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Strange behavior like typing & no characters appear, cursor jumps randomly

Question: Strange behavior like typing & no characters appear, cursor jumps randomly

As stated above in the questionnaire, my system was sluggish and I ran my PCMatic scan which would stop running about 40% through the scan. I ran Malwarebytes (free) with no issues found. Removed PCMatic and installed AVG (free) which found some issues and cleaned them up but performace wasn't improved much. My keyboard then began to act quirky by characters not appearing or the cursor jumping around or nothing will happen but the "system busy wheel" pops up for a few seconds before characters appear on the screen.

I came back to you guys because TwinHeadedEagle was so effective at helping me with my desktop 18 mos ago that I was hoping for help.

Thanks, regards and please advise if I can once again get some assistance,
Sandy Lanz

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Preferred Solution: Strange behavior like typing & no characters appear, cursor jumps randomly

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Strange behavior like typing & no characters appear, cursor jumps randomly

Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your desktop.

Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them.
Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.
Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
Press Scan button.

It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please attach it to your reply.
The first time the tool is run, it makes also another log (Addition.txt). Please attach it to your reply.

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My cursor jumps randomly while typing, causing lots of need to re-type. My keyboard has that annoying touchthing between g h and b and I wonder if I'm not inadvertently hitting that. I'd really like a fix to this so that this problem disappears, and I'd like the solution not to be an external mouse. Other posted solutions I've seen involve setting selections that are not offered on my control panel. 

Answer:Cursor jumps randomly when typing

Seedboy wrote:My cursor jumps randomly while typing, causing lots of need to re-type. My keyboard has that annoying touchthing between g h and b and I wonder if I'm not inadvertently hitting that. I'd really like a fix to this so that this problem disappears, and I'd like the solution not to be an external mouse. Other posted solutions I've seen involve setting selections that are not offered on my control panel. Hi, Open the mouse properties dialog box, then go to device configuration, then click on values button, then go to pointer, after that go to sensibility and open the touch sensibility dialog, adjust to a harder touch and must likely the jumping issue will disappear. Cheers.

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Whenever I am composing an email or typing an office document the cursor randomly jumps to a location and I have to backspace and move to correct location again. I did a clean install of home premium a couple of weeks ago and all else is good. I didn't use office or compose an email right , away so I am not sure if it started right away, or after I installed Office 2013...

Answer:cursor randomly jumps while typing in Office and Gmail

I know this may sound strange and simple but I spent a couple hours troubleshooting a clients laptop with the same issue. Turned out they were resting/tapping the touch pad with their thumb/palm when they were typing. If yours is a laptop, try turning off the touch pad while typing or changing the sensitivity.

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This is driving me buggy and I can't deal with it any more! For 3 or 4 months my cursor has been jumping erratically to wherever my mouse happens to be pointing when I type. It happens the most in Outlook and Word but not limited to those programs. Maybe it only seems like it happens the most in those programs because I use them the most. Normally this happens every 15th - 20th key stroke but what is really strange is that it hasn?t happened once while typing this topic while normally it would have done it at least 2 or 3 times!!! Go figure!

I have searched the internet and found nothing! I don't think it's in a setting I am firmly convinced it's a bug of some sort.

If anyone has heard of this or knows how to get rid of it I would be eternally grateful!

Answer:Strange Bug...cursor jumps to where mouse points while typing

First off......Welcome to Major Geeks.

What mouse are you using & what OS are you running?

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hello all

whenever I'm typing a text on this laptop (Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1818) the cursor () changes it's position randomly i.e. to: .

It is very frustrating as I need to put the cursor back in it's original place again, due to the fact that it jumps to previously typed text. Sometimes it goes back a few words, sometimes it jumps up a few lines. Whenever it jumps back, it jumps in between words or randomly in words like you can see on the second image.

It happens alot (the more I type, the faster it occurs again). I am 100% sure that it's not caused by me touching the touchpad while typing, as I've been looking for 10 minutes now while typing and I can't spot myself touching the pad with my hand, finger or anything else. I tried covering the touchpad with random objects such as a sheet of paper or a creditcard but the problem still occurs.

It happens in any program (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Notepad,...), even when I'm watching a YouTube-video browsing the comments it's scrolling the page up (never scrolls down).

Is this a well known problem or is it only me? thanks in advance.

Answer:Cursor randomly jumps to previously entered lines while typing

Hi, fANAT1C. Do you have any programs installed that are designed to keep your computer from going to sleep or preventing the screensaver?

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I suddenly have what looks like 2 separate, overlapping cursor lines that flash (blink) at slightly different speeds. It happens anywhere a text can be entered. How can I determine if there is a corrupted file somewhere, or if there is some sort of malware or keylogger etc., hiding on the machine? The pc runs XP sp3, recently updates ran; Kaspersky Internet Security 2009; ie 7 and firefox browsers as well as word and other progs all exhibit this behavior. Adaware found and deleted a Lovgate worm after Kaspersky cleared off a huer.Generic trojan. The files I submitted turned out to be false positives. The pc effected is networked on a small network and appears to be the only one effected. I don't see any problem software installed but if anything is there that shouldn't be I want it gone! Where to start?
Thank you for any ideas.

Answer:Strange typing cursor behavior

Hi there!
I really do not think that you are infected, but reply to my first question please.

Are you using Mozilla Firefox 3?

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I have a dell laptop.It had crashed and has been reset.Now I find that the cursor jumps while typing messing up what ever I am typing.can someone please help.

Answer:Cursor jumps while typing

remove mouse and re plug it in sometimes rebooting may help then plug it in, alternatively try setting it up via mouse controls in control panel, for example change its speed up and down

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I see a bit of chatter on this here and on the web, but no solutions that I can find. When typing in a document, in wordpad for instance, the cursor (and text entry point) will suddenly jump elsewhere.  Typically up a couple of lines.  Since it happens while typing, I end up corrupting the document. Disabling the touch pad does not solve the problem. Clues? Z.

Answer:cursor jumps when typing

does same problem occur when using external USB keyboard?

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my typing cursor moves around when i type. not always, but often enough for it to be annoying (it did it twice this message for example).

the typing bar moves back a seemingly random amount of places for no reason. i recently reinstalled XP so i don't think viruses are the cause.


Answer:Typing cursor jumps

Is this a desktop or laptop can you say what make?

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My computer is doing the same. Cursor just jumps to the top right corner. It is a desktop, not a laptop, so it is not a problem of the touchpad. And somedays it does it and somedays not. I have Windows 10. Ive seen this problem comes up in different brands and different Windows... not any real solution somewhere?

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I have a HP pavilion dv2000 laptop about 4 months old. I have the "jumping cursor" problem. The cursor will jump around the screen when I'm typing (I've had to correct this email 4 times already. Turning off the touch pad stops the problem but so does typing on another computer. I've tried a number of things to no avail. It is an intermittent problem in that it doesn't do it every day. When it does it, it does it bad.  I have experimented and I'm sure that I'm not touching the cursor pad as I type. I do often touch the case in the area around the touchpad. I'm guessing this is a grounding issue but can't prove that so far. I like this laptop but because of this problem, I'm unlikely to buy another HP. Any ideas, anyone? Alex  

Answer:cursor jumps around when typing

If you are swearing off an entire comptuer manufacturer because one product you bought from them had an intermittant issue that could be fixed with a single service, then more power too you, but that is a poor basis for condeming an entire brand. As far as troubleshooting your issue goes, you might have a grounding problem, i'll back up your diagnosis there, obviously the issue will be hard to verify via phone support, if you call into HP, and are in warranty, you can have the computer sent in to let them check. They would probably replace the chassie or touchpad itself for free under warranty.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1526.

