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Satellite C50-A481 - Where to find Toshiba bundled software

Question: Satellite C50-A481 - Where to find Toshiba bundled software

Good day Everyone ...

My laptop has been formatted and they can don't know how to install the original software / driver of may Toshiba Laptop Satellite C50-A481I want to have this original software/ application for my Laptop (Notebook???)

TOSHIBA Desktop Assist
TOSHIBA Display Utility
TOSHIBA Eco Utility?
TOSHIBA Function Key
TOSHIBA Media Player by sMedio TrueLink+
TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor
TOSHIBA System Settings

Can you Help me. Please

Thanks.. Admin/Everyone

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Preferred Solution: Satellite C50-A481 - Where to find Toshiba bundled software

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C50-A481 - Where to find Toshiba bundled software

Go to Toshiba EU driver page and choose:

NotebookSatelliteSatellite C50-AAll<your OS>

Here the link to the driver website:

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I want to wipe my Satellite A210 clean, and do a fresh install of Windows7.

I found the Toshiba_Windows7_Drivers, but where do I find the installation-package of the software that was originally bundled on the laptop?

Thanks, Willem

Answer:Re: Satellite A210 - Where to find Toshiba bundled software?


Have a look here, please

The drivers and utilities are all there

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My Toshiba T110 netbook came with Windows 7 home, 64bit preinstalled.
I have some critical applications which will only run under the 32bit version so I have to downgrade.

I have ordered a 500Gb hard disc to install the 32 bit version (keeping the original disc for returning to 64bit if required in the future, since no installation discs were supplied, just a recovery partition). My expected difficulty will be adding the Toshiba specific programs for activating eco mode, switching WiFi and bluetooth via function keys etc. and sleep & charge etc.

Are the installation files for these programs available somewhere? and if so in 32bit versions?

Answer:Satellite T110: Where to find Toshiba software for Win 64bit


Visit Toshiba support page and download area there and check what operating systems are support and what Toshiba stuff is offered for your notebook model. > Support & Downloads > Support Homepage > Drivers download

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I have the Toshiba Satellite A300-ND1 and this laptop arrived with vista OS but i don't liked the vista and i changed it to xp OS.

But when i done it all the Bundled software that come's build-in are surly gone!
So i wonder were i can find them again this is the list. thanks for help...

And i was checking there site is nothing there

Toshiba Bluetooth Stack
Toshiba Bluetooth Monitor
Toshiba Disc Creator
Toshiba User's Manual
Supervisor Password Utility
Toshiba Assist
Chicony Camera Assistant Software
Toshiba DVD Player
Ulead DVD MovieFactory for TOSHIBA
Toshiba Face Recognition
McAfee Internet Security Suite - Toshiba Edition (includes free Internet updates for 30 days)
Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator
DolbyControl Center
HDMI Control Manager
Microsoft Works, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 (free 60-day trial)
Toshiba Value Added Package (Toshiba Power Saver, Toshiba Zooming Utility, Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool, Toshiba Flash Cards, Toshiba Components Common Driver, Toshiba Accessibility, Toshiba Button Support)
Google Software (Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer, Google Desktop, Picasa)
Connectivity Doctor
Toshiba utilities and drivers

Answer:Satellite A300: Need bundled software for Win XP


The Toshiba notebooks are preinstalled with the Toshiba applications and with additional 3rd party software like McAfee Internet Security Suite or Microsoft Works.
This bundled 3rd software is a part of the Toshiba image and can be used ONLY with this Toshiba image. It?s preinstalled under OEM version!

If you want to use the Win XP then you can install it and you will find also the Toshiba drivers and tools on the Toshiba European driver page but you will be not able to download any 3rd party software because this is NOT Toshiba software?


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Hello there.

I am recieving this laptop tomorrow, and it will probably run every program on the computer at startup.
Without doing a clean install, is it just best to uncheck most of the startup items in "MSCONFIG" apart from AV and defender etc.

I can use defender or autoruns to disable any others, processes etc, basically are there any tips when recieving a new laptop, as software goes.
I had done it this way with the laptop i am on now, but is there a method of doing this when you get a new laptop.

I was talking to the bloke from the computer shop, and he said he would come round and do this for 25?, i just like to know what he does for this.

Thankyou in advance for you replys

Windows 7, home premium

Answer:Re: Satellite L555D-1CW - Bundled software

Hi carl606,

To be honest I really don?t know what you mean. You wrote that you will get the notebook tomorrow so why you already think about disabling programs in msconfig? In my opinion that?s not necessary on this new one and is fast enough for all preinstalled applications.

I also don?t know which computer shop you mean and what?s about with 25??

I can only recommend creating the Toshiba recovery disk by using Toshiba recovery disk creator. If you create this disk you can restore factory settings every time and that means you can do what you want with your notebook. :)

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How can i get the "Bundled Software" for Win 7, i will install Win 7 complete (no update), in the moment is Vista runing on the laptop

Answer:Satellite L500-154 - How to get Bundled Software for Win7

As far as I know you cannot get Win7 recovery media. Notebooks delivered with Vista can be updated only.

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I'm planning to buy a Toshiba laptop ,prime series, L310-D4010. But the thing is that it comes without an OS which is what I prefer bcoz I want XP rather than vista.

My doubt here is that, will I get other bundled softwares like Toshiba configfree, talk-2-Toshiba, Toshiba recovery disk creator, Toshiba DVD player, Ulead DVD moviefactory for Toshiba, Toshiba speech system, CD/DVD drive acoustic silencer, Toshiba assist, Toshiba zooming utility, Toshiba flash cards, Toshiba power saver, Toshiba PC diagnostic tool etc.

Which are all Toshiba utility softwares (I think that's what they are called) which come with other models also will it work if I use the Toshiba recovery disk that my friend has for his Toshiba laptop (which is a more advanced model) to get the utility softwares??

Answer:Where to get bundled software for Satellite L310-D4010

It seems this is an indian model???
Have only found downloads on Toshiba India, and there you just have to navigate on the left side, where it says "Downloads". Choose your notebook model and then you can find all needed drivers and utilities for download.

Toshiba india page:

I noticed that this page, especially the driver downloads one, is not working when you are using Firefox. With Internet Explorer everything is fine.

Go and check it out.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A300D-11T (Model: PSAK0E-00700DGE. Due to serious hard disk error, hard disk was formatted and i lost my OS. When I bought this two years ago, the notebook came bundled with Windows Visa and other software. But i was not given any software CD that time except the mannual.

Please help me how can I have my original Visa or factory settings.

Answer:Re: Satellite A300D-11T - How to install Windows and bundled software?

Hi yenigalla,

The problem is that you have to create this disk with Windows and all drivers/tools yourself so it?s not given with the computer. This can be done with preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator that creates the ?Toshiba recovery disk?. This disk contains an image of factory settings (Windows with all drivers and tools) and can be used to restore these factory settings every time.
So you need this disk to install Vista with bundled software.

Anyway, now it?s too late and you have to order such a disk from Toshiba directly but it?s not for free:

Of course you can install Windows from a normal Microsoft disk but then you have to install all drivers and tools yourself so recovery disk is the easiest way and pretested by Toshiba. ;)

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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop. I think it became infected with ad ware. I removed the ad ware with anti virus software, but now my laptop runs very slow. I'm trying to use my Toshiba recovery disk to erase everything and reboot the whole computer. when I put in the recovery disk in, it starts the process but then it says NTLDR is missing and wont complete the process.Is there anyone out there who knows what this means and could help me with this.

It's a A-100/A 105 model

Answer:Help reinstalling Toshiba software in Toshiba satellite?

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I have run the following programs... First ESET Online Scanner which found 16 instances of the Win32/bundled variant. I ran Adwcleaner, unhide, roguekiller, and defogger. I'm in the process of running Combofix. All logs posted below.ESET:C:\AdwCleaner\Quarantine\C\Program Files\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\apnmcp.exe.vir a variant of Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Ask.F potentially unsafe application deleted - quarantinedC:\AdwCleaner\Quarantine\C\Program Files\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\UpdateManager.exe.vir a variant of Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Ask.F potentially unsafe application deleted - quarantinedC:\AdwCleaner\Quarantine\C\Program Files\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\SPCV7\Source\program files\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\apnmcp.exe.vir a variant of Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Ask.F potentially unsafe application deleted - quarantinedC:\AdwCleaner\Quarantine\C\Program Files\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\SPCV7\Source\program files\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\searchhook.dll.vir a variant of Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Ask.F potentially unsafe application deleted - quarantinedC:\AdwCleaner\Quarantine\C\Program Files\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\SPCV7\Source\program files\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\ServiceLocator.exe.vir a variant of Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Ask.F potentially unsafe application deleted - quarantinedC:\AdwCleaner\Quarantine\C\Program Files\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\SPCV7\Source\program files\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\SO.dll.vir a variant of Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Ask.F potentially unsafe application delete... Read more

Answer:My Win7 Toshiba has Win/32 Bundled Variant

You are clean.You can Update & run Malwarebytes if you want to confirm.What ESET found appears to be old AdwCleaner removals, which had never been deleted from Quarantine.Example:"ESET:C:\AdwCleaner\Quarantine\C\Program Files\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\apnmcp.exe.vir a variant of Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Ask.F potentially unsafe application deleted - quarantined"

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I had to replace the hard disk drive in my notebook (Toshiba Satellite L50-C-,19P) windows 10. So when I try to put Windows back on my notebook it can't find the new hard drive. It says I need drivers for my hard disk drive. I can't find any on the Toshiba website and on other sites the ones don't work. Does anyone know where I could get the right drivers for my hard disk drive Toshiba MQ01ABD100?
If not, is it possible to buy another hard disk drive for which I can get some drivers? What kind of hdd could I use instead?

