the PC switched itself off.I looked up the Beep code on the Internet and it told me that this combination meant there is a video related problem.What could this be? The card I am trying works fine without problems in my Dads PC, and the PC I am attempting to get it to work with worked fine before, and there has been no alterations made.

Answer:PC Not booting - Video Card Related

I also forgot to mention, when I turn it on, nothing appears on screen. I just hear the bleeps.

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I replaced my AGP video card and my system was unable to boot with the new card. I tried clearing the BIOS CMOS with the jumper pins back to default and still no boot. I put the old video card back in and it booted normally.

The system is an MSI K8T Neo2 v2.0 with AGP 8X slot 3.0 spec, the new card is ASUS V9520-X with AGP 8X. I know that the card is OK because I took it out of another system where it has been working. The Award BIOS is up to date at v3.6.

What could be the problem here? Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi. After installing a new video card (NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700LE), I am having boot problems. When the computer boots, it boots correctly. The problem is that it doesn't want to start up. I had to hit the power button repeatedly to get it to fire up. I first thought it was a problem with my switch, but am now wondering if it is a power supply issue. Could this video card cause my computer to need a larger power supply?


Answer:Problems booting after new video card installed

i can't really answer that without the specs of your system.

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This is an elaboration of the issues I've been experiencing in the threads HERE and HERE. For convenience I will summarize the problem below.

About a month ago I had a display error while gaming, where the view went off center, with a black bar in the center of my screen on a single monitor and the cursor crossed from one side of the screen to the other, and the black bar was seemed to be the edge of the display. A restart fixed that problem.

The next day I added a second monitor to the set-up and for several hours everything was working fine, until my computer froze and I was forced to hard reboot. After that, my computer booted through the BIOS and Windows was starting to load before my display went black.

I was able to boot windows in Safe Mode, and went through a process of rolling back drivers, and then reinstalling the drivers when the roll-back didn't help. Reinstalling had my windows begin to start like normal, reaching the desktop, but a moment after that was a sound like windows detecting new hardware and then the display went black again. With my monitor connected to the motherboard's graphics, my computer is able to start and run normally.

While running off of the on-board graphics, I would experiences instances of 'stuttering', with the computer briefly freezing, never for longer than a second and never very often (3-4 times per day).

Shortly after that I was able to get a hold of a new graphics card, believing that to be the problem... Read more

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I've got a 6 year old HP desktop that I'm having problems with. I've stripped it down to just the two HD's (RAID) and DVD drive. It's got onboard everything and works fine like this. The problem is the onboard video is crap. Originally it came with a ASUS GeForce 8500 GT, which worked great for a while. I started having problems which is why I stripped it down to barebones.

So the problem I'm running into is when I install the video card, it recognizes it as the GeForce 8500 GT and searches for drivers. It has no problem at this point displaying anything or booting Windows Vista (32bit.) After it installs drivers, it comes up as "Standard VGA Graphics Card" or something generic like that. I tried installing the original drivers that came with the computer as well as using the newest ones from the nvidia website, and it tells me I have to reboot, of course. I do, and it won't boot Windows. BIOS posts, then the Windows loading screen (with the progress bar) comes up, but when it tries to load the actual GUI it goes to a black screen and reboots itself.

I can boot if I switch the BIOS back to using the onboard video as the primary source, but in the Device Manager it doesn't show my GeForce card anymore, and I have no option to switch when I go to Appearance settings.

Any help with what could possibly be my problem would be much appreciated! Let me know if more info is needed.

-edit- To clarify, when the video card is first installed, it will display through t... Read more

Answer:Problem booting windows when video card is in

Have you tried getting the nVidia drivers from HP's website? One of my friends that had an HP before he built his own system had similar issues. He'd get BSOD's / Windows not starting until he used the driver specifically from HP.

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Ok, I have an Athlon K6 333Mhz, 64MB ram and running Windows XP Pro.
I'm wanting to use it as a dial-up internet gateway for two other computers in the house. The problem with it is there is only one PCI slot and one ISA slot on the motherboard. I set the BIOS to "halt on no errors" and removed the video card (I need the PCI for the NIC, and the ISA for the modem) It boots up fine and I can connect with Remote Administrator to view the screen, however, after a minute or two, Radmin is disconnected and then a bit later the whole system drops from the network. I don't know what is causing it to drop, because once it stayed on for almost 2 hours before going down. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:XP system w/o video card locks up after booting

Does it reboot, or just crash?
Can you keep it on long enough to check out the event viewer? If so...check it out for times right sround when the system is crashing. You may want to also check out the debugging log for some other clues.


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Hi, I have pretty unusal problem here, PROS PLEASE HELP!
One day I started up my PC and when it got to the user selection screen, the resolution was suddenly lowest possible even though I hadn't changed any settings last time. So there I decided to reboot the computer without even loggin in to any user. And after rebooting the problem was gone.

So time went by and this same problem occured again. So I rebooted my computer and problem was gone again. But this same problem started to happen more often and everytime I just restarted my PC since it seemed to work.

One time I decided to log in to my user when this ''sudden low resolution'' problem occured. First I just set my resolution to normal without problems. But then I found out that my NVIDIA video card wasn't working. I couldn't open my NVIDIA-control panel and when I launched any game, an error message poped up that ''your video card does not support alpha blending...''. Restarting the computer fixed the problem again for a moment.

But one day this problem got a turn. ''Sudden low resolution after booting'' problem didn't go away after multiple reboots. I logged in to my user and it said that my windows wasn't valid. I got that problem fixed by re-entering the windows key. But my video card, wouldn't work anymore like it didn't work before, but this time he problem didn't go away with reboot. Normally, everytime I bo... Read more

Answer:Occasionally video card not booting with windows?

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it came to my attention today that my VC driver needed updating, i used the hardware amager and the windows application to search for an updated driver, found one, installed, restarted, loaded up Call of Duty 2, and was getting only grey screens on certain menus, i decided to roll back the driver using the same hardware manager application, restart again, and it wont boot past the menu page " press delete to enter setup" "oress ESC to cancel memory checking"
it says " runnning memory check" but nothing ever happens

any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated

Answer:Help, No booting after update and rollback of video card driver

Depending on your System during the Boot Up process press F8 (Sometimes F5) to go into Safe Mode and delete those drivers from there.

Then Reboot.

Your Pc will come up with Windows Default Drivers (Crappy Display)

Then Install the new drivers and Reboot.
Go to your Video Cards website and download the drivers you want and do a Clean Install.

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I just bought a new motherboard, powersupply, memory, processor and installed it and nothing happens the screen is blank, there are no audible sounds and all the drive lights stay on and the system won't turn off. I tried a different video card, and I unattached all the hard drives and cards hoping to at least see it go through bios but it won't do anything. PLEASE HELP!

Answer:new motherboard, video card, processor, not booting to bios

I had a similar problem and it turned out to be a bad stick of dimm.Might not hurt to try another, if you have one handy.

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i need help in installing a new diablotek v-card #7500 i ordered from tigerdirect.the cd came with drivers for win 98 and nt but none for xp.i downloaded new driver from diablotek but i have no idea how to install it.can someone help or post a link to a help page.thanks

Answer:ati video card installation

Which one did you get?
or perhaps this one?
They're both Radeon 7500 and PCI (not PCI Express). The first has 64MB, the other 128.

Go to click on products on the left. Then click video card, click your size (64 or 128), then click PCI. Then click download driver under the radeon 7500. There should be two downloads for XP/2000. If one doesn't work try the other. If neither of them work, try the generic Radeon 7500 driver from ATI. They don't have it on their site anymore, but it's mirrored at various places on the web. Just google for 6-11-pre-r300_xp-2k_dd_ccc_wdm_38185.exe

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What i am intersted of knowing is I am assembling a computer with mother board BIOSTAR P4800 M7-A,It contains an integrated VIA uniChrome Graphic card but the graphic card provides only 64 bit environment,As i prefer 128 bit environment i decided to buy an video card.The mother board is provided with an AGP 8x slot but i am in a dilama that if at all i install video card what will be the status 1) Will the Video card works?
2) will the 64 bit combins with the installed 128 bit video card and give 192 bit or else?
3) What would be the outlet? VC? OR outlet from the integrated VC?

Thanks for the patience!

Answer:About video card installation

Remember you have to connect the monitor to the graphics card with a cable. So you will get graphic output from whichever connector you choose to use. In your case you'll choose the AGP graphics card.

It is possible to get output from both the AGP card and onboard graphics but ordinarily you don't need this. You should disable the onboard graphics in the BIOS because as long as the onboard graphics is active, it "steals" RAM from the system unnecessarily.

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Im want to switch from a PCI video card to a AGP card but when I swap them out and restart I get a long beep and the monitor says "check signal cable". Is there something else that I need to do first? I put the PCI back in and it works just fine.

I have AthlonXP 1700/winxp home/512 ddr ram/soyo k7ada motherboard.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Video card installation

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ok, a comp, dell optiplex GX1p, has an onboard ATI Rage Pro 2x AGP video card. i would like to install a different video card, PCI card just to give it better graphics support for games. but i go to the device manager, and i want to disable it and then install the new graphics card. but i go there, and there is no option to do that, except to appear on all hardware profiles.

i have a dual boot system, win98se, and win2k pro. and under both systems, its the same thing.

i go into the bios to see if i can disable the onboard video card, and there is no option to do that.


do i just uninstall the video cards, then insert new card and try and install like that?

or do i do nothing and just install the card?

any options?