My cursor jumps around when I type documents. I don't think it's a touch pad issue. I do think it's a software glitch. It appears to happen most frequently when I get to the end of a line of type, although that is not always the case.

The motherboard has been replaced and it still happens.

What should I do? I'm about to pitch this laptop out the window!

Answer:Cursor jumps around when typing

Sounds like a similar problem I have using an Acer 5335-2553. Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the driver and/or software associated with the touchpad to see if that helps?

Also, have you tried changing the touchpad sensitivity and/or other settings?

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My cursor jumps around when I type.

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Whenever I type a paragraph on my ASUS X5DIJ, my cursor will randomly jump
to another part of my text and messes up the whole sentence. It's done it twice whilst typing this short paragraph and my flabber is definitely gasted. It's just done it again, twice more. Please help!! I'm going insane. I'm using Windows 7.
Thanks for reading.

Answer:My cursor jumps around when typing

It's probably your sleeve catching on the touchpad.

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sometimes when i'm typing, my cursor changes location and completely screws up the text. i've noticed that it usually only happens after i type the letter "y". can anyone PLEASE help me solve this??

Answer:my cursor jumps around while i'm typing

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The posts I've seen are in '12 and this is '13. Which is best? No one has problems this year?Took me 3 tries just to post this!

Answer:Cursor jumps all over while typing

Your post is unclear... can you provide a better description of your problem please?

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I will be typing, and then all of a sudden, it will just like jump back into what I was previously typing,...if that make sense....for instance, if I was trying to type this: My cat ran away would turn out like this....My caway todayat ra...for some reason it will like jump back into what I was typing. How can I get this to stop?

Answer:Typing, cursor jumps...

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Hi every one
please help me!
I have LenovoZ500 and when I typing in word or other places,cursor jumps another where!
please give me a solution.
Moderator note: post moved from old thread in ThinkPad T400 board.

Answer:cursor jumps when typing

Your hand or arm is touching the touch pad when typing. So the cursor jumpsto wherever the icon/arrow happens to be. I installed "touchfreeze" whichshuts off the touchpad while entering text and has cured the problem and Ihave learned to keep my hand off the touch pad.

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Has anyone figured out why my cursor would jump to another spot on the page when I am typing text? I looked at previous postings and I didn't see a solution. It can happen to me in any program I'm using, but I mostly see it in Microsoft Outlook 2003. It can jump anywhere; I've seen it jump when I wasn't even typing, just sitting there thinking about what to type. I have a Lenovo laptop and run XP on it. This has happened in Windows Live email as well. This problem happens a lot. I looked at my mouse settings under my control panel and I don't have a choice in pad sensitivity, but I don't think that is the problem with the jumping.

Answer:cursor jumps while typing

My old HP laptop was doing that for quite some time before it eventually bugged the crap
out of me to finally take it apart and give the keyboard a good cleaning.
That fixed it. Nothing as irritating as typing a sentence and it's putting the characters
in the middle of another sentence or paragraph or where it feels like putting it.
It just wore my patience down.
Good luck.

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Wherever I type text,e-mail,documents,internet.the cursor jumps to the above lines and continues typing a word there,which I have just written.

Answer:Cursor jumps around while typing

Is this a laptop? If so, adjust a few options ...Click the start button with the windows logo on the left side of the screen at the bottom.Choose control panel from the left list. One left mouse click.If you do not see three lists of icons, look at the right-top portion of the window for the word category. Click the little downward-facing triangle, and choose your icon size. I like small icon. Most of the icons will fit in the three lists easily.Choose the icon with mouse.Click the device (settings) tab.Click the settings button.On the sensitivity option, click the plus sign.Highlight the palm check (click), on the right side move the slider to the needed level. Highlight touch sensitivity under the sensitivity heading too. Move the slider here as well.If this is not a laptop, seek out new drivers from the manufacturere. Run Windows updates.I'm learning.

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I can be typing perfectly and suddenly I cannot type and my cursor backs up and erases some of what I have typed. It keeps doing this for a while and so I quit my typing. Can someone help me!

Answer:cursor jumps when typing

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I've been having this problem a lot over the past year or so where I might be typing a sentence (and I think this only happens when posting at message boards) and sometimes in the middle of a word the cursor will suddenly jump to another place in the paragraph. As an example, it happened just now. When I was typing the word "sentence" above, in the middle of typing the word, the cursor jumped up to the title and the "ten" part of the word got mixed in with the word "typing" in the thread title. Sounds more complicated than it is, just wanted to give that as an example...and oh, it just happened again haha, while I was typing "give." I'm not sure if this happens to me in Word too, but I don't think so. Anyone have an idea why the cursor would just randomly and suddenly jump to another point in the text?


Answer:While typing, text/cursor jumps around??

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Text - cursor jumps around in Windows 7. Strange but true.If find that, when I'm typing on my Dell Vostro, the place where the next letter goes will suddenly jump to another spot on the page. This goes for all software, Word, notepad,, Skype etc. It is not the trackpad, I hjave made sure I don't touch that - and anyway it wouldn't make text jump.But I'll be typing in Word - for example - and the next letter will suddenly to two lines above for no reason.It always jumps up, never down and usually back.It is the most bizare things I have every encountered.Tried uninstalling software, Restore - everything.....ANy ideas?ThanksT

Answer:Typing cursor - text jumps around

t8769, I'm new to 7 so this may not apply. Previously, I ran XP and it had a trojan/worm that did that. It's similar to a virus, but not the same and an AV can't clean it. I required a special cleaner. Malware Bytes ( ) or Superantispyware (don't have link. Google) could clean XP, dunno 'bout 7. If you try either, be sure to update it first as they change all the time. May not help, but won't hurt anything.HTHEd in Texas

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Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 5733Z Laptop and just recently, my cursor jumps all over the place while I am typing.  Has anyone else come across his problem and if so, is there a solution?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Cursor jumps all over the place while I am typing

The issue might be because of the sensitivity of the touchpad.Decrease the touchpad sensitivity.Please follow the steps: 

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My O/S is Vista 32 bit.
When typing my cursor jumps backwards at random.
I understand it could be the sensitivity of the touchpad although I do not touch it when typing.
Can anyone suggest a fix please.

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I have purchased a M-70 Satellite laptop. While typing, the cursor jumps too much making wriring almost impossible, any help to solve the problem

Answer:On my Satellite M70 Cursor Jumps while typing

I have the same unit and I use external mouse all the time. Because of that I have disabled touchpad using FN+F9 key combination. While typing it is possible that you contact touchpad unintentionally.

Disable it and you will see if the problem persist.

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After downloading mouse driver for my M5 Tecra Im still having problems in Microsoft office document mode;

Whenever I open up a new document (or old) and half way writing a paragraph, the mouse and cursor jumps off the paragraph just written and goes back to another sentence in the paragraph.

Im sure that there was a problem like this before, so if anyone else knows what to do, please help! Windows XP.

Answer:Tecra M5: cursor jumps during typing


This happened to me many times?. I did not notice that I have touched accidentally the touchpad surface during typing?.

