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[SOLVED] How to transfer Windows installation to new drive?

Question: [SOLVED] How to transfer Windows installation to new drive?

I bought a 120 GB Corsair Force 3 SSD to use as my system drive. My current Windows installation is working just fine and I heard there's a way to transfer your current Windows installation to a new drive in a few minutes rather than spending hours and hours re installing each program one by one.

How do I transfer my installation to the new drive to avoid having to re install every program?

Can this be done for free or does it require the purchase of special software?


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Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] How to transfer Windows installation to new drive?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: [SOLVED] How to transfer Windows installation to new drive?

You can clone your whole Hard Drive over to the SSD with Acronis Drive Image. It's not free but works with cloning from a larger drive to a smaller SSD drive which free cloning software doesn't do

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I have a computer that needs the HDD replaced as SMART has been tripped warning of an imminent crash. I still am able to access the Windows 7 Home Premium on his computer. What I am not sure of and don't seem to get a clear answer for on the Internet is this; can I use Windows Easy Transfer to transfer the current hard drive folders, settings, etc. to the new hard drive once I have reinstalled the operating system from the restore disk? I'm thinking, why not? But wasn't sure if it would transfer from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium.
Thanks and hope you all have a nice holiday season thus far.

Answer:Solved: Windows Easy Transfer to new hard drive

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My machine won't boot up unless I disconnect all of the Hard Drives. I still have my two SSD's (RAID 1) that have Windows 7 Professional installed still running fine.

I had one hard drive ST4000NM0023 (4TB) fail (had four of them), and so I replaced two of them with ST10000NM0096 (10TB) drives.

I had software backing up the failed drive, which was my D: (Documents & Program Files) drive. The backup drive F: (D Backup) has now been renamed my D: Drive, and I transferred all of it's files to a new F: backup drive.

I had to copy & paste everything from one folder over to another one of the same name because Windows 7 had automatically installed new folders with the proper icons on them (as per attached image). I had two of "My Pictures", "My Documents", etc.., with one having an icon and one not.

It seems like I had to move my files to the new folders or else my other programs couldn't seem to find the files they needed even though the the folders had the same name, minus the icon.

Copying files from folder to folder was very time consuming, and used all of the systems memory. I would successfully reboot the system after each successful transfer so I could restore the RAM back to 64GB.

I left the largest folder "My Documents" till last. After I successfully transferred the files in this folder over to the new "My Documents" folder with the icon on it, I tried rebooting the system and it would not work. I ... Read more

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Hey guys I have an 80gig and it is crashing, I reparied it and have it going for now, I bought the new Hitachi 7200rpm 200gig to install and right now I have it in an external case so I can hook it up to USB.  I understand that I can make a set of recovery disk and install the new hard drive and then run them.  But I do NOT understand if it will just install the recovery partition and windows and then I have to reinstall all my sofware.  I am on international travel and don't have the ability to reinstall everyhting.  Will the recovery disk reinstall my software applications and software or just what the system came with new.  I hear of IBM system migration software which transfers files and settings, so maybe thats what I need, but I can't find enough info on it to know for sure. I would just like to hear it from somene that has moved over everything from one hard drive to another.  If I could reinstall the software there wouldn't be any problems, but I need to have all my data transferred including the software programs without any re-installation.  Thanks  DK

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Hi Experts,

I have a CD-RW backup disc with 4200 files (c.300 MB). I need to transfer about 200 of those files and install them on my new hard drive (Drive C). Although the mechanics of how to do this may be as clear as a bell to most, it isn't to me. Any help will be immensely appreciated.



Answer:Solved: File Transfer & Installation

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i have an old computer that i'd like to (in fact, i have to) get up and running again. everything's fine except that both it's IDE channels have gone kaput and i can't use my installation disc to set up the OS. i have a SATA optical drive, but like a fool i lent to a friend(?!) whos out of town.

what i'd like to ask is, is it possible for me to do this with my USB drive? my motherboard(intel 865GBF) supports booting from USB, so that's not an issue, but can i get my windows installation disc (XP Service pack2) on the USB drive to install the OS? if so, how?

please help, and thanks.

Answer:Solved: Windows Installation from USB drive?

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I get error code 0x80070570 during Windows 7 installation from USB flash drive. The installation files were copied from an DVD+R I burned of the ISO I downloaded. Any ideas how to resolve this 0x80070570 error?


Answer:Solved: 0x80070570 during Windows 7 installation from USB flash drive

Is a file name provided with the 0x80070570? If so, it means setup cannot access that file. update err codes.htm

At which point of the installation process does the error occur?

Which files did you copy to the flash drive?

Has the computer ever had an OS installed? If so, which OS? If so, did you reformat the HDD, or are you installing Win 7 in a multiple boot situation?

Please provide the PC's specifications for:
memory / ram



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I'm trying to install a Windows 7 Profession 64 bit version over a Windows 7 Home Edition 32 bit version.

I know this isn't possible without a clean install, but my problem is, the installation won't boot whatsoever.

Two days ago I installed a fresh copy of W7 32 bit over a vista 32 bit with a flash drive on a laptop with no problem, so I know how you make a bootable USB.

This time however, using the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool didn't cut it for me as, even though it was prioritzed in BIOS, nothing would happen and W7 32 bit would just boot like normal.

So I tried to manually set up the bootable flash drive, which also didn't work.

After a lot of searching on google, I learned the problem might have something to do with the bootsector not able to be run on a 32 bit OS.

So, I found another guide:

I used the W7 32 bit version I used on the laptop 2 days ago, and put the bootsector of that version on the flash drive.

Again, this didn't work as the computer would just boot windows 7 32 bit like usual (and again, I adjusted the priority in BIOS)

Now I got enough of trying the flash drive to work, I tried burning the ISO file on a DVD using Imgburn.

Burning the DVD went smoothly and I quickly had a DVD with the W7 64 bit installation files.

This however, didn't solve anything as (again, prioritzing the DVD) W7 would boot up as usual.

I&... Read more

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 installation not booting through Flash Drive or DVD

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Hi everybody !

I have a problem,so i have Windows 7 x64 professional.

I installed it like i always do,never have any problems with installations.
And i may have had the wrong boot order for my hard drives considering they are all the same hdd's.
In other words,they all have the same name when you choose to boot.
Now after my installation i see that one of my hard drives is not in the "my computer" when i check it out .
I checked then in computer /manage /disk management and found my hard drive but i cannot access it.
Now to describe what i see,

all my hard drives other than the one hard drives says : (Primary Partition)

and the hard drive that cannot be accessed says : (System,Active,Primary Partition)
Now i believe what happened here is that i booted and installed in the wrong order and possible why i cannot access it.
Therefore can anyone help me find a way to access my hard drive please ?

I believe the only way this can be resolved is by changing something relating to the partition with a program like partition magic or something like that but i have no clue what to do and i dont want to experiment and accidentally destroy my harddrive.

Also id like to mention, i have visually accessed what was in the drive with a formating program

there were folders called :


and files like



Thanks !


Answer:Solved: Hard drive cannot be accessed on new windows installation

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I have a PC with Windows 7 ultimate installed. I'm planning on purchasing a custom built Pc soon and was wondering whether i am able to transfer my current installation of Windows 7 ultimate to my new PC? I don't have the windows 7 installation disc but it is activated and have the product ID (from the properties windows after right clicking my computer) if it helps.

I would have expected Microsoft to have something that allows this but haven't found one. I've only found an application on Windows 7 called Windows easy transfer, but this only transfers files etc and not the actual Windows 7.

Hope someone can help.


Answer:Transfer Windows 7 installation from old PC to new???