Answer:video card installation ...

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I bought a video card, ATI RADEON 9550 256MB AGP, and I'm having trouble installing it. When I turn the computer on. I don't get the Add New Hardware Wizard, and I tried using the CD that came with the card to install ATI Catalyst, which it installs some features for the card. That didn't seem to solve the problem.

I really don't know what I'm doing wrong, so I'm going to post some pictures, so someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong.
Btw, I get the feeling im adding the card to the wrong slot, because in the manual it shows a picture of the card as a PCI, and I believe im adding the card to a AGP slot. I tried adding the card to two different slots, but it doesn't fit. On the manual it only shows installation guides for a AGP and PCIE and not for PCI.
Link of the card and thumbnails:

I'm trying to use two monitors for one PC. I added the card to the AGP slot and pluged in the second monitor to the card. I right click on on the desktop when to Properties>Settings>Advanced>Graphic Properties>Display Setting and...

I know I have the system requirements
Pentium D CPU 2.80GHz
1GB of RAM

Answer:Video Card Installation Help

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Hi all!! I just got a new Radeon 9000 Pro. I have been trying to install it for like 5 hours now.I went through all the steps..uninstalled all old a new agp driver .and when i put the card in and plug it in . Windows loads and starts giving me all these error messages and I cant get in to anything.I have XP home.Any help will be much appreciated.

Answer:New Video Card installation

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Ok so to start off I have pretty much no experience with computers so bare with me. I'm using a computer I got for Christmas and it was used it looks quite old, it is a Dell and my OS is Windows XP. The motherboard only had PCI slots so I got a EVGA GeForce 8400 GS with 512 MB DDR2 video memory from Tiger Direct. Before I bought it I had an onboard graphics accelerator or something like that. I did research on how to install it, tried it, and when I booted it up it worked fine until I got to the welcome screen, then it was just a blank screen, but I could hear it starting up. I booted it up in safe mode and it was working, I installed the drivers and figured I could start it up normally and it would work, but I still got the blank screen when I tried. It will still boot in safe mode no problem though. I have no idea where to start, like I said I have no experience with this, if you need any more info just ask, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Need help please with video card installation

Sometimes very difficult change-over, depending on the Dell model.
Please tell us more about the Dell Service Tag, or the hard ware configuration... particularly the weak spots such as the power supply, memory installed, hard drive, and age.
Some Dell Dimensions and Optiplex desktops are very limited in what you can to to update your video graphics... but there are some configurations that will work...
Whether they will boost your video graphics to what you hoped, depends on too many things.
Please tell us more.

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I have an older computer. Compaq Presario 5010, Pentium II, Win 98, 266 MHZ, and 256 MB of ram. I purchased a very cheap radeon 7000 video card.
Can this computer handle that if I can find the spot to put it? My specs say I have a 2x AGP Graphics port(133 mhz). I presently have an ATI 3D Rage LT Pro (would this be a video card or integrated video???)
Thank you for any help.

Answer:Video card installation

it's a PCI video card. you'll have to take the old card out before running the new one. It should handle it, even though it's a 4x card, since your AGP bus can only handle 2x, thats what it'll run at.

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I am trying to install a new graphics card, an MSI 5770 Hawk into my Asus Essentio Cm 5675, i5Core, 8G 1T Hd, Windows 7 Home Premium. I was under the assumption it was plug & play. I installed it, added the Vga adapter and am getting no signal to my monitor. Ther is a power supply component that came with the unit, but as per some of the install videos I watched, it is for older models, and there are no slots for it. Am I missing a step? Any help greatly appreciated.
Jim Durkin

Answer:Video card installation

Hardware installation
Installation of the product really is easy. Once the card is installed and seated into the PC we now connect the 6-pin power connector to the graphics card. And yes... do make sure your power supply is compatible, preferably with a 6-pin power PEG header directly from the power supply
You can now turn on your PC, boot into Windows, install the latest ATI Catalyst driver and after a reboot all should be working. No further configuration is required or needed.

You need to connect the card to your powersupply as the pcie slot is not giving it enough power.

iain.t :major

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I'm new to the forums of 'Tech Support Guy' and joined specifically to post this question.

How do I install my video card?

Before your redirect me to another post, YouTube video, or HowTo site please note that I have already gone through such sites, but was looking for help SPECIFICALLY regarding MY installation circumstances. Thank you for understanding.

I have an HP Pavilion a1220n (modified). I play some light/older games but my on-board video doesn't have quite enough juice to do the job so I'm adding a video card. I have already purchased a video card, and have verified that it fits its requirements, and is (should be) compatible with my PC.

The primary concern I had was about my current drivers. Do I need to disable/uninstall my current on-board video drivers THEN add the video card and it's drivers?

The card I'm adding is a conventional PCI nVidia GeForce 9500GT 1GB by Sparkle Computer, Inc (

Please provide step-by-step instructions on what to do with my current display circumstances/drivers, and how to go about installing the card.

Thank you, and don't hesitate to ask for more info because since I'm new to the forums I may not have known to provide all the information you need to help me resolve my issue.

Answer:Installation of a Video Card

First of all, have you upgraded your power supply? If not, do so. Corsair CX400 is very high quality and shouldn't cost that much. Newegg should have free shipping and a low price. PC Power & Cooling 370 W is another choice. If you're really, really tight on money, cheaper Antec units could do, also. Seasonic units are very fine too, but come as OEM and if you don't find them locally, don't have free shipping and aren't any cheaper.

You can, and pretty much should, uninstall the old drivers, and download the new ones ( ) beforehand.
Power down. Install new card into the slot. Change monitor cable into the new card, power up. Go to BIOS right away. (if you can see anything on your monitor...*) Go find an option to disable the onboard video. Save settings, reboot, install new drivers, reboot.

*If not, try again with the monitor cable still in the integrated port.

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I wanted to get a new video card for my computer since i play games on it a lot and since mine is only 32 mb's in memory. but anyways Can I just buy any video card and install it on my comp? What would be the best choice for a card in terms of memory and such? I have a 60 dollar price limit. My current card is NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/ Model 64 Pro.

Answer:Video card installation

One of the best ways of narrowing down components in terms of pricing (in my opinion) is amazon. Just search for graphics cards and order it by price to get some idea of what you can afford. If you're really into gaming then you might need to stretch that budget slightly. Sticking with nVidia, the GeForce range is pretty reliable. I haven't had any problems yet (touch wood). Anything from the 7 series upwards is pretty good. If you're wanting to ready your PC for the newer games though (i.e. DirectX 10) you'll need to invest in something a little better. Just read some of the specs listed with the card.

Also, you'll need to check the slot that your motherboard accommodates. I think yours is a PCI slot, but your motherboard may have additional slots for higher spec video cards. Post your motherboard info here if you don't know what the different slots are/mean.

Just another note of caution. Most components in a PC have some sort of effect on another. Certain video cards require a minimal power supply in order to run effectively/protect your components from burning out). For instance, I've just upgraded both my graphics card and power supply, but now my computer is overheating and so must invest in additional cooling for my PC. Always check you meet the minimum requirements for any components you buy to save additional upgrade costs.

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I am trying to install a GeForce FX5500 and am having problems. I turned computer off, installed card, then booted up. It found my card and installed it and said I must restart. So I did, but when booting up, it gets to the Windows loading screen and then goes black right before where you enter your password. It will not go past that at all. The only way I can use my computer is if I take the video card out and just use the onboard video card. I can not figure anything else out. PLEASE HELP!!! Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Video Card installation?

As strange as it sounds..... YOU ARE IN LUCK! I recently had the SAME video card, with the same problem.... How old is your computer? What kind is it? Chances are, it is NOT compatible with your system...[glb]Flame[/glb]

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I have lost a great deal of hair this past week, so I hope you guys can help me out.

I'm trying to install a video card into my hp 6475Z. When I put the card in and turn on the computer I get a blank screen. There is a long beep followed by two short beeps, which I know indicates that my comp can't recognize a video card.(or something like that) I've searched everywhere and the only solution I could find for my problem was to reseat the card. I have done this many times with no avail. And I know that it is not a faulty card because I have two brand new cards that do the same thing. Oh, and by the way I have changed no settings to the computer whatsoever, all I have done was put the card in and plug the display chord into the new video card.

What I have:

comp- Hewlett Packard Pavillion 6475Z (and I believe that its original video card is built in)

nVidia geforce 4 MX 440-se AGP 64MB video card (new one)

Thank you so much for any help anyone could send my way.

Answer:Video card installation help!!!

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Hey there
Hoping someone can help us, we are having a heck of a time getting things right
We, my niece and I, are not "really" computer literate, me better than her thru the web but am still learning as I go
sooooo with that said

heres the problems we have encountered

she bought a new video card to increase the Display Memory to enable her to play more recent games, like CSI , and the Sims

I have attached what dxdiag gave us as a report

I removed the old video card, snapped in the new one, ran the CD that came with the new hardware
all seemed hunky dorey

we even tested a few games to see How they ran, they ran properly and wwwway faster

BUT later when she was playing a CSI game, her computer all of a sudden REBOOTED and when Windows was loaded again the little bubble saying "new hardware detected" came up

so Now what???