I have simply disabled it by using of Fn+F9 function and now everything seems to be ok?

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OS= Windows 7
I'm using an HP laptop. The strangest thing: My cursor seems to jump or move suddenly when typing an MS Word doc. At first I thought I was just brushing the wrong key or something, but now I'm not so sure. I think I may not be at fault here.
My anti malware is updated and used frequently. Microsoft Security Essentials.
Thank you, info is appreciated.

Answer:Solved: My cursor jumps around while typing?

it maybe the touch pad - are you using the touchpad at all - my wife had the same issue and we had to remove a lot of the touchpad functions
you could easily be brushing the touchpad - also sometimes if your paln is near the touchpad and typing can have the same effect

ont of the FN + F keys should disable the touchpad - try that and see if the probelm stops

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I have a 3000 y410...lately, whenever I am typing emails, (which are mail, gmail, etc.), the cursor jumps randomly to a new  location.  I have been very careful not to touch the touchpad, and have checked "disable pointer when typing," in the mouse settings thru control panel (as recommended by Lenovo tech support).  I've updated to the latest Alps driver on the website, with no change.Any suggestions?Thanks.

Answer:Cursor jumps when typing emails.

Hi,Did you tried turning off the touchpad? I have experienced this problem. Even though I took utmost care about not touching the touchpad while typing, I felt that I uknowingly touched it a lot of time. So, to verify this I turned off my touchpad and then typed and didn't experienced any problem.So, turn off the touchpad once and then see if the problem still exists.Message Edited by anuragsharma on 05-16-2008 02:48 AM

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I have a Toshiba laptop Satellite M-65-S9093. I am using Windows XP home edition. I have a very strange problem. When typing, frequently when I type the letter "t" in my email, the cursor will jump to a previous line immediately following the "t" keystroke. At first I thought it was Outlook 2003, or Microsoft Word 2003 which was my text editor, but it occurs with any text being typed including this post and in the Notepad application. This is very frustrating since it takes forever to type anything when the cursor jumps to another line with almost every "t" that is typed. In outlook it frequently jumps to the Send button and i depress the next key before realizing it and the email gets sent mid-sentence. Here it keeps jumping to the second word in this post (have, between the "v" and the "e").

Any suggestions? I have tried using compressed air to clean under the keys.

Answer:Cursor jumps to new location while typing

Can you reinstall the drivers for the keyboard?

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My second computer is a Toshiba Laptop also running Win7. I'm not a touch typist and frequently the cursor will jump to another location within the item I'm typing. I don't catch this until a few letters hve been typed and then it requires correcting and retyping. I thought at first it may be my touching the pad while typing but lately I have been very careful to not touch the pad. I normally use a wireless mouse and I tried shutting off the pad but cannot find out how to do it. Any ideas on what might be causing the cursor jump and/or how to turn off the pad?

Answer:Cursor jumps to another location when typing

Please try the following:
Go to Control Panel>Mouse and the "Pointer Options" tab. Uncheck the "Snap To" option and apply. See if it helps any.

You can disable your touchpad either with a built-in button near it, or sometimes a keyboard key combination (FN key) or via device manager.

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After reading all the posts, nothing seems to fix this problem. I use a Presario A900 with Vista. Every time I type, whether it's an email or document, the cursor moves all over the text. Please help me.

Answer:Solved: Cursor jumps while typing

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As I type my cursor will randomly jump to previous words in the sentence, a previous line, or anywhere else but where I want it.  I am constantly having to delete and move my cursor back to where I should be typing.  I have already had to do it four times in typing this message.  I have a laptop, so I can't just check the connection.  I have looked at my keyboard settings but do not find anything out of the ordinary.  Any ideas???

Answer:cursor jumps around document when typing


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Does not matter which program - its even doing it as I type t his.I can be typing on one line, then when I look up, I will be typing either above or below the line I started on !!!!Its driving me to distractionIts done it 4 times in this short message Has anyone any idea what could be causing itI have a laptop, running XP pro, and MS Office pro (re installed twice since this problem occurred - has not sorted it)- XP pro reinstalled to see if that would cure it - it did not.Also, display has started to jump around - its just bounced me back to my start page in explorer!!!Help me pleaseIt occurs whether I have a usb mouse plugged in or using the touchpad.

Answer:Cursor jumps to different positions when typing

sticky keys? or iffy touchpad, try tapping around laptop to see if anything happens.johnny.

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I am running Windows 7 home premium 32 bit. When I am typing, whether it be on a message board, chat or in word, the cursor will jump anywhere on the page. Often this causes a mess and takes time to delete and replace. There is no rhyme or reason and it happens every time I attempt to type. i hope there is a fix here. I am on a Lenovo laptop computer. Thanks

Answer:When typing, the cursor jumps all over the page

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Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 5733Z Laptop and just recently, my cursor jumps all over the place while I am typing.  Has anyone else come across his problem and if so, is there a solution?

Go to Solution.

Answer:Cursor jumps all over the place while I am typing

The issue might be because of the sensitivity of the touchpad.Decrease the touchpad sensitivity.Please follow the steps: 

View solution in original post

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I have Dell Latitude D510.  Recently the cursor has been jumping back when typing, so I find the last few letters appear earlier on in the document.  It's not a Word issue, as happens sometime when typing in Google.
Touchpad only has basic features activated.
Seems to relate to when I rest on the laptop, as if I hover it seems ok - but this is impractical & a bad typing posture!
Other non-Dell forums talk of several causes and several cures, none of which help!
Any ideas, or do I need a new laptop?

Answer:Cursor jumps back when typing

I suspect you are accidentally touching something on the touchpad.  I have that trouble when I'm using my wife's Acer laptop, as I'm used to typing using a regular keyboard on a Desktop PC.  Actually, I have a lot of problems trying to type on any laptop keyboard.

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Over the last few weeks when i type the curser jumps somewhere else, at first i thought i typing to fast and pressing something i shouldn't, but now its driving me mad, even in msn or in facebook any ideas anyone.


Answer:Cursor jumps while typing on my Satellite Pro


May I ask you what notebook model do you have exactly?

I had the same issue on my notebook but this was not really an issue but a mistake while typing.
I touched the touched surface accidentally while typing.
So I disabled the touchpad using FN + F9 and this has ?solved? my issue?
But as I said above; it was more my mistake?

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Not sure if this is Windows related or not. This may have more to do with my VGA output, but anyway:

I am having an issue with my mouse cursor jumping around on the screen whenever I let it sit idle for even a second or two or if I start typing. This only seems to happen when I have my laptop plugged into my HDTV via VGA cable and duplicate/extend/whatever the display.

They only appear to happen when I use the cursor in the extended desktop (but never my main laptop LCD, plugged into VGA or not).

The fact that I am using a mouse or touch pad is irrelevant as both work perfectly fine when not connected through VGA, so I am convinced that this is not a hardware problem.

Can anyone offer any perspective/advice on this?

Thank you.

Windows 7 Ult. x86
HP TX2000 Tablet PC

Answer:Cursor jumps randomly (each time cursor is moved) - VGA output

Do you have the latest video driver from the HP site installed?