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i need to replace my hdd on my laptop as its on its way out
is it possible to transfer windows as is and all files programs settings etc to the new drive
or will i have to re-install os drivers etc. and is there anything i would need to do to prep the new drive first?


Answer:installation of new hdd windows transfer

Use Macrium, that is what it is for. Everything will be transferred, just as it is.

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Hi there,

I am familiar with transferring an Win 7 OS to different hardware (ie, without doing a clean install)
But is it possible to transfer from say 'Windows 7 Enterprise' to 'Windows 7 Ultimate', both 64 bit.

What I am trying to avoid is having to reinstall a zillion programs, that's the goal!

Any ideas?

Answer:Is it possible to transfer installation to different Windows version?

I don't think there is a upgrade path from Enterprise to Ultimate, but if there is then use Anytime Upgrade.

See here: Upgrade to another edition of Windows 7 by using Windows Anytime Upgrade

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I'm running Windows XP Pro SP2 on a 1.21GHz computer with 512MB of RAM. I just finished reformatting my 250GB hard drive and the installation of the operating system is brand spanking new and default.

When booting up, I noticed it takes an insanely long time. I'm not sure what is causing it but I'll describe it as best as I can. It runs through the normal BIOS stuff just fine, very quickly as I have it set up to do so. But that is when it stops, immediately after BIOS I get a completely black screen with no text or anything to indicate what is going on. I only see a white, segmented progress bar, sort of reminiscent of the Windows 2K loading screen. There is no now loading Windows XP, no icons or logos, none of the normal stuff you'd expect. The entire process takes between 5-10 minutes, though I've not timed it exactly. All I know is that it wasn't like this before.

I'm at a complete loss. I haven't installed any new programs yet, I'm not connected to the internet with this computer, the only thing I've put on the machine is a backup of various files prior to my wipe such as: images, text documents, pdf's, etc. But this was an issue prior to me doing so.

Any ideas? Oh, and thank you for your time.

Answer:Solved: Windows XP Pro, Slow Boot, Reformatted Drive, Fresh OS Installation

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First post coming up....

I have created a profile snapshot, using Windows Easy Transfer (WET) on a 32bit XP machine and have placed the resulting file on a network drive.
I then went to my new 64bit W7 pc and downloaded what I believed to be the correct WET version - wet7xp_x64. However, when I ran the executable I received a message "The version of Windows you have installed does not match the update you are trying to install."
I'm running W7 Pro SP1 and have Sophos installed. However Sophos didn't have a problem on the XP machine so don't think it's that.

Any thoughts anyone?

Answer:Windows 7 Easy Transfer installation problem

Hi Andy, welcome to the Seven Forums.

You don't need to install WET on Windows Seven, it's built-in. Just type Easy Transfer on Start Menu > Search field to find it.

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Can anyone please give me an easy to follow method of transferring my photo's to the empty D Drive on my computer from the C drive. Also any relevant information would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:Solved: Transfer of files to D Drive

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I have a Dell Latitude D600 w/ a 40gb hard drive. Just putting Windows based components (Word, Excel, PowerPoint ...) Has taken serious amounts of space. I am in the process of purchasing a Hitachi Travelstar w/ 100gb for it. My question is this, is there an easy way to transfer EVERYTHING from the presently installed drive onto the new one? Including Windows and all installed software, files, pics, music...

Thank you for the comments, Tom

Answer:[SOLVED] Hard Drive Transfer

Use a disk imaging software. The free program I use is called driveimage XML. Google for it and you can find out where to download it, how to use it, etc. Or you can go with a paid option like Acronis Trueimage.

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I recently bought a hard drive and installed a brand new version of Win XP sp3. Within the week the computer has basically fallen to its knees. I am in the process of building a new system and I am going to use the HD in this system. How do I go about this, without having to remove and re-install the OS?

Old mobo Shuttle AK39n


Thanks, Tom

Answer:[SOLVED] Hard Drive Transfer

All other considerations aside, what might work (since the chipsets are pretty much guaranteed to be different) is to put the new drive in, insert the XP cd in the cd drive, boot to cd (which means you had to previously set the boot priority as [floppy if you have one], cd, hd).

Then you have to select Repair Install (NOT recovery console repair) and go through the hoops.

Having said that, depending on the version of XP you have, you may find that your authorization gets denied because you have fundamentally changed your comp (even though it was due to motherboard failure or whatever).

You will have to call MS and explain and see if they are feeling good today about your dilemna.


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I saved my files and settings from a previous installation of windows 7 to an external hard drive using windows easy transfer. Now when I try to transfer those files and setting to my new installation I get the following message:

Windows Easy Transfer can't transfer your files and settings.

The message pops up only a few seconds after the transfer begins.
Why is this?! I need those files and windows has screwed me. Everything is basically the same as before I reinstalled. Same computer, same windows 7 installation just recovered to factory settings. Same system language as before. BTW I'm on a Toshiba L505 laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium.

I have tried all the usual suspects such as a clean boot and uninstalling my antivirus to rule out third party interference. I have more than enough space on both my computer and on the external hard drive. I have tried only transferring a user account a few MBs large. I have reinstalled the OS twice just in case something went wrong there. I have clicked on the .MIG file directly. All lead to the same error message.The transfer file seems to be intact and not currupt

Is there another software other than WET that can use the same transfer file that WET created to restore my files? Please help me solve this if you can or at least point me in the right direction because right now I'm clueless. I can't emphasize how important those files are to me. I've searched for solutions on several forums and it seems tha... Read more

Answer:Solved: "Windows Easy Transfer can't transfer your files and settings." Why?

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I am running Windows XP Pro but I only have a 10 GB hard drive, 950 MHz AMD processor. I want to transfer all to a 40 GB hard drive to use as my main drive and eliminate the 10 GB drive. What is the easiest way to do that?

Answer:Solved: Transfer all files to new hard drive?

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i have a 10 gig hard drive that is in my other computer (Compaq) with Win.98, and in this computer (Dell) i have a 4.75 gig hard drive (what it says on the computer), with XP, is there anyway that i can transfer XP from this hard drive to the other one? or is this illegal or something? thanks.

Answer:Solved: can i copy transfer XP to another hard drive?

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Hi there...

I have a friend who's very old IBM thinkpad wont turn on because of a battery/power issue that just can't be resolved, but the hard drive is okay.

I hope I'm explaining this clear enough:

He will get a new laptop, but I'm wondering how I can transfer the old data over to his new HD. I know about setting master and slave, but I'm curious if there is a tool to help, or some sort of technique I'm not familiar with - because I'm pretty sure laptops don't come with expandable options like the desktop PC's do...?

Thanks for reading, and your support.

Answer:[SOLVED] Laptop hard drive transfer

hi a 2.5 usb caddy or similar should probably be ok

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I just got a new 200 GB hard disk drive, and I was wondering how to transfer all my system (including programs, games, registry, settings, EVERYTHING) from the old hard disk to the new one ( if its even possible). Is there a program that is capable of doing this?

I set up my computer to my preferences and I would hate to have to format the system or reinstall Windows and install SP2 again (OMG) and my porgrams and games on the new hard disk and change everything again. So any help would be appreciated

Operating System: Windows XP Proffessional SP2
Mainboard: Intel Original 845EBG2
Processor: Pentium IV 2.4 Ghz
Hard disk drives: Western Digital 200 and 80 GB
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 4 MX4000

Answer:Solved: How to transfer a system from one disk drive to another

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I have Windows XP sp2 on a Hitachi 80 GB SATA drive partitioned as drive C: and drive E: with ntfs. The operating system is on the C: partition and other programs are on the E: partition. I purchased a larger 250 GB Hitachi SATA drive and installed it as drives D: and F: I want to transfer Windows xp from the 80 gb drive to the 250 gb drive and activate the 250 GB drive as the boot drive.