THANKS in advance

Answer:re AGP Video Card Installation

ATI normally update DirectX with the installion CD.
Your ATI installations seems OK and fairly recent (mid2007), but ATI cards & software often need updating even straight out of the box.

Which game is missing its file?

DirectPlay Lobbyable Apps
Sorry (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: Sorry.exe (<File Missing>)Click to expand...

look here for help

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Alright, I know this has probably been asked 1000's of times, but i've tried all other means.. and HP is no help to me.. also im very impatient.

Well, first off, my system info

that link should take you to my comp no problem, secondly my hardware problem - Trying to install a GeForce4 MX 440-SE, everytime I start my comp with the card properly installed (im assuming) I get a blank screen.

Ive tried disabling the onboard video, ive tried installing the new drivers before physical installation... im pretty sure my computer can run the card... and ive been trying at this for at least 3 or 4 hours.

Answer:Video card installation

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I am buying a new video card soon, and i am wondering if i can install it.
My motherboard has a Monitor Plug-In built in, so that's why i am asking this question.

Answer:Video Card Installation.

Shouldnt be a problem, tho it would help if you told us what card you where hoping to install.

Depends on what slots you have on your motherboard... (if you know...)

A PCI GFX card would be a bad choice if you want to play more demanding and modern games, where as a AGP (Faster than PCI, More modern GFX cards) would simply help games play better...

I apologise for my in adequacy in being able to explain better, but I am sure that there are people here that will be able to give you a better idea than I

All the best


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Hello- I need some help with installing a new video card in my pc, please. The machine is brand new- HP Envy 700-515xt, Windows 7 Professional SP1, with Intel HD 4600 integrated graphics.

The issue I am having is not the actual video card installation, but achieving the correct setting(s) in the BIOS. The BIOS is AMI 80.11 date 4/1/2015, SMBIOS 2.8. It appears that the BIOS mode is set to Legacy, however I can't seem to find an option to disable the integrated graphics and enable the PCIe x 16 (Gen 3.0) Expansion Slot.

I have contacted HP Support, but they won't give me any support because they state that it will void the warranty.

Many thanks in advance for any and all help regarding this matter.


Answer:Video Card Installation

You shouldn't have to adjust the BIOS to recognize the graphics card. Reset the BIOS to Default Settings.

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Hello,We purchased a PNY NVidia GeForce 610 graphics card.  The graphics card is not that big of an upgrade but it should be enough to allow my son the abilities to play the games he wants.  I also purchased a new power supply.  I have replaced the power supply so it is now a 520 W power supply.  I have started the computer with this and it works fine.  I then install the video card and it will only make it to the HP screen and hangs.  I have tried uninstalling the video card and going into windows and disabling the integrated card an re-install this video card but I get the same results.  The bios is very basic and does not have a way to disable the integrated video.  Is there some other setting that I am missing that would allow this card to used as the main video card? Thanks

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i got my new arctic silver 5 and my nv silencer 5 video card i have to use alcahol to clean other stuff off? and if i dont what could happen?

Answer:cpu/video card installation

Well I have never put a hs on a video card before so I ain't sure how to clean them.

If you don't the artic silver won't work right and could make it overheat from having to much thermal paste on.


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Would anyone know if a GeForce FX 5200 video card will fit in a Dell 4550. I just read where as someone said it wouldn't. Hoping that was a mistake. It is just a replacement of a GeForce4 MX420 and I'm not expecting too much out of it.
I would like to know before I take it out of the box

Answer:Video Card Installation

well you need to know what slot type the card is and if you have such a slot available on your motherboard.

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hi i recently got a 8400 geforce When I install the new card
it powers up and everything, but the monitor doesn't show anything
I have downloaded the drivers but the last driver is always there i can't unistall it or looks like, What is the steps to do this? i see the pop up asking for a new harware in th task bar
but my motherboard has a geforce6100 chipset

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I installed a XFX Radeon R7260X video card and if the power supply is connected to it it will not POST. If I pull the power it boots but card is not recognised. I replaced the original PSU with a Lepa 500W thinking it was underpowered - the XFX Radeon R7260X card says 500 watts is the required minimum... Not sure if this is an issue with the BIOS not supporting it or if I am still unpowered. Any feeback would be greatly appreciated.  

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A friend of mine just bought a new flatscreen monitor but when booting up the monitor switches off when the resolution changes after windows starts. My guess is that the resolution that were set is uncompatible with the new monitor. Though when we changed back to the CRT monitor it had the same problem. I have had the same problem but then I solved it by booting windows in failsafe mode, uninstalling the video card and reinstal it. The problem with this were that he had a asus P5W DH Deluxe motherboard and we could not find the button to call up the windows boot menu. Normally you press F8 but this donīt work, neither does any other F button. Maybe Iīm out on a wild goose chase so if anybody knows what the problem is or how to solve our "button problem" I would be very gratefull!

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Video card not working after resolution switch when booting windows

Problem solved by reinstalling windows... Just to let you know.

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Video Card = Nvidia 8600GTS - its about 2 years oldI've had a rolling issue with this card for awhile and wish I didn't buy it. However I've gotten by with its little quirks, but now I can't even get it to boot.I turn on my computer, everything seems to be on and working fine but my computer screen doesn't come on. It goes from being on to power save mode, so I assumed the video card wasn't working properly.I checked all the connections first, nothing was out of order. I turned the whole computer off and restarted the machine. Still nothing.One of the things I did notice about it was that the video card does have power going through it. I know that because the fan is on. Usually boot mode for the video card goes like this:1) turns on2) goes to full power on the fan3) goes back to normal setting on the fanHowever, the fan keeps at full power. Not sure why this is. So all I know is the video card is getting power but the connection doesn't seem to be sound.I check the wires, everything seems to be in order. I even switched out 3 different connectors to the video card, still nothing.Any advice on my next step would be cool, I know this thing works just not sure if its salvagable.

Answer:Video Card not booting properly - doesn't function at startup

QuoteAny advice on my next step would be cool, I know this thing works just not sure if its salvagable.Many here would like to know how you do that. We have all struggled with video card problems and have never found an easy way to determine they are working when is seems like they are not working. Most f us here do testing by substitution and replacement, as few of us have the resources to obtain use of laboratory and production test equipment for video. cards. 

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I've successfully installed an eVGA GeForce GT 730 2GB GDDR5 64bit card with no problems... except that I first punched out the wrong hole in the back of the case :-(.  I guess I can regard it as extra ventilation? I have two questions: - The specs say the PCI exansion slot is x16, but Speccy shows it as x8.  Have I done something wrong? - In the pic below what is the square thing above the expansion slot, and what are the the black and white wires coming from it?  And what is the thicker black wire at the bottom? Thanks for any answers,Tom 


Go to Solution.

Answer:TC-705-EB53 video card installation

EVGA isn't very clear if it's x8 or x16, because saying PCI-E 2.0 means nothing or at least capable to x16. it's better if you send an email to EVGA and ask that information.

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I had an nVidia GTX295 that started going bad and was causing system freezes. EVGA replaced it under warranty with a GTX480. In anticipation of installing the new card I completely uninstalled the drivers, installed the new card and freshly reinstalled the latest drivers. I started getting BSOD's 12 times a day or more, all with different stated causes.

I ran all the standard trouble shooting steps like System Restore, memtest, System Files Checker, Norton Internet Security, Super Anti-Spyware, Malwarebytes anti-Malware and Uniblue Power Suite to clean and tune registry and update all drivers. None of this worked but then on one boot up I got a message that new drivers for the video card were available and I installed them and the BSOD's stopped for about 16 days then they started up again although I had made no changes in hardware or software to my system!

Now my system will go for hours sometimes with no problems then BSOD in less than an hour with no apparent cause & effect. I got a program called Blue Screen view and look at each crash report but at my level of expertise it's mostly all Greek to me other than it shows about a dozen different reasons for the crashes.

I built this system about two years ago and up until now I had only two BSOD's that never recurred. This is driving me crazy and ruining my computing experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just hope I can get this written and posted before the next BSOD occurs...

Answer:BSOD's after Video Card Installation

There are many different fingers pointing in all different directions a lot of them have to due with corruption in the system. Run an elevated command prompt by going to start>programs>accessories>right click on command prompt and run it as administrator and type in sfc /scannow and let the system repair any integrity violations. I also saw a dump that was connected to Norton (that sounded kind of funny) anyhow it could be causing some issues as well...

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Hi, Im a first time poster here, having some graphic card problems..

My specs..
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ @ 2000 MHz
2048 MB (2 x 1024 DDR-SDRAM )
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
MSI K8T Neo-V (MS-7032)
PCI and AGP bus

Please dont you can see I have a crappy video I just purchased an EVGA NVIDIA 8400 GS..AND a new psu, 550 watt, should be plenty to run the card.

So..I uninstall the old drivers..even use Driver Sweeper to make sure..install the new card..and drivers..everything is fine until reboot..then I get a totally pixelated screen. Its neon colors and cant read anything on it..btw.its a PCI it says..and I have both PCI and AGP bus slots, and bios is set to both.

I also installed this 5200 just a week ago from a previous 5200 that went out. So the installation went fine with this one.