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Hello everybody.
I've got an old fashioned 480 CDT here, used, but still works fine. Runs Win98 fine so far.

The Problem: The machine urgently needs re-installation, but I've got no disks for the Toshiba specific tools (i.e. HWSETUP etc.) which came originally with the laptop. (But a Win98 CD I do have!) Seems that they've been lost along its long way.

I didn't find a possibility to download these tools from the Toshiba support pages. Maybe I'm too blind so somebody can give me a link where to download the Toshiba Tools?

Where can I find these tools? (I did find the Archive section, but there these tools aren't listed :-(

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Where I could find Toshiba tools for my Satellite Pro 480 CDT


I looked on the toshiba sites after your problem and you could go to
in the menu Support & Download - Driver Download you could find a site to download drivers.

In the first drop down menu you have to choose ARCHIVE there is your laptop.

But there is only the Advanced Power Mode for W98 and BIOS update downloadable

it seems that the Satellite Pro 480 was only delievered with Win95.

It'll hope this will help you


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My Granddaughter Toshiba Satellite can't find a WiFi net yet mine can connect quite easily. I click on the WiFi icon and it comes up "No WiFi available"

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Hi everybody

I bought a laptop TOSHIBA Sattellite from a supermarket, but when I wanted to download the drivers from TOSHIBA official site, I did not find my pc in the list of drivers or in any page of the site, even with the automatic detection, knowing that reference of the laptop is TOSHIBA Satellite C55-A-19K.

Now I want to know is that normal, or am I a victim of an imitation product.

Answer:Cannot find my Satellite C55-A-19K on Toshiba page

As I can see this notebook model was delivered without preinstalled operating system so I presume you want to find drivers, tools and utilities on Toshiba download page -

Your notebook model is listed there but you must watch which criteria you must choose. As you can see you cannot search for C55-A-19K but for Satellite C55-A with part number PSCG8E.

Please check it again.

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Several days ago I bought a netbook Toshiba NB550D. It had Windows Starter preinstalled, but I wanted to try Linux. I installed Linux and, of course, left the recovery partition. Now I would go back to Windows.

I would like to restore the preinstalled software from the hard disk, but I can't find Toshiba HDD Recovery Software that could install on a newly installed Windows and restore the system from the hard disk. Where can I find it?

I have an entire partition needed for recovery, nothing moves or removed.

Enormously grateful for the help
Toshiba NB550D User

Answer:NB550D - Can't find Toshiba HDD recovery software


The Toshiba HDD recovery software can be started via advanced boot menu of preinstalled Windows version. With other words this feature works with preinstalled OS only.

Now you have installed another OS (Linux) and that means you can?t start the HDD recovery option anymore. HDD recovery partition is not enough to do this.

Did you create a bootable USB stick using recovery media creator before installing Linux? If yes you can use this stick now to restore the original settings. If you don?t have this stick you can order a recovery medium here:

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Hello everyone!

I have a Toshiba Satellite L300D-13X

But on the Toshiba support website, If I enter its serial nr then it doesent get recognised. If I insted use the little software that are suppose to identify you computer model, that too fails to recognise my model. And last I tried to manually enter my model. I choose Satellite, L300D and then the closest I can choose is L300D-13J, but mine is L300D-13X, Should I choose the L300D-13J anyway?

Anyone who recognise this problem, I would be most greatful

Best regards.

Answer:Satellite L300D-13X - Can't find it on the Toshiba website

Hi Qwerty,

I don?t know what you did wrong but I can find your notebook model on the Toshiba website. As far as I know it belongs to the PSLC0E series so follow this: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L300D series > PSLC0E

Now you can choose the operating system that you have and download all updates! :)

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dear friends

Please I have some problems with my Satellite A50-109, I formated it and I cant found ethernal driver from toshiba site. The second problem I have with it again, it hang ever 5munite from the day i formated it.

Please I need help to solve it.thks

Answer:Satellite A50-109 - Can't find drivers on the Toshiba site

Hi Newton_1,

It?s nice that you have founded this forum and post here a little bit but some important informations are missing.

Which OS you have?
How did you reinstall Windows (Microsoft or Toshiba disk)?

Furthermore it would be interesting to know what you mean with Ethernal driver. Do you mean Ethernet driver?

Normally if you reinstall Windows by using Toshiba recovery disk you don?t need a special driver. Everything is preinstalled on your computer.

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I recently bought a new Toshiba Satellite C850D-10H (model number: PSC9UE-005005PL) and installed Win 7 86x Ultimate, but i am having a problem with USB 3.0 drivers, i can't find anyone working.

I searched everywhere, downloaded some, but non worked. Also i cant find any drivers at the official page of this laptop in Toshiba site.

Can someone give me a hand? Any site or source i can downloaded drivers for this laptop?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite C850D-10H USB 3.0 Drivers, can't find them anywhere

Ok, i found them after all, downloaded the AMD catalyst manager and installed them through there and it worked.

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I have get a Toshiba laptop, it is an old laptop, but I like it.
S1700-500 said the mark on the bottom of the notebook.
Model no.: ps170e-000ux-g3

It has a celeron CPU at 700MHz, 64+64M SD RAM and so on.

I have 3 question, if there is anybody can answer me!

1. Where can I find the service site for this notebook?

2. One memory module can be removed, how much memory can I place there? (If I buy a 512M notebook SDRAM, will it work whith it?)

3. It has a Ni-Mh Battery pack, DC9.6V and 4500mAh, it is an old one, and can not work with it for a minute... Can I replace it? Whitch models can I use? Has it any LiIon battery pack? In Hungary, where can I buy a battery pack for it?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite notebook, could not find the product


the European Toshiba Service Page is Http://

This Notebook runs with 192 Mb Memory max.

The Order Codes for the memory are :
128MB is PA3005U
64MB is PA3004U

hope this helps you

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I recently bought a Toshiba A300-16c but have been unable to find it on the Toshiba website.

I am trying to look to extend the 1 year warranty and there is an offer on at the moment to extend the Toshiba 1 year warranty on a variety of models but the A300-16c isnt listed and doesnt even exist on this website.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Re: Cannot find Satellite A300-16c on Toshiba website


Satellite A300-16C seems to belongs to the PSAJ4E series?
It?s definitely a Toshiba European model and as far as I?m not mistaken this unit were delivered in Italy?

May I ask you how did you try to register the warranty???

In your case I would recommend visiting the Toshiba European support page: -> Support & Download -> Standard Warranty

Check it out!

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Hi guys

I have just removed Windows Vista from my Satellite P300 and installed a retail version of Windows 7 32 bit.

My question is now I have lost the Toshiba software on my laptop like the cd writer software and the web cam software and the toshiba Tempro, so just what do I need to download to get all the toshiba software that was on the computer before. Do I need the tempro software?

Hopw someone can give me some advice please

Answer:Satellite P300 - Where to find Toshiba tools?

Hi sam2149,

It?s no problem to get the Toshiba tools again. You don?t need TEMPRO to download all tools, just visit the Toshiba website and download all drivers and tools that you want: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

All available downloads for your model can be found here.

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I turned on my laptop running windows 8 and the backlight lit up but there was no display. I could hear it turning on and the indicator light came on. When connected to an external monitor, the display was just fine. I did some research, opened it up and disconnected and reconnected a few things (which I do often) and closed it back up. When I tried to turn it on this morning it was unresponsive. When connected to the ac adapter the charging light will turn on but the power button does not turn the laptop on. I desperately need this laptop for school, it's beyond it's warranty and I don't have the money to get it serviced. If I can find the source of the problem I'm open to replacing said part as long as it's not more expensive than sending it out to Toshiba.

I've since taken the entire thing apart. The only things connected are the motherboard and CPU, both of which I've taken out and cleaned (fan was gross but I digress). I'm handy enough to be able to put it back together correctly and I know the basic parts, but I was hoping that someone could walk me though some troubleshooting as I put it back together. Or if that's not how it's done, maybe someone can help me take it apart in the right order to isolate the problem part once I get it back together.