I copied the files from the E: partition to the F: partition. How do I transfer Windows from the 80 gb drive to the 250 drive and boot from the new drive.? I want to use the 80GB drive as a Linux drive and multiboot Windows xp and Ubuntu Linux .

Romeo Dais

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Hi guys

I had an old laptop that died so i'm looking for a transfer cable to put the contents of the old hard drive onto my new laptop.

good news is i found a lot of options for the cables. bad news is that my new laptop has only 2 usb ports and they are found on opposite sides of the laptop.

Is there a single port usb transfer cable that works as the power source and the transfer line for a hard drive? Or do you really need the 2 usb ports available (1 for power and 1 for xfer)


Answer:Solved: laptop hard drive to usb transfer questions

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I have a computer that the hard drive is starting to make Indy 500 noises 3-4/day. Decided to purchase new HD and transfer date over to it before the other one hits the wall. Extensive amount of data is backed up on external HD using Acronis software from which I have never had to use the restore function. Presently running XP home ed. QUESTION! I have no more slots, data cables or power cables free. Can I temporarily unhook my zip drive cables and insert them into new drive just to complete this new install? If that is OK, do I Fdisk and format new drive from present drive to get NTSF before data transfer or do the drives come pre-formatted with NTSF? As to actual transfer of all data is it best to use Windows Explorer and copy all programs so I know hidden and R/O files are transferred or has anyone restored a full HD using Acronis so I know that when swapping new HD from slave to the slot where present drive resides and becomes the bootable drive, all will FLAWLESSLY work like intended and then re-hook up zip drive. Never had to replace HD with this many GB of data and # of programs before. Always threw the whole works in the dumpster because entire system needed to be upgraded. Any flowsheet of how to perform this task will be greatly appreciated. You guys have'nt let me down yet. Hoping for another smooth transition for a really common procedure I would guess. Thanks so much! Paul

Answer:Solved: Install new Hard drive and transfer data

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See my sig for info about my computer. I bought an 8-GB data transfer stick so I can backup my important pix, documents, what have you. I was able to transfer over a lot of stuff (mostly documents and pix) but I want to export my iTunes to this stick and it won't work. It says something like XML files for TXT files. No other option. I bought the SanDisk, Cruzer Micro USB 2.0 Flash Drive. I am going to the correct drive (F) and I have tried dragging (won't work) and I have tried going to iTunes and choosing Export and browsing to my SanDisk drive and tried saving, no go, even the library won't work . Shows up as text when I open it on the data stick.

Any ideas? I want to save my precious iTunes library somewhere and it says it will take videos and music, so anyone know what I need to do?


Answer:Solved: Need to transfer music data to Flash Drive

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Today, I ordered a larger-capacity hard drive for my Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop. I don't think I should have a problem switching out the two hard drives. The question is, how can I transfer what I have on the drive I have now to the drive to the drive that I'm going to get? I am thinking that what I will need to do will be to install Windows XP from my Dell discs and then install the a Acronis True Image Home program that I have. Then I will need to install the backed up information that I have from the old hard drive to the new hard drive. Is this correct? Thanks for any and all responses.

Answer:Solved: Updating Hard-Drive, How Do I Transfer My Stuff?

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I am running OS Windows XP on a Dell Dimension E521 Dual Processor.
I put all my documents on a CD-R when I thought I was going to have to a complete systems restore. Now I would like to put them back onto my harddrive. But due to them being "write-protected" they won't move. Can anyone help this dingy ole lady who just fumbles around blindly??? Thank you for your time.

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I'd like to upgrade my Toshiba laptop's HDD from it's current 160-GB to 320-GB or larger.

My question is.... given the nature of laptop SATA hard drives and Windows Vista, what is the easiest way for me to transfer my programs / settings / files / etc. from the 160 to the new 320 ?

Or, do I have to go in and manually reload all of my programs and redo all of my custom settings ?

Thanks in Advance


Answer:Solved: Laptop Hard Drive Files Transfer

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Happy Holidays to Everyone! Don't know if this is the appropriate board to post my question, but I hope so. If not, can someone in the know transfer it to the appropriate board?

I just got a new computer for Christmas and was wondering if there is a way to transfer my favorites list from my old computer to the new one using a flash drive. Could someone please help me on this?



Answer:Solved: Using Flash Drive to Transfer Favorites List

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Quick Question...Hopefully quick answer.

I have a 160gb external hard drive. Using USB 2.0. When I transfer something from my C: drive transfer rate is around 15mbps. But when I transfer something from my D: drive (second hard drive, set as a slave on same IDE channel) the transfer rate is only1.5MBps. Anyone know why I get such loss in transfer speed.

Answer:Solved: External Hard Drive Transfer rate

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I have an wxt-e830 external hard drive enclosure, which has both USB 2 and e-sata connectors, which I want to use with Windows Backup & Restore Center (Windows 7).
The USB 2 transfer is fine, albeit the slower USB2 transfer rate, but when I try the e-sata cable (on it's own!), data will be copied, but it will freeze the system for up to 30 seconds every minute or so.

The drive inside the enclsure is a seagate sata 300 drive, and the caddy supports this speed.

Anyone got any ideas on this?

By the way, my motherboard has 6 sata connectors, all of which are in use now, and the e-sata is connected via a back-plate with a cable (which came with the drive) directly onto the sata conector on the motherboard.

Thanks for any help


Answer:Solved: e-sata hard drive lags during transfer...

I think I have an idea about why this was happening.
I had the eSata plug on port 4 or 5 on the motherboard, which was set (due to a 'chipset limitation') to be raid-only.
Now on another and it's not happening any more. Not yet anyway!

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I need to transfer data from a laptop HD which is the only part still left working. So I'd like to plug it into my desktop. Anyone know what sort of connector is on a 40 GB Toshiba MK4012GAS laptop hard drive (as fitted to an Advent 7026.) It looks as though it slides into an edge connector on the m/board, a bit like a smaller version on a PCI card, its certainly not pins into holes as on the wrong adapter I've already bought.


Answer:Solved: Need to transfer data from laptop drive, need adapter

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Hi Guys,

I have a problem installing Windows Vista. The installation process works fine until after the 1st reboot that goes to "completing installation". It completely freezes at that point and after 1 hour or so goes to a black screen where i can see nothing but my mouse pointer.

I just got my laptop 2 days ago and it's brand new Vista compatible. In fact it came with Vista installed and it was working perfectly fine until I decided to reformat it so that I could check if my new hd i tried installing was the main reason for this installation failure.

I saw a post with similar problems explaining that the BIOS was in need to be updated, but my BIOS is up to date and vista compatible.

My laptop specs are as follows:

Inspiron 1720, Intel Core 2 Duo T7500, 2.2GHz, 800Mhz, 4M L2 Cache
2GB, DDR2, 667MHz 2
256MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 8600
17.0 inch Wide Screen UXGA+ TLLCD
Integrated 10/100 Network Cardand Modem,
8X DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Drive
Integrated Sound Blaster Audigy
Intel 4965AGN Wireless-N Mini Card
Can someone please help me out! Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Windows Vista installation freezes at "completing installation&q

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Hi guys i got a new hard drive recently and am going to replace my 2nd hard drive with it. what i need is a program to transfer all my installed prograns and such can anyone reccomend a good free program for this.