Im not able to post a screenshot because it's my first post, but I do have one on photobucket.

Strange thing is..I go into PC Wizard to see..or BARELY see..what its saying about the is saying its PCI least I THINK it says that..
I tried getting into my bios..and no luck..I have a razor keyboard and no matter what key I hit..I cant access bios..

What do you think is it the graphics card itself? Just got it from Tiger Direct..hmmm
I really cant afford to spend any more money! Im a single mom and it was bad enough buying a psu and card. HELP!

Answer:Video Card Installation problems

If it's a PCI card just set your primary video adapter to PCI in the BIOS. Any idea what the temperatures are like?

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I am trying to install a Verto [email protected] FX 5500 PCI Video card in my Emachine. I am running Windows XP Home Edition. When the new hardware wizard runs, I get an error messege that says "invalid parameters". I tried running the drivers from the video card mfg and get the same messege. Windows does load up , but I can't get to any games because of the error messege. What do I have to do to get the card properly installed?

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Hey guys. Have a small problem. I have a compuer that had a fried video card. An old HD 4350. I'm replacing it with a spare card I have a GeForce 8800 GT.

But, the 8800 requires that I hook it up to the PSU (Xion 550X). I don't see any 6 pin connector coming out of the PSU to hook it up straight to the card. But my card did come with a 6pin-to-2molex adapter. The problem is that I only have 1 open connector coming out of the PSU and I know that won't feed enough power to the card so I'm stumped at what if anything I can do, short of either buying a new PSU.

If there is nothing else that I can do, can someone recommend a graphic card that doesn't require connection to PSU.

Answer:Video card installation problems

You could buy a molex splitter, and free up another molex connector. - Athena Power 8" Molex Y Splitted Power Cable Model CABLE-YPHD

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my mother boar supports agp 1x,2x,3x,4x and 1.5 volts.i need if posible to place a ati radeon 9550 256 agp over that place that run on 1.5v.thanks for the attention

Answer:another issue with video card installation

windshield said:

my mother boar supports agp 1x,2x,3x,4x and 1.5 volts.i need if posible to place a ati radeon 9550 256 agp over that place that run on 1.5v.thanks for the attentionClick to expand...

What motherboard?

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and when i do so it makes the screen flicker and the mouse stuck,stop moving,and all the comp into hold.
I tryed 2 card so i shure its not a card failure.
my hardware :
proccessor : P4 CELRON
video card: AGP ATI RADEON VE (tryed also AGP INNO3 6200)
ram-DDR 1.5 GIGA
H.D.-60 giga
p.s :
the computers worked before the format and installation with a:
video card- GF4 MX-440
there is and option for a-
pcie in this board but it want exepy my pcie card(gforce 9300 gs)
also i bought a hard drive 500 giga sata which th board want exept ether.
what can i do?what is the problem?
is it a mb failure?
pls help fast...
EMAIL : [email protected]

Answer:hi,after installation of win xp i am trying to add video card driver...

you need to be sure the old driver and all related software is uninstalled before attempting to install the new video card.

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I have a video card that I took out of an older computer that I would like to install on my new computer that is running Windows 10. The card is HD6450 1GB D3 HDV. I don't have the installation cd for it. When I installed it, hooked everything up to the computer and turned it on, the computer started but I had nothing on the monitor and the keyboard didn't light up. So, I turned it off, took the card out, reconnected everything and turned it back on, and everything works ok. What did I do wrong???

Answer:Video Card Installation problem

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after reformating my computer i cannot install the software for my video card so the only picture i'm getting is like a rabit ears TV.

i have found that my video card should be ATI Radeon 7300..... and or VGA compatible (whatever that may help).... tried installing the ATI software but it would say that it cant due to not having the hardware for
tryed installing most known other video cards but none worked so plz help me in any way posible to get this resolved

Answer:video card driver installation

I am not aware of any radeon 7300 cards...Where did you find that information?

I guess that you are using a laptop or your graphic card is integrated in your motherboard. In that case the official ATI drivers probably won't work.

Can you find more specific info regarding your computer (Like maker and model)?

Do you have any CDs that came with your computer? Usually, drivers for your hardware can be found there.

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Working with an 8705-DHU and trying to install a video card in the PCIe slot to allow for dual monitor usage.  The idea is to attach a monitor to the onboard card and the new card for a second monitor, then extending the desktop.  I got the second card installed (PN 73P2516) and see Intel 946GZ Express chipset family , no other video card.  I'd expect to see two video cards in the device manager, but see only one.  Both monitors work, however I cannot extend the desktop, only clone it.  Windows display properties only sees one display adapter, and therefore only one monitor.  The Intel graphics options sees 2 monitors but only allows for the monitors to be cloned.  I can't imagine what I am doing wrong, I've been working on PC's for a long time.  There is a FRU number, (39J9334) on the card, but I'm at a loss.  I'll be updating the BIOS tomorrow when I get back to the system, but am looking for any other ideas.  I used the drivers that came with the card, found an update, but once that was installed the cloning quit working.  I couldn't find anything in the BIOS, so I am at a loss.  Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. 


Go to Solution.

Answer:A55 and PCIe video card installation

Further research shows that the card only supports clone mode on this particular system...too bad I didn't find this link prior to posting.

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Just purchased new 8600GTS video card and will be installing on a brand new Compaq SR5410F computer. Intel Core2 Duo, 4GB RAM, Windows Vista Home Premium (SP1), PCIe slot. What I need is a step by step guide on how to install this from the very beginning, starting with uninstalling the current video drivers and disabling the onboard graphics controller. If anyone wouldnt mind pointing me in that direction or listing here, that would be great.


Answer:Video Card Installation Tips

Basically, you just open up your case and push your card down into the slot, making sure it goes all the way in. If it doesn't fit, that means you're putting it into the wrong slot or you've misaligned something.

REMEMBER not to force the card in if it doesn't work. Take a good look at it and if in doubt, it is best to take it to a repair person or to post some photos up here and we could take a look at it.

As for disabling old drivers, you go into device manager and find your old card in the list. Then, you right click on it and click disable.

It might be a good idea to backup your stuff because one after installing a GeForce 4200, my friends computer just went blah. All of his stuff was plugged in and everything, but XP just died. I suspected a compatibility issue, so just in case you might have any of those problems, I suggest that you backup all of your stuff onto an external hard drive or something.

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I was working through some problems with my video card that was posted 2 mo. ago and found out that I probably had a bad video card. The video card company sent me a new card. I would like to know since I haven't changed any of the settings since the bad video card should How should I go about installing correctly so windows detects properly and settings are for new card and not the bad one? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Replacement Video Card installation

Hey, since nobody's answering your post.. I'll get it started..

This happen to me so I have some experience on it. All you have to do is just to plug in into your APG slot (I hope that's what you have) and then Windows will search for the best Driver. What OS (operating system) do you have?

In my case Windows ME gave me a Crappy One and it didn't work for me. I look up the manufacture of the Video Card went to the website and download the drivers. (Which is your Best Bet).

Just don't forget to UnZip it with Winzip.

It's simple as that...

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i run a sis 650 chipset. it has integrated video on it which i disabled to install my new card. i bought a geforce fx 5200 i installed it turned on my computer and the screen was black. no matter what i tried it would still be black. i could still hear the computer start up. so then i found my old geforce4 mx420. i installed it and it worked just fine. so i disabled the geforce mx so i can move it down a slot so i can put my new network card in. when i went to go install it again my computer wouldn't recognize the card. then when it finally did and i installed all the drivers i restarted but the computer would freeze and i would have to turn off the computers power. when it was done starting up after i powered it down it was like i never installed any drivers or video card. now when i put it in the slot my computer screen is black and doesnt making any beeping noise. any help in any section of this post from the black screen to why my computer wont recognize the card installed after it worked fine would be really helpful.

thank you

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I was having booting up problem with my system from the time I made some changes to the BIOS settings in order to include USB Wireless MS keyboard and mouse.
My system: Asus A8N32 SLI Delux
Processor: AMD Athelon 64 x 3
RAM : OCZ 1024 DDR
After several failed attempts to boot up all of a sudden I would get the welcome screen and the system will work continously if I don't shut it off. When I shut off again I will have to try 15 to 20 times ON / OFF in order to get the system bootup. My BIOS is now in Default Settings. Recently nothing is coming onto my display therefore, I attributed the problem to the Video Graphic Card.

I changed my GeForce 7300GS PCIe with Asus EN8400GS PCIe. Removing the old one from the slot and Installing the new one onto the slot. The cards are almost with same specifications. The systmem, inside the box processor, Ram etc appear to be working but still nothng coming onto the display.

When I checked "eHow" websile, it says, to "Take the small 2 or 4 wire connector from the Video Card and plug that into the Corrresponding Pin array very near the video card on the motherboard"

When I was removing the previous video card I did not see any such connection from the video card to the motherboard except some sort of wire (red and black) connedted inside the body of the card nothing to the motherboard. and I don't see in the new video card any such wire connector to plug it onto the motherboard. But I noticed a white tiny 2 pi... Read more

Answer:video graphic card installation

The Asus EN8400GS doesn't have connectors for auxilliary power from the motherboard or power supply so you should be OK. Is the card working?