I have high hopes that it can work again (as it was powering up just fine a couple days ago with the exception if the display problem) I'm just not sure how to ... Read more

Answer:Can't find source of unresponsive Toshiba Satellite

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I have a Toshiba Satellite U205-S5002. Yesterday when I attempted to start my laptop I received this error message: windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\system

And something about pressing "r" from the recovery disk. Well, I booted from the only disk I received when I purchased the computer and there is no option for repair. The only options available are to return the laptop to "out of box" condition, or to erase the hard drive. In addition, every search I've done on this error message references a recovery console, yet I cannot seem to find one.

I have several very important documents that I did not back up. Also, this happened after I shut the laptop down and put it in my laptop backback (in a nylon zipped pocket) and wonder if it could have overheated? I'm dreading the possibility that my documents cannot be retrieved.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Specifically I need to know if and how I can get to the recovery console (I've tried F8 to no avail).

Please help...


Answer:Toshiba Satellite Can't Find Recovery Console

Hi, and welcome to TSF!

You need to borrow a Windows CD because the Toshiba recovery disk does not have the recovery console on it. This will allow you to run the recovery console.

Moved you to Microsoft support/Windows XP

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Yesterday i found the description about this notebook - Toshiba Satellite L500-17L but I cant find it on the toshiba's site. How can this be?

And there is a lot of information about this one on the web

Answer:Satellite L500-17L - How can I find it on the Toshiba website?


I have a little bit searched using Google and it seems that this is a Russian model so you can find the specifications on the Toshiba Russian page:

I hope I could help you a little bit. :)


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I cannot find the Windows 10 product Key on my Toshiba Notebook. Where is the sticker? On my notebook or elsewhere? Thank you for your answers in advance

Answer:Cannot find Windows 10 serial key on Toshiba Satellite C50-C-1JL

Windows 8 PCs now embed their product keys in the BIOS.

In the past, a new Windows PC would display its product key on a sticker, usually on the side of a desktop and on the base or the bottom of the battery compartment on a laptop. But with Windows 8, Microsoft has switched gears and now stores and encrypts the key in the BIOS instead.

Guess its the same for Win 10.

I've seen an HP laptop running Win 10 that doesn't have said sticker either.

Settings /Update & Security/Activation to display key onscreen.

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I have a problem with my harddisc of my toshiba 1620.
I want it to be replaced but when i unscrew the back cover of the laptop there is no way i can remove the cover.
Can someone tell me how to access the HD ?

With all the best regards.

Answer:Where can i find/and remove the HD of a toshiba satellite 1620 CDS?


I think that the HDD at the Sat 1620 is inside under the keyboard. It is very difficult to remove and change it for an enduser, please contact one of the Toshiba Service Partner!

Bye Bob

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recently I had installed Windows 7 64Bit version and now I cannot find all the Toshiba Utilites that I had, when I bought the Laptop opererting with originaly Vista.

Please can someone help me.

Thanks In advance.

Answer:Cannot find Toshiba Utilities for Satellite P300 Win 7 64bit


May I ask you why you are looking for this ?Toshiba Utilities??
Are some notebook features no available?

In my opinion you don?t need Toshiba Utilities if you are using Win 7.
I have installed Win 7 and everything what I needed, was the VAP (value added package).

This package contains some tools and utilities.
If you want to use FN keys, then you should install additionally Toshiba Flash Cards Utility? such utility is not released for all notebooks models? so try to install such tool released for example for; Toshiba Satellite L500

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Hi all,

I need help, I have Toshiba Satellite L300 - 17L; Model No: PSLBCE-00S00TY4. TOSHIBA EUROPE GMBH
I cant find anything on support site here.

Can someone help me?

Martin Micevski

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Hello all. I am very new here. By very new I mean this is my first time posting on a Tech forum. I very often search for answers and appears a lot with solutions to practically every question I can think of.
Today I am stumped and running short on time.

My colleague from work, who is quite poor with computers and setting up and stuff, so I told him I would help him by removing Vista from his system and installing windows XP.
I know that this day and age I should be upgrading him to Windows 7, but I dont have that CD.

What I have done is this:

Installed a Windows XP Professional for a DELL onto his Toshiba Satellite A100-033.
I already knew (thanks to forums) that I would need to install the drivers for many of the devices after Windows XP installed. Oh I should mention, When installing XP I deleted the partition that originally hosted Vista, and formatted the drive to NTSF (forgive me if the arconym isnt exactly correct).
After installing XP, I searched Device Manager for the yellow ? marks. I currently have 7 yellows:

+ ? Other devices
- ? Ethernet Controller
- ? Ethernet Controller
- ? Mass Storage Controller
- ? PCI Device
- ? SM Bus Controller
- ? Video Controller
- ? Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

I have searched tirelessly for the drivers.
Toshiba website said thhis model is discontinued.
However, I thought I could find them somewhere else in the WWWeb.
Unfortunately I could not.
I found some unlicensed program which suppose... Read more

Answer:Need to find Toshiba Satellite A100-033 drivers? Do they still exist?

If the PC you are working on was bought with Vista pre-installed on, then installing XP should be ok as far as the hardware is concerned.
You can try a program to automatically do the searching for you, but it's not always 100% correct, and you may be left with a few to find.
This one seems to work fairly well;
You will need the product key that was supplied with the installation disc, to activate windows.
You should be able to get the Video card driver from either Nvidia or AMD (or SIS), from the information in 'Device manager'. the 'update driver' option can work, but sometimes has been known to download an old version of the driver.

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I am trying to find drivers for this product of your Toshiba Satellite A660-167 (PSAW3E-04P009B3)

Thank you in advance.


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I cant find my product "Satellite c660- 20L , why is that?

Thank you and the faster the response the better.

-----ahmad sakr------

Answer:I can't find Satellite C660-20L on Toshiba support page?

You mean you cannot find it on Toshiba download page - ?

Your notebook has model name and model number. For your notebook it is PSC1LE. Can you find it?

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I have a Toshiba laptop model- Satellite M70 and i could not able to find a sound driver for it ,could you help please?

Answer:Solved: Could't find sound driver Toshiba Satellite M70

It isn't on the Toshiba website and I'm not familiar with this one:

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What is it with Toshiba? The part number is clearly printed on the label on the underside of the laptop but the corresponding part number appears nowhere on the Toshiba support pages. This seems to occur with most Toshiba laptops that I have ever had anything to do with. Trying to find drivers, BIOS etc is a real PITA. I'm trying to find downloads for a Satellite L500 PSLS6A-00X013 but it doesn't show up any where. The serial number search is as useless as the part number search. Am I missing something?

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Question: Bundled Software

Hi all, i have just recently bought an Acer Aspire 5551 with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit and it has come with a load of crap installed by default that i don't want or even need.

Now i have taken about 15 trial games, dvd writing software and other bloated stuff off as i use my preferred software like anyone does. Now what i want to know is, is it safe for me to take all the bundled Acer software off, i.e Acer power manager, Acer eRecovery and Acer this and that. Will Windows do all the power managing for me?

And if Windows (sidetracking here ) does do all the managing why do they stick it all on in the first place?

I have made the windows recovery disc, and the Acer drivers disc and the Acer recovery DVD's so i do have proper backups if anything should go wrong.

Many thanks in advance.


Answer:Bundled Software

I don't see a need to completely take them off of your computer, they shouldn't be taking up too much space. What I would do is just close the program, that way if something comes up where you need them you don't have to reinstall them

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Hi all,ive had to reset my notebook and have lost thebundled software that comes with it.Does anyone know where i can download it? ive tried lookin on Lonovo's support page and cant find anything.thanks in advance,Adam


Go to Solution.

Answer:bundled software on G50-70

How did you reset?  If you used Lenovo Recovery it should have taken it back to factory load (including software) that came with it (stock).
If you reset from different media (Windows DVD, back up images from software) it may have wiped out the Lenovo partition and you will need to contact support by phone to order the Recovery Software DVD's for your notebook.
Good luck.

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i have a toshiba satellite a85-s107, part no. psa82u-00r004z. serial no. 65430273k.
problem is i cannot find it on the toshoba web page obviously then nor the drivers.
it is a factory reconditioned laptop and i think it has come from america as it states the warranty applies in united states only.

anyone know where the drivers are for this machine? please

Answer:Satellite A85-S107 has no model number that I can find on Toshiba web page


All drivers you need you can find on Toshiba US download page under


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I bought new laptop Satellite L655-149 with serial no--> 8A450311Q
more information --> PSK1JE-05R00XAR

before buying it i searched on Toshiba Middle East and i found it, but now i don't find it, and cannot register it in Toshiba site ...

please Help Me....