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I own a Lenovo w510, Whilst typing, the cursor "jumps" to another place in the text and because i dont look at the screen while typing, only see this later and then my sentence makes no sense.I own a Lenovo w510, fortunately i use it most of the time in a docking station with external keyboard, mouse and monitor. Because of time and the fact i need the frikin thing to work I cant afford taking it to repair. This behavour is happening since almost ever. I bought it brand new.Looks like a bad product design. It happens when your left hand presses the plastic surface of the laptop while typing. It's not your hand touching the mousepad accidentaly.Jorge.-from Q:

Answer:Lenovo W510 cursor jumps while typing

Poor quality build if the keyboard flexes when pressed, I notice my wife's Packard Bell laptop flexes too. More expensive brands like Toshiba are immune from that because the keyboard is rock solid, thicker plastic and doesn't flex at all (I know because I own one).External keyboard is probably the only way to avoid it.message edited by phil22

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windows 7 ultimatewhen I try to type the cursor goes all over the page.

Answer:Cursor jumps around while typing on Windows 7 laptop

Its probably an hardware problem. If you're using a trackball mouse, chances are; there might be dust and dirt that is traped.

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I finally found the cause of that: it's a hardware issue (laptop badly design). google
Mouse pointer on Dell laptop moves on its own (stack)

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I just received my new laptop for work. I have listened to co-workers complain about the skipping cursor for over a week. I attempted to use my laptop during a meeting and it took me so long to type on Google Docs, because of the number of times the cursor moved to another area, continued typing the word I was writing, deleted parts of a sentence or a whole paragraph.  However, after reading numerous complaints in this forum, I read about one issue about grounding. If you rest your hands on the board surround the mouse area, I believe that the weight of your hands interferes with the mouse inset and it does ground out the mouse and other connections.  If I pull my hands up off of the board completely and type, I have absolutely no issues. 

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hi wonder if someone can help. when I'm typing in gmail the cursor randomly jumps to different parts of the page without me touching the touch pad or buttons. my palms are resting beside the touch pad but this sees enough to cause the phenomena. i notice that if i lift my palms of their resting place the problem goes away, but this is uncomfortable way to type. Anyone else have this problem, or more importantly anyone found a solution? It seems like a design fault to me. with thanks Mark


Go to Solution.

Answer:cursor jumps all over the page, particularly when typing in gmail

control panel > mouse > device settings > settings > disable virtual scrollingif this doesn't work un-install synaptics drivers.

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Hi All,Looking for a bit of help please... The trouble i'm having is when i start typing. I'm roughly around 50 to 70 words a minute so reasonably fast. For some reason when i start typing the cursor will jump back to the beginning of the sentence or some times anywhere on the page and it continues to do this. I've tried disabling the touchpad when typing but this has no effect. As you can imagine its rather annoyingAny help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Touchpad Cursor jumps when I start typing

Dumb laptops. Some of then have an area around them that is supposed to help but one may be touching it and causing it.Other idea is the case is being pushed enough to make some contact. Either flex or failure or bad connector or open wire..I support the 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day'. A religion doesn't deny my freedom.

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Hi everybody, My Qosmio G20 is giving me headaches! When I try to type a letter or article suddenly the cursor jumps a few lines back and I find myself typing in the middle of an earlier sentence. Then sometimes it just wipes out a paragraph I have just typed.
Any suggestions as to why? And more important as to how to get it to behave normally?
I'd be glad of Advice.


Answer:Qosmio G20: cursor jumps during typing the letter

Yes, this is because of the touchpad. To disable it and type in peace, just press Fn+F9. This will disable the touchpad temporarily. When you're done typing, press Fn+F9 again, it will re-enable the touchpad.


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I am having a problem with my laptop cursor jumping while I am typing. The laptop is a Toshiba and about 3 years old. The last time I had it in to be cleaned (files), the shop said they could not reinstall my windows Vista as the serial # on the back was rubbed off, so they sold me a windows XP for an alternate operating system. Ever since they installed it, my cursor jumps while typing. The store closed up and I was not able to get them to repair the problem. I have looked on line and seen this can be caused by an number of things including drivers which I believe to be the problem. As the computer is a lap top, the mouse driver is set as a PS2 which does not reflect the touch pad (but it does work). I wonder if there is a different driver that would cure my problem.

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Solved: Laptop cursor jumps when typing

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Had this same problem on a Dell studio and called tech support when It was under warranty and they told me how to correct it.  Trouble was I forgot what I did.  Anyone have a solution?   Thanks.

Answer:Cursor jumps around when typing on Dell inspiron

Check your operating system's mouse pointer settings in Control Panel and try lowering the speed under the Pointer Options tab. When set too fast, the mouse may jump all over the desktop at the slightest touch. How to instructions with screenshots here.If you have a wireless mouse, low batteries can result in weak, mixed or no signals that can affect its functionality so start by replacing them. If you are using a ball mouse, remove it and clean the rollers as dirt and gunk will cause erratic behavior. If its an optical mouse, "jumpiness" and "jerky" movements can result if using it on a glossy surface or reflective mouse pad. In some cases using multiple or uneven mouse pads can produce the same results. As a test, try placing it on a piece of newspaper or rubberized pad to see if that resolves the problem.If that does not help, confirm that the mouse works on another machine. It is possible the mouse could be defective or has gone bad. Another thing to try is to use a different mouse or a PS2 adapter if its a USB mouse.If this is an issue on a notebook or laptop, please see Disable Touch Pad of your Laptop; Avoid Erratic Cursor Movement When Typing.Mouse, touchpad, and keyboard problems in WindowsMicrosoft Notebook Optical Mouse TroubleshootingTroubleshooting Optical, Infrared, Laser, Image Sensing MouseStandard mouse TroubleshootingOptical mouse TroubleshootingTroubleshooting Mice, Keyboards & TrackballsTroubleshoot a wireless mouse that does not function correctlyTrou... Read more

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Whilst typing the cursor jumps around the text making it virtually impossible to write anything as you start typing all over the place. Occasionally it highlights sections, so when a new word is typed you delete the highlighted text. (its taken about 4 minutes to write this!)


Answer:Cursor jumps whilst typing on Satellite P

Hi there,

what machine do you have? Tried you to connect a external keyboard to your (unknown type ;) ) Notebook?

Greetings from the south :)

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When I am typing in MS Word or OpenOffice or any other text box on a website for example the flushing prompt which identifies where the next word/character is to be placed jumps around the screen.

So when I type a line of text I then begin another line beneath then for no reason the text cursor jumps to the line above; This inserts text into the wrong place which is incredibly annoying!

Any help or ideas greatly appreciated!
Dissertation writing will take months longer if this continues!! :)


Answer:NB200 - cursor jumps around the screen while typing

Here is the solution I used and posted a few threads down....

Under the Mouse Properties, click on the "Advanced" Tab, click on Pointer Speed and Tapping Settings, on the new screen click Tapping Setting, on this screen check the box that says Disable Tapping during Key Input.

You will no longer suffer from the Jumping Cursur that you have experienced...



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Whilst typing the cursor jumps around the text making it virtually impossible to write anything as you start typing all over the place.

Its annoying. I cant nothing to do normally.

Please, help.

Answer:Cursor jumps whilst typing on Satellite A100

Before you start typing disable touchpad using FN+F9 key combination.

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I can't figure out exactly what is happening but if I am editing text, most often in a forum, my cursor suddenly jumps back to the start of a word then behaves in an odd way.

The workaround is to clear the characters to the right and re-write the text I clear. But I can't make it happen, on demand. Like I've tried to make it happen here, but, because I want it to it won't.