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Recently, I purchased a GeForce GT220 graphics card to upgrade the video (onboard) in my HP Pavillion a1630n. It's a PCI express card, was easy enough to install, but when I plug my monitor (vga connector) into the new card, it isn't powering up. I installed a new power supply, and I think everything is connected properly, as the fan is spinning on the new card.

Uninstalled the old drivers, installed the new ones, and nothing. Any suggestions on what I can try? Thanks.

Answer:Video Card installation problem

Make sure all cables are connected and are in the right places, and are in them nice and "snug."

And you're not getting any display at all on the monitor? Plug the monitor into the onboard port to see if it's the graphics card that is failing to work or the new power supply that is causing the issue.

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Hello everyone. I'm about to install a new graphics card that I bought and I have everything required for it. Now the only thing that I'm worried about is frying my motherboard like I have in the past. I want to be ABSOLUTELY sure that I'm doing everything right so I don't mess up my computer.

Here are my questions:

When "Grounding", people tell me to touch the back of the computer (the unpainted metal part) to get rid of my static charge. Since that back part is connected to my motherboard, would that mess up my motherboard?
I have an integrated graphics card - should I disable that first before installing my new graphics card?
Do I install the drivers before the actually graphics card or vice-versa?
If I have to disable on my integrated graphics card, where do I go in the BIOS menu?

That's it for now, I may have more questions later. Thanks in advanced for any answers you provide.


Answer:Video Card Installation Questions

First of all anytime you open your computer case and touch anything it is good practice to first move it off of the carpet. (to prevent static)

They actually make anti static arm bands if you were really concerned about it.

First I would download or install the drivers for it.

Shut down

Insert and secure the card

Plug in the monitior to it

and boot the computer.

You may or may not have to disable the integrated graphics. Some people do some don't. if you do just enter setup before windows loads by tapping f1,f2 whatever key it asks for setup. go to advanced tab in bios and go down to onboard video - move from enable to disable using arrow keys and enter key

if you didn't have to do that great, windows may tell you it found new hardware, when the wizard opens don't select let windows find the driver, select that you want to do it, select that you have disk, then select the location where you downloaded or installed the drivers

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hi guys...

i just want to know if there's anyone who could solve my problem..

i installed the latest driver for my video card which is nvidia geforce fx 5200...
but when i reset my computer... the color quality in the display properties is only 4 bit and the 3d accelerator is not available... anyone knows how to fix this??

thank you !

Answer:Video Card Installation Problem

my computer is pentium 4.. 128 mb video card.. 2.40 ghz... 512 mb ram

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Hey My Friends little brother is having me isntall a new 8500 on his older Compaq (not sure of brand etc. can get that later) The Mobo had a stock asus PCI-E card I replaced the cards and he purchased a new PSU I installed that as well and am having trouble getting things working I plug in my moniter and recieve the usual No Signal Message only its a little bigger a bit warped any ideas also the PSU uses a 6 pin to connect next to the CPU but the mobo has a older 4 pin I just used 4 on the side should work right? well after I plug it in fans wont spin etc. only al ight goes on when its out fans spin etc. but no display.

Answer:Video Card Installation Issue

I don't think that will work. They make a 6 pin to 4 pin adapter.

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Hi,I am trying to install a 512MB Nvidia GeForce 9500 GS video card on my system with bo success. Any suggestions, beside using an iron or breaking the video card pins?

Answer:S51 8171-21U PCI-e video Card installation

Here is what I did: I took a cellotape and covered some of the gold connecting pins (I left 7 gold pins at the larger bar uncovered) and it did the work. I did not go through melting or breaking those pins, but just covering them. Now, I am anxious to understand the full implication of such work. I ran Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor (as moving to this new operating system was the reason I went through all this), and to my surprise, the advisor still says the same as it did with the installed onboard graphic card: the graphics are inadequate to Windows 7. What is wrong?

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Hello! iv'e recently installed my nvidia geforce fx5200, and ive been recieving some BSOD problems ever since. Within the time span of 5-10 mins after starting a game, i'm redirected to a bsod, otherwise my comp will shut down.
Another problem is that when i play movies, using divx/xvid/mkv codecs, the bsod screen shows yet again.

iv'e seen that the error came from a "win32k.sys"
and there was a stop: 00000000E. any leads?

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So I bought a new graphics card and PSU to support it for my HP media center PC running Windows XP with service pack 3. The PSU works great but the card isn't happening well. My motherboard has on-board graphics which I'm fairly certain I'm disabling correctly (the graphics don't change into what they look like in safe mode) when I disable them in device manger. When I do this and shut down to install the card in a PCI-E x16 slot on my MOBO and start up again, the computer's fans go full blast (including the one in the card) but the monitor doesn't even detect input in either the cards output or the MOBO's VGA. The computer powers but doesn't detect the card at all.    ASUS P5LP-LE (Limestone)    Intell Pentium D 820   1 GB DDR2 RAM   CPUID tells me this is my on-board graphics: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family    224mb   SAPPHIRE 100289L Radeon HD 5670 (Redwood) 1GB 128-bit DDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card w/ATI Eyefinity    My research has told me that ASUS made this MOBO for HP so its never been updated or really given much support. PLEASE HELP!

Answer:Video Card installation problems HELP!

Have you enabled the new card in the BIOS

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I had an nVidia GTX295 that started going bad and was causing system freezes. EVGA replaced it under warranty with a GTX480. In anticipation of installing the new card I completely uninstalled the drivers, installed the new card and freshly reinstalled the latest drivers. I started getting BSOD's 12 times a day or more, all with different stated causes.

I ran all the standard trouble shooting steps like System Restore, memtest, System Files Checker, Norton Internet Security, Super Anti-Spyware, Malwarebytes anti-Malware and Uniblue Power Suite to clean and tune registry and update all drivers. None of this worked but then on one boot up I got a message that new drivers for the video card were available and I installed them and the BSOD's stopped for about 16 days then they started up again although I had made no changes in hardware or software to my system!

Now my system will go for hours sometimes with no problems then BSOD in less than an hour with no apparent cause & effect. I got a program called Blue Screen view and look at each crash report but at my level of expertise it's mostly all Greek to me other than it shows about a dozen different reasons for the crashes.

I built this system about two years ago and up until now I had only two BSOD's that never recurred. This is driving me crazy and ruining my computing experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just hope I can get this written and posted before the next BSOD occurs...

Tech ... Read more

Answer:BSOD's after Video Card Installation

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I just installed an ATI card and driver installation went fine, however I am unable to access the Catalyst control panel, because apparently .Net Framework is required for it. So no big deal, I installed version 3.0 of it. But now when I go to run the ATI control panel, I get this message.

'Could not load file or assembly 'CLI.Implementation, Version=2.0.2635.38680, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=90ba9c70f846762e' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.'

What gives?

Answer:ATI video card installation problem

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I have just bought a PowerColor X1300 AGP video card and when i install it in the computer and try to start it, my tower beeps and even though the power is on nothing happens but beeps. Please help. Thanks

Answer:AGP Video Card Installation Trouble

You may have an uncompatible voltage card.
Read your mbd manual for what it supports.
Try here for beeps

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I recently reinstalled windows. To activate my video card I need the installation key which I have lost, because I've never done this before and think twice about leaving it laying around. I play games and this really sucks so is there any other way? or am I SOL?

Answer:Lost video card installation cd

Activate your video card?
I've never heard of video cards requiring activation and/or keys.

Do you mean Activating windows?

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I have a Dell Dimension 3000 running XP that has an integrate graphics chip and I wanted to install a new video board to support some of my kids games. I bought a Nvidia GeForce FX5200 256MB DDR PCI video card because this pc has no APG or PCIe slots.

I uninstalled my on board card, powered down, installed my new card, plugged the monitor into the new card and powered back up. The monitor displays the normal boot up OK and shows that it recognized the board. It then starts to load windows and just before it would normally display the windows desktop the monitor goes into power save mode and goes black. I've tried everything (moving mouse, hitting keys on keyboard) but the monitor stays in power save mode and I'm dead in the water. Can't load drivers because I can't see anything.

I've gone to but haven't found anything useful or any type of real support. The instructions that came with the board only tells how to install the drivers, no trouble shooting.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.

Answer:Video card installation problem

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Hopefully the dump files attached will be more telling than my explanation. This computer is a custom build that has been plagued with BSOD's and has had problems booting after a year of owning it. The symptoms seem so random to me that I haven't been able to pin down anyone one thing as the issue. I have swapped out at one time or another, every part in this build. Most recently there were several disc check errors and corrupted boot files. Thinking it was a bad harddrive and corrupted files that was causing corrupted video card drivers which would cause video card related BSOD's... I don't know. I'm lost. I would like help understanding what is wrong with my computer and what I can do to fix it. It doesn't seem to be a quick fix.

Attach are the dmp files and a few pictures of the most recent BSODs. After reformatting with a new harddrive yesterday, I recieved a BSOD today. After the BSOD, upon using the windows recovery function (i was prompted to use it), i recieved another BSOD, and then again the second time i attempted to boot up the computer.

current build:
w7 64

Video Card:
XFX HD-577A-ZNFC Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card

G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9D-4GBNQ

ASUS M4A78T-E AM3 AMD 790GX HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard

Rosewill Stallion Series RD500-2DB 500W ATX12V Po... Read more

Answer:Constant BSODS, Issues booting, erratic Video Card Fan on boot, etc.