Answer:Solved: Need a recomendation for a good hard drive transfer program

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Hi, all. I'm in the middle of installing Windows 7 Pro x64, but it's giving me the message "Installing an unsigned 64-bit device driver is not supported and might result in an unstable Windows installation". This occurs after I click "Load Driver" and select my Rapid Storage Tech driver from my USB stick.

This is the driver I'm trying to install: Lenovo Support - Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver Windows 7 (64-bit), Vista (64-bit) and XP (64-bit) - ThinkPad

I've even tried rebuilding my Windows 7 image in RT Seven Lite with the "Force Unsigned driver integration" checkbox checked. I still get the message after burning that ISO, and retrying the installation. How do I force unsigned driver installation?

Answer:[SOLVED] Unsigned Driver Installation During Windows 7 Installation

Nevermind, I just let the install finish as normal, and I haven't gotten any bluescreens. For future thread visitors, just make sure your SATA mode in the BIOS is set to "AHCI", and not "Compatibility", and you should be fine.

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Dear All,
I just purchased a laptop windows 10 with poor RMP hard drive(5400).
I want to transfer that windows to my SSD.
Is there any way that we can do that?

Answer:transfer windows 10 to other hard drive

Yes, you can image the hard drive. Which SSD did you purchase? Some of them offer the possibility of downloading imaging software, e.g. Crucial will let people download a cut-down version of Acronis True Image to facilitate transfer to a SSD.

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so i just installed my new 1tb 7200rpm hard drive, and it runs perfectly, my only problem is windows 7 is on my 500gb hard drive, so i want to move it over to the obviously faster hard drive. What's the least complicated/easiest way to do this?

Thanks for any help you can offer me, i really appreciate it.

Answer:how do i transfer windows 7 from one hard drive to another?

Use disc imaging software to either clone the drive or simply create an image and restore it to the new drive. Acronis True Image is the best of breed disc imaging software, Macrium Reflect is the best free alternative.

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My PC overheated the other night and shut down. I couldn't start it up again - totally dead. In the morning tried again but nothing.

So I took it to a repair shop and had it looked into. I guess a circuit is blown or the fan is blown or something of that nature, so I reckon it might cost a lot of money to fix. But I'm broke.

I had windows 7 on that system including Microsoft Office 2007.

I have Vista (now I have Xp) on my old computer and I'm using that at the moment but I can't install Microsoft Office 2003 nor even Enterprise 2007 on it, something about a 1935 error which no one can resolve.

Anyway. I'm hoping to reinstall Vista (Xp) on this old computer and then try again with Enterprise Office 2007. Hopefully it should install with it being a fresh new system. Fingers cross.

Can I take the hard drive from the broken computer and transfer it along with the 2007 files into the old computer: from windows 7 to Vista (Xp)? I don't want to do that and find out I need to reinstall Vista (Xp) again because of the hardware changes, but I am thinking that when the repairman rings he's going to charge me an arm and a leg to fix the new know what mechanics are like somethimes.

Hope you can answer my question(s)

Answer:Can I transfer a hard drive from PC (windows 7) to PC (Xp)?

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Dear Experts,

I have an Acer Aspire 5750 Laptop with pre-installed Windows 7. It has a 640GB HDD. I want to replace the existing HDD with a new 1TB HDD. In doing so can i

Transfer the Windows to the new HDD along with the Recovery partition?
Kindly help me by suggesting a solution. A comprehensive answer will be much appreciated.

Answer:How to transfer Windows to a new Hard Drive

You can try to clone your HDD which does not always work or use images which I prefer.

For imaging and restore refer to this tutorial. This program can also clone.

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Hi, I'm wanting to transfer my version of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit to a replacement hard drive. I'm using a 5400 rpm 300gb hard drive right now, but am wanting to replace that with a new 1.5tb 7200 rpm hard drive, but wanting to use my same copy of Win7. I haven't been able to find a way to do this without the use of an external hard drive...any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Transfer Windows 7 to new hard drive

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I recently discovered that my hard drive is damaged and I need to buy and install a new one. With that said, it would be convenient to move all my files to an external hard drive and transfer them over to the new internal hard drive. If I transfer all the contents of my current hard drive to the new one, would Windows 7 be included? If not, how would I go about getting Windows 7 without re-buying it?

Answer:Is it possible to transfer Windows 7 to a new hard drive?

That should get you going.

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My old Gateway desktop crashed, is non-repairable, when I tried the harddrive into the newer Gateway, it came up blank blue screen......checking file system on G, CHKDSK verifying files.......& nothing came up on it, a computer tech at the store checked it, said it was working & had 16G on it,.........can I buy a backup device, & try to transfer it to the working computer on a new blank hard drive?

Answer:How do I transfer a har drive w/ windows 8 to a working pc?

I am guessing when you put your HDD in the new computer it tried to boot it. This will almost never work well, if at all. I assume you have your new computer up and running so verify this by booting without the old drive and surf the net, play a movie and type a letter.
If the new computer is 100% shut it down and put in the old HDD. If the computer tries to boot the old drive you can configure the boot drive in the BIOS.

Another way around this is to buy a HDD enclosure and make your old drive a USB drive.
This Amazon enclosure, but it will probably work, there are many like it.

If you need more help post your hardware including the new computer model and old hard drive model.

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I just got myself an OEM Pioneer DVD-106s drive and I can't seem to get it running. My system's fairly old (PII-333) and it has 2 IDE Ports. IDE 1 is for the 2 HDDs, and IDE 2 is for the CD-ROMs.

I've got a ZipCD CD-RW drive configured as a slave, and the new Pioneer DVD-106 drive as the master. The package didn't come with any CD etc.

Upon booting up, my system detects both CD-ROM drives and so does WindowsME. However, when i double-click on the drive icon, only 1 file is displayed - track1.cda or something like that. In essence, the drive seems to have been correctly installed, yet it doesn't work.

Am I supposed to flash the drive or something 1st? I downloaded the fireware upgrade but haven't used it as the readme.txt file cautioned me abt doing it if the drive wasn't the master on an IDE port or something.

The available jumper settings on the DVD-drive are MA (master), SL (slave) and CS (Mode for drive setting by CSEL of the IDE Interface - ????).



Answer:[SOLVED] Installation of new DVD-drive?

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I have just put a CD-R/RW drive in my computer. I don't have the CD that would have originally came with it because I got it from someone else for cheap. My computer recognizes that it is a CD drive, but I suppose I do not have the driver for it because it says that it cannot be installed without the necessary components. How do I go about finding the driver for this? Can someone help?

Answer:Solved: CD Drive Installation

What is the make and model of the new CD\RW drive? Best place to find drivers is generally the manufacturers website.

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bought a new computer with windows 7. i did a quick file transfer using belkan cables from my old computer which had windows XP (OS on drive F). my windows 7 has the OS on drive C which is giving my remote drives hissy fits. I am getting the message "no disk in drive 3" then 4, 5 and 6. "insert disk in \Device\Harddisk 4\DR 4"

my options are ignore, cancel, and continue. any solution?

Answer:OS drive problem after quick file transfer from windows XP to windows 7

Go ahead and remove Quicktime on your Windows XP volume and update Quicktime on your Windows 7 volume to the latest version. Quicktime is using its cache to open files that it recently opened...

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My old Gateway desktop crashed, is non-repairable, when I tried the harddrive into the newer Gateway, it came up blank blue screen......checking file system on G, CHKDSK verifying files.......& nothing came up on it, a computer tech at the store checked it, said it was working & had 16G on it,.........can I buy a backup device, & try to transfer it to the working computer on a new blank hard drive?

Answer:How do I transfer a hard drive w/windows 8 to working pc?