Answer:Cannot find my Satellite L655-149 in Toshiba Middle east site


Why you can?t register your notebook now? Usually this can be done on this Toshiba support page:

Furthermore you can also register your notebook if you start TEMPRO. There is also an option to register your notebook.

Check this!!!

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I have a laptop Toshiba L500-1UU Short model no: PSLS9E. Initially my product had a short model number in the Toshiba support page.

but I can not find now, removed from the list. Toshiba does not support this product?

Answer:I can not find Satellite L500-1UU PSLS9E on Toshiba support page


What do you mean exactly by ?Toshiba does not support this product??
I found Toshiba drivers for this notebook model? so this means that Toshiba DOES support this model.

You can find the drivers on the Toshiba European driver page:

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I have Toshiba Satellite C650D notebook i want to know that when i go into recovery menue by pressing F8 i can not find the toshiba recovery option there as before the installation of windows.

The hidden recovery disk which is of 10GB still has the data of 10GB
How can i access this to recover my factoryt settings?
Can i rocover from hidden partition now or it is corrupted?
if corrupted how can i purchase online backup recovery from asia pacific region?

i found the link on the forum to purchase recovery disc but it is for euorope i want to find it in asia pacific region??

Answer:Satellite C650D - pressing F8 i can not find the toshiba recovery option


If you are not able to recover the notebook using the HDD recovery, then you will have to recover the notebook using Recovery disk.
It seems that you didn?t create the disk in the past? right? Well, this was not a good idea?

However, the Satellite C650 is European notebook series. Right?
In such case you will need the Recovery disk for the European series and this can be ordered here:

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hi i just bought WACOMS volito graphic tablet and for some reason some of the software will not load? i tried manually starting the setup files but nothing happens some of the software load by double clicking the setup or through the menu's on the disc but 2 of them won't launch the setup automatically or manually?

i have windows XP and the software is compatable

Answer:WACOM bundled software

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I have all this HP stuff that installed when I installed my printer and I can't remove any of it through Add/Remove.

Is there a safe/clean way to manually remove these annoying installs?

Answer:Cannot Remove HP bundled software

Hi 449, and welcome to MGs!! As a matter-of-fact, there is a program here at MGs that is supposed to just that...remove the crap. Here's the link I have never used it, but hopefully it'll help

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Ok so i bought a new laptop from gateway. The gateway MT6451. The guy at best buy told me that there is a lot of software bundled in this computer that can slow it down and if i pay them money they can speed it up. Well i dont have a whole lot of money but would still like to remove what is running that can slow down my computer. I am running on the vista, and i am using the 60 day trial of microsoft office. I look into the startup folder and dont see anything but i am wondering where it is that all this "bundled" software would be located. there isnt much in the add/remove section either. Any suggestions?

Answer:Removing bundled software

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I bought a new emachine 2 years ago and it came with system recovery discs rather than the XP cd. It also has over a dozen other programs on it that I don't want i.e. ICQ, AOL,Antivirus trials, etc. Removing them via the conrol panel doesn't necessarily get rid of them and they seem to leave files behind. I would like to do a clean install of XP from an OEM cd I bought (using the original key that came with computer) HOw do I go about this?I am familiar with formatting and installing Win 98 but not XP. Is there a big difference? All I can find for info is all about downloading 5 or 6 discs .

eMachines T2692 2.6Ghz
80Ghz hdd
1 Gig RAM
10/100Mbps Ethernet
56KFax modem
GeForce 5200 PCI video card

Answer:Solved: Getting rid of bundled software

Just wondering if anyone has seen this...

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New X61s laptop.  I installed my defensive programs - and then checked processes.  80 PLUS - with a ton of them being Lenovo items.
Can someone point me to a summary of the Lenovo programs that are bundled with a new laptop.
I would really like to uninstall the non-critical ones.
Thank you.
Note from Moderator: Please update your profile with your correct country location as per the forum rules. Products, options and services vary from market to market. Knowing your location helps us help you.Message Edited by nonny on 03-17-2008 05:49 PM

Answer:Lenovo Bundled Software is a bit too much

NBR's ThinkVantage Software Guide

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The time has come where I want to format my hard drive and reinstall xp so I can start off nice and fresh and uncluttered again.My machine didn't come with any discs for reinstalling and it was months before I found out I was supposed to make some, so I'm not sure if they will be just the operating system and bundled software or what, also I didn't have any dvd's on hand at the time so I ended up with the boot cd plus I think 5 or so other cd's! I don't suppose that matters, will just mean a lot of changing cd's through the process.The computer came with a lot of extra software that I never used so I don't want to reinstall it, I just want to install xp itself. Is there a way to do this, will it perhaps give me the option? I just really want to know what I'm in for before I start. Thanks in advance

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Whats with "Bundled Software Uninstaller"

How do I remove it?


Answer:Bundled Software Uninstaller

Welcome to Major Geeks!

Please read ALL of this message including the notes before doing anything.

Please follow the instructions in the below link:

READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide

and attach the requested logs when you finish these instructions.

**** If something does not run, write down the info to explain to us later but keep on going. ****
Do not assume that because one step does not work that they all will not. MGtools will frequently run even when all other tools will not.

After completing the READ & RUN ME and attaching your logs, make sure that you tell us what problems still remain ( if any still do )!
Helpful Notes:

If you run into problems trying to run the READ & RUN ME or any of the scans in normal boot mode, you can run the steps in safe boot mode but make sure you tell us what you did later when you post logs. See the below if you do not know how to boot in safe mode:

Starting your computer in Safe mode

If you have problems downloading on the problem PC, download the tools and the manual update Malwarebytes ( links are given in the READ & RUN ME) onto another PC and then burn to a CD. Then copy them to the problem PC. You will have to skip getting updates if (and only if) your internet connection does not work. Yes you could use a flash drive too but flash drives are writeable and infections can spread to them.
If you cannot seem to login to an infected user account, try using a different user account ... Read more

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I'm using a Toshiba Satellite A-215 laptop at present and have been running through all the programs that came with it. I'm wondering if I can uninstall any of these, since I don't think I would need it.

Here's the list that needs querying:

I'm sure I can take out Games, since I don't play any of them . Any suggestions on the rest? Would I be able to remove the others without harm to the normal function of the laptop?

Answer:Uninstalling Bundled Software

I worked with a Toshiba lap just recently for a family friend. He liked some of the Toshiba stuff, so I just took off the stuff he doesn't need on startup.

You don't need any of that. All of those just make it easier for newbs. It is not required to run Windows.

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I am looking to uninstall software that came bundled with my computer i.e mainly Microsoft application eg Media Centre, Works, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker etc as I have other software performing the same functions. Will I encounter any problems by removing these.

Answer:Removing pre-bundled software

Originally Posted by cevets

I am looking to uninstall software that came bundled with my computer i.e mainly Microsoft application eg Media Centre, Works, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker etc as I have other software performing the same functions. Will I encounter any problems by removing these.

Hi cevets,

If you can unistall them through Programs and Features (control Panel) then no I dont think that you should experience any problems.


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I want to run Toshiba Power Saver on my laptop.

I have a Toshiba Satellite --T2450-- A200, running windows XP and I really badly want to run the program.

I need massive help from anyone/everyone hehe.

I cannot find the program anywhere.
So could someone please find me a link that I can use to download it?

I would greatly appreciate this! Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A200 (PSAE0C) Where to find Toshiba Power Saver for download

On the Toshiba European driver page in ARCHIVE area you can find BIOS and Utilities for this oldie.
But unfortunately, there are NO XP drivers or any Utilities for this stone-age notebook.

Nothing to do buddy?.

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I have support problems with my notebook..
When I try to get support or register my Satellite, I can find my model number/serial number on any toshiba site.

When i try to valide serial number; i get this: "Spiacenti! Il numero di serie non esiste." Why???
I need drivers and software.. but i can't find it..

Model No: L500-158
Serial No: 89434057K
Part No: PSLJ3E-028023IT

Please help..

p.s. sorry for my bad English..

Answer:Satellite L500 - Cannot find notebook model on Toshiba support page


Are you using the Tempro tool in order to register the notebook?
If yes, then you should update this tool to the latest version v3.33

Check this:
+Why does TEMPRO not accept my serial number as being valid?+

Otherwise the L500-158 belongs to the PSLJ3E series and all drivers can be found on the Toshiba European driver page:


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I have a problem to find a driver for the multimedia keys (6 easy keys) on my Satellite A100-979. I have Windows Vista 64-bit and this Notebook should be vista capable. Can somebody help me? Maybe you have an idea, to solve this problem.

Answer:Satellite A100-979: Cannot find Vista 64bit driver for Toshiba buttons

>this Notebook should be vista capable

Of course it?s Vista capable. You have installed the Vista on the Satellite A100-979 and it runs.