No DMPS included in upload. Please try this method.

We do need the DMP file as it contains the only record of the sequence of events leading up to the crash, what drivers were loaded, and what was responsible.

If you are overclocking STOP
We could also use some system information, which you can get easily by running msinfo32.
To do that go to start>run>type msinfo32>enter

When it is finished running go to file>save>name it and upload to us here.
You may be able to get the DMP files without crashing by booting into safe mode (F8) with networking.

To enable us to assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder.

The procedure:

* Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to another (temporary) location somewhere on your machine.
* Zip up the copy.
* Attach the ZIP archive to your post using the "paperclip" (file attachments) button.
*If the files are too large please upload them to a file sharing service like "Rapidshare" and put a link to them in your reply.

To ensure minidumps are enabled:

* Go to Start, in the Search Box type: sysdm.cpl, press Enter.
* Under the Advanced tab, click on the Startup and Recovery Settings... button.
* Ensure that Automatically restart is unchecked.
* Under the Write Debugging Information header select Small memory dump (256 kB) in the dropdown box (the 256kb varies).
* Ensure tha... Read more

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I have HP computer with dedicated graphic card with HDMI and DVI connection, but I am only using the DVI connection, however, while I am installing Windows 10, the screen goes black and then I have to connect a VGA cable to the integrated graphic card in order to turn the screen on again, but sometimes I am missing actions, so is it possible to make the computer default graphic card is the dedicated one from the beginning to the end of the installation without the screen turning black? I think there is an option in Bios but I don't know how. Thanks in advance for your help,

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I recently purchased a new AGP based Sapphire Radeon X800 GTO to replace my Leadtek nVidia 6800GT in my homemade PC. I followed all the procedures I'm familiar with to properly install the hardware and appropriate drivers. I removed all the nvidia drivers before removing the card and used 'Drive Cleaner Pro' to ensure their complete removal. I also installed the latest appropriate ATI catalyst drivers upon the new cards installation.

Immediately upon testing my new hardware I noticed that though Windows runs perfectly allof my 3D games seemed to have broken. Most of them would run perfectly for a few seconds but would then crash or freeze in a number of different and interesting fashions... sometimes I would be able to bring the computer back to a very fishy acting windows, sometimes it would randomly restart, and sometimes the whole system would freeze indeffinately. I tried un-installing and reinstalling the current and several different drivers and had the same symptoms. I upgraded my AGP slot driver and tried reinstalling Direct X 9 and had the same symptoms.

At first I assumed it was faulty card and just need a replacement but now it seems I've somehow caused a larger problem. Upon reinstalling my old graphics card back in I noticed it failed to work completely. In this case, the games wouldn't even start. I went through slew of alternate driver tests and nothing worked. I also tried adjusting the card in its AGP slot and this didn't wor... Read more

Answer:New Video Card installation and System Restarts

Good Evening AlexandorJL, One thing that often causes card problems is when the machine is turned off but still has a powered mains plug fitted.
The problem is due to the system board always having power on it, even though it may appear to be switched off, this is a bit of a trap if any work is carried out in this circumstance.
Also always ensure that antistatic commonsense procedures are followed.

You appear to have been pretty careful so if we consider other possible circumstances there is some kind of viral problem that may have manifested which is not being detected or some kind of low voltage problem where power demand is lacking.
But there are numerous possibilities apart from that.
So probably best just to begin somewhere and plod onward.

It is quite common for A/V systems to either be crippled by viral things or miss them these days.
You could try this idea.
You would likely have a decent A/V system already installed which would comprise a scanner and a monitor ability.

If you visit and download their free scanner and place and unpack it in a directory say C:\Smartcop (you can put a shortcut on the desktop)

For the first smartcop scan make sure your normal A/V monitor is disabled.
Now doubleclick and run the smartcop program, note any problems and their locations etc, delete those you feel are unimportant. (Temp files are mainly usually involved)

When that scan is complete run it again, except this time with the normal A/V ... Read more

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Recently i switched from Linux to Windows and downloaded all the official drivers from download center, but i'm unable to install the video card driver either of Inter or AMD, both says "this computer does not meet the minimum requirement" and my WiFi of this device stopped working along with, i have to use wired connection now, please let me know the fix for these issues.
(Dell Inspiron 3521 : Windows 10 64 bit)

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Greetings everyone,

I recently purchased a Jaton Nvidia Geforce 3dforce 6600-256 video card to replace the Geforce MX 4400-64 that was previously installed. Now my PC is consistently freezing up, requiring a re-boot. I cannot alt-tab or ctrl-alt-del.

Initially I installed the card without connecting the supplemental power. I was prompted that I hadn't done so and that the card would set itself to allow for this. I left it configured like this for a few days and had no problems.

When I finally connected the supplemental power, from the PSU bundle with 4 pin connector, the freeze ups started occuring. The cursor won't move and no keyboard commands work. Occasionally, two or three times out of maybe 20, the computer will re-boot itself.

This happens mostly on the internet, once in windows, and never while I'm playing a game. (I've only played 3-4 games with the supplemental power connected, however)

I've done the power supply calculator and it said I only needed 250-285W of power.

I'm hoping my processor isn't too weak to run it like that. I've only now come to realize that the Sempron is AMD's "budget" processor and not in-line with the P4s or Athlons. I'll list my system specs below and anxiously await what I'm sure will be some great advice. Let me know if you need more info.

AMD Sempron 2400+ 1.67GHz(video card said I required a Pentium 4 or comparable, but I couldn't find... Read more

Answer:Computer freezes after new video card installation


All budget psu's (like the one you have) (no offence) never run at the quoted Wattidge. Your rexpower 400 is probably running at noway near 400 watts.

The main problem is the fact you dont have enough power, If you buy a PSU like Antec Truepower or Enermax they will allways do what they say on the box. If you need help selecting a PSU then just post back.


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Hi, Im a first time poster here, having some graphic card installation problems..

My specs..
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ @ 2000 MHz
2048 MB (2 x 1024 DDR-SDRAM )
PCI and AGP bus
Manufacturer:MSI K8T Neo-V (MS-7032)
Model: Ms-7032
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
CPU/Ram: 2 GHz / 2047 MB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
Sound Card: Realtek AC'97 Audio for VIA (R) Audio Controller
Processor Temperature : 26.5 ?C
Mainboard Temperature : 41 ?C

Please dont you can see I have a crappy video I just purchased an EVGA NVIDIA 8400 GS..AND a new psu, 550 watt, should be plenty to run the card.

So..I uninstall the old drivers..even use Driver Sweeper to make sure..install the new card..and drivers..everything is fine until reboot..then I get a totally pixelated screen. Its neon colors and cant read anything on it..btw.its a PCI it says..and I have both PCI and AGP bus slots, and bios is set to both.

Screenshot: Zi6_0290.jpg picture by Faerytear - Photobucket

I also installed this 5200 just a week ago from a previous 5200 that went out. So the installation went fine with this one.

Strange thing is..I go into PC Wizard to see..or BARELY see..what its saying about the is saying its PCI least I THINK it says that since it's almost impossible to see the screen. The card itself is PCI.

I tried getting into my bios..and no luck..I have a razor keyboard and no matter what key I hit..I cant access... Read more

Answer:Video Card Installation problems, pixelation

I recommend contacting TigerDirect for a replacement card

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Hi, I just got this ATI Radeon HD4670 512M GDDR3 PCI-E and when I went to install it into the hard drive and plugged all the wires back in and then turned on the power my monitor would not come on. Stayed black and like it was off. Usually there was a green light on the monitor and it was orange when connected when the Radeon card is in. I unplugged everything took the card out and put it back together and I can use the monitor when the card is not in. The monitor is not original one. It does have the normal monitor plug plus an USB, but that should not make a difference. It is my first video card in this computer. Can I hook up the monitor plug right into the video card? I am a newbie with this video card stuff. Can you help please?Thank you. Ken

Answer:Radeon Video card installation goes black

Which OS are you using? You do connect to the monitor to the video card rather than to the motherboard connection after installation.

When you tried the video card had you connected the monitor to the video card? If you did then when starting your computer did you see any of the normal boot or PC maker screens before Windows starts?

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Three days ago I replaced my amd 7870 for a gtx 1060, using display driver uninstaller to uninstall the amd drivers, then installing latest nvidia drivers/ geforce experience. For some reason, when I move my mouse or type on the keyboard to wake up the computer, the lights turn on the computer as if it's woken up but there's no display on my monitor, and I have to force shut down the PC by holding the power button down, then start it up again. Not sure what to do.


Answer:PC Won't Wake From Sleep After New Video Card Installation

Did you try running sfc /scannow from a Command Prompt? Have you also tried making sure that the old adapter is no longer in Device Manager. Have you made sure that the bios shows that the external video card is set for PCIe if that is what you used.

Do you even get a screen to log in after you boot up?

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I'm reanimating a friend's discarded Acer T180 desktop. I've done a fresh install of XP.

I would like to install a Radeon HD 2600 Pro video card, but I'm running into problems.

I don't have the manufacturer's installation disk for the card. I've downloaded a driver that I think is the right one. (the driver folder is called AMD_RV670_8.43_XP_BR50244_Oct31 if that's of any use)

When I run the setup for this driver, I get an error message advising "setup was unable to find components that can be installed on your current hardware or software configuration." Which kinda makes sense since I don't have the card slotted into the motherboard.