Two things you need to think about.1. Data recovery. This means the simple data can be recovered.2. Program transfer. Some programs can be transferred from one computer to another. But often not. The program is there, but it will not run.Myself, I have given up on stuff that claims to transfer all my programs from on PC to another. They claim it works, but you have to fork up the money first to see it work. I refuse to pay for anything that is not proved to work. It it really works, they would have thousands of endorsements. 

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Hi, I have a backup of my entire "old" drive, as in, I just opened c: and highlighted the lot and made a copy to my backup drive. therefore it isn't an image or a backup file, just everything as folders and files as they look if i opened c: as normal. The old c: packed up after i did it, so cannot get anything off it now. But is it possible to take my new drive, make it bootable, and then transfer my files over to it? I ask this because I have no dvd drive, and i use the method by making my external drive bootable to allow me to install windows from the external drive, so was wondering if I could just do this to a new drive instead, and just copy over, rather than go through the install and update procedure. Many thanks, Neil.

Answer:make new drive bootable and transfer windows

Copy does not contain open system files among others.The shortcut you desire does not exist.Answers are only as good as the information you provide.How to properly post a question: Sorry no tech support via PM's

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MY father in law's hard drive crashed and he was thinking of just buying a new hdd and install it. I was wondering if he would be able to reinstall windows 7 on it with his original install cd's and what he would need to do with Microsoft to activate it or if it would already be activated since it'll be the same MoBo.

Thanks for your help

Answer:Hard drive crashed, transfer windows?

Hi if he has the install or recovery disc he can go ahead and install it provided he has the activation key it should be on a label on the machine

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I tried to use the program to transfer files from one computer to my new one. The usb holds 1 gig while the files were 1.6 gigs. Windows easy Transfer told me to copy up to one gig on the usb and put it on the new computer, delete the files and then put it back in the old one to get the rest of the files. So i did that, but when the rest of the 600 megs was on the usb. It made an *.MIG file that when I ran it asked for the first disk. Naturally I had no idea what it was talking about so I tried to delete it. But the drive is all of a sudden write protected. I tried to reformat the drive but it stills says it disk is protected. How to I get this stuff off my drive and disable the write protection so I can have my usb disk back as normal. Before the windows easy transfer messed with it. Thanks for any speedy responses.

Answer:Windows Easy Transfer has locked my USB drive

Some USB drives (many in fact) have a minute little slide switch to lock and unlock the write access.

Are you very sure that you have not accidentally slid it to "locked"

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I took my old desktop HD out and hooked it upto my new W7. teen when I try to even open my 2003 Word Reeume doc it says "Word can not open the document; user does not have access priviliges" It's my resume and all i want to do is copy it to my new comp. I dont care about the other stuff just my Resume.
Thank You

Answer:Trying to transfer my old XP hard drive file to my Windows 7

Here are the pics

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I have read up on how Windows Easy Transfer works and on the page that gives the options for storing the back up file, you have one option for External drive or USB external drive.

No mention is made of being able to use an already installed 2nd internal data drive. Has anyone been able to successfully use an internal drive with WET?

Answer:Windows Easy Transfer ?. 2nd hard drive

Quote: Originally Posted by Nosmo

I have read up on how Windows Easy Transfer works and on the page that gives the options for storing the back up file, you have one option for External drive or USB external drive.

No mention is made of being able to use an already installed 2nd internal data drive. Has anyone been able to successfully use an internal drive with WET?

Yes it Should work. Use that option and you can select the drive you want to store to. WET works great have used it many times.

Good Luck

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I can't find ANYTHING on the Internet, and my computer engineer father and his buddy's have never heard of this. I hope someone here can help!

I just bought a new hard drive (Seagate 500gb Barricuda) to install on my Dell Dimension 4700. I completely took out the old drive and connected this new drive with the old cables, started it up with my Dell XP Pro SP2 CD and told it to install Windows. After running through everything, it said it was successful. I went to start installing drivers and discovered that Windows Explorer shows this hard drive as the E: drive, instead of the C:! It said C: was a removable disk, though I have no idea what that removable disk might be, as the only other drive hooked up at the moment is my CD-drive (D:) which I used for the installation.

Now here's the second weird part. I rebooted with the XP Pro SP2 installation CD. It asked me if I wanted to repair a Windows installation which it found on the C: drive! I said yes...but when it was done, Windows again thinks it's on an E: drive.

I have done absolutely nothing to this drive, other than plug it in and install windows on it. I have no idea what to do, so any pointers are welcome!

Answer:[SOLVED] C: drive installation showing as E:

and welcome to the Forum

That can happen when XP is installed on a system with flash card readers or a ZIP drive. You can disconnect them from the motherboard or disable them in the BIOS and reinstall to correct the drive letter assignment. There is no proctical way to change them once XP is installed.

If you need, You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell


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I can't find ANYTHING on the Internet, and my computer engineer father and his buddy's have never heard of this. I hope someone here can help!

I just bought a new hard drive (Seagate 500gb Barricuda) to install on my Dell Dimension 4700. I completely took out the old drive and connected this new drive with the old cables, started it up with my Dell XP Pro SP2 CD and told it to install Windows. After running through everything, it said it was successful. I went to start installing drivers and discovered that Windows Explorer shows this hard drive as the E: drive, instead of the C:! It said C: was a removable disk, though I have no idea what that removable disk might be, as the only other drive hooked up at the moment is my CD-drive (D which I used for the installation.

Now here's the second weird part. I rebooted with the XP Pro SP2 installation CD. It asked me if I wanted to repair a Windows installation which it found on the C: drive! I said yes...but when it was done, Windows again thinks it's on an E: drive.

I have done absolutely nothing to this drive, other than plug it in and install windows on it. I have no idea what to do, so any pointers are welcome!

Answer:Solved: C: drive installation showing as E:

1. Log on as Administrator or as a member of the Administrators group.
2. Click Start, click Control Panel.
3. Click Administrative Tools, double-click Computer Management, and then click Disk Management in the left pane.
4. Right-click the drive, the partition, the logical drive, or the volume that you want to assign a drive letter to, and then click Change Drive Letter and Paths.
5. Click Change.
6. Click Assign the following drive letter if it is not already selected, click the drive letter that you want to use, and then click OK.
7. Click Yes when you are prompted to confirm the drive letter change.

Hope this helps and works for you.

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I am trying to replace/install a new hard drive (80 gig Western Digital) and am in need of some help.

My system is a Pentium 266mhz, 64 mb ram. Because the systems bios would not support the large drive, I have installed a controller card to cable the new hard drive to. (I installed the controller card with the old hard drive in place) I only have the new hard drive on the 1st IDE cable and the CD-Rom on the 2nd cable.

When I go to boot up with the boot disk, it fails to detect the cd rom, so that I can install the OS (Win98SE). If I do not use a boot disk, I get the message "no PT" upon boot up.

Why is this failing to detect the cd rom?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Answer:[SOLVED] New Hard Drive Installation

Since you have been inside the case I would recomend that you double check your cd- rom cable connections. Have you tried to change your boot sequence in CMOS setup to cd-rom... and booting with 98 CD?
Check back later

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IBM System X3400 Server, Windows 2003 Operating System I want to take all backup on Tape Drive.
My Server contains three number of SAS Hard disk drives C D E and F DVD Drive.
Motherboard contains extra 2 SATA options I connected DAT72 SATA Tape Drive properly in one of them also enabled SATA Enhanced Enabled in BIOS. When server POSTs messaged displayed on POST Serial ATA AHCI BIOS Version ISRC 1.2-E 1240 2007.
**This version suppots only Hard Disks and CDROMS. and I could not found Tape Drive anywhere in operating system
Should I install any other Driver or any thing else?
Please explain

Answer:Solved: Tape Drive Installation

OK, there are no drivers during post. If the sata controller does not support a tape drive, then you are out of luck. The only thing I could suggest to fix your current issue is to check if there are any bios updates that update the sata controller. Personally [and this is just my opinion] I have never been a fan of tape drives for backup. I would go with some type of NAS. Something like this one

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Any experts regarding XP installation using a USB Floppy drive for a newer gen (Vista preinstalled) Laptop.
Please post the instructions and requirements. Whole setup plus BIOS upgrading.