You ask for drivers for Vista 64bit version? Well, unfortunately but there is nothing to do!
It should be common that Toshiba does not provide any 64bit drivers; neither for XP nor for Vista. :(

Best regards

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When I purchased my Satellite Pro A120 it had on its keyboard a large circular red label - `Test it! Toshiba Easy Guard' and 'Toshiba Assist Button' but I cannot find the Toshiba Assist Button on my laptop.

Has anybody found how to access this?

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - Where to find the Toshiba Easy Guard & Assist Button


Toshiba Easy Guard is not a single too but a collection of different notebook properties which secures your notebook.
Check this Toshiba page about easy guard:

The Toshiba Assist button would start the Toshiba Assist tool:

You can optimize the button in this way:
1. Launch the Toshiba Assist utility using one of the methods described above.
2. From the left hand side of the Toshiba Assist window, click the OPTIMIZE tab.
3. Within the Optimize window, click the TOSHIBA Button Controls icon.
4. Within the Toshiba Controls Properties window, ensure that TOSHIBA Assist is selected from within the drop-down menu list and then click OK.
5. Close the TOSHIBA Assist window.

Check this:

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Hi there,

I bought my laptop 3 weeks ago, model: Toshiba Satellite A500 PSAR9A- 02s001
I bought it in Australia but i cannot find any driver support on

Any help?

Answer:Cannot find my model Satellite A500 PSAR9A-02s001 on Toshiba website


This seems to be an Australian notebook series?
I?m not quite sure why it?s not listed on the Australian page but if you need the drivers then you can try to use the driver from the Toshiba European driver page as well?

There is an Satellite A500 PSAR9E series which is similar (or same???).
In my opinion the Win 7 drivers should work too.


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I downloaded IE9 and it contained RASPHONE. PBK in the download which is in the SPYWARE family according to NORTON. When i get inside some of my systems it displays "cannot find file. Make sure the path or internet address is correct". I researched internet for procedures to be used to delete Rasphone to no avail. I am using Vista 32 bit. Anybody got any answers.

Answer:downloaded IE9 software bundled with spyware

Where did you get IE from? It's very likely this is a false positive. Scan with a different anti-malware.

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Okay most us wanta be Geeks have those mass produced computers, that we buy from the BOX stores or through mail order, that come bundled with ALL that neat stuff that just allows us to turn the #@&*# thing on and play with REAL Geeks that have assembled their own rigs????

Problem:- How to get rid of the bundled C**p, that comes with your shiny new toy, mine happens to be HP?s Compaq with little nasties like ?BackWeb? ?Compaq Connections? ?AOL? and numerous others. So were is the problem you say, well you cannot delete everything you THINK is a nasty, or you will be left with just a shiny box and a running fan.

So ALL you Dell/Compaq/Acer/HP/what evers let us know what has worked for you, me I am still working on mine, but have a Compaq/Presario and have removed the Fat32 partition and the recovery files and gained another 10 gig Thanks to MG. use the original HD now for Music/Video files. Have found that the purchase of Power Quest?s True Image to be a ?Life Saver? and a must for any of us wanta be?s that try tweaking cause any major disaster is just a Back-Up away (even an HD crash)

Answer:Bundled Software Removal Tips

Heh, the best bet to get rid of all the crap is to format and re-install windows. If that fails/isn't viable, using CCleaner to remove programs in the Add/Remove list works for me and all the bloated Dell workstations we order at work.

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Windows 7 64-bit
I cannot uninstall 'Bundled Software Uninstaller' in control panel.
Each time I try to uninstall it a pop up says 'There's an internet connection problem please try again later'.
I do not have an internet connection problem.
Can someone please tell me how to get rid of this. I have tried Sophos virus removal tool which did find a couple of viruses but didn't fix the problem.

Answer:How Do I Remove Bundled Software Uninstaller

AdwCleaner should remove it

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Hi all,

I was going to put this in one of the stickies, but there wasn't really a relevant one, so I'll just post it here.

It gives a pretty comprehensive list of the crapware that comes with the most popular P2P progs.

Most of us won't learn much we didn't know already in general, but it can be used to identify the specific P2P installed, just by the stuff that was bundled with it.

Anything to add a little knowledge..



Answer:Software bundled with specific P2Ps...

Thanks e-liam, I know just the post to put that in!

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One of my users picked up bundled software uninstaller.

When I go to control panel and try to remove it, I get a message that I do not have the rights to do it.

I am logged on as admin with all rights.

BTW, I ran Malwarebytes, and this user had over 1,200 infections.

Anyone have any ideas?

Answer:bundled software uninstaller - cannot remove

This apparently is malware that does not have a functional install. The message that the fake uninstaller gives you is FUD.

Boot in safe mode. Run your virus scanner directly from its CD if possible, deleting or quarantining infected files, then boot to safe mode again. Some virus protection programs will generate a bootable "rescue" disk that will update signatures from the WWW and then scan your mounted drives, never booting from the computer HD; use that if you can.

If that doesn't work for any reason, find the root process and kill it (if it's running when you boot in the safe mode) and delete the source file for the root process, then run a registry cleaner such as the one in Norton 360 that deletes registry entries that point to missing files. That should stop the worm. Clean-up of the rest of the worm files is not necessary and may be difficult, because most worms hide their files in various directories with misleading file names, but so long as the worm isn't running anymore you can ignore the rest of the files so long as they aren't executed.

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I have a Satellite C855 - 1WT which recently had a new hard disk installed. How do I re-install the bundled software that came with it such as the video player software?

Answer:How to I reinstall bundled software that came with my laptop?

Bundled software cannot be downloaded and installed separately. Bundled software is part of recovery image and it is included in this package.

With other words, if you want to have this additional software again you must reinstall Toshiba recovery image again.

Anyway, if you need video player you can use VLC player and it is for free. I use it too.

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my Satellite Pro 4200 got too hot and the harddisk got hit by that (scandisk stops at 84%, very slow data access). Is there any software from Toshiba available with which I can check the HD and get a diagnosis?

Thank you,

Answer:Satellite Pro 4200: Is Toshiba Software for HDD check available?

Hi Ben,

I'm not aware of any specific software from Toshiba, but you can always use the Microsoft CHKDSK utility to scan/repair your hard drive sectors. You can access this by right-clicking on the hard drive icon in My Computer -> Properties -> tools.


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Google: Unwanted bundled software is way more aggressive than malware:

According to Google, it issues three times as many unwanted software warnings than malware warnings, much of which relates to adware and browser-hijacking software that's been sneakily bundled with legitimate software.

Ad affiliate networks know that people rarely read terms and conditions and exploit this failing by burying details about bundled software in the text of their consent form. Consumers may not want the additional software, but their consent allows the affiliate marketer to operate legally

The researchers found the pay-per-install industry has just a few hundred players, but argue its decentralized nature "encourages advertisers to focus solely on monetizing users upon installation and for publishers to maximize conversion, irrespective of the final user experience"

They also found that 59 percent of bundles are flagged by at least one antivirus engine as potentially unwanted, and that some packages are built not to install when the presence of antivirus has been detected. Key security products checked for include ESET, Avast, AVG, McAfee, Avira, and Symantec.

Read the full article at the link at the top of the page.

MT members:
Have you been the victim of unwanted bundled software/Browser extensions?
Maybe "Candy Crush" with Windows 10,or "GeekBuddy" with Comodo..
What was bundled with your download?

Answer:Google: Bundled software more aggressive than malware

Voted Once Or Twice,
back before I knew better I didn't keep a good eye out for things like this, now you have to.
I am very watchful now and I don't use it like I should but I have Reason Core
I need to stop being lazy and reinstall it
But Bundling used to mostly be comprised of spam apps and other harmless junk,
now days there are far more intrusive and dangerous things hiding in there.
Thanks Logethica cool post.

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I just purchased an Acer TimelineU M5-481TG 6814.

I noticed a lot of bloatware, and started uninstalling what I could tell was useless. There is still 40 or so gigabytes taken up. This seems much larger than just the operating system and a few programs.

I already burned recovery DVDs using Acer eRecovery.

Should I clean install Windows 7? The laptop comes with a 20gb SSD and a 500gb 5400 HDD, and I feel it could run best with the operating system on the SSD and everything else on the HDD. Would it be a hastle to get the laptop to full functionality?

What should I do?

Answer:New laptop - Clean install? Or use some of the bundled software?

Hello there, dantrue25! Welcome to SF!