However, when I do slot the card in and start the comp, I get nothing but black screen and 'no input, so powersaving' on monitor.

I'm attaching everest report since I've seen that requested on other issues on the site.

Big thanks in advance for any help with this issue.

Answer:Video card installation Acer T180 with XP

How many watts is the power supply in the comptuer? I think it may be a power issue but that card doesn't' use much power. The card could also be broken.

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Hello everyone,I have never installed a new video card on a Windows XP machine and just have a couple of simple questions.The computer currently has an Nvidia video card and I want to install a Radeon 9700. The computer is running WIndows XP.I remember that under older windows versions you used to have to remove the video driver and revert to using the standard PCI VGA driver that is included with windows. Then plug in the new card and then install the new drivers for the new card.In Windows XP do you still have to do this or can you just simply plug the new card in and let Windows sort itself out when you boot up?Any help and advice would be lovely.Cheers folks.

Answer:Video card installation - advice needed

When I changed graphics cards a few months back I simply switched off, whipped out the old card, put in the new one and restarted. During a somewhat prolonged boot-up Windows XP did the necessary and all worked dandy.You might want to wait for confirmation from somebody who knows more about hardware than me (i.e. anybody!).

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Hello Team, We just bought HP prodesk 400 g4 Small form factor PC`s and trying to install Intel Graphics Driver -15.45- 64bit but onthe newly installed Win 7 x64 bit OS. We have downloaded the provided drivers from the HP site but when we try to install it we get an error "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software". We downoaded the driver even from Intel site - the same error. Any help will be appreciated Thanks,Daniel

Answer:installation of intel video card driver

Hi: If you look at the driver description, it does not support the Kaby Lake Intel graphics. DEVICES SUPPORTED:Note: The following device IDs are not supported by Windows 7PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_5906PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_5916PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_5921PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_5926PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_5927PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_591EPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_5902PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_5912PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_590BPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_591BPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_591D Intel did not develop W7 drivers for that platform and Microsoft will not support W7 on the Kaby Lake chipsets. W10 only. Your options... Try to modify the W10 Intel graphics driver to work on W7. Install compatible low profile graphics cards that have W7 driver support. Read the last reply on this discussion below to see how the person modified the Intel graphics driver to work on a HP Probook 450 G4 notebook. Maybe you can do the same thing with the desktop driver.  

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I have HP computer with dedicated graphic card with HDMI and DVI connection, but I am only using the DVI connection, however, while I am installing Windows 10, the screen goes black and then I have to connect a VGA cable to the integrated graphic card in order to turn the screen on again, but sometimes I am missing actions, so is it possible to make the computer default graphic card is the dedicated one from the beginning to the end of the installation without the screen turning black? I think there is an option in Bios but I don't know how. Thanks in advance for your help,

Answer:Windows 10 Changing Video Card During Installation

Info on the PC in question would help? Laptop or desktop? GPU type and how many etc.

Normally, if you add a dedicated card to a desktop PC, the integrated graphics is disabled automatically. Unless you have hybrid SLI etc. Motherboard make an model would help sort that out.

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hello i'm new here...i hope u guys can help me =( i have problem when i'm trying to install S3 Graphics ProsavageDDR video card.....i got this error

========== S3SETUP LOG FILE - Started at 23:20:03 on 12-5-2007 ===========
S3Setup v1.00.17-JV (1.01.13) on Win XP
bAllowReboot: TRUE
bSilentReboot: TRUE
bPromptReboot: TRUE
bPromptSilentReboot: FALSE
VendorID to find:5333
INF File Located at: C:\S3Graphics\ProSavageDDR_wxp_139433\ps5333.inf
Found - ven:5333 dev:8D04 ss_dev:8D04 ss_ven:5333 rev:00 bus:01 devnum:00 func:00 (inVGA=1)
Enumerating Display class devices...
Display #0 has DevInst=000016DC
Found matching display.
No more displays.
Found InstID=PCI\VEN_5333&DEV_8D04&SUBSYS_8D045333&REV_00\4&82C770E&0&0008.
Found Mfg line: "S3.Mfg".
Description="S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR = S3Psddr, PCI\VEN_5333&DEV_8D04".
'DriverVer' is, 'DriverDate' is 08/13/2004.
Calling UpdateDriver... with PCI\VEN_5333&DEV_8D04&SUBSYS_8D045333&REV_00
and INF path at C:\S3Graphics\ProSavageDDR_wxp_139433\ps5333.inf
Started Timer window in background.
Doing copy logging.
Finished with copy logging.
UpdateDriver forced install (PCI\VEN_5333&DEV_8D04&SUBSYS_8D045333&REV_00) failed->-536870389.
UpdateDriver failed, returned -536870389. C... Read more

Answer:S3 Graphics ProsavageDDR video card installation failed =(

Were you using on-board video before you got the S3? If so, make sure that the on-board video is disabled.

If you are installing the S3 to replace another video card, make sure that the old card's drivers are totally removed BEFORE you install the new card

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OS: windows xp
I had to perform a system recovery after getting a virus, and after i completed that i tried to reinstall my video card but when i put it in and turn on my computer it gives me a drawn out beep0 that lasts for about 10 seconds then stops for about 5 and repeats. i have no idea what to do here... fast help would be appreciated. Thanks

Answer:MSi Video card installation issues after system recovery

Hi, and welcome to TSG.

Do you mean you physically reinstalled it as in, taking the card out of the slot and reseating it?

If so, make sure it is seated properly.

What was the nature of the virus you say you had and how did you remove it?

Beeps are usually an indication that there is something wrong and the reason can sometimes be established by counting the number of beeps with different interpretations depending on the make and model of your computer.

Lets have a look at some more details about your system.

Please download Speccy System Information Tool and save it to somewhere convenient such as your desktop.
Close any programs that may be running including your browser and double click Speccy.exe to run the tool.
Watch out for any offers to install other programs such as google chrome and untick the box(es) if you don't want them.
Speccy will very quickly scan your pc and create a report.
Top left of screen click file and select Publish Snapshot...
Click Yes to proceed.
Copy the URL to your clipboard and paste it into your next reply.


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Hey guys, I have a HP G62 laptop, and the main graphic card died a month ago, so to make it work all I did was deactivate the main graphic card, in safe mode , so I could use the board card or whatever. Anyway, I was just doing a factory reset on my laptop and everything was going well til the moment the laptop restarts, and it just goes into some blackscreen forever. I guess it's trying to use the main video card, but it's dead.
I tried to load the computer in safe mode to finish the installation, but it just says "installation cannot be completed in safe mode", so it restarts and tries to go back into normal mode again.
What can I do to deactivate the main graphic card, or to finish installing windows?
I seem to have access to cmd.exe through recovery mode, that's about it.

Answer:Cant finish windows' 7 installation because video card is dead

What were the symptoms when the main card died, and how did you then deactivate it? I'm not quite following what happened and is happening here.

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Sorry to ask yet another question, but I'm trying to install a GeForce FX 5200 PCI video card. I have had the same problem before, but need would like to fix it permanently. After installing the drivers (updated for my pc from, too), a restart with the card in fails. Everything works well until the Windows XP splash screen disappears, at which point the screen goes black and the power light on the monitor turns from green to amber. What am I doing wrong?

Answer:Solved: Video Card Installation -> Screen Goes Black

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As the title implies, I have a pretty quick (and probably stupid) question regarding upgrading my video card. I'm readying myself to swap out my old GPU for a new one, and I'm currently running Windows 7 Professional (x64). Everything is activated and genuine.

When I remove the old GPU and install the new GPU, will that cause Windows to no longer see my installation as genuine until I reactivate? If so, how can I reactivate most painlessly? Are there any other precautions I should take, or other things I ought to be aware of before performing this upgrade? I've done this many times in the past, but never on Windows 7 - Only on XP.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Quick question: New video card installation and reactivation?

It shouldn't ask you to re-activate it. Didn't when I tried (with an underpowered psu, so the you didn't function properly, but anyway... :P )

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I just purchased an Nvidia 6600 (EVGA/GF 6600) agp video card to upgrade from a GF 4200 pci card on a Pavilion 541c (AMD Athlon XP2000+ 1.67 GHz / 266 with 1024DDR and a Nvidia nForce 420D with on board video disabled).

I opened the case removed the old video card, installed the new video card, turned on my machine and got a repetitive beeping sound and no video, which I've read means the the system can't find any video card. I re-seated the card twice with the same results.

Since this seemed to go no-where, I thought there might be a problem with my card (since the computer should be able to handle it), removed it and tried reinstalling my old card. Now I'm getting the same repetitive beeping and no video with the old card ( tried reseating it also ), and if I try booting with not video card I also get the same result ( though I think this may be because I turned off the integrated video at the bios).

So is
1) both my cards fried ( seems unlikely )
2) my mother board fried ( then why does it complain? )
3) my bios confused and needs to be fixed somehow (hopefully)
4) some other reason I don't know.

Much thanks for any help in this regard.

Answer:No Video Card found after installation of GeForce 6600

I'd start with option 3. Unplug your computer, then remove the power connection to your mother board from the PSU, then remove the CMOS battery. Leave it out for a half hour or so. This will reset your board to it's default settings.