I wonder if it is a Forum issue. Maybe that is why it isn't happening here like it does on other forums. I'm quite amazed that hasn't happened here, where I've waded into the middle of this message and edited it. That's usually where it happens when I've tried editing in the middle of a message.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Does anyone know how to switch off the trackpad when using a mouse, or advise on what the problem is - when I am merrily typing away, and I'm fairly fast, I suddenly find I am typing in the middle of what I typed already, instead of at the end of the line as normal. I cannot work out whether this is interference from the trackpad, or I am hitting something else in error! I tried switching off the trackpad using Fn F9 but it doesn't seem to work.... is there another way to disable it?

Cheers all!

Answer:Re: Tecra M11 - Cursor jumps to random locaation when typing

What is probably happening is your palm is touching the TouchPad while you are typing.

To avoid this problem, you can turn off the Touchpad completely, or simply turn off "Tapping" in the Advanced Touchpad Settings.

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Hi all and thanks, in advance, for your help.

I have experienced the following issue several times and from multiple computers. It has happened in various apps (outlook 2003 and 2007, word 2003 and 2007 among others) so I am thinking maybe it is a Windows issue, and maybe specifically with the mouse??

At random, while I am typing in a document, or in a message window like this, the text will go from the current line to imputing where ever the mouse pointer is positioned. It is very annoying. I have experienced it on at least three different XP pro sp2 (at least) pc's. I also have a Vista laptop but don't recall, with any certainty that I have experienced it on that. I am up to date on updates. I have mcafee running and have checked for spyware (I read somewhere that spyware could be the culprit). I have checked the mouse properties and don't see anything that jumps at me.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does what I am typing make sense? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I have a Toshiba notebook about 2 years old now and it is xpsp2 and operates fine with no issues of malware etc. However, I type rather fast and am frustrated by the fact that as I am typing many times during the day my cursor will leave the position in the sentence that it is in and jump and allocate the letter that I just typed in a totally erroneous part of the work that I am doing. I then have to delete the letter and move the cursor down to the place where I want to continue typing.
I am just wondering if there is some adjustment that I can make on the notebook that will deal with this issue. BTW, it has not just suddenly started doing this as it has gone on for some time and is really irritating.
I just thought that I would post and see if any member has suggestions or has also come across an issue like this.
Thank you.

Answer:Fast typing and cursor jumps to another part of window?

Most times that this happens to me, it's my thumb brushing the touchpad. Try taping an index card over the touchpad to see if that's the issue.

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Hi:I am using V460 from past 2 months and I am facing this issue where the cursor jumps and positions elsewhere in the document. I have been using R52 form past 7 years and have not faced such a issue before.  Thanks in Advance,MRVJN

Answer:V460 Keyboard issue, cursor jumps while typing

it's probably touchpad sensitivity or driver issue.try to update/re-install drivers from the link below. if it doesn't work, change sensitivity settings in control panel.

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Wow... another strange problem I've been posed with. This is what I am calling "pre-emptive troubleshooting". My friend has reported to me that he has a laptop (looked up model; newer laptop). He has this problem where whenever he is typing, no matter what the application is, no matter where he is typing, during the typing his line cursor signifying where the letters will go will jump from it's current position to where the mouse cursor is; then start typing there.

I have never heard of this before. I mean say he is typing in these forums, in a box exactly like the one I am typing to you on. If he has his cursor on the right side of the box, and as usual as you type your words go from left to right, his cursor could jump to right where the mouse is, and start typing there... this causes extremely large gaps in his message and messes sentences up.

Has anyone heard of anything similar to this before? I sure haven't, but I would like to fix it for him. This happens on every single application, and he does not have any sort of other random application running.

Answer:Problems typing text; jumps to mouse cursor

Some laptop's shells are fairly thin to a point where if you rest your palm too heavily below the keyboard, the touchpad will act up.

Personally I disable the touchpad and use a wireless laptop mouse, but if he needs the touchpad, he's going to have to train himself not to lean on the laptop when typing.

As for typing whereever the cursor lies, it sounds like a feature called X-Mouse which can be described as "activation follows mouse cursor", a feature found in tweaking software such as TweakUI. Some mouse software has that feature too. Disable it if you see it.

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Hi All,

i have a Satellite P300,
I am having trouble when i type.

When i am typing using the keyboard, the first couple of words are ok, but then the words start typing in the wrong place, eg back further into the middle of the sentence i am typing.

Anybody please help? thanks

Answer:Satellite P300: cursor jumps to different positions while typing

Hi dude

I had a similar issue.
While typing the cursor jumped to different positions and I was not able to finish one sentence.

I though there could be something wrong with the keyboard but finally I have notices that I have touched the touchpad surface accidentally while typing ?.
I have disabled the touchpad using the Fn+F9 and the issues has gone?

So maybe it?s the same reason for you?

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When i write with the keyboard sometimes the cursor jumps to another location,
Just right now it jumped to the "subject" input of the thread.
It's pretty random where it jumps but very annoying, i am running a Toshiba satellite a100 165;

Anyone got any ideas what this could be?

Answer:Satellite A100-165; while typing cursor jumps to other location


I had the same issue?
I didn?t notice that I touched the touchpad surface accidently while typing?.
This was the reason why the cursor jumped.

You can disable the touchpad using the key combination FN+F9

Furthermore the BIOS update would be advisable too.


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3000 n500 cursor jumps when typing in different applications. My wife and i both experience it and we  are very sensitive to how we use the keyboard thinking that we SOMEHOW hit the touchpad, but we do not see a correlation. We believe it is a fault with the N500.Can anyone offer advice? Regards,MG

Answer:3000 n500 cursor jumps when typing in different applications

Unfortunately, I have the exactly the same problem.The cursor while typing and I am absolutely sure, that I do not hit the touchpad! Any solution?? RegardsManu

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Good morning,

I have been trying toslve tis problem for sometime. I am using a Dell laptop and the cursor jumps and is difficult to move at times. We are using Windows 7 software. It just jumped to another line as i was typing this request. Please help as this is sooooo annoying.


Answer:cursor jumps when typing and hard to move at times

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Just got my brand new Portege 780-102.
But when typing in any application the cursor jumps erratically around.
(...and no it's not my sleeve brushing the mouse pad)

Rummaging around on the web...
Seems Toshiba laptops have a bit of a history with this type of <software> problem.

There is a suggestion that I should re-load the bluetooth application pack.
Trying to speak to Toshiba in the UK but they are on a bank holiday.

Has anyone else had the same problem and do you have any known solutions to the problem?

Thanks a mill! Katie x

Answer:Portege M780-102 cursor jumps erratically around while typing

Hi mate

I read also about such cursor issue on different notebook models (from different manufacturers).
But in most cases the users didn?t notice that the touchpad has been touchpad accidently while typing.
You said you have checked this? hmm? but anyway, try to disable the touchpad while typing just for testing purposes?

Furthermore some people said that BIOS update might be helpful too?
So if newer BIOS is available, update this!

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lately I've been having a weird and annoying problem, I'm browsing a folder in windows explorer and when I start typing a name of a file or a folder (that exists in the folder), the cursor is jumping to the search window in the top side, the text I type is written there and the search is starting, all I want is that when I type it will point to file I was looking for, if exists (like it should).

Please help me solve it.