Well, *some* windows installations with a little tweaks can go below 20GB so it could fit in the SSD just fine, personally i clean-install windows on every laptop i put my hands to (i'm a PC Tech Guy) because i just can't deal with bloatware and the difference without it is astounding!! Or maybe is a placebo effect LOL


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Alright guys.  Anyone know of a way I can do this? Can I use the Lenovo recovery disks which I burnt to disk but select what I want? So just windows, then install the few lenovo programs I do want... I have done a few installs of the lenovo package when I was trying to fix my W520 but I cant recall seeing this option.  I also installed a random copy of windows I downloaded of the internet and burnt to disk just before I finally folded and just sent it back to lenovo. It is the same version, W7 pro SP1. It wont let me use my key and I called microsoft who told me to update my bios as I had error 0x004f063 (Link to google search:,mod=8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8) The new bios did not help.  With the lenovo factory disks there are just far too many of the bundled, some of which cause problems with my other programs and generally leave detrius arund even after uninstall. I am quite particular and anything I dont want pisses me off.   Any help very much appreciated  

Answer:Any way to install windows 7 only, no lenovo bundled software?

I've clean installed my W530 just fine. Make sure you download a copy of windows from one of these links to the version of windows 7 that came wint your machine. The key should activate just fine.

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I bought a Kodak EZ200 camera a couple of years ago in the UK (where I was residing at the time) and it worked fine on Win 98. The software bundled from Arcsoft was also fine (Arcsoft Photoimpression).

Now since I moved to the States, my camera works to some extent. I can take pictures fine, but when I try to upload to my computer using the software, my computer just restarts by itself. This happened on Windows Me and Windows XP so I know it's not the software (directly). Any suggestions to eleviate the problem?

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Have just taken delivery of one of the above (189 from ebuyer, incl delivery and carry bag). It comes with WinXP Home and a whole host of bundled software. But I haven't booted up at all yet.I don't really want any of the bundled software (just want WinXP, IE etc. really) and was wondering whether, depending upon the way the software is "provided", I could circumvent installation and thereby avoid uninstalling it all again and avoiding any uninstall issues at the same time.I read something on a forum that suggested that, rather than being pre-installed, the bundled software isn't actually installed until one boots for the first time (and that some master launcher is kicked off that somehow controls this).Does anyone know any more on this and how easy it is to interrupt the instllation without any unwanted side effects?

Answer:Acer Aspire One D250 Bundled Software

You need to RTFM :) (Read the flippin' manual)You might find it on Acers site, if not a preinstalled pdf version may well be preinstalled already... they always were... so look at the recovery options.I think on some later Acer laptops, I have seen what you ask... it's a case of running a factory recovery without bundled software. Then there is another option to reinstall with bundled stuff.

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I have a Lexmark X 6150 all in one printer with dedicated fax machine. I have since lost the original CD with the drivers and the other bundled software that is on it. I know I can download the printer drivers from the manufacturers website, but that does not include the scan and fax drivers for the rest of the machines capabilites. This is what I need and Lexmark does not sell that CD anymore as the machine is a few years old .I'm asking to beg, borrow or buy a copy of that software from anyone who would care to help. Or if someone knows where I can either download the complete package or buy it I would appreciate a heads up. I'm using Vista as an OS. Thanks in advance for any help recieved.

Answer:Lexmark X6150 original bundled software

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Hello this is my first post  I recently purchased 15-ba113cl laptop when i saw this laptop i noticed it has everthing i needed but the os needed to be Changed and i wanted to remove the bloatware and well just customise it myself because i know what i wanted  So i removed windows 10 home and repartitioned all the drives so i could use it how i wanted it  my issue is now with powerdirector pro i want this installed but the hp support assistant will not finish i recieve no errors neither does it install correctly i have tried to reinstall 36 times   i have also noticed after reading here that there has not been a solution to fix this issue this is disturbing and an annoyance and not only that but hp will not fix or solve it  i am not happy with hewllet packard not solving this problem  i contacted hp live chat and was asked to pay more money on top of what i have already paidwhen this laptop is only 20 days old i dont think so do i have sucker witten on my forehead ?

Answer:HP Notebook - 15-ba113cl Bundled software Problem

Hi,Did you try downloading from here and installing it:

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i've just bought a plextor px-712A dvd writer. bought this one for two reasons, [1], because of the pc advisor review and [2], because of the bundled software and specifically pinnacle studio 9 which i believe is brilliant. guess what? everything loads fine except the studio 9 which keeps asking for a serial number which does not appear anywhere. not on the dvd writer box , not on any packaging and not on the enclosed cd sleeve which is where it is supposed to be. what awaste of money! anyone out there got any ideas or had the same problem. i don't feel like having to spend out more money to buy this software separately.

Answer:plextor px-712A dvd writer/bundled software

have you tried registering pinnacle first,they may then send the unlocking code by email

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I have problem using Toshiba Software Installer for Win 7 on Satellite L750-1MT (PSK30E-02T002B3) with no OS preinstalled.
I do the following:

1. Install Windows 7 x64, SP1.
2. Install LAN driver (device was not recognized by Windows 6) (downloaded from [ MP_RESULTS_PAGE&partNumber=PSK30E-02T002B3&serialNumber=&USER_ACTION=Serial%20number])
3. Install all Windows Updates from Microsoft
4. Run Toshiba Software Installer for Win 7 - it installs a couple of drivers and then asks to reboot.

Here is the log file for the first try (win7update.log):

Update started 12\28\2011 at 21:11
Installed TVALZ_O.INF
Installed IO & Memory Access Driver
driver_bluetooth_TC00241200A.exe /s /log /test has been installed with the result code of PASS
util_tvap_TC00215000H.exe /s /log /test /wait15 has been installed with the result code of PASS
Update completed at 21:29

After reboot I run it again and the result is:

Update started 12\28\2011 at 21:38
Toshiba Bluetooth stack has already been installed.
Toshiba Value Added Package has already been installed.
Update completed at 21:40

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Problem using Toshiba Software Installer for Win 7 on Satellite L750-1MT

Wait a moment.
What are you doing exactly?
Do you try to install own operating system?

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im a new SATELLITE C870-1JV user
Or saw a review on a US website saying that all the preinstalled Toshiba software slows down the OS .
The site recommended a clean windows install to remove it all..

Anyone done this or recommend it?

Anyone like the installed software and recommend keeping it?


Answer:Re: Satellite C870 - Questions regarding preinstalled Toshiba software

> Anyone done this or recommend it?
Do you still want to use the advanced notebook features like function buttons?
If yes, don?t remove the Toshiba function key software which controls the keys.

Do you still want to be notified about driver updates via Toshiba Tempro or Toshiba Service Station?
Then don?t remove such software

But as far as I know there is also another, additional software installed on the notebook.
For example: TOSHIBA Places, TOSHIBA Eco Utility, TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor, etc?
All these tools provide some additional features, it?s your decision if you want to use it or not.

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I'm a bit confused with the 'support software' that came with my new laptop. It doesn't seem to be clear what the various programs are for.

As an example, I opened up TEMPRO and it specified a bios update which I duly installed.
Then I looked at SERVICE STATION which also seems to be for updates.
Is there some duplication in all this?

Can someone recommend which of these programs needs to be active?
Is there a brief explanation on what they do and whether there is any 'overhead' in running them?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Answer:Question about Toshiba support software for Satellite C850

I can imagine that you are a bit confused about that.
Both of them are nice applications especially Tempro. More about Tempro and Tempro service you can read on

To be honest I don?t use any of them and both are removed from my system. Generally speaking when you get new notebook you will have perfect configured OS and everything will work stabile so some not so important updates will not be needed at all. Both applications run in the background and just slow down the system.

If you have some time check other postings about these applications. You will find a lot of them here on this forum.

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Hello. I ran a factory restore on this machine. The restore seems to have run fine (although it never asked for a windows product key). The issue is that many programs will not update or install. The software for my printer as well as the game (fate) I am trying to play are among the programs that will not complete the installation process. Any thoughts? I sure appreciate ya. Thanks.

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I buy this model and operating system was on german (WIN XP), I reinstalled it on english language, but I cannot find those toshiba options which I had previous, like toshiba controls, power saving keys don't work either: browser, CD/DVD commands on right side. I got 2 discs with computer, assist and recover or something like that. Maybe this is something easy or a stupid problem, but I am not such an expert, so please help :)

Answer:Satellite A110-203: reinstalled Windows, then Toshiba software was gone


on the recovery disc is an image with the factory installations you had in the beginning (German Windows).

If you install the English Windows from a normal Microsoft CD, you have additionally to install all drivers and software from Toshiba. This can be found on your Tools CD or you can download it here:


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I got this package with my laptop but for Win XP it includes software like ConfigFree , SRS surround , acoustic silencer.....and so on.
Is this Toshiba tools package available for my M60 running Vista?


Answer:Is Toshiba software package available for Satellite M60 running Vista?