Wait until someone else confirms what I am saying, but I am pretty sure this will default you back to the onboard graphics, so do not install ANY video card at this point.

Turn on the system. Hopefully that'll get you in.

Once in, reboot into safe mode, disable the onboard graphics and power down. Install new card. Turn on system and go into your bios to see if you need to adjust the video boot from onboard to AGP.

Reboot and go into windows, hopefully it'll recognize new hardware and you can install new drivers.

Hope this works! Good luck!

(Confirm whether or not your video card requires its own connection to the PSU. I think it might).

It would be helpful if you can give us your motherboard information as well so we can take a look. A link to it's homepage would be best.

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I have a dell dimension 2350. It has an integrated video card. I am trying to install a Gforce FX 5200 PCI video card. I tried almost everything. I need a computer wiz to crack this problem.Ralph

Answer:dell dimension 2350 video card installation

Ralph......have you gone into the bios and disabled the on board vid display .....then install the new plug in card Hope this helps you dl65  

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I am trying to connect a Dell Optiplex Gx280 SFF to a large screen TV. The TV requires an HDMI connection. I am using the SFF because it fits perfectly into an antique glass fronted cabinet. I removed the 160-Watt power supply and replaced it with an ATX FSP FSP460-60GLC - 460-Watt Power Supply. Itís external of course but invisible sitting behind the computer. I obtained an Asus EN210 card. I understand this is not a high tech card but it is cheap, low profile, and has an HDMI port. When I installed the card it appeared it was ok. Then I installed the drivers from the included CD. Finishing the installation required restarting the computer. When I did I got a black screen, windows starts and runs, I can hear it. I removed the card, reattached the monitor to the normal port and uninstalled the drivers. Replaced the card, still a black screen. Removed the card, did a system restore, replaced the card, black screen again. Removed the card put in a back up hard drive, replaced the card. Now it will show again. I havenít tried reinstalling the drivers yet. I next tried installing the card in a 280 mini tower, exactly the same results. I am using 2gb ram and a 500gb hard drive in the SFF, 3gb ram, 500gb hard drive and a faster processor in the mini tower. I havenít tried attaching it to the TV, seems pointless if it wonít work on a monitor. I suspect the best answer is to toss the card and get a better one but itís irksome that it wonít work. Belarc and Memtest are normal An... Read more

Answer:Solved: Black screen after video card installation

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I recently installed a geforce 8600 GT 512mb on my comp and it has been lagging. My gaming is fine, but starting up different types of programs (such as internet explorer, azureus, aim... etc.) are SLOWER compared to when i had my previous ATI x300 card 128 MB. Why is this? Is there anyway I can speed it up?

It's not so much a problem, but I guess an annoyance. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you

dell dimension 8400
3.19 ghz 1gb ram
windows xp SP2

Answer:Comp runs slower after new video card installation


you would bennifit if you posted your issue in the forum for video cards

but just to ask when you installed the cards drivers did you compleatly uninstall the other cards drivers ?

when you intalled the card did you let windows install the card for you ( not a good idea you should of canceled that option as many times as nessasary to stop it ) then insatalled your drivers for the new card /then defrag / then check for driver updates for your new card ( drivers are constantly being updated and yours may be out dataed for how long did that card sit on the shelf in the store or warehouse

also check your device manager for any ( red or yellow ) quotation marks / this means you are having driver issues and need to either update them or reinstall them

also is the card in the right slot on the mother board for some card need to be in a certain slot / i had to install mine into slot #1 but yet i have 3 other slots

also if you have the time you can work your way thru the device manager and change the (veiw ) to show ( all hidden devices ) then right click each one then from the drop down menu and left click the ( update driver ) to make sure your drivers are all updated


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after fresh installation of win7 ultimate and after updating all the drivers from lenovo website, i get 2 problems:1. exclamation mark next to the AMD RAdeon HD 6630M2. "PCI Simple Communications Controller" missing driver. driver installed for AMD RAdeon HD 6630M is 8.811.1.5000 from date 2/4/2011 please advise. thanks. 


Go to Solution.

Answer:after fresh installation of win 7 - one missing driver and problem with video card

Hi, i'm french...I've a same problem, and i can not have connexion (ethenet or wifi)!! I'va you make a recoveryYou must going on lenovo support to download a intel hd driver for video and see a driver power [email protected]+ PS

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Hey all

A couple of weeks ago I upgraded video cards from a Galaxy GeForce 210 (that I had put in my custom built from a previous Dell) to a EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460. Everything worked fine at first but shortly after installing it i've started to get page fault in nonpaged area and memory management BSOD's and i'm not sure if that has anything to do with the new graphics card or if that is just a coincidence. I tried switching out the RAM to different slots, and even did a clean install with Windows 7 but i'm still getting blue screened at random points, sometimes i'll be able to get on and play World of Warcraft or whatever else for hours and be completely fine, and other times it will blue screen after just 5 minutes of surfing the web. I've also tried reinstalling the video drivers and motherboard drivers. I'm currently running Memtest on it and hopefully i'll see if it's a problem with the memory or not, but any other advice would be appreciated and if someone could point me in the right direction on how to do so, i can post the dump files if it blue screens again. Thanks!


CPU: AMD Phenom II Black Edition
Motherboard: ASUS M4A87TD EVO
Video Card: EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460
PSU: Thermaltake TR2 600W
RAM: Sector 5 8GB DDR3 (2x4GB) (Manufacturer is Patriot)

Answer:Page Fault and Memory Management after video card installation

Test this video card with OCCT
Did you update to the latest drivers from Nvidia?

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everysince i installed my pci video card, i've been having alot of trouble getting on and off the internet. all i did was removed the network card and placed it 2 pci slots down.

anyone figure what the problem might be?

Answer:Lose Internet connection everysince the video card installation.

Try moving the network card to another PCI slot, and you may need to uninstall/reinstall the drivers.

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Trying to upgrade the video card in my wife's computer. Specs:

AMD Athlon XP 2400+ 2.00Ghz
Motherboard: MSI KM4M
Old video card: Nvidia Geforce4 MX440-8X 64MB
OS: Windows XP Home SP3

Opted for the ASUS AH3450 256MB AGP8X. Windows loaded after physically installing card, in super low resolution, but after installing the drivers from the CD I am getting black screen on startup. I went into safe mode and removed the previous Nvidia drivers from Add/Remove programs but to no avail. I can't find anything in the specs of the motherboard and video card that would point to incompatibility, although please correct me if I am missing something glaringly obvious. I am wondering what is the next logical step to try, to get this thing working?

Thanks for your time.


Answer:Black screen after video card driver installation. ASUS AH3450

You have a conflict!! Your old card was a nVidia and your new card is an ATI Radeon. ATI and nVidia drivers do not play well together!! You needed to uninstall the nVidia drivers before attempting to install the ATI drivers. Oh well, let's try this; uninstall ALL your vid drivers and re-boot. Now try and install the ATI drivers. Just make sure there is NO trace of the nVidia drivers left. Let me know how you fair!

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I recently bought a video card and installed it into my computer. However, every time I try to install the software, I get this message:

Setup was unable to complete the installation.
Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup.Click to expand...

I'm completely confused because I'm using a standard VGA driver. Windows automatically installed it after I disabled my integrated graphics.

I can't figure this problem out and get the video card to work on my computer so any tips would be hugely appreciated.

Video Card Info:
Video card: Visiontek 900089 Radeon 7000 Video Card (64MB, PCI, w/DVI/TV-OUT) from @
Software: VisionTek 6.4 Radeon / ATI

System Info:
Windows 7
Manufacturer: Acer
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-1640 2.70 GHz
Installed memory (RAM): 1.00 GB (895 MB usable)
System type: 32-bit Operating System

Installation error message:
Device manager:

Answer:Setup display with standard VGA driver - video card installation error

You went into your BIOS and disabled the integrated graphics? Um you might try a free program like Driver Sweeper to remove whatever remains of the old video drivers. For some reason the new video driver installer does not see your new video card.

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I recently bought a video card and installed it into my computer. However, every time I try to install the software, I get this message:

Setup was unable to complete the installation.
Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup.Click to expand...

I'm completely confused because I'm using a standard VGA driver. Windows automatically installed it after I disabled my integrated graphics.

I can't figure this problem out and get the video card to work on my computer so any tips would be hugely appreciated.

Video Card Info:
Video card: Visiontek 900089 Radeon 7000 Video Card (64MB, PCI, w/DVI/TV-OUT) from
Software: VisionTek 6.4 Radeon / ATI
System Info:
Windows 7
Manufacturer: Acer
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-1640 2.70 GHz
Installed memory (RAM): 1.00 GB (895 MB usable)
System type: 32-bit Operating System

Answer:Setup Display with Standard VGA Driver - Video Card Installation Error

The Radeon 7000 drivers are not compatible with Windows 7; that video card is ancient and doesn't support Windows 7 fully. The integrated Radeon 2100 is massively newer and better then this card, especially since this card uses a PCI interface compare to a modern PCI-Express interface that video cards now come in.

Also if you got a compatible graphics card, you'd want to disable the graphics card in the BIOS rather then in Windows as that will fully turn it off and return the 128MB of system memory its currently using.

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