Thank you in advance.

Answer:[SOLVED] hi regarding XP installation using a USB Floppy drive

Why would you want to do that. Just boot off of the XP CD and follow the prompts. Delete the previous partition and create a new partition and format the drive NTFS. There are no floppy disks with the complete XP install files, just boot floppies that eventually prompt you for the CD.

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Hello internet so i have a gateway desktop running a Windows Xp service pack 3 that is still running strong and fast i did some updates to the hardware and I have a windows 7 hard drive from a laptop that broke so i want this computer to run the win7 the hard drive is compatable my Toshiba satellite running windows vista 32 bit but it wont run om my gateway note it does show the windows 7 start logo and does bot the windows 7 fix up thing that brings up command prompt system restore thank for your help I pretty sure it has to do with drivers but how do i do that

Answer:How do I transfer Windows 7 hard drive to a windows xp computer

My broken laptop with the windows 7 hard drive is a dell

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This question probably has been asked many times, however I've haven't yet backed up or have clone Vista, nor have used Vista Backup and Restore.

Some time ago I installed Vista Ultimate 64-Bit using it's 64-Bit installation disc to a clean hard drive. My Vista Ultimate is a retail version with original case, COA and not an upgrade.

The Vista hard drive is running out of disc space and I need to move the Vista installation to a larger hard drive.

I suppose I could try and use a freeware imaging program or one of my older retail programs to create a back image and then restore. However since Vista has a built-in backup and restore I thought I would use it instead.

Is there anything I should be aware of or know before starting a backup and then restore (using Vista backup & Restore)?

I have a large USB drive to backup Vista to an image, however it's not bootable.

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Hope you guys can help, Have upgraded to win 7 home from vista on a laptop. I copied the old vista installation to an external hard drive, with a linux pen drive so was wonder if there was a way to do a transfer from the external hard drive to the new windows install.


Answer:Using windows east transfer from a seperate drive not computer

If you have a External HD, you could copy & paste your data.
Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console

than copy & paste your data to new HD.

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A relative of mine is finally upgrading to Windows 7 from XP.

Her previous computer is now dead (motherboard failure). I have rescued the old HDD, and it is still usable.

I have put it in a IDE HDD Caddy, and my Windows 7 machine recognises it.

My question:

Is it possible to run Windows Easy Transfer (to copy their profiles in their entirity) from the External Hard Drive without copying the files manually from the Hard Drive??

Ive used Windows Easy Transfer before, but always from a working XP environment.



Answer:Windows Easy Transfer - from External Hard Drive

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several programs from old drive did not get assigned to new when the old drive is replaced what happens???

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I need to transfer settings from an XP (SP3) machine to a Vista one using an external hard drive.
Windows Easy Transfer is not working properly on the XP machine.

I downloaded tfrcable_x86.exe to the XP machine and it went through a number of processes. It then simply stopped. There was no option to choose cable, disk, network etc.
It does not appear as a task in the Task Manager Applications.
It does not appear in Start > All programs > Accessories > System tools
It does appear in Control panel > Add or remove programs
It seems to be installed in Program Files\Microsoft\migwiz and there are lots of items in the dlmanifests subfolder.
the Windows > WETCable.log file shows a number of processes as failed but lots of files copied.

I should be very grateful for help to make this work

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I would like to transfer files from a Seagate Momentus 5400.4 hard drive (pulled out of a broken HP notebook) to my new Macbook Pro.Is this possible?If so, what cable/connector should I buy?Another, less desirable, possibility for my file transfer is to transfer files from the hard drive to an old HP Pavilion 753n desktop and then get them onto my Macbook through my home network.  If the HP to Mac transfer isn't possible, what could I use to do that transfer instead?Thanks!

Answer:Transfer files from Windows hard drive to Mac computer

Can't you just put it inside a PATA or SATA to USB converter box?

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I have a new computer with Windows 10. I would like to transfer my pictures, music and other files from my icloud on my ipad and iPhone.

Answer:how can i transfer my icloud files from mu ipad to Windows 10 one drive?

Have you tried Apple's tool to sync the files to your PC?

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Okay, first time post. I am pretty handy around computers and am able to figure out problems and fix them no problem, but i just need some one to tell me/show me first. I came home one day (thinking i had turned the computer off) but when i got home it had crashed to death. The problem is that when i start the computer it goes to this screen that says, roughly, "Your comptuer did not start properly last time it was started, this might be due to power or something else" and it lists a bunch of options to start the computer in "Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Prompt, Safe Mode with Networking, Windows XP Normal, or Last settings that worked" --- i tried all of these and the same thing happens it always just come back to that same screen eventually. I tried resetting the bios settings to default but still no luck.There is no new hardware installed on my computer.I have been told my options are to reinstall windows which will erase all my data. It is an HP computer so there is a partition on the drive, i don't know if that helps.Anyways, i don't want to lose all my data, the guy at future shop told me that it would cost be $89.99 (to fix windows) & if i wanted to save 4.8+ data it would be another $129.99 if i wanted to save any less data it would be $80. Either way i am a poor university student, who can't afford such things. I know how to reinstall windows but how to do a data transfer from this hard drive to a different hard drive (such as the one on my lapto... Read more

Answer:Hard Drive/Windows LEMON - how to data transfer

You can either slave that drive to a working computer with a CDRW to burn to CD, or you may have one on that computer, along with a CD/DVD player. You didn't post ANY specifics on the machine so have a read here, and let us know what we are working with:

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I have a Western Digital 80 gig Enhanced IDE H/D sitting around doing nothing and would like to know if I will have any problems installing it in my present system and use it as a back-up.
Will the cable I have work like in the old days, just plug it in, set the jumper to the second slot from the right and away we go or what? Do I have to change the jumper settings on my master that is presently in my system as well?

Second question... Where can I get some free software to wipe it clean after I get it installed? ( I know I formatted it while it was in the old sys but it still had a pile of gigs that didn't vamoose )

Here's my present specs.....

XP Home Edition SP2
AMD Athlon 64, 3500+, 2200 MHz
Asus A8N-E Mobo
BIOS Type Award (05/20/05)
Memory 1024 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)
Video Adapter RADEON X700 Series (256 MB)
SAMSUNG SP0802N (80 GB, 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/133)
Optical Drive HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B
Monitor KDS Visual Sensation VS-195e

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Solved: Hard Drive Installation Question

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My disc drive will allow the first disc to download, but when asked for the 2nd disc, it says to insert it. It will not read that 2nd disc. This is happening on 2 new games we have gotten. I have noticed this before - I can play one game on the PC then take it out and go to play a different game and it will not read that game has big squares (like fonts off wingdings) where the writing should be (when your looking in My Computer at that drive). I didn't pay it much mind then, just turned the computer off and restarted and then I could play the other disc game. Now that I have some games that require a 2 disc installation, I can't finish the install because it will not read that 2nd disc. What do I need to look at in order to fix this problem?