Answer:when typing a name of a file in explorer, cursor jumps to search

Please fill in your System Specs from User CP. That will help us help you (I hope).

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Flex 3.  Noticed a problem for a couple of months.  When I'm typing a long document, the cursor will jump to a lower part of the document, and highlight a phrase/word/etc.  This occurs in a split second.  While I'm typiing.  The rresult is that i wind up writing over the highlighted word(s) and making a mess. I think I fixed it by going to:SettingsDevicesTyping And then turning OFF all the settings (autocorrect, auto-highlight, auto-suggestion, etc.) Will let you know

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I just bought Y430 a month ago and from the beginning whenever I type, the cursor jumps back a bit and it makes mess up what I'm typing. Please help me. Im running Windows 7 64bit.

Answer:how to stop cursor jumps back while typing Y430 Keyboard.

hey keeewi,could you go to this page : with your unit and if there is any software/drivers that needs to be updated; kindly do so.curious to know, did this issue start only recently or when you first got your machine ?

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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This has been going on for a while. I will be typing and the cursor will jump back a bit and it will mess up what im typing. Also my touchpad sort of spazzes out now and then. Any help for this?  Im running Windows 7.

Answer:G530 Keyboard problem, cursor jumps back while typing

i solved this yerterday thanks to this forums. install correct trackpad driver and disable tapping.

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When typing or entering text/data cursor will automatically jump backat start or some other random point.  How do you turn this off? Makesit almost impossible to type or enter data on anything

Answer:Cursor Auto Jumps Backward When Typing or Entering data

Let me guess.....Is this a laptop?

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This never happened with my previous laptop so I wondered if I was leaning on the touchpad too much, I kept reducing the sensitiviy but this was making it useless.

I think though even thought I have made this post I might have fixed the problem as it hasn't happened once since I've written this post so just incase it helps anyone else:

Double click on the icon in the tray > Advanced tab > Advanced features settings > Settings on the bottom right > Tapping settings > Operations during key input. I checked this and left the slider in the middle for now. Then Applied and Okayed out of a million windowns. This SEEMS to have stopped it for now.

Hope it helps anyone else having the same problem, it's certainly stopped my cursor floating about the place while I'm typing. If anyone has any other ideas I'm happy to hear them too.

Answer:Cursor jumps everywhere while typing causing text in random places


In the past we had here on this forum many similar postings and in most cases everything was OK after disabling touchpad.
Touchpad can be disabled with FN+F9 key combination.

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I'm facing this issue since last few days..
Firstly Lemme Tell about My Machine.
Lenovo G580 (20157)OS-Windows 8 (Pro+Media center)
The cursor jumps very often when I'm typing on Word,Notepad..& what not even now when I'm typing this message
The cursor is harrasing me badly....& its at peaks when I'm typing any password.
This is one...
Another issue is..the TouchPad often gets Locked..
These two issues..I've been facing since last few days only..I've been using the system with the same OS since last 10 months.
Could anyone Help me in this regard
Thanks in Advance,
Moderator note; e-mail address removed to stop the spambots getting it

Answer:The cursor jumps while typing & the mouse gets locked very often on Lenovo G580

Hi Nidhin,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear there is cursor moving erratically and Touchpad freezes in the G580 Laptop.
Below are some troubleshooting steps to diagnose and resolve the issue:

The issue should be checked once in ?Safe Mode?, to get to their restart the computer and keep tapping on ?F8? Key to get advanced boot options, then select ?Safe Mode? option.
After checking it in ?Safe Mode? and if the issue is same restart the computer to Normal Mode, re-install the Touchpad driver in the computer, below is the link to download the TP driver.
Touchpad Driver for Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit, 64-bit)

 3. If the issue still persists even after re-installing TP driver, performing OKR (One Key Recovery) should resolve the issue.
NOTE: OKR works if and only if the Operating System is pre-installed; Click here and refer page no. 33 & 34 to check the steps to perform OKR, also please backup the data before performing OKR as the computer will be re-installed to its factory settings.
Hope this helps!!!
Do post us back if the issue still persists.
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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 I own a Lenovo w510, Whilst typing, the cursor "jumps" to another place in the text and because i dont look at the screen while typing, only see this later and then my sentence makes no sense. Fortunately i use it most of the time in a docking station with external keyboard, mouse and monitor. Because of time and the fact i need the frikin thing to work I cant afford taking it to repair. This behavour is happening since almost ever. I bought it brand new. Looks like a bad product design. It happens when your left hand presses the plastic surface of the laptop while typing. Somehow this couses the trackpad to do a mouse press. It's not your hand touching the trackpad accidentaly, like - some people with the same problem - think. Jorge.-

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Just bought a new Ideapad S405 with Windows 8 from Staples. When moving the cursor around the screen with the touchpad, particularly when trying to navigate details such as lists and small icons, it jumps and skips to the point of frustration. It's virtually impossible to click and highlight a piece of text because of this issue. I've also noticed some problems with the cursor moving while it is resting and I am typing. I have installed the latest Synaptics drivers and rebooted my system. I have tried to follow the instructions here as well, but have been unable to find the "tap off when typing" option they're talking about. I'm returning this laptop if I can't find a solution. A tool that's so basic needs to work properly to make a new machine worth it. Thanks for any help.

Answer:Cursor skips and jumps (when moving and resting/typing) -- Ideapad S405

that link is for an ALPS touchpad. The S405 has the synaptics touchpad, I'm pretty sure for all S405s but I could be wrong. You can check that in Device Manager under 'Mice and other Pointing Devices'.. The Synaptics touchpad settings have a ton of settings, but I see nothing related to disabling the touchpad or tapping while typing.I have the S405 also and have no such issues as you are having.Have you checked if any processes in Task Manager are eating your CPU possibly leading to a stuttery cursor?

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Hi guys i have a 3 weeks old mechanical keyboard, so practically is new, and after a while i realised that sometimes, randomly, 2 or more characters are being typed instead of 1.
I would like to tell me please if you think it is something to do with my pc or windows, or it is the keyboard's fault and i should have it replaced.

Answer:Keyboard is randomly typing 2 or more characters instead of 1

Hi try the keyboard on another computer or try another keyboard on your computer that should tell you if it's the keyboard or the computer.

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I replaced Vista with Windows 7 using a clean install. My wife's laptop came with Windows 7 preinstalled. On both of our machines, the cursor occasionally jumps to a different location while typing. (Example: in an email reply, it will jump from the reply I'm typing down to the previous message.) We've noticed it in Word and Firefox email because we use these the most, but it may happen elsewhere.

Does anyone know why this happens, and more important, how to fix it? I use Microsoft Security Essential as AV and regularly do scans with Malwarebytes, Spybot S&D, Ad-aware. Would a Hijack This log show anything?

Thanks, Larry

Answer:Cursor jumps randomly

I had this same problem and researched possible solutions and did the usual reinstallaition of pionting device drivers with no effect. After disabling the Pointer utility in startup the problem no longer exists.

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When I am typing in Win8 applications my cursor jumps without warning to another place on the page and I end up having to erase more than I type. This is very disconcerting and wastes a lot of effort. Is there a mouse setting or a system setting that will stop this random jumping or at least minimize it from frequently happening?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B950 @ 2.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3795 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1705 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 451279 MB, Free - 401691 MB;
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Answer:Cursor Jumps Randomly

Is this a laptop? You may may be brushing against the touchpad without realizing it. Common problem.