Only the BIOS Update, Bluetooth Stack and Wireless Lan Driver for Vista are available on the Toshiba page.
Seems that other Toshiba applications for Vista are not supproted

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Battery Management Software Like Sony VAIO'sI need software that lets you cap your battery charge at 50%, 80%, 100% (default), or custome.Capping it at 50% increases battery lifetime. Supposedly, charging it all the way up to 100% all the time wears the battery down. (The utility that came with my Sony VAIO made such claims).I'd love to have something like that installed on my Toshiba Satellite U840. Are you familiar with software that has those features? By Toshiba or thrid-party - both are fine.Thank you,Ivan

Answer:Battery Management Software for Toshiba Satellite U840

Google for the latest information on laptop battery types - yours in particular. What might have been the best treatment for batteries some time ago is not necessarily true as more modern batteries are introduced.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Hi folks,

Just took delivery of the Satellite R630-13R and was wondering if any of you guys who have recently bought the model or similar know which bundled toshiba programs are not required and can therefore be removed to improve system operation and free up the clutter.

Thanks in advance Kev

Answer:Satellite R630-13R - What bundled programs can be removed?


I don?t have this notebook model but I have another Satellite model which was preinstalled with similar software.
Fact is that Toshiba tools are important? I mean the tools which controls different notebook features like multimedia buttons, FN buttons etc?
So you should not remove tools like Value added package, flash cards, eco utility or similar?
However, before you would remove anything from the notebook, I recommend creating a recovery disk using preinstalled software called Toshiba recovery disk creator.
It?s always better to have an recovery disk in case you would like to set the notebook back to factory settings? you know?

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Hello all,

is Windows Vista preinstalled?
Do they provide a copy with the laptop?

What about driver disk?

I've just received a recovery disk with my laptop.
Some one bought the laptop for me from kuwait.

Can anyone guide me about the dvd's included with the laptop.

best regards


Answer:Need info about bundled soware with Satellite A200-1FJ

The Satellite A200-1FJ is definitely delivered with the Windows Vista.
I think all newer notebooks (no matter from what manufacturer) are equipped with the Vista.

> What about driver disk?
The drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba European page

> I've just received a recovery disk with my laptop.
The recovery CD contains an image file. The image file contains Windows Vista OS, Toshiba drivers and all tools which were preinstalled on the notebook.

If you want to set the notebook to factory settings, simply boot from the Recovery CD and you will get a fresh OS with all preinstalled software, drivers, tools.

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Hello everyone,

I have a Toshiba P500-01G ( currently running the bundled Windows 7 Home Premium in 64-bit. I bought an upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate but can't use it, it just tells me to use Windows Anytime Upgrade.

I can however use it for a clean installation, and I intend to, but I'm not sure what to do about the Toshiba software (
I read on another thread that the software needs to be installed in a certain order and frankly I have no idea! I don't want to break something! I'm not asking for an exact listing for all of them (unless you have the time) but just a general guide as to what types I should install in order.

Also, I assume my recovery partition will be erased in the process and that I cannot get it back. Is this true?

Thanks so much. I really appreciate it,

Answer:Satellite P500-01G - Installing Toshiba software after clean install

Hello Abraham

I?m owner of Satellite P500 too and it is really great machine, isn?t it? I love it. My best Toshiba ever.
On my machine is preinstalled original Toshiba recovery image and it works without any problems so I don?t want to change anything.

Back to your question. I presume you have some reasons why do you want to use Ultimate version so you should try to make clean OS installation. Before you do anything create recovery DVD. Make two copies.
After doing this you can do with your notebook whatever you wont because if you want to have ?factory settings? again you can use created recovery disc and install original recovery image.
After own OS installation saved recovery image will be useless and you will not be able to start HDD recovery installation so please create recovery DVDs.

Win7 installation? I have European model and I will send you exact install order list. Maybe there are small differences comparing it to AU model but the principle is the same.
Here we go:
Windows 7
Intel Chipset SW Installation Utility
Intel Management Engine Interface
Display Driver
Intel Turbo Boost Technology Driver
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver
TOSHIBA Supervisor Password Utility
TOSHIBA HW Setup Utility
TOSHIBA Value Added Package
O2 Card Reader Controller
NVIDIA HD Audio Driver
Conexant Audio Driver
Wireless LAN Driver
Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
TOSHIBA HDD Protection
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba
LAN Driver
Winb... Read more

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Have ordered a Seagate Momentus 7200.02 200GB SATA 300 7200RPM 16MB 2.5" for my Satellite Pro A200GE-26P. The slow drive toshiba ships with this laptop is just not fast enough so it's being replaced.

My question is this: Can I use the DVD recovery disc that came with my laptop to reinstall Vista and all the Toshiba drivers onto this new drive?

If not - how do I do it?

If I can do it - could you give me a check list of things to do?
Are there some drivers that I need to get that wont be on the recovery disc?

I am asking this because, I know how to do this on a PC with the Original OS Disc's but I was horrified when my laptop was delivered and no original OS disc's - I think this is very poor so any help would be gratefully accepted.

Thank you in advance,


Answer:How to port Vista/Toshiba software on Satellite Pro A200 after HDD upgrade

Hi there,

you must not worry about that whole procedure, just install the HDD, put the recovery CD in your CD/DVD drive, press F12 and boot with your CD drive or just press "C" (which automatically boots the inserted CD).

The recovery is not bounded to a specific HDD, it sets automatically the partition size and installs EVERTHING on your HDD just like a pre-installed OS shipped directly from the factory. You don?t need some additional drivers or software, the only thing you must do is to copy your personal data to the system drive and customize your windows.

Thats the intention of a recovery media: put it in and it makes everything by itself.

Thats all. :)


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I bought a Satellite L70 C 12 T
The Toshiba Service Station requests software updates.

What is the Rica Kit Patch Version 5.02 doing?
Why should I install it?

There is no information about RicaKit.



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Hi there,

I usually watch DVDs with Toshiba's software which was bundelled with my P200 which I purchased last year.
However, the picture is no longer displayed.

Sound is okay, along with the control system, but the actual picture is black.
I thought that the player might be at fault but DVDs work fine Windows Media Player.

All are the correct region and are DVDs which I've played before with no problem.

I've tried rebooting etc.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Answer:Re: Satellite P200 - No picture playing DVD with Toshiba DVD player software


Did you try to install newer DVD player software or to update the old one?
You should do this!

As far as I know the new DVD player tool has been released and it?s placed on the Toshiba European driver page for download.

Check it!

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I want to buy a 2.5 external hard disk that do not require any external power.
I want to buy a 2.5 external hard disk that do not require any external power.

1. I am considering WD my passport 2TB or 3TB. Is 3TB the biggest size for a 2.5 external hard disk?

2. Do WD sell 2.5 external hard disk without any software bundled in it?

3. I am looking at WD my passport and I saw it has lots of software (VCD, WD SmartWare...) that is bundled into the disk that cannot be removed (see links below), is it still the case now? How can I remove it?

We want to Remove the VCD from our passports, not ... - WD Community
Remove 'WD SmartWare' from your Western Digital Pa... - WD Community


Answer:Remove WD external hard disk bundled software?

Hello pcwin!

1. The size would depend on the model WD My Passport that you'd choose, but for now the WD portable My Passport drives for Windows are up to 3TB, this being the new My Passport Ultra.
2. WD portable drives come with WD backup software (WD Smartware or WD backup) for the customer's ease and backup solutions.
3. If you don't want any of the software that comes with the drive, you are not obliged to use it or even have it. A simple reformatting of the drive should wipe it off and leave it completely empty.

Hope this helps!


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I own an Envy 15 laptop which came preinstalled with Windows 7, and software such as PowerDVD, Adobe Premiere & Photoshop Elements, Norton Internet Security. I have purchased Windows 8, but I want to do a clean install of it - i.e. not an upgrade. This will obviously remove the software preinstalled. I know that Norton Internet Security can simply be downloaded and the original key entered to continue my original subscription. Is there a way I can get my other licensed software (PowerDVD and the Adobe software) to work in my clean Windows 8 install?

Answer:Recovering bundled software after Windows 8 clean install

Hi: All of the software and driver installation files that came with your computer should be located in a folder on the C:\ drive named SWSetup. In that folder should be several sub-folders with labels. You can explore these folders to see what program installation files you will be able to reinstall after you install W8. Copy that entire folder to a portable hard drive before installing W8. Paul

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Hello, I am using Windows 7 x64. Yesterday I installed a couple programs, Youtube Batch Downloader and Youtube Free Downloader, from I noticed, when I made to uninstall them today, that something called Bundled Software Uninstaller appeared in the Uninstall/Remove Programs list, and Filesfrog Update checker appeared in my toolbar panel. A google search did not bode encouraging, results, but I don't know for sure if this spells doom for my laptop.
I'm not sure what images I should provide, let me know!
Can anyone give me a clue on what to do? Thanks!