HP-Compaq, Pavilion 520n, GenuineIntel, 1300MHz, 256MB/512MB, System P6318A, Windows XP Home Edition V2002 SP2

***Thank you very much for all your help....and hope your Christmas was very blessed!!!!

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Machine configuration

Computer Type: Advanced Micro Devices 2180 MHz.
Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 6200 TurboCache(TM)

BIOS Manufactured: American Megatrends Inc.
BIOS Date: 04/04/2006
BIOS Version: 080011
BIOS Size: 512 KB

System Manufacturer ECS
System Model MOBO K8T890-A
System Type X86-based PC

VIA SATA RAID Controller
Win2000 Promise Ultra133 TX2 (tm) IDE Controller
Silicon Image SiI 3114 SATARaid Controller
Independent Dual Boot capabilities on two separate & independent drives, one on the MOBO EIDE controller the other on the VIA SATA RAID Controller on the same MOBO

I am attempting a clean installation of Windows XP on the SATA Drive but the system fails to recognize even the presence of the drive. This, even after stripping the system of all drives except this one, and after 'prepping' it to be bootable with MAXTOR prep. tools.

Was there ever a restriction on putting an O/S on SATA drives even on the MOBO? I have all the updates installed, "I think".


Installation of XP on MOBO/SATA drive

Answer:Solved: Installation of XP on MOBO/SATA drive

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I was successfully using Olympus Master (camera/photo editing software) until I had to have a new hard drive installed. I re-installed the software but now get error messages when trying to use some of the editing features.

I contacted Olympus who have advised that by re-installing the software, I have all the necessary components and suggested it is a problem with my computer. I know the software disk is OK as I have installed it onto a friend's computer and it works perfectly.

I may have copied the program across from the old drive to the new one originally but I have subsequently un-installed and re-installed from the software disk and wonder if copying across has caused a problem somewhere.

The error message I receive is:

Plug-in could not be executed

I also get the following message if I try to open the program with autoplay:

OLYMPUSMaster.exe - Unable To Locate Component
This application has failed to start because olkeywdm.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

When I perform a search my system locates OlyPlgMgr.dll in a couple of different locations within Olympus Master and also finds olkeywdm.dll.

Also, the following window appears from time to time, seemingly regardless of what program/software I am using, and I have no idea why.

Could not find the file 'flash.ocx'

I am running Windows XP Home Edition.

I am completely stuck and have no idea how to r... Read more

Answer:Solved: Possible System Problems Following Installation of New Drive

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Hello, my friend here is trying to install windows vista on his new PC that I built for him (specs below),he has the installation disk in hand. All goes well until he reaches "the select your drive" screen. His hard drive does not show up.
His motherboard does not have an IDE port for his hard drive, so he got one of these :
The hard drive has been detected in Ubuntu, but not here. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

PC specs:

Biostar h61 MLB motherboard
Intel celeron g530 dual core 2.40ghz processor
1 stick of 4gb gskill ripjawsX ram
430w thermaltake psu

Answer:Solved: Hard drive not showing up during installation

Download the drivers from the website onto a flash drive. During the install it should ask if you need to load raid/scsi drivers. Click on that and point it to the driver you downloaded and see if that works.

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New dual boot with 98 and XP Home on c: drive, have slave drive with about 800 megs free. XP keeps politely telling me that drive D is low on space. I don't care.....I'm not planning on putting anything more on it. Is there anyway to get rid of this irritating 'reminder?'

Answer:[SOLVED] XP Home Installation Drive D Low on Space

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I have a older computer and the manufacturer of the pc says that the motherboard can only read up to 8.4 GB I want to install a new HD so I bought a 20 GB it's the smallest I could find , anyways does anyone know how to trick the motherboard and although im wasting most of the HD, can I make the motherboard work it as if it was a 8.4?

I was told by them it was possible. So far i've installed a smaller HD and setup windows on it, so it could boot. But I tried to install the 20 gb and it just freezes at start up no bios screen nothing at all. Any ideas?

Answer:[SOLVED] Hard Drive Installation... problem

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Me...again (you guys must love me )

I'm gonna install a second hard drive into my system.I take it it's merely a case of adjusting the jumpers to "slave" positions and attachting it to the slave IDE socket (by that I mean the one halfway down the cable as opposed to the end,and connecting a power lead to it too?

The only worry is that it's also got windows on this HDD and wonder if they will conflict when it tries to boot up.But I am thinking making sure the boot order in BIOS would remedy this as I plan to eventually take off what I need and then format it completely so it's just storage space.

Any clarification/alternative suggestions greatly appreciated

Answer:Solved: additional hard drive installation

nevermind done it! all good!

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ive just installed an extra 10gig internal hard drive to my pc i have a 20gig master and have now installed a 10gig drive as slave. the problem is when i powered back up again my pc which is windows me operating system recognises the two drives, but it has the master drive at 17gig and the slave drive at 3gig. does my pc still think that it still only has 20 gig installed, and is sharing the memory capacity between the master and slave drives. if so how do i get round this. please help...

Answer:Solved: hard drive installation problem

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I would like to install a second H/Drive and would like to know the best method of moving programs over to the new drive. Is it done easily or should I leave it to an experienced tech?

Answer:Solved: Hard drive installation and loading

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I have just installed a new hard drive on a HP Pavilion xt963 and am now having a problem with the monitor not turning on. I have tried the HP Chat Support to no avail. The new hard drive is a Western Digital 80gb.

To be clear, there is no blank screen or black screen with a blinking cursor. The led indicator on the monitor turns green when the computer is turned on, but immediately turns yellow, which is the color when the system is on standby.

I have tried all that I know and am now at my wits end. I would appreciate any help in this matter.


Answer:Solved: Hard Drive Installation Problem

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Is it possible to only transfer a D: partition, which has the recovery image on it to a new hard drive and run the partition to get a fresh image? I have an Emachine T6528 with a 160GB EIDE HDD and want to transfer to a PATA 320 GB drive. I want to transfer only the D: partition but no data or O/S from the C: because it has become corrupted and I want a fresh image of the O/S, drivers, etc. I have backed up the data I need and will do a recovery disc, but don't want to clone the mess that it has become. Can't even run chkdsk at boot up. What is the best way to do this without having to purchase any clone software. Will this work on a new hard drive? Thanks for any help.

Answer:Transfer only D (recovery partition) to new hard drive on Windows XP sp3 Emachine

What I would do is clone the entire old hard drive, including the MBR to the new one. Put the new drive in the computer and try the recovery process. It usually overwrites everything on the boot partition anyway. Drive Image XML has a free version of cloning software.

The reason is, most manufacturers use a modified boot code to tell the PC how to boot to the recovery partition and where to install Windows. I can't speak specifically for the emachine, but the above is probably the easiest way. I've only done what you're trying to do on Dells.

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I had been trying to restore my hard drive using Acronis Recovery but it failed each of my two backups. I tried each three times but got same response. Acronis had, however, wiped my hard drive and so I had to carry out a Clean install (and am still doing it). Despite the Recovery failure, I can access the folders and files on the backup which is on an external hard drive. This I am doing but it is a very slow process doing the transfers by way of copy/paste. I want to try and retrieve my email data - addresses, files etc (Windows Live Mail) - and get them transferred over to my clean installed PC. I do not know whether this is possible because I am not transferring from one PC to another. Can this be done? I shall very much appreciate any support you able to give. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.

Answer:Transfer Emails from Ext Hard Drive to Windows Live Mail

see here

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I have a HP HPE-510t. It is running windows 10, clean install. I have a 240GB SSD, a 1TB SATA drive, and a 3TB SATA drive. All are NTFS formatted. If I transfer a 1GB file to the 3TB drive it makes it to 50% lightning quick and then slows down so slow it looks like it has stopped. Other two drives work fine. Files 560MB and smaller transfer fine. I don't know where the exact breaking point is between 560 and 1GB. Transfers to that drive do the same thing whether it's from those drives, a USB drive, or the network. Can this motherboard just not handle a larger than 2TB drive? I tried to find a BIOS update, but there's not one. Can't find an answer, going crazy, please help!