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 Typing on this computer is not a fun experience and frankly it wastes  my time each and every time ( it's doing it now) I try to write anything.  The cursor will jump back maybe 5 or 10 or more words back.  I have no idea what is causing this but I should have sent the computer back.  Someone has suggested I do something  in the Bios settings but I'm not comfortable messing with that nor do I know what to actually do.  Any help to solve this mystery would be greatly appreciated.  My user experience is much lower than it should/could be on this machine.

Answer:Cursor jumps back randomly ( I don't know what I'm doing to cause it )

Good day.
Which ThinkPad model do you have? If it's the same as you've described here:
have you tried lead_org's suggestion?

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I have the EW-6000 mouse Case Logic Optical Wireless Mouse 2.4 Ghz EW-6000 Black | Walgreens,It is brand new I just brought it yesterday and it came with fresh batteries with it. But my cursor randomly jump's around, Its like its drunk.

edit: Oh, i forgot to say that i have a usb 1.0 or 1.1 port that i plugged in my mouse and it say's i need a 2.0 to make it run faster, Do i need a 2.0 USB port or can i run it on a 3.0 USB port? if i need a 3.0 or 2.0 to fix the problem then do i need to get this?

Answer:Wireless mouse cursor randomly jumps around.

Hi TheUnknownM

If your PC is limited to USB1 or USB 2, a USB3 hub will be limited by the USB port it is connected too.
USB3 in a USB2 port will be at USB2 speed. Same with a USB2 hub in a USB1 port.

The the mouse USB device must not be in a hub. Even a mains powered hub. I tried it myself.
Self powered hubs can be dodgy ... self powered USB discs through a self-powered hub ... might not be recognised by WinExplorer. (It happened to me)

I don't know if a mains powered hub will suck enough juice through a USB1 port to be effective. I doubt it.

Any mouse does not like very shiny surfaces or uneven surfaces (my desk has knotty pine and the mouse went weird until I used a mouse mat)

Hope this helps

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I have a G550 which doesn't seem to be listed in the Category dropdown below (so I just chose any one). You once helped me upgrade the touchpad/keyboard driver to stop the cursor jumping. It's happened again so can you pls tell me what I need to do to sort it? How come it happened again?

Answer:Cursor randomly jumps to another place in the document

Welcome To Lenovo Community
Is this issue happening when you are typing in the document or it is happening always?
You may please check by disabling the touchpad using Fn + F6 button
Also please try updating the Bios   & touchpad drivers.
32 Bit - Bios   ,  64 Bit - Bios
Touchpad Drivers - Win XP , Touchpad Drivers - Win 7 (32 Bit)
Touchpad Drivers - Win Vista (64 Bit) , Touchpad Drivers - Win Vista (32 Bit)
Touchpad Drivers - Win 7 (64 Bit)
After Updating go to control panel , mouse , settings  and  reduce the tapping sensitivity  & also check the option to disable tapping while typing
Hope This Helps
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I keep having a problem with my PC that the cursor will randomly start jumping all over the screen and clicking?
I have done a boot scan with Avast and found nothing. I have also tried 3 different mouses and they also have the same issue.
I have uninstalled the drivers in device manager also and rebooted.
Point to note that this will only happen once every few days, and only lasts for about half an hour.
What could be the problem?
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Solved: Cursor jumps all over the screen randomly.

So the mouse will start clicking on stuff and going through your computer as if someone else is doing it? Or is it just random going all over the screen?

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I have an X220 convertable laptop but the mouse cursor is driving me mad.  It randomly jumps around the screen; clicks things and generally makes working really hard.   At first i thought i might have a virus although i have Norton installed.  I have done virus scans with Norton and McAfee in both regular and safe modes.  No problems found.I have diabled and installed drivers; changed mouse settings; reistalled USB drivers; tried a corded mouse and nomouse other than the touchpad.  Nothing works.Lenovo support say they think it is a hardware problem; they sent me a new keyboard.  i put the new keyboard in (really easy to do).  No difference.Lenovo want me to return my machine for evaluation but i use it every day.... I make mony on my computer and cannot affort to lose it for the minimum 4 days max 10 days they want it for service.  If i cannot work for 4 days I might as well go and buy another computer and throw this one in the bin!Can anyone heplp please??


Go to Solution.

Answer:Mouse cursor jumps around the screen randomly

Does the issue persist when you're running on battery with the charging cable unplugged? For me that stops it. That's not a permanent solution of course.

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I have a Satellite Pro S500. There is a problem with the keyboard. When I type (no matter whether I am using Word, a web browser or any other application, though the problem seems to have been especially serious when typing this particular post) the cursor sometimes (often) jumps randomly: it may go back a few words or it may highlight a random section of text (it also makes no difference whether I am using an external mouse or not or how heavy/light the typing style is).

It has been suggested that it may have something to do with the sensitivity of the touch pad; however, reducing its sensitivity has had no effect whatsoever. This is a very unnerving problem and would be grateful for any advice.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite Pro S500 - Cursor jumps randomly

Hi ap4h,

I think you are touching the touchpad during typing so you should disable the tapping function of touchpad. This can be done in touchpad driver options.

Here is a similar thread with some screenshots how to adjust/disable tapping:

Check this!!!

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On my all-in-one pc, I can be trying to open an app or surf the internet and all of a sudden its like someone touched the screen somewhere else and my cursor moves to that spot.  If I wait, the screen will touch in different locations around the screen eventually locking in at the top left corner.  If I try to move the cursor away, it moves a bit and then snaps back to the top left please, my pc is effectively useless. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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The mouse cursor jumps around the screen randomly on my Z500 laptop which I just over a year old.  I checked with the retailers as to their advice, and they said: "To rule out that the problem is software rather than hardware related it is advisable to perform a system recovery on your machine. To do this you will need to launch the Disk2Disk recovery feature (which should already be installed on your machine). This will return your system to factory settings and will delete all existing data stored on the hard disk drive." This appears a bit radical a solution. Does anyone please have an alternative? 

Answer:Mouse cursor jumps around the screen randomly on my Z500

I have the same issue on my Yoga all of the time. The mouse randomly moves around clicking & opening icons in my taskbar. It does it over and over no matter how many times I close the opened icons. The only way I know to fix it is to restart my computer. If I am in the middle of something time sensitive and do not have time to restart, it is impossible to get anything done. I wish I knew what causes it or another possible fix. 

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On my all-in-one pc, I can be trying to open an app or surf the internet and all of a sudden its like someone touched the screen somewhere else and my cursor moves to that spot.  If I wait, the screen will touch in different locations around the screen eventually locking in at the top left corner.  If I try to move the cursor away, it moves a bit and then snaps back to the top left please, my pc is effectively useless. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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I'm not sure if this is a Win 7 problem or not but it started recently. When I'm online a blinking cursor is showing up in inappropriate places. It'll show up at the top of a paragraph for no reason, it shows up in gmail outside the text box-all sorts of places that it shouldn't be. What could be causing this?

Answer:Strange cursor behavior

What browser does it happen in? Does it happen in different browsers?

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Tecra 8200 with Win XP professional

The cursor randomly freezes and jumps back to life after a few seconds, very occasionally I have to re-boot.
This happens both with the keyboard mouse or a remote mouse.

Hope some one can help as it's driving me mad.