Answer:Filesfrog update checker and Bundled software uninstaller

ADW CleanerPlease download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your desktop.Close all open programs and internet browsers.Double click on adwcleaner.exe to run the tool.Click on Clean.Confirm each time with Ok.You will be prompted to restart your computer. A text file will open after the restart.Please post the contents of that logfile with your next reply.You can find the logfile at C:\AdwCleaner[S1].txt as well. Please download Junkware Removal Tool to your desktop.Shut down your protection software now to avoid potential conflicts.Run the tool by double-clicking it. If you are using Windows Vista, 7, or 8; instead of double-clicking, right-mouse click JRT.exe and select "Run as Administrator".The tool will open and start scanning your system.Please be patient as this can take a while to complete depending on your system's specifications.On completion, a log (JRT.txt) is saved to your desktop and will automatically open.Post the contents of JRT.txt into your next message. Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply.

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I'm quite used to building my own systems from ground up with just a simple install of an operating system w/o bundled free trial software anywhere from the likes of AOL, Corel, Travelocity, Sony Vaio free games trials for 60 minutes/levels/whatever, Norton (memory killer), Roxio, Napster, and so forth. I'm sure some of you guys are familiar with this, indeed this is hideous, to receive a new laptop having a desktop filled with 4 columns of practically spam/adware. As biased this may sound, I love the idea of buying a new mac with a clean desktop. Anyway, I might've stumbled upon a post prior, however, I can't seem to find it, I really hope this question has not been asked too many times before, if so, sorry in advance. Some of the software bundles is like negligent to go away, sometimes it's impossible. Well, my question as followed: How to remove all this obnoxious software that came bundled w/ Windows laptop i just got? Will I need some sort of third party software to make this possible?

Oh yeah, there's no factory back-up CD included, but eh, it's really not important. I just need my activation and keys or whatnots on that sticker underneath it.

Thanks for your time, I hope to see a solution, and hope this helps other users here that my have this similar question. This can definitely benefit my future laptop purchases. Or maybe one day we can start choosing our own laptop enclosure/chassis and build our own kind of like how we do for d... Read more

Answer:How to remove all this obnoxious software that came bundled w/ Windows laptop i got?

There's a program called the PC Decrapifier, seriously. When it first came out not too long ago it was great, and it was like all great software is: free. It's not expensive now, just a simple $5 donation, so go grab it - it's free for personal use, however. But the coder put a lot of work into it, so...

The best way to get rid of any OEM bloated crap is always a nice clean install, but not every OEM includes the CD/DVD to do this: just reinstall the OS with the proper drivers to get the hardware running with nothing but the OS.

If it's a Sony, or any OEM laptop, you're in for a quick rude awakening so I'll just say it now:

The key printed on the sticker underneath your laptop is useless. It's totally and absolutely worthless and cannot be used to reinstall the OS - even with the actual OEM software disc if you had it. However, most OEMs, even Sony, include a utility to create CDs or DVDs so that you can restore the machine to factory specs.

I recently worked on a Sony VAIO laptop for a customer, nearly brand new with all the included stuff, accessories, manuals, etc. He'd had it about a month and when I got ahold of it (XP SP2) it took 11 mins and 37 seconds to boot as measured with Bootvis doing a trace. I spent one day with it, was going to trim it down nice and slim and realized that just won't work because I couldn't install any old OEM copy of XP SP2 back onto the machine.

There's a utility buried in the Sony S... Read more

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Hello everyone,

I've just bought a Satellite A300 - 1MC (model no. PSAG8E-00W00TEN) and i'm trying to use the Toshiba Assist software, but its asking me for a password and i have no idea what it is or where i can find it.

Any suggestions?

Also slightly off topic, the laptop has buttons for controlling media player, is there anyway i can change them to control iTunes?


Answer:Satellite A300-1MC PSAG8E - Toshiba Assist software asks for password

Have you tried to make an update of Toshiba Assist? A new version and all other Toshiba stuff you can find here:
Maybe the update will solve the problem.

About the control buttons? I think you must set iTunes as standard media player and select all file with playing iTunes.

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After seeing Huracan's Illustrated Guide for ZoneAlarm, I want to prepare a guide for COMODO Firewall.

Homepage :
Just click on "Free Firewall Download" to download the Firewall installer.

- Choose your language
- Click "Customize Installation" under-left corner, and un-tick software that you do not want!

- Click "Back" and you will see main menu and click "Next"..


- You will see "Yandex Options" un-tick all the option!

- After this, click "Agree and Install" button, your installation will start!

I hope it is usefull for you guys who want to install COMODO Firewall

Answer:Illustrated Installation Guide - COMODO Firewall 8 without Bundled Software

yigido said:

After seeing Huracan's Illustrated Guide for ZoneAlarm, I want to prepare a guide for COMODO Firewall. Download Link : STEP 1 - Choose your language - Click "Customize Installation" under-left corner, and un-tick software that you do not want! - Click "Back" and you will see main menu and click "Next".. STEP 2 - You will see "Yandex Options" un-tick all the option! - After this, click "Agree and Install" button, your installation will start! I hope it is usefull for you guys who want to install COMODO Firewall Click to expand...

yigido said:

After seeing Huracan's Illustrated Guide for ZoneAlarm, I want to prepare a guide for COMODO Firewall. Download Link : STEP 1 - Choose your language - Click "Customize Installation" under-left corner, and un-tick software that you do not want! - Click "Back" and you will see main menu and click "Next".. STEP 2 - You will see "Yandex Options" un-tick all the option! - After this, click "Agree and Install" button, your installation will start! I hope it is usefull for you guys who want to install COMODO Firewall Click to expand...

Great guide!! Just noticed a typo in the... Read more

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Loaded iTunes onto my new Toshiba laptop (Satellite L450D-11G) but when I try to burn a playlist to disc it says "no supported disc burners found".

I guess the Toshiba 'Disc Creator' isn't supported by iTunes? Don;t really want to buy a disc burner package - any ideas how to get around this?

Answer:Satellite L450D - iTunes doesn't recognise Toshiba disc burner software


I?m not an iTunes user but you can try another disc burning software that is freeware. It?s called ?CD Burner XP? and works on the most Windows versions.

In my opinion it has the same functions like Nero, you can burn audio, video and data disks and also copy disks but it?s faster as Nero.

It?s worth a try! ;)

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I own Toshiba Satellite A110-110. After using this laptop for a two years with pre-installed system, CPU and RAM I have decided to upgrade it. So, I change Celeron M410 for a Core Duo T2450, 60 GB HDD for a 250 GB HDD and 512 MB RAM for a 2 GB RAM and Windows XP HE for a Vista Business.

Installation of all parts and software went fine. Then, I downloaded and installed drivers for Vista. So what is wrong you might ask?

An ATI Xpress 200M, which could get from RAM up to 256 MB for graphic on Windows XP, now, with Vista, this graphic card in control panel displays only 128 MB obtained (shared) memory. What is more, there is no option to change settings and have that old 256 MB. Maybe someone knows the solution?

As the second main problem after upgrading my personal system is total lost of all Toshiba utilities like Connectivity Doctor, Wireless LAN search (transparent oval radar hide on the right side of screen with other options), SRS WOW Sound panel and other which were in based configuration.

Vista doesn't display anything though I put to the system some of it. If anyone can help to solve this problem and has knowledge where I can get that kind of software please give me a tip, and write what kind of idea you are able to share.
Thank you for any help!!!

Answer:Satellite A110 Upgrade - Xpress 200M problem, lost Toshiba software

The thing with your graphic card is, that memory sharing is different in Vista. It shows the current amount of video ram in use and you can not set this amount manually as you could do under XP with some registry tricks.
You will have to deal with it.

For Toshiba tools and utilities check this download page: (Support & Downloads)

You can find Config free, Hardware setup tool, other utilities and the sound card driver which should contain the sound panel.

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Hi all, i recieved my satellite pro p100-327 today. From what i've read in the manual the recovery cd included is just a copy of windows? If i want to reinstall windows where can all the programs preinstalled on the laptop be reinstalled from? Is there any way to make a boot disk as such?
Thanks for the help all.

Answer:Satellite Pro P100: Where can I find the preinstalled software?

I will try to bring light into this case?
The Toshiba recovery CD contains a OEM version of the Windows XP operating system and all the Toshiba drivers, tools and utilities are a part of this CD.
Simply said, after usage of the Toshiba recovery CD you will get the notebook with factory settings.

If you need only the Toshiba drivers or tools you can create a own Tools & Utilities CD.
This option can be found in the Toshiba Assist under --> Protect & Fix -> Create Drivers & tools CD

All the drivers are also placed on the Toshiba driver page?

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where should be the software and if it is not here , from where can I download it?
I really appreciate any help.

Answer:Can't find fingerprint software for Satellite A300-23R


Fingerprint software you can download from Toshiba support page under > Support & Downloads

For your notebook model you can find WXP and Vista version for AuthenTec software.
Check it out!

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