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Hello all,

Asus P5N-E SLI
Intel Q6600 2.4ghz
Micron 4GB RAM
2x 320GB SATA Hitachi
1x 200GB IDE Seagate Baracuda 7200
nVidia 9600gt
Ultra 600Wat PSU
Ever since i bought my new motherboard (Asus P5N-E SLI) and SATA hard drives, my IDE hard drive was messing up. I can not load up Windows on it. When i install Winxp x64 on one of my 320gb hard drives, it loads but not fast. Before WinXP loads (progress bar and logo) the screen stays balck for about 20secs or so before it reaches the load screen. And right before it reaches the load screen, there is a gray load bar on the bottom of the screen. Then comes the GUI progress bar. It takes about another 40secs for it to fully load into windows. When I unplug the IDE hard drive, the gray load bar does not appear and the load time is very quick, 15 seconds or so. Also, when I try to transfer data from SATA hard drive to IDe, 3gigs would take around 25mins or so. Is there a way I can fix this issue?

Answer:[SOLVED] Slow Boot Time, Slow Transfer Rates(Hard drive to hard drive)

Transferring files from SATA to IDE is a process- and IDE is no where near as fast as SATA, so you can expect some transfer times there. For the boot issue, it sounds like the computer is confused on what to load at first. Check your startup and recovery options by right-clicking my computer, advanced, startup and recovery, and see if multiple opearting systems are there. If so, remove the one that you know you don't want to load by editing the file.

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I plugged in my WD passport external hard drive into my USB port on my pc that has a newly installed copy of windows xp professional. The new hardware installer pops up, I chose the auto find drivers. Then it copied over called Initio. After that I got another little window asking to give the location of this missing file ivusbWxp86.sys.

I have never heard of this file and I googled it and there was only 1 page that mentions it. However when I went to the site, it said nothing more about it. I even searched their site for it, and found nothing. I plugged the same drive into my old pc that my kids use and it installed just fine and works. It also works just fine in my husband's pc.

On another note I had to do a fresh install of windows because my old hard drive went bad. The hard drive is new.

My computer is custom built with :
NVidia GE Force 9600 GT graphics card
Intel Core Quad CPU Q6600 2.40GHz processor
MS Windows XP Pro w/service pack 3

Answer:Solved: USB External Hard Drive installation problem

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Hi Everyone!
I am having some issues with the new hard drive I put into my Dell Inspiron 560. I installed it and it seems to be doing great except for that fact that it will not use a wifi connection to access the internet. It only uses the Ethernet cable successfully. I have tried updating from Microsoft and Dell, but I am still having this issue. The sound doesn't seem to be working either. Anyone have any ideas or solutions for this? ( I did go to dell and entered my tag #, and downloaded what it said was needed...what am I doing wrong?)
Please and Thank you!

Answer:Solved: New Hard Drive Installation-No Wifi Access

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I have Windows Vista installed in my drive C: (a Seagate 80Gb 5400rmp), and I'd like to transfer it completely to other HD unit installed in my PC (another Seagate 320Gb 7200rpm) and change it as a new drive C:.

How can I do this in a easy way (like cloning)?

Or do I have to install it from scratch? If so, how can I make this putting the new HD as the drive C:?

Thanks in advance for the support.


Pentium 4HT 2.8GHz
2Gb Samsumg RAM
Radeon 9600 Pro 256Mb
PCTV 110i

Answer:Solved: Transfer windows vista to another HD

I've successfully cloned my Vista drive using Acronis TrueImage 10. After cloning the drive it is necessary to boot from the Vista DVD and run Startup Repair, but after that has been run it all works great

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Its been a little while since I've been here and I have a quick question about this new fangled Windows 7.

I have it and Windows XP installed as a dual boot on my machine currently. However, I'm ready to get rid of XP entirely and switch to 7. I have a new SSD coming and I could just clone the drive but instead I was wondering about doing a fresh install on the new drive and just formatting the old one (there is some corruption and I don't really want to take the time to clean it thoroughly).

If I do this, will I be able to re-activate Win7 with my product key or will I have to call Micro$oft?

Thanks, Ryan

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 License Transfer?

Should be able to reactivate via online, as replacing the hard drive should cause no problem.

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Can I transfer my retail version of Windows XP home edition from a desktop to a laptop? It is the full version, not the upgrade version and it is registered in my name with Microsoft.

Answer:Solved: Transfer Windows XP OS to another computer.

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I have Windows Vista. I synced cds onto my flash drive from a different computer so I could put them in my windows media player on this computer. When I try to play these certain songs, it says I can't play them. Error code C00D1197. It says that I can download a license migration to play the protected files, but then it says I have to download Microsoft® Windows Media Services" plug-ins for my Netscape toolbar, whatever that means! How do I do it, is it necessary, is it free? I think it would probably just be easier to rip the CD again, I guess. Please help me out!

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I am trying to extract a mig file from my old hard drive that was using xp. It was saved as a mig file as i used windows easy transfer. Vista will not open and keeps sending me back to windows easy transfer to transfer again.....

Any help?

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Since my Gateway DX200X's old hard drive is on the verge of failing, I've purchased a 1TB WD Green internal hard drive and installed Windows XP SP2 on it. While I'm now facing the predictable problem of how to transfer my various old programs and settings to this new OS without having to reinstall everything, I've run into another problem which has to be addressed right now:

My computer is now running at an agonizingly slow speed. I took a look at the graphs in the Processes tab of the Task Manager, and it seems like my CPU's power usage jumps as high as 100% even when I do something as basic as moving a window. Is my computer just not powerful enough to handle a larger hard drive, or is this model of hard drive just really slow?

Answer:Solved: Computer running very slowly after new hard drive installation

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I'm upgrading to a new ASUS motherboard, new chipset (x79 to x99) and a new processor. I'm going to try to run my current Windows 10 installation (a retail copy - not OEM) without reinstalling from scratch.

On the previous install (after backing everything up) I removed as many of the old system drivers as made sense (USB3, graphics, etc..) and deactivated any software that needed that. I'm close to ready to see what happens. If it all fails then I'll just reinstall from scratch - which I'll do anyway on some rainy day. I'm just interested in seeing how well Windows 10 will cope with such a change of hardware - though it's still an ASUS Deluxe board, a recent Intel Chipset, and a fairly recent processor.

BUT - HERE'S THE QUESTION: When one makes such a major hardware change Windows10 will certainly complain and require reactivation. But is there any grace period??

I'm hoping I might have a couple of days to confirm that everything works properly before having to call Microsoft. If there's a serious hardware issue then I would have to revert back to my old hardware until any problems are resolved.

Does anyone here know what will likely happen? I'm just concerned that I might be stuck with a computer that's locked until reactivated and then find that there's a serious problem with the new system.

Answer:Transfer installation to new hardware

Windows 10 will de-activate on the first boot on the new hardware. The only thing you will lose is some of the personalization settings customization and you will start getting nag screens to activate Windows 10.

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is there a way to transfer a VMware Fedora Core 4 installation to a partition on a pysical hard drive so i won't have to reinstall?

i could copy the files over but then i'd have to change a whole lot of .conf files to match my physical hardware.

any advice? thanks.

Answer:transfer VMware installation

can you make an image of it then put it on your drive since its basically the same thing but just a smaller drive and ram.

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