Answer:Cursor randomly freezes and jumps back to life on Tecra 8200 with Win XP

It could be caused by anything.

However I had this problem on my previous laptop, it was the wireless card causing it.

Try disabling it in Device Manager and see how that goes.

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I have NEVER seen or heard of anything like this before!

Windows XP Pro SP3, Toshiba Satellite Pro L500 EZ1530

It's new last Spring and I do practice safe hex.

My cursor is showing the oddest behavior I have ever seen and I've been around computers since the TRS-80 Model 1.

If I click on *anything* in my browser (firefox 3.6.12), be it a link, bookmark, menu item, whatever. I then have to click on an empty spot on my desktop or in a different program before I am able to click on anything else, regardless of what it is. It's *almost* like 'stickykeys' or 'mousekeys' or something similar were turned on however I checked and all of those accessibility features are turned off.

It's like the focus moves to a given part of a program when it's clicked on but in order to 'clear' it or release that focus, it's necessary to click on the desktop or within a different program.

I thought it might be the mouse and disconnected it and switched to the touchpad. No joy, the cursor continues to have the same behavior. Someone advised me to try disabling the touchpad in the BIOS but this machine has no such BIOS option and yes, the BIOS is up to date. I've also removed the Synaptics pointing device driver and re-installed it with a copy of the most recent version downloaded from Toshiba. The mouse driver is just a generic plug & play usb mouse, but I did delete the device from the hardware manager and allowed windows to auto ... Read more

Answer:Cursor has Strange "stickykeys-like" behavior

I have no clue...but the first thing I would work to eliminate would be overheating.

Then I would take a careful look at the errors reflected in Event Viewer.

How To Use Event Viewer -

Next, I would take steps to eliminate the idea that malware is causing these symptoms.


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I found this while trying to trouble shoot a the same problem listed below;

Typing the letter "Y": Cursor jumps to another line
Using Toshiba laptop, running Windows XP Home. When I type in Outlook; Notepad; or any word processor, when I type the letter "Y", the cursor will jump to a previous line or sometimes, off the page, altogether. Sounds strange, I know. Any suggestions? My thumb is NOT hitting the mouse controls or mousepad. Please advise!! THANKS!

"When typing the letter y this is what happens" without correction;
ping the letter y this is what happens"
"When ty

What the heck could be causing this? I am running Windows 7 on an ASUS laptop. Thanks in advance for the help.


Answer:Typing the letter "Y": Cursor jumps to another line

Greetings, ScottyDoesntKnow.

wildwolf220 said:

...try starting a thread in the software forum i think that is the best place for you to start...Click to expand...

I'll just reiterate the above post - please start a new thread in the Software Forum, and we'll try to get you sorted.

Welcome aboard! :major

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My tale of woe can be seen here: No taskbar with a maximized Firefox screen? mozillaZine Forums . Up until a few days ago, whenever my cursor hovered at the very bottom of the screen, the taskbar would appear. And, when the cursor was moved away from the bottom, the taskbar would disappear. My Windows 10 setting was to automatically hide the taskbar. Now, however, the taskbar would obey the cursor when when first booting up the computer, but would then revert back to not bringing up the taskbar after some links were used, or a new app opened (like Thunderbird.) Once the taskbar no longer worked right, it could be rejuvenated by F11, but this only lasted for few minutes before the taskbar would stop responding.

And now I am noticing an interesting process that causes the taskbar/cursor interaction to fail. I have Firefox open and Thunderbird minimize, with the taskbar working. However, if I merely place the cursor on Thunderbird's icon on the taskbar, the taskbar becomes hidden and can't be viewed. Same thing happens with any other program that has been opened and has been minimized to the taskbar. The only way I now can be sure to see my taskbar is to use Window settings is to have "Automatically hide taskbar in desktop mode" set to Off instead of On...the On setting was working for years...

EDIT: The only program that I put on lately was Kodi 17.1. I haven't removed it to test this as I don't want to go through resetting it up.

Answer:Strange behavior from taskbar-cursor interaction?

Ive heard some stories of where Windows 10 for some reason seems to get confused as to whether a device is a desktop or a laptop/tablet. Im going to suggest trying this:

Go into your settings, instead of going to where the taskbar settings are, open settings and go under system. Select Tablet mode.

See that your settings look like this. "When I sign in" is set to desktop mode, "When this devices switches..." is set to dont ask and dont switch. This is what I would try. See if that works for you.

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The Cursor is jumping around while I type. This is very frustrating. I only just upgraded to Windows 7, it was a clean install, b.c I had been having so many troubles with Vista (it kept crashing).
I seem to have a Microsoft curse.
This is very frustrating - I am seriously questioning whether my next major purchase will involve Windows, as reliability seems to be a problem!

Answer:Cursor jumps around while typing in word (corrected) - Cursor jumpsing in Word around while typ (not corrected)

Before going further, would you please let me know if the issue only occurs when trying in Word? What about notepad or other software? What is your mouse model?
Does it have the driver? Did you install any mouse related software?
First, make sure your computer model is supported Windows 7. If so, update the latest mouse and touchpad driver from manufacture's site. Also, go to Mouse Properties
-> Pointers Options tab -> clear the option for Enhance pointer precision.
If the issue persists, I suggest performing a
Clean Boot or Safe Mode to check the result.

Best Regards,

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Hi all,

I have a very strange problem for which I have not found a solution to online. I have a home-built Asus desktop (spec below) that has had some behavioral problems almost from day 1 (I've had this computer for nearly 2 years).

1. The first thing I noticed was that sometimes when clicking and holding on the title bar of an application, the application window starts moving (by itself) towards the right. You can mimic this behavior if you click and hold the mouse button on a window title bar, then press the right arrow on your keyboard. See video here (poor capture quality, the window 'jumps' in the video, but is smooth in real life).

2. Next behavior noticed was when using irfanview in slideshow mode, requiring a key press to advance each slide, but suddenly the slides start advancing by themselves in rapid succession (maybe 10 to 20 slides per second).

3. Then I started having problems with dialog boxes, the buttons would flash as if they were being activated in some way. When I clicked on a drop down menu, no matter which item I selected, something would drive the focus down to the very last item in the menu. Dialogs that required administrator privilege (like installing software) often refuse to accept button clicks, with the buttons flashing back and forth (as if the tab key were being very rapidly pressed). See video here:

4. The cursor sometimes dri... Read more

Answer:Strange behavior: cursor moves itself, buttons activate themselves

Does the computer act normally while in the safe mode?

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I use this R850 because it was supplied by work.
I have found it almost as frustrating as the HP I had at my previous job.... and it is for the same reasons!!

- The cursor moves randomly, so when touch typing I find I am typing in completely the wrong place.
- It randomly deletes chunks of my work - particularly frustrating on a web page where there is no 'undo' button.
- When using functions like drag in Publisher, or highlighting text, the touch pad is not always co-operative.
- Some random letters/spaces etc don't happen despite applying appropriate pressure.

Quite frankly, it takes too long to do things and I want to throw it off a dam into a deep lake.

No liquids have been spilled on it.
No crumbs are in the keyboard.
This seems to be a defective product like the "HP Elitebook" I had last year!!

Answer:Satellite R850 - cursor moves randomly while typing

If you use external mouse disable touch pad and something like this will not happen.
I have similar problem on my P500. When the touchpad is disabled everything works perfectly.

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